• July 4, 2022

State Of The NFC East

DeSeanJackson1The Eagles season kicked off last year in DC on prime time television.   This year could certainly be a repeat but this time in Philadelphia.   Desean Jackson is a Washington Redskin, signing for three years and a minimum of one visit a year back to where his career began.

Chip Kelly was confident that his offense would not miss a beat without Desean; now he gets to make due that his defense can minimize the damage of his playmaking ability.  It’s only twice a season that these two teams will meet, unless a potential rubber match creeps its way into the playoff picture.  Never the less, one NFC East team just improved a whole lot, while the jury is still out for how much the Eagles have lost in their offensive ability.

We have always hated the Cowboys with the Giants growing in rivalry status over the past decade.  Will the Redskins overtake the lead spot sooner than later?  Rivalry shakeup is only one element of change in the NFC East, the power rankings have shifted as well.

The Redskins have jumped into conversation as potential “NFC East” favorites with the addition of Desean.   Equipped with the “best” wide receiver combo in the division and a new head coach, their offense has some big play potential.  Desean is only one player, but as we witnessed throughout his tenure with the Eagles, he certainly improves the skill set of others.  RGIII, Garcon, Reed, Morris all become a little bit better with the attention D-Jax warrants.

Out in New York, the Giants have quietly added quality pieces to their defense and offensive line.  The Cowboys could very well find themselves in last place after battling it out in the end of 2013 for the division title.

The “lock” of winning the NFC East is no more, or is it ours for the taking with the addition by subtraction philosophy?

Desean has left Philadelphia but remains ever so close as a divisional opponent.  His presence will still be felt, his abilities will be witnessed and game planned for.  Be happy for his new start or excited to start the post-Desean era.

Time will tell the magnitude of the release by the Eagles and the signing of the Redskins.

One thing is for certain, prime time football is a “lock” for these two teams for the next three years.

Jeff Kolsky

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  • New 2014 NFC East Rankings

    1) Giants 9-7
    2) Eagles 8-8
    3) Redskins 8-8
    4) Cowboys 6-10

  • The eagles have announced that they are beginning the year at 0-2 because they are so afraid of the desean jackson/RG3 connection that they shouldn’t even bother to show up against the skins. According to chip it would be bad for the teams moral if djax scored a touchdown or two…

    • Nobody picked the Eagles to win the division last year, so nobody around here should be surprised if Washington wins it this year. Hopefully we won’t take a step backwards like I said I killed the Eagles last year because of the off season and I think so far this years is worse. Maybe they’ll win the Super Bowl.

      • football more than any other sport is completely unpredictable. That is why fans should take the off season in stride. It usually comes down to a fumble here or there.
        I predict they do take a step back this year– I know we are all starving for a SB but I think they are taking a real methodical approach towards what they are building….

  • Giants have had the best Off-Season thus far with the Redskins next
    A big Wildcard with the Redskins is their new 1st Time HC Jay Gruden..
    Is he up to the task and how does his manage a Game, Players, Egos,etc,etc.. He will have to prove it to his Team and Players where we all know about
    the Giant’s HC Coughlin’s ability to grind it out, stay focused, etc,etc
    Cowboys are a mess with a dysfunctionalbe Coaching Staff
    Old Timer Monte Kiffin no longer DC but remains with Club as Advisor
    New DC is Rod Marinelli who is a Kiffin Disciple
    They brought in new Offensive Play-Caller in Scott Linehan, further pissing off
    OL Coach Bill Callahan and you still have the HC Jason Garrett in a position on little authority over anything… Way too many cooks in the kitchen for them to be on the same page…

    • Eli is fading. Most QBs have a 4 to 5 year window from ages 27 to 31, then fade. (of course there are exceptions). If you look closely at Eli you will see he fits the pattern perfectly. (his best seasons at 27, 28 and 30)

      Since turning 30, Eli’s completion %, yards, tds, have dropped. 3 str8 seasons of declining #s. I expect that trend to continue. Add to the fact that this is going to be Coughlin’s last year…I mean he’s going to be 69 this year.

      Redskins are irrelevant because the vast majority of first year HCs struggle. This will happen to Jay Gruden. Especially due to the fact that he has to cowtow to his Qb’s (and Qbs family) every whim. That collection of “me first” players is going to go “Boom” rather quickly.

      Its a mess in Dallas.

      • the knocc( LOL) on RG3 in the draft was his size. There were concerns that his frame wasn’t big enough to handle the NFL. Concerns proven correct.

      • The only ‘Boom’ we have hear around here vinnietheloser is your brain going ‘Boom’The Redskins offense is going to be hard to stop with us handing over one of the best wide receivers in the league. Our schedule is tougher and our offensive is worst…and we didn’t significantly improve ourselves with a couple of castoffs from the Saints.
        The lost of DJax is going to place a heavy burden on the passing game especially when we play tough, playoff caliber teams…Foles will crumble under the pressure of playing for a new contract and the lost of DJax
        Chip Kelly has rolled the dice and has taken a huge gamble…and there is good reason to believe that this gamble is not going to pay off!!

        • the loss of djax not the lost of djax

        • wouldnt be the first time you predicted foles demise and you will be wrong again idiot.

          why are you here anyway? clearly you dont root for the eagles.

          • Stupid drunk…the real question is why are you here? You’ve been stuck on stupid for the longest!

        • The Redskins offensive line sucks. They may have some talented skilled players, but it all begins up front. Until that is improved (and the cut a guard yesterday I believe) they will still have some problems. No doubt that they got a new coach and some exciting new players, but handing them the NFC East crown before the draft is premature. Better, yes…but how much better remains to be seen.

      • ‘Redskins are irrelevant because the vast majority of first year HCs struggle’ huh? Whhhhaaaaattttt?

        Really? Chip didn’t do too bad as a first year NFL coach….
        You state “irrelevant” which means basically “no chance”….then state “majority”…what is it? Is it possible for the Skins to do well or is it not?….
        Regardless I could care less…But I’ll tell you this, with our secondary as it is right now, WSH is not a good matchup for the Eagles in the passing game.

        • it means they are likely to be irrelevant, i think thats pretty obvious

          • i dont agree with that though. if rg3 comes out and plays like he did as a rook especially the way he was throwing as a rook. they are gonna dominate

          • The only thing obvious about it was how contradicting the comment was….
            I don’t give a ish what you agree with….your opinion is irrelevant, I think thats pretty obvious…

            • Realtalk, Vinnie will say anything to get his point across and then when one of his 8 thousand predictions come through he’ll tell us he’s smarter then everyone. And post bogus stats until our eyes bleed.

              • Or quote some obscure coach of the world famous Scottish Rugby League to get his point across.

      • Eli is a Good QB when teh GIants are a more Run-First Team and then ELi can be effective with teh PLay-Action.. When Giants cannot run the ball, then Eli is not effective as a 40 Pass A game QB..
        The Giants have not had their usual Strong Running Attack since the Bradshaw/Jacobs tandem 3-4 Seasons ago…
        They have Rebuilt their O/Line, Signed RB Rashard Jennings and have the best Defensive Unit in the NFC with their Upgrades in their Secondary and LB Corps…
        Ginats on Paper, their Division to lose in my opinion

    • I agree with your Giants comment. Improvements in the secondary, o-line, and jennings showed last year in Oakland he could both run and catch. I’m not scared of Eli, but he will not be the same guy as last year and probably not the one who won 2 Super Bowl’s, somewhere in between. RG3 will not think about the knee as much this year, new coach, new weapons, but their defense is still weak. Dallas, ha…I hate the Cowboys, and like you said, too many people barking orders, Eagles still best team in NFC East.

  • We had a chance to really move forward this off season. Had they landed a safety and used the draft to help our depth, we would have really improved. None of that happened. Good news tho- we have lots of cap money to look at.

    We have continued under this new regime to believe that we are smarter than all the rest and have now helped a rival. They really screwed the pooch this off season.

    • Clearly the draft has not happened but now we have many holes to fill.

      • Does the biggest hole now become WR or do we still want that safety or OLB?

        If we stay at pick #22, I believe both safeties are gone, and top OLB’s are gone. Watkins, Evans and good chance of 1 or 2 other WR’s gone (Cooks, Lee)…

        At safety, Bucannon from Washington State is starting to get my attention, but I have seen his draft position as high as early seond round to mid-late 3rd.

        At WR- Lee I feel would be a Kelly guy, Cooks a guy who could do similar things that D-Jax did. Beckam Jr…ehh…never been a big LSU WR fan.. and the klid from FSU is huge, but so was David Boston and his NFL career wasn’t too long..

        So what do we do???? Do we get a front line 3-4 guy to rotate with our starters? Should we take a look at CB’s with the chance that both Carry Williams and Fletcher are no longer here after this season?

        I would love to play trade talk, but it simply does not happen much in the NFL. I would say, go after speedstar Chris Givens in St. Louis, they have too many on their roster, and a 2015 late round pick would get it done.

        I’d say Fletcher Cox is better suited for a 4-3. but the soon to be third year vet has only the 1 year in the 3-4 system.

        Curry was a second rounder, can’t he be used on another team?

        Draft day should be fun. I can’t see the Eagles only drafting 6 guys with the current number/positioning their selections hold.

        • we cant go wr #1, we gotta go D

          first off this draft is loaded with WR, and talented guys can be found this year in the 3rd, 4th, 5th…

          our offense is virtually the same as the end of the year last year. we subtract avant and djax and replace them with maclin and sproles, thats pretty close to a wash…

          i think jeff maehl could actually contribute this year…

          no need to be desparate and just start burning high draft picks to “replace desean”. sproles, maclin, and in increased ertz workload will replace desean targets maybe not production but targets for sure…

          defense, defense, defense, wr, og, k

          please and thank you

          • I believe the message out of the novacare is that they will take the best player on the board. i think the memory of drafting need (watkins) has them convinced — we shall see.

            • I bet Watkins ran a great 40 time when it came to putting out fires…..

              • LOL

  • RG3 was just so scared last year. After the first month he just checked down every play. He padded his stats in prevent defenses in the 4th. Is RG3’s lower body strong enough to play 16 games?.
    Eli Manning lost his mojo last season, the giants are replacing most of their OL.
    Tony Romo back surgery, that is scary stuff.
    Nick Foles gets two new wide outs with DJax and Avant’s release.

    • jury is out on rg3. he was insanely spectacular his rookie year and not so much last year. im curious to see what he does this year.

  • Eagles – 11-5
    Giants – 9-7
    Redskins – 8-8
    Cowboys – 8-8

    *** Unless there are some significant injuries ****
    The Eagles will win the division in a walk. The Eagles will pull their starters in the final game this year.

  • The guy who padded his stats was Foles! We got in the playoffs because the defense bailed us out against Dallas who Foles had one terrible game against and a sub-par game against them …after we barely slip into the playoffs and lose,,,we subtract an All-Pro receiver from the line up who opened up things and bailed the QB out on so many occasions! Shady is frustrated by the 8-9 men in the box that stuffs him…the receivers have trouble beating press coverage…and has a result, Nick Foles takes a big step backwards!
    We go 8-8 and lose the division to the resurgent Redskins who are playing an easier schedule with a revived RGIII and a powerful Redskin offense!

    • priceless!!!

    • Philadelphia plays Green Bay and Carolina.
      Washington plays Minnesota and Tampa Bay. Otherwise they are the same exact schedules.
      RG3 was pulled his last 2 games due to ineffectiveness and benched the final 3.
      I don’t think you understand how bad the RG3 knee injury is. It is unrepairable. If he was in the draft in 2014 he would be a medical reject 7th round draft choice. That knee is not going to hold up and it made him a bottom half QB in 2013.

      • Your clairvoyance can only be matched by Nostradamus….sike. RG3’s knee will be fine. His mental state as far as confidence in his knee will be the main concern. If he feels good about it, he will be fine. If he still does not trust it, he will struggle as it will hinder his play because he will be thinking about it instead of the defense and getting the ball to his receiving corps. Earl Wolffe didn’t want to play because he was mentally shaken by his knee injury and didn’t have confidence in it.

        • redraft today Luck, Wilson, and Foles go one, two, three off the board while RG3 fails medical exam at combine

          • redraft today i think i go


            • Redraft today Foles, Wilson, Luck and Griffin.

            • ridiculous…Wilson is way ahead of Foles…

              • That’s your opinion kool and in my opinion Foles is better right now. I love Wilson and I know they won the Bowl but I didn’t like a lot of what I saw.

      • Tampa Bay will be a Tougher Opponent in 2014 than the Panthers who will struggle to score Points with a New OL & New WR Corps to go along with QB Cam Newton recovering from Ankle Surgery who will not even be able to participate in any Football Activities until mid-late July missing all of OTA’s with a bunch of new Receivers and OL

    • You’re either a closet Redskins fan…or an idiot….or both.

      You didn’t watch the Redskins last year and don’t have a clue on what you are talking about. They have a TERRIBLE offensive line that is horrendous in pass blocking. Their forte is zone blocking and read option but that is the double edge sword because if you run the option with Bob he is going to get hurt. Thats not crazy talk or nonsense. It’s proven fact of durability with the kid.

      On top of that they lost the heart and sould of their team on defense with London Fletcher. The leader of their team now on defense is drumroll please….DeAngelo Hall.

      Need I say more.

      • he’s an idiot.

    • How dem 7 Td’s in one game taste??!?

      Foles is MONEY!

  • 2014 NFC East Standings:
    Redskins- 10-6
    Giants 9-7
    Eagles 8-8
    Dallas 6-10

  • NFC East standings in March are A JOKE.

    You haven’t seen draft or preseason and have no clue barring injuries etc. whats going to happen.

    Same way the most vocal negative idiots on here made themselves look stupid predicting Kelly couldn’t transition to the pros, Vick was the man, they were going to be the worst team in the East, and no one had a clue on Nick Foles.

    Stop banging the agenda drum. It’s beyond obvious.

    • Easy IJ,
      What the Hell else are we are going to talk about in April…
      Draft means very little since Most Rookie Picks contribute little in their 1st Seasons.. Pre-Season Games mean very little also for they are Vanilla, mix-match of players playing, etc,etc…
      We make our Predictions based on what we know at the time based on pass performance,upsidem etc,etc and right now the Giants have surpassed the Eagles in my opinion for they have to more Balanced Team and the Best Defense in the NFC East

      • I disagree. The NFC East defensive situation is a mess.

        The Cowboys gamble on rebuilding their secondary with Clairborne and Carr ended up costing them 3 DL in Hatcher Ratliff Ware and Spencer because it was the finishing touch on absolutely destroying their cap. They may have the best defensive player in the division in Sean Lee but outside they are in a mess.

        The Giants cleaned house on the defensive side of the ball clearing out old vets etc. but over the last 2-3 years just like the Eagles did they whiffed on talent in David Wilson and Prince. Their LB corp is held together by Jon Beason’s injury history and he was an afterthought pick.

        The Redskins ARE A MESS defensively as well. Their ILB situation took a hit when Fletcher retired and he was their captain and probably their most consistent player and he was on the downside of his career. Orakpo is a lightning rod here because people dont see why he was franchised and he isn’t a game changing OLB. If you think the Eagles secondary is a mess then you haven’t seen the Redskins. They have no depth the best CB is DeAngelo Hall who is a boom or bust player and now becomes the mouthpiece of the defense. Merriweather and Ryan Clark are their starting safeties one has yet to stay on the field and the other Pittsburgh let go and he couldnt find work anywhere else and is merely a stop gap.

        Out of the teams in the east the Eagles have the most young talent on defense and its probably why they got back some of their huge deficiencies at OLB and S. Kendricks Boykins Cox Thornton Logan with vets in Barwin Cole Ryans is better than anything in the East right now…and I said East. You can’t kill the Eagles for not being able to overcome 3 straight years of disastrous drafting by Reid in selecting Jarrett/Graham/Watkins/Allen.

        I beg to differ about the draft meaning very little. Ertz was a big boost and IMO propelled Celek to buy in and reinvent himself.

        Last years draft had nine 9 defensive starters in the first round alone with 12 contributing big by the end of the season.

        The Eagles core of 10 of 11 players returning on offense(9 if they get rid of Mathis) and 11 on defense can’t be understated because continuity is a HUGE factor.

        The key to the Eagles defense will be Fletcher Cox. This should be the breakout year or the we have another Broderick Bunkley year. Also they need to make the commitment the Boykins is a full time CB or a stud nickel back.

        Out of the 4 teams in the East remarkably after just 2 drafts the Eagles have the more promising foundation. Thats the lesson that needed to be learned by the The Dream Team Fiasco. Over the last 3 years their draft classes have stood up compared to the rest of the division.

        Outside of the East…thats a whole different situation.

        However Seattle and SF were ALL BUILT BY THE DRAFT(IMO 4-5 years of drafts). This is year 3 of two back to back solid drafts.

  • Redskins were 3 and 13 last year. To that they added about their 4th choice for HC in Gruden. They do not have a 1st round draft pick. They added a malcontent mini-man WR. Good luck Redskins.

    The Eagles will be a better team next year, but their record might not reflect it. Its a pretty tough sched. I can’t predict a record yet till I see the dates – who’s at home on a Thursday, who’s got a donut game, that kind of thing.I think 9-7 is a good target.

    But it really doesn’t matter anyway. You’ve heard Roseman. This is only the early stages of a long term plan. They’ve started off well and have found good young QB, OT, TE in the draft. They’ve resigned some other good young players in Kelce, Cooper and Maclin (though it seems he’s been around forever). I think there’s a little more tinkering to be done on the O this year (draft) before getting to the D the following season.

    Its highly doubtful the Eagles are winning the SB next season, the D just isn;t good enough and the QB is not experienced enough to carry the entire load (and don;t give me the Russel Wilson was young BS. He could have knelt down every snap and they would have won that game)

    Eagles are slowly building the team to contend through Foles’ prime. 2015 – 2020. If they win the division next year (and I think they shold) that’s a bonus. Winning a playoff game would be double-bonus. But it will be very difficult for them to go on the road and win in Sea or GB etc. They’re just not ready yet.

    I will tell you though, I am liking the way they’re putting this thing together. Slow, methodical, with purpose. Slicing out all the Divas ‘me-first’ guys who have plagued this team since they brought in TO.

    Get with the program or get out. Love it.

    I mean, is no one else happy thaat they don;t see Brent Celek up and celebrating after every 6 yard catch anymore? I am. He listened to what his coach demanded of him. Others didn’t and they’re gone. Fantastic. This should pay long term dividends.

    • I was ready to drive Celek to the airport at the end of Andy’s last year.

      Realistically this team is about 3-4 DOMINANT players away. I believe we have two in place with McCoy and Kendricks. We need 2 more playmakers on defense. OLB is the biggest need on this team.

      I’m hoping the Eagles can shake someone lose by trade in the draft like we did Demeco Ryans a few years ago.

      • Really you think McCoy is going to see that salary in Chip ‘s plug and play offense?

        • NO. I have a feeling McCoy is a draft day bombshell!

        • Stop it Big if that’s the case why did Peters get 45 mil.

          Come on man

          • How much of that 45 is Peters going to see? I’m asking a legit question after this upcoming season do you think they pay McCoy that big money? Kelly thinks scheme above talent you yourself Izell said it’s obvious his offense is interchangeable.

            • Easily 2 more years. And honestly committing long term to guys after their 2nd contracts in today’s NFL is how teams get in trouble. McCoy isn’t chirping so I’m not worried about it and he shouldn’t chirp because he signed the top RB deal last year and he would be an utter fool to do so becaus.ethe RB position is the.most devalued system in the NFL.

    • 9-7? Tougher schedule? I dont want to hear that shit. So what your saying is our success came from a pathetic schedule last year. Our offense was top 5 last year no excuses no matter who we play you better be putting up points. I was told it was the system. Y
      ou keep bringing up Washington being 3-13. Weren’t the Eagles 4-12 two years ago?

    • The Redskins 2013 Season was a total meltdown just as it was for the Eagles in Coach AR’s final Season in 2012 so you can toss that 3-13 Record out the window and is totally meaningless.. They have Talent and have added to it with Safety Ryan Clark and WR’s Andre Roberts and D-Jax
      With a healthy RGIII, and a Strong Running Attack in Alferd Morris & Rey Helu with Young improving TE’s Luke Paulsen & Jordan Reed give the Redskins a strong Core of Young Players moving forward, just as the Eagles do… Their issue is O/Line, Leadership and an uproven HC In Jay Gruden who will lean on his Brother Jon for advice when needed

      • Is RG3 going to be running a normal NFL offense this year or the elementary version again?

      • Their record is not totally meaningless. Offensively they have talented “pieces” but team wide talent and depth is SEVERELY lacking. Offensive line has one drafted player on the team in 5 years in Trent Williams and they have absolutely no depth. They are moving a guard over to the Center position and are looking for possibly 2 guard AND a RT. Logan Paulsen and Reed were injured most of the season. Garcon is beast and Alfred Morris is a workhorse but was in an offense TAILOR MADE to what he does best in Shanahans one cut go zone blocking scheme. If they go to a passing attack similar to Gruden had in Cincy it will emphasize the TEs and WRs but deemphasize Morris who is no threat in the passing game and is a 20 carry back that makes an impact. Not 12-17 carry back.

    • I will believe that when Shady scores a TD and hands the ball to the referee and walks off the field. Stupidest post of the day.

    • Yup. Always liked Celek and Ertz made him focus!

  • Brandon cooks
    Marcus smith
    Keith McGill
    Those are the eagles top three picks

    • If that’s the first 3, people will try to burn the Nova Care center down gloomy.

      • Hahaha Agreed!

    • I am changing it up

      Guard – Xavier Su’-Filo (UCLA)
      WR – Davante Adams (Fresno State)
      DE – Kareem Martin (UNC)
      Safety – Deone Bucannon (Wash State)
      CB – Phillip Gaines (Rice)
      WR – Kevin Norwood (Alabama)

      • I’ll take that paulman.

      • I think we can get away with one more year before devoting attention to guard. Mathis at the end of the day is under contract, and yes Hermanns has regressed, but still in the top half of guards in the league.

        You have Bucannon available in rd 4, I can’t see him lasting that long. We saw how quickly the safeties were signed in FA. Pryor and Dix could both be off the board by pk 15.

        There is drop-off at safety after that, Bucannon is the biggest of the next tier even though he is the 4th or 5th ranked safety in majority of ranks I have seen.

        I don’t want the kid from Baylor or LSU, so even if we have to overdraft for Bucannon, he is the guy I want battling it out with Wolff and Allen for a starting job in 2014.

        • No battle there Bucannon wins that competition. Jeff I think guard is a possibility because Mathis will be moved, I agree Bucannon will need to be drafted in round 2.

          • Bucannon will definitely go in round 2. If you think he is sticking around til round 3 you’re kidding yourself.

        • Jeff,
          I am basing these Picks on the the Eagles Trading back from #22 to get an additional 2nd or 3rd Rd Pick and them also Trading Guard
          Evan Mathis for another 3rd/4th Round Pick to get these 6 Players in the first 4 Rounds

          • After losing their #1 WR and how it went down, if though Mathis is verbalizing his desire for $$, I see Lurie, Roseman and Chip ( the hush hush trio) not “giving” in to what a player is looking for.

            To play O-line for how Chip does things is a different style, and it’s a perfect fit for Mathis. If the D-Jax situation did not end as poorly as it did, making the Eagles reaach for any reason to validate losing a Pro Bowler, I can’t see it happening again.

            Additionally, I would see them going with a guy already on their roster, they used a top pick last year to better their O-line, I can’t envision the same hand back in the o-line cookie jar.

            I would be open minded to trading back in rd 1 if their guy is taken. Josh Huff from Oregon in rd 3 and Adams in Rd 2 for WR’s. Buchanon as your second pick in rd 2, and grabbing best pass rusher with your next pick.

            • They are talking about trading Mathis…I beginning to think Jeff that not ‘buying’ into the program means more than not drinking your smoothies and going to bed early! I think it is asking for more $$$…

              To the Eagles, asking for more money means you’re not with the ‘program’ and become trade bait!

              Despite the give away on offense…our best bet would be to stay the course and try to improve the defense….none of the receivers are Desean Jackson….so forget that and lets get the defense the help they need…we are going to have to shift from an offensive focus to defensive if we want to have a chance to win this year!

              • At some point, Chip and company are going to have to man up and let these millionaires know they are getting paid millions. Let a player or two say they are going to hold out, they will be back once the fines begin to lighten the pockets. If the players catch on that asking for more $$ equals your exit, it will become a trend.

  • Redskins sign QB Colt McCoy.

    • Do the Texans or Browns call the Skins asking about the availability of Cousins????

      • no, Kirk Cousins failed his audition in the final 3 Washington games.

        • Sources stating that GM Roseman/Chip Kelly offering Guard Evan Mathis to Redskins for QB Kirk Cousins straight-up…

  • The Redskins have put themselves in good position to win the East…in getting DJax they have given their offense the chance to be dominant and unstoppable. They can draft to help their defense and they are playing a weaker schedule this year…when you win the division you have to improve in order to stay on top…we have gone in the opposite direction…I wish I could see a way for us to finish above .500…we will see what the draft brings..but outside of that…we’ve clearly taken a huge step backwards

  • In 1969, Chuck Knoll went 1-13 in his first year as the Steelers head coach. After the season he decided to trade his AP WR Roy Jefferson to the Baltimore Colts. Jefferson helped the Colts win a SB that very first season in 1970 and Knoll went 5-9. Knoll and Jefferson did not hit it off and Knoll decied Jefferson was not a good fit for what he was trying to build in Pittsburgh. Everyone in Pittsburgh thought Knoll was an idiot and a control freak. He did, however go on to have some modest success as a head coach. After all he is the only coach besides Vince Lombardi to win at least four championships.

  • Correction. George Halas won at least four also. Paul Brown did not. I refuse to count AAFC titles in Brown’s legacy since it was not the NFL. Also do not count anything Halas did before the officially recognized beginning of the NFL in 1933.

  • Bad example jbird…Knoll didn’t give any All-Pros away…and he got some dominate players on both sides of the ball. Outside of Shady McCoy…who on the Eagles can you say is a dominate player? …DJax was really underrated in terms of what he opened up for the whole team…
    Chip Kelly has to prove that he is in Knoll class, jbird…one year-playing a weak schedule in a weak division where you squeeze in the playoffs and get beat in the first round…does not earn you to be mentioned with coaches like Chuck Knoll…I’m not ready to say that he is in Andy Reid’s class yet…he lost to Reid last year head up and hasn’t won anything yet!!

    • And the fact that we’re going back to 1969…Jesus…I was still swimming around in my pops nut sack while he was in Viet Nam!

    • Kool…I did not have time to find out what they got for Jefferson. So explain if you know. I assume it was picks and their draft in 1970 yielded only Bradshaw and Blount. And I wasn’t comparing Kelly to Knoll. Just giving an example of a guy that people disagreed with early in his career who turned out to be a great coach. We may look back in 2017 and say “Man Chip knows what the heck he is doing.”
      And Chip lost to Reid playing for the third time in 11 days, with a clueless defense and a QB that turned the ball over five times including a pick six. If we played them in December with Foles, we would have hammered them.

  • Last I checked the Skins still have Haslett as their D-Coord, and what makes anyone think their O-Line is any good? I love how everyone is so scared now cause they picked up DJak, heres a quote from Bradon Cooks-‘I can do the same things Dsean can do only better’! I want a guy with that kind of confidence on this team.

    • Sounds like a Diva. Heavan forbid that talk in Philly.

      • that is EXACTLY what I was thinking when I read that.

  • With DJax opposite Garcon Griffin will have to scramble a LOT less and that probably means he’ll play the whole season. The only way the Eagles are a lock for the NFC East is if Garcon is out most of the season, which is a possibility.

    1. Redskins 13-3
    2. Eagles 12-4
    3. Giants 9-7
    4. Cowgirls 8-8

    • i like this paragraph in an article im reading on espn:

      What the Eagles did to DeSean Jackson isn’t remotely unprecedented, racist or unfair. Coaches don’t like lazy, disrespectful, cancerous massive headaches. Daniel Snyder does. That’s why he learned nothing from his Albert Haynesworth experience and Washington was first in line to sign Jackson. Snyder is a billionaire fan with a team. Chip Kelly is a football coach.

      • Mhenski let me repeat this for you Daniel Snyder is a billionaire fan who writes checks front office types and coaches bring these players in. The Eagles won a lot of football games with that malcontent locker room killer Desean and Washington hopes to do the same.

        • i didnt write the article i just liked that paragraph. and contrary to what you think snyder is, he is more involved in his teams operations than any owner not named jerry jones.

          • That was a good article by Jason Whitlock, we agree to disagree on Daniel Snyder.

        • Youre off base on Snyder. Most Skins fans view him as Jerry Jones little brother. He is a TERRIBLE owner most would like him to sell the team.

          • Jeezus Biglion. I understood your incessant defending of Vick and then Desean, misguided though those were.

            But now you’re defending SNyder.

            Snyder is a disaster of an owner who has humiliated a once proud franchise. The Redskins have become a joke under his stewardship. He is a meddling idion who bounces from new favourite player crush to another like a 13 yr olf boy band fan.

            He’s torn through 8 coaches in 15 yars, and signed just about every “name” out there – always with disasterous results.

            Snyder is a joke. I think he surpasses Jones for ineptitude. At least that guy bild his $$ making stadium. Snyder couldn;t even get the new Redskins stadium right.

            Frankly I, for one, am happy as hell that we have 2 joke owners in the NFC east.

            The Desean acquisition will blow up in Snyder’s face like every other stupid move he’s made. Fun to watch!

            • Just as much as your insistent downplaying of his contribution to a division winning team. So I guess the football people who run the Redskins bear no responsibility for bringing in these players I guess in the history of the NFL the Redskins are the only team to sign free agents that don’t pan out? Geez you dudes will go overboard to try to make yourselves sound smart. But sound really stupid. They won the damn division 2 years ago.

              • And before you say big whoop who about winning the division. Who won the division last year?

              • Lol talk to real Skins fan and tell him Snyder isn’t at fault for team last 15 years.

                Your making shot up that isn’t even true just because you don’t like a move. I live down road from Skins park lol when your owner comes down and tells your coach Clinton Portis isn’t playing because he’s tired lol….haha haha Snyder is a good owner but we suck…lmao

              • Who the hell said Snyder was a good owner, stop acting like he’s personally scouting and signing guys against his coaches wishes, as for living down the road so what. I live 15 minutes from the Jags facilities and I can give one shit about what they do, I’m an Eagles fan.

              • He doesn’t scout that’s the thing, he LOVES NAMES.

              • And yes he does because it’s fact that he pushed both the McNabb trade the Haynesworth deal and the Bob trade.

      • Ron Jawarski is on ESPN too and all but indicted DeSean Jackson as a gun toting, drug slinging gangster thug based on the fact that Eagles have “FBI connections” and maybe something was there. Two weeks later and there’s still no evidence that the Eagles did anything more than run a racist undercover smear campaign on DeSean Jackson.

        Guaranteed when Chris Johnson gets released there won’t be an army of “Anonymous Sources” on the Titans payroll marching out of the F.O. with their orders to discretely parse fabricated, libelous information to the media designed to reduce his contract value and justify his release to the general public.

        • yep eagles ran a racist undercover smear campaign on desean jackson.

          great factual and common sense based assessment. you are 1 smart fella

          i wouldnt be surprised if the fbi, dea, homeland security, atf, and cia all contacted you with job offers in the next 24 hours

  • Wow I did me realize the redskins had a offensive line and a defense or a pocket qb to make them go 13-3 wow

    • hahahahahaha

    • Smartest thing I have ever seen posted on this site, except what I post. Finally someone that actually follows football. People act like DJax is someone who makes a team a SB contender…..if thats the case why didn’t the Eagles win one with him?

      • Piss poor QB play, lack of a defense. Philly has never won a SB (my captain obvious moment), and’ we’ve had some damn special talent on the Eagles from a history stand point. That’s not a fair question, as if it’s Jackson’s fault wehave no hardware in the trophy case. I’ts no more Jackson’s fault than it was Quick’s T.O.’s or Harold Carmichael’s.

        • Hahahaha

        • And so you can’t say DJax makes Wash a good team. Just saying!

  • If cooks is gone I say trade back to #30 with sf them you then take
    1st. Xavier su’a-FILO -OG
    2nd rd-Martavis Bryant -wr 6’4 222 beast
    2nd rd – Deion Buchanan – safety
    3rd – Marcus smith – olb 6’5 245
    4th – Aaron Colvin -6′ 210 coming an ACL cb
    4th Daniel McCullers 6’7 353 dt

    • Bryant the kid from clemson? He is raw, big kid with great speed, but he is projected to go in that late 3rd-4th range. Smith is a converted Qb who has had to put weight while moving up to his now de/olb position. I want a OLB who has been playing that position since pop warner. I like your 4th round guys, and I’m all about trading back if Cooks is not there. He is the guy with the “wow” factor from the WR spot.

      I’ll be blown away and tip my cap to all who think we would take a guard in the top 2 rounds. It’s just my gut saying we won’t, but if I’m wrong, I’ll send some love your way after we make that selection.

    • I like this move an the Big WR Bryant..
      CB Aaron Colvin from Oklahoma could be a real find and pay off big come 2015.. I am not sure if he’s knee will be healthy enough this Summer to actually play or prepare for 2014 and really could be be had in the 5th/6th Round but is a 2nd Round Talent if he didn’t get injured…

      • How about the Penn State kid at WR.

        • PSU kid in the second round would be a “nice pick.” He had great numbers last season, but there is nothing that wows me about him. He has decent size, good hands, good speed, but nothing more then the local kid flare that grabs my eye.

        • I really like the FOllowing Receiver’s
          Davante Adams – Fresno State (6-1 – 215lbs – Projected 2nd Round )
          Dontae Moncrief – Miss State (6-2 – 221lbs – Late 2nd/early 3rd)
          Martavius Bryant – Clemson (6-4 – 215lbs – 3rd Round)
          Josh Huff – Oregon (5-11-206lbs – Late 3rd/4th Round)
          MIke Davis – Texas ( 6-0 – 200lbs – Late 3rd/4th Round)
          Cody Latimer – Indiana (6-3 – 215lbs – Late 4th-5th Round)
          Kevin Norwood – Alabama (6-2 200lbs – 5th Round)
          Jeff Janis – Saginaw Valley State – (6-3 220lbs – Late 5th/6th Rounder)
          Cody Hoffman – BYU (6-4 225lbs – 6th/7th Rounder)

          • Davante and Jose Huff are pretty much the only wideouts Id want from this list. Hopefully they can snag Beckman Jr, Kelvin Benjamin, or Aaron Robinson. Id settle for Davante or Josh Huff. Other than that , don’t really want anyone else, aside from Sammy Watkins which would be a miracle.

          • Jeff Janis. Something about the kid that wants him on Eagles. Size, speed, and Broncos did it with 2 white wr’s and made it look good, why not us?

            • I like Janis. Had a solid combine, solid game tape he could end up as good As any wr in this draft not named Watkins

              • I think the Eagles will end up Trading back from #22
                And possibly work another Trade involving
                Mathis or Graham to get an additional Pick in that 3rd/4th/5
                Round and end up with 2 of the Receivers I listed
                (1 in the 2nd Round and 1 in the 4th/5th Round)
                Do remember that Maclin is only on a 1 Year Deal ..
                So they need 2 WR’s in this Draft in my opinion
                Current WR’s D Johnson, B Smith & A Benn are all here for
                1 more Season at most and maybe not even at all

              • Agreed Paulman, they need two. Get a big wideout early on and a speedster later in the draft.

      • Colvin has a lot of natural gifts and a tough work ethic. With signing Carroll, he could hang out, rehab and give us flexibility with electing to bring back Carry Williams in 2015 with the big cap hit or go in another direction.

    • An OG in the 1st round?! LMAO…..you a fan of the Cowboys? The Eagles WILL NOT take an OG in the 1st rnd…..take that to the bank!!!

  • The penn state wr is slow I’m good I want speed and Bryant is projected to go anywhere from 2-3 rds.and there is no good olb in this draft outside of Mack and Barr the kid smith is what Kelly talks about big people . And it’s no way Cary Williams is here in ’15 unless he gets 10picks this year I’m one of the few people with common sense on here that realize the eagles don’t value safety I could see them taking 2 cbs and not drafting a safety at all,

  • NFC standings

    Redskins 11-5
    Eagles 7-9
    Cowboys – 6-10
    Giants 6-10

    After the season, Chip Kelly and Roseman are fired. Tony Dungy is hired as the new coach of the Eagles. Riley Cooper is released and the Eagles trade their first round pick to the Redskins for Desean Jackson. In addition they sign Albert Haynesworth and trade Lesean Mccoy for Richard Sherman. Chris Polk becomes the number 1 back and rushes for 1800 yds. Eagles go 14-2 and lose in the NFC Championship game to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    • Really?! 11-5 for the Skins…..did you forget they have a defense as bad as the Eagles? WOW there are ALOT of crack smoking dopes on this site. You ma’am are a total idiot that should be banned from all internet use.

      • Were the Eagles not a 10-6 team with as bad of a defense? And certainly they could have been 12-4 if Foles had started from the beginning of the year.

        Also I have a penis which would make me a man last time I checked. And Id love to compare my IQ score to yours any day of the week.

        • It helped that the Eagles played in teh NFC East where the Giants were terrible early on when the Eagles played them and got the Redskins twice with a Coach,QB,GM & Owner all on different pages…
          The Win at Green Bay with no Rodgers and the Win over a dysfunctionable Detroit Lions, who gave that snow game away to the Eagles and of course a final game Victory over the COwboys with a back-up QB in Orton who hasn’t played in 2 Years all which helped seal the Deal for a 10-6 Record which was great, but a little inflated in my opinion and not truly indictative that the Eagles are a legitimate Super Bowl Contender versus the Top 4 Teams in teh NFC which are the Seahawks,49ers,Packers & Saints..
          I think the Eagles will be an overall improved Team in 2014, but are still 2 Draft Classes (2014 & 2015) away from really building a Core of Chip Kelly Players and many take a step backwards record wise..

        • Ok lets compare. Type any number you want in here. What does IQ score have to do with common sense or football knowledge? Nothing bc some of the “smartest” people in the world can’t even wipe their own ass!

  • East*

  • Some may question my Bucs pick. After losing faith in Jesus, Tim Tebow coverts to Islam and is immediately signed by Tampa. In addition, they rehire Greg Schiano (oh wait, this already happened). In the Divisional round, the Bucs are down 4 to the Packers with 20 seconds left, and the pack have the ball. Rodgers attempts to rush to kneel the ball as Schiano orders his players to rush the QB. Rodgers tears his knee apart, and fumbles, leading to a Bucs touchdown.

    Super bowl is the Bucs vs the Pats. Tim Tebow has been an excellent pocket quarterback due to his new faith. The Bucs smoke the Pats. However, 2 weeks later, Tim Tebow is arrested by the United States government for alleged “ties” to Al Qaeda, citing his unwavering faith in Allah as their main source.

    • Shrooms are cool as illustrated above

    • Best post of the year. Paulman top that buddy.

      • That’s was a very creative Post by Muimuiman,
        I would probably added something to the effect that
        Before Tebow was arrested, that he declared
        “ObamaCare” overturned and dead, or something along the lines,
        Buts that’s just me… Ha ha

        • LMAO

          • lol

          • I think Muimuiman has been drinking too many Foster’s from the big oil can’s from down under today…

            • Haha just having a bit of fun Paulman. Glad you liked it

  • Eagles have the most young talent in the division. I see Kendricks taking another step and possibly being a top 3 LB in the division. 3-4 defenses always have that mainstay vet like Ryans in the middle so I think we are good there. Cox has to step up and make more plays, he did great at doing his job but when you are the top dog your job is not good enough I was told by a coach before “I need more son” lol I need more from Cox. Our main priority should be a pass rusher, if we get that it makes a guy like Barwin much more valuable bc we won’t cry about his lack of pressure he does a lot of other things well.
    As far as the East Dallas will surprise this year bc they finally are starting over quietly but it won’t be this year for them 7-9.
    I think the Giants are done and its time for old man Tom to leave 6-10.
    Skins will bounce back with Gruden’s style and RG3 will have a better year. people forget they are one year removed from the playoffs and have a great running game. I still see their D as the weak spot and never have been a fan of Hall 8-8.
    I see the Birds winning this division. What Foles lacks in shear wow factor he more than makes up for it with smart decisions and taking care of the football. It will be interesting to see with him due money and not having his big play guy if this is a Chip set up so he doesn’t have to pay him and get the kind of QB he really wants. Chip is no fool he knows Foles played well and deserves the reigns but I feel in the back of his mind that wasn’t his plan for Foles to play so well he can’t go after a better all around talent. 9-7

  • If you watched and learn how Chip Kelky ran his System in
    Oregon as it pertains to RB’s & Receivers & TE’s,
    It’s about Depth and spreading the ball by comittee
    He never had a #1 WR or TE or RB during his Days
    Instead he used 4-5 WR’s, 2-3 TE’s and multiple RB’s
    To use their His Skilks Players to their Talents
    Had big Physical Receievers to Block downfield,
    Athletich TE’s to spread the field, and Scat Backs to get out in space versus LB’s on Screens, wheel routes, etc, etc
    It’s about Formations & Match-Up with Chip Kelly and I believe that’s how he will put together this Eaglex Offense moving forward
    And not rely on 1 RB for 1500 Yards or 1 WR with 85 Receptions
    He will have 2-3 Bacjs with 500-600 Yards,
    4 WR’s with 40 Receptions each, 2 TE’s with 35-40 Receptions, it’s what he’s done his entire Coaching Career.. Spread the ball, fresh legs, and wear your opponent down .. Which I believe is 1 reason he moved away from
    D-Jax and may move away from RB McCoy sooner than
    we think….

    • Sort of similar to the way Sean Payton spreads the wealth around.

      Which is why I think later on down the road, this move benefits the Eagles. Short term, I think the Skins get the advantage.

      We can still go defense early on, and pick up some WR’s in the mid rounds. Hoping for Calvin Pryor and Jean-Baptiste.

      • Exactly, just how the Saints, Packers & Patriots Play Offensivey,
        Lots of different packages, where it’s their “System” is not reliant on 1-2 Big, highly paid Player and therefore their Payroll is not out of whack year in and year out.. I believe this is where Chip Jelky and the Eagles Offense is heading.. Having 4-5-6 Good Players who fit the Ststem and bring sone thing unique to it.. Of course all 3 of the Teams, I mentioned have something in common which is an elite QB who can read Defenses, get the ball out quickly and accurately and
        Minimize the negative Plays and Turnovers which Foles did a great job of last year and will have to continue to do so..
        I do believe that RB McCoy may be the odd-man out cone next Off-Season
        For I am not so sure that he will buy into “spreading and sharing the ball” and it will be something to watch as this Season unfolds
        McCoy 2 buddies in Vick & D-Jax are gone so it’s will be worth watching
        How he reacts this season.. In good times and in bad..

        • A very good analysis…I don’t normally agree with you…but your on to something here…and if you are right we are in BIG trouble! The Saints, Packers, and Patriots all have superstar quarterbacks that can make tight throws in very small windows. Those QB’s threw more interceptions but they also made far more plays than Nervous Nick. Nick Foles is not needs a really big windows to throw the ball. If receivers are not wide open…Also, the Packers and Saints have great talent at receiver…you are really underestimating Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb…thats All-Pro level talent for them and when you look the Saints you see Colston and that beast of a tight end Jimmy Graham. You see what has happened to Brady the best QB in the league in my book…he gets them to the playoffs but last year particuliarly the lack of talent at the skilled positions has killed New England.
          You are making a lot of sense about the Eagles direction…but the problem is that the direction won’t lead to a Super Bowl…You need to feature talent in this league…you need All-Pros to win…getting rid of DJax is bad enough…getting rid of Shady would be just as bad.
          I believe that this is the year with the schedule we are playing that Chip may learn that cutting All-Pros don’t work in the NFL…there is no ‘system’ that does not require TALENT….Chip needs to figure that out real soon!!

          • Thnx KB, again I want to emphasize that’s not what
            I would neccessarily do, but I believe that’s where
            Chip Kelky and this Eagles Team is headed..
            He is a “System Coach” with a Big Ego which
            May not prove to be a big combination as time goes on.
            To win it all, you have to have Playmakers on both sides of the ball
            As well as some fortunate bounces ans remain healthy And the Eagles just got rid of their biggest Playmaker on

            • Really?! You idiots really think they are going to get rid of Shady? Now lets look at the 3 teams you idiots mentioned…..what is 1 key thing about their skilled position people ( WR TE RB)? They all have 1 superstar and a handful of good players. What do the Eagles have? 1 superstar (Shady) and a handful of good players (Sproles, Ertz, Maclin, Celek). So explain to me how the Eagles have the same makeup as those 3 teams but yet the Eagles suck and those teams are so damn good.
              How many of those teams have a WR making $12mil a year? NONE
              Paying DJax $12mil a year would limit re-signing Foles, Kendricks, Boykin and Cox. Which if the team couldn’t resign any of those 4 you idiots would be crying “we pay DJax to much and its hurting us”.
              paulman……DJax was NOT the Eagles biggest playmaker, SHADY IS!!!!!

    • I agree with his style but just bc you want to play a certain way doesn’t mean you have to move away from top end players if you have them. Why would you move away from Shady just bc you want to spread the ball around? don’t you want the guy who has the ball to be dynamic? Is it always going to boil down to how much money a guy is scheduled to make. Lets not forget the ultimate goal is the Superbowl Chip Kelly hasn’t won anything yet so im not ready to dump our best player to say let the system take over, how about keep the best player within the system.

      • did we not spread the ball around last year? So whoever performs the best in the spread around system becomes the odd man out come contract time? If Sean Peyton had Shady do you think he is trying to get rid of him? Sounds ridiculous. Sean Peyton force feeds Jimmy Graham every chance he gets and franchised his ass back why not let him walk so he can spread the ball more? lol

        • I don’t think you have to move away from your best Players either,
          Only if they don’t buy in and begin to cause a problem of “spreading the wealth”.. You don’t think McCoy will be upset if he gets
          7-8 less Touches a game., less touches mean less personal stats which means less $$$$ come contract time..

          • Let’s look at what really happened last year….the Eagles receivers were having a lot of difficulty getting separation and then Kelly adjusted by moving DJax around putting him in motion, in the slot, out of the back field…this put a lot of attention on him and opened up the offense….gave Nick extremely easy throws…Defensive coordinators were not baffled by Kelly’s brilliance…they were scared to death of DJax and Shady in the open field…this created space for the tight ends and Cooper.
            Djax wasn’t stupid…he saw his value to the offense and rightfully believed that more money was due to him given how so much of the offense was based upon his abilities to create space.
            So now Chip wants this ‘management’ friendly ‘system where its not about the ‘players’ and stars…but about the ‘system’….
            But we already seen that with Andy Reid who for years would not give McNabb wide receiver weapons…his best years were wasted with James Trash, Picknney, and other bums….while Reid preached his system…and what Super Bowl did that get us?
            How many national championships did Chip win with his ‘system’ in college??
            Didn’t get him any championships there…and it won’t work in the NFL either!

            • Lmao yet won division year one top offense year.

              Lost all credibility with that statement.

            • koolbreeze,

              Let me see if I got this straight…..DeSean Jackson couldn’t get open last year in press coverage and Kelly started using rub routes and moving Jackson around so he could get open… and you see that as an indication of Jackson’s greatness?

              That might be the strongest argument in support of Kelly’s ability to plug someone else in and adapt to their skills.

              Chip Kelly was a college head coach for four years at a school not know as a football powerhouse and had a 46-7, .868 Pct record. Many NFL coaches made visits to Oregon to learn his system.

              Jackson was a great player, but I’m pretty confident that Kelly will win without Jackson.

          • McCoy came out his own mouth last year and said in this offense you need breaks. it was after the second game basically begged to get Bryce Brown more touches.

  • Haha eagleland, paulman declared the last of the three headed monster will be offed,first Vick then Jackson now McCoy

  • Muimuiman, what the hell is a head name like that, some theatre fag from Chinatown

    Just kidding……

    • Its what a local catholic priest used to call himself when he would molest little boys.


  • NFC Prediction of the Weekend

    Titans will release RB Chris Johnson Friday
    On Sunday, he will sign a 3 Year Deal with the Dallas Cowboys
    The NFC East Offenses have just gotten a lot more explosive
    Over the last week.. The Eagles “Brain Trust” may very well scrap their strategy of rebuilding their Defense this Draft and add more Weapons to their
    Offense than we a originally thought or hoped for..

  • Mike Evans…Mike Evans…Mike Evans…Mike Evans…

    • If they don’t have to trade up. Mike Evans,Mike Evans, Mike Evans , Mike Evans. LOL

      • My man lol I think he’s Young Boldin 2.0 with more speed.

        For year I’ve been dying for an accurate QB and a beast mode 6-3 6_5 monster on the outside.

        The punskton years ruined me lol

        • LOL I like Punkston better than Stinkston.

  • Kelvin Benjamin

    • I can dig that in the 2nd round if they go elsewhere in the first

    • Won’t hurt my feelings if they draft Benjamin.

      • Benjamin in the first? Idk if he would be best available.

        If you can trade up to mid teens
        1.Mike Evans
        2. Anthony Barr

        If not stay at 22

        1.Top CB/DT(I think both safeties are gone ,Nix and Dennard may be there)
        2. OG (kid from UCLA…both Herremans and Mathis 1-2 years tops)
        3.WR (Lee Beckham Cooks are there)

        IMO if the run on QBs starts early with Manziel no.1 followed by OL a ton of good players will slide down. Especially at CB/DT

  • Man…why do Wrs have to be such pain in the asses…

    No matter what Djax goes into my Eagles HOF for the Giants game….

    But what’s done is done. Hopefully they had a shot plan and not a spur of the momemnt brain fart…

    All that said in Chip and Roseman I trust…..so far…

    Like the real Big said 🙂 Things done changed

    • Izell it’s still not over Desean has a one on one exclusive with Steven A tomorrow. Watch what comes out of that interview buddy!!!!

      • Stephen A Smith is a clown. I take anything he says with a grain of salt.

  • Stephen A Smith is an excellent, sports journalist who has done a great job at covering this Desean Jackson debacle!

    • Smith is a single issue ‘reporter’ like jason whitlock… excuse makers, low expectations for human behavior.
      all you need to know is that not ONE player even under the cloak of anonymity has defended jackson…not one!!!!!!!!

      • thats the biggest eye opener to me about all this haveacigar. not one eagles player has defended him or blasted eagles front office.

        that tells me all i need to know…

      • Read Whitlocks article about Desean and get back to me. Clearly you have no clue in regards to that single issue statement.

        • agreed with that big. that whitlock article was good and had a lot more than just a single issue.

          screaming a is a clown. he is the dicky v of reporters imo

          • truthfully haven’t read whitlock in a few months….. so i will stand corrected on that one.

            • Yeah Cigar he went hard on Desean and the Redskins and basically said the Eagles were well within their rights to do what they did.

    • Lmao you show your credibility with the statemen alone.

      Excellent sports journalist…..LMAO

    • LMAO……Steven A is a joke journalist. He is all about “homeboys”! Has no clue what he is talking about. Sounds straight up un-educated when he talks and tries to use “big” words. You need to find new journalists to follow!

      • But Stephen A Smith is on ESPN, well known and making plenty of $. And we are on GCOBB.

  • DeMaurice Smith is on Mike and Mike and spoke about Djax issue and essentially said the players union will be digging in the ass of Jeff Lurie, Howie Roseman and Chip Kelly. Because he said something just isn’t right here and that the Eagles cant just be going around doing what they want there is a union to deal with. If in there investigation they find out the Eagles in fact were leaking this bullshit “gang activity” to the media discipline will be brought down. If they wanted to release him just about money than man up and just say it. But slandering his name will not be tolerated.So no Barney Rubble and Howie aren’t bigger than the union. So for the Eagles sake nothing better come out about this NJ.com story being related to the Eagles then the sudden release of Djax after the story broke. Its estimated 30% of NFL players have gang related friends just the price of growing up in the inner city. The union is in full investigation mode. Even if nothing comes out of this the Eagles look soooooo bad in the eyes of many no matter if you agree with his release or not its just so much unneeded drama and it isn’t going away.

    • just a union guy doing his job… this is nothing!

      • Theres been 100 players released this year. Why is Djax the only “investigation” being performed? Why aren’t they investigating Ware being released? Funny how its just the Eagles and Djax. It means a lot of people feel something just doesn’t make sense. Its a fucking shame anything has to be “investigated”.

        • Because it’s Philadelphia where everything gets blown out of proportion
          but the local Media, Fans, Sports Talk, Bloggers, you name it..
          Everything gets exagerrated in Philly, always has, always will…
          Look at Santonio HOlmes getting released by NY Jets, was it a big deal.. Revis getting the boot in Tampa and now Chris Johnson by the Titans by this weekend…
          It’s only a story in Philly because everyone seems to have to
          “Prove a Story of who knew what & when” .. from the Eagles Front Office,to the Local Media and yes, some of us Fans also, who are “Conspiracy Theorists” and have to beat an issue to death..
          It happens all the Time in Philly… and i even admit, then I get this way too.. must be someting in the water or those Septa Bus Rides that gets us all worked up into a frenzy..

      • How in the hell would you know its nothing? I have read many of your posts and not one has you stating you in some way work for the NFL or the NFLPA. Are you guessing? You spoke to the NFLPA? You spoke with the Eagles? You clearly have some inside information to make the statement that its “nothing”.

        • sounds like the players union should go after the website that was responsible for that story not the eagles.

          i find it hilarious these people thinking the eagles conspired to cut desean, try to tarnish his rep, squash his trade value to zero rather than think the eagles tried to trade him and nobody wanted him… its a riot.

          the organization that signed vick out of jail, gave him 100 mil is conspiring to cut players now. haaaaaaaaaaaa its hilarious just to think that people think that could be reality.

          sounds like the players union is gonna waste a bunch of money and manpower on nothing.

    • He also said he was also a prosecutor in DC for 10 years and wants to know what the fuck does “affiliation with gang members mean. Hes never had a case like that.

      • Dawk says desean doesn’t have good character and thats why he was released… no players have defended him…. wonder why…i think its because he is a POS!

        • I think Jackson maybe a pain in the butt, but, he’s handled this situation much better than the Eagles have. POS…naw, he does to much good in the community to be a POS. The whole gang thing hasbeen pretty much dismissed as nonsense in thiswhole scheme of things. Richard Sherman stated he still hangs out with guys he grew up with that are in gangs. Trust, they’re are many guys in sports who do. Eric Lindross used to pal around with Joey Merlino

    • I have already stated on a post, before everyone was hip to what was happening – that this was a façade to exonerate the Eagles from any criticism in how they handled this in the eyes of the fan base, and a means to justify why they were shopping him in the first place – because ONE of the many reasons they wanted to get rid of him, was because they didn’t want to pay the man…..

      Here is the issue Dag….If they find something…We may lose draft picks, so they better use some of those future draft picks in trades to get what they need, before the hammer comes down, so that they can at least compete until this thing blows over….

      And it isn’t Mike Evans. If they are going to move up, let it be for Khalil Mack, and fix the Defense – screw the WR’s in the first 2 rounds

      • “And it isn’t Mike Evans. If they are going to move up, let it be for Khalil Mack, and fix the Defense – screw the WR’s in the first 2 rounds”

        so agreeeeeeee with this. although if someone slipped i wouldnt mind a wr in the 2nd …

        • Mack will be a Top #5 Pick and require at least 3 Draft Picks in Return ( The Eagles #22, a 3rd Rounder & 5th Rounder to move that far up in the First Round leaving them with very few picks in a very deep Draft Class..

          I believe that they need to do the Opposite and need to acquire 2 more additional Picks in those 2nd thru 4th Rounds by Trading down from #22 and also by trading/packaging some players that don’t fit or are unhappy (Graham, Brown or Mathis)

          I do agree that Mack will be a very good PLayer in the NFL, but Eagles need multiple good players as they rebuild their Defense and now need to address WR with the release of D-Jax

          • disagree with they need to address WR. its not that important really.

            we have the exact same offense we ended last year with less desean and avant but add in maclin and sproles.

            we need wr depth, im certain we will sign a cut wr or still available free agent. which means we need to draft 1 wr for depth.

            look maclin is our #1, cooper our #2, sproles will prob play a lot in the slot… when you have your 1 and 2 locked in you dont neeed anything.

            i highly doubt eagles spend a #1 pick on a wr. i think its highly possible eagles trade down out of their #1 this year

            • How about if WR Maclin bolts next Off-Season in Free-Agency
              and remember that Sproles is 31 Years Old and probably a 20-25 Snaps a Game player at this stage of his Career
              This leaves WR Riley Cooper as the only WR currently under Contract for 2015 & Beyond… Are you comfortable with this ??

              WR Benn,D Johnson, Brad Smith & J Maehl are signed only thru 2014 ..

              If Draft is Deep at WR, then you Select 1 or 2 to groom for future

              • its a fair point paul but i think maclin wants to be extended here once he “proves it”. and its noted the eagles want him to stay… theyll have tons of cap space and if he earns it we will pay him.

                now if we are talking grooming a guy you dont take a guy in the first round to groom him and i think their will be guys that our equally skilled as those wr that will be left in the 2nd round in the 5th. so sure i say we get a groom able guy but that guy will be a 3-5th round pick

                and i have a sneaky suspicion jeff maehl becomes a player this year for this team

              • Yes, but not in the first 2 rounds….

              • jeff maehl sucks to the 3rd power……

              • maehl cant be any worse than cooper was prior to last year….

              • Jordan Matthews, Paul Richardson, and Cody Lattimore, big fast receivers with speed, and good hands without all the unnecessary hype…..

          • No ……..they have future #1’s……that are worth more, as well as Mathis, and Curry to enhance a deal… If they can’t…I agree Paul – Trading back is the option I’ve been stating all off-season…..

            They can trade back a little, and still get Kony Ealy, and keep trading down for even more picks…..Cleveland seems like the ideal team to negotiate with…..Early – 49ers – in the later rounds…..

          • My point Paul, was if they want to move up – They should move up for Mack, – not a WR………

          • and you keep Bryce Brown Paul……If Shady, or Sproles gets hurt you need that insurance…I know you don’t like him, but ridiculous to do, just to be doing it – It doesn’t help the team….

      • If they move up Cliff it better not be for a wideout.

        • I agree Biggie

    • Everything that comes out of De Smith’s mouth is BS. The dude loves attention in the media and will say anything to get fools bringing up his name like they know what their talking about.

      Clearly some of the uneducated Gcobb posters want to rewrite the laws on defamation since they clearly have no fucking clue on what they are talking about. I laugh my ass off hearing some of you say the Eagles slandered Djaxs name. Just shows how clueless some of you are.
      First of all its not slander if its true and nothing in that NJ story was false. (noone ever called him a gang member).
      second, you cant defame a reputation thats already been defamed by Djax himself lol…before the story/release Djax rep was that he is has bad friends (puts it out there for everyone to see), immature, quitter, fights with coaches etc.
      So please read a damn book before you make a fool of yourself. The Union is all talk, the NFL owners and their powerful lawyers probably laugh every time the player union speaks.

      • LOL yea same union/smith lowlifes that backed that Murderer Hernandez in going after Kraft and the Patriots for his money (even though he clearly breached his contract…which you could probably say Djax breached as well).
        Just goes to show how full of shit they are

  • Fuller in the first and Attaochu in the second. OG in the third. NT 4th/5th. 10-6 with a WC win in 2014. Lose in the second rd to Seattle by less than a TD. 24-20. Next year, with everyone up to speed, we replace Ryans and Henery with FAs, draft a return man, start Boykin on the outside, put Caroll in the slot, and get ready for run to SB L.

  • 1st- Brandon cooks
    2nd- deone Buchanan
    3rd-Marcus smith
    4th- Aaron Colvin

    • I like it Gloomy, CB Colvin can be had in the 5th Round
      I would use the 4th for a Bigger/Physical WR like a Dontae Moncreif,
      Jeff Janis or a Kevin Norwood to groom since Cooks will be more of the Speed WR..

      • i pray we dont go wr with our first. i dont see it. ill take any position in the first over wr unless we are trading up for evans or watkins i pray no wr, too many talented wr this year after the big 2 to draft a wr in the 1st man

      • Janis is a kid that I see falling to mid to late 5th round, from a small school, but I’ve voiced my like for the kid, and see him as a poor mans Jordy Nelson. Your mentions of Norwood and Moncrief I’m all about, I like both of those kids.

        Here is my take on Cooks. He is the only WR I would take in round 1. (We are not going to land Evans/Watkins). Personally, I feel because of his skill-set and what he offers, he will be taken before we draft at pick #22.

        If that happens, we should trade down and gather some additional picks for the draft. I feel we have all mentioned Bucanan as a safety we want. Drafting him in the second round in addition to a WR while picking up a possible 3rd or 4th round pick this year and a pick next year, I feel we would understand that move.

        I will say this….. There is a ton of time between now and the draft. Desean is going to speak today, that will be our next thing to talk about, and I don’t expect much if anything from Chip, Roseman or Lurie.

        This is why…. Something is going to happen either before the draft or during draft day. Not something small, but something that will have us texting every buddy that is an Eagles fans.

        • Cooks was lobbying to come to Philadelphia. I’ve read reports that Chip does like him. I think the Eagles may draft two wideouts. I’m thinking Chip is not going to go all out to fix the defense this year. I like Cooks and Martavis Bryant.

          • cooks and pryor both lobbying to come here. gimme pryor !!!!!!

            • Per Jon Hart,
              Both Cooks & Pryor want to join a West Philly Gang named the
              “The Huxabee’s” ..
              Their Colors are “Teal & Yellow” with Sweaters as their symbol of Unity and they wear classy “Fedora Hats” and not Baseball Caps

            • I’m a defense first guy, so Pryor all day. After him, the only other safety who has the size and skill set to actually push for a starting job is Bucanon. I’d love Pryor but would be satisfied with a Cooks and Bucanon after first 2 rounds.

            • Yes…If Pryor is there, you have to take him….it’s a no brainer. I’ve felt that way before though and the Eagles took a stiff over a stud!

        • agree with everything you wrote jeff.

          although janis is currently projected to go in the 6th round so he wouldnt fall to the 5th.

          but in line with your thoughts janis is talented and there is a ton of value in holding out to the 4th, 5th, 6th and this year u may even find a gem in the 7th at the wr position.

  • You must didn’t see Brandon cooks and Paulman if we can Colvin in the 5th I’ll take it but Brandon cooks has to be the first pick cause after Maclin there is no speed in the wr cor at all
    No speed

  • The value in this draft is at wr and Oline why in the hell would you reach for safety are any of these guys outside of ha ha are any gonna beEd reed, Eric berry, earl Thomas and there is no olb’s at that spot that work that pick cause if was they would go higher. Look at a guy like dee ford his stats are way better than clowney yet one is going top 5 and the other might be a second rd pick cause he is a difference maker he is just a guy

  • I don’t want the eagles to draft a safety I don’t think you need superstar safety’s to win just solid guys who aren’t gonna kill I think cb is a bigger need than safety.

    • ok well jenkins isnt solid at all and who knows with wolf… we now have corner depth but id like to rid ourselves of cary williams so i would love if we took denard in the first…

      in my opinion if pryor or denard isnt there at our 1st pick you trade down

      • Wolff was the best safety last year..or was he the only guy that did something to make us like something from the safety position because Chung was awful and Allen is nothing much then ehh…

        Wolf is a 5th round guy and for good reasons. His combine numbers were solid, but he is limited with good things he can do, but I think there is a spot for him on this team.

        Pryor would be “money” pick for us. He reminds me of T.J. Ward where Bucanon reminds me of a smaller Bernard Pollard. Both safeties will hit you in the mouth and not whiff on tackles like our pathetic cast the last few years.

  • Pryor is a in the box safety for all that we could’ve got tj ward so that should tell you that Pryor isn’t coming

    • yea ill take a talented rookie at safety with my 1st round pick over giving an average vet 4 years 22.5 million and if your following the eagles they clearly want to draft and groom their own players these days. so i see no correlation between us signing or not signing tj ward vs drafting pryor

      now about pryor strengths and weaknesses:

      Very good instincts. Physical, lights-out hitter (see second defensive snap of UCF game). Very aggressive running the alley and seeks to make his presence felt in the run game. Sacrifices his body. Defensive tempo-setter. Made a spectacular, one-handed INT vs. UCF. Good pre-snap recognition — makes adjustments. Explosive tackler. Can leverage the field off the hash and cover ground. Good zone recognition. Rangy enough to play center field. Carries a swagger and plays with confidence.
      Plays with too much reckless abandon and lacks discipline playing the cutback. Takes some bad angles and can be outflanked to the perimeter. Average production on the ball. Is not asked to play a lot of man coverage.
      Draft Projection
      Rounds 1-2
      Bottom Line
      A big, physical, hammering run defender brings an enforcer mentality to the box and an intimidating, punishing presence to the back end. Is arguably the most violent hitter in this year’s draft class and should make his presence felt readily in the pros.


  • That makes no sense didn’t they get Malcolm Jenkins who was signed for damn near the same deal as ward. It just happen that ward got 1 year more on his deal well your gonna be disappointed on draft day it will be a wr. They don’t value safety and neither do I the giants won two Super Bowls with an below avg secondary people see the seahawaks win with good safety’s now we have to follow them all you need is solid guys back there not 1st rd picks. I would rather have to great cbs and solid safety’s as to superstar safety’s and Cary Williams

    • went back to 03 to look at super bowl winners and took a note of the winners safeties

      03 – rodney harrison
      04 -rodney harrison
      05 – Troy Polamalu .
      06 – bob sanderes
      07 – giants slop
      08 – Troy Polamalu
      09 – Darren Sharper
      10- 3 time pro bowler nick collins
      11 – giants slop
      12 – ed reed
      13 – early thomas

      thats a ton of great safeties on those super bowl winning teams basically 8 of the last 10 had one of the top safeties in football that year. so this has nothing to do with Seattle and everything to do with safeties are difference makers. you can say they dont value safeties but after 1 year of kelly roseman i dont think you can say that as factual. they are building… chip did turn out quite a few good safeties from oregon…

  • I think Maclin is resigned after the year. Rmbr the Eagles offered him a 5 year deal that he denied. They clearly see him as part of their future. And now they probably save a ton of money on the cap with no more Djax

    I really like this Beckam kid. He catches the ball really well, he looks likes a shorter but faster Alshon Jeffrey just by the way he catches.

    In the mid rounds I like Loston, Watkins and Purifoy, for secondary help.
    And I like Christian Jones.
    But I could see them going Olineman in the first round since everything Chip does on offense is based upon the LOS. This wouldn’t be my choice. I want Pryor or Beckam in the first.

    Steelers GM said everyone wants to trade down in this draft, this could easily be BS. Just saying it makes sense after the first couple big names are gone.
    Which will make it harder for the Eagles to trade down, since you need to have someone that wants to move up.

    • Yes I think they want to with Maclin also,
      But the Wildcard here is can he remain healthy?
      We just don’t know that yet in Kelly’s System which is
      Predicated on Speed. If Maclin struggles Speed wise from Knee ohas issues
      Learning this scheme, then maybe Eagles feel differently about his future..

  • When I look at WR & CB I think you can Select a good one in the mid 2nd/late 2nd Round who has as much upside as taking one in late 1st Round

    CB Postion – After Justin Gilbert comes off the Board
    Do you guys think there is a Big Difference between
    Denard, Fuller, Robey, Jason Verett, Marcus Roberson, Lemarcus Joyner who are all prjoected as late 1st and 2nd Round Prospects…

    WR Position – After Top Receivers Watkins & Evans come off the Board
    Do you see a big difference in M Lee, Beckham, Cooks,Benjamin, Robinson,Adams,Bryant & Moncrief besides the Size or Speed Factor

    I look for Eagles to Trade that #22 back to Cleveland Browns, who will take a positional Player at #4 but will want to Draft their QB of the Future at #22 instead of taking a chance and waiting at #26 (which they have from Colts steal with Richardson Trade last year) .. Reports are thta Bridgewater is dropping fast and that the Browns were very impressed with Derek Carr who they can have learn fr a year or so behind Brian Hoyer…

    Eagles can probably a additional 4th Round Pick from Browns in return for moving back 4 Spots to a Team that needs to get a Future QB

    Then at #26, the Eagles should Trade back again with the Indy Colts who have no 1st Round Pick, and depserately need some OL & WR help or the 49ers
    who will be targeting a Player and want to move up from #30
    The 49ers have 11-12 Picks in this Draft for about 4-5 Roster Spots and have the luxury of tarding some picks to move up for a specific player or two that they want… Why not be the beneficiary of extra picks to a Team (49ers) that are build to win now, while the Eagles are 2-3 Years away still

    If the Eagles can get Two 2nd/3rd & 4th Round Selections in the meat of this Draft(from lets say the 35th to 140th Selection), they could really build a solid and add to the core of their young players to be real force come 2015
    and if this means trading back and down from #22 or Trading away a Evan MAthis, or Bryce Brown or Brandon Graham, then so be it …

  • Paulman, when it comes to the Philly media on the whole Djax thing, keep in mind that these guys are pissed off. These guys are around the Eagles all day every day desperate to get words out of our coach/owner who don’t talk. Now all of a sudden the biggest read of the offseason is written by some noname dude from NJ. com…These Philly writers seem pretty bitter/jealous about that. Just one of the reasons why I think they are blowing it up now.

    Im over the Djax thing. The guy was an electric player when he felt like playing. If he had the professionalism of some of the great Wrs/or Dawkins in the game today he could have gone down as one the most fan favorite Eagles ever, even if we never won the SB like Dawkins. But he is not here because of his own actions End of story. And now he is part of the enemy so fuck him. I hope we get Pryor. Lets seem him catch a ball anywhere near that dude. Hell that little guy Robison almost ended Djaxs career, can you imagine what Pryor would do..

  • Rodney Harrison is just run stopper same with bob sanders . Ed reed was so good with ravens that they didn’t resign him nick Collins is good would’ve been great if not for injury polamalu is the only all around safety on the list and maybe earl Thomas. Darren sharper was a coverage guy same with nick Collins the rest was run stoppers. And Harrison didn’t win a ring after spygate

    • lmfao ok thats where this conversation ends

      have a nice day gloomy

  • mhenski….I agree if Pryor is there you can’t go WR. I would also take CB Fuller over WR. With Ertz, Maclin and Cooper, all we need is a shifty slot WR that can return punts. You can find that in the 3rd/4th rd. We have money to re-sign Maclin. So if he is healthy, why would we need a starting WR? We don’t. I think Chip sees Ertz as a future dominant receiver and Cooper is solid and an excellent blocker. Maclin also blocks well. And the other TE will block and catch. And Shady can catch. Why does everyone think we need to reinvent our WR corps? We only used three last year anyway. It is a RB/TE centric offense similar to NE. It is not a WR driven offense. Why do people think this is the 1995 Lions?

  • Chip would be more inclined to carry 4 RBs and 3-4 TEs and only 4 WRs on the 53 man roster. Two starters and two back ups. And the back ups don’t need to be first rd picks. With everything else running properly, they can absolutely win a SB with Maclin and Cooper as their starters at WR. Ertz will be a PB receiver also so waht would be the problem with that?

    • i dont think you can crown ertz as a pb receiver, he has a lonnnnnnnnnnng way to go jbird…

      regarding ur shifty slot wr and punt returner, i think that could be sproles…

      • Sproles is too old and ineffective. This is not Brian Mitchell we are getting here. So we should not have any dilusions. We still need a return man. And I think Ertz is a special player. His body, speed and hands combo are unusual. Give it by 2015 and you will see I was right. PFF which is the metrics bible of the NFL has him at 10th already so not sure he has that far to go.

        • I would bet he is 5th/6th this year and then top three in 2015.

  • If Brandon cooks is off the board at 22 then yes you trade back I think if they want to trade back the 49ers are the perfect team to do so with
    If you trade back to 30 and get a 1,2,4 or 1,2,3 I would do it in a heartbeat.I would then trade that #30 pick and see if I could pick up another 2,3,5th rd picks now you have multiple picks in rds 2-5

    • Brandon Cooks? Why would we draft him Im confused. I thought he was 5 10 180lbs. Let me get this straight, Chip likes big receivers, no he doesn’t. Chip will draft a WR in 1st round, No its the system anyone can play there. Chip doesn’t like the gang shit, no he recruited at Crenshaw in South Central LA. This is to confusing.

  • 9 – 10 wins this season.

    – 4-5 wins in the division
    – Wins over the AFC South
    – A win over the Panthers or the Rams

    9-10 wins. That’s it.

    Our biggest comp in the East right now looks to be the Skins. They look 8-8 to me, but they’ve snuck out wins before so anything is possible.

    • I agree. The schedule is too hard. 4-2 in division. They will win home games vs Panthers and Rams. Should beat Jax and Tenn, but don’t count Houston as a lay up

      • Schedule is hard? I don’t want to hear that shit. Fuck that!. You had the 4th scoring offense in the NFL coming back intact. You had Bryd on open market and you had 6 rounds in NFL draft to load up on defense. You hve the best QB in the NFL in stats and rivaling Manning and Brady in ST Nick No excuses.I don’t want to hear about some schedule being hard. lol

        • The Eagles play 6 games in the NFC East vs teams who were waaay under .500. That tells me that Barney Rubble and his system should be 6-0. Then all they have to do is go atleast 5-4(barely over .500) vs real NFL teams. That’s not to hard to ask. Its they system. Its not like they are Arizona and have to play SF and Seattle in there own division. No excuses. Its the system, anyone can produce in it.

          • 6-0 in division, you obviously dont follow football

            • plus they already forfeited 2 games against your redskins…they are too scared to even show up so the best they can be is 4-2

        • Dag….is speaking some ‘real talk!’ right here…

  • Go look at chips history with his wr’s at Oregon none of them were ever big he built his team around speed

    • That’s why when he played the SEC schools and teams with bigger and better athletes he got his teeth kicked in and his scheme shoved up his ass. Hence no National Championships.

      • Thts why when Chip trots Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin out there vs Richard Sherman and that Seattle secondary Cip ill gets hi teethkicked in and his system shoved up his ass again.

      • Lmao the same SEC that does that to everyone? Hahaha Kelly made you look like a dumbass last year abd you’re still not over it.

  • Here’s NY Giants Projected 2014 Defense

    DL – JPP, Jonathon Hankins, Cullen Jenkins, Mathias Kiawanuka
    (Back-Ups Robert Ayers,Mike Patterson,)
    LB – J Beason, Jerrod McClain and S Paysinger
    CB – DRC & Walt Thurmond (Back-Ups Prince Amukarama & Z Bowman)
    Safety – A Rolle, Steve Brown (Back-ups Will Hill & Q Demps)

    If JPP comes back 100%, and new CB’s DRC & Thurmond played liked they did last Year, than this is the Best Defense in the NFC East

    Sigining LB McClain from Ravens, CB Thurmond from Seattle and DE R Ayers from BRoncos were all good moves and improves their Defense
    plus they get All-Pro Safety Steve Brown back from a 2013 Seaon long injury

    • That defense has no continuity, is heavily reliant on key players coming back from injury. They let go Tuck who with JPP hurt was their best DL. Thurmond was a 3rd CB who benefitted playing in that Seattle defense and in a free agency year were CBs got paid DRC was an afterthought settle pick up. Name wise if that makes a good defense yes but I don’t see that. If Prince is now a backup than that means a first round pick didn’t pan out and that hurts the Giants. There is no young talent on that defense.

      • Thurmond played alot for the Seahawks for the injured and then Suspended CB Brandon Browner and would be a Starter on 20 NFL Teams, Also went to Oregon and is a Player I thought Chip Kelly & Eagles would have really pursued in Free-Agency..
        DRC signed for 5 Years $40 Million, How is that an afterthought ??
        Everyone already knows that Prince has been a Bust, which is why the Giants went out in Free Agency and signed 3 CB’s in DRC, Thurmond and Nickel Back Zack Bowman… Prince will most likely be moving on after Camp of definitely after the 2014 Season from the GIants..

        • Dont inflate the numbers. It’s basically a 2 year deal st 16million guaranteed. Jets were offering 6 signing and he got 10 with Giants. There was nothing left on the market and he had a semi bidding war between Jets. As for Thurmond he’s Young and long but I view anyone coming out of Seattle differently because that scheme and have 3 beasts in kam Earl and RS next to you will mask a lot.

          • So a 2 Year $16 Million Guaranteed Deal by the Giants (who are one of the stingiest Organizations in all the NFL) is an afterthought…
            C’Mon “Toast Man”, You need to to lower your Temp Settings a Tad..

            • Another thing to think about in Analyzing CB Thurmond’s Play
              Know that most Teams (QB’s) avoid passing Richard Sherman’s way to even testing Safiets Thomas/Chanceloot much make’s Thurmond’s last seasons performance even that much more impressive in my opinion…

  • I thought the eagles lost to the saints cause they couldn’t stop the run not cause desean was small thinks for the info. Let’s get a bunch of big wr’s everybody.

  • **Eagles News***
    Reported by Eagles that they are bringing in WR Mike Evans and my under the radar WR from Indiana, Cody Latimer 6-3 – 215lbs, who projects as a 3rd/4th Rounder but has been moving up the Draft Board… Latimer can fly and ran a 4.38 40 time at his Pro-Day recently

  • Trade Shady because its obvious that if Barney Rubble is building for the future there is noway no how Shady is a part of that. 1 Shady is making 10 mill a year as a RB. 2 He is in his prime now and in 2 years he will be pushing 28. 3 If he fulfills his contract and is (lucky) not to blow out a knee in that time span he will command big money if he still has anything left in 2 years. So you might as well move him now and get something for him.

    • who do you want to coach this team?
      Pac 12 coaches with dominate running games are taking over the NFL. ( Harbaugh-Stanford, Carroll- USC, Kelly- Oregon)

      • The NFL owners tried to tap the mighty SEC for coaches and they both quit –
        Sabin, Spurrier

        • Bobby Petrino..(now Coaching back at Louisville…)

  • I guess Lovie Smith is an idiot to by getting rid of Mike Williams.

  • *********** ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

    Joseph Santoliquito

    Philadelphia, PA (CBS) — In the days following DeSean Jackson’s release by the Eagles, speculation ran rampant as to the reasons why. Everything was to blame from Jackson’s petulant, rambunctious sideline behavior, to his alleged gang ties, to Jackson’s character, to this being Chip Kelly’s fault.

    But what a number of sources close to and around the team, including current and former players, as well as additional sources within the Eagles revealed was that Jackson was not very well liked by his teammates, was blatantly insubordinate, with temper tantrums cussing out Kelly several times in front of the team, pushed the NFL rookie coach the way “a child would test boundaries,” and was more concerned with his rap label than he was about winning football games.

    Several other sources also suggested that Jeremy Maclin may have had an issue if Jackson returned to the Eagles in 2014. He wasn’t alone, if that’s true.

    “The fact is, [Jackson] was a ‘me-guy’ with an attitude problem and [Maclin] is the complete opposite, a team guy, a great character guy you go to war with,” said one source. “Funny how [Jackson] has this anti-bully thing and he thought he could push [Kelly] around; he found out otherwise. His being cut had nothing to do with the gang stuff. The team knew it. Everyone knew he had ‘ties.’ Those were his guys. That’s okay. What put him out was his selfishness. He can try and spin it all he wants how he’s ‘a team player.’ He’s not. I’ll put it this way, when it came out last Friday that [Jackson] was released, more than a few guys were happy it happened. They said ‘good riddance.’ He had no real connection with anyone.

    “Yes, you can say he was the type that could catch three TDs in a loss—everyone would be down, but you had the impression he was happy, because he got his. It was all about him. A lot of guys thought that way about him. [Kelly] came in here with a plan to get this thing right, and the one major [obstacle] standing in his way was [Jackson]. If we were going to move forward as a team, he had to go. Think about it—did anyone come right out and back him publicly? Not one.”

    Why didn’t Andy Reid or Marty Mornhinweg, the Jets’ offensive coordinator, want any part of Jackson before he signed a three-year, $24-million contract with the Redskins on Wednesday?

    They apparently knew the potential headache Jackson was.

    Kelly received some culpability in the opinion of some. But numerous sources confirmed that “Big Balls” Chip should have been canonized St. Chip after putting up with the instigating Jackson in 2013.

    “You see little kids and how they cry and whine when they don’t get their way, that was D-Jax,” another source said. “I don’t think [Jackson] gave [Kelly] the respect he deserved. Kelly tried to reach [Jackson] plenty of times and [Jackson] tuned him out. Then you look at team functions, when everyone is out together at charity things or social stuff. He was the one missing. It was like he was in ‘D-Jax world’ and we just happened to be there.

    “With Reid, [Jackson] tried pushing boundaries there, too, but he looked at Reid, I think, much differently than he looked at [Kelly]. Reid came in with an NFL pedigree. He was the guy that drafted [Jackson]. He was the one that called him on draft day and laid the law down right then: [Reid] wouldn’t tolerate any outside interference from anyone. Now you get this college guy [Kelly] and he’s not going to tell [Jackson] what to do. [Kelly] has a vision for this team—and he is a very old-school coach in a lot of ways. But there’s only so much [a coach] can take.”

    In 2012, under Reid, Eagles’ management did reward Jackson a new five-year deal worth $48 million. He did have some minor flare ups with the law. In 2009, Jackson was pulled over by police for having illegally tinted windows and it was discovered he had marijuana in the car.

    Still, Jackson stayed.

    “That was all [Reid’s] doing,” opined someone close to the situation that asked that his name not be used. “[Reid] thought he could control [Jackson]. He could, to a degree. Kelly put up with [Jackson] behind closed doors. A lot of guys didn’t like how he talked to [Kelly]. And a lot of guys just didn’t like him. They thought he was too into his rap label than he was about winning games. The guy performed, there’s no questioning that. But you had to keep a constant eye on him. Guys put in extra time. He didn’t. It’s like he never grew up.”

    Asked why the Eagles have been reluctant to go public with how difficult Jackson was to deal with, sources said Kelly likes to keep in-house dirt in-house.

    “That’s [Kelly’s] way,” said one source. “It pisses me off that [Kelly] comes off looking like the bad guy here. It wasn’t just [Kelly] that wanted him gone. [Kelly] got a lot of feedback from guys that felt we were better off without [Jackson], too. [Kelly] is very much a player’s coach. His office is open to anyone. Now [Jackson] is the Redskins’ problem. We have something good going here and it’s going to get better without [Jackson]. He had to go.”

    • oh man this is a wonderful piece and confirms what bdawk said.

    • Read that.

      Wonder if Biglion is still rolling with his “prove it” and “what did he do?” stance.

      • it was always obvious as no teammates stood up for him but now this paints a clearer picture why.

      • Yeah because everything you read is true, sure okay Vinnie, I wonder if this guy tried to talk to Desean or was he happy to converse with all the unnamed sources.

    • That’s all fans asked for. If true than there is some justification in his rrlease. Now was that so hard?

      • Still funny how Barny Rubble and Djax would damn near swap spit and chest bump on the sidelines after Djax made a big play. Didnt seem likr much tenaion or animosity then. But who knows atleast a resl reason may have been found.

    • LOL, unnamed this unnamed that the usual unnamed suspects. If you can’t put your name on it don’t claim it. I’m sure Desean will have a different story today at 6. How the hell do you even try to use the anti bullying argument that this guy used?

      • Why would a person come out ? Without sources we would all be bored right now lol. People would spin and yell company man, team mouthpiece, and then get racial with the racist or Uncle Tom comments.

        Stephen A Smith is gonna lob softballs and laughs today.

      • He was abad guy dude, I have no Idea why your defending him when even his ex team guys don’t.

        • Here is my issue X, the reason why this is nonsense is this, if he was as disrespectful and this much of an issue his ass would have been suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. Big Balls Chip was more interested in keeping it behind closed doors? I call bull shit on that, cuss me out in front of the team? His ass would have been inactive every Sunday for the rest of the season. Make sense for you guys?

          • Hmm…but now if he’d done that he wouldn’t have been 10-6 would he.

            Chip and crew have backed themselves in a corner. Cutting Jackson makes sense if they beleive Maclin can get the job done. No way Kelly sits his ass last year…needed him to win.

            Now they are banking on Maclin can do the same. That’s one hell of a gamble…but we will see if it pays off soon enough.

    • Once again.

      No one thought Jax was a guy easy to deal with. No one. I also will say..find me a true number one receiver who isn’t an ass (Kolb was a Cardinal ’cause ol’ boy threw a hissy fit to make it happen and they decided to pacify their #1 guy.) – that’s how they come.

      If Kelly didn’t want to deal with that. Fine. But say that. I still say that is gonna be bad business – those guys (DBs too) don’t come humble. They just don’t. And either you learn to deal with it or you don’t. But we know what a team looks like with mediocre receivers and how far they will ultimately go without talent.

      • Calvin Johnson Larry Fitzgerald AJ Green….

      • demarius thomas
        aj green
        victor cruz
        calvin johnson
        antonio brown
        andre johnson
        pierre garcon
        reggie wayne
        jordy nelson
        vincent jackson
        larry legend

        the question is who is?
        marshall before (maybe not now?)
        josh gordon

        who else?

        • Brandon Marshall suffers from mental illness and is pretty open about it. He’s changed big time.

        • LOL.

          What’s funny is you think most of those guys aren’t divas. AND clearly everyone on that list is NOT a wide receiver and NOT a #1 receiver.

          • jesus i just spit all over myself laughing at you

            who on that list is not a wr?

            who on that list is not a #1 WR

  • Eagles may be docked a 1st round pick for this PR debacle they have created.

    • yea no chance that happens idiot

    • LOL. Dream on.

    • Yeah, the Eagles PR machine has said – We released Jackson… There will be no further comment. That’s a debacle?

      The debacle was caused by photos that Jackson posted on his instagram site. The Eagles should sue Jackson for the debacle he caused. lol

    • LOL, Jeff Lurie is the judge

  • And here in D.C. the first person that DJax brought up in interviews wasn’t another player….it was Wale. His own words.

    • Who is Wale?

      • Local artist/rapper here in DC

  • They won’t be docked a 1st. Maybe they won’t get in trouble. But you are about as intelligent as Forest Gump if you think the Eagles didn’t do a piss poor job at handling this situation. To have the entire media and a good amount of people speculating about the gang thing as being the reason for the release and to not say anything? Especially in the wake of the Riley Cooper incident. It does not look good at all.

    I’m not saying the Eagles are being racist here. I’m just saying, there is a perception that they are being so. As as we know from the Djax release, your image is everything. The Eagles better wise up.

    • Unfortunately it’s become a black/white issue for some and even if they did which is highly unbelievable outside of Parks giving up his sources no way to prove it.
      DjJax made his own bed, Ive been in DC area fir a while now and they fan base for the most part viewed him as a thug or punk and the line was racially divided.

      Best for all parties shut up move on prove it on the field.

      • That’s why if I were Desean there would be no interview with ESPN you got your money now move on.

        • Agreed.

        • His Ego won’t allow that big…Bad dude.

        • unless steven a smith asks Desean why he spells Knock ( knocc) incorrectly or the word back (bac) the interview is a sham.

    • LOL – anyone who wants to accuse Jeff Lurie of being a racist or his organization better have 10 times the amount of money that he does to take him on.

  • They just has something on wip that Maclin told the eagles it’s either me or desean wow

    • If Kelly’s approach was keep dirt in-house…I LOVE IT. If you think players don’t like that you’re nuts.

  • Its amazing how Derick Gunn, reuben Frank and ALLLL the actual Philadelphia beat writers who have close relationships with players and access to the NovaCare Center haven’t reported any of this and had no clue to what happened with Djax but Joseph Santoliquito who is? Has all this info. Simply amazing. Something isn’t right once again. lol

    • Now you’re making shit up because Derrick Gunn has been telling everyone about Desean being banned from area clubs and his in team nonsense. He’s been making rounds on DC radio a bit.

      • This is true, Gunner has completely backed the Iggles on this one. But that being said, Gunner is a huge Uncle Tom

    • It’s just about who you want to believe, a week ago he was on the verge of being arrested for insurance fraud right? LOL he’s a Redskin time to move on, the best thing about this is by this time next year we’ll know who made out better.

      • Who said he was going to be arrested for insurance fraud?
        That came from Eskin who I view no different than Skip Bayless abd Stephen A Smith

        • And everybody on here ran with that crap including the newspapers so much so the police department had to issue a statement.

          • Nobody said he was on the verge of being arrested for insurance fraud. It was said he may be arrested for it because he reported 200 k+ was stolen , it was found later only 20k was but desean wouldn’t sign off on his original statement so charges would be unlikely. Had he signed he would’ve been charged for sure.

            Funny desean put out a 50k reward personally but only 20 disappeared. Lol maybe he can’t count? Or maybe he meant to say 5k not 50k

            • So the POLICE department didn’t issue a statement? Because his jewelry was worth more what is wrong with you dudes? His watch alone cost 100 thousand.

              • But was there really a watch?

                Lmao I’m just messing with you man. It’s Friday! Enjoy the weekend.

                McCoy will be in town at one of the events this weekend. It will be interesting to see if he and Djax link up if he’s in town.

              • You too Izell enjoy.

              • my apologies biggie i missed that:

                “This was a genuine mistake on our part,” Stanford said. “His mother was giving police what she thought was in the home. Once, they interviewed Jackson, he knows what’s in his house, and he said, ‘No, that’s wrong.’ He told them what was missing.”

                that clears that up

    • The Eagles will never come out and say why DeSean is gone…. teams never do.

      Bit’s and pieces of information will be printed now and again, but the Eagles will never confirm or deny anything. Some of this could be true, and some might not be true.

      In the end you just have decide for yourself what you think is true.

  • Maclin here is a demand for you. Stop being a 1st round bust. Please game 1000 yards in a season. Please break a tackle. Please stop looking for a the first soft patch of grass to lay down on. Please don’t get hurt again. maclin making demands what a fucking joke. Maclin you couldn’t carry Djaxs 2nd round 3 time pro bowlers jock even if you tried you fuckin lizard.

    • haha…I’m a Maclin fan and laughed when someone said Maclin made some demands…a guy coming off a serious knee injury, who hasn’t had productive seasons like DJAX is in a position to make demands…? really makes no sense to me..Now if its all based on DJAX not being of the right character for the team, fine or being disrespectful to the coach, fine…but this Maclin “demand” is a joke! What I can see is Chip talking to some of his players, Maclin being one of them….and the majority of the players said they’d rather not have DJAX on the team…now that is possible….

  • And they said djack cussed out chip one day in front of the whole team if he did that he does think he is bigger than the team.

    • Gloomy read my post above if Big Balls Chip was cussed out in front of the team and he truly has big balls Desean would have been done for the year, if his conduct was that bad send his ass home and run Damaris Johnson out there in his place remember his offense is interchangeable right?

      • And if they were winning why bring on the circus. He rode it out. Got his opportunity to cut bait and boom dropped the hammer.

        • Whatever the only thing rode out would have been his ass out of my locker room, there is no excuses for putting up with that behavior. But you guys keep on believing everything written as gold.

      • I’m now convinced we didn’t get Byrd..’cause like most DBs he’s an ass. lol

        You KNOW he’s an ass. No DB that good is a “nice, good character” guy. Remember Shady talking he’d want no part of Sherman. He wouldn’t be a good fit for this team?

        As Sherman dusts his SB ring I’m wondering how far these “good character, team player” types are gonna get us.

        • Because Byrd puts this team over the top to the Super bowl….Lmao stop it

          • tsjohnson5’s thoughts about this

            “I”m going to immensely enjoy when DJax gets picked up and burns the hell out of the Ealges should he go to a team we play.

            I’m gonna laugh and giggle like a little girl on CHristmas when he burns the hell out of our pathetic secondary.

            And yes…I’m going to enjoy when the tandem of Mac and Cooper can’t get open for sh*t and get knocked the fuck out when we play the teams of the NFC West.

            Releasing him is whatever…hubris at it’s finest but whatever…but the hit job..not cool. Not. At. All.”

            clearly not an eagles fan, beat it ya cockroach

            • Look I’ll repost it for you:

              “I”m going to immensely enjoy when DJax gets picked up and burns the hell out of the Ealges should he go to a team we play.

              I’m gonna laugh and giggle like a little girl on CHristmas when he burns the hell out of our pathetic secondary.

              And yes…I’m going to enjoy when the tandem of Mac and Cooper can’t get open for sh*t and get knocked the fuck out when we play the teams of the NFC West.

              Releasing him is whatever…hubris at it’s finest but whatever…but the hit job..not cool. Not. At. All.”

              Meant. Every. Word. It was a DUMB ass move. Hubris kills. Any reading of a Greek Tragedy will tell you that.

              • cool

                tells me youre not a fan of the eagles

                beat it cock roach

                i always knew you werent an eagles fan

              • Who appointed the head of Eagle Fandom?

                Look b/c you jump and down like a giddy little girl when the Eagles Brass piss and tell you it’s raining that’s on you.

                Like I said above Ealges (even without Jackson) should win 9-10 games – if they don’t I’m sure you’ll be the firs tone crying.

              • cosigned

              • you openly admit you are going to be rooting for a player on another team to light us up.

                an eagles fan would never in a trillion years say that.

                maybe root for him when he is not playing us, but to root for him when youre playing us says it all.

                not a fan

              • Obvious TS it’s always been the player not the team. You were wrong the majority of last year, but like others you did a personal spin after every game Joseph Goebbels would be proud of. If your openly rooting against the Eagles what does it matter what your predictions are?? I could say I still think the Giants could win 8-9…But I want them to win ZERO….Your rooting against the Eagles…so you should probably turn in your fan card…But Im not in charge of that, wish I knew who was.

  • Vickapologists turned Deseandenialists are now referring to Derick Gunn as an uncle tom, Maclin as a scardy cat, and Chip Kelly as Barney Rubble.
    Chip Kelly has the entire NFL hiring mathematicians to figure out the weakness to his offense and Nick Foles game. And yet the deseandenialist think a part time rapper’s reputation turned Redskin is more important. LOL

    • Deseandenialists! Nice one. (and its sooo true…that’s what they are…he never did anything wrong….never…prove that he did!)

      I’m claiming Vickplologists….(along with MV7wins – don;t know why it never caught on – and “the former superstar” – which I thought was great because he never was a superstar in the first place, just some people thought/oped he was)

      Anyway we’re now both in the Gcobb HOF for creating wicked nicknames for overrated players who we’re happy to see shipped.

    • Well its all just racist. Desean did nothing wrong. The Eagles are racist. Chip Kelly is racist. Desean is a great guy that never complianed about anything and was totally professional throughout his Eagle career. He is also the best WR in the league and deserves more money than Megatron. If we would have kept him and Vick together for another season, we would easily win 5-6 games because those two are great. Yup, 5-11 guaranteeed. But the Eagles are racist so they let them both go.

  • Where the hell do the saints get all this money from they just signed champ bailey I thought they were up against the cap before the Byrd signing.

    • Isn’t Champ Bailey 56?

  • I rather have champ bailey than Cary Williams

    • Champ Bailey is done, was about 2 Years ago..
      Ill take Nolan Carroll over Williams..

  • Anyone have a link of these Maclin demand comments?

    • They were just talking about it on WIP with the reporter of that Story. He staed again Maclin said Me or him.

      • Maclin sucks hes worst than freddy Mitchell. Atleast Freddie gave us 4th and 26. Maclin is a soft ass pussy bust.

        • He’s not Worse than Freddie lol…He’s frankly not a bust either. He does get hurt though and seems soft at times. He’s a wide out though, a lot of them are. Desean was kinda soft too.

  • Bottom line is not one former Team mate including Vick have come out in defense of Desean. I find it very telling that so called Eagles fans are rooting for him and against the team. It’s Vile.

  • I would like to stop talking about Desean Jackson after a month of this shit and let’s focu on the draft and how we are going to improve. Anyone have a prediction for the surprise player of the year. There is always one. Last year it was Cooper. Who do we expect nothing from that will be a pleasant surprise?

  • NFL suspended Eagles ILB Jake Knott four games for violating the league’s policy on performance enhancing substances.
    Undrafted in 2013 out of Iowa State, Knott played 25 snaps on defense as a rookie, and made three tackles on special teams. He’ll be eligible to play in Week 5. Knott was not considered a candidate to push for a starting job.

    • Wasn’t Jake the Troubled Teenager who played on “Knott’s Landing” a few Years back.. He’ll probably get picked up by the Redksins …

  • I’ll take anybody over Cary Williams and please cut knott don’t need druggies on my team.

  • not only does tsjohnson root against the eagles

    she thinks this list contains players who are not wide receivers. also thinks some arent #1 wide receivers.

    demarius thomas
    aj green
    victor cruz
    calvin johnson
    antonio brown
    andre johnson
    pierre garcon
    reggie wayne
    jordy nelson
    vincent jackson
    larry legend
    josh gordon

    • Vincent Jackson I always think of a tight end.

      He’s not he is a WR – that’s my bad.

      As far as the not #1 more than a few I’d argue aren’t true number 1s – with that said – more than a few on that list are known divas. Which was the point you were disputing with the list to begin with.

      But hey if you’d like I’ll copy and paste that list and copy and paste this response if it will make you feel better.

  • **Paulman’s Ridiculous Post of the Day***

    New Reports for the upcoming Draft per NFL Players Association Union Leader is that no Black Players want to be Drafted by the Eagles…

    Eagles Draft now looks a little like this

    1st (#22) – Guard Xavier Sua-‘Filo (UCLA and he’s Polynesian/Somoan)
    2nd (#54) – TE Troy Niklas (Notre-Dame 6-7 – 270lbs)
    3rd (#86) – OLB Jordan Tripp (Montana 6-3 – 235lbs )
    4th (#118) – ILB Shane Skov (Stanford 6-2 – 245lbs)
    5th (#150) – OT Justin Britt (Missouri 6-6 315lbs)
    7th (#214) – Kicker Vicenzo D’Amato (Cal – Coverted Italian Soccer Player)

  • TS fraudfan:

    I”m going to immensely enjoy when DJax gets picked up and burns the hell out of the Ealges…”

    “I hope Mesean spends the entire first half with his arm in the air while RGIII throws 8x to Garcon leading to a halftime meltdown. Early in the third I want Desean dog a crossing pattern resulting in RGIII geting pasted by 3 birds and separating his shoulder. When Cousins comes in I’d like him to lead Mesean a little too much allowing him to get crushed by a safety breaking 2 of his ribs effectively ending his season because it’ll be nothing but fly routes after that.

    And this all in a 35-0 beatdown where Foles throws 4 tds to Maclin, Cooper, Sproles and Ertz.

    But you want Desean to torch the Birds.

    Because you are not a fan. You have one agenda only, and that’s to promote and celbrate your “me-first you show the man” favs.

    Better get Sunday ticket so you can watch the Jets and Skins all year pretender.

    • Vinnie you are in no position to call anyone a fraud.

    • Cosigned Vinster…..I honestly think Vick’s too much of a team player for TS and Foolbreeze…They should join songs with the RGme channel

  • Can’t believe all this love for the Giants and Redskins. The Giants are OLD and slow. The Redskins have the makings of an exciting offense, but there is a reason they were 3-11. NO DEPTH! Lots of players coming back from injury, new coaches and very questionable leadership. It’s clear that Chip has a plan, and is actively working it. I’m sure it is better than some of the silly hairbrain trades and draft picks listed above…

  • What a bunch of damm idiots….lead by Vinnietheloser and that phony ass-wipe Xevious…. listen buffoons this is not college…its the NFL. If anyone comes away from this thinking that the Eagles are so innocent in all of this…so decent to their players…ask Evan Mathis about that bonus signing check they sent him that he posted on Instagram.
    How insulting can you be to do that to a guy who has been underpaid and wants fair compensation.
    The Eagles Front Office and Coaches are no damm choirboys!

    So what…people in the ‘locker room’ didn’t like DJax…so what…who cares about the ‘chemistry’ in the locker room…
    I want to see the chemistry on the football field and I didn’t read or hear any Eagle players, coaches or anyone else bitching about DJax when he was gaining those 1300 yards.
    Nick Foles wasn’t complaining when he threw wounded ducks that bounced offf of people and DJax with great concentration bailed him out…or when he was running wide open for easy passes!
    Last year we didn’t hear much about how ‘terrible’ he was in the ‘locker room’ because we saw how good he was on the field!
    So stop your little girl whining Xevious…quit bitching Vinnie…the facts are clear…we gave a away an All-Pro receiver and got nothing and our offense is not as good today…Period…Bottom Line!
    Chip better win or and win big!!

    • Who care about chemistry in the locker room? That’s a man that has never been in a locker room. Wow the single dumbest thing EVER said on GCOBB

      • People who write damn idiots are damn idiots.

    • Bitching????

      Buddy, I’m happy as a pig in shit about the release of MeSean you twit.

      You’re one of the only one bitching about this “terrible move”. Well you and your posse of TSfraud and misguided Biglion.

      This was a GREAT move by the Eagles. How ecactly can you interpret that as my bitching?

      I know how you can interpret it that way….you are an idiot.

      Look clown, I was right on Vick, I was right on the last draft, and I am right on Mesean. The fact that you are pissed about it only makes me more secure in my knowledge that I am right….because you are an idiot….who, BTW, still hasn’t figured out Irish’s “double secret probation” line yet. Child.

      • Vinnie get a clue, I think there is a Rugby game on ESPN Europe

  • Also while we are at it…Maclin has always disliked DJax who took the limelight from him….Maclin is a hater…and the bottom line is that he has never been as good as DJax! He aint that tough…he’s ok nothing that scares defenses…he is at best average….

    • How could Djax have stole limelight from Maclin if Djax always had it and Maclin never did?

      Seriously do you have Down syndrome?

    • Maclin bever did care for D-Jax antics,
      It’s just not his personality.. Maclin was raised in a upper middle class suburbia St Louis whose Parents are College Educator’s
      Maclin is very private, hard working and very smart
      And had little in common with D-Jax,
      Just 2 different personalities from different backgrounds that happen to
      Pkay the sane position ..

  • Last post on Desean, why didn’t big balls Chip send Desean home after all that bad behavior and being cussed out and having a locker room full of guys who disliked Desean? He could have plugged Damaris Johnson in and continued winning right? Again believe what you want I choose to deal in common sense.

    • Because with Maclin out, a rook in Ertz and an unknown quantity in COoper (at the time because Vick wouldn’t thorw to him) he didn;t have any other options….once Foles came in and they began winning he had to roll….but adding Maclin back + Sproles allowed hom to do what (apparently) he’s been planning to do for over a year.

      • So in other words we’re winning so I’ll Desean be an ass. Takes a lot of balls to take that stance.

    • Bill Cosby is an outspoken rich black man and I love what he has to say. Especially about personal responsibility.

      You in?

      • I take personal responsibility for me and mine and the kids I deal with on a day to day basis at my Church and Cub Scouts, which is why I say Desean should have been suspended during the season, you in?

    • What does common sense tell you?

      Common sense tells me that Kelly didn’t want DeSean on the team. I don’t think Kelly cared what DeSean was paid, and I don’t think Kelly cared what DeSean did in his spare time.

      There’s a real good reason why Kelly didn’t want DeSean on the team, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Kelly to say what that reason is… According to DeSean, he didn’t even tell him.

      • Ah but you didn’t answer my question. It takes guts to really make a stand and that didn’t happen until after the season. You dudes talk all that apologist crap and all I see in regards to Chip Kelly is excuses. Bottom line if he caused all those problems his ass should have been inactive and not playing. Trust your system right? Desean is replaceable right stop making excuses. This is real talk as a grown man if you stand for something that’s 24/7 not when it’s convenient to you. Stop with the nonsense.

  • What’s that line Vinnie about character heart and talent? What kind of character and heart does the coach have if he can’t kick a 165 pound loudmouth out of the locker room and deal with the fallout then, why wait until after the season? I think we all know the answer to that question.

    • Character. Heart. Talent.

      In that order.

      • Dumb, Dumber, and down right ignorant…that’s your order

    • Because it’s not that simple and you know that.

      • It’s that simple Izell, conduct detrimental to the team. It’s that simple.

        • No its not and it’s documented that when the Birds were winning under he let stuff fly and then became the big bad wolf the last couple of season when he started losing and lost control of the team.

          Big, IMO he had Vick and Avant and he let the players manage themselves and the problems in house. The hypocrisy of now calling Chip a fool or a fake tough guy etc etc is laughable. Most of the team loves the guy….now you can say thats because they are winning and that viewpoint is fine. However it doesn’t negate the fact the prevailing sentiment is they love the Coach.

          They were winning he kept him in check for the most part and he basically had a couple players babysitting Desean and like I have said before they had their chance to cut him and they did.

  • The funniest thing about this whole situation is how all of a sudden everyone is an expert on gang signs. Maybe there are more pics that I haven’t seen but I know the ones I did see did not contain any gang signs. I see one pic where he throws up the W for west side/westcoast. That is clearly not a gang sign. The other pic I saw was just him holding up a peace sign. If I am wrong then someone please post a link of him holding up an actual Crip sign which more often then not entails the index finger and thumb curled into the shape of the letter C.

    With that being said if he was a negative influence in the locker room and/or. Kelly didn’t like him then I’m ok with getting rid of him. But to not get anything in return is inexcusable.

    And to that guy that said Stephen A sucks as a journalist and sounds uneducated- you have some serious issues in addition to having no clue about what makes a good journalist. The best journalist thrive on relationships. And nobody has better relationships with the people he covers than Stephen A. Just because u can’t stand outspoken rich black men doesn’t mean he is a bad journalist. It just makes you clueless and borderline racist.

  • Thomas Sowell kicks ass.

    You read anything he’s written?

  • Guys…We really need to respect and get behind our Eagles and all the briilant moves going forward. Our Eagles have a long resume of doing what’s right and have brought us “MULTIPLE SUPER BOWLS”, and we all realize that is tough on our front office having to fend off all the league from trying to take their position as “THE GOLDEN STANDARD” of the NFL.

    Our beloved Eagles front office make sure they save 10’s of millions each year under the cap, so that they can send out the “eye vision mobile” and give free eye exams to 35 under privleged kids who have just enough insurance to cover 85% of the cost for their glasses.

    Our beloved Eagles paint 3 ghetto walls every offseason.


    We have the first stadium with energy saving panels to help our cheap ass owners at the Linc pocket a cool 3 mil a year in savings on energy costs.
    Eagles really don’t need players with talent to achieve our objectives of helping the Front Office rake in the dough.

    We need an innocent,loving,sensitive locker room…..(outside the token white racist) every locker room couldn’t do without.

    The Eagles just need to be good enough to make us believe they’ll improve “next year”.

    So, here’s to the organization with a winning pedigree.

    Here’s to our Eagles… The team has the heart of the fictious “ROCKY” and the owner have continual expanding pockets.

    E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!

    • More eagles spoke out to support cooper than have spoken out to support me Sean …

  • Did anyone see DJaks interview with Stephen A? He sound as sincere, righteous and believable as Incognito. As soon as the interview was over he threw those glasses off. ripped those clothes off and put his cap and gear right on, just watch the Instagram pics he posts tonight.

    • i caught a few seconds, i loved this quote from desean:

      “sometimes i feel like all the good i do is outweighed by the bad”.

      um yea retard, maybe try not doing bad stuff

      • mhenski..why don’t you try and buy a clue jackass

  • Chip Kelly called him told them going another direction. Stop the nonsense.

    Djax spun that phone call in his words ” Talked to Big Chip….”

    Enough already…

  • New to posting on this site fellas, trying to get a feel for it.

    • It’s get crazy jayray but we’re Eagles fans welcome aboard.

    • welcome Jayray, the rules are few and those that reply are vicious. Figuratively these knuckleheads will poke you in eye and kick you in the shin during a Gcobb website debate. But at the end of the day we all want the birds to win.

    • Welcome theres plenty of room…theres about 4 people in here who already gave up on the Eagles and gave in their fan card 🙂

      Did you get stationed in Waco?

      • My wife is Izzell, i was medically retired from the air force last year. Im sure every fan had felt one way or the other about the whole djax situation. Me personally I didn’t want to see him go, especially thinking that the birds would focus on the defensive side of the ball this off season. But what is done is done and i will not and can not judge the moving of djax until the games have been played.

        • Thanks for the service brotha. I did 10 years in the AirForce as well. Got out after 9/11 after being at the Pentagon. I was stationed down at Lackland and San Angelo so I know about the dusty and lonely confines of West and North Texas lol.

          He was certainly a dynamic talent and the Birds are going to miss him but what done is done. I personally am ok with it as long as it wasn’t a knee jerk reaction and I don’t think it was with what I am hearing/reading now. I understand why alot of people are pissed though but the smear campaign agenda is to far fetched for my taste.

          Ive been beating the drum for Mike Evans for quite sometime and I would be perfectly fine with them trading up to grab him.

  • Thanks Biglion and 0 superbowls for the welcome. It is hard finding other eagles fans to talk to since i moved to Waco Tx.

    • Welcome aboard JayRay & Thank You
      For your Service in the Military..
      You’ll find some good passionate, knowledgeable Fans
      On here as well as all kinds of Posters from
      Different backgrounds, opinions, & beliefs..
      So enjoy and feel free to contribute..
      The more, the merrier.. The main thing we all
      Have in common is that we all want the Eagles to be successful
      and Win a Championship, now how the Eagles go about it is open to debate,
      and discussion..

  • That picture that is floating around with the team all huddled together celebrating and hes at his locker showing his name by himself SPEAKS VOLUMES.

    • Izzell Jenkins you couldn’t cover when you played for the Eagles and you can’t cover a fact if it bit you in the ass! I’m sick of the choirboy stuff…what SPEAKS VOLUMES are the 1300 yards he amassed last year. Talent is what wins in the NFL not choirboys that are good teammates who love each other…I don’t give a f#%K about how much Eagle teams love each other…and neither do true Eagle fans…we want a CHAMPIONSHIP…
      You don’t need a ‘harmonious’ locker room for that…you need some damm TALENT!!!

      • Lmao so comical. You know NOTHING about team dynamics if you think CHEMISTRY is nothing about a word thrown out. If TALENT was the only thing that won in the NFL the Dream Team would have been the SuperBowl run Eagles squad.

        True Eagles fans don’t flip flop when its convenient and talk out of both sides of their mouth because of every little thing that happens. You don’t have to be a Choirboy…BUT YOU HAVE TO BE A PROFESSIONAL. Thats the key point that any of the excuse laden apologists have yet to address and dance around.

        HE DIDN’T RESPECT HIS CRAFT AND HIS BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT. Theres no more bigger Diva and Me guy than Richard Sherman but it is a FACT that the man is a FILM ROOM MONSTER. Is one of the hardest/smartest working players on the team. He leads by example.

        DeSean played himself out like an idiot. Scrambled when he saw he was on his way out and took the first money grab in Washington. Can’t never a blame a man who gets millions but in the end he gambled badly.

        • You are ridiculous…He ‘respected’ his craft enough to catch 82 balls for over 1300 yards…He did enough work to help us be a prolific offense last year…the numbers speak for themselves…the ‘team chemistry’ was on the field and led to a 10-6 record and the playoffs which they would have been impossible without DJax. He was PROFESSIONAL enough to be consistently used by Kelly all over the field in different formations, different positions….out of the back field, in the slot…
          Desean Jackson did his job when it counted…and he did it well!
          The gamble is being taken by Chip Kelly…and he better win this gamble too…he is gambling that what he gets in the draft and Maclin can replace DJax…he better be right..for Nick Foles sake…he better get some playoff wins this year!

          • He was so professional they sat him down in the preseason because he didn’t understand all the wr positions.

            Yeah because it was all DJax….but it wouldn’t have been impossible without say…McCoy…or Foles….or Jason Peters….OR….

            CHIP KELLY.

            Because lets not all try and hide the fact that the best year DJax EVER had was in offense brought in by the Coach…ESPECIALLY when said player played 5 YEARS in a pass happy offense.

            I mean because THERES NO WAY that a Coach who had a 50/50 RunPass ratio could not scheme up a pass offense for the talent on his team.

            According to you and others it WAS ALL LUCK…lmao

            STOP THE NONSENSE. Talk FACT not FICTION. Leave the hypebeast sensationalism out of it.

      • kool, I would like to agree with you but I’m afraid they’re right.

        The Eagles have shown through multiple Super Bowls that they have the formula to mold an championship locker room.

        In case you didn’t hear…….”THE EAGLES ARE THE GOLDEN STANDARD OF THE NFL”.

        • Here we go with the Hypebeast nothing of talking about nothing but trying to say something. When same people on hear running their mouths I watch post after post when Kelly signed that he was going to be able to transition to the pros. The Eagles gambled on a name. BLAH BLAH BLAH….Vick was his QB…BLAH BLAH BLAH….Foles is going to lead them nowhere BLAH BLAH BLAH….Offense is going to fall apart without Vick…BLAH BLAH BLAH…

          Shut up already. Your agenda is obvious.


  • Big-Paulman

    Just saw a Mock Draft updated that took in the Djax/Mike Williams moves in effect. To my dismay it had Mike Evans in the top 10. However it had the S from N.Ill. AHEAD of Calvin Prior and him falling to us at 22.

    It also had Anthony Barr at 16 going to the Cowboys. If Barr is around 15/16 I would trade up if I was the Birds.

    • Izell, I would be very tempted to jump up for Barr, I would love to see him coming off the edge because with all the talk about receiver and safety our biggest need is rushing the passer.

      • Amen brotha….all the safety talk blows my mind. This team is in DIRE need of a real 3-4 OLB. I don’t care if we have Troy Polamula in his prime back there…we suck at rushing the passer.

        I am holding out hope that we are looking at a possible 3-4 end trade in the draft if teams go younger and someone shakes free like we did with Ryans a few years ago.

  • I heard our new special team’s linebacker pickup was suspended for substance abuse……a good thing he didn’t throw up a “gang sign” or was due to make a lot of shekels.

    Guess he fits into the culture.

    • Here we go with the race baiting bias nonsense….grow up.

  • Rumors have Barr falling as some scouts feel he pkays a little soft when challenged..
    TB at 7 is going grab Evans in my opinion
    To pair with V-Jax
    They traded #2 WR Mike Wiiliams today to Buffalo and lost #3 WR
    Tuqwan Underwood in Free-Agencyvto the Panthers
    And really have no other NFL Quality Receivers
    On their a Roster outside of V-Jax

    • Paulman just saw two Mocks with Evans to Tampa Bay. The one interesting mock had Manziel to the Vikings. Manziel Patterson Peterson would be one hell of a Madden squad lol.

      As for Barr I think he can easily play at 265ish and I just think he is raw as all get out. However he could play the hybrid role on that defense easily and if you line him on passing downs just to go after the QB I think he would be a beast.

      The interesting part of some of the mocks now is that I am seeing A LOT of CBs coming off the board much earlier than i thought.

    • I wonder if Matt Barkley thinks Anthony Barr plays soft. Let him slide so we can move up for him. Give me him and Deone Bucannon and I’m good to go.

      • Those would be excellent back to back picks. I would be fine with that and if a safety isnt there CB in the second round.

        • I think Bucannon will be there in the 2nd, starting to see the safety Ward mocked between ha ha and pryor

          • Yes, Bucannon is slated to go after Ward….I’m a big Bucannon and Pryor fan so either of them works for me.

            • Welcome to GCOBB jayray823. Thanks for your service….Texas huh?….God have mercy on you..lol.

              • Yep Texas, my wife doesn’t mind it she was born and raised in Dallas. I had to convert her to a birds fan once we got married lol. Just got here a few months ago, we were stationed at McChord afb Wa. 30 mins south of Seattle. At least here i can go see my birds play at least once a season. lol

              • Good job with converting the wife. My ex fiance is a Dallas fan, I couldn’t get her to switch….that’s why she’s the ex. Just joking. I don’t know about a pass rusher in the first with where we pick. I’m at the point that I know the Eagles are not going to be able to fill every whole in this draft. I would like to see guyslike Travis Long and the Kruger kid step up.

              • hole in this draft

          • Yeah I don’t know much about Ward. Buchanon however reminds me of Laron Landry a bit.

            • Bucannon has better ball skills than Landry….they both are definitely very physical and will sing you a lullaby.

              • yeah i pryor and bucannon. I think both can bring some nastiness to our defense that we haven’t had in a long time.

              • Yeah that was always Landrys problem…terrible ball skills and always looked for the kill shot.

  • with that being said, a pass rusher should be the birds 1st priority. it hurt my heart to see how much time opposing QBs got to sit in the pocket this past season.

    • Yep jayray your secondary can play differently when you get after the QB, my hope for the draft is pass rusher first then Buchannon who I think will be a better pro than Dix and Pryor. You can find a speed receiver later. Iive in Jacksonville so I would love to see Kelvin Benjamin here but he would be a luxury pick.

      • My thoughts exactly Big L on D a good pass rush can hide a secondaries deficiencies and vice versa. This past season our D over achieved with an average at best secondary and no pass rush to speak of. I don’t know why but i think chip might try to trade up and make a run at Mike Evans. Really don’t know how i would fell about that if it happened.

        • Mike Evans….Mike Evans…Mike Evans…Mike Evans…Mike Evans….lol

        • Thing is not many 3-4 types worthy of 1st round status unless your going after Clowney or Mack. There are some OLBs worthy of flyers in the 2nd round though.

  • jayray823…there aren’t a lot of imposing pass rushers we can get at 22…we would be reaching there..we have to take a shot on trying to replace DJax right now the Eagles don’t have a receiver that forces double teams….we got to take shot and hope that one of these receivers can do that…on the defense and the pash rush we probably just have to hold the fort down and maybe get Curry on the field more….

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