• May 17, 2022

Eagles, Maclin Agree To One-Year Deal

Jeremy Maclin, Dashon GoldsonThe Eagles and wide receiver Jeremy Maclin have agreed to a one-year deal, the team announced on Friday afternoon.

Maclin was thought to be a great fit for Chip Kelly’s offense because of his ability to rack up yards after the catch, and now he’ll get a chance to show what he can do.

The Eagles wanted to get Maclin to sign a multi-year deal, but the former top draft pick wanted a one-year deal in order to maximize his value.

Its been a busy week for Howie Roseman and the front office, the team has re-signed Jason Peters, Jason Kelce, Riley Cooper, and now Maclin all in the same week.

Denny Basens

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  • So much for Dcar salary cap lessons on how its irresponsible to bring them both back. All that talk about spending too much at WR like it was going to cost the farm to bring two middle of the pack wr’s back. I said all along this was the best possible scenario and not far fetched or hard to do given the Eagles current cap situation. great move and now we can focus on the D.

    • NuG, I give you all the props. You was right, I was wrong! Myself, I wouldn’t have brought him back. But that’s just me. It’s only a 1 year, make it, or brake it deal, so I’m cool with it. Now we can load up on DF, in the draft, & FA.

      • *were right*

  • ***Eagle News****
    My Sources at GCobb.com report that Eagles Sign WR J Maclin to a 1
    Year Deal.. Terms not disclosed, JH to follow up later with his thoughts…

  • lol paulman I beat jh to it on another post and he confirmed it with his source…such a great guy…lol

  • Man if the bills don’t tag Byrd and the eagles can sign him and trade for Jordan by only giving up a 2nd and vinny curry that alone would be a great offseason

    • Haha… without the majority of the draft too.

    • gloomy, if the Birds can pull that off, I’ll send you a gift card, for a free washy-washy! LOL!!!!

      • I’m hearing Graham, & our 1st, for Jordan, Miami’s 2nd & 6th.

    • Very true gloomy…i had the same thought in my head the other night…trade vinny curry and a 2nd for Jordan..they need a 4-3 pass rusjer and we need a 3-4 olb..win win for both teams IMO

  • This is a great move for this year and the future. If Maclin tears it up this year, I say DJax is probably a cap casualty next year. The Eagles may cut DJax and take $2M in dead money to save $12 in a cap hit. There is $10M that can be used to sign Maclin and another player. D Thomas(DJax2) had a bad combine, but Chip knows how electric he is more than anyone else. If the Eagles draft him in the 4th or later, say bye bye DJax. There is your $1M replacement for DJax. There are very few small fast guys that can play more than 6 years in the NFL. Especially earning big money like DJax. Steve Smith is the exception, but he is a brick sh*t house that plays with a nasty edge that DJax doesn’t have.

  • Yes it would…I definely want jordan but I’ll be good getting pryor in 1st rd then trading for dion jordan with 2nd rd pick

  • Great resigning. I’m proud of the Eagles front office led by Howie Roseman and Jeremy not asking too much coming off of a season ending injury. He is set to have a breakout yr and did in fact get the deal he wanted, a 1 yr deal allowing him to prove himself, and then can cash in the following yr. This should be a breakout yr for Mac..

  • Paulman, Macklins deal is as follows
    1yr- 6 million 3.5 million guaranteed, it’s a wash, their going to cut Avant, take his 3.2 million and give it to Macklin, this is not touching their cap. Great move!

  • Plenty of cap space to sign some FA 2ndary and a few pics to boot…

    Moving on up!!!

  • Maclin deal is useless and a buffer to there WR they will pick in 1st 2nd or 3rd round. By Maclin declining a multi-year cap friendly deal he essentialy wrote his ticket out of Philly after this year. With Cooper signing his 5 year deal and DJax being locked up to big money there is noway in hell they commit to Maclin to a long term contract especially if he has a good year. You cant allocate that much moneyat the WR position. So expect the Eagles to draft a WR to groom next year like a Benjamin to take his place at a cap friendly number in this draft. He declined a 5 year deal the Eagles were offering. It must of been a low money deal.

  • I stated they were getting close to a deal….as some stated that they did not know where my info was coming from because their sources said they were far apart. 24 hours later a deal is done. I stated my source was WIP. Looks like they were correct! Good to have JMac back in the fold!

    • Wait until Benjamin is selected @ 22. They will go with 4 WR sets with Cooper and Benjamin on the outside and Maclin and DJax in the slot with Shady in the backfield.Im telling you the Eagles will take Benjamin and thenthe next 6 rounds draft defense and add a safety in FA. That’s what I would do.

    • Eagle, you mean your sources are better than Lil Bron-Bron, the retards?

  • Wow Maclin is on WIP and said the eagles offered him a 5yr deal and y’all think they want djack here lol he is good as gone.

  • If the Eagles don’t pickup up an edge rusher in free agency expect them to pick up a safety then trade their first round pick for Dion Jordan, here’s something I got from a Miami article, if Tom Gamble really wants him, I can’t see the Eagles not listening, just look at those players on San Fran’s D that was picked up when he was there, the man knows D.

    I’m told 1 thing Tom Gamble would’ve recommended if he interviewed for Dolphins GM was switch back to 3-4. Thinks Dion Jordan 3-4 stud.

    • Gamble & Chip love him, & Chip said it on an article, that he would have been our pick, if Miami didn’t trade up to get him.

  • hey dcar are you serious about that dion jordan 2 and 6 for our 1st and brandon graham

    • My Brother lives in Jacksonville. 2 weeks ago he heard the rumor, & at the time, it was Graham+, for Jordan+. Today he said he heard Graham & #22, for Jordan & their #50, & #174. He heard it on talk show. Who knows if it’s just talking heads, or not, but where there is smoke, there is fire. There was also a rumor of our #22 for Jordan, Curry+ for Jordan+. We’ll see????

  • or is that your proposal

  • This is a new era in Eagles football. They are molding this team in the image of the Steelers. Keeping their own guys, getting them signed fast, keeping the core together, building a family type of atmosphere. Unlike what the team used to be like under Joe Banner where their was a discord/separation when it came to players and contracts. Joe was a tyrant and a jerk.. Once they hit 29 30 he’d cast them off like they were yesterdays news…

    Howie and Chip are doing a great job of developing a family type of atmosphere, speaking to the players like they actually mean something to the organization instead of a mere number…

    Keep in mind too what Chip brought here, Sports Science. This is just one of the ways hes changing the league. You will see this extending guys careers like Jason Peters, Evan Mathis etc etc, Guys like Demeco Ryans being kept not released of traded and his career being extended.. And whats great too about Chip is that hes such an innovator and hes always changing so he may introduce something else new this upcoming year to the league.. Brought the sports science, hired a Navy Seal to join his staff.. Some really interesting stuff..

    Guys wanna play here under Chip and for this organization. You see these guys not even waiting for the market to open and to test it. They wanna play here.. This is a great time to be an eagle and to be an eagles fan..

    Go Birds!

    • Hart, if you think the Eagles are molding ourselves after the Steelers then you can thank Tom Donahue who helped build those great Steeler Ds for Cower and give Howie a lot of respect for not acting like a know it all and taking the advice of Donahue, Gamble ect, your right, something special is taking place here and I for one love it.

      • I agree Andrew. This is developing into a family all around. You hear Riley Cooper saying after he signed back that he wanted Maclin to sign back ‘ASAP’ stating he didn’t know what was happening in contract talks but that he hoped he signs back because he makes this team better.

        He said this knowing he may not have as huge a role this year and that he may not get as many balls thrown his way. Hes showing how good of a teammate he is yes but also that this is a family and its developing before our eyes…

        Age and Money is no longer the deal breaker for player and front office on this team..

        And your right Andrew, they have Donahue, they have Gamble they have Davis who is a disciple of Dick LeBeau the architect of the 3-4 defense. So he witnessed a lot himself..

        They are turning into the new steelers in a way..

        Also, a lot of the great organizations stay put in the draft and just take the best player available and stash them and coach um up like the steelers, ravens, niners, packers etc. The eagles are starting to do the same thing the more I think about it, for the past 2 years.. Unless the guy is a cant miss, stay put like all the great teams do..

        I really like the direction of this team..

  • Crazy that the eagles “super fans” ts Johnson , kool breeze , songs, theone1 don’t have any opinions on all these deals

    • Because they are not fans. You see who are the real fans, responding to the articles, & talking about ways to better the team. I said a million times, once Vick is completely gone, the roaches will crawl back inside the radiators. They root for & worship the name on back, not the team name on the front.

      • I know d! Was just being sarcastic.

        Have a good weekend cobbers

        • You too! I’m out. Dinner, drinks, & desert with the Old Lady… 😉

      • Exactly!!!!!

      • Your correct DCar, most of these so called bloggers are on here just to stir up shit. Vick is outta here, and everyone knows it. I have nothing against Vick, but this dark cloud that Vick brings to this team needs to be gone once and for all. The future is looking bright for the Eagles..

        • DMAN, thumbs up!

  • See jh posts like that is y I respect you as a eagles fan awesome post…ps just stop the source stuff

    • thanks zilents

  • ts actually makes since when she shares her opinion, but those others you listed mhenski definely vick riders. lol i made a funny

  • great post Hart. best part is… you spoke as you.. not some silly source.

    • thanks stevo

  • I actually want avant back now on the cheap max $2mill deal. Those double stack 4 wr sets would rb insane with coop picking or screening for Maclin and avant avant picking or screening for desean.

    • Taking a wr in any round prior to 5 is a wAste at this point. No matter who they could get they would be the 6th option after our wr trio, ertz and shady in the passing game. Ill be plenty happy with Maehl or avant as the wr4

  • keeping guys who want to be here and really feel that they are Eagles! Guys like that play harder for you. Cooper Maclin were both drafted by us and prob have a little more pride playing for the team that believed in them first. Cooper prob gets emotional thinking about how the fans for the most part embraced him as a man even after his racially insensitive nonsense. We all make mistakes and do dumb shit, but he was no world star player and having fans who cheered Cooooop so early in his return had to make him not want to leave and deal with the unknown. Maclin was looking forward to free agency and a nice raise when he got hurt and this deal allows him to prove himself again. Im sure there were other scenarios where he could have gotten more money but not a one year that would allow him to get the raise he wanted. Props to him for saying if im going to play and be a rental I want to to it with the team that believed in me first. This says a lot about how guys feel about Chip Kelly and the direction of the team, they don’t want to be left out. this is great news as players talk and only makes it easier to get FA.

  • the cap just got bigger. So… add to the money we have rolled over from last year… we are in a great place. Whats that you say?.. the birds would never lock up 2 WR’s long term?… yea…. they tried.

  • I bet Avant returns. there are lots of WR’s hitting the market so,…. where would he land? Offer him a good deal and let him walk if he balks.

    • No avant is as good as gone stevo. They need to release him before march 15th, so they gotta make a decision on him. On the 15th his 1million dollar bonus is due, but theyd save 3.25 million by releasing him and you know that money is going to Maclin so the Birds wont lose a dime by releasing him theyd save and wont have to pay Maclin they money that would go to Avant will be given to Maclin…

      Roseman is a genius..

  • This is what I think Chip wants to do, he wants this offense to be unstoppable. He wants to throw waves of WRs and TEs at the defense. He wants it to go at a frenetic pace to tire out the defense…

    So if the Birds were to sign a WR then turn around and draft a WR in the 1st or 2nd round, It wouldn’t surprise me at all.. Chip wants this team to run fast fast fast and at a pace where the defense is one or two steps behind…

    It starts by bringing back guys that are familiar not only with the plays but also familiar with the pace, that’s another reason why they brought these guys back…

  • wow, the Eagles keep spending money on that offense –
    when the dust settles I would be interested to know the ratio of 2014 salary cap money spent on the Bird’s O vs the Bird’s D —

    • Theyre just keeping their core guys. The cap this year is said to be set at 133mil then next yr 140mil then the following yr in 2016 150mil.. So that’s another reason why the Birds are spending so much. They’ll have more than enough left over for defense…

      • I didn’t discount Mike Vick’s 7 million into these signings

  • the negative “nitwits” who ruined their 2013 Philadelphia Eagle season hoping Howie Roseman falls on his face better get on board this train because the band wagon is jamming for the 2014 season!
    C’mon Howie Roseman is accepting all Fair and Squarers, Gimmick offensers, and GM pretenders

  • Are the Eagles truly backing Nick Foles?

    1. If you’ve wondered why the Eagles haven’t climbed to the highest mounting to scream their devotion to Nick Foles, you aren’t the only one. Howie Roseman was a little more emphatic about the team’s support of Foles, but the Eagles general manager and coach Chip Kelly have yet to say anything that equates to – “Foles is our quarterback. He’s our future. Period.” And people around the league are noticing, particularly some that are close to the third-year quarterback. Foles is obviously the starting quarterback in 2014. And the Eagles can’t technically say he’s their long-term quarterback because he still can’t receive a contract extension. But the less-than-full backing suggests that Kelly and Roseman are still leaving themselves some wiggle room in case Foles regresses this season. Some believe the Eagles still have doubts. It will be hard to top last year’s 27-touchdown, two-interception, 119.2-passer rating season, but there is certainly room for improvement. The worst that could happen to the Eagles would be for Foles to perform somewhere in that nether region that often forces teams to move forward with a quarterback they’re less than convinced can win them a Super Bowl.

    • Writers look to make up stories when nothing else is happening. This is tired, lazy and trite reporting intended to capture the hope of the hopeless.

    • Hey retard, I’m glad to see you can copy & paste part of Jeff McClane’s article from philly.com. Dude, stop holding out hope for you way, & Foles failure because it ain’t going to happen. He’s here, he had a great season, & he’s a QB, deal with it, & move on to rooting for the Jet’s. That’s where you boy is going next. You ain’t an Eagles fan. Take songs, & foolbreeze with you!

  • Hey retard in the business of football why would they say that? I don’t think I’ve read that about kap or Wilson

  • Thus will be the best era of eagles football ever, starting with big Nick Foles

  • My big concern is who is going to he the back-up QB to Nick Foles
    What happenebs if he gets injured, or concussed and gas to miss a few games
    Is Matt Barkley Thr answer even at Back-Up .. Can he be relied upon
    To step in a win a couple of games if needed..
    Eagles need to get an experienced QB who can win some games when called

    • Maybe take a look at Kolb, or make a trade for Pryor if the Raiders draft Manziel

  • It’s good to see all of y’all getting along together and acting like we’re one family. Great posts guys. “All Eagles, All one team”!!!!!! This is our year and I’m all in!!!!!!!!

    • DITTO!!!!

  • Anyone know the Alorox Cap Space Left for Eagles with these new Deals
    And assuming that Avant and Safety Chung get flat out released
    Saving some $6 Million or so between the 2 Players..

    • Well assuming that Avant is released and we now know cap is set at 133, the cap room after Maclin signing will be about 24.7.. I’m not sure on the numbers if Chung is let go yet..

  • Seahawks did Release DT Red Bryant and WR Sydney Rice
    As expected Friday to make Cap Room
    There will be lots of Players Released around the NFL this Weekend
    As Teams sure up their Salary Cap situations before Free-Agency hit
    With a Deep Draft at WR,DB’s & OL, I don’t expect the usual Spending Frenzy that we typically see every Year.. The battle for Veteran QB’s may be the most
    Interesting to see where M Vick, C McKnown, Chad Henne,Matt Moore
    Gary Anderson, Josh Freeman, may get a lot more inquiries with such an average QB Class..
    I would not be surprised to see many 2nd Tier WR’s remain unsigned
    Until after the Draft do there is the possibility the Eagles could sign Avant
    To a league minimum if they Draft no WR’s which is doubtful, but possible

  • Saints Franchuse TE J Gragam
    Panthers Franchise DE G Hardy so the top 2 Free-Agents are off the board so to speak..
    The Free-Agent Class at Safety is huge so after Byrd & award sign
    There will still be a good 8-10 Safeties out there that could help Eagles short-Term (Whitner,Mitchell,Inhedigbo,Bethea, Clemons,
    Delmas, M Wright,M Jenkins, etc,etc)

  • I would expect Chip to draft a WR/PR (like Huff) later in the draft.

  • Where is birdo, Schiller,TS, Navy among others? This is what we’ve all been waiting for from our Eagles whether it be on the team level or front office. This is a new era of eagles football and the arrow is point up up up.. We need to get these die hards back on the site..

    Go Birds!!!

    • They will be posting on Buffalo, Jets or Tampa Bay blogs…wherever MV7 ends up….

  • Good moves so far a little surprised they signed both Wr’s, let’s get that secondary taken care of and get a rush LB in here during free agency and the draft. In regards to who posts and who doesn’t does it really matter. Maybe their into other things when the actual football season ends.

  • Good progress. Should be an interesting free agency period.

  • It’d now time to address the defense

    Haha nix is the man

  • Dix, then a pass rusher.

  • I am a firm believer in Chip and yes, I hate to say it to the gcobb negative nitwits…. even Howie… I think they have a plan to turn this defense into a beast. Locking up all these offensive people leads me to believe that the defensive plan will be just as aggressive come draft and FA.

  • I agree haveacigar. I believe the Eagles will be extremely aggressive addressing the D come draft day. I do still feel that they just might shock everyone a sign a stud safety in free agency. They have the cap room to do it. I’m anxiously waiting for March 11th to begin..

  • A lot of people scoffed when Laurie came out and said that Roseman had very little to do with poor personnel decisions that were being made prior to 2012. With each passing day, draft and personnel move, I’m seeing more and more evidence that Banner was the problem and Roseman on the whole is doing a nice job.

  • We may get news March 8th!! Remember teams are allowed to talk to free agents on March 8th

  • Seriously why is everyone expecting us to trade for Dion Jordan. The Dolphins would take an extra 4m cap hit by letting him walk. Due diligence would suggest he is going nowhere.

  • Colin Kaepernick had an accuracy rating of 54.6 percent under pressure last season, the worst mark in the NFL.
    Kaepernick was also sacked on 20.2 percent of snaps when under duress, the fourth-worst rate among starters. 49ers president Paraag Marathe admitted that advanced stats will “play a big role” in Kaepernick’s contract extension, where he’s reportedly seeking a deal worth $15-16 million annually. The two sides have begun preliminary talks and are expected to get a deal done before the season.

    • Mhenski sometimes stats don’t mean shit. I would love to ask Seattles defense who the toughest cover was. Peyton Manning and his 10,000 yard 50 td season or Kapernick and his 50% comp rating. After watching Seattle play both teams Kapernick is worth every penny that statue Manning has received. Russell Wilson will never win a passing title or throw 40 tds and 2 ints but guess what he makes plays. Pay them there money

    • Kap and Wilson will both get $16 million —
      The franchise tag number for
      Quarterback is $16 million for 2014. Multiple teams would sacrifice the 2 first round picks to acquire them in the future if they are not tagged exclusive franchise tag players.

  • Johnny runaround gonna change the game FOREVER

    Based on tape study, NFL Films’ Greg Cosell believes Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel faces long odds of success in the pros because his game is so reliant on “making plays outside of structure.”
    On tape, Cosell was taken aback by “how many balls (Manziel) does not throw to open receivers,” and that he abandons the pocket even when he “does not need to.” Opined Cosell, “I think it’s very hard in the NFL to live on the edge when you don’t need to. If you live on the edge too often, you will fall off the cliff, in my view, in the NFL.” Cosell believes Manziel’s tendency to move and/or abandon the pocket is not comparable to Russell Wilson’s, who does it in a “structured” manner. “When it’s third-and-six, and Russell Wilson sees he can run for eight yards and get a first down, he just runs for eight yards and gets out of bounds,” Cosell explained. “There’s a purpose to his movement. Now I’m interpreting Johnny Manziel on film, but quite frankly, when he moves I see a guy who moves, and then tries to figure it out. And I’m not sure that that works in the NFL.”

    Or be a poor mans mike Vick

  • WGR 550 Buffalo reports the Bills are unlikely to re-sign or use the franchise tag on free agent FS Jairus Byrd.
    “The two sides have had productive discussions, and while things could change, it seems at this point that the two sides will split,” writes Jeremy White. White’s colleague, Joe Buscaglia, is arguably the top Bills beat reporter and adds that the Bills “explored all their options, including a trade.” GM Doug Whaley shot a “substantial offer” Byrd’s way, but the 27-year-old seems intent on testing the market. The deadline for the Bills to use the franchise tag is Monday at 4 PM. Byrd is the top free-agent safety available.

    • is Byrd worth that much money? the bills are never on TV, did he have a franchise tag money year this past season?

      • He was Franchised last Season,
        Then was hurt off last Summer and missed the Bills 3-4 Games with a Foot Injury.. He’s a very good Free Safety and excellent in Oass-Coverage and make Plays on the Ball.. He’s not in the box-physical Safety
        Like TJ Ward is, but he’s probably the best in pass-coverage Safety in Free-Agency.. I am converned a little with his injured foot . For foot injuries never seem to heal 100% and will and TJ Ward will command Top Dollar for most Teams in the NFL want/need a good Safety
        Look for the Patriits,Bears, Redskins,Cowboys, Falcons,
        Lions, Packers & Broncos & Eagles pursue him so he will have his choice on where to Sign…
        I personally don’t see the Eagles making a big run at him or Ward or any other Top Tier Free-Agents and probably pursue sone 2nd Tier Safeties,CB,LB & DT and target the Draft for their Defense as they signed Veteran Defensive Players last year who are still under Contract like
        Barwin,Fletcher,Cary Williams though I do believe that Patrick Chung gets flat out released this week along with J Avant

  • I believe Johnny Football will have a short
    NFL Career.. 3 Years maximum..
    He’ll make some exciting Plays no doubt in his first season, but with his lack of height, and a lack of a NFL arm to keep Secondaries hones,
    and the fact that looks to scramble at the first sign of Pressure,
    He’s going to get killed out there..

  • man if byrd hits free agency we gotta get him, then trade for jordan then drafr best available man thats a great offseason

  • that is all true but byrd is exactly what we need and he is worth the money

  • paulman that was for you

    • I wish it too, but with the Contracts they have given out
      Of Offense this past week, and big deals they gave to 5 Defenders last year
      And Foles Deal next Off-Season having to be dealt with,
      I see then signing them releasing Chung/Avant
      Pursuing a Veteran Strong Safety like Mitchell,Bethea
      and Drafting 2 Safety’s (1 in First/Second Round and then 1 in Mid Rounds)
      And the have these 3 new Safties along Earl Wolff and the practice squad Safety compete for Playing time..

  • I can easily see a Safety Corps of
    Starting Strong Safety- Free-Agents Bethea or Mitchell
    Starting Free Safety – Calvin Pryor (1st Rd Pick)
    Back Up Safeties
    Earl Wolff with Mid-Round Draft Pick
    (Isaiah Lewis, Deandre Johnson,Dion Bradley,
    or possibly a Draft Big CB’s Baptiste or Gill
    In the 4th Rd and convert 1 of them to Safety
    To groom as Bethea/Mitchell’s replacement in 2 Years time

  • Below is a breakdown of our salary cap after the signings this week, with the expected cuts if Avant, Chung and a few others, the number should go up between 33 n 38 million, theirs no way I’m gonna believe their not going to go after at lease one big name safety or outside rusher.

    The Eagles currently have $123,775,568 committed to 2014 salaries. That leaves $9,224,432 left in cap space, plus an additional $17,169,768 in rollover money from the previous year. That means the Eagles have approximately $26,394,200 in available salary cap space for this offseason. That ranks the team 12th in the NFL, according to Spotrac.

    • Good stuff ANdrew,
      Is this the case, they will have to take on a few Contracts
      But they have to be careful for if the $123 Million
      In 2014 Salaries and then figure another $6-7 in Rookie Salaries
      That if they committ most of that Rollover $$$ to 2014 Season
      Then they would be way over the Cap in 2015

      • Unless you bring in a lot Players on 1 Year Deals but the Eagles did not have good experience with doing this a few years back where the locker room never jelled.. Remember signing VY, Ronnie Brown, WR Steve Smith
        All on 1 year a deals and it was a disaster

        Andrew P
        How much approx do the Eagles have comitted in Players Salaries for 2015
        Figuring the Cap will probably be at $135-140 Million Max

  • I think u can only roll it over for two years then they have to spend up to 90%, I think the’ll pick up a Barwin type contract this year plus a few second tiers like last year then roll the rest over for Foles, Boykin, Kendrick’s and Cox for next year, don’t forget, the cap goes to 140 million next year then up to 150 the following, were going to be fine, they are really playing it smart.

  • I hear you all and Byrd is a nice player but…

    If Orakpo makes it to FA you buy him over byrd. 2 Reasons
    1.Better value for the money
    2.You not only add strength to your team but you weaken a division opponent.

  • These should be the eagles targets for fa either orakpo and Malcolm Jenkins or Byrd and worilds it must be either of those chooses

    • Orapko played a full Season last year (Contract Year)
      After missing significant parts of 2011 & 2012
      And I am not sure about his health over a term of a long-term deal that he will command, I also don’t see the Redskins of not resigning him
      & Byrds (Lisfranc Plantar) issues with his foot
      Concern me too.. I stay away from both Players
      The 90% that Teams are mandated by the NFL to spend, does this include the “rollover $$” also or just the Cap figure??
      Which will make a big difference with way when you look at next Off-Season with Players like Cox,Boykin,Kendrick’s & Foles
      Who chances are, become the core of young Players to get nice extensions..
      Lots of decisions to mull and decide on
      One thing about the Eagles that you can count on is that they
      Will always keep a prudent eye of future contracts and
      Staying away from just bad long term deals which they made a few with
      Cole,Herremans & Avant a few years ago and even the deals they gave Chung & C Williams last year…
      I think they cut the chord with Avant & Chung this off-season
      With the signings of both Cooper & Maclin which now becomes a no brainer
      With Avant and Chung is simply not a Starter In the NFL
      And then move on from Cole & Herremans, C Williams and possibly Celek next Off-Season

  • Paulman if u get a chance read that Article I posted on here about how mesean might get traded

    • As I’ve stated before, I am very reluctant to comment on the “speculation” type articles. They’re mostly bogus. We only need to re-read the “Eagles prefer Maclin over Cooper” articles that came out 3 days before he signed.

      While I have no problems moving on from Mesean, doing it right at this moment presents some difficulties.

      Go into the season with just Cooper, Maclin and a drafted rook at wr?


      Especially the idea that a rookie can come in and produce right away. Rarely happens.

      But still, if something like this happens, Mesean need only to look in the mirror (something I think he enjoys). Giving up on plays, not blocking downfield, and yelling at your position coaches is not the best way to endeer yourself to a new regime.

      • Though while I am not one to dwell on runours, I do like reading about the 49er/Harbaugh troubles.

        This was easily predictable, because Harbaugh is a dick.

        Anyway, you can probably scratch them off the ‘contenders’ list…

        Management/head coach infighting all year + no QB = done like dinner.

  • Where’s the article, on GCobb??
    Maybe that’s why GM Roseman wanted to sign Maclin to a long-Term Deal
    Then Draft one of the Top WR’s in the Draft that they covet..
    I could see this happening if they got the 49ers
    1st and 3rd Or 4th Rounder..
    The 49ers need a legitimate deep threat on the outside
    To have a chance versus the Seahawjs the next couple of years..

    • San Fran needs a fade route TD goal line receiver more than a deep threat. Crabtree choked two years in a row on their last play from scrimmage.
      Raven Jimmy Smith in the super bowl and this year Richard Sherman in the NFC championship game.

      • They have Boldin/Crabtree,Davis for those Fade Routes and Intermediate
        Routes.. The 49ers have not had a Deep WR Threat in years and desperately need one if they are going to challenge the Seahawks Defense

        I disagree on Crabtree choking the last 2 Years
        In Super Bowl, Kapernick overthrew an open Crabtree where ball was tossed too far outside and pretty much out of bounds & uncatchable
        Last year, Kapernick underthrew Crabtree just a tad allowing Sherman to make that great delflection.. If Kapernick tosses it with a little more air or a 1 yard further, that was probably a TD

  • Really sf already has Vernon Davis for the goal line stuff they have no speed on offense at all there fastest player on there offense is kapernick they have been trying to get speed there for the longest manningham, moss, a.j Jenkins, john Baldwin they have been trying for awhile they know what they need over there they lack speed.

  • Manningham is not or was never a Speed Guy.. More of a Possesion Type of WR who is damaged goods health wise..
    AJ Jenkins, out of University of Illinois, was a Reach by the 49ers who used a 1st Round Pick on him 2 Years ago and have seen little to no production from him.. Jenkins was another Indy Combine Warrier with great straight line Speed but who does not run routes well or catch the ball all that well
    Then the 49ers traded AJ Jenkins to to the KC Chiefs in exchange for another 1st Round Draft Bust in Jonathon Baldwin who when at University of Pittsburgh, showed some promise, has size, some speed but has done very little since being in the NFL and has had his motor,work ethic & maturity questioned since being in the Pro’s..
    I look for the 49ers to add a James Jones from Packers or Jacoby Jones from th Ravens or an Eric Decker from Broncos or even a Miles Austin or a
    Jacoby Ford from the Raiders

  • ******** trade alert**********
    Eagles trade #22 & desean Jackson

    To the rams for #2 overall pick
    And with that pick the eagles take Sammy Watkins

    • Absoolutely a no-go Gloomy
      Rams already have a small, speedy WR in Tayvon Austin who finally came on the last 5-6 weeks of of his Rookie.. Why would they add another small,fast WR…

      Rams have 2 Selections #2 (from the Redksins) and #13 (their Own Pick)
      and though I could see them Trading that #2 Overall Pick, the Rams
      need OL,TE,RB and Secondary Help more than another small fast WR
      so D-Jax has little value to them… Austin also returns Kicks/Punts

      The Rams are also rumored to be very interested in Safety Jarius Byrd who will test Free-Agency and not be Franchised or remain with the BIlls

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