• August 8, 2022

Timonen Earns Bronze as Olympics Wind Down

Timonen_OlympicsFive Philadelphia Flyers participated in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Only one will be returning with some hardware.

Kimmo Timonen and his compatriots on the Finnish men’s hockey team shut out a listless, underachieving U.S. team on Saturday by a score of 5-0 to earn a bronze model in the men’s ice hockey competition.

Canada and Sweden will compete on Sunday for the gold and silver medals.

The loss for Team USA was even more disheartening than the 1-0 loss to Team Canada on Friday. Canada played a very defensive game that stifled the American offense while only potting one re-directed goal themselves. They were certainly the better team over the full sixty minutes, but Team USA had ample opportunities to even the score.

The same could not be said for the bronze medal game.

Jason Brough of NBC’s Pro Hockey Talk reported that Jonathan Quick, goaltender for Team USA, told reporters after the loss, “We’re professionals. We play back-to-backs all year long. There’s no reason we show up and not piss a drop.”

National pride taking a hit aside, an Olympic medal for the Finns serves as a fitting bookend for the professional careers of Kimmo Timonen and Teemu Selanne, the only Finnish hockey players to compete in all five Winter Olympics since NHL players were allowed to participate in the event.

Selanne declared prior to the beginning of the 2013-14 NHL season that this would be his last. Kimmo Timonen has not made such definitive statements, but he’s talked about retiring for the last few years. Assuming that general manager Paul Holmgren doesn’t make him another lucrative “offer he can’t refuse,” Timonen’s career may be approaching the end this Spring.

The other Flyer representatives at the Olympics have all returned to Philadelphia for practices. Head coach Craig Berube, who has generally been supportive of NHL player involvement at the Olympics, expressed some concerns about those who stayed behind in the second-to-last game before the Olympic break.

“We’ve got what, five, six guys going over there? That’s a long way to go, playing games, traveling back. I mean, who knows how they’re going to react when they get back. That’s a consideration to think about a little bit.”

“You know, I’m not sure the layoff’s going to… I mean, the layoff is good for some guys to rest and stuff. What you really have to do is when you get back, after the ten days, you’ve got to put your work in. It’s important that our players, during that ten day break, are doing something. Staying active, working out and staying in condition. That’s important. So I think up to the individual, it’s important that he’s responsible and doing the right things.”

For some players, the break was a chance to let aches and bruises heal. Both Vinny Lecavalier and Niklas Grossmann are believed to be coping with injuries to varying degrees, so the additional rest may serve as an excellent chance to recharge.

For others, however, the break could easily have dampened some of the conditioning levels that Berube has been trying to build up in his roster. His public addresses about the importance of players staying active during the break was intended to be heard by his players.

The Flyers currently sit 7th in the Eastern Conference, but a mere six points separate the 6th and 13th positions.  It will be a very tight race to secure a playoff berth, and there will be little room for error over the remaining 23 games once the season continues on Thursday.

Josh Janet

Josh Janet was raised in Northern New Jersey, but by an odd set of circumstances, is a Philadelphia sports fan. While recently converted to the Phillies, Josh is a diehard Flyers fan and can be expected to stay on top of the latest NHL news.

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  • Congrats to Timomen and a disgrace by the US Team and their Coach’s for such a pitiful game for the Bronze..
    Show a little pride and dignity…
    I would rather not see any a Professional NHL Players participate
    There are enough Hockey Players in these competing Countriesto field Teams
    From leagues in their own Countries..

    • Paul you continue to show zero knowledge of sports and the importance of emotion. They lost an emotional game against their arch rival. Having a huge let down is not disgraceful … Actually it was quite predictable. As I write this canada is dominating Sweden…the USA blew their was vs canada

  • USA losing the bronze medal game was the 4th easiest $$ this year. (After Palmer and Cutler losing big games on the road and Newton losing his 1st playoff game)

    You know Kane and the boys were just going they the motions and Finland out to “win” the bronze.

  • ‘Blew their wad’ is what I meant to say

  • Still unacceptable in my book,
    They gave up as a Team after being down 2-0 with a ton of game still left..
    Word is that President Obama is sending the US Hockey Team to
    Camden,NJ as punishment.. If Putin can send his Russian Team to Siberia then Obana needs to man up in the Workd standing and send the US Hockey Team to Camden.. This is how I see it…

  • Winners and Fighters rise to the occasion and fight thru adversity,
    Not give up and pout.. It was an embarrassing performance collectively
    Many of these Pkayers are Professionals and know you have to get up every day and fight and work hard to win,
    You don’t allow a letdown against a rival throw away a chance for the Bronze
    Medal.. These guys choked, and didn’t have enough heart
    To compete, plain & simple..

  • Again you are an armchair QB… You on that armchair have never list a game. Have always performed at 100%. It is simple to never lose from your cozy tv room

    • These guys are supposed to be the best & represent our Country with heart,fight,& Sprirt.. I don’t expect every Team to win every game,
      But I do expect an honest, hard fought effort which was non-existent
      I will continue to call them as I see them whether it’s Good or Bad
      And Fridays Performance was pitiful and should be called out for what it was and is..

  • Yup but as HUMANS they failed as only a HUMAN could… If only they were sipping bourbon and watching from ur couch… That game was so predictable …. In their minds they lost the gold medal gsme

    • Well Hockey and other Team Sports are not made up individuals..
      The bigger cause and collective Spirit should have intervened and failed to do so.. The blame goes on the Coaching Staff and entire Roster needs to be addressed.. Champions overcome disappointments and hardships, this Team apparently had little of this.. It is what it is..

      • You continue to be a complete idiot. You bat.1000 from ur couch . Playing a third place game after losing a first place game is a next to impossible feat. They came out flat and once behind only the great pail man could have mustard the fortitude to overcome , Paul I annoying you the bronze medal in hockdy

  • I anoint you

  • Paul have you ever been involved in a third place game where one team was thrilled to be third and the other had their focus on first? It’s a mother fucker… Next to impossible

    • Agree completely with Cigar here. Especially the way they ripped through the round robin and beat Russia. Press was anointing them champs, TJ Oshie was up on the pedestal. It was gold or nothing.

      Then they get through the quarters and BAM – loss to Canada and its over.

      Meanwhile, they’re against a Finnish team that’s really excited to be in the game, has arguably the best goalie in the world right now, and who was pushing to get Selanne a medal.

      Game was over before it began….

    • Yea,
      I competed and won a 3rd Place Trophy for the “All-South Jersey”
      Beer Drinking Competition back in the mid-80’s when they used to have those type of events.. .. I proudly still wear my T-Shirt from the Competitionz

  • Paul which major sport plays a third place game/tournament?

  • I played sports my entire early adult life
    And if it were me and I busted my ass to make the Team, and get to Olympics
    I would want to at least cone home with a medal to have for keep sake and not just mail in my performance because I didn’t get Gold,
    But that’s just me, maybe I am too old school for today’s athletes and Society in General, but this “If I don’t get First then screw it attitude/mentality”
    Is for pusses in my book.. You are selected and assembled to compete to the end and if you cannot comitt to that, than you shouldn’t represent your Country or try out for the Olympic Team to begin with..

    • You aren’t old school… You are an armchair champion

    • I award you the JV medal

  • It’s not ‘today ‘s athlete Paul… It has always been that way… You just prefer to wear rose color glasses and think these guys aren’t human…

  • in ’64 ’84 ’88 and ’98 team Canada was in the same position as the Americans, having lost in the semi-finals. All 4 times they lost the bronze medal game and came in 4th.

    I guess they weren’t “old school” either.

    Its always a complete letdown for the favourites to lose that game, and they almost always shit the bed in the next.

    • Yeah… Paul continues to have zero idea about sports

  • Paul the more you type the more you sound like the manager … That being said managers are fiery important

  • international hockey is so entertaining, the players are better, the rules are better, the ice is bigger, no useless pushing and shoving after whistles, no commercials.
    Ed Snider was talking like he didn’t want NHL players playing in the Olympics in the future before it started. When Tavares went down for the year over there Islander GM Garth Snow went crazy a few days ago. The publicity the NHL gets is worth more than the loss of a star player in the long run. Besides you know how much time I wasted watching NY Islander games for the last 30 years another half season without Tavares will blend in unnoticeable.

  • It is a great game… Much getter than nhl ….

  • Vladimir Putin does not punish Russian athletes if they lose : This is a lie propagated by media.

    In any case, another poster suggested that Olympic teams use non-super paid athletes to bring back some of the real Olympic spirit: I agree.

  • US Sports Teams . Full of Sore Losers and Excuse’s ..
    Hocky Team.. “Only the Canada Game meant anything”
    Speed/Oval Skating Team — “These new Outfits slowed iour Sakter’s Down”
    Ice Skating Teams — “The Judges were biased for Russian Champions”

    and the real sad thing is many in the US buy this Garbage…

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