• May 17, 2022

Notes From The Sixers’ 101-90 Loss To Orlando

mcwpistonsThe Philadelphia 76ers lost their 12th straight game on Wednesday night, falling to the Magic 101-90. Their record drops to 15-43.

  • After their embarrassing effort against the Bucks, the Sixers rebounded with a more respectable effort tonight. They played Orlando evenly through most of the game, and actually led at halftime.
  • However, the wheels would fall off in the fourth quarter, when the Magic outscored Philadelphia 34-23.
  • Michael Carter-Williams had an off night shooting, connecting on just 3-13 shots.
  • Brett Brown shook up his starting lineup, removing Tony Wroten and Arnett Moultrie while inserting Henry Sims and Hollis Thompson.
  • Sims turned in a decent effort with 10 points, six rebounds, and a block.
  • Eric Maynor came off of the bench and scored 13 points, connecting on five of six shots.
  • Arnett Moultrie played just over 15 minutes.
  • Thaddeus Young led the team with 19.
  • Former Sixer Nik Vucevic scored 21 points to go with 13 rebounds.
  • The Sixers shot just 5-22 from three-point range.
  • The Magic outrebounded the Sixers 55-42.

Final Thoughts

Its becoming more and more clear that Arnett Moultrie has no future with the Sixers.

Moultrie has barely seen the court all year, and even when healthy he’s been in Brett Brown’s doghouse because of conditioning issues.

Now, after two lackluster starts, the former first-round pick is barely in the rotation at all after playing just 15 minutes tonight. He doesn’t fit what Brown and the organization want to do physically, or from a mental standpoint. The Sixers want players who will be willing to come in and grind things out everyday, and Moultrie has shown he’s not that guy.

He’s sulked and moaned throughout the year, and given poor effort when he’s had opportunity. That’s a recipe to earn a ticket out of town next summer.

Denny Basens

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  • We knew the Sixers would lose this game, its all about lottery positioning at this point. By the end of all this the sixers will have the worst record in the league going into the off season..

    But another team we need to track is the Pelicans, we own the rights to their 1st round pick (top 5 protected) they loss again tonight so theyre now currently the 11th worst team in the league… And Davis hurt his shoulder so lets hope he’s out some games

    And another team we should continue to keep an eye on is the OKC Thunder whose loss their 3rd straight since Russell Westbrook returned.. In my opinion, RW will be a trade candidate during draft night is they struggle in the playoffs…

  • The NBA should be charged with grand theft… tickets and hot coffee should be given out to homeless to fill the seats… let them sleep the night in the arena’s.

    Also to unreal talk…. did you happen to catch what Brett Brown said about AAU basketball destroying young players? How they have to totally retrain the AAU players because they don’t know how to ball???? hmmmm where have you heard that before!!!!!!

  • Magic’s Nick Vucevic 23 Pts, 13 Rebounds
    & 3 Block Shots. Just another day at the Office for him as he will continue to average Double-Doubles over the next 8-10 Seasons in the NBA..
    Meanwhile Bynum has been on 3 Teams and done very little to even
    Remain in NBA… Just as I stated back in the Summer of 2012 when the 76ers made the Trade to bring Bynum in that everyone was ga-ga about..
    Not me, hated the trade, knew Bynum was a stiff and knew that Vucevic would be a productive Player for a long time in the NBA with solid Coaching around him..

    • careful paul those are good numbers for a BAD TEAM– when you have a sucky team somebody has to score the points… i think Turner was averaging 18… he won’t do that for the pacers and Vuck wouldn’t do that for the heat…

      • You mean like Thadd Young’s hollow Stats on a Bad 76er Team..
        Don’t tell GMCliff, He still thinks Thadd Young is an All-Star Type of Player
        Good Grief …

        • Good stuff paul, very true.

  • MCW looks worse and worse with each passing game. Not sure he is who we thought he was.

    • Damn!!!! you are actually WATCHING! you are a glutton for punishment!

      • i dont always watch ill tune and tune out… last night i watched a bunch of the game because i had a big play on the magic -4

        • aaaah … i watch the brett browns press conference– its 10 times better than the game!

    • After MCW’s 1st Month of Great Ball.. He’s not been very productive..
      No way is he ROY, he’s missed a lot of games and is just too poor of a Shooter.. He’s a good-looking Young Player with Upside, but he is not a “Savior” as many Posters have been clamoring about …
      He will be a 10-12th PG in the NBA and not a Top 5 Playmaker..
      Teams will play off him, Guard and Defend the Passing lanes and force him to shoot over the Top and until he gets his Shooting % up into the Mid .40’s % Range… He’s only Shooting .398% for th Season but correcting bad shooting is probably the easiest thing for a Young NB Player to work on and improve…
      He’s averaging 6.2 Assists a game with 3.6 Turnovers per Game which isa 1.72 Assit to Turnover Ratio which is not good for a NBA PG
      He needs to get that Assist to Turnover Ratio at least to 2.5 to 1
      and the Top PG’s in teh NBA are closer to a 3 to 1 Ratio so he has a lot of Tools, but a lot to improve on …

      • Hes a rookie, relax sheesh.. 19 years old, playing on a terrible terrible team. Bad habits will begin to creep in… Give him some time to develop

        With that said, I still wouldn’t be surprised if in a shocker the Sixers were to trade MCW to get another pick in the top 5.. Wouldn’t be surprised at all..

        • MCW is 22, Noel is 19 years old.

          • haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

            jon hart wrong again. is this idiot ever right about anything?

            • I love that I have fans on here. Even the obsessed ones like you

            • You just retired but you act like a child. Grow up old man

              • wrong again idiot hart. fans cheer not fake fun of losers who play make believe on a blog and every post they make is a lie or factually incorrect

              • Your an obsessed fan. Im flattered. You, like your on and off again boyfriend dcar are obsessed with me and what I have to say on here.. Whether its my news reports or whatever else. You think I make myself like stupid by posting them, how do you think you look by taking the time to respond to every post I make? Hahaha you look stupid..

                Its a laugh, just like your pathetic life is. Now go finish masturbating to each of my post okay

              • wow Jon Hart is Songs?

          • Thanks E0S I got noel and mcw ages mixed up

      • he is a run away Rookie of the year winner but you are correct he falls outside the top ten in overall point guards and will never crack the top five. He is lacking a partner for the pick and roll. The Sixers don’t have a good high post pick and roll player to complement him. Hawes was a good high post player who rolled nicely to the 3 point lane giving him free lane access.

        • No Runaway for ROY
          I think Victor Oladipo for Orlando Magic will surpass him and Win the Award.. He’s Played 60 Games to MCW’s 48 this Season thus far

          Oladipo’s Stat’s Line
          60 Games Played
          14 Pts per Game/4.5 Rebounds per Game/4 Assist’s Per Game
          Shooting .42%

          MCW Stat’s Line
          46 Games Played
          17 PTs per Game/5.3 Rebounds per Game/6 Assist’s Per Game
          Shooting .40%

          The ROY will go to the Player with the Stronger Finish adn right now
          it’s Oladipo playing better all-around Ball than MCW
          On a side note, the 2013 NBA Draft was a very limited one in Terms of Playmakers and Talent…

  • Victor Oladipo rejected a Thad Young tomahawk dunk attempt yesterday. LOL It was a great defensive play in the 4th. Thad was playing a good game until the 4th when he collapsed and Jameer Nelson took over. Thad missed 4 fourth quarter 3 pointers in a row. It was a close game until the 4th when the sixers had no one step up. Just the opposite happened they trapped MCW and forced the rookie into some bad turnovers while Thad was clanging 3 pointers off the rim.

  • **League News Sixers News Draft Talk**

    Pelicans Jrue Holiday is out for the year with a right tibia injury, had successful surgery.. and Center Anthony Davis is day to day with a shoulder strain..

    The Pelicans are falling apart. They are currently in the 11th spot in the lotto. Should note that the Pelicans pick is top 5 protected, so if it becomes top 3 which is a long shot as of now, the Sixers wouldn’t get it this year.

    But the Pelicans are only 3 games away for the 6th spot so its very possible we can have two lotto picks in the top 6..

    Another point about the lotto, teams outside of top 3 can only finish in top 3 or stay the same or drop down up to 3 spots.

    With the 2nd worst record, the Sixers would have 19.9% shot at No. 1 pick and 55.8% chance to end up in top 3. But they couldn’t be worse than 5th.

  • Also if the Pelicans stay at 11, they can only be 1-3 or 11-14 in the lotto. Overwhelming odds they stay at 11 & pick goes to our Sixers. But lets hope they slide to the 6th spot and stay there..

  • Noone wants to mention when JH is right though haha.. I mentioned the day the Sixers traded for Granger that he was gonna get bought out, it happened. Hes signed with the Clippers..

    • um…. i guess i will point out the elephant in the room… sorry JH … THAT WAS COMMON KNOWLEDGE!!!

      • Yeah thats why everyone on here thought he was gonna play the yr out right?

        Not only did I call the trade I also called that he would get bought out waaay before it happened.. But I’m done going back and forth with you knuckleheads, I have nothing to prove to you guys.. zilch

        • When the trade was reported on ESPN, WIP and other various media reports it was stated that it was highly doubtful that he’d play one minute for the sixers and that a buyout would be negotiated…
          JH what you don’t get is that movers and shakers in the world of sports aren’t on this blog ‘reporting’… you aren’t a player brother so get off the ‘source’ thing and ‘i am connected in the nba, nfl’–

  • If ur man enough to rip someone be man enough to give them credit, thats all.

    No matter how many back and forths I have with guys on here, I’m still man enough to tell them “good point” or “I remember you calling that” because at the end of the day were all fans of these teams.

    • all you have ever done is repeat stuff that you heard or saw on tv…having the radio on or the tv on at a certain time and then repeating it on a blog is not something that you get an ‘atta boy’ for!

      • Like I said before pal, I’m not gonna keep explaining to you how I get my info as its confirmed. I have nothing to prove

        • your sources (espn, etc) are the same as everyones… if you have a real source you would cite it as any ‘responsible’ reporter would.

          • This person is a real insider not someone out here promoting themselves doing it all for the money and no they dont want their name out there, I just asked again. So no I won’t reveal the name.

            Think what you want, u can pick any media outlet. If I was to get info from any of them I’d say it like I have in the past. If I dont I say “my source” because thats where the news came from..

            Nothing more to say about it..

            • as many posters have pointed out… your ‘source’ unfortunately is usually 5 minutes behind the media outlets!

              • They report it when its confirmed not to race to be the first bc again like I said they’re not here trying to make money off of this or to promote themselves..

                Why are you so stuck on this man? Sheesh

              • The scary, & very, very sad part, is he actually believes himself! Someone call the white coats! God help him!

        • OK, SO ANSWER THE QUESTION….Why would anyone with insight into the dealings of Professional sports, communicate with you about this so called inside information…

          I know a lot of these people including Adam Schefter personally – and he doesn’t know you -…But who are you that they would call you personally with confirmation?

          • And who are you that I need to provide any further information to? Your just a wannabe gmstiff that thinks they know everything. Go do a mock draft clifford

            • Oh and I left out flawed talent evaluator…

              • Well isn’t this nice, you think that your a gm and said you know adam schefter and dcar says him and baldy are good friends and said he knows ray didinger hahaa and you call me insane for stating I know people that have ties to sports?

                Look in the mirror before calling someone else nuts when what your both saying sounds just about identical to what Ive been saying.. So you both are ego maniacs, control freaks with a double maybe triple standard.. What jokes

              • JH, Unlike yourself, I was actually in the business. That’s how I have come to know people…..

                But why would anyone who has ties to sports insight, contact YOU specifically?

                Answer the question….or do you prefer to keep lying?

            • JH, I am one of the many calling you a fraud with your Source.

              I do know Adam, and he would tell you, as well as I that, there is money in revealing yourself as a Source, when you can provide breaking news, before anyone else, because it builds credibility for yourself, and the networks love that.

              If your so called source was credible, he would want his name to be well known in Sport Circles…Your response – That he didn’t want his name to be revealed – tells me that you are flat out lying.
              And like most on here are saying – That you have NO Source….

              I have never claimed to know everything, but I will humbly state that I know more than you…..

              You made a statement that no one wants to give Jon Hart his props when he is correct – Well JH, hasn’t given GMCliff his props over the last 5 years either – You focus on 2-3 prospects, and ignore the hundreds – asinine reasoning…

              This wanna be, has a pedigree, and has nothing to prove to someone stubbornly trying to display himself as someone he is not.

              BTW – Nice game for Tyler Ennis; He will not be an impactful pro.

              Because of your lack of an eye for talent you don’t realize, that there are players sitting the bench in the NBA, THAT ARE LIGHTYEARS AHEAD OF HIM IN TERMS OF TALENT.

              That’s what I mean by you taking things for granted. You think because there is a new crop of players coming into the NBA, or NFL, that crop of talent is already better than what is already established – I rest my case.

              you’ll continue to try to save face, but you’ll lose to me. Trust me, …LOL…. I’m not losing any sleep over JH’s prideful rambling…


                I do not care about Adam Schefter, that’s someone your in love with not me..

                And you wanna stick out your chest and say “you was in the business”. . well theirs a reason why your not in the business today haha I ll let you think about why..

                I actually don’t focus on anyone you missed on, you focus on it and it must bother you. You bring it up everyday ad nauseam.

                I have given you props on guys and statements you’ve made what are you talking about? Your way too invested in being the prospect genius, your really starting to believe that youre a gm haha

                Give it up cliff..

                Now you wanna nit pick and point out when Tyler Ennis has bad games? Hes been clutch all year long, great facilitator, does everything a pg is supposed to do. Get over it again cliff, you sound like a broken record..

              • I don’t understand why your lying….

                No one with insight, in either of the leagues is calling you Jon…LOL!!!

                Nor emailing you, and you know it.

                BTW, you’re right there is a reason I am not in the business…I am disabled now…I wouldn’t continue to get too personal with that JH…..It’s just a low standard of class, that even you wouldn’t stoop to….

                With Tyler Ennis, I’m just stating the obvious…..it is what it is as far as I am concerned – He’s a scrub – he’s your boy so deal with it.

              • I’m sorry to hear your disabled cliff, and no im not heartless or the type of guy to make fun of or ignorantly mock something like that..

                But don’t challenge where I get my info and who I know. Just like you claim to have ties to the business, so do I. I choose not to tell who I know and that’s my choice and their choice..

                None of these guys are calling me for advice cliff, were all friends.

                You guys need to give it a rest already..

                Tyler Ennis and Marcus Smart are the two best PGs in college basketball, bottom freaking line..

                And a serious question, I know you compared McDermott to Larry Bird, but wouldn’t a comparison to Kevin Love be a little more realistic?

              • wouldn’t a comparison to Kevin Love be a little more realistic?


              • Well you comparing him to a HOF and top 5-10 player all time is even more ridiculous..

                Him and Kevin Love do have similar games

              • JH, you do not know talent Brother, at least as far as Basketball.

                All if not most of your desired prospects, Elembiid, Exum, Ennis, Smart – will be professional busts, and you are going to be disappointed, and find yourself making excuses for them constantly.

                We’ll see Brother…

              • gmc, just like his heros Stinkadala, & ETrash.

  • you are the one that promotes YOURSELF!!!

    • I dont know if u know this but I l tell u. There is a difference between my predictions based from my mind my opinion and of me posting info from a source. A huge difference, dont confuse the two..

      • It has been confirmed by many sources right here on GCOBB that you are a tool

        • AND a fool, imbecile, retard, delusional, & flat out nuts!

          • And your all of the above for coming on here saying the same lines over and over. Your the nutty one my friend

            Go call your friend Brian Baldinger and ask him if the eagles are gonna fire Chip and hire Jon Gruden hahaa joke

            • At least I have real friends, acquaintances, companions, & a real family, unlike you, you retarded f^#@ing lunatic! I’m far from nuts, son! Beat it! You are the reason contraception was invented. It’s a shame that your Mom didn’t decide to abort, because she would have did humanity a solid! I feel for the safety, for whomever is associated with you.

              • BTW, at least I’m sane enough, & have the balls, to post who I talk to, & who my friends are. I don’t lie, I don’t live in a fantasy world, & I’m capable of living in reality. Unlike someone on here! @$$CLOWN!!!!

            • Your bat crazy, their is no comparison between you and me. Your a lunatic. You come on here calling everyone names except for your butt pal gmcliff and your granddaddy paulman..

              You have serious problems, don’t put your mental and emotional issues on me because I post reports about the teams. You’ve had issues before I started posting them..

              You need to go get examined if you haven’t done so yet, either that or call baldy or ray diddy for advice.. sheesh

              • BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BS, I need attention, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!! Hypocritically calling me crazy, a lunatic, talking $#!t about gmcliff, & paul, falsely saying I have emotional/ mental issues, & ripping my real acquaintance, & supporters, don’t make your lies, delusions, & fake sources, any more real! Actually, you are the very 1st moron, I’ve ever had issues with, even before schiller, navy, HAC, the Vick slurp clan, or any other nimrods on here. You are a very sad joke, you have insecurity issues, & are nothing more than an attention seeking, whack job! You are a sad little boy, & I’m actually starting to feel bad for you, because you actually believe the diarrhea you are spewing! Good Lord, you seriously need help! Go seek some son!

  • Who you calling Grandaddy JH
    I’m 50 years Young, in good health, body & mind and would kick your ass
    In the Philly Minute if I ever met you…
    and Don’t go around F’n with the regular Posters who are passionate and knowledgeable fans of our Philly Teams..
    What do you want, a pat on the back for posting what everyone else already knows from various sites,,blogs or radio reports.
    Sheesh Already…Grow the F Up!!!

    • Shut up paul, your like a god to dcar and or his grandfather. Lets not extend threats over the computer, threats you cant carry thru on, flexing your little internet muscles..

      And as for you saying im going after other posters, you sound ridiculous. I don’t go after anyone. These clowns come after me and try to control what I post haha which is pretty funny to me..

      And your one of the geniuses that said Granger would play the year out. Don’t come at me tough guy.. You grow up. You guys don’t want me saying anything in retaliation to your non sense? Get the heck outta here!

      • Pretty hard to be my Grandfather, when he’s is only 4-5 years older than me, you retard. I have one, true God, & it ain’t paul. Just because I get along with paul, don’t hate! I’m smart enough, to understand his sick sense of humor, Tom Foolery, & BS, & don’t come on here, to insult him, calling him a fraud! That is the origin of what started my disdain for your dumb@$$, 3 years ago, when you unwarrantedly butted in on one of our conversations, calling us fraud fans, & band-wagoners, because we were telling the truth about the Sixers, & their fraud players, including your heros Stinkadala, & Evan Trash! GTFO, with your retarded buffoonery! BTW, nobody is trying to control anything with you, because it’s fun to continually point out, what a nitwit, lying, retard you are! Keep it up, because the more you post, the more the posters pile on you. The number of posters accumulate by the post, who see your retarded-ness! So keep up your senseless, meaningless, rebuttals, because it’s amusing!

        • Blah blah blah blah.. that’s all I read. Your the idiot that’s holding on to me calling you and paul frauds 3 years ago hahaha who remembers what people say on here a week ago let alone 3 years ago???

          Ive already exposed you mr. baldinger for what you are. Im yaaawning from it

          And me defending players on the team I love isn’t a bad thing especially when they were on a PLAYOFF RUN STUPID!

          Your the type that after they win a championship would say something like “they need to trade nerlins noel, hes a stiff”

          Your just a big bore. Your act is tired, the cursing the ranting the same lines over and over, the limited vocabulary, words I was taught in elementary school.. Seriously dude, grow up and get a life

          • Haaa hart is so original he has steal dcars opening line of Blah blah blah blah.

            Just like with him stealing national news and claiming his source broke it he is now stealing cobbers posts and using them as his own.


  • J hart is no friend of mine but he is kicking your asses all along broad street, dcar paulman come up with something new you are getting your assess beaten,

    • Hahaa they’re light work jake, no challenge for me at all. Notice it takes 4-5 of them, trying to gang up on me? But to no avail…

      They have such minute brains that they can’t come up with anything original they just repeat the same words same lines over and over again like robots..

      They’re the stolen lunch money victims, now that they’re older they wanna play tough guys on the internet and control what people post.. Hahaha I laugh and laugh and laugh..

      • Keep living in your world of delusions, little pee wee, of a man! Little 5 pound weaklings like you, couldn’t steal lunch money from a baby! When you come back to reality, let me know, chump!!

    • jake, kicking my???? I’ve been beating him down so much, that he has a reserved spot on his rear end, for my size 13.5. I’m fatigued from belittling that @$$clown. Get off his one inch killer. XD

  • Just watched AI’s jersey being retired, now that is why Philly loves that dude unscripted raw and emotional. Left his heart on the floor every night. Came from the 757 but he is all Philly all day.

    • Well said Big L, right on point. I had to catch myself I got a little teary eyed. It brought back so many great memories. What a era that was. Loved the crossover on my favorite player ever MJ (MJ than AI), THE 2001 Allstar game MVP show he put on, the 2001 finals and the win we got in LA, stepping over Tyronn Lue, then the jawing back and forth with Kobe saying “see you in philly, see you in philly” (when AI was better than him at the time and in my opinion better period).

      It was great seeing Pat Croce and the way he connects with us fans, automatic energy and excitement, was slapping all the fans hands in the building. Lets replace Josh Harris with Pat Croce, what a terrible drunken slurred sounding fool during that speech, he made an ass outta himself.. Then says “were trying to get the next allen Iverson”.. What a idiot..

      They did a good job with it though all n all..

  • AI think of how good he could have been if he wasn’t such an asshole. If he had lived a healthier lifestyle and worked hard at practice or should say actually went to practice. Before the AI apologists and enablers jump on me…be prepared to compare his lifestyle and practice habits with the truly greats of the game.

    • He was a POS off the court too. Banned from every bar, restaurant, & strip club in Philly, & every Casino in AC! His posse & he were notorious, for their scumbag, thug ways. Loved him as a Basketball player, but lets not forget the complete picture of all the off-the-court garbage, on top of the final quarter of his career, where he refused to make his team better. Also, let’s not forget him not showing up to fan appreciation night, with his compadre CWebb, since he said he loves us sooooo much.

      • every restaurant besides Fridays

        by the way that boat the sixers bought him was embarrassing

      • Well he’ll fit in just fine having his jersey hanging with those fine examples of how to live your life off the court like Barkley and Erving. His basketball career was being celebrated not his life off the court. So who cares let’s go through everybody’s life who ever had a number retired or made the HOF. If that’s me being apologetic that’s fine, I prefer not to be a person who bashes others in order to feel good about my life.

        • my question was simple …had he practiced and worked his craft how much better could he/sixers been???

          “we talkin bout practice’…. i know i’m a 53 year old fart but to me practice means something… its the repetition of drills/plays that the TEAM runs, it is improving a microfraction on your own game– its team mates communicating by a look without speaking… its about preparing to win.

          • Simple answer who cares, by the way the greatest press conference ever. LOL, but your right Cigar he squandered so much of his natural talent and that is a shame.

            • no matter what sport AI tried he would have been an All-star — If he wanted to be an NFL quarterback he would have been a pro bowl player, if AI wanted to be a soccer player he would be playing in Europe’s top league — if he wanted to be an swimmer he would be an Olympic gold medalist ( that guy was the greatest athlete in Philadelphia since Wilt)

        • Big, I make brutally honest comments, & don’t bash others for the sake of bashing others. Am I wrong about him? You are one of the biggest excuse making butt kissers on here, that never has an honest comment of his own. I guess you glanced over the part where I said I loved him as a Basketball player, huh? The point I was making, is while everyone was hero worshiping him the other night, & eating up all of BS he was spewing, they forget that he couldn’t give a F^#@ about the fans when he was here, & was a thug POS off of the court, where he caused a $#!T load of issues, where Billy King & his cohorts covered up a lot of his crap. I worked down at the sports complex, for many years, & dealt with a lot of his crap. If he cared about the fans, he would have shown up for fan appreciation day, would have did everything he could, to not squander his God given gifts. Nobody ever mentions how unapproachable he was off of the court, because he is a racist, doesn’t like people, & his posse would bully some of the people. I have seen this 1st hand, & felt sorry for the people. The problem with some of you cats, is you don’t have the balls to to be honest & criticize your false hero’s, because somehow, in your goofy minds, you think that doesn’t make you a real fan. Grow a pair, you still can be a fan, love your teams, root for them, all the while, can still be brutally honest, & critical. Hey, if that’s who you are, that’s who you are. But, don’t claim that I’m bashing someone, to feel good my own life! I love my life, & have ZERO regrets. I’m truly blessed, but I’m not going to be dishonest, & ever keep my mouth shut, when I see something amiss. You nitwits kill me.

  • Cliff or other NCAA talent evaluators what’s ur opinion on Napier from uconn? Yesterday was the first time I’ve seen him or heard of him but was extremely impressed with his ball handling skills and how he drives the lane.

    In other news wtf is wrong with this wiggins guy? Guys like lifeless on the court , no tenacity , no killer instincts.

    • He’s nothing special Big Mhenski…

      You have to consider who these guys are playing against. The competition is so much greater in the NBA. – Often many are deceived by college performances, not realizing they are playing more of a team concept that may hide their deficiencies.

      Wiggins, Parker, and Randle are the best 3 talents in the draft, but they by themselves are not going to turn a team around automatically. They are Starting Points. They need other Good players around them as well as veteran leadership to excel. They need to grow into being pros, and impact players –

      Some take for granted, that this new crop of Prospects are so much better than what has already been established in the NBA – Asinine!!

      Wiggins, like all of the prospects this year – Will have to GROW INTO their perceived potential – He hasn’t et that’s why you don’t see that fire yet. Remember some of these guys are only 18- 19 years old…so much more room to grow.

      • Cliff your right all these kids need to grow into their potential, so the kids that you label as nothing special have no potential to get better? I’m trying to follow your logic here, Wiggins, Randle and Parker I agree are special talents so in your opinion this class that all the experts are raving about isn’t anything special?

        • He was asking specifically about Shabazz Napier..

          But no Biggie. All the ones they are hyping have a chance to get better.

          My point was…they can’t turn a franchise around automatically on what they have to offer at this time alone. They need other talents around them, veteran leadership, and possibly others that may have more potential than they do, to play off of, so the game comes to them in a way they don’t have as much pressure on them to perform at a high level every night….

          I know how you feel about Parker. But, I see him as a good player on a good team; not necessarily a franchise changing talent. I would draft him, Wiggins,or Randle, but the Sixers need more

          • Okay I got you, I would put Exum in with the other 3 but the level of competition he plays against scares me. Embiid is interesting in that he came out of nowhere but I understand your thinking.

            • Right Biggie, and considering the competition he plays against, he should be more dominating, if his skills were already on a NBA Level already….He shoots about 32% from the Field, and 74% from the line, and isn’t considered as good as Ricky Rubio was coming into the league – but does have some major talent –

              Remains to be seen how it translates to the highest competition in the NBA – We haven’t had recently a lot of superstars, evolve from international play.

              Tony Parker comes to mind, but he played on the perfect TEAM, that provided everything he needed to excel,- including coaching.

              • GMCliff every year more and more international player make rosters, the record gets broken annually for international players,92 out of 450 this year. Next year the number will be larger than 92.
                Here are the international all star level players you omitted.
                Kyrie Irving is an Australian, Serge Ibaka Congo, Al Horford Dominican, Loul Deng Great Britain, Nic Vucevic Switzerland, Goran Dragic Slovenia, Marc Gasol Spain just to name a few.

              • San Antonio had 10 out of 15 international players last year in the conference finals, not just Tony Parker.

              • I look for the 76ers to Draft PF Dario Saric from Croatia (6-10 – 225lbs) with their 2nd 1st Round Pick that they get from New Orleans
                I see 76ers selecting PF Randle with their 1st Pick
                then PF Saric with their 2nd pick and then a SG their 3rd Draft Pick

  • Nappier will be a back-up Guard in the NBA
    He is not big or strong enough to be a 30 Minute a game NBA
    Starter in the next 2 years.. Would be a nice PG to lead a 2nd Unit and give you
    12-15 Minutes a game but that’s about it for the next 2-3 Seasons

    • Thanks Paulman. All I know is guys ball handling and quicks are nuts from what i saw

      • Yes he’s a good little player and reminds me a bit of a
        Kemba Walker type who is having a decent Season with Charlotte
        But not quite as fearless, at least yet..
        He will make a NBA Season next a Season
        And get some opportunities , he is small though..

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