• July 4, 2022

DeSean Jackson To Sign With Washington

DeSean JacksonDeSean Jackson and the Washington Redskins have reportedly agreed on a three-year deal worth $16 million guaranteed.

Chip Kelly’s decision to move on from Jackson is going be even more heavily criticized if the electric wide receiver goes on to help a division rival become stronger. Jackson’s presence could cause a significant shift in power within the division. Not only have the Eagles lost one of their top playmakers in his prime, but they allowed him to go to a division rival. If this move goes on to pay huge dividends for the Redskins, its going to go down as one of the great, unforced errors that has ever been made by a head coach/front office.

Jackson will be a tremendous upgrade to the Washington offense. He’ll make a solid one-two punch with Pierre Garcon, and he’ll give Robert Griffin a vertical threat unlike one that he’s ever had in his career.

Throughout his time in Philadelphia, Jackson had some of his best efforts against division rivals. He’s got 118 receptions for 2,077 yards and 10 touchdowns against the NFC East.

Now that great big-game production will serve the Washington Redskins instead of the Philadelphia Eagles. And you can bet that Jackson will more than motivated to have a couple of those games against the head coach and organization that cast him aside.

With no criminal charges or larger stories surrounding Jackson’s off-field life, it looks more and more to me that Chip Kelly may have just committed a huge blunder that will come back to haunt him and the organization.


Denny Basens

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  • Wow. That offense just got a lot better. Can’t wait to watch the slow Eagles CBs try to cover DJax.

  • Snyder wins the off season most every year!!! then the season happens… the gcobb faithful claim that last off season was brutal for the birds and they won the east. those same guys claim this off season was brutal. if you want to win the off season go with songs down to dc!!!!

    • Because surrounding your QB with nice weapons is a bad thing? Every team has had free agent busts what’s your point?

    • Why don’t you get lost, you condescending troll, & go root for your hero Ruin 2morrow. Sick of your, snooty, clueless wannabe know it all criticisms! You are a corporate, & FO apologist, & excuse making lemming, & don’t want anyone to have a voice, or mind of their own! Get f^#@ing lost!

      • oh why in the world would you take offense i didn’t name you for anything? what makes you think i was referring to you?
        i continue to point out FA as a general rule are not how you build a good team…
        you know when you as the internet thug you are tell people to get lost…it really carries no weight!

        • I take offense to your constant, condescending, know it all attitude, & your mistreatment, of someone who has a voice, mind, & brain of their own! You don’t know it all! You are an irrational creep, & never admit you’re wrong. You can call me all of the names in the world, & it won’t change what you are. And BTW, I couldn’t care less what you think about me.

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                Desean….is that you 🙂

                I’m right off Loco Pkwy 10mins from Skins Park…Will be in front of Pats at least 20x after Phillies game and I will be at the draft.


                Lmao stop tripping Desean your too little

              • You’re a funny man. Keep using your comedy to cover up your cowardice! Don’t waste my time fraud, you ain’t meeting anyone! BTW, I’m almost 6’4” & 245 pounds, so DJax I’m not. Don’t waste my time. You make me yawn with boredom!

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  • I am well aware of Snyders track record Cigar. But do you deny that adding Djax to that offense makes them better?

    • maybe… point is no one has a way of knowing the impact of any one player… i don’t know the whole desean story and neither do you or anyone else… chip feels that he got addition by subtraction (which is a very real thing in athletics)– will his speed and talent add to the skins, on the surface YES!… again, every one of snyders big off seasons has on paper improved the team… i’m still trying to remember the last true diva, whiny, punk a$$ WR to win a SB? Moss? nope, TO, Nope….maybe plax? I guess but can’t remember if he was a whiny diva?

      • Percy Harvin?

        • 1. is he a whiny, meeting missing punk?
          2 he had a total of 5 catches the entire 2013 season including the playoffs… um…

          • And ran back a TD in the Super Bowl, no he just misses practices and is 20x’s the headache DJax is.

        • Percy Harvin barely played all year. How the Seahawks won a Superbowl virtually without him and giving up all those picks was a testament to their drafting.

          • Agree Izell and he wasn’t a free agent but that was in to regards to the what whiny diva WR has ever won a Super Bowl .

            • Honestly…has their every really been a diva type WR to win it all in the last 5-10 years? Devasting duo wise I only remember Holt/Bruce Wayne/Harrison. Neither one of them were divas.

      • lol lol Maybe please stop with this……. I live in DC these guys down here are talking superbowl (they are also riding me the lone eagle fan down here hard ) Djax make them extremely better just stop with that!!!!!!!

        • Im down here as well. Most fans are 50/50 especially when a majority thought he was a punk and thug prior years. Facebook and twitter Skin fans were bad mouthing him hard.

          The knowledgeable ones know that with that OL a rookie coach and a QB being setback to not puff the chest out just yet.

          • come to the Capitol building on Capitol hill they love the move and I don’t blame them. you have to agree that this move will open things up for morris RG3 thomas the newTE and garcon

            • I’m in Ashburn. Lol its a different thought process out here.

              • Every bamma in D.C. is probably talking Superbowl. Remember how it was going into last year. You couldnt get them to shut up….then they all disappeared by week 5. HAHAHAHHA

              • I hope your right, I hate the skins but I’m taking a lot of HEAT OVER THIS a can’t walk any where without someone saying how much of a DUMB_ _ _ CHIP KELLY IS

              • Remember how they acted after we traded McNabb?

                You’re fine lol

  • Okay, Denny. Basens knows more than chip about what is best for chips football team

    • we all know what would have been best for the football team. How about getting something in return for your best WR? Then on top of it, he goes to your Rival team?
      How can anyone be impressed with whats gone on with the Eagles this offseason… ?

  • The eagles are now forced to take a wr @22 due to Maclin and benn’s injury history look for them to either trade up for mike Evans stay at 22 and grab Brandon cooks or trade back and get Benjamin.

    • How does that help us this year? No rookie is going to come in here, learn the system in training camp and make an immediate impact, that’s not happening, they better pick up some help on D cause there going to need it, Jenkins is not going to improve our pass D from last to top ten, people better wake up.

  • Denny are you around the team? If so what issues did Desean present that would justify releasing him other than not wanting to pay him?

  • C’mon its obvious! Before all of this stuff broke …everyone saw DJax as an important weapon to this team! We just handed over a All-Pro Wide Receiver over to a division rival…that’s not a good for our efforts to win a Super Bowl! …Washington is going to be very hard to stop…they now have a All-Pro receiver, an All-Pro running back..and a healthy RGIII with speed and a cannon for a arm! Its ridiculous….Chip has better win after this dumb ass move!!!

  • RGME and MEsean together!

    3 good games of bombs away and then the cracks will begin to appear.

    Honeymoon will be over by week 16.

    1.5 years in and there will be tabloid fireworks.

    Sit back and enjoy! I will.

    • We would all hope that but its not going to happen, right now their receivers are better then ours, DJak was only targeted 4 times a game when Foles took over so if they target him the same amount I don’t see him crying, we better load up on D, that’s all I can say, Carrol and Jenkins isn’t going to help us go from last to top 10.

      • Maybe if he targeted him 6 times against the Saints we would have won that game. LOL


        desean averaged 7 targets a game under foles

        • BIGLION

          desean was targeted 6 times in the saints game and only caught 3 of his targets

          • Good catch Henski.

    • It’s an exciting time to be a Redskins fan and a part of this team because of the firepower that we have,” Griffin said, according to Mike Jones of The Washington Post. “Everyone needs to understand that we haven’t won anything yet, and these next few months will be about building those bonds and chemistry so that we can.”

  • a total bummer

    lots of great memories and HUGE plays from desean and its all over just like that, it fucking sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i wish the kid well except twice a year when he plays us

    no clue why we did this but all i can do is scratch my head and root for the eagles

    • Henski hopefully with the skins bad oline and mediocre defense this won’t come back and haunt us.

      • I hope it doesnt either. Desean did only average 50-60 catches per year under reid so his insane play last year couldve been because of chips scheme, we shall see

        all i know is there are a lot of mouths to feed in dc. reed, garcon, desean. i think he will get around 60-65 catches there but hopefully none of them will be for paydirt against us. do wanna see him mock the eagles with the wing flapping…

  • “Nothings changed for Eagles fans. We still get to watch him play in 2 inspired games a season.”

    LOL!! Someone posted that on twitter and I about fell over laughing.

    • 🙂

  • I thought the birds would finish first in the NFC East with a 9-7 record tied with Washington before the release and change of teams. This may have tipped the scale in Washington’s favor. I love Jordan Reed’s talent, he is going to pro bowl this season. DJax stats are going to plummet in Washington back to 800 and 5 touchdowns but Washington is a serious double digit win team now.

    • Yeah, Reed is a serious talent not unlike our Zach Ertz though. Both of them are the new breed of Tight Ends in the NFL. Reed is going to steal a lot of balls from DeSean. The skins still have 0 offensive line, and 0 defense. If they get off to their normal slow starts to their games we’re going to see a lot of DeSean moping on the sideline. I would still favorite the Eagles for the Division, but it is only the 2nd Day of March, and injuries happen.

      • *April

    • Reed has talent but is Mr. Glass and coming out of college injuries were a problem and he missed a big chunk of the season because of it.

  • Las Vegas just set the over/under for complete Redskin coach/RGMe/Mesean meltdown at 22.5 games.

    Take the under!

  • I don’t agree Denny. I think Kelly did the right thing unloading Jackson. And seeing the tweet that DeAngelo Hall put out there to welcome Jackson cements it in my mind.

    Anybody who had doubts about Jackson’s ties to “alleged” crips will be interested to see that DeAngelo tweeted @DeseanJackson10 congrats lil bro welcome to Redskins Nation. @RGIII @PierreGarcon @DeAngeloHall23 @Wale @John_Wall huge making it happen!!!

    What fucking arrogance this guy has… John Wall….lol

    • Why the hell did he list John Wall?

      • It was reported that John Wall’s private “Limosuine Service” gave D-Jax rides around Town all weekend….

    • What da hell does that mean? Wait according to everyone he was throwing gang signs AT D.Hall.

  • Andrew everybody was damn near like a rookie last year and they all learned in a year. That was everybody’s first year in chip’s system

  • Redskins win the offseason every year and it blows up in their face. Every time it looks great on paper and the media buys it and then guess what the games are actually played…
    For some reason to me this is nothing compared to when TO left to go play for the Cowboys. I was furious then but this is nowhere near that and Desean was actually drafted here.
    Im just not worried at all about the redskins. Their QB is overhyped and an injury waiting to happen. The dude isn’t even mentally tough enough to handle people on twitter. They have no defense whatsoever. And Desean can be shut down by dudes like Keenan Lewis and then just stop trying.

    • On top of it the hate I have towards the redskins is just nowhere near what I have for the Cowboys and Giants. Redkins are a joke, they have been .500 like once in the past 5 years. I think they finish below .500 again this year

  • Jaylen Watkins is visiting the Eagles. I stated before I like the Florida corners in Watkins and Purifoy as mid round picks.

    Watkins bro is Sammy btw..

    Get Pryor in here at safety. After seeing what little Dunte Robinson did to Desean, I think Pryor could break him in half.

    • Yeah, I saw where Johnny Manziel is in NE for a visit with the Patriots…


      This must mean that Belichick is not sold on Brady. lol dumb asses…..

      • They are also hosting T. Bridgewater.

        The only person who would think that means they have no confidence in Brady is the idiot who wrote that.

        • LOL – you and that other nitwit went on about how

          “No team with an established starting QB ever interviews a potential #1 QB” “That must mean Chip don’t have confidence in Foles”

          So I guess you two were wrong, ha TS?

          • so now that desean is a redskin, can you confirm you will be rooting for them like you previously stated tsjohnson? or will you be rooting for the eagles?

            • Yes.

              I will be rooting for Jax to do well which is exactly what I said. And I hope he burns the Egles the 2x he plays them b/c it was some bullshit how they handled the whole thing.

              Exactly what I said when I said it the first time.

              I also said I expect the Eagles to win the East.


              You – like your buddy IrishEagle like to make non-existent points. Like I said…I’ll copy and post what I said everday and twice on Sundays if it makes u feel better.

              • “I hope he (Desean) burns the Eagles.”

                That’s all I needed to know about you. You are a fan of players, not team (of course I already knew this).

                You are not an Eagles’ fan. Every Eagles fan here hopes he spends the first half of the game raising his arms in the air while RGIII overthrows him leading to a sideline confrontation followed by a catch one over the middle where he gets hammered by a safety breaking 2 ribs and missing 3 games.

                Fraud. Go buy a combo Jets/Skins Jersey and root for your me-first heros.

              • I”m going to immensely enjoy when DJax gets picked up and burns the hell out of the Ealges should he go to a team we play.

                I’m gonna laugh and giggle like a little girl on CHristmas when he burns the hell out of our pathetic secondary.

                And yes…I’m going to enjoy when the tandem of Mac and Cooper can’t get open for sh*t and get knocked the fuck out when we play the teams of the NFC West.

                Releasing him is whatever…hubris at it’s finest but whatever…but the hit job..not cool. Not. At. All.


          • HAHAHAHA

          • *rolls eyes*

            At 4 million dollars. The EXACT same thing I said about the Jets signing Vick. You don’t sign a pure backup at those rates.

            I also said that if it was incentive laden then yeah it’s a straight backup hire – and that negates my previous thoughts.

            But I guess u missed all of that in your rush to make a non-existent point.

        • Anyone who knows how Belicheck is wired knows that he wants to see what makes Manziel & Bridgewater Tick for he will be devising game plans against them, Nothing wrong with learning as much as you can about the Top QB’s in the Draft Class whether they ever fall to you or the fact that you will be lining up against them someday..

          • I realize that Paul. I’m just pointing out that you don’t have to lack confidence in your starting QB to interview top college QBs entering the draft.

            Don’t you remember the federal case tsjohnson, koolbreez and others made when Kelly interviewed Johnny Manziel at the combine? To them it was a sure sign that Kelly was not pleased with Foles.

            • Yes I hear and understand your point..
              I beieve it’s a good idea for Coach’s not only to interview and work out your Prospective Players but also Prospective Opponents, that you’ll face down the Road …

  • Ok here is my take on all of this and I got facts. People are saying that we are worst off with dejackass . In 2008 Drew brees threw for 5,094 yards and not ONE WR has over 1,000 yards, the next year they won the super bowl. 2012 Shady was injured and only had 840 yards rushing and dejackass only had 45 catches for a measly 700 yards. Last year shady had 1607 rushing yards and dejackass had 1332 why?? First rule of football , THE RUN OPENS UP THE PASS….

    When shady was hurt teams didn’t stack the box because they knew it was nothing, so they played man or cover 2 with a safety over the top to shut down dummy boy. Now last year they had to try and stop shady so they picked there poison and let dejackass run free. BUT, it wasn’t just that it’s the SYSTEM. How many times have we witnessed a player leave here and go be a pro bowler other place because they were a perfect fit for that system. To win in the NFL you can’t just line up and play you got pro athletes right across from you who are just as good as you most times. You have to create mismatches all over the field which we did. What team did you see they send out a BASIC package on the field and run 1 play, then quickly before the other team can guess what package to use to defend you got the same guys lined up spread out all over the place meanwhile the defense is tired and guessing what to do….. It is simple you get the right players to match up and take advantage of and exploit the coverage.

    We had Vick and he was the type of player that didn’t read the coverage well so he just took a chance and threw the ball up after scrambling where the defense had to guess if Vick was going to run or not and that also freed up dejack. Football is about mismatches .. not 1 man.. I can’t wait to get tickets to see them play that kid and they are going to smash him, why. Because the team Chip is building is going to be disciplined, we let our outside rushers flush RG3 up in the pocket where we are looking to get bigger at so we can collapse that pocket and not give him time. RGdummy likes to do the VICK thing where he throws it up while being pilled to the ground. Hey, the year after Brees threw for over 5,000 yards with no 1,000 yard receiver they won the super bowl by putting speed on the field with mismatches coming out the back field I.E Reggie bush and DAREN SPROLES.. you needed to pick your poison if you were a LB. Now we got him. Go figure.

    • I agree with a lot of that, scramz25.

      As for Jackson and the Redskins, I would not want to be a first time head coach and come into a situation where DJax and DHall were my team leaders.

    • RG3 won the feud with the Shanahans.
      RG3 had veto power over the Gruden offense and the Djax signing.

      • It’s the reason though that as quickly as they fell in love with him here if he stumbles again this year he’s more than likely done in D.C after this year.


    The Redskins are guaranteeing $16 million of 24 million over 3 years. They were already tight in cap space at 6 milllion.

    Had the Redskins addressed this need in the WR deep draft it would have cost them half the expense and cap hit.

    Second. RG3 is the leader of the Redskin offense. I wonder how much patience he is going to have for Desean’s temper tantrums when Desean does not get the ball? RG3 is a team player, I wonder how much patience he is going to have when Desean refuses to go over the middle?

    The Redskins don’t have what would have been the 2nd pick in the draft. The signed offensive linemen and a pricey WR. They picked up an offensive minded coach, who is already promising to build the offense around RG3.

    Desean will get his fair share of plays against the Eagles. However, from day 1, Kelly said he wanted a bigger team. I for one have been wishing for a bigger team, much like the Steelers for most of the Andy Reid era. Those undersized players (trent cole, boney James) always fade out at the end of the year.

    It’s Kelly’s team and he needs to put his kind of players on the field, not the FAT MAN’s.

    24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

    Desean made it clear who his master was at the end of the season. I make 10.6 million my team just lost the play-offs, I stunk, but yes, I think I deserve more money.

    Not “I have got to figure out how to beat press coverage”. Not “how could I get shut down on a team that has a great running back, an accurate passer and very good TEs.” Maybe I can get stronger and lift some weights.

    Nope…Just “I want more money”. Well let’s see what he does in Washington. He married the first girl that kissed him for a reason. There wasn’t anybody else stupid enough to pay him that kind of money.

    Short term gain for the Redskins. Long term gain for the EAGLES.

    • please stop using common sense on this website… it is commonly frowned upon!

      • As BSM said… me sean should learn to use the word ‘I’ in a way that states what he (I) can do better, I can help this way…

    • WR’s Pierre Garcon is a Whiner also if he’s not getting the Ball
      I look at Garcon,D-Jax, RGIII as a pretty Volatile mix with some potential issues…
      They addded Slot WR Andre Roberts from the CArindals who is another young speedy Receiver
      I imagine they will release Veteran Santana Moss to clear up some Cap Space, but would miss his Leadership if they do…

      • Paul didn’t Moss just get resigned?
        the LT is a hot head too. He had a problem with a ref last year and youtube Trent Williams punches Richard Sherman, funny stuff.

        • Yes, they re-signed Moss about a month ago on a 1 Year Deal
          Now they have Receivers WR Garcon,D-Jax,Roberts,Hankerson and Niles Paul along with TE’s Jordan Reed and Luke Paulsen…
          With them signing D-Jax and moving Roberts into the Slot, where are the snaps going to be for Moss..

    • I think your comment Desean made it clear who his master was at the end of the season. I make 10.6 million my team just lost the play-offs, I stunk, but yes, I think I deserve more money.

      Not “I have got to figure out how to beat press coverage”. Not “how could I get shut down on a team that has a great running back, an accurate passer and very good TEs.” Maybe I can get stronger and lift some weights.
      is the best comment i have read on any site including my own.. That’s what a Real Best player on the team would say… Beat that damn coverage….So well said..

  • I like this Eagles mock draft on Bleacherreport

    1st round S Calvin Pryor Louisville
    2nd round WR Jordan Matthews Vandy
    3rd round LB Christian Jones FSU
    4th round CB Jaylen Watkins UF
    5th round DE George Uko USC
    7th round OG Trey Hopkins Texas

    • Prior if available or dark horse CJ Mosely. Neither one available. Best player on the board who isn’t a RB/TE.

  • This is all a HUGE blunder. I am not a fan.

    Had the eagles traded him to an AFC team for a second rounder this would have been fine. BUT… giving the Skins a weapon at a discounted price while we get nothing is just plain stupid.

    • I AGREE 100% TRADE HIM OUT THE DIVISON!!!!!!!!!!

      • i guess you guys missed the articles on legitmate nfl websites… no one would ever have traded for him and his contract!

  • For all the doom and gloomers out there… question… cowboys have arguably the best WR in the division and finished 8-8, 2 years ago the eagles had 10 and finished 4-12, the lions have megatron and i don’t know if the ever made the playoffs with him…. there are scary WR everywhere! relax for crying out loud!

    • And with DJax the Eagles have played in a NFC championship game and won the division last year, what’s your point?

      • point is there are scary dangerous types on every team in the nfl… the TEAM is bigger than the individuals… very simple- people should stop whining and acting scared about the skins and djax!

  • We beef up our D by getting DT and OLB and have a legit passrush I dont care who they have in that receiving core you found that out when the best qb went up against the best D and got beat down to a pulp! Glad he went to division rival 1st time he gets cocky he gets laid out and exposed and stop blaming ck for every friggin thing going on money was big part of it, you see what he got same money as cooper he aint worth 10milyr

  • Sources tweet that WR Chad Hall is Visiting NovaCare Center Thursday..
    When asked about Chad Hall, HC Kelly Stated ” Chad Hall is a super guy, and just loves the game of football, I liked him when he played for the Eagles a few year back.. I think he can help this Team”

  • I guess Desean trolling the Eagles giving up every hand sign rocky poster formation look tendency weakness he can for the two games we play. Coaches calling the Redskins to get tips lol. You don’t let your top players go within the division. The Redskins have a running game if nothing else Desean will make big plays as he has done more than anybody since he has been in the NFL. Idk if that means Wash will win games, but you can’t tell me its a good thing he is in the division.

    • Really…cause Trotter McNabb Owens came back to haunt us?……

      • Izzell Andy Reid did not have a new system he was trying to take the league by storm with. Also if your memory serves you correctly we could not move the ball at all in our first meeting with Dmac and the Skins. Kevin Kolb calling out plays when we played the Cards it happens. Patriots were considering signing Avant just to troll Chip. His system is new innovative to the NFL and teams are already using play cards. So to compare Trotter a LB and T.O who was only here a year is typical and not thought out.

        • Kolb played 4 games this was Vicks team after McNabb left.

          You made yourself sound like the TYPICAL clown with the Avant troll. Belichek and Chip have been friends since he was in NH and brought Chip in to discuss offense and did the same at Oregon. DJax played one year in an offense, do you really think the offense will be the same next year? Lmao McNabb played for Reid for a decade…Vick put up 60 lol where was the inside knowledge? Dumb logic.

          Lmao get a clue.

          • You not reading in a rush to respond. Kolb played for Arizona and was on the sideline calling out Andy’s formations we lost that game. They year Vick put up 60 on the Skins was after the meeting where we lost first time they played. Everybody knows about Chip and Bill relationship so no new news there. Are you saying trolling doesn’t happen don’t be stupid trying to be right.

            • He was not stop lying. You mean the game Vick threw 2 picks and DJax didn’t play? Lmao you right though it was Kolb calling out plays.

            • Do you mean the first game where Vick broke his ribs in the 2nd qtr driving on goal line? You right….it was McNabb trolling first game? Lmao stop the nonsense.

            • You didn’t know about it that’s why you posted about Avant like it meant something lmao gtfoh

              • Like I said no new news. Just BC they shared notes doesn’t mean he wouldn’t consider bringing someone who is a smart player and prob soaked up what he is doing in the NFL. You think Chip Kelly told Bill everything? As for the Arizona game it was general knowledge they were trolling I guess you missed that ya bad catch up. If you want to be literal of corse its not the sole reason a game is won or lost but it does not help. Again are you saying trolling doesn’t happen in the NFL? If so you are an idiot. If yes STFU. Another kook aid drinker that will argue anything remotely close to not being giddy over Eagles decisions. I real fan wouldn’t bring up Trotter like it didn’t hurt us. If all you are worried about is beating the Skins then cool. Me myself I want a Superbowl and not having Trotter on our team got us exposed with Kirkland and Gardner.

            • Lmao but when you make it literal and sole reason it doesn’t matter. You made it your point, look stupid now and now it’s something else. Didn’t you say pointing out Trotter was dumb and now you use it? Typical wanna be smarter than the room guy who knows more than real football men.

              Again know your facts…that Eagles defense was 7th in the league and Trotter was not the reason they came up short. But make more shit up that doesn’t make sense.

              Lmao Kolb called out all the plays that’s why we lost…
              McNabb beat us we couldn’t score….not the fact the starting QB was gone


              • Izzell you need to stick to washing cars and shitting on the side of houses. Pointing out Trotter is dumb saying trolling is not a part yes and it is equally as dumb not realizing losing trotter wasn’t a good thing. I guess you don’t remember short passes over the middle in the bucs game going all the way or how we struggled with that enough to the point they bought Trotter back out of desperation. I never made it the sole reason for anything simply said its not a good thing and yes it happens which you avoid answering the question that it does. Another can’t be wrong guy that will make up another argument over and over to avoid the original point. without getting into the Al Bundy shit I played the game was a huge part of a undefeated team in the city when I did and have seen every Eagles game for the last 22 years. You prob just another guy who doesn’t even live in the city to have a pulse on what’s happening lol spare me

              • If you read my original statement I even said Idk if it will equal to Washington winning games!!!!! Another hype Kool Aid drinker. Again are you saying it does not happen? why are you on my scrotum?

              • Sorry DumDum your original post was specifically about McNabb and Kolbe familiarity with the team being a direct influence on the team losing to cards Washington. You felt stupid after the facts got pointed out and instead of acknowledging or being quiet your on some other shit…lmao keyboard gangstas get so upset when they get internet hitch slapped


              • I was at the Bucs championship game…if you think Kirkland was why we lost your clueless….and THAT TEAM WENT TO THE NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!! LMAO

    • i really hope that chip thinks of this!!!!
      they didn’t let him go to someone in the division…he was a FA!!!

  • Am I missing something here I keep reading all these post about you guys thinking the eagles should take Pryor @22 is he Ronnie Lott and I don’t know about it I mean let’s say they draft Pryor @22 is he gonna make this defense a top 5 defense I think not how about top 10 I think not. Hell I think olb & cb are bigger needs than safety and since there won’t be a olb or cb there worth while we should settle for Pryor yeah great logic there. Whynt load up on offense and hope to have the best offense in the league then a below avg defense with Pryor.

  • Pesident Obama announces Desean Jackson Day and all Federal Workers in Washington, DC will be off, with Full-Pay & Benefits, until the 1st Preseason Game… Pres Obama also passed a law that makes Federal Employees in Philadelphia have to work Overtime with no VAcation Time Granted and No Overtime Wages Paid until the DC Workers return…

  • Fools!!! 82 catches and over 1300 yards goes to our divisions rivals. It’s like being in a gun fight, throwing your gun at your enemy….he picks it up and shoots you in the head with it! The move was stupid…downright stupid!
    You don’t take that kind of speed out of your offense….DJax speed created so much space for the tight ends, running backs, and the other receivers….Foles is in trouble…big trouble!!!

    • Like McCoy was last year….when drumroll please…”Vick helps the run blah blah blah….Foles can’t do it blah blah blah” Until it happens…you can hate the move but no way in hell you can predict the outcome already.

      • yeah, all we heard is how Foles wasn’t Chips kind of Q, Mccoy can’t run without Vick…So cock sure and never wrong. THis is the week, no in reality that defense sucked. Agenda Agenda Agenda that’s all it ever is. Now your seeing these Nostrodamus like fools true colors come out…All about their heroes and screw the birds.

    • you sound really afraid??? why? I don’t get it…every team has good players yet each year many of those teams with really good players ends up stinking, why do you think that is?

    • Foles will be fine. Eagles O will be better than last year. The Eagles O will be better than the skins. Eagles will be better than the skins.

      Spend your year watching Jets and Redskins games. No one here will miss you.

      • I Thought we were trying to win a Superbowl not just be better than the Redskins smh

    • Lol your an Idiot Foolbreeze. You and a few others are openly rooting for the Eagles to fail. You guys have your allegence to players instead of the Jersey. Thanks for your service Desean, wish you well except against us. I saw soooo many predictions that were so full of Hubris just be 100% wrong last year. Thing is it didn’t humble those people at all, still on here predicting destruction on the birds and glory for their dispatched heroes. To read such Hubris filled statements on a daily basis is annoying. Please go troll your fallen heroes new sites.

  • I’m also sick of hearing about how bad he was in the locker room…the off the field stuff….its all crap. If he was breaking team rules.-why wasn’t he suspended, fined, why wasn’t he benched?. What did the Coach do to discipline DJax if he was such a problem.
    No…this Coach thinks that his ‘system’ is all important and you can plug in any player.
    No excuses at all…no excuses for Chip next year, no excuses for Foles…no excuses for the defense…Chip better win…and win big!

    • Shut up, you obviously have no clue about chemistry in a team game. Keep spouting your venom cause your heroes are in Washington and New York. You and others on here are so blatantly slanted towards your own agenda. Go troll other sites and take a few of the rabble with you.

      • Dumbass…your posting always proves what a jerk you are…true Eagle fans deserve a SuperBowl…fools like you will settle for any crap that is given out. Crawl back into your hole…because only a complete fool and idiot believes that the Eagles are better without a receiver that gave us 82 catches and 1300 yards….

        • But he was perfect for Chips system you said do yourself a million times…Just like Vick was…..Your the Fool who has been spouting all the Chips system and Cips knows better than anyone else he’s a genius. lol….You look like an Idiot and now your angry. It wasn’t Chip at all it was you Hoping….It’s not about Desean, It’s about who we replace him with. I don’t mind being a jerk when it comes to you and your Bias, About the only thing I agree with you on is that Eagle’s fans deserve a Superbowl. You though have proved your not an Eagles fan…See you on the Jets and Redskin sites..oh wait I won;t be there but you will be 😀

          • Stupid Ass…its not just about the ‘system’…its about the Players in your system and how you utilize them. Chip Kelly did a good job last year in finding ways to overcome Foles deficiencies and he used DJax speed in ways that Andy Reid never did….
            Hell yeah I’m angry and a lot of other true Eagles fans are angry…the Eagles management in this instance have handled this in a despicable manner. They cut their best receiver after a false and ridiculous report about ‘gang’ involvement when its clear that he is not apart of any gang. Its slimy and it hurts our team….
            Only a fool and jerk like you can’t see it….Beat it…you have no credibility….true Eagles fans want to win a SuperBowl…not cheer the management..if you don’t like the voices of true Eagle fans criticizing the team….go bury ya head in a toilet somewhere and flush!

            • the only one with no credibility around here is you and the ilk that change their position when the coach doesn’t agree with their stupidity. Your not a True Eagles fan, your a troll a moron who doesn’t get it’s a team game. Frankly Im sick of seeing your arrogant posts also stating empirically that you are correct…when your always wrong. Fact is Jackson’s gone, Eagles are still here. Deal with the facts instead of always spewing rhetoric.

              • azz-wipe Xevious no one wants to hear your wimpy cries about how ‘sick’ you are…the facts are clear…the Eagles are not a better team and us true Eagle fans want to win a Super Bowl…not simply cheerlead the team and accept anything they do.
                They have to play the games, idiot its a fact that DJax was a very key component to Eagles success last year…Chip Kelly has better get it done, Foles has got to get it done…big time and the pressure is on..as Eagle Fans we have a right to hold their feet to fire…so beat it with your whiney, bitchy crying and moaning about my posts…if you don’t like em…dont read em…beat it!

              • Son your still a fool, an idiot. The only whiner I see is you..have been for a year now…boo hoo your boy is gone. Deal with it loser!

    • What did the Coach do to discipline DJax if he was such a problem.

      He fired him, haven’t you heard the news. You heard Kelly “I’ll do what’s best for the team” He thought it best to fire Jackson.

  • It really doesn’t make any difference how productive Desean is for the Redskins. Whether or not this was a good or bad decision is completely contingent on how well the Eagles do. If the Eagles win the division, nobody will give two shits about releasing Desean. If they don’t and it’s clear that the offense was struggling, Chip and Howie will have egg on their face.

    • Exactly. Hammer them accordingly then. Ertz is going to be featured HEAVILY in this offense I feel going foward and a 2 back set with Sproles and McCoy could be devastating.

      We won’t know until after the draft about the speed element of this team yet. Plus there are still a couple of bargain bin burners in free agency.

      Remember the Cowboys picked up Laurent Robinson off of the scrap heap and he had an incredible year. I think it is easier to find a speed WR more then anything.

      Colts got T.Y Hilton in the 3rd round out of FIU. I would take a similar type player there in a heartbeat.

  • Look at TY Hiltons first 2 years…and Djax first two years…IDENTICAL. Thats from a 3rd pick who only started 1 game his rookie season.

    Calm down Chicken Littles….the sky isn’t falling.

  • LOL

    “It was a humbling experience for myself, me being at the peak of my career and doing some great things in this league…I’m very humble for me….”

    “I’m very humble when I’mdoing great things….”

    Good luck Redskins…..’cause the whole thing is going to collapse around you really soon……eagles are better because of this. Me Me Me replaced by team team team….

    • Yep now they need to get rid of that other me guy Mathis I made the pro bowl I want a new deal,I deserve to be made for.

  • I deserve to be paid more, I,I,I

    • wow big, wasn’t about the money…oh and BTW if he can find a trade he’s gone. If not he he won’t pout like a 5 year old.

      • You can’t see sarcasm on a blog I understand.

        • dude you been on this same thing since it came out Mathis wanted a contract. Apples and Oranges. People just don’t get it. When you act out and rash at the job it’s only a matter of time before your gone. If that happens to me at my job it’s all on me acting like an ass. Only difference is I dont have a few million people watching me.

          • Yes X I’ve also said the way NFL contracts work. I don’t blame them at all for trying to get every single penny they can. The owners don’t honor the contracts so why should they? So Mathis, Desean and whoever should ask for whatever they want if they think they out perform their deals.

    • yo lion come you give me a quote where mathis said anything of the sorts?

      • notice chips answers when asked questions about mathis and compare to his quotes about desean…:

        “I think that’s just the nature of what our league is like,” Kelly said about Mathis’ contract demands. “In professional sports, there is a short amount of time that guys have to play this game, and they’re trying to get what they can, and I certainly understand where they’re coming from.”

        “Evan has been since Day 1, since I got here, just outstanding,” Kelly said, “whether it’s in the meeting rooms, in the weight room, on the practice field – he practices every day.”

        • DOn’t even try Mhenski…Some people just want Desean to be a Victim..He got Hit blah blah blah…Fact is you reap what you sew and Desean did a lot of sewing on the birds. He quit on the field should be enough for people but it’s not. The fact he acted like a Jackass isn’t enough either. Bad work ethic bad team mate but still that wasn;t the reason. People can’t see the forrest for the trees.

          • I hear ya. I didn’t wanna it to happen but it did and I’m on board the chip n nick train at this point.

            The fact is many things factored into this cut , things we aren’t told and I gotta assume its for good reason. I think that’s how it should be too no sense telling everyone… This ain’t reality tv it’s the team sport of football

            All I know is I and many others predicted doom and gloom when Maclin went down and we thought at that point the eagles offense would suck and our wr were trash. Well we were wrong.

            Bottom line is I’m on the eagles train. All aboard chooooo choooo

          • More sarcasm, Desean is a victim who was just awarded a cool 16 million guaranteed for his bad behaving locker room cancer coach disrespecting behavior. Damn what a victim.

            • Oh yeah I forgot gang banging one trick pony no blocking 165 pound weakling ass.

              • Signed by Snyder.

                Proven talent evaluator.

              • Snyder just writes the checks like Lurie so what are you talking about?

              • no he has talent just 5 cent head…Im not gonna crucify him for off field stuff. Like I told you last week bro, can’t quit on your team. I can’t be upset because his team mates aren’t upset, If they were protesting I would would support them. I can’t remember one other time a big name was traded, cut where not a single team mate came ot in protest…Can you Big? That says enough for me.

            • You would blow your head off if Snyder was owner…..he’s a fan that owns a team.

        • Yep and like X said no trade partner his outstanding behavior gets him a ticket out of here like Avant.

      • Just busting Vinnie’s balls fellas, by the way he must have said to someone or else they wouldn’t have given his agent permission to seek a trade come on guys. Everything is not black and white, is Desean a victim? Hell no. Did the Eagles handle this well? Hell no, but it’s done just don’t insult my intelligence by saying you’ll replace DJax with Sproles and Ertz.

        • Insult your intelligence?

          The guy who said Vick was as good as Foles?

          Not much to insult. The eagles will easily replace Desean with Maclin, Sproles and an improved Ertz.


          You didn’t believe what I said before the draft last year (about them going OL and TE not D), but I was right.

          You didn’t believe me last year when I said the Birds would be much better off with Foles over Vick, but I was right.

          You don’t believe what I am saying this year that Desean will not be missed, but I am right.

          One day you’ll figure it out.

          • Vinnie I bust your balls because like paulman you throw crap against the wall and it occasionally sticks

            • What crap have I thrown out there lately Biggy..

              • You’ve been pretty good lately paulman, I’ll admit that.

        • I agree with you there, they need an infusion at wideout just to keep defenses more honest. Even though guys, let’s be honest New England only had Moss at the End..Edelman is a system guy. Maybe Chip can do the exact same thing. Lets just not flip flop on Chip cause of one move.

  • I’m on record at not being thrilled losing desean and was arguing with some friends today. One posed this question

    Who you got

    2013 year end eagles offense


    2013 eagles offense less desean but adding Maclin and sproles

    I think I say the latter

    What do gcobbers think?

  • frigg him and the horse he rode in on

  • Thank you DJax for the years of great play. Now it’s time to break your fucking neck. Oh wait I forgot out secondary is not built like that. Lol

  • I wish dawk was still here and in his prime yea he’ll come back here twice alright , he wouldn’t even make it through the 1st game when dawk was done with him. That would be the end of him being a threat lmao

  • I pray we pick 90% guys on defensive side load this team up through draft and fa with alllllllllll D, dt, olb, ss,cb guys that want to make name for themself guys that want to rip some heads off, guys with attitude we aint had that in longggg time.

  • hey diddy dont worry i think we gonna make a statement first time we see them. I dont think chip gonna like it if we hold back on old teammate he gonna tell lockerroom JACK HIM!lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllYo you know how he drops to turf so as not to get him or runs out bounds instead gettin yacs yea he was worth 10 mil on right hell we had desean johnson chads brother lmao

  • The Eagles are really cursed…this is worse than the year the Eagles traded Chris Carter to Minnesota, because Jackson isn’t on drugs and all the things that have been said about Jackson are ultimately false. What’s worse is I think the Eagles are setting up to trade LeSean McCoy because of his close friendship with DeSean Jackson…if that is case the Darren Sproles acquisition makes more sense, but it will leave the Eagles back in a situation where they might be able to get close to the ultimate victory, but no cigar for another frickin generation.

    • Butch your understanding can be summed up by saying you thought ryne sandberg was a pitcher …in this case you demonstrate a complete inability to understand the cris (check your spelling) carter case. carter was in a near death situation. he credits buddy ryan not for helping his career but turning him into a man and saving his life with that trade. lesean has not come out and defended 10 at all!!! speaks volumes!!
      heard danny klecko on wip today saying when belicheat cut someone (cant remember his name) there was a near mutiny….. no one has stood up for 10…no one!!!

      • That may have been LB Scott Vrabel
        From the Pats who was a real leader in that Patriots Lockerroom
        Back when they were on Top..

  • Comcast Sports Network Bay Area reports Los Angeles Police Department confirm Desean Jackson gang ties.


    • E0S we know he has friends that are gang member nothing to see there.

    • E0S Do you seriously think he’s the only NFL player who has freinds or associates that are in gangs? Chip recruited players that had ties to gangs simply because those recruits grew up with some of them. Old story, old news and has nothing to do with anything. If there was a issue, Roger Goodell would have been all over it with investigations. Time to let it go as the Eagles let Djax go.

  • I think the Eagles offense will be top 5 again next year…. DeSean was a great player, but I think they will replace him with another great player.

    It’s a shame the Eagles couldn’t keep DeSean and used all their high draft picks on defense, but if Kelly thinks it’s best to part ways with DeSean, I’ll support him for now.

    It would be nice to know why DeSean and Kelly couldn’t co-exist, but I don’t think we will ever know. We can all guess, but we don’t know for sure.

    The thing that puzzles me the most is why DeSean told everyone that him and Chip talked and he was staying. I can almost guarantee that Chip did not tell him he would be back…. But why did DeSean lie?

    • This whole thing was strange Irish, at this point it’s obvious that Kelly didn’t want him, it’s obvious that Desean did himself no favors but I listened to NFL network and the consensus was Kelly didn’t want him around the younger players because he didn’t have the best work habits.

      • And he wasn’t going to be forced to put up with him for 10 million a year.

        • Chip Kelly actually doesn’t have $10M to pay DeSean Jackson, so the money element had nothing to do with him. Personally, I think the gang ties nonsense was a rouse to get Lurie to buy into releasing Jackson if a trade wasn’t going to happen and ultimately a smokescreen for anyone and everyone watching to try to cover up a supreme blunder steeped in insecurity and prejudice. It’s almost a week later and there aren’t remotely any reports of police on their way to lock up DeSean Jackson.

          If Lurie is still solely interested in winning championships as he’s always claimed jettisoning a top 10 WR over unsubstantiated, unconfirmed rumors flies in the face of what he’d love to do and has failed to do 2 DECADES time. After 20 years of failing to accomplish the ultimate objective I would have thought he would have grown a pair by now and made an executive decision having the kind of starting line-up they had.

          DeSean Jackson is a bit of a knucklehead, but he’s not even a fraction of the head case T.O. was.

  • Maybe Chip Kelly lied…and given the bogus reports of gang ties and the way the Eagles tried to sink DJax career and now their refusal to tell the fans what happened here….there is good reason to believe that it is Kelly and the Eagles that have lied. I think they all this stuff about his attitude and not ‘buying’ in is bogus,..I think DJax wanted more money and the Eagles know that DJax will play hardball when he is not getting his money.
    Again…the bottom line here is that Kelly had better win…no excuses…we need some playoff wins this year…no shorts…no brakes…Kelly has used up his ‘give him a break’ card by getting rid of DJax…he has to win!

    • Okay… I’ll notify the press…. Chip Kelly is now on Koolbreese “Double Secret Probation”.

      • Shhhhh…..listen…..hear that?

        That’s the sound of Irish’s reference flying right over Koolbreeze’s head.

        Wormer dropped the big one.

        • LOL – Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

  • **Paulman Trade Rumors**

    Eagles Trade RB LeSean McCoy for their
    2nd Round Pick (#35th Overall) and their
    3rd Round Pick in 2015

    Eagles announce of Draft Day a trade is their
    #22nd Pick to the 49ers for their #30th Pick
    In the 1st Round and their 3rd Round Pick (#77 that they have from the
    Titans from last years Trade)

    Eagles now have the Following Selections
    In the first 5 Rounds and Select the a Following

    #30th – WR Brandon Cooks (Oregon St)
    #35th – Guard Xavier Su’a-Filo (UCLA)
    #54th – Safety Deone Bucannon (Wash State)
    #77th – RB Bishop Sankey (Washington)
    #86th – OLB Trevor Reilly (Utah)
    #118th – DT Caraun Reid (Princetone)
    #150th – CB Phillip Gaines (Rice)

    More Alerts to come…

    • The Trade of McCoy is to the Jacksonville Jaguars
      For their 2nd Round in 2014 & 3rd Round in 2015
      Out with the old, in with the new with Chip Kelly Type of Players

      • Give you credit on one post and here comes the crap against the wall. LMAO, you know I like messing with you paulman.

        • I meant to Dedicate this Rumor/Mock
          In Biggy’s Name … Ha

        • lol Big this rumor is total crap

          • LOL I’m honored paulman

  • Roseman deserves this. I hope Redskins torch us twice, but we still make the playoffs. I want Rosebud, Lurie, and Chip to feel the heat of this stupid move

  • They have a nice article on NFL.com about who will have the better year foles or rg3 and most said foles I’m really thinking Brandon cooks.

    • My Trades/Mock above gets Eagles 4 Starters
      By 2015 with Su’a-Filo & Buchannon Starting
      In 2014 and Cooks/Sankey by 2015 and
      Then OLB Reilly taking over for Cole in 2015
      & CB Gaines a Back up at CB and Special Teamer
      With DT Reid a solid Rotational Player with Logan

  • I have the eagles taking
    1st. Brandon cooks-wr
    2nd. Marcus smith -olb
    3rd.keith McGill -cb
    4th. Daniel McCullers-dt

    • Gloomy 2 Solid Players/Potential Starters in Cooks & Smith
      but both McGill/McCullers are reach’s in my Opinion and will need 2-3 Seasons to contribute significantly

  • With the amount of WRs in this draft Cook will be there in the second round.

  • If cooks falls he won’t be there when the eagles pick

    • I can see that but I disagree. I think with the way the passing game is going and the way Seattle got away with pass interference as technique you are going to see bigger Wrs as the trend to pick up.

      I’ve been banging the Mike Evans drum for a while and will until the draft is over that is the physical mismatch you want on the outside IMO.

      It was beyond fustrating seeing teams like the Chiefs Saints and even the Cowboys play us man to man and grinding the offense to a holt. A ton of that had to do with no one in the slot position and no true pass back outside of McCoy.

  • BDawk had an interesting take on the DeSean Jackson release.

    “This is not something that all of a sudden had the gang affiliation thing tied to it and that was the thing the Eagles looked at to say, ‘You know what? This is the thing we’re allow him to walk for.’ No, it was all the other things that have happened over the time that he’s been here and the things he has not corrected in his character, some of the things that he does within the building with coaches and the like they were concerned about.”

    “It’s being a professional, it’s being able to be counted on to be with your team, do what you’re supposed to do. Not skate around the corner, the cut corners, not doing some of the things that he’s allegedly been doing.”

    A guy like BDawk takes offense to someone laying down on the job. I’m not surprised he’s not a DeSean fan.

    • I wonder if Bdawk knows more than the whiners and crybabies on gcobb and wip…he must because you will never hear a bad word about him….like bdawk says you should STFU– they knew what they were doing!

      • They knew what they were doing they just executed it poorly.

    • No according to the posters in here its because he was black and it had underlying racial tones etc.

      Same posters who used Derrick Ward as the person to qoute after his release. Same posters who will avoid what BDawk had to say because they don’t want to look stupid.

      • Not just posters Izell and I don’t think anyone said this was done because he was black stop trying to simplify it. Read Richard Sherman’s take on it and then tell me why everyone cannot have their own opinion?

        • Come on bruh…simplifying it IS MAKING it a racial issue. Why because it creates to distinct sides and people go off the rails once you start talking about it.

          BDawkins was on the money with his assesment and his opinion carries wieght because the guy was the epitome of class and professionalism who produced on the field and was an absolute monster.

          Sherman’s article IMO was blatant race baiting and actually insulting(especially for me because I took his stance and was beyond pissed when people used the dreaded word “thug” which is code for “n”)when he pointed out race but left out the examples of Vick/Aldon Smith/Mike Williams/ Aqib Talib/ etc etc.

          Im not naive my man, I can read between the lines of some of these posts and I know you can too. Whether it was pro cut gangbang stance/ or cooper is racist team supports racist stance….when unbiased realism knows the reason this man got released was he was a pain in the ass who a new coach didnt want to tolerate and views the position differently.

          • And Izell all this would go away if the Eagles spoke on the matter a simple Desean does not fit in our current plans and the article on NJ.com had no bearing on that. We wish him well now let’s move on. But they allow all this rhetoric and innuendo by remaining silent which is their right. Just don’t be surprised when these articles come out.

            • I look at it differently. They owe us nothing on the matter outside of having a plan and executing it after.

              The new sentiment in this town that DJax was a golden child is hypocritical because IMO he was one of the catalysts of Andy losing this team and they tuning him out by the end. Half the team does one thing the other half does another.

              For me I look at players different and I think its rare for a leopard to change his spots. Not saying it can’t happen but rare. On Vick I was impressed with him off the field as a man but on the field he never changed. The interception in the GB game was vintage Vick and I knew then he was not the guy. DJax quit in 11 and was a roller coaster to root for. Also the Saints game with Keenan Lewis just totally taking him out of the game one on one and his attitude after getting physically abused soured me a bit.

              • Watch the all 22 Foles didn’t get him the ball Keenen Lewis had nothing to do with that. Chip Kelly’s words not mine said plays were there the QB didn’t deliver the ball, so tired of posters using that when it simply isn’t true.

              • You show me that qoute directly from Kelly because I was at the game and I saw it with my own eyes right on the 35yd LL. Lewis was in his head from the snap he would jam, play off, showed him multiple looks and DJax was fustrated as hell. He followed him all over the field.

                It’s not a coincidence Lewis went out Djax finally got a catch.


                3 catches immediately after Lewis gets benched and they go to the 3rd and 4th best corners.

                Don’t try to spin that my man.

              • Izell during the press conference after the game shown on NFL network answered a reporters question about why wasn’t Desean targeted early said. I dont know plays were out there for some reason the QB didn’t pull the trigger. Watch the all 22 Desean was open early and often on potential big plays. Because this nsrrative doesn’t jibe with your words doesn’t make it not true. I have no reason to make this up.

              • You’re kidding me right. Stop with the ALL 22. All you need to do is google Keenan Lewis vs Djax and the articles either say SHUTDOWN OR SMOTHERED.

              • Sorry Izell in this case I’ll go with what the coach said, so obviously it was something’s they saw on tape that prompted Kelly to say that after the game. Forget about the all 22 the coach said it.

            • Not to mention at the game some the of the killer sacks that Foles took were EXACTLY because DJax couldnt get open against Lewis and Foles held onto the ball waiting.

              Kelly said nothing of the sort about DJax specifically. Not to mention their offense opened up going into the 4th AFTER Lewis.

              All 22 is meaningless to that point. You can find open plays missed holes blocks etc on EVERY play.

              If anything EVERYTHING Kelly has said after only backs it up that MAN TO MAN was his offenses Achillees heel and was the EXACT defense Ryan put on the Eagles in the playoffs.

              Keenan is 6’1 210 they locked him up on DJax and it was a wrap until he got the concussion. Has nothing to do with jibing with what I believe because what I believed is we should have played power football because of the man to man.

              • Big

                Its the reason I have been beating the Mike Evans drum for some time now. I think thats the WR type that he is looking to bring in.

                IMO Chip sees Sproles as the key mismatch because you play him on the field with McCoy and a monster on the outside with Cooper Maclin etc.

                The entire year I kept thinking if only Maclin was in the slot instead of Avant.

                As always if we can’t agree….we can always agree to disagree lol.

              • Foles should have thrown the ball away or checked down to other options, not stare down Jackson. Surely, someone was open. Kelly said that the QB is responsible for sacks. I agree!

              • Foles didn’t stare down Jackson. The one thing Foles didn’t do all year was stare down receivers. When you are getting manned up eventually wideouts have to make plays. Not to mention because Chip got away from the run early in that game most of the Eagles third downs were 3rd and longs. Ryan was bringing the house then because he knew he had the outside locked and they played everything underneath.

                Checkdowns in 3rd and long are getting you nothing. The only sack that was particularly ugly was the one in the 2nd when they were driving and that cost the FG.

                They had Avant covered in those 3rd and longs with a LB and put Vaccaro or Ertz or Celek or if no TE McCoy.

                I was in the stands and it felt like the Pinkston/Thrash Carolina game all the way to the 4th QTR. Then Lewis got hurt and Ryan stop playing man to man.

              • haha…Izzelll, you’re objective about a lot of things…but why no fault being given to Foles for anything? Reality is, that all QB’s get caught staring down a WR from time to time…even Peyton Manning…it happens…Also, what is funny to me now its the skills players fault…but when 7 was the QB, they weren’t blamed for ish…tunnel vision

              • Not true. There’s s difference between locking on 1 receiver and holding onto ball waiting for multiple receivers to get open. In Vicks case he would lock then run…in Foles case he’s not the mobile athlete so he runs through progression but his fault is not throwing it away etc.

                Vick and Foles from a pocket passing standpoint are night and day.

                In that game I saw him go through multiple reads but instead of just living to play another play he held the ball too long and lost track of pressure.

                In any case his lack of Ints shows he doesn’t make bad throwing decisions so I would live with that for now.

  • I was reading one of those All-22s or whatever about how the Eagles were going to use Sproles on a wheel route. Same play they used with McCoy and also Desean.

    A Wheel is a down, out, then down again, with a QB fake coming on the “out” portion. Get the CB or S to bite or hesitate, then turn it upfield. Its probably my favourite route.

    Anyway, they showed vid of McCoy, Desean and Sproles running it (with the Saints). The 2 rbs did like they were told. Cut out crisply, and were wide open when they cut up.

    Desean did not. He sort of ran this “S” thing. Looping his cuts. The DB did not bite (obv) and ran with Desean.

    Now – did Desean get open and catch the ball? Yes. But that’s the problem for the coaches. Sure he has speed (now) enough to get open, but its lazy. And the Coaches see this. And they want no part of it. You’re supposed to run a wheel, run a wheel, not some Lazy half-assed whatever I want I’ll still be open” pattern. That’s why he was cut.

    Love what Dawkins said, because its true.

    • He’s a playmaker a dynamic one at that. No one can take that from him. However he’s a front runner and everything has to be perfect which is why ultimately he is in the position he is in.

      Garcon blew his lid last year about the passing game….AND HE CAUGHT OVER 100 passes.

      Now add DJax to that who thinks hes a no.1 WR as well….

      If it works….potentially awesome…if it doesn’t….Subway Bob will be wearing a new uniform in 2 years.

      • Hey everyone says Kirk Cousins is better so what difference does it make?

        • Strong sentiment in this town for Cousins last year…after 1 year. That tells you the fine line Bob is on. The Redskins more than any other team in the division need to win because its a boom or bust season for them. Bob struggles year 1 under Gruden then either it opens up the Cousins box again or even worse they draft a QB next year and if they do that even if its the 3rd round…forget about it.

    • i heard dan klecko on wip yesterday state then when belicheat cut lawyer malloy there was damn near a mutiny…players were pissed and said so in the papers, belicheat who we know is mr. personality said nothing, no retaliation on the playes etc and won the SB…
      point is I really wonder why there hasn’t been one player quoted even anonymously about how ‘big’ of a loss mesean was?? why?????

      • Was mesean’s actions in any way responsible for any team loss this year? Did his actions effect his teammates so bad that they were not able to execute their responsibilities on the field? If jackson was so bad, why wasn’t he suspended, fined or given some form of discipline this year. Why do some Philly fans feel the constant need to worry, concern and knock our players if their actions doesn’t impact the bottom line? Win baby, just win!
        None of us GCobbers are in the locker room, nor do we know Jackson personally. I also heard Klecko say he would not have cut Jackson through it all. 82 for 1332, 9 TD’s and 60 first downs…I’ll take the me me me because thus far, player with that production over a super team guy who only gives me half of that production as a number 1. All WR’s have some selfishness to them as they want the ball. i don’t want any player who is like…It’s ok if I don’t get the ball..for he is not a competitor and lacks passion. The players in locker rooms don’t all get along nor are they going to sit around seeing kumbaya. They just need to play. Oh Lord kumbaya!

        • If you have to suspend a player…the circus has begun and more than likely the team implosion.

          Way more easier to deflect get out of the season than wash your hands of it before the next.

          If not you have Hugh Douglas trying to punch T.Os lights out and half a team divided.

          Just like with kids…eventually one is going to say how come he gets to do that and I can’t?

          • I would have held onto him one more year to take advantage of the draft as far as defense is concerned. I didn’t think he’d be back for 2015 so I wasn’t worried about it. I just wanted to see Djax with Maclin, Shady and Sproles. That would’ve been epic.

        • Show me where a team suspended a player and the relationship came back awesome and the team flew to knew heights of success.

        • Eagles I’ve been asking that since day 1, Desean Jackson did not fit the mold Chip Kelly wanted, Howie Roseman didn’t want to pay him 10.5 million dollars. Nothing wrong with that most of us are adults just say that and move on. Like I said Mr. Gangbanger locker room cancer one trick pony just got 16 million guaranteed so he’ll be just fine.

          • Birds 24/7 has a nice article about Djax breaking down his catches, routes etc. The article completely destroys the nonsense about him being a 1 trick pony.

            • 60 first down receptions one hell of a one trick pony. Again Eagles doesnt fit the narrative.

  • Gloomy…philly.com has a nice article by jimmy kempski about your boy brandin Cooks…he states that he can do it better than DeSean. He also said that he models his game after DeSean, Steve Smith (former Panther). I don’t know…he sounds a little narcissistic…he may not fit Gloomy!

    • I I I I, me, me, me, yep bad fit. LOL

      • Exactly..that’s the majority of WR’s attitude and mentality. They believe they can be game changers with the ball in their hands and make plays. Michael Irvin made that clear. It’s a reason they called him “The Play maker”. It wasn’t because he didn’t want the ball.

        • Thats the majority of the 2 wr mentality. The real killers you never hear from….tell me Cj Fitz Johnson Green Jones handle themselves like that. Even Brandon Marshall has changed his entire demeanor.

          The only true no.1 that goes off the rails like that IMO is Bryant. And its what keeps him from being truly great.

          • Wide receivers are people that have their own personality. It’s a mistake to think that everyone is going to act like Fitz, Calvin, Hines Ward ,Rice or whoever and emulate them. The real killers are good, I don’t recall those mentioned in your post killing the Eagles secondary though. Every receiver gets shut down here and there, their personality has nothing to do with their ability and their offensive production on the field. Their were only two WR’s ahead of Jackson in terms of yardage this past season. That’s killer. Fitz, Johnson, Marshall wasn’t in playoffs, Green and the Bengals was exited in their first playoff game. My point is that although they are upstanding guys, they went no further than the malcontent receiver.

            • Yep

            • Swap em…..then tell me that. Tell me that none of those WRs in this offense would ‘ve had those type numbers. Also do you think CJ and Fitz woudve seen heavy man to msn?

              • Swapping them and projecting is mere speculation at best…no rooted foundation to say anything factually. Therefore it’s moot to do so. Certain players thrive in certain systems.

            • Key point…..when did Djac do that without Chip Kelly?

              • Jackson reached two probowls without Kelly and went over 1000 yards without Kelly’s system too. He did it with QB’s that were inconsistent, turnover prone, injury prone and average at best. Please lets not act as if Jackson was a non factor bust of a bum prior to Chip coming. Chip definitely used Djax better than Andy, but give the guy some credit. Every expert…even coaches know he’s an exceptional talent. Average players do not get this type of pub.

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