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2014 Outlook: Linebackers

DeMecoRyans17DeMeco Ryans

When the Eagles acquired DeMeco Ryans before the 2012 season, they thought they were getting a force in the middle of their defense. Ryans was expected to not only be the long-awaited answer for the team’s middle linebacker woes, but was also supposed to emerge as one of the team’s leaders and infuse some new fire in the defense.

In 2012, Ryans was a bit of a disappointment, but in 2013 the former Texan stepped up and became the heart and soul of the Eagles’ new defense.

Ryans 127 tackles, including 102 solo stops, a notable increase from the 86 solo tackles he had in 2012. DeMeco also had a career-high four sacks, defended seven passes, and intercepted two.

Ryans was arguably the most complete player the defense had, and guys around him fed off of the energy that he brought every week.

The Eagles finally have an answer in the middle of their defense. Ryans still has a couple of years of strong play left in him, and even though there’s been some talk about the team wanting to restructure his deal, the veteran is playing too well and means too much to the success of the defense for the Eagles to seriously consider letting him go.

Mychal Kendricks

Kendricks went through some growing pains during his sophomore season, with some a lot of good and bad moments along the way.

There were times where Kendricks’ raw athletic talent

Kendricks notched 106 tackles, with 81 solo (up from 75 total and 51 solo in 2012) and picked up four sacks and three interceptions. He had some stellar games against Washington, New York, and Dallas, where he combined for 34 tackles over those three contests.

The downside was that Kendricks still made a lot of mistakes. He struggled in coverage, overran too many plays, and showed that he’s a still young player getting a feel for the NFL.

While Kendricks wasn’t perfect, he’s still very young and the fact that he still gave the defense a good amount of big plays along the way bodes well for his future. Another year to grow with his teammates after having another off-season to settle into the system could help the former second-round pick take another step forward and reach his potential.

Connor Barwin

Barwin turned out to be one of the team’s best free-agent additions, and brought a lot to the table in his first year in Philadelphia.

While Barwin’s numbers aren’t spectacular in any one category (59 tackles, five sacks, one forced fumble, one interception), when you watch the guy play each week, you can tell he’s a guy that plays hard and always puts out a strong effort.

Barwin is the type of player that will grind things out and do a lot of dirty work. He’s a smart guy who is rarely out of position. Throughout the year, you could see the former Texan battling in the trenches, and while he wasn’t always able to get to the quarterback, he’d do a great job of keeping his hands up and active, and it helped him bat down quite a few passes at the line of scrimmage.

Barwin’s versatility allows him to contribute in different ways, and it wioll be interesting to see what Billy Davis does to improve his production in his second season.

Trent Cole

You’ve got to give Trent Cole a lot of respect.

Few people had confidence that Cole would be able to transition to a 3-4 linebacker at this stage of his career and not be a liability, but the veteran surpassed everyone’s expectations by holding his own at the position.

Cole grew into the role as the year went on, and finished with eight sacks to lead the team. The most remarkable thing about this is that he didn’t pick up his first sack until Week 8.

During the second half of the season, Cole had three multi-sack games, including a three-sack effort against the Chicago Bears.

The former fifth-round pick rounded out a solid linebacking corp. However, his position is still one that the Eagles need to look to upgrade.

There were already concerns about Cole’s age, and at 31 (soon to be 32), its always a concern that Father Time will be catching up to an athlete sooner rather than later. The Eagles also need a better pass rush from the outside linebackers, and while Cole’s sack total in the second half of the year was decent, the team can’t ignore that Cole failed to register a sack in 12 regular season games.

Brandon Graham

All bark and no bite.

Four years since being selected over Earl Thomas with the 13th overall pick, Brandon Graham has done absolutely nothing to justify his first-round status.

At least once a year, we always see a story come out about how Graham says he is ready to “erupt” and that all of the negativity he hears is “motivation” or “fuel to the fire”. And sure enough, once gameday comes around, Mr. Graham is predictably invisible. Sure, you may see him on the field every now and then. But he’s most likely getting pushed around by opposing offensive lineman and failing to get off of blocks.

2013 was Graham’s last shot to become a factor on this defense, and he failed. He was supposed to be a serious competitor for a starting job with Trent Cole, but Graham couldn’t even push Cole for the job, let alone beat him out.

Graham did have one decent game this year, recording two sacks in the win against the Cardinals and their weak offensive line. But that was all the production the Eagles got from their 2010 first-round pick.

Graham may be back to play out the final year of his contract if the Eagles can’t add better talent to increase their depth at the position, but at this point the organization knows what they’re getting from him, and it isn’t much.

Casey Matthews

Speaking of the wonderful 2010 draft, we have another disappointment from that draft that is remarkably still residing on the roster four years later.

Casey Matthews was on the bubble during Training Camp, and showed very little. He had a decent performance in the team’s first game against the Panthers, but was clearly outplayed by Chris McCoy and Emmanuel Acho. However, Matthews miraculously survived the final cut, and remained on the roster through the full season. He played almost exclusively on special teams, and made minimal contributions.

The Eagles can do better than Matthews. If he makes the team again, something has gone wrong.

Najee Goode

Najee Goode is the one reserve linebacker the Eagles have that I actually like a little bit.

Primarily a contributor on special teams, Goode got a start for Mychal Kendricks late in the season against the Washington Redskins and played pretty well, picking up five tackles and a sack.

With the lack of depth at the position, Goode made some nice impressions last year and should have as good a chance as any of the linebackers to remain with the team.

Emmanuel Acho

Acho bounced on and off the roster throughout the year.

He flashed quite a bit in the preseason, and he could have arguably made the roster over Casey Matthews.

I’d like to see the Eagles give Acho a much longer look next year, and consider giving him the nod above the likes of Brandon Graham or Matthews.

Phillip Hunt

Hunt spent the year on injured reserve, and will get another chance to show what he can do next summer.

He’s flashed some great pass rushing potential in the past, but he’s probably not an ideal fit the for 3-4.

However, if Trent Cole and Vinny Curry could adapt their games and become productive in this defense, there’s always the chance that Hunt could do the same.

Final Thoughts/Possible Changes

The Eagles starting linebackers surpassed expectations and developed into a solid group.

While pass rushing needs to be upgraded, I believe its just as important for the team to make it a priority to upgrade the depth at this position.

Beyond the starting four, the Eagles really don’t have much talent at all on the bench. Najee Goode looks like he might have a chance to be something decent, but after four years of waiting its pretty clear that Brandon Graham and Casey Matthews aren’t going to be anything special in this league. Those two need to be upgraded, and the Eagles need to bring in some good young talent to develop behind DeMeco Ryans and Trent Cole.

Denny Basens

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  • To me this is where howie is gonna show his worth cause there none in fa or draft worth taking #22 right now it looks like there only option might be
    1. Trade for dion Jordan
    2. Hope Demarcus ware is released
    3. Come back with Trent Cole & graham
    4. Pray somebody they didn’t think would be available becomes available

    • No, a good GM and his staff will be able to identify a player in the draft, be it early, mid-round or late to develop. There out there, Marcus Smith, Demarcus Lawrence, Larry Webster just to name a few.

    • Smitty, Brother, Dion Jordan is NOT available. We don’t need DeMarcus Ware, Trent Cole, or Brandon Graham.

      You are correct, when you say this is where Howie has to show his worth because Pass Rushing OLB’s are needed more so than anything else in a 3-4 alignment, and we don’t have one.

      If Trent Cole was younger, he would still be THE MAN on this team playing OLB. We don’t necessarily need someone who has to drop into coverage 60-70% of the time to be an important cog in the Defense – We need Pass Rushers, and there are some in the draft.

      What did Dion Jordan show you last year that makes you think he is worth trading for? DeMarcus Ware? He is old news…and please spare me Cole, and Graham.

      Their target should have been Jason Woirlds – but the price tag may be too high possibly – So you have to evaluate from the draft. If he is as good as some feel, than he will find him in the draft.

      • gmc, Worilds signed his transition tag. He’s off the table. So it’s a moot point, & he’s a one year wonder anyways. I didn’t want him. I’d rather draft a kid to split time with Cole.

        • I know he did Good Brother. But what I was stating to Smitty was that’s the player I would have pursued first, if I was concerned with the talent level at OLB in the draft.

    • The Eagles may take a look at the Following Free-Agent OLB’s which there are not many this Year..

      1) O’Brien Schofield (Seahawks)
      2) Jo-Lon Dunar (Rams)
      3) Parys Harrleson (Saints)

      There are a couple of Good ILB’s that are Free-Agents who could be worth a look and if Signed, then Eagles could slide M Kendrick’s to the Outside to be the Edge Pass-Rusher which the Defense desperately needs and Kendrick’s would be more effective playing OLB that would take advantage of his Athleticism & Burst & Speed better than playing the ILB Position

      1) Brandon Spikes (Patriots)
      2) D’Qwell Jackson (Released by Browns)

  • Good Article Denny. How many times did I state to all those who took Brandon Grahams so called production in 2012-13, for granted that it was fools gold?

    I have been screaming for the Eagles to cut Casey Matthews, since he was drafted – which he shouldn’t have – But, politics are apparent here with the Eagles – They did the same thing keeping an unproductive bum on the roster to save face for drafting a dud with Trevor Laws, a few years ago when he was outright outplayed by a player they eventually cut.

    The 22nd pick needs to be an OLB. They can sign Both Byrd, and Malcolm Jenkins in Free Agency, and Deone Buchannon, and Nickoe Whiley, for depth, and future starters in the 2nd – later Rounds.

    But Pass Rushing, and other Defensive Depth, and future starters should be the focus in this draft.

    If they could find a way to fit Hakeem Nicks into the payroll – I think that is more the way to go than drafting a WR, at 22, who isn’t going to be as advertised – including Sammy Watkins – the supposed best of them all. We need to draft another WR, BUT IN THE LATER rOUNDS…

    dEFENSE, dEFENSE, dEFENSE!!! is what we need in this draft ….

    • Stay far away from WR H Nicks
      Damaged Goods that the Giants are letting walk away (just like they did with A Bradshaw,Steve Smith,Mario Manningham,Brandon Jacobs, Kenny Phillips, Umenyuri,etc,etc)
      He has missed almost 75% of his Practice time the last 2 Season,and simply is not an elite WR like he was 3-4 Years ago..
      Nicks is coming back home to the South and chances are ,that the Panthers will be suckers and overpay for him…

      • Paul I flat out agree with your concerns. But if he is healthy – IF HE IS HEALTHY – big If….He would be a steal, and a bargain to tag team with DeSean, Maclin and the TE’s in the Passing game. Team couldn’t double on DeSean….He would be a great pick up – again if he is healthy

  • Well dion was playing de in a 4-3 last year and was playing out of position as was ware last year with the cowgirls he is not a de either. And they are not able to get worilds because he signed his deal yesterday and for Eaglehaslanded they might draft one if those guys but they are all projects none of those names are gonna get the eagles to the NFC chip or the Super Bowl

    • No Smitty, he was playing OLB – Don’t make excuses for him – He was overwhelmed at the NFL level at his position, and the Dolphins can see this.

      It could be Rookie growing pains, but why would you trade a top 5 pick the very next year, if he was that talented? Think about it.

      Ware is just a name. His production has dropped off over the years not because he is playing out of position – but because he has been nicked up, and he is getting older, and can’t play at a consistent high level anymore.

      The Eagles should pass on both. But they have to start somewhere, and that’s the draft. You have no idea, what they will bring o the Eagles, but I think you are too start struck with names that are has beens, or may not be able to really play at all, for this team. You build through the draft my Brother for a reason….

      • Dion Jordan is going nowhere from the Dolphins,
        They’ve invested way too much to give up on him after 1 Season..
        Now if he underperforms next Season, then the Dolphins will look to move him, but them moving him this Year makes little sense at this time.
        As I stated on last years Pre-Draft Run up, Dion Jordan needs to improve his Strength (lower body/upper body” to be an everydown Player..
        He also has limited Experience only playing a few Games at the College Level due to injuries and really is just learning the Position and will not pay off as a high pick for a couple of years if at all.. I was not impressed with his Football IQ, his lack of Motor/Work Ethic and his lack of Overall Strength at all and wanted no parts of him last Draft and still don’t in 2014 with a Trade..

  • Truth be told about the eagles they screwed themselves when they changed this defense to a 3-4 none of the parts fit graham,cole and curry should be the de’s on the team with cox at dt they have nobody to blame for this but themselves they wouldn’t need a olb right now if they didn’t mess with the scheme they already had. Steve spagnuolo should’ve been the dc

    • Your right. I have to agree with you there. They have not drafted well over the years, and it has bitten them in the butt…

      Spags wouldn’t have helped them with the talent they’ve had over the years. He is a good Coordinator, but he failed with the Saints, and Ravens so far. He had a good couple of years , but Offenses caught up to what he was doing.

      The Eagles have lacked LIGITIMATE TALENT, for years….

    • screwed themselves? they made a fundamental change… you have to break some eggs to make an omlet… short sided negadelphian thinking right there.

  • Yeah they screwed themselves they didn’t have the personnel to run a 3-4 scheme the personnel they have fits the 4-3 that’s get when you hear about the eagles trading people it’s always curry ,graham and cole cause they are better suited for the 4-3 every team makes mistakes they just made one going to the 3-4. And dion Jordan isn’t a 4-3 player period wheather he was playing de or olb he is a rush olb in a 3-4 point blank he is playing out of position in Miami period and I don’t care about the names I’m going by talent and since you don’t want ware name me a player in fa or draft that the eagles can pick at 22 that is better than ware.

    • but the personnel wasn’t that good in the 4-3 so wouldn’t you think that its the perfect time to change it? graham sucked in a 4-3 so we should keep a system for a sucky player? cole is on the downside of his career… so we we keep a system for a player we could dump anyday?

    • Off the top of my head Smitty, as far as Free Agents, the only one that comes to mind that would be serviceable is Will Smith.

      And in the draft potentially as good as Ware are Dee Ford, and Kony Ealy who is second only to JeDaveon Clowney, at his position.

      But they don’t have to go OLB in the 1st Round either…Pryor will be there, as will Kyle Fuller, and Clinton Dix could drop, but they are options….

      I wouldn’t worry about a declining Ware though..

      • Are they gonna be better than ware next year and I don’t think they are gonna take a olb in the first or the second so even though ware might be on the decline who do trust more in a 3-4 ware or cole

        • FUCK WARE. guy is soft, overrated, overpaid. FUCK THAT CHUMP

        • Neither, especially with Wares Cap number being even higher than Coles.

          Just forget about Ware. They are not going to pursue him…Point Blank.

          Why would the Eagles sign a declining OLB, when they can draft a younger talent that they can develop, and may have a more productive career than Ware, or Cole?

          • Exactly GMCLiff
            Everyone clamors over Players the Eagles would be silly to pursue

  • It wasn’t good in the wide 9 they still could’ve played the 3-4 cox is better suited for the 4-3 same with curry whom we also just drafted and graham got hurt his rookie year rehabbed the next and last finally got playing time when babin was released and played good then last year had to play in a 3-4 and cole could’ve been in the rotation with those guys.

  • I barely got through the first section of this article, slobbering on Demeco Ryans. He is a slow poke and needs to be replaced. He is massively overpaid.

  • That is true about Ryan’s but who are u gonna get to replace him.

    • Oh, you got me there Gloomysmitty. there is no one on the roster currently capable of taking his job. Dam, here’s the microphone back, I’ll go back to my seat. LOL

  • True about Ryans? ha,,where is the appreciation for a solid LB, that’s been missing from this defense for years…..DR was the most productive defensive player we have, Can’t expect much from Graham when he is playing half the snaps…Graham was productive when given the chance…Other than Matthews being on special teams, he is a wasted roster spot…Acho should have made the team over Matthews from day one!

    • I agree Real. That’s why DeMeco Ryans was a more serious consideration for the Pro Bowl, than Connor Barwin – Because he was the best LB, we had – the guy did everything – including interceptions, coverage, etc….

      Casey Matthews should have been released 2 years ago.

      But Ryans replacement has to come in the draft to develop. My guy is Andrew Jackson – Western Kentucky – 6-1 245 ILB – 5th Round

      • “a more serious consideration for the Pro Bowl”
        LOL, what does that even mean?
        GMCliff making up bronze medal NFL awards of fantasy.

        • thats cliff being passively aggressive telling us that he doesn’t like barwin… also its him saying that he and JH were in the probowl meetings and knw who was/wasn’t considered.

          • No Ciggy….DeMeco Ryans literally considered for the pro bowl, and Barwin was not – That’s not GMCliff – that’s their professional peers calling it the way that it is…

            • fantasy

            • Ryans is no where close as there are a lot of Starting ILB’s in the NFC who revceived Pro-Bowl consideration.
              But when you have ILB’s in the NFC like Luke Kuechley,Patrick Willis,Navarro Bowman, Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright,Lavonte David, Curtis Loftin, and even Sean Lee (before his injuries), there is no way that Ryans is in the same class let alone making teh Pro-Bowl over the Players I listed above…
              Ryans had his Best Season as an Eagle and kudos to him,
              but lets not get carried away and think he’s an All-Pro for that’s just not the case

          • Please – Don’t associate me with Jon Hart Ciggy. Do you dislike me that much Brother? – That hurt

            I know we don’t see eye to eye all the time, – but I didn’t know you disliked me that much…Man Ciggy!!

      • Anybody that doesn’t see Ryans was the best LB on the field for the Eagles didn’t watch the games…its not made up or fantasy by any means, and being 100% real, Kendricks was the next best LB…..the middle of the defense is fine for now, maybe some depth is needed, like your boy Andrew Jackson, who looks like a player. But we (Eagles) have to get starting caliber OLB and Safety, to strengthen the defense from day one.

        • I don’t agree with that at all. Trent Cole was the best LB- above average( age going forward is his concern)
          Kendricks and Barwin were average and paid accordingly.
          Ryans was below average along with Allen and Chung.

          • and you’re entitled to your opinion….but really Trent Cole was the best LB??? really??? he surprised me no doubt, but the best? just imagine if Cole was asked to drop into coverage as much as Barwin….could’ve been uglier than the ugliest Eagles games where the Eagles defense played poorly…

            • See what I mean – Trent Cole was the best LB on the Eagles – The guy that didn’t have a sack or big play in the first 12 games of the season – LOL!!!!!!!!

              Just an asinine statement. That’s all that is Real

              • while trent cole was sealing the edge and causing fumbles in the month of the season — Demeco Ryans was giving up touchdowns to Donnie Avery and Eddie Royal catching 5 yard passes in front of the center and turning them into touchdowns. That is what I saw with my eyes.

            • Check out this article Real –

              By Zach Berman, Inquirer Staff Writer
              Posted: November 15, 2013

              Looking for leadership and production at linebacker, the Eagles acquired DeMeco Ryans from the Houston Texans in March 2012. There was a dose of skepticism about the deal, even though Ryans had been to two Pro Bowls before he suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon in 2010.

              Contending teams don’t often part with all-pros unless there’s a reason. The Eagles learned that lesson the hard way in the past.

              But in his second season with the Eagles, Ryans is validating the Eagles’ end of the trade by pushing to make his first Pro Bowl since 2009.

              “This is the level I was playing at,” Ryans said. “It’s fun being back at that level, being able to make plays.”

              Ryans, 29, is not especially boastful. His claim echoes what has been said elsewhere in the organization, from the locker room to the coaching staff to the front office. Ryans ranks fourth in the NFL with 89 tackles and is second in solo tackles with 71. He also has two sacks and two interceptions, and is a major reason that the Eagles have held opponents to an average 16.25 points in the last four games.

              “DeMeco is the leader of our defense and he’s having an outstanding Pro Bowl year and we couldn’t be happier with everything DeMeco is doing for us,” defensive coordinator Bill Davis said. “Between tackle to tackle, he is a force.”

              Outside linebacker Connor Barwin played with Ryans in Houston during Ryans’ last Pro Bowl season and agreed that the veteran has returned to his pre-injury level.

              “If not even better,” Barwin said.

            • Found November 15, 2013 on Eagledelphia:

              PLAYERS: DeMeco Ryans, Trent Cole, Robert Griffin III
              TEAMS: Philadelphia Eagles, Houston Texans, Washington Redskins

              Eagles inside linebacker DeMeco Ryans is making a strong case to be just the fourth Eagles linebacker to make the Pro Bowl in the past 30 years this season. He was miscast in a 3-4 defense, they said. His best days were behind him, they said. But after ten games of returning to an elite All-Pro level, Philadelphia Eagles inside linebacker DeMeco Ryans is proving his doubters wrong week after week this season.

              “DeMeco is the leader of our defense, and he’s having an outstanding Pro Bowl year and we couldn’t be happier with everything DeMeco is doing for us,” Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis said Tuesday. “I cannot overstate what DeMeco means to this defense and the way he’s leading the group. We couldn’t be happier with DeMeco.”

              The numbers back up Ryans’ claim earlier this week that he is back playing at the peak levels of his career. Through ten games Ryans has already posted a team leading 89 tackles and two interceptions while serving as not only the quarterback of the defense but emerging as the catalyst of Davis’ turnaround in recent weeks as his unit is allowing just 17 points per game over the past five weeks, good enough for sixth in the league over that span.

              “He quarterbacks the defense,” Davis said. “We give him a lot of leeway. He can get us in and out of defenses. Gets us in the best defense possible. And as the season has gone on, we as a staff have gotten more and more comfortable in his ability to put us in good situations, and he has.” Ryans, already a two-time Pro Bowler as a member of the Houston Texans in 2007 and 2009, is on pace to be just the fourth Eagles linebacker to play in Honolulu in the past 30 years.

            • DeMeco Ryans added to an already-superb season Sunday at Lambeau Field, finishing the afternoon with 13 combined tackles and an interception.

              Just how good of a season is Ryans having? According to former Eagles Pro Bowl linebacker Ike Reese, Ryans’ season is nothing short of Pro Bowl-worthy.

              “DeMeco Ryans – if this guy is not in the Pro Bowl this year, that is a great injustice,” Reese said on the Post Game Show presented by Ricoh. “I don’t know if there is a better middle linebacker who is playing as solid as this guy has played over the last month.”

              This year, fans can help send the Eagles to the Pro Bowl. There is no longer a designation for AFC and NFC. The unconferenced Pro Bowl means the best players go, period. And Reese believes Ryans is in that category.

              “DeMeco was known for being a playmaker back in his days at Houston when he was a lot younger. You get a little bit older and you don’t expect the middle linebacker to be around the football when it’s in the air as much, but this speaks to the intelligence of DeMeco Ryans in there as a middle linebacker,” Ryans said. “It doesn’t just happen by happenstance that he found himself around the football. He’s always in the area of where the ball is at, and that’s the mark of an intelligent football player, and guys like that last a long time in this league, and we’re lucky to have DeMeco Ryans here as our middle linebacker and the captain of this defense.”

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              Nov 12 2013 01:56 PM

              Damn right he deserves a Pro Bowl bid. He changed that game Sunday against the Packers when lit up Lacy on that sweep. Lacy didn’t really want to run the ball after that. And then Ryans drilled that guy on the sidelines! This defense is starting to come together and he could be the reason why. Leadership, poise and playing hard is how he’s doing it. He’s starting to remind me of a certain #54 that used to play here, miss that guy!

              Also, Ed Reed is a free agent again? I say we make a play for him. With Wolff out and Chung being terrible, I say we sign him!


              Nov 12 2013 01:00 PM

              Ryans has been an awesome addition to the team. Great leadership and solid play every game

            • I see some posters are doing a lot of selective viewing when they watch games –

              Trent Cole was average at best with his season. –

              Connor Barwin, was average at best – not half as good a season as some brag about –

              Lane Johnson was just laughable with his 15 sacks in 6 games to begin the season – finishing with 23 – including the playoffs.
              Average – Below Average….

              It’s amazing what you can see when you open your eyes….FYI

              • Here is your Pro Bowl 2014 ILB
                NaVorro Bowman ( Derrick Johnson injury replacement)
                Vontaze Burfict,
                Luke Kuechly,
                Patrick Willis–
                no list provided by NFL league offices for Bronze medal ” more serious consideration for the Pro Bowl” players.

              • GMCliff – I’m very interested to see where you found your inflated sack figures? Since you seem to want to provide articles today. And just like you won’t find any “more serious consideration for the Pro Bowl lists you won’t find your Lane Johnson inflated sack totals either.

        • Right Real…..any other viewpoint is just in denial. DeMeco Ryans was the ONLY Eagles Linebacker considered for the Pro Bowl…Period accept it.

          The personalities on NFL Network have stated it, NFL Live, NFL Insiders, WIP, NFL AM – all recognize Ryans as THE best LB on the team…

          Real, some posters don’t want to believe that the way they view certain players is just flat out wrong…….

          • No Eagle linebacker was consider for the pro bowl — none of them are elite — only Trent Cole played above average —
            you and realtalk seemed to have forgotten how bad the Eagle defense was in the first month. the person they were picking on was Demeco Ryans. Andy Reid went right after him, got him in space and exposed him. Wes Welker, Donnie Avery, Eddie Royal attacked his zone over and over and over again.

            • Trent Cole only showed up the last 4-5 Weeks of the Season
              but since he was switched from De to OLB, I am giving him this Season to really shine… Barwin was consistent, not great, but did improve as the Season went along as most of the Players did
              but DeMeco Ryans was by far the Eagles Best and Most Consistent LB for 2013, but again this does not mean he’s an Pro-Bowl Class as the other ILB’s I mentioned earlier
              I expect him to have another Good Season in 2014,but the key is moving Kendricks to the Outside and getting another Strong ILB like a (D’Qwell Jackson,Brandon Spikes) then Drafting an OLB to groom..

              • Right Paul, Exactly!!

                I guess we just watch the game differently, than most.

              • and No, Connor Barwin, nor Trent Coles name came up for Pro Bowl CONSIDERATION, ……..but DeMeco Ryans did

      • gmc, we can get some very good ILB in this years draft. Deep, & solid, in the middle rounds. You can get Skov, Borland, Smallwood, Barrow (my guy), Bullough, Jackson, from rounds 3-7.

    • Acho’s knee wasn’t strong enough at the beginning of the season. Special team decision by that coordinator not by defensive coordinator.

  • A lot of people focus on what Ryanscan’t do, but not on what he did do last season. There were a lot of deficiencies on that D last year, but I don’t count him as one of them. Far from it.

  • I like Ryan’s but yes he can be upgraded

    • Ryan’s is a solid ILB, but has about 1-2 Productive Seasons left and he many be the best interior LB the Eagles have in Pass-Coverages, but he is still limited in his Pass-Coverage ability and his Replacement needs to be Drafted and Groomed for his eventual replacement ..

  • If they dont retructure Ryan’s contract this year this will be his last year with us, theirs no way their paying him the 10 million he will be due next year.

    • I agree that 10m is too much for Ryans considering hes no longer in his prime…I don’t agree that “theres no way, they’ll pay him”. I can see it happening…because the salary of the remaining players would be considered. If the Eagles are still under cap, I don’t think it would be that big of a priority of theirs to have Ryans restructure especially if he produces again next season.

      • Ryans never left the field – a great durability stat but he doesn’t have that type of endurance. I hold Ryans just as responsible for the gigantic whole in the middle to the field in the passing game as Chung and Allen.

        • whaaaaaattttttttt??? There’s certain areas of the field that a LB just doesn’t cover, especially the area over top of the safety…thats the sole responsibility of the safety…When’s the last time you saw a LB running stride for stride with WR 50 yards down the field. If you want to blame the gigantic hole in the defense, majority can be attributed to that weak zone coverage. The Eagles don’t play it with man principles, instead of attacking defenders entering their zone they allowed defenders freedom, standing still, waiting for players instead of going and getting players…

        • Just because Ryans never left the field (which is due since the Eagles had no one better to put out in pass-coverages) doesn’t mean that the ILB Position doesn’t need an upgrade for Passing Downs which is why the Houston Texans gave up on Ryans (Besides he big Salary # kicking in next Year)

          I’ve said that the entire Middle of the Eagles Defense needs to be the Focus this Off-Season, Free-Agnecy and Draft
          The Championship Caliber Teams are strong up the middle as in Baseball

          Strong NT, Srtong ILB & Strong Safety Play

          ILB D Ryans is the Best ILB the Eagles currently have, but Kendricks needs to be moved to the Outside where he belonfs nd the rest on the ILB on their Roster need to be updgraded

          • yes, the ILB position can be upgraded Paulman…But that to me isn’t the priority position….Numberous positions need to be addressed before the ILB…Safety (open to both safety positions) … OLB, CB, and NT are priorities before you mess with the ILB position..right now in my opinion, that position only needs depth…

            • In a perfert dream world, where money grows on trees, no bills, no wars and every day is full of rainbows and blue skies, you would upgrade every position. But in the real world, you have to know your priorities…

            • I hold the lack of Stout DT, more responsible for some of those holes Paul.

              I agree with you that Ryans should be upgraded, and I’ve admitted that, but if the Front 3 can’t hold up the Offensive Guards are going to be on top of the LB’s before he can locate the ball.

              He was a baller this past year…give the man some credit brother.

            • What would be wrong with adding a ILB Like D’Qwll JAckson or Brandon SPikes to play inside with Ryans, len shifting Kendricks to OLB and make Kendrick’s the “designated Pass-Rusher” in place of Trent COle

              Would a LB Corp across of ” Barwin,Jackson,Ryans & Kendricks”
              not be an Overall Updgrade…

              • nothing at all brother…I’ve JUST NEVER SEEN THE eAGLES DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT BEFORE..

  • True I agree with that GM…we need a young player to develop to bring in as a replacement for Ryans…I think OLB is a position of need before ILB in the draft…Cole was much more successful in this defense because he wasn’t asked to cover too often…I think that can hurt us next season, unless Cole improves in coverage, but lets face it, Cole is past his prime…not to say he doesn’t have some good games left in him…
    Just watched a few youtube clibs of Andrew Jackson…he brings it!
    Top OLB’s will be taken by the time Eagles pick…so I’d like to see the Eagles go after Prince Shembo ND should still be around in the 4th/5th round – OLB, about 6 ‘1 250… ..

    • Right Real….I’m not a Trent Cole Fan by any means, but you need OLB’s that can sack the QB, not necessarily drop in coverage all the time; Very difficult to find OLB’s that can do both cover, and rush the QB equally as effective on a consistent basis….I’m surprised they haven’t released Cole honestly..

      But, Yeah, I really like Andrew Jackson, he would learn a lot playing behind DeMeco Ryans, and have great chance to excel in 2-3 years as his replacement.

      • Too much of a Cap Hit to Release Trent Cole this Year, besides they have no one to replace him yet, 2014 Will most likely be his final Season unless he restructures his Contract and extends it out …

        • So you agree Paul, that the draft is where that has to happen right???

          • Yes, Correct GMCliff, there is little help in Free-Agnecy at OLB
            and unfortunately, after about the Top 5 OLB Prospects that are suited to Play in a 3-4 Scheme, there is very little to choose from in this Draft to so there are slim pickings for upgrading OLB this Off-Season

            If they can get creative and maybe trade Down from #22 to secure an addistional 2nd Round Pick and then maybe Package a Brandon Graham with a 5th Round Pick to a Team and get an additonal 3rd where they can end up with 2-2nd Round PIcks & 2-3rd Round Picks would be the way to secure one of the Top OLB’s in the Draft and the way to go as far as Draft Strategy

            After Khalil Mack who is a Top #10 PIck and maybe higher
            The Best of the Rest are as Follows

            1) Anthony Barr (UCLA) Projected Mid-Late 1st ROunder
            2) Kyle Van Noy (BYU) Projected 2nd Rounder
            3) Trevor Riley (Utah) Projected 2nd Rounder
            4) Carl Bradford (Arizona St) Projected 2nd Rounder
            5) Jeremiah Attaochu (Georgia Tech) Proected late 2nd/early 3rd
            6) Jordan Zumwalt (UCLA) Projected 3rd Rounder
            7) Adrian Hubbard (Alabama) Projected 4th Rounder

            Then a big Drop off afterwards
            Remember there is a big difference in an OLB in a 3-4 Scheme than in a 4-3 Scheme
            Eagles are looking for length and size at OLBb and not the 6-1 235lbs LBs that play in a 4-3 strictly drop back in pass-coverages
            The eagles are needing Pass-Rushers who are more like 6-3 or 6-4 above and 245-255lbs and above who can Rush the Passer, but also drop back on occassion in pass-coverages

            The Players/Prospects I listed above fit or have played in a “3-4 Scheme”


            • I totally disagree with you about Van Noy – Matt McCoy

              • I think he’s much better that McCoy who was a reach and didn’t have a lot of fanfare coming in.. The Eagles simply misseed on him like they did with V Abiamri, Bryn Smith, Brandon Graham,Curtis Marsh, Trevor Laws, Teo’ Neisham, Jaquin Jarrett and too many others to list before I get sick here …

              • like I said brother I disagree

  • Do you think that Cole lasts on the team until they see what they can get from the draft or FA (where there isn’t much)? Do they go forward with him as a back up. I can’t think that the plan is to have him come back and play as many downs as he did this year.

  • Well who else are they gonna get it’s nobody in fa that’s better than cole. Short term or long term.

  • A surprise player the eagles may go after in fa Michael Johnson from the Bengals 6’7- 270 and ran a 4.6 forty

    • I expect them to talk to M Johnson, but he is going to command big bucks since DE Greg Hardy has now been Franchised..
      Johnson had strong Seasons in 2011 & 2012 but did have a Sub-Par Season last year but would look good in Eagles Green and appears to be a good Teammate,Lockerroom guy from all reports …

  • Another move the eagles could make sign Malcolm Jenkins then release Cary Williams and sign Sam shields.

    • Why do they have to release Cary Williams to sign Sam Shields?

      I think you’re just into the popular names out there instead of thinking about the Chemistry of the team Smitty, but Shields would fit, but I think they want BIGGER corners, and Shields is like 5-9…..Cary Williams is at least 6-1

  • If they trade djack they take 6million cap hit they currently have 26million in cap space so if they do trade him that takes it down to 20mill now if they release benn and Chung they are right back at the 26 million mark. Just think it’s odd they released avant before Chung and Chung will save them more money by cutting him I don’t know if trades can take place on fri or if they have to wait til mon but don’t be shocked if something happens.

  • One more thing where there’s smoke there’s fire.


    • >x( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cliff shields is 5″11 and is better than Cary Williams and i think fletcher out played Cary last year I didn’t realize when people talked about the best cb’s in the game they named Sam shields so how is he a name I want him cause he is a play maker and we need more of that on the back end plus Cary has a bonus due soon also. To me Cary talks like 8time pro bowler but is avg at best.

  • **More NFL News**

    *CB Brandon Browner (formerly of Seahawks) will have to Serve a 4 Game Suspension to Start the 2014 for whichever Teams he signs with.

    *CB Courtland Finnegan is being Released by the SL Rams for Salary Cap relief as the Rams have young Talent and don’t need him any longer

    **WR Devon Bess is Released by the Browns for underperforming his Contract and for off-the field issues/arrests..

    Buffalo BIlls extend Contract for up and coming young Safety Aaron WIlliams for 4 more Season meaning they will not pursue Jarius Byrd at all in Free-Agency

    • I like Brandon Browner….

  • Gloomys wish may come true… G. Mosher and D. Gunn reported that the eagles FO is sick of jacksons antics … The insubordinate behavior, the pouting and selfishness…and apparently the incident where he was robbed hasn’t played well with the man that signs the checks…
    Apparently he is on a short leash…

    • Zero chance he plays for another team next year.

      DeSean Jackson – WR – Eagles
      The Philadelphia Inquirer reports DeSean Jackson “isn’t close to being cut,” and the Eagles “aren’t actively shopping” him.
      Beat writer Jeff McLane tweeted that the “rumors have little weight,” and “the madness needed to be stopped.” McLane’s colleague at the Inquirer, Jimmy Kempski, got the ball rolling on the Jackson rumors last weekend, saying “some in the organization” don’t believe Jackson’s personality is a fit and the Eagles “could be open to trading him.” Obviously, Kempski wasn’t saying Jackson was going to be traded. But these rumors have taken off a bit in recent days. Jackson is coming off a career season and is the only outside big-play threat in Philadelphia. He’ll be back for another season with coach Chip Kelly.
      Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News Mar 5 – 6:57 PM

      • Yeah it was Mosher and Gunn on sports talk… They don’t think it will happen this season… I just thought it was funny since I’ve been on here saying DJAX stays

        • 2 @$$puppets! Mosher is just fishing for what ifs, because there isn’t anything to write about. DGunn is nothing but a Brother in law, on the mic, in the locker room.

  • Steelers Extend Contracts for Safety Troy Polamalu and TE Heath Miller for the next 3 Season while saving $7 Million in Cap Space for 2014 for the Team

    Cowboys Restrure QB Tony Romo, LB Sean Lee and CB Orlando Scandrick Deals saving them $17 Of Cap Space for 2014
    Cowboys converted Romo’s $12.5 Million of his $13.5 Million Base Salary to a Bonus saving them $0 Million and re-worked deals for Lee & Scandrick saving them almost $7 Million ….
    A major issue is to continually ask Players to rework their Deals when you are not winning anything.. The Cowboys have been 8-8 For 3 Years in a Row and when you continually ask for cuts in Player Salaries year after year to remain there, it get’s old in a hurry and creates lockerroom issues and player trust for down the road as we know see with DE D Ware and CB B Carr who are bring asked to reworked their Deals to creat more Salary Cap space or face getting released which iis probably a better more for both Player
    The Cowboys & Redskins have been doing this for Yeaers but creates a cancerous Locaker room and a real misstrust between Players and Management which is part of the reason why the Cowboys/Redksins are what they are…
    Say what you want about Eales Lurie.Roseman and when Banner and AR were there.. The eagles rarely play these nickle and dime or taking back from PLayers.. If they are going to cut a Player, then go ahead and cut them and let that Player move on to another Team & Deal, but keeping Players year after year while cutting Salaries just doesn’t work or sit well for Player and then when the younger players see this happening to the :”Stars” of the Team, they want out when they become Free-Agents so it doesn’t occur to them down the road…
    This is what you poor Poor Salary Cap Management by the Cowboys/Redksins and we’ve seen Teams like the Raiders, & others go down the same toad .. Look at the Eagles and Patriots who are just much smarter on how they go about building a roster, remaining competitive but do not have financial chaos for the Plan better, don’t overspend and cut the chord if it doesn’t work out for th Player/Team..

    • Sorry for my poor Spelling .. I need to go back to School… Good Grief..

      • paul, sampling the Schnapps early, I see? XD

  • For all u Vick lovers, we know you didn’t want to accept it but it looks like reality is here.

    The Philadelphia Eagles will not be bringing back Michael Vick, according to league and team sources.

    The Eagles are going in a different direction with the backup quarterback spot, and are not interested in retaining Vick, sources said. Nick Foles is their starter and they will explore other veterans to help man the position.

  • Well eagles don’t want to lose trade value for mesean so they sent word to Jeff McLain they he isn’t getting cut good job howie your the best. Hell if y’all trade him to kc for there 1 st and all the safety’s are off the board you could get Benjamin and cooks on back to back picks.

  • Vick was a turnover machine I could care less if he is gone even though he is better than Barkley.

  • ***NFL News***

    Steelers Cut LB Larry Foote, OT Levi Brown, CB Chuckie Brown
    They did resign Safety Will Allen meaning that
    Free Agent Ryan Clark will be moving on in Free-Agency

  • ***New Paulman Trade Rumor ****
    With Tampa Bay Bucs the likely landing spot for QB M Vick in Free-Agency
    The Eagles on Draft Day trade WR D-Jax & a 5th Rounder to the Tampa Bay Bucs for CB Darrel Revis and Tampa’s 3rd Round Draft Pick

    You heard it hear first…

  • Hey Paulman bucs won’t have a 3rd if they wait til the draft they still owe the the jets a 3 rd if he is on there roster by March 15th

    • Then it’s done by Match 14th Gloomy
      Thnx for the heads-up
      Sources also state that both Songs & TS Johnson have gotten an Apartment together down in Tampa too..
      I can’t make this stuff up!!! Ha

  • That trade sounds good but they got to many cb’s in fa this year to trade for one and the birds are gonna have to sign to safety’s in fa cause they only have one on the roster that being earl Wolfe Chung better be cut. So it should Malcolm Jenkins and either Nate Allen or Chris Clemons

  • Acquiring CB doesn’t hamper the Eagles plans to Sign a Free-Agent Safety
    And they can still Draft a Safety & CB in the Draft
    Going Defense this Draft and a WR.

  • A Starting Secondary of
    Safety’s TJ Ward & Calvin Pryor
    CB’s Revis & Fletcher
    Nickel Back Boykin
    This would be a pretty Solid Group..

    • paul, for the umpteenth time, Ward & Pryor are both SS.

      • Pryor is a Free Safety DCar,
        That’s what the Scouintibg Reports and Draft Rankings
        Have him listed as..
        At Louisvilke – he played Free Safety
        While Hakeem Smith played Strong Safety

  • Yeah it would but I’m saying if you trade djack to let’s say the chiefs and both safety’s are off the board I think the eagles would go bank to back picks of Benjamin and cooks. And there are fa cb’s out there where u only would have to give money to and not mesean. Vernon,shields, vonta Davis, talib,Walter Thurmond & Charles Tillman. But if that did happen with your secondary I wouldn’t be mad. Only thing wrong with it is if they are really taking the best player in the board then it has to wr and if you trade mesean then your gonna really need to take a wr in the 1st rd.

    • I really don’t think D-Jax is going anywhere to be honest..
      The Eagles and him are coming off their Best Season
      In a few years.. Why break that up??
      A Receiving Corps of D-Jax,Maclin,Cooper and a Draft Pick is pretty good
      Just think of last year when Foles and Offense had success with just
      D-Jax,Cooper,Avant and a cast of nobody’s
      The WR Corps is already upgraded with the return of Maclin over Avant
      Don’t you think.. Plus TE Ertz will be more involved now that he’s going into his 2nd Season
      Their Focus needs to be on Defense and especially in the NFC
      To match up with the Seahawks,49ers,Panthers, etc

      • DJax isn’t going anywhere…..period! This whole topic of Jackson being traded is a non-issue started by kempski as a subject of speculation, nothing more. He (DJAX) is part of the Eagles WR corps, without him, the WR corps is Average at best.
        ILB… I would like to see the Eagles draft is Christian Jones ..Fla.St. .

  • Howie roseman is on wip and the morning team

  • Well howie was just on wip lol and just I thought he gave some company lines and he said that rumor about mesean being one false step away didn’t come there building but he never said that djack isn’t available and didn’t say he would be on the team either!!!!

    • Gloomy….all players are available to be traded for the right price. This is not news or news worthy.

    • Yeah gloomy sort of like Foles not being Chip’s preferred style of QB? Or him not gushing about we found our QB of the future? LOL your funny I like your obsession with a guy you really know nothing about except what’s printed about him.

  • I’ve seen many pics of him on Instagram from people at my job that hates the eagles and they show me pics of this asshole with guns all the time smoking weed and pics of strippers. So to say that people don’t know anything about him is crazy I may not know what his favorite food is but I know he smokes weed post pics with guns and strippers and drag races.put it this way you don’t hear these things about Maclin or avant

    • Gloomy, Who are you, the moral majority? How do you like the pictures and videos of him helping children from poor communities, has he ever been arrested, found guilty of a crime, reports of him having children out of wed lock or beating on women and or children? Weed, strippers and guns. I guess I’m an asshole and thug too. I’m a gun owner, I’ve certainly been around and have gone to see strippers, never did weed though…sort of a health nut. You didn’t appreciate me for pointing out your grammar or difficulty making a cogent, concise argument (questioning your intellect)…..but you feel it’s ok to judge and name call Jackson because of pics you have seen on instagram. Wow dude…could you be more hypocritical?

      • he smokes weed, he bears arms, and he likes naked women oh and he is rich. sounds like desean is living the american dream to me

    • Jason Peters was arrested for drag racing his punishment a fat brand new contract. LOL give it up gloomy hate is a terrible thing to live with.

  • Look if he is here he’s here then I will support him on the field cause we can use his speed but it just seems to me that he cares more about the name on the back of the jersey than the nfl logo.

  • Hey Eaglehaslanded you really think if they trade mesean that the wr core will be avg so you don’t think ertz will get better and you don’t think they will add more wr’s to the team. And I like Christian jones that’s would be solid pickup for them. And I don’t know where they address the return game is thru the draft or fa if it’s fa then Hester is free so is ted ginn

    • Yes gloomy, the Eagles WR corps would be Average, Desean is what opens the field of play up for everybody else. You can’t trust ” self tackling Maclin ” to stay healthy either.
      Return man in draft….Dri Archer will fit the requirement and criteria that you want in your return guy.

  • OMG smitty desean aint going no where, I’ll take his 9 tds 1300 receiving and constant pressure taking off the rest of the offense because they are scared of his speed, but I dont give a shittttttt about his weed smoking, strippers and guns, he’s doing that to sell cd’s, but I’ve seen desean on the field the guy has passion for his team and loves our fans, he is ok with me, just please quiet with the mesean shitttt, it’s annoying. he aint going no where

    • zilent desean aint selling any cds. that record label is bleeding him dry/…,

      • lol…i know mhenski, I’m a young black guy who listens to rap and that diamonds on my neck shit….wow…only….wow…epic fail

    • Hey zilents44 the only problem I have with mesean on the field is he can be taken out of games with good cb’s cause he is so small, he quits on plays sometimes and he doesn’t go over the middle also he I is a below avg blocker at best. But love his speed his big plays his energy charisma all that. His stuff is off the field and lol Trent cole hunts animals with his guns don’t compare the two.

  • You think trent cole aint smoking weed carrying his hunting guns around, you must be crazy…lol…i’m pretty sure he likes strippers to

  • I never cared about you said about my grammar or anything I just wanna talk football I’m just saying after a playoff loss you can’t come out and talk about money, and I know what your gonna say next he was asked that question which is true but all he had to say is that’s not on my mind right now it’s not the time or place we just a playoff game I haven’t gotten this loss out of me yet. And I argue with people almost everyday at my job that desean is a 10wr I just know that he can be upgraded that’s all he’s not Calvin Johnson or anything where you look and say he’s the best wr in the game. I’m a realist about everything and I could name at least 10wr right now that I would trade him for I understand a lot of people on here are scared that if we trade him we won’t replace him and it will be back to the James trash and Torrance small days but it’s not like that at all there are good wr’s in the draft and fa don’t be afraid of change hell I was the same way last year when they got rid of Andy I thought all he needed was a real qb and good defensive coordinator and he would’ve been a top coach again, I didn’t see anybody out there I thought was a better coach than him now I wasn’t sold on chip I’m the beginning but he made me believe.

    • Yes you did…but anyway,it’s not about being scared, you don’t mess with chemistry. He had his best year this year. If you bring in another player, especially from college, their game may not translate to the NFL or with the make up with this team. With jackson, you know you have, a proven, pro bowl NFL receiver.

      • How is it about Chemistry with the team if they just released one of there biggest leaders in avant so it’s not about that at all.

        • I like Avant, but he had 0 production on the field, so he did not have the ability to stay on the team due to lack of skill and ability at this point in his career. That’s not a mystery! Good locker room guy, but that’s not winning games on the field of play, at 4 mil per year especially.

  • • Despite speculation, the Eagles aren’t actively shopping DeSean Jackson and they have no intention of parting with the wideout this offseason, per Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer. ”Jackson isn’t close to being cut, and even if he was one misstep away from forcing the Eagles to move him, they most certainly wouldn’t release him without getting something in return. … [A]fter talking with almost a dozen sources from around the league, it’s clear the Eagles aren’t interested in dealing the 27-year-old Jackson – not by a long shot.”

  • the only way I trade desean if we get sammy watkins and at least a 3rd rd pick and they can have b graham

  • and what the hell is him be robbed his fault, at the end of the day he got robbed not the dam eagles….lol

    • It has more to do with lifestyle choices… there is more to that robbery than meets the eye… $250k in the house when on vacation? Cole is a hunter and in true hunter fashion i guarantee his weapons are secure all the time, there ain’t $250 k lying around…. i’m not saying he is getting traded i’m saying the eagles don’t like the off field and sometimes on field things he brings…

    • LOL, LMAO, LOL!!!!

  • **Reports from Jay-Z’s Camp is that D-Jax is comtemplating Retirement from Football to concentrate solely on his Music & Video Production Career and wants to delve into Acting, Screen Writing, Short Movies, and many other Projects etc,etc …Best of Luck to D-Jax …

  • I know cigar….it was probally one of his boys he told to rob him, so that it’s like a story he can rap about on his cd….I know what you mean but his antics ain’t enough to trade away for what he does on the field…sorry he aint going no where

  • lol not the time paulman

  • Lol Paulman. Listen at the end of the day only I can be right cause even if they don’t trade him doesn’t mean they didn’t try to and they just didn’t get what they were looking for so they just keep quiet about it.

  • OK gloomy you won’t let the mesean trade stuff go…your opinion you think we move him for the right price….what does gloomy want for him because I want a lot for my best dam receiver who scares the shit out of every defense

    • If they want to trade Desean (and I have no idea if they do or not – as I stated rumours mean nothing at this time of year until there is action)…but if they are growing tired of his ‘act’ or want him traded, then now is the time.

      A $6 million cap hit (or whatever it is) now, when they have $20+ million in available space, is preferable to the larger cap hit next year when the team will have to re-sign Foles, Cox, perhaps Maclin, et al for big $$.

  • #ihatecarywilliams&patchung


  • by the way y is p chung not cut yet

    • Excellent question…they need to move on that. The longer he sticks around, the more concerned I become.

  • 1,3 5 picks our two 2nd rd picks and a 3 rd next year is that good enough compensation for your best wr.

    • Are you F^#@ing seriously, that f^#@ing insane, or really that stupid? What team is going to trade you all of those picks, for a 5’10” one trick pony. You want him traded because you hate him, but want us compensated like he’s Jerry Rice???? WTF is wrong with you????? Put the wet down, & stop snorting bath salts!

    • gloomy… are you on crack? LSD? Coke? all three with a few shots of gin and juice thrown in?

    • Gloomy this is reality from Birds 24/7

      * The basic premise of the Eagles’ offense last year was to attack with the run until defenses showed they could stop LeSean McCoy and company. When defenses committed more bodies to the box, the Eagles did their damage over the top in the passing game. That’s why they had the best rushing offense in the league and the best downfield passing attack. Trading one of the best two or three vertical threats in the league would be an enormous blow to the way the system operates.

      * Without Jackson, this is a below-average receiving corps. Cooper benefited from man coverage with no safety help all season long. That doesn’t happen if Jackson’s not on the other side. Maclin is a productive receiver, but he’s coming off of an ACL injury and is not the downfield threat Jackson is. The free agent pool is weak. And while the draft class is considered deep at wide receiver, the last thing the Eagles want to do is go into May feeling like they have to find a starting-caliber pass-catcher. That’s when mistakes are made.

  • lol your best wr…is see gloomy and hell no unless its a top 5 1st rd pick then i’ would do it

  • seriously chung should have been cut way before avant

    • Chung should have been cut when the Saints field goal split the uprights. Period end of story.

      • Henerey should have been cut as soon as he lost that game for us, giving them a kick that couldn’t even reach the goal line. Why Chung & he are still here, boggles the mind.

        • I second that

  • do we really have 2 nd rd picks

  • ttyl gloomy gotta go to work

  • How do I want something like he’s jerry rice didn’t Percy havin last year get traded for 1,3,5 last year . Or they could get two 2nd rd picks and a 3rd the following year. I do believe he is better than Percy harvin

    • Maybe if your sentence structure, & use of the english language looked legible, maybe I would have figured that out the 1st time. And NO, the Vikings didn’t get a 1,3,5, last year, the Vikings received the Seahawks’ first and seventh-round picks in 2013 and a third-round selection in 2014. BTW, when Harvin is healthy, which is rare, he is just as good as DJax, & is also a threat in the return game.

    • I’ll agree with that DJax is better than Harvin.
      I think Harvin was dealt because of contract language concerning his injury history –Minnesota wanted contract protection because of Harvin’s previous injury history and Harvin wanted just a regular contract. Neither would budge hence the trade to Seattle –

  • Harvin gets a “migraine” every 28 days or so…hmmm?

    • bugs, sounds like my old lady. 😉

  • No I’m pretty sure it was a 1,3,5 and sorry for the missed spelled words typing on a iPhone sorry were not perfect like you mr. Carr and go check the numbers out Percy harvin doesn’t even come close to mesean.

    • Riiiiiiiight, way to change your story there skippy! Keep trying!

  • I stand corrected it was a 1,3,7 but mesean is worth a 1,3,5 picks so yes that would be a good deal for him now in the first rd you can grab your wr and cb or safety

  • Desean isn’t going anywhere. I don’t know why people are even speculating about this. Extending Cooper and Maclin just bolsters the position; it doesn’t mean there will be an odd man out. A better way to look at it is that we essentially upgraded from Avant to Maclin.

    If Maclin has a great year, he is not guaranteed to be back in 2015, which going with the ridiculous notion of trading Desean, leaves Riley Cooper as our #1 receiver in 2015. As much as I like Cooper, he sure as hell isn’t a #1 receiver. Also, WRs are one of the biggest bust positions in the draft so there is no guarantee we could draft even a serviceable replacement for Desean.

  • i know… lets get Vinnie to make a bet that Desean is gone by training camp or he leaves again for life… i mean 2 days.

    Good grief.

    Desean is here again this year and we are going to be in the top 3 in O this year. The D is 1 week away from a major face lift and this team will win 9-11 games this year and own the NFCE again.

  • Oh boy reading PFT AP says Vick would make the Vikes a playoff team. I can’t wait to read comment section, LOL.

  • Rate these players chances of being traded this offseason 10 being the highest.

    1.bryce brown – shows flashes great speed and power and still young
    2.todd herreamans- on the wrong side of 30 and can be upgraded
    3.brent celeck-crowed at the te spot getting up there and hands aren’t that good anymore.
    4.desean Jackson- I know about the djack fan club on here but he has the most value and birds may be tired of his act.
    5.vinny curry- doesn’t fit the 3-4 better suited to play de on the 4-3 still young
    6.Brandon graham- doesn’t fit the 3-4 better in a 4-3 in the last year of his rookie deal
    7.trent cole- on the wrong side of 30 and playing out of position.
    8. Demeco Ryan’s- this is a wild card he has a high salary and struggles in pass coverage but is great against the run and a hell of a leader.

    Notable mentions but don’t think anybody would trade for these guys
    James Casey, Cary Williams, Bradley Fletcher & Chris Polk.

    • 1. 6
      2. 1
      3. 1
      4. 0
      5. 2
      6. 2
      7. 0
      8. 0

      • I agree with henski’s 0 ratings. I’d say Brandon Graham could definitely be traded; although I’m not sure what his value would be.

    • gloomy – Backup QBs are traded and positional players who fight about money ( only one player on your list fits either of those 2 categories )= DJax, LOL

      • 1) RB Brown – 3 (Back-up RB’s not in big demand around the NFL, but I could see Brown being a throw in for a larger Deal)
        2) OL Herremans – 0 (Contract negates any team being interested)
        3) TE Celek – 4 (Would Draw Interest, Jets,Dolphins,Vikings)
        4) WR D-Jax – 1 (Coming off best Season, Big Contract)
        5) DE Curry – 4 (Would draw Interest, Eagles may want to give 1 more Season to see if he can play, just a bad fit for this 3-4 Scheme)
        6) DE Graham – 9 (Eagles will give Graham away even for a 6th Round Pick if need be)
        7) OLB T Cole – 0 (No Team will accept his remaining Contract as is..)
        8) MLB D Ryans – 0 (Little Demand, to Big of a Contract)

        • imo graham is way more likely to straight up be cut over being traded. who would give a wooden nickel for graham?

          • I beleive that will end up the Case
            They will hanf onto to him thru Drafat Weekend to try to Trade him
            the best thing going for them is that he’s in the FInal Year of his Rookie Deal so he is not an expensive Pick-up for a Team Desperate for a DE and especially a Team in a 4-3 Scheme
            (The Falcons,Cowboys, or the Colts come to mind, Possibly the VIkings)
            Maybe a team gives up a 2015 6th Rounder for Graham..

        • RB’s Knowshon Moreno, Ben Tate, probably a Chris Johnson, Maurice Jones-Drew , Joquie Bell, John Starks, are all out there in Free-Agency.

          Outside of about 4-5 Elite RB’s in the Today’s NFL (McCoy,Charles,Forte,AP, M Lynch)
          The Average to just Good RB’s are a Dime a Dozen and are not going to have much Value

          • maurice jones-drew gonna dominate in new england this year

  • Lol

  • another thing to keep in mind is that all of the NFL are very excited about this upcoming Draft that most Teams or all actually want more Draft Picks like the Eagles Do.. so the demand to Trade a Draft Pick to the Eagles for Players listed is just very unlikely.. All Teams want more 2nd/3rd/4th Round Pickls

    The only real scenario is to use a Brown.Graham,Curry with an Eagels Draft Pick to move up a Round or so, but this will not really net any additional Picks in the Draft, just a higher selection

    I coulds see the Eagles Trading B Graham & their 5th Round Pick to the Falcons for their 4th/5th Round Pick

    Or the Eagles Trading RB B Brown and a 5th Round Pick to the Browns for a 4th Round Pick,etc,etc..

    I could see a Team like the Falcons,Jets,Dolphins,Patriots,Vikings or even Chiefs checking to see about Brett Celek’s availability.. He would probably bring back a 4th Rounder on his own…

  • Read an article on another site that made the most sense vs pie in the sky sign everybody illness that we all get this time of year.

    Basically it has us picking up:

    M. Jenkins and T. Mays to play safety.

    Looks more reasonable and the question is…

    would Byrd or Ward have made the Eagles a SB team last year…..NO.. so big money is out.

  • If this were 2004 and Bryd was TO/The freak then it would make more sense.

  • I’ve wanted Byrd to be an Eagle since his rookie season but we have LOTS of defensive needs and the sum of the parts is greater than the pieces individually.

  • I am interested in seeing the money it takes to land B. Browner CB. The right money to add some depth after 4 games totally worth it.

    • He would be a perfect fit and who knows about the Eavens RB situation with the off the field issues of Ray Rice..
      They may end up bring in need of a Veteran RB

    • An interesting point Regal
      2 things come to mind
      1) He’s suspended without Pay the first 4 Weeks of the Season
      2) The following 4 Weeks he gets paid but has to Donate his Salary
      Until Week #9

      So maybe Browner will take a lower Pay Salary for his 1st Season
      Since he not see half of it..
      And then gave the bigger $$$ kick in in year 2,3 or 4
      depending how they would structure it..

  • * The basic premise of the Eagles’ offense last year was to attack with the run until defenses showed they could stop LeSean McCoy and company. When defenses committed more bodies to the box, the Eagles did their damage over the top in the passing game. That’s why they had the best rushing offense in the league and the best downfield passing attack. Trading one of the best two or three vertical threats in the league would be an enormous blow to the way the system operates.

    * Without Jackson, this is a below-average receiving corps. Cooper benefited from man coverage with no safety help all season long. That doesn’t happen if Jackson’s not on the other side. Maclin is a productive receiver, but he’s coming off of an ACL injury and is not the downfield threat Jackson is. The free agent pool is weak. And while the draft class is considered deep at wide receiver, the last thing the Eagles want to do is go into May feeling like they have to find a starting-caliber pass-catcher. That’s when mistakes are made.

    • Gloomy that’s from Birds 24/7. that’s reality.

  • I think shady helped that more than djack and that’s just there opinion like I said only way they don’t trade him is if they don’t get what they want in return.

    • Gloomy…what inside track or information do you have to support your statement” the only way they don’t trade Djack is if they don’t get what they want in return.” Please state your source, as you state it with a certain matter of fact tone.

  • Hey guys, been a little while, but I have been watching how that talk has been going.

    Right now, at this point, I feel pretty good with the way that Howie and Chip are putting things together. There are plenty more moves to be made, and I trust the FO to deliver and address the needs to get this team to the next level.

    GO BIRDS!!

  • Gloomy- You are likely a year early. The Eagles will not likely move Jackson this season. If they however are able to get the Big WR they want in the Draft and after a season he shows he is for real and IF J Mac shows he is a true #2 and is willing to extend for the right money then Maybe they move Desean next Offseason. No way they CHANCE a step back especially if this is Foles Make it or Break it year. (Eliminate the excuses of losing a 1300 yard W/O)

  • While I am not D Jax greatest fan. We all have to realize that people arent perfect. I mean we could have Tom Brady throwing to Randy Moss in his prime here and some mugs would find the flaws.

  • Let me paint a pic for you let’s say they trade djack and get a late 1st and both safety’s are off the board the eagles could then draft Benjamin and cooks. And trust me cooks can make up for djacks speed and he also returns kicks and punts so would that be an ok replacement for djack.

    • Gloomy, think what your posting my friend,
      No Team is trading a 1st Round Pick for D-Jax and the $34.5 Million he’s owed for the next 3 Seasons when the Draft is loaded with Receivers
      Why wouldn’t onnme if these Teams your thinking about Drsft a Benjamin,Cooks,Bechkman,Landry,Lee,Adams,etc,etc, themselves and have a 22 year old on a Rookie Deal for gre next 4 Years to Groom as a big-play Receiver…

  • Gloomy getting bashed by these phi beta types, grammar police, lol, gloomy is correct, if Kelly can unload this malcontent he will

    Meanwhile, Tolstoy, carry on, lol, $%*, shithead

  • D-Jax is in Philly at least 1 more Season,
    Then he’s a goner.. The fact that the Eagles attempted to sign Maclin to a long-Term Deal just confirms my thoughts about what the Eagles want to do at the WR Position for down the road which will include D-Jax after the 2014 Season

  • It has been reported that the Saints are shopping Pierre Thomas and Darren Sprouls (Yahoo Sports!). It does not say what they are looking for.

    If the price is right, and Sprouls contract is not that bad, I would love to see him as a backup to Shadey. I can see Chip doing some great things with Sprouls speed, hands and quickness. More important Sprouls would really improve our return game, which has been an issue for a few years.

    • Sproles is past his prime and not worth much these days
      He’s missed almost 70% of Practice Time over the last 2 Seasons as well as many games.. They’re are plenty of Scat-Back/Return Pkayers in this Drsft that can be had in the late Rounds
      Eagles have no business pursuing either of these Players though I do see the Patriots, Ravens (with Ray Rice issues),
      Dolphins & Steelers taking a look

  • Paulman you don’t think ertz is gonna be more involved and they may also run the ball more and if they were to draft cooks he would make up for desean’s speed and last I checked Denver and the Seahawks and neither have desean speed on offense except maybe harvin and he’s not a good wr more of a specialty player. So Paulman you may be right he may be gone next year and not this year I think if the 49ers came calling with that 1,3,,4 deal the eagles would say sign us up he is not the only receiver with speed he doesn’t run great routes doesn’t block quits on balls. Hell if the 49ers make that trade I’ll drive him to the airport.

    • Gloomy, your obsession with this pipe dream of trading DJAX is unhealthy. Once you come to the realization that this is not going to happen, it may lead to mild-moderate depression. However, I am not ruling out severe depression either. Why would other teams trade for him when they can get a stud reciever in the 2014 draft that will not cost them. Plus, if the Eagles decided to trade DJAX, not because of diminishing ability or skill, but because of his attitude that may negatively impact the locker room. Why would another team want to take that headache on as you clearly believe he is, or in your words an “asshole”, coupled with his salary?
      Other teams can simply draft their guy and mold him in the fashion they want. Players are like dog wood. When they’re green, they are pliable, but when they get some age, they are less flexible. When it’s mature, it stays in the shape that it has been molded to!

      • Eagles, who’s obsession, do you think is more unhealthy, gloomy with DJax, vinnie with Vick, foolbreeze with Foles, or songs with all black QB’s? I think it’s a photo finish.

  • So in other news djack aint getting traded, to a more pressing area, cutting chung and signing byrd 9 mill a year not bad, 4 yr deal 35 mill

  • Eaglehaslanded teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, 49ers and pats are in a win now mode they don’t have time to wait for a wr to develop and All of those teams have strong locker rooms. And all three have strong minded head coaches. Now one of the rumors I’ve heard I don’t think it would happen but It wouldn’t shock me if it did cause of the team
    ********djack and #22 to Oakland for #5 and there 3rd pick
    Then the eagles select Sammy Watkins now I don’t think it’s gonna happen with Oakland but the raiders do crazy things and they love speed and are 66million under the cap so maybe they think Pryor, desean, McFadden would be a great trio. I would do that deal in a heart beat but I don’t see it happening would love it though.

    • Gloomy, I am hearing, from radio personalities on WIP who have connnections to the Eagles, that they are interested in picking a WR with a high draft pick. I would not besurprised to see kelvin benjamin be their pick. Me personally, Calvin Pryor is my #1 target, followed by Ha Ha Clinton-Dix 1.B, 1.C Kelvin Benjamin, 1.D, Dee Ford. I really like Dee Ford, but Benjamins potential is intriguing to me do to his measurables and growth at FSU as a receiver. I think Chip could turn him into a nightmare for opposing teams. However, even if they did take Benjamin, DJAX still stays!

      • They going to field an entire team of WRs?

        • Hey….maybe so..lol. I honestly think that if they did this, it would be looked at as a move for 2015, more so than 2014. One of the 2014 WR vets will not be an Eagle in 2015.

    • yep oakland definitely going with prior mcfadden and desean

      Terrelle Pryor is not viewed as a lock to be in the Raiders’ 2014 roster.
      “It’s very clear Pryor doesn’t have a future as a QB here,” writes beat reporter Scott Bair. Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie didn’t draft Pryor, and the coaching staff noticeably soured on him after last year’s short-lived hot start. Pryor does have value because he’s big and athletic, only 24, and signed cheaply for 2014. We suspect the Raiders could get a late-round pick for Pryor, though they won’t come close to the third-round value he originally cost them. Feb 12 – 11:04 AM

      CSN Bay Area expects Darren McFadden to walk in free agency unless his market “bottoms out.”
      A source tells reporter Scott Bair the Raiders are only interested in McFadden “at the right price,” and that price is dirt cheap. DMC should generate just enough interest that he won’t have to come crawling back to the Raiders. He still has upside if utilized correctly. The Raiders made a mess of DMC’s usage after coach Hue Jackson was fired. Feb 20 – 7:28 PM
      Source: CSN Bay Area


  • dmc is a free agent gloomy

  • what would the cap hit be for e herremans and cole be if they got traded

    • You mean Released ??
      If Herremans/COle wer Traded, then their new Team takes on their Contracts

      Herremans – $4.2 Million in Compensation – $3.6 in Dead $$$ if Cut/Release
      T Cole — 6.6 Million in Compensation — $4.8 in Dead $$$ if Cut/Released

      Both these Players Contract’s make them untradeable and also the Team takes a big HIt if Cut/Releasing them so both will be Eagles in 2014

      Trent Cole’s Total Compensation jumps to $11.625 Million in 2015 – then $12.6 Million in 2016 and $14 Million in 2017 which we all know isn’t going to happen…

      Todd Herremans Total Compensation jumps to $5.2 Million in 2015 and $5.2 Million in 2016

      Both Players will either have to Restructure next Off-Season or most likely be released .. 2014 Will be the Final Season for both of them so don’t be surprised if the Eagles Draft a Guard high in the Draft to replace Herreman’s

  • I can’t wait until the draft is over then gloomy can stop with the djack trade scenarios

    • LOL…..God, bless gloomy!

    • Gloomy has taken over the “Trade Alerts/Rumor’s Award” from Paulman…

      • impossible, he is a one trick pony – Pman rumor’s cover the Wide World of Sports, Elections, Wall Street, Songs and TSJohnson love affair etc.

        • LOL!!!!!

  • God bless me I know McFadden is a fa this was a rumor I heard from somebody on Facebook I didn’t believe it either cause they would give a top 5 pick up to move back that far. But as far as sf,New England and the chiefs they are very real options in my opinion.


      And New England? ??????? are you fn kidding me???????????? They wouldnt sign Djax if he was a free agent

    • Rumor on Facebook???? At least it’s a real source, & not imaginary, like Lil Bron-Bron Jons. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
      What dumb@$$e$!

  • Your right cause there not the same team that traded for randy moss right lol

    • desean jackson and randy moss arent even on the same planet bro.

  • Or the same team that took Corey Dillion, Aaron Hernandez, chad Johnson, Dante Stallworth, Albert Haynesworth or talib

  • Sure gloomy. Bellecheck will take Jackson from us for a 4th rounder. Any team would. But no one is giving picks worth anything for a vet like dead when rookies are Cheap.

  • You do know that that’s all Oakland got for Randy Moss (a true stud)

    The birds are not desperate to rid themselves of DeSean

  • And if I had a magic wand I would give dead Avants personality, momah’s size and swoops Wings…

  • Thats give DeSean. Not dead. Dang autocorrect

  • No moss was a cancer that’s why he got traded for a 4th rd pick and was coming off back to back bad years numbers wise

    • Anf after Randy Moss’s Prime was over .. He was a shell of himself the last
      3-4 Seasons he played and wasn’t going to command big Contracts or Trade value similar to Terrell OWens and Chad Johnsons last couple of Seasons..
      Once you past 30-32 at a Skill Position (RB,WR,CB) your best days are behind you for 90% of Players…

  • ON TO NEXT ORDER OF BUISNESS, PLEASE NO DJAX TRADE RUMORS ANYMORE IT’S GETTING PLAYED OUT. so paulman you dont think we can net any trade partners for cole or herrmemans who both can still help a club who needs pass rushing and oline versatility

  • I really dont care what we get for them I just don’t want their contracts anymore

  • 44 you are right I’m done with the mesean stuff I see people on here get to sensitive about him being traded so if it happens then I will mention it again until then I’m done with it.

    • TY

    • sounds good- talk to you about it again never.

  • I was looking at Logan thomas from VT I went to the same high school as him( but I was in college he went there) and I could see him as a prospect that chip could draft to coach up. the guys measurables are pretty good

    • LT has good measurables, a strong arm, and speed, but his accuracy is god awful as well as his instinct at the QB position. Somethings are coachable, the instinct has more to do with ability than skill.

  • To do list….

    1) Sign Byrd
    2) Sign Bethea from Colts
    3) Trade for D Jordan
    4) Draft Gilbert if he is there.

    These 4 moves would upgrade our D from meh… to holy frick.

    • I like Options #1,#2, & #4 (Gilbert will be an All-Pro in 2-3 Seasons)
      But why are you so enamored with Dion Jordan, Stevo…

      • just read a great piece from bleeding green nation on what he did for the Dolphins last year. They did a great job showing exactly what he brings. Bottom line for me is this… we need another LB and there isnt much out there without paying HUGE price for it. Would the Dolphins take a 2nd rounder for him this year? Dunno.

    • and add a nost tackle like linval joseph then I’m thinking we can beat seahawks

    • Hey stevo do your Minnesota fans up there want the Vick as much as their running back does?

      • They are too busy trying to dig themselves out…. send blankets and money please.

        • here ya, My township library which I volunteer for has non stop fund raisers. It has been bad for a decade.

    • anyone who would view this as fantasy football knows little….

      1 and 2 are locking down spots for a long time. I would work these deals with big signing bonuses because we have the money THIS year and cant spend it on Foles. Pay them NOW and reap the benefits for 3-6 years.

      3) I dont know if it’s a possible but if they could pull it off… we would 1 young LB to see grow. Clearly we didnt draft him but he is still on his rookie deal and THIS is the time to do it.

      4) It’s a dream that we probably cant see come true BUT… imagine if we added 1 solid outside guy…. imagine the starting 2015 CB’s to be Boykin and him with those safeties back there.

      Will all of these things happen? No.. prolly not…. but if they did.. WOW. Fast, physical, young and 1/2 have played for Kelly before.

      • I’m with you stevo love all those moves

    • Gilbert will be long gone Stevo.

      • agree DCAR, unless the birds find a way to move up… and there is no reason they couldnt if they think he is the right guy,

  • Hey Paulman the trades are all yours brother.
    Fa wish goes as followed.
    1.Malcolm Jenkins
    2.tedd ginn
    3. Resign Nate Allen I know it’s not the popular pick but with him Malcolm and Wolfe I think that’s a good trio.
    4.sam shields for some reason people on are satisfied with Cary Williams I think he sucks.
    5. At fat dt
    He who laughs last laughs hardest

    • I’m actually ok with that but I think Malcolm and nate are both free safeties(not does it matter) but I think actually would be a good resigning, he played ok down the strectch, these moves would be a lot cheaper and you are dead on with cary Williams he pisses me off

      • I think sam shields is a playmaker and reminds me of asante except can tackle

    • ur wish list blows blow. u must have got a lot of home made gifts for christmas or something

      • lol

        • Gloomy, I had to give up my “Trade Rumors’ for Lent …
          but here is my Free-Agent Wish List

          My “A” List
          1) Strong Safety – TJ Ward (Browns)
          2) DE – Michael Bennett (Seahawks)
          3) DT – Linval Josepeh (Giants)
          4) ILB – Brandon Spikes (Patriots)
          5) CB – Walter Thurmond (Seahawks)
          6) Guard – Jon Asomgah (KC Chiefs)

          My “B” List
          1) Strong Safety – Mike Mitchell or L Bethea
          2) DE – Lamarr Houston (Raiders) or Authur Jones (Ravens)
          3) DT – Red Bryant (Seahawks)
          4) ILB – D’Qwell Jackson (Browns)
          5) OL – Geoff Schawrtz (KC Chiefs)
          6) OLB – O’Brien Schofield (Seahawks)
          7) CB – Nolan Carroll (Dolphins)


            I like that Paul!!!

            But not everybody on your list…..

          • I like Joseph, and LaMarr Houston – would be great in our front 3 rotation

    • F^#@ Nate Allen! GTFOH!

      • LOL!!!!!!!!! ahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

  • I still think no matter what we get in free agency we should still draft a safety in the 1st or 2nd rd

  • really- i put my list out there and you counter with that? wow…

  • Hey stevo I want them to sign Byrd but I’m realistic about the situation so I have to go with the next best thing Jenkins and Nate Allen I don’t see any olb for them to grab unless they pick up Michael Johnson and there offense is set.

    • realistic? The eagles have nearly 30 million… they can sigh anyone they want. I dont think the birds break the bank for 3 or 4 guys but they could pay a guy like Byrd just about anything they want. and.. Nate Allen as the starter is not realistic…. it flat out a bad idea.

  • A free agent who looks very intriguing is Michael johnso, the guy is 6 7 with wheels, and he’s not a natural pass rusher but would definely be what chip was looking for when you talking about size, but I think he wants too much money. A guy who would be cheaper is brian shofield. they guy can pass rush and is very quick, concern not real big and has had injuries

  • My updated wish list.
    Sign FS Jairus Byrd, SS James Ihedigbo, NT Linvale Joseph, K Steven Hauschka.
    Resign P Donnie Jones.
    Cut Wang Chung, Alex Henerey.
    Restructure Herremans, Ryans, Williams contracts.
    Trade Graham, & #22- Miami, for Jordan & #50. Curry for #3. Brown for a 4th.
    2- #50- WR Jordan Matthews.
    2- #54- OLB Jeremiah Attaochu.
    3- #86- CB Stanley Jean Baptist.
    3(Trade)- OG Dakota Dozier.
    4- #116- ILB Shayne Skov.
    4(Trade)- SS Ahmad Dixon.
    5- #148- NT Justin Ellis.
    5(2nd)- DE Brent Urban.
    7- CB Aaron Colvin.

    • perfect

    • Great Plan DCAR.. I like it alot except for the Dion Jordan part
      I know the OLB Upgrades are thin out there.. I would rather Trade that #22
      to another Team and get more Draft Picks out of it…

    • My free Agent wish list includes – Jarius Byrd, Malcolm Jenkins, LaMarr Houston, Brandon Browner, and Hakeem Nicks..

      1. Kony Ealy – OLB/DE
      2a. Kyle Fuller – CB
      2b. Jeremiah Attouchu – OLB/DE
      3a. Gabe Jackson – OG
      3b. Deone Buchannon – SS
      4a. Cyril Richardson – OG
      4b. Walt Aikens – CB
      5a. Andrew Jackson – MLB
      5b. Nickoe Whitley – FS
      6. Ethan Westbrooks – DE
      7a. Logan Thomas – QB
      7b. Colt Lyria – TE

      • actually exclude Nickoe Whitley in the 5th – He will be an UDFA – and add Justin Ellis DT…

        • You should scratch off Cyril Richardson who had a poor Senior Bowl Week and an underperforming Indy Combine and has Dropped to a mid-Round Pick..
          Like the Rest of your Draft .. but don’t think Kony Ealy will be there at #22 To Pick– I can see the Cowboys,Giants,Steelers all looking for DE’s and Ealy is one of the few good ones in this Draft So I expect him to go earlier then what his “ranking” may be listed as.. Good DE’s always go higher..

          Like the Free-Agnecy List except for H Nicks who would not be a good fit here in Philly.. He needs to be the #1 WR and has hardly practiced the last few Seasons with a assortment of Leg,Ankle,Knee,Hip issues… His Drive and Motor and Committment has been quesitoned by many in the Giants Camp.. I say stay away from Hakeem Nicks..
          I look for him to go home and play for the Carolina Panthers and could become their #1 Wr and take over for Steve Smith who is old and on the way out and can become Cam Newton’s favorite Target..

          • Thanks Paul, always love your opinion on list like these.

            I wouldn’t scratch Cyril Richardson off, because his Combine wasn’t a detractor for me. He wouldn’t be asked to start anyway. His Size, Strength, and Agility for a man his size would benefit from Kelly’s nutrition program, and working with NFL Coaches as he develops, and would be a steal in the 4th Round.

            Nicks may like an opportunity to play against his old team. He would come reasonably cheap, both he and Kenny Britt – who is another one I would kick the tires on seriously – because of his past injury history, and both would fit perfectly in this system

            We need another Experienced option to sign with the team, and Howie is on record as saying he will sign a free agent WR. It would be smart for them to get a WR, in FA, as opposed to drafting a WR, that wouldn’t have an impact, or wouldn’t be as advertised.

            I’ve seen some mocks Paul that have Ealy drop from mid 1st to later first – high second. I think he needs to lose weight. Losing 10 -15 Pounds would increase his speed, and agility – and help him utilize his strength, and the instincts that made some scouts feel he could play a hybrid DE/OLB Position. Which he could do in Kelly’s Nutrition Program. If he is there at 22, I would grab him – fast.

      • gmc, where are we getting all of those extra picks?

        • I took GMCliff’s List as his “A” pick to be his first choice
          And “B” pick as his second choice..
          Unless he has Eagles trading back a few times like he did last Year..

          • I think they can trade down and get an extra pick in the 2nd, and continue to trade down throughout the draft, into the 7th…..

            No first choice, 2nd choice for me Paul

            • I don’t see realistically of acquiring that many Picks GMCliff
              If they can get an additional pick in the 2nd/3rd or 4th
              That would be great
              I am starting to believe they will trade back and out of
              The 1st around where they can get an extra
              2nd & 4th Rounder and then use their 5th Rounds and package them with a Graham,Curry or Celek and get another
              3rd/4th Rounder…
              This would be my Strategy as long as they Secure the Safety
              Position here in Free Agency.

              • DCar saw the same opportunity to trade down. As you get in the 5th, 6th, and 7th Rounds, it’s easier to make reasonable trades to move up or down……….I don’t see anything unrealistic about it.

                Also, if a team wants to move up, they are going to be the ones that are the aggressors – meaning you may not have to give up any valuable resources like Bryce Brown, or Vinny Curry going into the 5th -7th Rounds –

                but they could be pawns along with Brandon Graham, who they should have traded last year Like I said – in the 2nd to 3rd Round Range to create those opportunities.

              • They’re not trading their BEST TE either Paul….

  • **NFL News***

    Indianapolis Colts sign LB D’Qwell Jackson which may be the best Free-Agenet Signing of the Off-Season–Since D’Qwell was officially released from the Browns last Week- He did not have to wait until NFL Free-Agency starting on 3/11/2014.. Great move for the Colts who will be very aggressive this Off-Season

    • other people think jackson blows

      Colts signed ILB D’Qwell Jackson to a four-year, $22 million contract.
      The deal includes $11 million guaranteed. In need of a steadying presence next to Jerrell Freeman, the Colts have overpaid for linebacker help in free agency once again. This time they add a leader and one of the game’s most prolific tacklers, but one that is entering his age-31 season, fits better in a 4-3 scheme, and has struggled badly against the run over the last two years. Jackson also had visits with the Titans, Broncos and Dolphins. Jackson is an every-down linebacker, but won’t solve Indianapolis’ run defense woes. Mar 6 – 9:33 AM

      • Jackson’s Play may have slipped a notch over the last year or two but for the Colts who have no Identity on their Defense (outside of Robert Mathis) need to bolter their Physicality and Jackson is a good Player to plug in their middle of their Defense..
        They added LeRon Landry last Season at Safety and CB Vontae Davis

  • Hey Carr don’t no if you noticed but howie is to cheap for for that even when he signed the dream team bone of them really had big contracts even nnamdi’s was that huge this guy Byrd wants to be paid the hugest paid safety ever I just don’t see it maybe howie will shock the world I don’t know. Me personally I just see it the way he talks plus add to fact that they probably need 3safetys and still has to address the olb cb dline and wr plus need a back up qb unless Byrd takes less than what people expect.

  • Not that it really means anything but McShay has us taking Roby at 22 in his latest mock. He has Pryor going to the Rams at 13 and Ha Ha Dix going to Steelers at 15. He also has other reasonable picks for the Eagles like Dennard going to the Cards at 20 and Mosley going to Ravens at 17.

    Basically we have to trade up and in my opinion Im trading up for Pryor who I think will be a stud and exactly what we need on this defense. I do like Roby a little bit but if we cant trade up and the guys above are gone at 22, Id rather go Beckham or Benjamin (regardless that we just signed Coop/Maclin).

    Again mocks dont really mean anything. But I dont think we can land Pryor if we just stay put at 22.

    • I think both Pryor & Ha Ha-dix are gone by teens in the Draft
      The Eagles could probably Ttrade Back and get an additional 2nd Rounder
      or 3rd Rounder which would be the smart move to make..

      Think of the Cleveland Browns with a new Crew in the Front Office and a new Coaching Staff trying to make a Statement
      Browns have the 4th Overall Pick (their Own) and #26 (from the Colts)
      1 2nd Round Pick (#36)
      2 3rd Round Picks (#68 & #79th PIck)
      2 4th Round Picks (#100th & #122nd)

      Maybe the Eagles can Trade them #22 and RB Bryce Brown and get their 36th & 68th Overall Picks in 2014 to give the Eagles 2 Picks in the 2nd & 3rd Rounds ..

      2nd Round
      Eagles # 36 – CB Kyle Fuller (Virgina Tech 6-0 190lbs)
      Eagles # 54 – Safety Jimmie Ward (Northern Illinois 5-11 198lbs)
      3rd Round
      Eagles # 68 – OLB Jeremiah Attachou (Gerogia Tech 6-3 252lbs)
      Eagles # 86 – DT DaQuan Jones (Penn State 6-4 325lbs)

      These 4 players could all add great Depth and compete for Starter’s Jobs by 2015 Season and even contribute in 2014 as Rotational/SPecial Teamers and build a nice FOundation to go along with Cox/Logan/Thornton/Kendricks/Boykin

      Then the Eagles can focus on WR & OL Overall Depth from the 4th Round on..
      The Eagles Would gain this Extra Pick by Trading back 14 Spots with the Cleveland Browns… A Win-Win for Everyone

      • Eagles will draft a safety I just don’t see it happening in the 1st round. I see it in later rounds maybe 2nd or 3rd. Ive watched Deone Bucannon and I think he may be the guy.. Hes a SS but ironically wore #20 in college, he can really hit..

        I believe you mentioned him on here before Im not 100 % sure. But he may be got in the 2nd round..

        I think the Eagles go WR with that 1st pick. I mentioned Kelvin Benjamin from the start. Hes an absolute beast..

  • The first call the Eagles will make tonight at 12:01 am will be to Jarius Byrd and his reps. This safeties position will finally be shored up, and it will take place way before the draft… I see the Birds signing Byrd next week.. I could be wrong but check this out…

    Some light Eagles News

    According to my source, Brian Dawkins among a few other Eagles alum and current players have been encouraging Jarius Byrd to sign with the Eagles.

    Im also told that Byrd contacted former teammate Patrick Chung today around 4:30pm on twitter asking “yo, you change your #?” Then Byrd’s next message read “#GoDucks… Just because”

    Could JByrd in a round about way be dropping hints? I guess we will know soon enough as conversations between teams and free agents can begin tonight at 12:01am..

    Cmon Howie! Make it happen!

    Go Birds!!! E.A.G.L.E.S EAGLLLLLES!!!

    • If what u write is true that’s ducking great!

      My updated eagles wish list
      1. Sign Byrd
      2. Get rid of that faggot ass feminine and childish “fight song”
      3. New unis

    • Yo Dcar I think we found out why Chung wasn’t released on the way back to the to locker room after they lost to the Saints. LOL because Chung will be recruiting Byrd!!!!!

    • dude if thats true ill never doubt your sources

      • zilents, his source is twitter, where everyone with an account can read! Don’t buy into his delusions, or blow up his head.

  • It would be absolutely amazing if the Eagles managed to sign both Ward and Byrd to shore up that position for the next 4-5 years, I want to say its a pipe dream..

    I think they go and sign Byrd then draft a Deone Bucannon in the 2nd round..

    • I can see the Eagles picking up two safety’s in free agency but it would be Jenkins n Clemons, their thinking probably is, why pay for one big safety when we can pay for two starters with the same money, I don’t think that’s the smart move though, I think Howie has to start saying, we’ve signed second tier safety’s since Dawkins left n none ever panned out, I think it’s time we bring in a big name, I really hope they realize that n wake up, it’s time.

  • has the byrd landed in philly yet?

  • the philly news column will read the eagles got its byrd

  • Wow…Ryan Shazier tore up his pro date….4.38..my goodness

    • Shazier is a stud and will be a good NFP Player
      Issue with him as far as the Eagles go is that he’s on the smaller
      Size at 6-1″-235lbs and most Scouts project him as an
      OLB in a 4-3 Scheme
      A 3-4 Scheme requires bigger Players since they are out in space more and with 3 DL in front of them are more likely to have to take on blocks directly from bigger OL more often than a 4-3 OLB
      But make no mistake, Shazierbis a Player, but just not a foot fit for the Eaglex
      3-4 Scheme
      Remember that Kelky & Davus want longer, bigger Players
      Across the board and ideally want OLB’s in that
      6-3″-6-4″ Range and 250-255lbs and Shazier just doesn’t gave this kind of size

      • Tom Donahoe and Tom Gamble are the best in the business when it comes to scouting LBs for the 3-4, that’s the least of my worries, our top priority has to be safety, it hasent worked in the draft and FA since Dawk left, they cant mess this up this year.

      • I love that Shazier kid but as Paulman already pointed out he doesn’t really fit in our system on Defense. I think they target Christian Jones who lines up everywhere or Attaochu in the draft.

        • I think the Eagles will target both Deone Bucannon and Christian Jones in the draft based on the reported amount of time the Eagles spent interviewing and watching these guys at the senior bowl and combine.

          • Both good young Propects and wouldn’t mind seeing both in Eagles Green
            Buchanon in the 2nd
            Jones in the 3rd or 4th..

            • Exactly where I’d draft them.

              • The Eagles somehow have to acquire 2 more Draft Selections
                In that 60th-125th Range (late 2nd thru the 4th Rd)
                And maybe can use Players like Graham,Currry, Celek even
                With their 2 5th Round picks to move up into
                This Range..
                I tell you, the Browns are loaded with Picks
                This Draft and have lots of needs
                They have 7 Selections in the Top 140
                And 5 Selections in the top 85 or so..
                New GM Farmer (Former Eagle and Duke Player)
                Has a great chance to put his stamp on the Browns right away
                Though they need the biggest piece at QB
                They should stay with Hoyer/Campbell for
                2014 and take Best Player Available with these Picks
                And then go for QB in 2015 where there will be a better/deeper class ..

  • The Eagles better worry about getting a competent backup QB. That should be a priority. They need a Vet backup just in case Foles gets dinged up and misses a few games because from what I saw in Barkley the Eagles will be in trouble.

    • Looking more and more like Vick Dag, won’t be the worst thing in the world.

  • Back ups are not a concern when you still need a significant amount of starters. Winning the division was nice but don’t get too far ahead of schedule in expectations.

  • Whether we like it or not, I think the back up position is already locked up. Barkley will be the number 2. Chip actually drafted him with a pretty high pick and from all reports, Chip loves Barkley.

    • I agree. I think its going to be Barkley as the #2.

      Vick isn’t coming back. He can’t. After all his, “I’m a starter” business in the winter, do you really think he’s going to come back to the Eagles, tail between his legs, to battle with Barkley for the #2 spot?

    • Barkley is the back up QB!

      • I could see the Eagles bringing a Josh Freeman or even a Mark Sanchez (after his Jets Release) to cone and compete with Barkley as the Back-up
        I do believe that Kelly would like a back up with NFL Games experience and if Barkkey steps up, then so be it..but I don’t think Kelky will go into the 2014 Season with only Foles,Barkley and an unknown as his 3 QB’s on the Final Roster…
        Kelky does know Sanchez a bit from their Pac-10 Days and though he’s been a disaster the last 2 Seasons with Jets, is the kind of athletic QB
        Who may fit well in Kelly’s System
        Freeman is an interesting QB
        He has a nice arm,size can move around a little but is more of a Pocket QB similar to Barkley & Foles
        Maybe with a clear head and focus he can be effective in a back-up role
        Both He & Sanchez have started 50 Games or so in the NFL which
        Kelly would like..

        • I don’t see Kelly wanting either one of them as they both are poor decision makers who do not seem to learn from their mistakes.

          • So why would he keep Barkley on the roster? I agree with Biggy, as I have stated since he was drafted, that Matt Barkley is not an NFL QB..

            • At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what we think or want. I’m basing my comment on the fact that Chip drafted Barkley….and from all accounts like him based off of what he’s seen of him when he played at USC!

              • Eagle, I understand the pride involved with trying to save face with a guy he drafted. But, that doesn’t mean we should gullibly accept that that is in the best interest of the team……

                Matt Barkley Is not an NFL QB, and Kelly as Intelligent as I know he is – Knows it…Based on him in practice, and in games in the Pros – His college accomplishments, are, and should be irrelevant.

                If he wants to save face for drafting another dud – Let him politically grant him the 3rd string slot, because anyone that want the Eagles to compete for a SuperBowl, knows Barkley isn’t going to get it – He’s Garbage Eagle

                I get where politics comes into play

              • Barkley sucks!

        • I could see josh freeman never playing another down the nfl. He can’t throw, has awful preparation habits, is not a leader, basically does not have an even average skill in any category.

          Guy blows.

      • Barkley is not an NFL QB a complete waste of a roster spot I don’t care how high Kelly thinks of him.

        • Big, love when you rip Barkley! Never waste an opportunity. XD

          • I like seeing him mentioned just so I can call him a stiff DCar. LOL I really really don’t like USC QB’s.

            • Big, I don’t like any players from USC, or ND. All overhyped, all overrated.

              • Same here about USC & ND Pkayers and to be honest
                Players from Alabama & LSU are beginning to fall into this category of being overhyped/overrated..
                I believe nany of the Kids at these “Big-Time” Programs are maxed out, and more products of their Programs System
                And have all seemed to struggle to adjust in the NFL
                There have been a lot of Flops from Alabama in recent years and especially in the Secondary
                (Mark Barron,D Milliner,Dre Kirkpatrick, Kareem Jackson,Javier Arena have all struggled in the NFL to make an impact or even become Starters …

              • USC and ND players blow once they get to the NFL for the most part. I do not care for them either as I pray the cowgirls, deadskins, and midgets draft players from those two schools.

              • I totally agree with you Eagle Brother.

                Back in the 70’s, and 80’s, some may have been relevant, but they are overblown, and overhyped based on the teams accomplishments – case and point Matt Barkley, Trevor Laws, Rocket Ismeal, and Victor Abiramiri….

  • **Eagles News**

    According to my source, the Eagles are expected to show interest in Mike Mitchell formerly of the Carolina panthers in addition to Jarius Byrd.

    • That’s already been reported on Bleeding Green Nation. I read it an hour ago.

      • Eagles,
        Bleeding Green Nation one of his sources, to go along with Twitter, Facebook, Bleacher report, NFL.com, WIP, 3, 6, 10 news, NFL Network, ESPN, & every other source, everybody else has. He’s a f^#@ing insane, delusional, goofball, that’s unable to deal with reality. His comic relief, is highly amusing.

        • Oh, & Philly.com, his main source!

    • I like Safety Mike Mitchell and have stated so
      All Off-Season.. I’ve seen him play all year with the Panthers since I live in NC and he’s a tough, good all-around player..
      If Paired with a True Free Safety like Byrd,
      Then Mitchell can play down in the Box, cover the short intermediate routes and have Byrd handle the deeper routes,
      since Mitchell is not real strong in deep pass coverages
      That would be a nice Safety Combo
      Mitchell reminds me a little of a Bob Sanders type who was a little smaller, but flies around the field, always around the ball and brings energy & passion to the field…

      • Mike Mitchell sucks!

        • Yes he does…contract year wonder….

          • gmc, me with 2 bad wheels, & you being handicapped (no joke intended), could have played safety on that defense.

            • I can still run DCar, I’m not in a wheel Chair brother. I have terminal Diabetes. If you met me you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with me, because the intelligence is still clicking – and some of my Daughters model friends think I’m in my 30’s……….

              I think he is a name that played over his head last year – and would stay away from him – Just go sign Byrd, and Jenkins to play Safety, and draft some depth for the future – Buchannon, Jimmie Ward, Keith McGill, Jean-Baptiste ect… – It really shouldn’t be that difficult to resolve

              • I know gmc. Your brain is well documented. Maybe we both should try out? LMMFBO! Be careful, my man. Take your Insulin & meds, diet right, & watch the injuries. It’s very easy for you to get catastrophic issues. Bless you, bruh.

              • Thank You Good Brother, I do all that and then some…

              • Good to here bruh! We only live once, & we need to be here for our families, & break balls on here! LOL!!!!

              • GMCliff – terminal? hell no, I don’t want to see you leave, reading your nonsense is too entertaining. Good thing Howie took charge of this roster so you get to see a Superbowl Champion before that Lucifer fellow in red snatches you up.

              • And for Conic Relief, GMCliff can read
                Posts from JH …
                Rest up Brother, this Free-Agency & Draft
                Will be a wild ride..
                If Eagles Address the Safety & DL Positions
                Then this Changes the Draft Strategy big time
                Eagles could then surprise and Draft a
                WR,OL,LB or even a QB a lot earlier than what some of us

    • My source says they haven’t shown ANY interest in Byrd, or TJ Ward at all at this time….

      Every Internet source speaks about Mike Mitchell, but not one speaks of both him AND Byrd in the same sentence. So, if they sign Mitchell, and Malcolm Jenkins….what does that say about your source?

      I say It’s a combination of the internet, and your personal desire for the Eagles to sign both – adlibbing, just like your Exum moving up the draft board crap….

  • Philadelphia Magazine’s Tim McManus reports the Eagles are interested in free agent DE Michael Johnson.
    The Vikings are seen as the most likely landing spot for Johnson, but Philadelphia has cap room and needs a pass rusher. Free agent Mike Neal could be a more affordable option if Johnson’s price proves too high. The Eagles only managed 37 sacks in 2013.

    • mh, he’s going to be getting too much $$$$, to come in here & be a rotational player. So unless Weaselman is trading Cole & swallowing his dead money, it’s not happening. Unless they bring him in to be a 5 technique DE. Then maybe we can rotate Thornton, with both Cox & Johnson. Very interesting, but I can’t see it. Like I said, if they nickel & dime us again at safety, I’m going to be f^#@ing furious! We have $24M+ still, & by cutting Chung & Henery, we can get an additional $4M. No more excuses, sign the best FA of need, in Byrd. He’s in his prime, & is the best coverage safety out there.

      • If they bring anyone in to be a 5 technique DE….I’d rather they bring in LaMarr Houston – so much more talented, and fit for the position than Johnson, or Neal

        • I like Houston too gmc. So does paul.

          • He should be the target for that position, just in case Thornton leaves, or Cox declines in his development, because he really hasn’t been close to dominating, but he is mainly serviceable.

            But, LaMarr Houston to me is a no brainer….

            • We have Thornton for 1 more year, so Cox, & he are basically on 1 year “prove I can improve contracts.” I’d love to get Houston. But, you know as well as I do, Weaselman is going to nickel & dime us again, with 2nd-3rd tier, rotational, mediocre stiffs again. I hope I’m not disappointed again, like last years FA signings. Barwin (your boy :)) Williams, & Fletcher were the only useful signings.

              • LOL!!!

                Howie is our GM, so I hope he can improve on the quality of his Free agent signings. Byrd, Jenkins, and maybe Houston would be the only big- somewhat big contracts he would have to sign.

                I really like the idea of bringing in Kenny Britt, or Hakeem Nicks – which neither would call for Big Money..

              • Let’s hope! Hell no too Britt, & Nicks! Britt is nuttier than a fruitcake, & Nicks is toast. No thanks, we have enough $$$ tied up in the WR corps. Draft a kid, & move on.

              • Kenny Britt is going to have a career changing season. Whoever signs him will be getting a big time bargain…..We agree to disagree on Britt, and Hicks DCar – but keep an eye on how their season goes.

                Outside maybe Sammy Watkins – There isn’t a rookie any better – Right Now – than Nicks, or Britt…..

              • You can have them. We don’t need another $multi-million WR. Draft a kid. Watkins, Evans, Matthews, Benjamin, Adams, Beckham, Lee & Robinson, will all be better than Britt. He’s one strike from being banned & Nicks will be hurt again by week 3-4. He’s tissue paper. Remember what I said, & I’ll remember what you said.

              • Okay DCar…You know I’ll remember….:)

                I don’t really like ANY of the top rated WR’s outside Watkins, and I don’t think they will be better than what Britt, or Hicks have accomplished in their professional careers.

        • GMCliff – I interpreted the interest in Michael Johnson to be an edge rusher.

  • I wouldn’t touch anyone from the Raiders — that team was giving up 7TD games like girl scout cookies – I don’t know if Lamar Houston is a good player or not but Losing was a culture over their in Oakland ( and some of that has been trained into his mind)

    • e0, Houston is a very good player, & still young. Don’t let the ASSomugha debacle scare you off.

      • I like Houston at 6-3 300lbs with burst
        He would am excellent Totational DE to rotate in for Cox,Thornton
        As would Arthur Jones whose a little bigger at 315lbs and who I envision being a solid Rotaional Pkayer with Logan but could pkay that 5-Techique as a DE
        L Houston better in pass-Rushing
        A Jones better in Run Defense
        Both high motor quality Players that would fit in
        With the Eagles young DL

        • That’s right Paul..

  • I don’t care who they are, what they are paid, or where they come from. GET ME some NFL STARTERS for this defense. I would love Byrd but I don’t need a STAR I need work horses and then we Draft our Stars.

    You all can say what you wan’t but C Barwin, C Williams and B Fletcher at least looked like they belong in the league last year unlike the the crap we had the year before. Coaching and Attitude are important as well as talent. DRC could have been a better player but he quit.

    We at least need two safeties that are NFL Starters.

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