• July 1, 2022

NFLPA Will Investigate Eagles’ Release Of DeSean Jackson

MC-EAGLES-TRAINING-CAMP-0728When the Eagles released wide receiver DeSean Jackson a week ago, the move came less than an hour after an NJ.com report that tied Jackson to gang activity.

While the team hasn’t given any official explanation for the release, the timing of the release was very curious, to say the least.

With no actual criminal charges or allegations surrounding Jackson, many have speculated that Chip Kelly and the organization may have used the alleged gang affiliation as a cover for the real reason that they released the electric wide receiver, which many (myself included) believe to be that Chip Kelly didn’t like Jackson’s personality and no longer wanted to deal with the antics of a diva receiver.

The NFLPA has taken notice of the circumstances surrounding Jackson’s release, and will be investigating how the Eagles handled the situation to determine whether or not the team may have done Jackson harm during their process.

“That’s something that we’re going to look at,” said DeMaurice Smith. “We’ve always been aggressive about protecting the integrity of our players, especially where we believe or think that a team may have done something that is impermissible, and that’s something that we’re gonna look at.”

Specifically, the NFLPA will look into whether or not the Eagles purposely leaked gang-related stories about DeSean Jackson in order for them to have some kind of acceptable excuse in the eyes of the public for cutting ties with their three-time Pro Bowler who was coming off his best season yet.

“You’re talking to a guy who spent 10 years as a federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C., and I grew up in the city … to have someone come out and say ‘gang affiliation,’ I’m not sure I know what that means,” Smith said. “I certainly know what it means to prosecute members of a gang. I certainly know what it means to be a member of organized crime. I don’t know what it means when a team or an official says that there’s ‘gang affiliations.’

“To me, the real issue is this is the business of football. If you want to make a decision to cut a player, tell a player he’s cut. Make a decision. But if you want to smear a player with innuendo or something that is less than proof … you know that I was very aggressive in calling a few GMs cowards for what they said about a young man coming out of college [former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam]. It seems to me that the same thing applies … if you want to smear someone and you don’t have any evidence.”

I haven’t been a fan of DeMaurice Smith since he took over as the head of the players association, but I believe he’s absolutely right in this case.

If the Eagles leaked misinformation about Jackson in order to cover their own hides, then that’s absolutely disgraceful. DeSean Jackson may not have been an angel in the locker room, but he doesn’t deserve to have his name and image slandered just because the team may have been afraid to tell the truth about the circumstances surrounding his release.

Denny Basens

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  • Let it die. Let’s talk about the draft

    • Im all for some draft talk.

  • The lawyers were way ahead of the game, they told Eagle brass not to comment at all, since they didn’t theirs nothing to investigate, anything out there is nothing by heresay, they have a better chance finding a needle in a haystack.

  • when did Desean get eye glasses?

    • As soon as the interview was over he ripped those glasses n clothes right off and got that cap n those baggy clothes right on, He sounded as sincere, righteous and believable as Incognito, what a joke! When someone changes everything about him to defend hisself you know he’s guilty.

  • Desean Jackson, CEO of Jaccpot Records,
    Bwahahahahaha, I wonder if that was a per-requisite plug ESPN had to agree to include when putting his name on the bottom the screen during the interview with graphics.

  • The Eagles management very well should be under investigation for their attempt to smear Desean Jackson. In his interview he showed a much higher degree of integrity than the Eagles who continue to do things by way of smears, “anonymous’ , secret quotes, and more. Why won’t the Eagles management come out, man up and speak to the fans? What are they hiding.
    DJax handled himself with class and dignity . Of course, a lot of the brick heads on this forum won’t give him credit for that….but that’s to be expected. Stephen A. Smith asked him tough questions…Djax seemed honest…he admitted mistakes, didn’t bash the organization, and handled things again…with dignity!~

    • Go look at his comments n pics on Instagram and come back and tell us who the real DJsk is, is it the one with Stephen A or the one dressing n acting like a thug with his boys, we saw the same BS with Incognito, he went on TV and acted like a choirboy but in reality he was an idiot, we just saw the same thing with DJak, if you feel he deserves credit for acting n talking like he did with Stephen A then so does Incognito for his interview, he came off just as good, and believe it or not, you actually had teammates come out n stand up for Incognito ( black ones) n yet you couldn’t get one person to stand up for DJak, that tells you all you need to know.

      • What a ridiculous and ignorant comment…a bunch of guys getting together and posing for pictures in a social setting tells you absolutely nothing! DJax might be a ‘diva’, he might be aloof…maybe like Ike Resse said, the guy was so aloof and didn’t hang out with his teammates so they don’t know him…Shady McCoy said its a ‘big’ lost losing DJax…but in the final analysis…who cares what his teammates think or if none of them ‘likes him’…this is the NFL not a damm popularity contest…they all liked that production he gave on the field that opened up the offense for them! I bet they didn’t complain about that! If he was such a problem…Chip should have suspended him to bring him in line….he didn’t..so all of what you bring up andrew p is bull…pure bull!!

      • Incognito was an insignificant player in the league, the issue became a national issue before it was recognized as a problem and it was clear the management couldn’t ostracize any players without potential adverse repercussions.

        With this situation, the team has been able to operate with extraordinary biased standards and they’ve been able to do it with impunity. Obviously, the players know the organization is running under Gestapo style standards now and most are probably not willing to be jettisoned under the same procedure that Jackson was. It’s interesting to me that Kelce knew about the release the day of where most players are probably away and only found out via the news. Some people, reporters included, keep bringing up that players haven’t spoke out for Jackson but the reality is that most weren’t on the inside track of his oustering to begin with and many aren’t even in Philadelphia tri-state area to feed the sports news beast.

        What’s more important is that there was only one person that basically thought it was a great day…Kelce.

    • Dude get your lips off his ****! The interview was scripted. Stephen A didn’t ask him any tough questions and should have his journalist card taken! Did you really expect DJax to come out and tell the truth? If you did, I have the Walt Whitman Bridge for sale…cheap, interested?
      All that interview did was show that DJax is still immature! The Eagles are NOT fault free for this mess but all DJax had to do was act like an adult and he would still be an Eagle.

      • All DeSean would have to do is be white and he’d still be an Eagle…

        • I didn’t know Peters and Shady were white cause according to this retard the Eagles would have never paid them after getting in trouble off the field the way they did. Vick must be white too. No way Lurie throws millions at a black dude coming out of fed prison, no way they resign him, and no way do they give him every opportunity to be successful even though he just sucked as a QB.

          This guy clearly has a problem with white people. Did a white guy take your job or your girl or something? Cause you got issues. I bet you are just one of those fucking losers in the world that have accomplished nothing and just blame everyone else for it. what a lowlife

          • pheags… butch is the same rocket scientist who thought sandberg was a pitcher…the guy clearly has issues…

  • So over the Desean debacle!!! Never was upset about his release as much as I was how it was done. If he was a cancer cursing out Kelly he should have been suspended. Chip just does not like him and he made too much money period. Perfect example of Eagles spin doctors they take the giant image of the desean like player on the side of the stadium down. When asked they say it wasn’t desean Jackson and they planned on taking it down for renovations anyway lmao. ok so just taking that one down just like they did the Dmac one but it wasn’t in their likeness. yeah right you will never get a straight man answer from the Eagles. Now its tattle tale reports of cursing Kelly out. Just say you didn’t want the man back and move on. no excuses being made about chris Johnson down in tenn.

    • So the tattletale was believable when Martin snitched on Incognito even though hundreds of texts proved otherwise but this happens to be BS? Again, not one teamate stood up for him, that speaks volumes, all they talk about is the plays not the player, did u ever notice that? Not one person said what kind of a good guy he is, all you hear about is what he does on the field, sometimes u have to read between the lines, I agree that we should move on but it was DJak who gave the interview therefore it’s open for debate.

      • At least Martin snitched and we all know that it was him… he didn’t hide behind ‘anonymous’ quotes and other BS. His teammates not speaking up for him tells nothing at all except that they don’t like him…who cares! The NFL is filled with guys who are not liked by their teammates. But if they can play on Sunday….all of them are happy with that. I bet if you ask Nick Foles who is looking for a big payday if he is happy to see DJax released he will tell you “hell no” if he is honest.
        Its like B Mitchell said…If they cut DJax…all of them will stay quiet because they don’t want to be cut neither…bottom line…

        • He didn’t snitch, the bitch walked out on his team, at least Incignito had teammates stand up n support him, blacks included, DJak couldn’t get one guy to support him, goes to show u how much he was disliked.

  • I would love to know what was printed in the NJ.com article that was not true.

    It’s only slander if it’s not true.

    If it’s not true then you go after the newspaper who printed the article. Take them to court and have a judge subpena the Eagles PR people. That won’t happen because the article is factual, they showed photos.

  • I’ve got a problem with cutting big time playmakers who produce on the field…I don’t care if his teammates don’t ‘like’ him…so what! He was an essential part of the offense…but with that said…NuGreembol…I agree with you…the Eagles look petty and unprofessional. They sent Evan Mathis a check for $0.00 and called it his “bonus check”….what would make them do that to there AllPro, underpaid Guard and key member of the offensive line?
    The Eagles management is slimy, they lack guts, and they lack class….I don’t think they will bring us a Super Bowl…not a class organization at all!

    • Guard Mathis turned over his own Personal Bonus $$$ to Eagle Charities.. the Zero you saw is what was given to him personally per his request… Mathis waived his own personal Bonus and let the Team donate it to one of their many charitable causes..

  • Irish Beagle your stupidity never ends…DJax said in his interview…yes…he knew the guy that was charged with murder…he grew up with him, played ball with him since he was 12 years old…the article was factually true but a smear job to imply he was guilty of some crime…without saying it…j
    Its just like when I smear you for your stupidity and call you a drunk,….its absolutely ‘true’…unless you say you have never, ever been drunk once in your life!
    But again…judging by your input on here you are drunk…often!

    • You dumb fuck, it can’t be both factually true and a smear job you idiot. If it’s factually true then you smeared yourself.

  • Koolbreeze you should try drinking maybe you would make some sense

    • I do plenty of drinking Jakdog…I drink plenty of water. but you and your idiot crew need to leave Jack Daniels alone…we know Jack has robbed you of all senses….babbling idiots!

      • Your bias agenda of ripping and spinning everything is comical. Lack of class organization blah blah blah but same team that took in the biggest pariah the NFL has had in decades in Vick.

        Stop talking out your ass. The stupidity of the sentiment “they dont pay nobody” “its all about money”…HELLO…EVERY TEAM IN THE NFL DOES IT!!!! The ones who don’t are the ones signing big names and constantly NOT WINNING.

        In about the 20 years Lurie has had this team its nite and day from the Braman and outside of the Mara’s hes the best owner in the division and one of the better owner in sports.

        He let Andy Reid go on a ridiculous shopping spree and let him lose him mind and didnt mettle.

        You can disagree about philosophy etc but the nonsense some of you spin is ridiculous.

        Smear campaign…..lmao dumbest viewpoint ever. He put himself in a position where a writer could pull together all the little facts and tidbits THAT HE HAS WILLINGLY put out there on social media etc…then wonders why it happened.

        He said himself that he didnt believe the team put it out there…and most of it…THEY ALREADY KNEW ABOUT.

        • The only thing spinning is your head…and the stupidity that is spewing out of your head is splattering all over the place. “One of the better owners in sports”…Lurie! There is only one judgement that matters to true Eagles fans….WINNING A CHAMPIONSHIP!
          I’m not talking about being the best team at managing the salary cap, selling hot dogs at the stadium, and all of that…winning championships is what determines the best out of anything.
          Last I checked…Lurie hasn’t won a damm thing except the best ‘salary cap’ manager!

          Your weak ass apologetics for the Eagles management is beyond stupid…they cut their best receiver under the cover of the smear report in the paper… everyone in the NFL knows that DJax is not in any gang…but the Eagles management hides behind it, instead of owning u like men and talking to the fans about the decision. This is the same management team that has sent Mathis a check for $0.00 and called it a ‘signing bonus’ while the guy is underpaid.
          Your sorry ass defense of the Eagles management in this case is ridiculous…even the strongest supporters of the Eagles argue that they should step forward and tell the fans why they are cutting, arguably, their best offensive weapon!

          • Just by saying he was arguably their best offensive weapon just shows the absolute nonsense you are willing to spin and spew so you can have a viewpoint. Shady McCoy was the guts of the entire offense and was the number one options teams wanted to stop. Say otherwise and you just look stupid.

  • When DJak was asked if he hung with gang members he said not if their doing anything wrong, so he only hangs with the ones that do right, gotcha!

    • who cares who he hangs out with? stop it with the racist like bull crap…he has not been arrested, he’s not in a gang, he has never been in a gang…and nobody was thinking about DJax and gangs when he was caught those 82 passes last year…stop with the bull shit!!

      • Stop with the gang nonsense on both sides…no one in their right minds thinks that the gangs were why he got cut. Its just a simple viewpoint for people to run their mouths and talk shit about. NO MORE NO LESS. He got cut because he was a pain in the ass that the team thought in the long run they were better off without and with one the deepest WR drafts in sometime can probably replace to some point.

  • Seeing him in a sweater and glasses was as comical as seeing thick necked Icognito in a button up lmao.

    Nothing crazy came out DeSeans mouth and he was told by his agents and his lawyers just like the Eagles were…keep quiet and move on.

    NFLPA isn’t going to do anything. They are hypocrites. They weren’t beating down the door when Ray Rice and Terrell Suggs where beating the hell out of women.

  • To move on, anyone know anything about the headline on CSN below? I could not open it.: Evan Mathis flaunts worthless Eagles paycheck
    1hCSNPHILLY.COM STAFFComments (1) Evan Mathis on Thursday shared picture of a paycheck from the Eagles with $0.00 on his Instagram account.

    • It was his Bonus Check which he donated to Charity which is what I read
      So he personally got $0. 00 for himself and had the Club don’t are his Roster Bonus to Charities

  • Thanks for that. It was too easy to wrongly read between the lines.

  • News flash everybody on teams don’t get along. I’m sure plenty of people on here played with guys they did not like personally but when the game starts it never matters. Anyone in that locker room would have Deseans back if he got into it on the field. They are professionals!!!! I’m more disappointed and worried about the locker room now that b4 bc the fact that one tiny guy can make some of the locker room and the coach so uncomfortable that they would speak on it now like little bitches says its some pansies in there. It also says there is a lack of leadership. Now Desean doesn’t work hard? they are saying any and everything. How do you go to all those pro bowls and don’t work hard? Hopefully now that Desean is gone somebody can step up and take that role, right now with this getting cursed out and grandstanded on in front of your own team makes Chip look weak. For years the Eagles have been spin doctors and horrible with dealing with players in the public they are the common denominator not Desean Jackson! That’s why I get upset at fans who are slirping the Kool Aid on this one. How don’t you realize its been one soap opera after another with not one superbowl to show for it. Championships are won from the top down just like any other successful organization. its no coincidence teams that won Steelers 49ers Pats NY Giants get back and win again in the same time we only been twice they know how to do it. Even in other sports teams with the right people upstairs get back to the promise land Heat, Lakers, Spurs, different players same results. keep slurping that green drink but until the money hungry Gargamel’s upstairs stop making decisions we won’t win.

    • Money hungry Gargamel’s upstais…LMAO….priceless!

      Shaq and Kobe couldn’t stand each other. Multiple rings though….it’s about talent…not singing kumbaya around camp fires!

      • Way to use HOFers and top25 players in NBA history to DJax…especially when one of those guys is the most obscenely obssesive attention to detail players the game has ever seen. Oh and when push came to shove the Lakers got rid of Shaq….not Kobe.

        • What difference does it make…they still put their differences aside to achieve a common goal. You say you were in the Airforce…cool. I bet there were people in basic with you, or on the battlefield with you you could not stand…however, when it was time to go to battle those differences and dislikes were cast aside to focus on the objective and stay alive. I know…don’t compare the two…the point is is that when you go out to play, put the petty differences aside and focus on the goal at hand.

        • Sure…AFTER CHAMPIONSHIPS were won! If you get rid of a guy after you win championships who can complain…Bottom line is this, Chip Kelly, has used up his grace period…when you get rid of a All-Pro wide receiver who has been an integral part of your success…you have to know prove that you know what you are doing!
          Chip has got to win…simple has that! If he wins we’ll forget all about DJax and say “Chip your a genius”…but if they lose…its going to be bad…real bad!

          • No DeSean is an ALL PRO lmao….you hypebeasts try your hardest I give you that.

        • Yeah they tossed Shaq because his skills were diminishing due to physical issues. Let’s not act like they got rid of Shaq in his prime. My understanding is that Shaq was the good guy and Kobe was the diva. Yes, they kept Kobe because he had a lot more tread left on his tires.

          • Are you kidding me. Shaq still had monster left in. The Heat only went to the Finals with him and rookie guard and Kobe didn’t smell the Finals again until the TWolves gift wrapped Pau Gasol who was the best foward in the game at that time.

            Kobe and Shaq relate in no way possible to DeSean. You put up with HOFers. Last I checked Desean isnt that.

            • I don’t recall Shaq having much monster left…I recall him having some bad wheels as he lumbered up and down the hardwood floors. It was painful to watch.

              • Sorry cuz…Shaq had monster left in him his 80% Shaq was still better than anything in the league. People remember DWades crazy Finals run as a rookie but Shaq carried that team through the playoffs.

              • OK…I will defer to your basketball history/knowledge/wisdom. I thought he was going down the drain at that point. My point still remains valid though.

            • Missing the point Lakers won another championship without shaq. Good organizations know how to do it. Lakers weren’t my only example take the NY football Giants, Steelers say what you want championship organizations. I will take that over the gold standard eagles front office of drama queens. As the world turns if its T.O Dmac Dawk Trotter and so on and so forth Desean it does not matter they are the common dinominator. We was trying to win a Superbowl and they draft Kolb to start dumb unnecessary controversy and questions. I’m starting to understand why when the Eagles lose I use to hear my Dad clapping sarcasticly upstairs saying “good for them, good” lol he really wanted them to win but was bitter during those one piece away Randall days. Its groundhog day once again. Another year another built in excuse another piece away in a puzzle that never seems to get built.

              • Lets take the Steelers. Who I agree with you are a championshiop organization. They let go of top players all the time. Through the late 80’s to the 2000’s anytime they had a top LB and he hit free agency etc they let him walk. They are the epitome of a franchise that believes no one player is bigger than the team. Remember they let Plaxico Burress go for some of the same exact reasons concerning work ethic etc.

                All teams do this…its just more fustrating as Eagles fan because we would sacrifice our left foot for a title and would put up with some bullshit for a taste of the Lombardi. I get that I do…however to turn on the team and spout nonsense that Kelly got lucky the team got lucky blah blah blah blah…Come on now…thats nonsense.

            • For the record Dwayne Wade was a roookie in 2003-04….won NBA title, in 2005-06….Wades 3rd season was when he had crazy Finals run…not as a rookie…

    • LMAO Chip looks weak. Stupidity at its finest.

    • NuGreembol…excellent…well said! If Desean cursed Chip out in front of the team then he should have been suspended immediately without pay…on the spot. I wonder about the Eagles character…their intestinal fortitude…do we have a team of sensitive softies…who were intimidated by DJax? If his teammates don’t like him so much….now that he is with the Redskins…why not step out there and say…hey…good riddance..he was a selfish prick anyway and we are going to kick Washington’s ass!
      Do we have a team of choirboys…softies who couldn’t get off the line of scrimmage when DB’s jammed them…offensive line that couldn’t open holes for the running game against tough defenses…defensive line that got their ass kicked and pushed around in a playoff game while NO ran it up the gut against them….
      Maybe we are just soft…too soft!

      • Lmao suspended immediately without pay….YEAH BECAUSE THE NFLPA is going to let you suspend a player without pay.

        Just shows how much yall are talking out of your rear lmao…..

        Immediately without pay.

        • You idiot!!!! The NFL suspended Knott, the Eagles announced it. SMH where do all you idiots come from?
          You are either a Cowgirls fan or just a simple moron….please tell us.

      • The NFLPA is trying to make the Patriots pay Aaron Hernandez contract money…lmao yet they are going to let the Eagles suspend a player without pay


      • Do we have a team of choirboys…softies who couldn’t get off the line of scrimmage when DB’s jammed them…

        Not anymore – he plays for the Redskins now.

  • U can’t use Kobe and shaq cause they were teammates and chip and mesean is player – coach

    • Unfotunately for you, you do not set the rules for me…I used Kobe and Shaq…..It had nothing to do with DeSean and coach Kelly…it was just about team mates getting along.

      • I understand your point….but using Shaq and Kobe? Come on now lol

  • Bobby Hurley and Christian Laitner hated each other. James Harrison not well liked anywhere he goes in life lol Charles Hayley never liked almost coming to blows with staff and Michael Irving. Great teams do not care the figure that shit out. I can go on and on and this is no longer about Djax. The Eagles organization does not handle these things properly never have if you can’t see the pattern over time you can’t be someone Who has followed the team closely.

    • Let’s take a dude like Harrison for example. It’s a fact he walked his own beat however teammates did like that dude and Tomlin gave him respect and he respected the team. Please tell me where James Harrison didnt show up for team meetings etc and was insubordinate.

      Thats the point your missing. Theres always a salty bastard on the job etc but he isn’t dumb enough to get so far outside of the lines that he can get let loose. The people you mention thats always the main point. They weren’t missing meetings or showing out. They did their thing but they always stayed in between the line.

      It makes no sense for you to point out Dawk to support your argument but disavow he came out today and pretty much said that DJax behavior would not have been tolerated and do you think Dawk would have let that disrespectful shit fly on the team. Please I know you dont think cuz.

      Lets use the T.O example which is probably the closest thing to this situation. I would take your exact viewpoint of teammates not liking each other and I put alot of the drama on T.O and McNabb. T.O went to some other world shit though and he has stated numerous times he regrets his mistakes. McNabb on the other hand shouldve NOT been a company man in that situation and should have diffused it but he didnt.

      Like I have said before, I understand the sentiment on not understanding why it had to come to this. It is fustrating to lose someone of DJax caliber. However in the fustration I see and hear from you I see NO PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY on DeSean. Thats what blows my mind in this thing. If DeSean was T.O thats different but as good as he was hes not a future HOF wideout that is the best in the game. T.O. was that and you would put up with his Diva antics because he was a nut about his fitness and practiced like a beast and played like one on the field.

      I saw this coming back in the preseason when they sat his ass down for not knowing all the wr positions. Plus DJax was a huge sticking point between Reid and Banner and Banner was on record saying he would not have given him that contract for the very reasons he lost it.

      I have been an Eagles fan for over 25 years. I remember Norman Braman. Lurie has made this team a perennial contender since he bought. I fault him for giving Reid so much power at the end of his run that it cost the team ultimately. He believed in Reid and Reids stubbornness cost us a title. Also I gained alot of respect from him on the Vick signing because he was on record saying he did not want to sign him but he took Reids stance. That was a huge PR hit that team took and don’t act like there werent fools yelling the same thing you and others did that they would never root for the team…they hoped the team loses forever….they signed a thug a hood a low life.

      Thats why the 180 i see from fans less than 4 years after signing Vick really makes no sense.

      • Didn’t you hear me say its not about djax at this point. regardless of the player or reason the Eagles handle it wrong each and every time. Jimmy Johnson once said if a player slept in the meeting they were off the team but if it was one of his stars its a tap on the leg hey wake up. Players have been in full blown fist fights off record and won. LT would do coke miss all kinds of meetings but showed up during winning time. They gave Harrison his respect won with him then decided it was enough “after winning” they put up with it kept it in house and won. Ask Tomlin off the record about how he personally felt about Harrison he will tell you something else. When you are a man about it like Tomlin you can handle these things. I like Chip a lot he will be a geat coach hopefully but its different dealing with these NFL ego’s. Desean bumping him mushing around his visor on the sidelines after big plays you can tell Chip don’t like that kind of stuff be a man and let it be known. Imagine somebody just walking up to Bellicheck and snatching his hoodie off lol ya aura should just let people know better. It doesn’t matter what Dawk feels about Djax his situation was another soap opera was he offered a deal and so on and so on with the he say he say that’s why its relevant. So how doesn’t it make any sense to bring up Dawk in that perspective. You should go work for the Eagles spin doctors lol

        • Well said.

          We’ll see how the Chip experiment of football choir-boys works out. Big personalities come with the territory. If you can’t handle them than you shouldn’t be coaching with the Big Boys.

          And for the umpteeth time – yards by committee is NOT the same as having one guy who can put up 1300+ by himself. If you’re trying to “replace” yardage than you’re not gaining anything – you’re just treading water.

          Luckily we’re in the Eat…but the question becomes what happens if we get a top flight rookie WR and he’s you know…a Diva? We get rid of him too?

          • Weren’t you the one saying shady will be neutralized without 7? And now your spouting off about chips offense without me sean..

          • Lmao you are the flip flop Queen. You’re just grasping because you have egg on your face after looking stupid about Foles and Kelly. Stop the nonsense.

          • Stop spinning nonsense..there’s a difference being a diva and being an unprofessional assclown. McCoy is a diva. Djax was on hid own personal island of nonsense

          • Yeah because yards by committte doesn’t work the Packers Patriots Chargers etc etc etc.

          • Lmao because it worked out awesome when it was Mike Vick Shady McCoy and Djax right. Because according to you that was the rock of the offense and nothing could be achieved especially after Vick went down.

            Then they throw a Foles in here and drumroll please….DJax has the best year of his career. HAHAHAHAHAHA

            SPIN AWAY

        • And your the epitome of keeping it real goes wrong.
          The stupidity of using player behavior from 25 years ago. You really think players get away with that jumpsuit in the social media age?


          • Izzell your ridiculous and your arguments are plain ignorant. “Djax was on his own personal island of nonsense”…all of this rampant speculation about DJax’s behavior…all based upon rumors, heresy, and speculation based upon what has ‘not’ been stated.
            We can stay on a continual, endless amount of ‘speculation’….but here are the affirmed facts-an All-Pro wide receiver was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles…
            Bottom line…now if you think you can replace those yards by ‘committee’…then you must also have a superstar quarterback like Tom Brady…who because of his pin-point accuracy can make an offense work without All-Pro receivers.
            Here’s some news you can use….we don’t have a Quarterback like that at all….Foles is no Brady!

            • Are you claiming ignorance moron? LMAO HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

            • Since you like talking out of your ass let me school you a bit.

              DJax was 60reception 1kyd 5 TD Wr who played in one of the most Pass heavy NFL offenses in recent history under McNabb. Before this year he was the epitome of a yards by committee WR who brought the explosive element to an offense but redzone and short and immediate game were not his forte.

              But by all means call him an ALL PRO…when he never was. Talk out of your ass some more when he only went to the Pro Bowl AFTER Andre Johnson passed.

              So in his best year he wasn’t even recognized by the league fans etc as top WR. But again make more shit up to support your bias agenda.

              He had a CAREER YEAR in Chip Kellys offense. But again show your bias agenda. He played with Mike Vick for 3 years and average drumroll please…..50 catches about 1kyds and 5 TDs.

              Stop talking nonsense and talk facts.

            • So when foley is all pro and MVP the pro bowl is meaningless but when Jackson makes the pro bowl its accomplishment ? I don’t get it

              • Agenda that’s all it is. He’s an ALL PRO when he’s selected as a 5th alternate after a guy gets injured. Foles on the other stumbled into the pro bowl and we should draft Derek Carr at 22. Smh

              • All Pro is different than the Pro Bowl… there is a 1st and second team All Pro team. There was only one All Pro QB last year, and that was Peyton Manning. None of the other 10 or so QB’s that played in the pro bowl were All Pro. The Eagles had three All Pro players last year (all first team) Lesean, Peters, and Mathis. Desean Jackson was an All Pro punt returner in 2009, he has never been an All Pro WR.

  • Izell you need to chill out and stfu

    Let me clue you ain’t no genius

    You are polluting this blog with incesssnt rants

    Make your point and move on mfer

    • Lmao and you’re talking?

      Why because when I post it’s not curse word laced rants about race sexuality and nonsense.

      Hahaha fool please.

    • Ha! jakdog u are a jerk
      You’ve never had a clue to give anyone and
      there’s never a point for you to make
      Damm Fool…this blog would be so much better without you

  • ****NFL News***

    WR Jason Avant visiting the Panthers
    WR Nate Burleson signs a 1 Year Deal
    With Cleveland Browns

    Redskins Release 3 Back-Up Players under Contract to free-up
    Cap Space a WR,CB & LB

    • If Avant can’t find a job they need to find a place in the organization for him. Dude is a top notch person off the field. His football camps(the ones he hosted in Camden) were awesome and he took a ton of time out to work with kids even after it over. Epitome of class. My cousin is a Cowboys fan and told me that’s his new favorite player lol.

      • I hope the Panthers Sign him for he can help whatever Young Receivers they Draft or bring in as they are re-tooling their complete WR Corp..

        Out went Steve Smith, Brandon LaFell,Ted Ginn Jr, & Domenick Hixon

        In are Jeremy Crotchery, Taquan Underwood so far..

        • I wouldn’t be suprised that with their cap situation that this a write off season for the Panthers. With Cam already out OTAs and probably part of preseason etc they may have to retool again.

          However if their is a team that could use of those young wrs in the draft the Panthers are one of them. Cam isn’t take 30+ pass attempts a game so a Marqise Lee type could fit in quite nicely.

          • They need to rebuild that O/Line with 3 Player Retiring from last Years Squad (Jordan Gross, Travelle Wharton and Geoff Hangartner)
            I expect them to go OT in the 1st Round at #29 (Joel Bitonio from Nevada or Morgan Moses from Virginia)
            I hope they stay away from Alabama’s OT Cyrus Kouandijo who is a typicl overrated Alabama Player

            • Agreed. They have to rebuild the OL but they also have to ride out the terrible cap situation they have at running back. They deals they gave Stewart and Williams is what cost them Steve Smith and has them in cap hell. Thats why the notion of going to heavy in one position cap wise destroys your team in the long run.

              With a defense as nasty as the Panthers they cant afford to give up the next 2-3 years trying to manage the cap. I think their window is now.

              • Why Jonathon Stewart is still on their Roster the last 2 Seasons is beyond me.. The guy has played in like 6-7 Games the last 2 Years, He never Practices and just can’t stay healthy to do anything.. I would like to see 3rd Stringer Kajon Barner (from Oregon 2 Years ago) and get some Touches and be that Scat back for them…

  • On the subject of QB’s. I am going to come right out and say the kid from LSU Zach Mettenberger will have a better pro career than any of these QB’s that go in round 1. Seeing the success Kelly had with Foles, I wouldn’t mind seeing him here.

    • Metzenberger may very well turn out to be the “Nick Foles” of the 2014 QB Draft Class.. Tall, tough, good leadership, mature and has good mechanics,smart.. He doesn not posess the biggest arm, but gets rid of the ball timely and is accurate… Good Call Biggy…

      • I think the 4th thru 7th Rated QB’s will all have better NFL Careers than the Top 3 that everyone has on their list’s (Manziel,Bortles,Bridgewater)

        I can see QB’s Derek Carr, Alex McCarron, Jimmy Garrapolo, Zach Metzenberger, and even a Aaron Murray, having better NFL Careers if they get the Right Team and situation spend a year or 2 Learning their Craft and the game at the NFL Level.. The Guys I listed are all Winners

        • I think Bridgewater has a chance to excel on the right team. Especially one that has a strong running game. What he doesn’t have in flash he has in the brains and accuracy in the short to mediate range. Hes the safest QB in the draft in IMO.

          Now No.1 over Clowney….not a chance.

        • Paulman you threw the Sammy Watkins trade up to 5….lets say Clowney doesn’t get drafted no.1 and the QB OL rush starts and him and Mack get push to the bottom of the top 10. Would you trade up?

          If Anthony Barr is at 15 do you trade up?

          As far as secondary I only trade up for one of the top CBs. I don’t see the love for Prior and HaHa. I dont think either are better than Vaccaro or Reid from last draft.

          • I would only Trade up for 3 Players in this Draft

            Clowney, Mack or Watkins in that order and that’s it..
            Every other Player (Barr,Evans,Pryor, Dix, Cooks, etc,etc or anyone else I do not Trade up and give additional Picks or Players away)

            As far as CB goes
            I just don’t really see a whole lot of Difference between Gilbert,Denard,Roby,Fuller,Roberson,Verett etc,etc and again wouldn’t trdae up to get any of them ..

            • As far as Safety goes..
              I like Pryor a lot, but I feel Jimmie Hall, deone Bucannon can be just as good.. again Since there is depth at Safety,CB & WR Positions in this Draft, I don’t Trade up for any of the…
              What this Draft is real short on are DT’s & true OLB’s, so if your not taking one early, then you may as well grab on in the late rounds and develop for the Future for they will be long-shots to do anything in 2014 or make a Roster outside the Practice Roster

              • Agreed thats why all along I have said if you’re staying at 22 its best player available no matter what.

                I like Barr more then you do though so I would trade up to 15 if he was there. He could really thrive in the 3-4. I think he struggle in the 4-3

              • Which is why I trade back from #22 and get an additional 2nd or 3rd Oick in Return

                I don’t see a big Difference between #20 & #75 selections/players so If I can get an additional pick and player,
                then I think that’s the smart way to go

                Now Grabbing Guard Xavier Su’a-Filo at #22 and then Trading Evan Mathis for a 3rd Round Pick would be a good move also
                Sua’Filo will be a beast for 8-10 Years (if Healthy) in the NFL and if Mathis wants to leave for more $$, then get a 3rd Round Pick from the Falcons,Dolphins,Colts,Steelers, Panthers who all need OL Help

    • I don’t know BigLion, Mettenberger has an injury history that would scare me to want him on a team with a 1st or 2nd.
      I would rather take a chance in the 4th with the big kid from Rutgers Tom Savage.

      • I like Savage as well E0S, my SEC bias is showing on Mettenberger living in Florida we get force fed down here, the injury thing scares me but I really like his game.

        • Another real Sleeper QB is Jeff Matthews from Cornell.. That’s right, Ivy lLeague School.. He’s big at 6-4 & 225lbs, can move arund a bit and has a great Arm and teh Smarts,Leadership skills you look for in a Developmental QB.. Don’t be surprised to hear this kids name in the mid/late Rounds by the Giants,Packers,Ravens, Falcons,Saints or the Steelers who can Draft a Qb and take 2-3 Years to Develop..
          Many Scouts/Coach’s have been very impressed with him..

          • Another 2-3 Year QB is Bryn Renner from University of North Carolina who went thru a Coaching and Sysatem Change at UNC his final Season, but a big, strong kid with a nice arm and deep ball and at
            6-3 230lbs is a Coach’s Son, so he has High Football IQ, Leadership and Commands a Huddle well.. He was injured late in the Season, missed the Senior Bowl and was not 100% to compete at the Infdy Combine… Could be a real find in that 6th/7th Round for Team that has a couple of Season to develop him

            • Remember when Taj Boyd was the second or 3rd best QB coming into last year.

              • Yes, he still had too many Turnovers, is not tall enough and played so-so in Clemso’s big games this Year.. He was very good in opener versus Georgia, but Georgia was not the same Team and Defense in 2013 as in prior Season… But Boyd played poorly versus Fla State, Miami and so-so in Bowl Game.. has small hands and loses ball too much…
                Would make a nice back-up, red-zone QB and does throw a very nice Deep ball, but his intermediate, crossing routes, down and outs are not NFL Ready at this point.. He’s listed at 6-0 but more like a 5-10 1/2 or 5-11, but a good kid, smart, has leadership and a hard worker, just doesn’t posses all the throws that are required.. but many said the sam thing about Russell Wilson, so if Boyd were to go to a heavy running Team, he would have a shot.. Maybe the Vikings in the 2nd Round would be a good fit or even the Tampa Bay Bucs or Ravens in the mid-rounds

              • He looked good at Sammy Watkins pro day.

                Jimmy Kempskis Mock is up.

                He has Boykins going at 22. However hes been in love with Boykins even before the Desean trade. I do like the Christian Jones pick in the 2nd.

              • Christian Jones has some serious tools, he will be a vey productive pro.

              • Christian Jones is a Mid/Late 3rd Round Pick
                The Value on ILB’s just isn’t what it used to be
                I like him as a Player and think he sould be a good ILB Back-up for Ryans/Kendricks nad be groomed to take over for Ryans in 2 Years time

              • Christian Jones will better then the Mosely kid from Alabama. Watch and see.

              • To IJ,

                Who is Boykins at #22 ??

                You mean Brandin Cooks? or Taj Boyd?

              • Yes I meant Cook.

              • I don’t know Big I like Mosely ALOT. That would bring a ton of speed and versatility at the ILB spot if they selected Mosely at 22.

              • Izell that’s why Christian Jones is better dude is like a Swiss Army Knife he’ll stay on the field for all 3 downs can cover backs and tight ends he was hidden because of all the talent on FSU’s defense.

              • I defer to you on the Florida boys because I was SEC heavy betting this year. I also took some of FSU players outside of Winston play for granted because the ACC was a joke.

                I like the aspect of a kid who played in a 3-4 and understand pro concepts like they teach the kids at Alabama. Although he might not be the better athlete his instincts would be better in the middle.

                Also the kid looks like a Safety to me don’t know why….hes built like Kam Chancellor a bit.

      • Savage finished his career at Pitt. Played well this year. Left Rutgers after his sophomore year, went to Arizona (I believe he was there with Foles) but never played and transferred again to Pitt. Strong arm, big kid, limited mobility. He is local also, Springfield Delco, Cardinal OHara. Kelly talked to him at his Pro-Day. The other Pitt product that would look good on the Birds is Aaron Donald, but I am not sure that he will still be around.

  • Philly.com has a mock where Eagles are taking two of the guys I have been calling for in Christian Jones/Jaylen Watkins. I have been on these guys bandwagon for months now…

    They got Cooks in the first as many mocks do for us. I would just rather have Beckam instead if WR is the way your going at 22. (I want Pryor with that pick overall)

    The thing about these mocks is that we still don’t have an idea of where most of these guys are going to go. There is always surprises.

    • It would be nice if the got Watkins and Smith they would upgrade and challenge for playing time right away Pheags.

    • Most of the mocks have changed but the biggest trend I am seeing is that after 9-10 its a run on DBs and S. Most mocks have 3-5 CBs and both Pryor and Dix gone and they have thrown in the kid from N.Ill. in there as well. So at 22 we are not getting a safety.

  • The key will be how early the QB’s go (Bridgewater & Carr)
    In particular.. If they both go Top 12, then some solid Positional Players will Drop. Also since DT is relatively thin, Players like Donald, Jernigan, Hageman
    May all go in the mid-Selections (in the Teens) further pushing down the WR,DB’s until the 20’s..

  • *** Eagles News***

    Eagles bringinh in OLB Prospect Jordan Tripp from Montana in for a Workhout & Interview… Tripp goes 6-3 235lbs and is kind of that over-achiever, gym rat type of Player that Chip Kelly loves.. Trip currently projects as a 3rd/4th Round Prospect but is a little more Athletic than he looks.
    He Ran a 4.67 40-Time and Lifted 225lbs 22 Times Broad Jump 10′ and did very well in the field & cone Drills
    Tripp has a knack of being around the Ball on almost every play…
    He’s strength is not as a Pass-Rusher (11 Sacks in his College Career) but he is at his Best at Dropping off in Pass Coverages and running to the ball in stopping the run.. Some Scouts see him playing on the inside, some like his length and reach & leaping ability to line up against TE or WR’s in the Slot..

    • JH is gone for a few days and now this guy is reporting “Eagles News” … ***Eagles News***.. That looks familiar.. smh

      • I’ve been Reporting Eagles News, long before your arrival on this Site, JH

    • Paulman…Tripp, K. Benjamin and Aaron Colvin was in yesterday.

      • Colvin could be a real sleeper and a Solid CB for 2015 and beyond..
        Is Colvin able to do any Football Activities yet or is he still Rehabbing from his Surgery

  • Is it me or does Khalil Mack look just like Lawrence Taylor?

    • Izzell,those are big shoes to fill, but yeah, he does have that athletic ability, mean streak and swagg of an LT! This is the year the Eagles should have been 4-12. Mack would be an Eagle.

      • They got the same haircut too…lol.

    • I know he destroyed Ohio State but I am curious how he holds up against NFL talent from snap to snap. How the heck did he land at Buffalo, does anyone know?

      • He’s from Fla., he was recruited by another school of lesser notoriety than Buffalo, obviously he chose Buffalo. None of the big time schools recruited him, I’m not sure if it was an injury issue, athletic issue or academic issue. I saw a show about Mack and the lack of attention he received as a recruit, i can’t recall the reason though.

        • Wow, thanks Eagles

  • Hey Izell, just read an article nd Jay Gruden and Bruce Allen pretty much decided that when Desean was released they pretty much decided they were going after him. I know Snyder had to sign off on it, but this is what I mean when people say oh man Snyder is the worst owner out there. His coaching staff and GM made the call on this one it seems.

    • Big

      Mike Shanahan said it was his call to give Albert Haynesworth the second part of his contract when all reports were that he hated Fat Albert and Dan wanted them to work it out. To that same point Shanny didnt want to give up 3 picks for RG3 either. The numbers worked out that Bruce Allen didn’t let them get murdered…however this was a Dan Snyder move. Jay Gruden has no leverage. The QB situation is why Snyder wasn’t going to get a top coach(although Im not ready to judge Gruden yet…however he was not a top guy)because Snyder is invested in Bob and most coaches don’t want that noose around their neck.

    • He is a very hands owner….he’s just not over the top like Jerry Jones. Remember this is the guy who used to tell Jim Zorn when Clinton Portis wasnt going to practice and let Bob dictate his rehab and return schedule.

      He’s a terrible owner.

      • Geez, that sucks big time. Good luck Jay Gruden I wonder if his brother advised him before he took that job.

        • I actually think though if Gruden can hit the ground running early and the Skins can get out to a good record they can have a really good year.

          If they struggle at all and more specifically if Bob struggles in a more traditional passing role thats where the season implodes. I think he has the tools for a bounce back year. However from a thought process wise in the pocket he was downright atrocious on traditional dropback etc.

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