• July 6, 2022

Notes From The Phillies’ 7-5 Loss To Toronto

cleeThe Philadelphia Phillies lost their second game of Grapefruit League play on Thursday afternoon.

  • Cliff Lee got the start, tossing two innings and allowing one run on two hits. Lee allowed a run in the first inning, but finished with three strikeouts in his very limited work.
  • Brad Lincoln pitched the third inning, and allowed an unearned run.
  • It was a rough outing for Jake Diekman, who allowed two runs on four hits in one inning.
  • However, Diekman fared much better than Ethan Martin, who didn’t record a single out, and allowed three runs on three hits and one walk.
  • Mike Stutes and B.J. Rosenberg combined for three scoreless innings.
  • At the plate, Ben Revere went 3-4 with three singles and scored a run.
  • Freddy Galvis got the start at shortstop and went 0-4.
  • Bobby Abreu went 0-2 with two walks, giving him four total walks over the first two games.
  • Darin Ruf started in left field, and went 1-3 with a two-run home run.
  • Maikel Franco played first base, and went 0-3 with a walk.
  • John Mayberry started in right, and went 2-3 with a solo homer.
  • Cody Asche started at third and Kevin Frandsen played second, each player went 0-3.
  • Tommy Joseph picked up an RBI groundout.
  • The Phillies as a team went 0-7 with runners in scoring position.

Final Thoughts

The Phillies’ young relievers continue to get off to a rough start.

Yesterday it was Philippe Aumont, today it was Jake Diekman and Ethan Martin.

Diekman has been a guy that the Phillies have been really high on this off-season, and they’re holding out hope that he can establish himself as a prominent member of the bullpen this year. Martin meanwhile showed some ability last year, and while he doesn’t have the same level of expectations that Diekman does, the team would be much better off if he were able to step up and carve out a role for himself as well.

Its very early in the Spring, so the team shouldn’t get too alarmed by the poor early returns, but it something worth keeping an eye on.


Denny Basens

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  • I think we will see a lot of these type Fames this a Season as the Phils have one of the weakest Bullpens in the NL and Manager Sandberg & Pitching Coach gave there work cut out for them
    If Stutes/Bastardo pitch well, they can be the 7th Inning Relievers with a healthy Adams the 8th and Papelbon the 9th..
    On Paper it looks good, but Phils need 2-3 other Relievers to step up and assume some of these roles, especially with their 4th/5th Starters who may only go 5 Innings per Start..

  • oh paul… on february 27th looking at the scores of scrimmages… hilarious… you do know that you are the only person in the world looking at the final score?

  • Revere or Rollins leading off this season?
    Who bats 5th behind Howard, Byrd or Brown?

    • revere will have every chance to leadoff with rollins hitting second…. this should give rollins some real rbi chances… and they will go byrd behind howard breaking up the lefties …. howard has to be a 33/115 guy and Byrd 22/80…. otherwise break up the band!

      • will Jimmy accept taking pitches while Revere attempts to steal and tries to frustrate the pitcher. Rollins has always been an aggressive first pitch swinger?

        • well i certainly don’t know the answer to that…only that its a delicate balance between aggressive hitting and patience…the other way to look at is he should see more fastballs early in the count and we all know jimmy can drive a fastball….

    • Rollins needs to be down in the Batting Order

      • rollins needs to score 90-100 and knock in 70…. and he needs to be near the top.

  • Now this all depends on how Byrd plays, but I would like to see Utley bat 2nd because he is the patient hitter that Revere needs to work on the basepaths and he will always have one of the best OBPs on team. Then put Byrd 3rd, Howard 4th and Brown 5th. I know that traditional wisdom is to have your best hitter 3rd, but I think Byrd can acquit himself well at that spot. I have no interest in having J-Roll be at the top or number 2 anymore. I want a guy who can get on base at that spot.

    1) Revere
    2) Utley
    3) Byrd
    4) Howard
    5) Brown
    6) Ruiz
    7) Rollins
    8) Asche
    9) SP

    This is my lineup.

    • that is a reasonable bating order…. i question brown protecting howard as I’m not sold on brown at all… but i think i do like that top of the order.

    • Rollins batting 7th with Bowa in his eye sight everyday and a 10 and 5 no trade clause, expect fireworks

      • yeah probably wont work… i like him at two…i agree he is not patient but i like him seeing fastballs….

        • I agree on Brown, but I hope that he proves me wrong. I could see Ruiz at 5 also. If Rollins is 2, it will definitely be Byrd at 5.

          It will be interesting to me to see how Sandberg handles the lineup this year. Charlie was so loyal to some guys with them cemented into a spot. Maybe we will see some more shakeups this year if there is a lack of production. Hopefully not because of injury.

          • i hope all the ‘ifs’ turn into definites and there is no need for line-up shake ups!!!

            • You and me both. This really is the last hurrah.

              HAC, Thoughts on Cesar Hernandez role?

              • minors… bench players: Galvis, frandsen, abreau, ruff and nieves…i think that about does it so hernandez is minors i think

              • when the hell is galvis gonna disappear? that guy blows

              • What the hell do you mean? the GCOBB GM’s didn’t want to resign rollins in favor of him? LOL!
                he is a utility player and no more–

  • I like Brown at #2 with Byrd at #5 behind Howard (Against Right Hand Pitchers)

    1) Revere
    2) Brown
    3) Utley
    4) Howard
    5) Byrd
    6) Rollins
    7) Ruiz
    8) Ashe
    9) Pitcher

    When a tough Lefty is PItching

    1) Revere
    2) Rollins
    3) Utley
    4) Ruf (for Howard)
    5) Byrd
    6) Ruiz
    7) D Brown
    8) Ashe
    9) Pitcher

    • obviously a paulman goofy post…

  • I would rather see Hernandez stick than Galvis. I think that he is gonna be able to hit in the league.

    • Not going to happen:
      1. Galvis has to be about out of options
      2. Can Hernandez play SS??? I’m not sure he can?
      3. They will want Hernandez to get a bunch of AB’s

  • Galvis is much more versatile defensively, but he is an auto out.

    The infield should be interesting in the next couple of years.
    Is Franco gonna force his way into the lineup? Can he play every day at 3B? Go to 1B?
    Will Asche be able to consistently hit and will he go to 2b when Utley retires or leaves the team for whatever reason? Will that be Hernandez?
    Will Rollins last here until Crawford is ready?

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