• May 19, 2022

Notes From The Sixers’ 125-92 Loss To Oklahoma City

kevin-durant-russell-westbrookThe Philadelphia 76ers lost their 15th straight game on Tuesday night, falling to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Their record drops to 15-46.

  • The Thunder exploded for 37 points in the first quarter, picking up a 14 point lead.
  • James Anderson led the Sixers with 20 points, connecting on six three-point attempts.
  • Michael Carter-Williams shot just 4-12 for 15 points.
  • Thaddeus Young had a really rough night, scoring just six points on 13 shots. He also managed just four rebounds, making it the second straight game he’s been held to less than five boards.
  • Henry Sims made his fourth straight start at center, scoring 10 points to go with five rebounds.
  • Recently signed forward Jarvis Varnado played 17 minutes, and picked up four offensive rebounds.
  • Byron Mullens played 20 minutes and scored 15 points along with six boards.
  • Arnett Moultrie played just over seven minutes, and has really fallen out of the rotation.

Final Thoughts

Watching this game, you get the sense that the Thunder could have easily won by 70 if they wanted to.

The Sixers had been getting blown away by terrible 10-win teams like the Milwaukee Bucks, so pitting them against a couple of titans like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook was just a complete and total mismatch.

Durant ripped the Sixers apart, scoring over 40 points through three quarters.


Denny Basens

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  • Who will have their Next Win first
    The 76ers or the Phillies…
    Good Grief!!!

    • since the phils season doesn’t start for a month i’m betting the sixers.

  • MCW got his shot blocked 4 times on drives —
    I didn’t realize how big OKC was till last night. The starting lineup were giants. Durant is a 7 footer, Adams 7 footer, Ibaka 6-10, Perry Jones started 6-11, and Westbrook at 6-3. They are huge.
    Good News is the Pelicans finally won beating the Lakers. I was getting worried about the Pelicans becoming too bad —

    • Durant is not 7′
      More like 6-9″, but with his long arms and leaping ability,
      He plays taller Fyi..

      • I was piggy backing off Marc Zumoff’s and Malik Rose’s comments at tip off who were laughing at the 6’9” listing of Kevin Durant. Adams and Durant were eye to eye and both towered over Thad Young. Malik Rose admitted that the Spurs added 2 inches to his height listing while Kevin Garnett takes off 2 inches to be listed at 6’11”.

        • Thadd Young is about 6-6″ or so

          • He’s 6-8…possibly 6-9

            • More like 6’7″

              • no more like 6-8, 6-9….You put him down consistently, now you ‘re trying to knock him down shorter than he actually is?

              • He’s actually 5’10”, but he has prosthetic legs, making him taller.

  • wiggins cant do squat even with embiid in the street cloths and against inferior opponents. guys was as close to invisible in a game where his team scored 80+. we gotta get parker

    • Word down here in NC is the Jabari Parker is heavily leaning to remain at Duke for his Sophomore Season and then go Pro.. He Enjoys teh COllege Game, His Coach’s & Teammates .. Do not be suprised to see him skip the Draft in 2014

      • the likelihood he stays at duke is about the same as the combined odds of Lebron James signing in Philly plus Desean Jackson being traded this year plus the Philllies winning the World Series.

        • yo Paulman. March 11 you should check out Notre Dame play App State and watch Cavan Biggio dominate. Kids gonna be a great pro, hopefully Phillies draft him again. As much of a goof he is Reuben Amaro was well received in the Biggio household when they met prior to the last draft

          • I the App State just Played ND and blew a 2 Run as ND won 4-3
            In the bottom of the 9th about a week ago
            Maybe they gave a home & home series
            I’ll check it out & thnz for info
            Is this Craig Biggio’s kid at ND
            I am going down to WCU and check out tre Catamoubts who have beaten Miss & Clemson so far this Season
            And gave a nice Club (My Daughter attends Western Carolina)
            and has her Soeing Break next week

            • paul, WTF is tre Catamoubts???? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Sampling the schnapps again, huh?

              • Should be the Western Carolina Catamounts…

        • Well at least I got 1 out 3 Correct.. Ha

    • mh, like I said he is overrated, & over-hyped. I’d draft Parker in a heartbeat. He’s going to be an all around stud.

  • Dont look now but Dante Exum is moving up draft boards, many have him supplanting Andrew Wiggins to now land in the top 3..

    If you haven’t done so YouTube Dante Exum and watch this kid ball..Fran Fraschilla of ESPN compared him to a young 82′ Carolina Michael Jordan. I’m telling you, the kid has game..

    What’s interesting is that Exum chose a LA based agency. The same agency that Kobe Bryant uses. The Lakers are Exum’s favorite team so he may pull a Kobe and force a trade to LA.. who knows.. But the kid can ball..

    • No he isn’t JH…He hasn’t moved up anyone’s draft board.

      He’s mocked right where he has always been. His agent is trying maneuver things so that the Lakers draft him, and create interest.

      How is he pulling a Kobe? Kobe was traded to the Lakers, from Charlotte for Vlade Divac, Kobe never demanded anything…

      Exum, is a talent, but Watch your mouth when you use Michael Jordan in the same sentence…Your delusional.

      • You have no clue what ur talking about do u?! If u dont know dont talk, seriously. Yes KOBE forced a trade from Charlotte to LA look it up! I know my basketball dont question me gmstiff

        And I didnt compare him to Jordan, read what I said not what you wanted me to say, I said Fran Fraschilla compared him to a young 82′ Carolina MJ. A real GM would of caught that. They read and comprehend correctly.

        And yes he has moved up boards. He’s moved up quite a few, he’s in the top 3 in some that I’ve seen.

        When you feel a certain way about a player u pout like a little baby and behave very girlish. Calm ur narrow minded self down and remain in the mentally uninformed box that ur in gmstiff

        Go create a new nfl mock draft, paul is waiting

        • I would suggest you take your own advice. Shut your mouth when you don’t have your facts straight.

          Kobe did not force a trade, and I give less than a darn what Fran Fraschilla says, he is NOTHING like Jordan in 79’80’81’or 82’…

          No one is pouting – Where do you get that from anyway ?

          I never said I didn’t like him – I’ve been telling you, he isn’t all that you make him to be – There is talent, and then there is potential, and you obviously don’t understand the difference between the two.

          All. I stated was that he wasn’t moving up boards – AND HE ISN’T – You want him to, so you make the claim – But it’s a lie, just like your Source…LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I don’t know why you keep saying go do a Mock – Paul is the guy who does the mocks frequently – You can’t keep having selective memory, and then call somebody else mentally uniformed – just because you don’t have a clue – and don’t realize it…..YOU’RE A JOKE….


          It’s like the pot calling the kettle black

          • You guys have not a clue. Both you and bugs.. Shall I break everything down for you? Don’t believe everything Wiki says… Let me be clear, Kobe was going to be a Laker or was going to college and the entire league knew it.

            First off Kobe had “advisors” not agents. Reason why? By only having them as advisors Kobe would keep his eligibility. Same function but a loophole in wording. So since Kobe’s family still had a good deal of money from his dad’s playing career they paid out the pocket for all the pre-draft workouts/training thus keeping him good for the NCAA.

            And that’s what he held over the head of all the other teams especially the nets who he said “not a snowball chance in hell” would he show up in NJ to play, that’s why they went with Kerry Kittles instead. Charlotte supposedly wanted VDivac so they struck a random deal..

            So Kobe pretty much held the nets hostage and the league for that matter. Either I play for the lakers or I go to college because remember, Kobe was only 17 yrs old, everyone thought he had agents though he didn’t they acted as agents they were advisors so it wouldn’t ruin his eligibility.

            Is it making sense my little geniuses?

            • I don’t always trust Wikipedia because it is updated by regular people who are not experts. Therefore I reference all of the articles that it links to and in this case about 2-3 more that included quotes from the chief scout and VP in charge of the Hornets from that time period stating that this was not the case. After you posted this, I then looked at a few more surrounding thoughts from other GMs at the time including Elgin Baylor remembering that he was hesitant to draft a HS player at the time.

              There are just as many articles out there that disagree with this opinion as those that agree with it. So to state is as fact is ludicrous unless you were in the locker rooms/conference rooms at the time.

              As far as your insult goes…meh. I’ve seen better and been called worse.

              • Calling you little geniuses is an insult? Haha relax bugs..

                Im giving you guys an “inside look” at what really goes on behind the scenes not what gm’s and owners say for the public.

              • I am perfectly relaxed brother. No worries there. In fact I am feeling pretty good as you entertain me with your supposed behind the scenes access.

            • I rest my case just asinine for you to believe you have some knowledge that we don’t…….


              • I made my point already. Kobe and his advisors forced the trade.

                Back then it was a little different than how it is now, if Kobe decided to go to college the pro team would lose his draft rights since he had no agent just “advisors”.

                It was either the lakers or college. The entire league knew it..

              • Wrong Hart,

                And nobody is mocking Exum in the top 3 – but you

        • on a whim, I looked it up on wikipedia.

          The first guard to ever be taken out of high school, Bryant was chosen as the 13th overall draft pick by the Charlotte Hornets in 1996.[29] According to Arn Tellem, Bryant’s agent at the time, Bryant playing for the Charlotte Hornets was “an impossibility”.[30] However, Bill Branch, the Hornets’ head scout at the time, said that the Hornets agreed to trade their draft selection to the Lakers before picking Bryant. The teams agreed to the trade the day before the draft and the Lakers did not tell the Hornets whom to select until five minutes before the pick was made.[31] Branch said that prior to the trade agreement, the Hornets never even considered drafting Bryant. Prior to the draft, Bryant had worked out in Los Angeles, where he scrimmaged against former Lakers players Larry Drew and Michael Cooper, and according to then-Laker manager Jerry West, “marched over these people”.[32] On July 1, 1996, West traded his starting center, Vlade Divac, to the Hornets in exchange for Bryant’s draft rights”

          So it seems like you have your facts a little off unless all of these actual sources are wrong and yours is right. I also looked in about 6 different articles that same the same thing including those that quote Kobe from that time. He stated that he would have wanted to play at Duke even if he went to college. That move was as much about clearing cap space to make a run at shack as much as it was to get Kobe.

  • Just to prove you wrong even further, I have proof from one of the biggest names in the business of scouting draft prospects, and its certainly not you..

    Chad Fords latest board has it a little different. Instead of taking Wiggins out he took Parker out so his top 3 reads like this:

    1. Joel Embiid

    2. Andrew Wiggins

    3. Dante Exum

    Eat your heart out gmstiff

    • This is Chad Ford’s latest mock, and EXUM IS NOT AT 4 – You wrote that in liar….

      Just Stop lying JH…..






      1 Joel Embiid C Kansas
      Freaky smooth big man with major upsid … More »
      2 Andrew Wiggins SG Kansas
      All-around game reminds of T-Mac More »
      3 Jabari Parker SF Duke
      Smart, do-it-all forward More »
      4 Dante Exum PG Australia
      Blend of athleticism, skill at 1 & 2 More »
      5 Julius Randle PF Kentucky
      Prototype power forward More »
      6 Marcus Smart PG Oklahoma State
      Tough, super-competitive guard More »
      7 Aaron Gordon PF Arizona
      Freak athlete caught between 3 & 4 More »
      8 Noah Vonleh PF Indiana
      Athletic, double-double machine More »
      9 Tyler Ennis PG Syracuse
      Super poised PG More »
      10 Dario Saric PF Croatia

      And this is just his personal feel for the draft – Every other one has Exum going between 5-7, which is where he remains, and where he’ll be drafted….

      Eat your heart out, Stop being stubborn, and stop lying to yourself – Because you do not know what you are talking about……

      • And BTW, you haven’t proven anyone wrong to prove anything further….

        I respect everyone on here except E0S, INCLUDING YOURSELF…

        But, don’t change that Jon, by constantly lying to save face Brother..It’s sad and embarrassing

        • You need to look at an updated list Clifford. That’s an old list your looking at. He just updated it like a day ago!

          • The date on that mock was 3/4/2014 JH…..

            Your really trying to convince us that Dante Exum, is rated higher than JaBari Parker??????….Somebody is stupid here, but it isn’t us…LOL!!!!!!

            And like I said, that is just one persons Mock…ALL THE REST SAY WHAT WE ALL ARE SAYING..5-7…..What don’t you understand?

            • Regardless of what your saying which is complete garbage, Chad Ford has Exum in his top 3, like I said he did. Youre the only one uninformed Clifford.

              • Chad Ford is a guy that actually travels outside of the country and watches these players very closely. Something you do not do, SO STOP IT.

                Stop with the arrogant “GM” facade okay, its tired already.. You admitted to not even watching the kid play. Knock it off

              • mhenskis wish list in the nba draft in order of preference

                1. parker
                2. exum
                3. wiggins
                4. randle
                5. Vonleh

              • LOL!!!

                Stop with the arrogant “GM” facade okay, its tired already.. You admitted to not even watching the kid play. Knock it off……LOL!!

                You are the one who admitted you hadn’t watched him play, but you just knew he was a player because he was 6-6…You are full of it. I told you I had seen him play….There you go trying to save face again, while you wipe the egg off with the other hand……Your the one whose act is tired…..

                BTW, Chad Ford hasn’t gotten it right for years – just his opinion, doesn’t mean the other 10.000, are uninformed – is that your only source?…….PWWHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Heres my list right now for my Sixers:

                1. Wiggins
                2. Exum (He may be 1 soon)
                3. Parker
                4. Embiid
                5. Vonleh

                **Subject to change**

                I don’t like Randle and how he projects to the nba. He reminds me of Michael Beasley to be honest. Hes too small to be a PF and too slow to be a SF. Another Thad Young, has no natural position.

                Now if Randle can turn himself into a Charles Barkley (which is highly unlikely) then Id be on board.. I’m just not a big fan of his though..

                We need a flat out scorer. From both the outside and with the ability to slash to the hoop..

                I think Cliff just likes left handed players.. Sheesh..

              • LOL!!

                Why do you keep hanging on to this thing with Julius Randle?
                The last Sixers – Mock by 2015 – that I wrote didn’t even have Randle on it. You obviously don’t know what I am thinking – You’re just pulling things out your butt……This is like the 5th time I’ve asked you that……..

                Are you dyslexic? Because you really don’t pay attention. I think i’s a result of living in your own world. Nobody care who you like, because you don’t know what you’re talking about anyway….LOL!!!

              • AND Let me get this straight…..You would draft Exum, before Parker Right?????

                Yeah we should listen to you Jon Hart….Hhahahahahahhaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • No he doesn’t – Cut and paste and show us, and don’t just wrote it in.

        • gmcliff
          March 7, 2014 – 9:08 am

          And BTW, you haven’t proven anyone wrong to prove anything further….

          I respect everyone on here except E0S, INCLUDING YOURSELF…

          But, don’t change that Jon, by constantly lying to save face Brother..It’s sad and embarrassing”

          sniff sniff… thanks for the tears … sniff sniff –
          I dedicate this song to Cliff Dorsey to win back his respect and friendship.


          • Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

            • JH – Symbolically GMCliff is the blind as a bat guy, LOL

              • Hilarious! and ironically the guy next to him is “Paul” McCartney.. yikes hahaaaa!

    • You play with you one inch killer! In no way, shape, or form, will Exum get top 3, unless Embid, Wiggins, & Parker stay in school! Cut your $#!t out retard!!!!

      • Mr. Baldy, again involving yourself without knowing anything. Your not involved so shut up reject..

        If you wanna somehow be involved since noone on here invokes a conversation with you, read the comments ahead of time clown..

        I said Chad Ford put him in his top 3 loserville… why dont you go finish calling ray diddy for relationship advice bum

        • Lil Bron-Bron, you hurt my feelings. LOL!!!!! You are a POS, lying, loser! Why don’t you go call your make believe sources! Don’t be jealous because I actually have friends, acquaintances, & real sources to talk too! Plenty of people converse with me on here fool! But I don’t need affirmation, & attention, to fill a hole in my life, like your dumb, useless, lifeless self does! You are a loser, & a joke of human being!

        • no he didn’t – why don’t you paste, so that we can see it for ourselves, and not see what you just wrote in print.

          I pasted for you the last mock he put out on the 4th of March – which you conveniently stated that Chad Ford Updated it recently – although he doesn’t update his mocks daily, but monthly – so, just paste it – if what your saying is true….

          If you can’t then stop talking garbage about other posters, that call you the liar that you have already been proven to be.

  • I also think that Paul has been linking the sixers to Exum for about a month now.

    • Right Bugs with the pick they get from Charlotte. I also think he should be considered with that pick, but not a top 3 pick…

      Too many question marks, in fact more question marks than Parker, Wiggins, or Randle. Noah Vonleh, is rated #5 in value in the draft by most , is also an option…….

      Tyler Ennis is not a top 10 talent in my opinion.

    • Actually Bugs, it’s not been me chatting about Exum and to be honest, I have not seen him play and don’t know a lot about his game other than he’s a good Prospect, had some length, shooting touch & ball skills from what I’ve read.
      I know JH has been very High on him for a while

      I think the 76ers first 2 Picks in the Draft will be
      PF J Randle of Kentucky
      PF Dario Saric of Croatia
      As they sure up the Front Court to go along with Noel’s
      Then they will package sone 2nd Round Picks and possibly Thadd Young to get a 3rd First Rounder and go with a SG who plays Defense like a Gary Harris from Mich State who at 6-4, 200lbs can grown into a nice NBA Player
      Who has a good all around game and is tough, physical and reminds me a little of a young R Westbrook physically when he was in College but doesn’t have the ball skills that Westbrook has and wouldn’t be needed to, with MCW being the main ball-handler
      But I like this Gary Harris upside big time as a NBA Player

      • Sorry, you are right. I got him mixed up with Saric. I knew that you had been touting a foreign player. My ignorance strikes again.

        • No problem Bugs,
          I believe with Hinkle & Coach Browns background of being with the Spurs who really like Foreign Players and their High Basketball IQ’s & strong fundamentals, I believe 76ers Select a Fireign player with that 2nd Selection of the Draft
          PF Dario Saric would be a nice fit with Noel’s
          But they still need to address the PF position which is where Randle comes in..

          • Just a short change of subject. Don’t sleep on Jimmie Ward of Northern Illinois, playing Safety, as an option for the Eagles in the draft.

            • Kid has game.. Lacks a little in size (Height) but is a thumper
              didn’t participate in the Indy Combine Drills due to injury

          • So you have them drafting two PFs? Where are these guys gonna play when Noel plays?

            I want them to draft someone who can shoot. That sounds effin stupid when we are talking about hoops, but so many teams in the NBA don’t have a guy that can really shoot.

            I don’t care if that is at the 2 or 3.

            • Yes Randle & Noel’s as Starters, then Saric to back up and split time based on Opponent..
              Shootign Guards can be had in the 2nd Round,Dree-Agency or maybe Kyle Korver will come back for old times sake..
              You can’t teach Size and the 76ers will address the Front Court this Off-Season for Moultrie is not the answer and can’t even beat out D-League Players for Playing Time on a last place Team..

              • This is dumb and a bad idea all around. Paul doesn’t know what hes talking about…

                Right the sixers will pass on all those pure scorers to draft a undersized PF then another foreign PF to back him up.

                That and you makes no sense

      • JH, hasn’t seen him play either – He just likes the fact that he’s 6-6, and can handle the ball – so he’ll roll with that….

        • Your full of crap Clifford. I have seen the kid play on numerous occasions, I was watching him today! What the heck are you talking about?

          He has versatility that’s why hes now in the top 3 on the most popular mock draft board. Just because you wanna be close minded and wanna ignore that he has serious game and belongs there, discredit all you want man..

          He will be bringing the ball up, calling plays, scoring and setting teammates up off the bat. Hes a scoring machine, but can also pass the ball..

          And at 6’6 hes the perfect size for a SG and I would safely say is a bit ahead of Wiggins with getting his teammates involved because you can stick Exum at PG and watch him facilitate the offense and get everyone involved..

          So while you keep rooting for the Thad Youngs of the world, I ll root for a kid with actual skill, a guy that can create his own shot and can set guys up..

          Get with it Cliff

          • I believe you have watched him – on highlight sites, and Youtube. But not upfront, and close enough to appreciate him for nothing but his measurables.

            You see all the good highlights – not the fact that he is not a shooter, not Defensive Minded, needs more strength, will struggle off picks, and will need to adjust game against the highest form of Competition in the NBA.

            This is why I say, you take a lot for granted with these incoming prospects.

            That being said, I would draft him – with Charlottes pick, but not a top 3 pick….If you think that, then JH, perhaps you need to get with it.

            • I guarantee he will be selected by one of the top 5 teams. Youre the only one clueless enough to think Exum will drop that low. You obviously haven’t seen anything..

              You act as if every prospect comes in a finished product. Thats what annoys me about you. Your talking about 18 yr olds like they are seasoned vets with 4-5 yrs under their belt. Relax man. This is why your not a real GM bc you lack the patience needed..

              Just about every prospect needs to put weight and muscle on. They also said Jordan Kobe Lebron all needed to work on their shooting coming into the league and uhh Im sure we’d all agree that they turned out just fine which is an understatement ..

              This is why I say get with it Clifford. Your immediate demands dont match that of actual GMs who are balanced men when it comes to criticism and praise for a prospect.

              You’re way too demanding, you wouldnt last in a front office

  • I agree about Ennis, but he may be the guy that is benefiting from being on a good team with not a lot of true point guards options available.

    I am not sold on Gordon at all either. Guy is a freak athlete who also happens to be a basketball player. Has a lot of development to be effective in the NBA in my opinion. Long way to go to get to being Blake Griffin which is what people think that he will be. I am a big UCLA fan and I have seen him play a lot this year. Thoughts on him GM?

    Lots of unknowns which is always the problem with the NBA draft. Don’t get a huge sample size with these guys.

    • Yes, I agree with you there brother about Ennis….Vitale builds him up to be something that he is not….

      Bugs this years draft prospects are hard to figure out to me. There are so many if’s to all of them. Gordon, is good but no that much better than I see with a lot of prospects. On his good day he is as good as Wiggins, but when he is off…he looks bad…I think he like a lot of these underclassman prospects should stay in school.

      This year is watered down to the point where some players like Gary Harris – average prospects – are rated higher than they should be. He won’t be anything reasonably special in the NBA.

      • Seems like this year will be a definite lottery in that you are taking your chances with most of them all based on potential of players that have shown flashes of brilliance, but not consistent good performance. Not always their fault because they or mostly FR who are still learning to play ball with guys that are on par with them and learning how to be a part of team instead of being the man all the time. That is a tough transition for anyone, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of them stay in school. Although money almost always wins out in the end which more power to them.

        That is why Parker stands out to me (and obviously a lot more people) because his game is more developed than many if not all of the other FR this year. He is not perfect, but I think that he will contribute much sooner than the others.

      • Dick VItale talks every College Player up.. It’s what he does…

        • Exactly Right Paul…..and how many of those players have been bust in the NBA?

          • If it were up to him, there would be 100 John Wooden WInners every Season and 250 PTP’er’s … You have to love the guy’s Energy & Passion for the Game, but it’s very rare that he will ever crticize a Coach,Team or Player during a BRoadscast,Interview,etc,etc ..
            He’s just a Homer that way and loves everyone

  • Kobe Bryant’s ADIDAS representative Sonny Vaccaro and agent Arn Tellem went full force to get John Calipari of NJ Nets to draft Kobe Bryant at the # 8 pick until Jerry West got a view of Kobe Bryant. Then Vaccaro and Tellem went full force and bullied Calipari off the pick because they thought Kobe would make more money with the LA Lakers. Jerry West traded up to get Kobe and only Kobe. No other teams were interested in high school guards back then, Kevin Garnett was drafted the year before at #5 out of high school because of prop 48 academic difficulties. There was a bias against high school players then and especially high school guards.

  • My sources from LA state that the Los Angeles Lakers have Offered
    Kobe Bryant for the 76ers first 2 Draft Picks in the First Round of 2014
    The NBA Draft , making this the first real Difficult Decision that GM Hinkle has had to make… Should be interesting to see what happens

    • Kobe is on his last leg Paul. I would pass, and continue with the plan to build through the draft, and wait for the big Free agent class in 2015, along with that draft.

      They also need to get another High 1st Round Pick for next year. After that year the Sixers should be hot to contend that year or the following year. We don’t need Kobe – Maybe 6-7 years ago, that would be tempting – but not worth anything to me.

      • I agree 100%
        My Lent Agreement for giving up “Trade Rumors” only applies to the NFL & Eagles, so I am of free conscious to make NBA Trade Rumors..
        Ha .. Hope these 40 Days pass quickly..

  • JH keeps telling everyone that Randle may be a misfit in the nba. He doesn’t have a natural position for hes too small to play PF and too slow to play SF..

    Can anyone say Michael Beasley? Yikes…

    Now someone the Sixers need to take a long hard look at with that second 1st is true PF 6’10 Noah Vonleh of Indiana.. Hes an absolute beast.. He has a great post game, and can shoot the jumper and the three..

    Hes a mix between Kevin Garnett and Chris Bosh.. I just love the kids game.. Very smooth, makes it look easy, but is very pertinacious and unrelenting..

    He has more upside then Randle and projects better to the league from what I see… The Sixers may have to move up with their second 1st for this kid because hes starting to shoot up the draft boards…

    He declared for the draft the other day…

    We draft Wiggins then we draft Vonleh.. That would be an excellent draft for the Sixers and great building blocks moving forward..

    Think too if they decide to trade Thad on draft day, we may get another late lotto pick.. The options they have are bountiful and boundless..

  • Sources close to Joel Embiid say he will be entering the NBA Draft. He’s currently narrowing down an agency to go with.

    He had a stress fracture to his back that kept him out of the last two games of the tourney for Kansas… its a being said that he will make a full recovery but Franchises will monitor and keep their eyes on that injury.

    You better believe that teams will have their team doctors examine that back and determine if their are any lingering long term effects…

    Would it not be amazing if he fell anywhere between 6-10 and the Sixers were in a position to draft him?

    I still think they go Wiggins at the top, then a big man with that 2nd pick.. I say it would still be Vonleh even if Embiid falls… but he’s an intriguing prospect and if healthy could go 1st overall..

    • I read where Vonleh is securing an Agent also and will announce his Decision to ener tehDraft soon.. Vonleh’s from Massachusettes and has played a lot of ball with and against Nerlen Noels as they were growing up in the AAU Circuit in New England.. Would make an interesting tandem along the frton line..
      Vonleh’s has some pretty impressive Offensive Skills as a youngeters and could really blossom in 2-3 Years time… reminds me a little of a young Chris Bosh…

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