• May 19, 2022

Reaction To The DeSean Jackson Interview

DeSeanJackson2How much more do we know now and has anything really changed?

Desean Jackson and Stephen A. Smith exchanged questions and answers; cool, calm and collected.  Jackson was sincere with his portrayal about his tenure in Philadelphia.  Was he honest with all that he recanted?   Like every “source” coughing up “what really went down,” all is left for speculation.

Desean’s take on being released from the Eagles appeared as if he is still trying to figure out why it took place, while also entertaining his excitement for joining one of our NFC East rivals.  He made it appear as if he had no issues with his ex-teammates or head coach.  He did speak of the differences between Andy Reid and Chip Kelly.  He was also only late for “one” meeting throughout his entire NFL career.

If any “point” was clearly made, over and over and over again; Desean Jackson is not now or has ever been a gangster or affiliated himself with gangs.  He knows people in gangs both from his childhood and through the music scene.  The hand gestures made against Washington, merely “shout outs” to friends and family.

My favorite part of the interview, Desean asking Steven A. Smith if he knew the person expressing Maclin being a “team player” and him being a “me-me” guy.  That alone gave me the mental image of what “may” have gone down in the locker room.

The entire situation remains strange to me.  I’m no longer in a state of shock for how quickly it happened and how it went down.  Anger has faded; D-Jax will not contribute as an offensive play maker in 2014.

I expect no further insight provided by Chip, Howie or Mr. Lurie.  They are hiding and they don’t want to be found.

Questions about why Desean was released will be attempted again, but the answers are going to be simple.

“They will only discuss matters pertinent to the current team.”

It will be as if Desean Jackson was a fairy tale character; that is until we face him for the very first time.



Jeff Kolsky

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  • Actually Jeff, Desean did not say he had only been late for “one” meeting.

    He said he had missed one meeting “probably” (or probably not) and been late for others. (many others?)

    “For sure I have been late,” he said. “I’m not gonna lie about that. I’ve been late to meetings before.”

    “I missed one meeting probably out of my whole career.”

    Here we have the Jeff Spicoli of the Eagles and people still wonder why he’s gone.

  • That interview was staged with a script. Who really thought DJax was come out and tell the 100% truth?
    The interview was a waste of time. I wish people would just let it go already! It’s done, so move on!!!!!!

  • Interview was a joke and completely stupid/pointless. If you are Djax and you can’t outright deny factual statements in the NJ report/social media BS/locker room stuff then why would you sit down with the Circus ESPN is to do an interview..
    I hang out with gang members only if they are not doing negative things…

    Damn Djax needs some new PR people ASAP

    And btw this guy Stephen A Smith is a clown of a interviewer/reporter. Everyone knew the interview was going to be a softball but damn if your not going to ask the tough questions then don’t do the interview. Or just be real about it and say Im interviewing this dude for my own personal gain and were going to continue to pimp this story out for ratings. What a fraud

    No wonder they put this fool on that stupid show with Skip. The majority of dudes that watch that crap are lowlifes with no jobs/life sitting at home on weekday mornings

    • Funny how TV works…they have talk shows that cater to the stay at home mothers..they have wheel of fortune that caters to the old/retired…and they have Stephen A smiths/Skips show that caters to the jobless welfare degenerates.

      • Such compassion fellow man. LOL

    • That’s because Steven A Smith sides with his own people. To me, he is somewhat of a racist commentator. It’s always the white mans fault..

  • Why wasn’t ” dejaccass ” wearing his normal get up instead looking like Urkel, complete fraud

  • The interview was excellent and Stephen A. Smith, an excellent reporter who does his job well. DJax came across has honest and sincere. He didn’t hide the fact that he has made mistakes or been late to meetings. The reality is that Djax has the guts to stand before the public and give his side to the story. All you hear from the Eagles are dirty cheap shots from behind the curtain of “anonymous quotes” . For all we know it can be the fiction of grumbling reporters who never liked DJax…
    The bottom line is simple…i don’t care if DJax’s teammates didn’t like him, I don’t care if he cussed out the coaches, I don’t care if he missed meetings or was late…I don’t care about none of that…I care about the production on Sunday…82 catches, 1300 yards, 9 touchdowns, and the effective running of clear out routes that helped the running game and Shady as well as every other receiver on the field!
    This is what we know for a fact…the rest is innuendo, speculations, backstabbing, and bullshit….Bottom Line.

    • steven a smith did a good job in the interview. He asked most of the questions he should have and kept DJax talking. I think Steven A. Smith missed the gun questions. Missed the reward question, and missed the intentional misspelling of words like knock ( knocc) and back ( bac). But Steven A. Smith dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s to the journalist’s stories that were negative about him.
      Djax did not come off as good. I left the interviewing seeing a hurt young adult who admitted he has gang friends, lost his team mates respect, and wants to prove Philly wrong for not believing in him anymore.

  • Koolbreeze you are a funny man

  • All the stories bout his association is true one guy involved with the murder of that 14 yr boy desean knew him all his life. Bottom line is he made his bed now he gotta lie in itHe never wanted to cut ties with these guys or become a true teammate and buy into coach and eagle philosphy.Let skins have him aint the fukin end of the world Lets talk bout draft already i’m done with the strapper

  • This entire deal is fucked up! Chip showed his inexperience as an NFL head coach dealing with this thing, and for the Eagles organization as a whole attempted to SMEAR this young man…. Maybe so he wouldn’t go to a rival…… was classless, baseless, and showed some immaturity! Second of all, If none of this was substantiated, WE HAVE TAPE OF ANOTHER RECIEVER PRETTY MUCH INSULTING THIS ENTIRE CITY, TEAM , AND LEAGUE! If that’s not a releasable offense, I will continue to question what the motives of this coach and organization. Let me make this clear. I’m with Chip! An Eagles fan for life. But This one ……. will have me rooting for Washington this year as well! This was Fucked UP!!!!!

    • Here we go with the race nonsense again.

  • I don’t know how a Team can function Koolbreeze if Players & Coach’s
    Don’t respect and pull for one another..
    It doesn’t have to be a loved eat, but mutual respect and having each other’s back is essential in having a Winning Organization
    In any type of Sport,Business or Life for that matter
    This “I’ll do my own thing, but show up on Sunday’s to perform”
    Just doesn’t work for a new Coaching Staff who is trying to build a new & winning culture with lots of young & impressionable Players on it
    And it appears that this was the bottom line concerning D-Jax, whether us fans like it or not..
    I thought Interview went well for D-Jax and Steven A
    And wish D-Jax well but not against our Eagles..
    Time for everyone to move on from this story,
    What’s done is done..

    • I think Steven A. Smith did a good job with the interview because he kept DJax talking but I do not believe Steven A. Smith came off good. Steven A. Smith made a horrible mistake which would get him fired from any law office in the country when he asked DJax about the gang sign on the field. He followed up Djax’s answer with how Deangelo Hall felt about the sign instead of did the NFL league office contact Desean about that sign on the field. Did any Eagle front office employee discuss that on the field sign with him and when? Who cares about DeAngelo Hall’s feeling about gang sign, a real interviewer would have cared how the Eagles felt about that signal.

    • paulman, good coaching knows how to manage difficult players and situations. Its not just about X’s and O’s…its the ability to resolve differences, adjust to situations and getting the most out of players. This is what makes Phil Jackson such a great coach…he dealt with a true wacko in Dennis Rodman got the best out of him, and won championships.
      When a coach tells me he cant manage excellent talent because the player has a ‘me’ first attitude…well I say welcome to the NFL…a lot of players who may say the right things to media…a lot of them have a ‘me’ first attitude. Example, one of the greatest players who ever played the great Lawrence Taylor was a ‘me’ first player who would quite often ignore what the coach told him to do and make a play based off of what he wanted to do! A lot of wide receivers are divas with a ‘me’ first attitude…the bottom line…Chip Kelly did his quarterback no favors…Foles more than anyone needs a All-Pro receiver like D-Jax! He got him easy passes, created space…and D-Jax as a ‘me’ first guy….did a whole lot for the team. Yes…there is no “I” in team…but there damm sure is a “I” in WIN…and that’s what we need…wins!!!

  • Eagles did not smear Jackson. They did him a favor by not saying anything because the multiple reasons for his dismissal had nothing to do with his play but everything to do with his inability to function within the structure of a football team

    No other team would trade for him, for the reason above and his large contract

    I hope Jackson figures it out in Washington but I doubt it because he plays it out that he’s the victim, and he’s got plenty of enablers, “poor djax, the eagles screwed you”

    Bottom line. You screWed yourself. you have a second chance. let’s see what you do with it

    • The Eagles screwed themselves out of a All-Pro player who was a major factor in them winning 10 games last year and going to the playoffs. The Eagles screwed themselves by allowing that same player to go to a division rival and aid that division rival’s chances in winning the division.
      DJax got $16 million dollars in guaranteed money.
      The Eagles screwed themselves and we have to wait to see if they get a second chance! Will they get a dynamic All-Pro player who forces teams to double him? Will the Eagles get a second chance at a player who will open up the offense for other players? We had two such players…Shady and D-Jax…as we speak now we are down to one!
      Jackson has figured it out…he figured it out last year when he gave us 82 catches…I hope the Eagles figured it out….because if they are wrong…if they dont replace his production..if they dont win…we.Eagle fans will not be happy…at all!

  • Still waiting for all you geniuses to explain to me why he wasn’t suspended or disciplined last year, oh I forgot he was demoted to 3rd string during the first mini camp for one day. Spin away people spin away. The hype during that first Redskin game is going to be crazy.

    • Biglion, are you naive land — the eagles kicked him off the team and are publicly humiliating him for the past 2 weeks. Every eagle player is scared shitless of the owner to even publicly say good bye to Desean. When the Eagles play Desean the players will shake his hand and hug him but today they fear the Eagle front office and won’t even acknowledge him.


    • Still waiting for you to tell me why putting up with his shit for a year then getting rid of him doesn’t make sense either.

      Still waiting to hear how suspending him was gonna increase his value in the off season.

      • Who cares about value what did they get for him after the season? Why would you allow someone to disrespect you and other coaches in front of the team and miss meetings. I would have him put out of my locker room, addition by subtraction right? Anonymous teammates saying good riddance right? Let’s just agree to disagree because all of you know what the right answer is you just can’t bring yourselves to say it.

        • HAHAHAHAHA

          Now we all know what the right answer is. You’re trying to be literal with the tough guy speech but thats not how the way it works. You don’t just suspend a player without pay from a team or just send him home. You have a roster full of Vets and you use others to delegate and facilitate change. Thats Business 101 and Mgt 101. Avant and Vick were pillars on the team that Kelly Avant and Vick are record saying that he turned to them first. They dealt with DeSean all season his rollercoaster up and down nonsense. They got rid of him after exhausting their efforts to trade him. The only reason why he didnt get traded was because Andy Reid gave him a 10 million dollar base salary that no one in the league wanted to give him.

          Theres no way in hell you can get around that.

          • So he couldn’t be inactive ? Are there rules against that? Spin away Izell like Vinnie said he wouldn’t have been missed right? So making everyone accountable is playing tough guy? Like I said we all know what should have happened if all this crap were true.

            • Stop the nonsense. You want it both ways. First saying he wouldn’t be missed is nonsense. So lets eliminate that response in the argument. Making him inactive is nonsense. Just a headache of reporters and media down your throat. I’m not PAYING ANYONE 10 mil to sit on their ass. The player won in that regard.

              So in sense your showing suspend him make him inactive etc STILL PAY HIM and then trade him in the offseason or get rid of him.

              Worst business practice ever.

              • Izell this is coming from a guy who’s played multiple sports up and into the college level, you cannot police that behavior with other players, he should have sat period, but obviously all this behavior was overstated and as for answering media questions. Chip seems to be just fine dealing with the media, see you guys can’t have it both ways not me because I would have had no problems with sitting him. My team my rules what’s that you guys say? Personal responsibility.

              • Big I don’t disagree with you on any of those levels. I have son that I am coaching up through wrestling and football I know exactly what you mean.

                However professional sports is an entirely different animal. You can’t even compare to anything else.

                I disagree sports or not you can delegate to other members on the team. Its the reason why they have veteran capts etc.

                Ive said before I did not like Vick the QB, but Vick the professional after he came back from jail….thats how a MAN handles his business.

                You are not just kicking him off the team. It doesnt work that way. And making him inactive is just the beginning of the end which more than likely implodes your team because you can’t have that kind of distraction not in today’s media etc.

                Like I said I have done it before sometimes you have to just ride a disrespectful pain in the ass out. You don’t want to look at them everyday you come to work and in the middle of meeting you just want to bitch slap the nonsense out of them…but you can’t do it.

            • Spin away Big…all you have said is get rid of him lol. Like its that easy with no repercussion.

              The Patriots are having to pay contract money to a guy sitting in jail on murder charges and the NFLPA is fighting tooth and nail to get him his money.

              Please tell me how you are just going to cut a guy and keep your money…lmao stop the nonsense.

        • Not to mention you haven’t seen DJax or his agent address anything outside of the gang ties. And DeSean himself said he didnt believe the team put it out there. You wont see him file a grievance on his behalf by the NFLPA because in order to do so the Eagles would be compelled to show evidence why it cut him from team etc. So a wise agent says shut your mouth and move on.

          If I fire one of my employees without proper cause they would come back and sue the pants off me. More than once I have had pain in the ass employees and I let them ride out to the end of fiscal contract and not renew them. Do you not know how much a pain in the ass it is to document an employees nonsense sit down with lawyers on dismissal etc. Thats time lost and money spent.

          To many are acting like this is a high school team and not a business. If this was college Chip would have kicked his ass off the team. In the pro’s you ride it out.

  • Why dont you hillbillies just say it and stop being pussies. That fucking ghetto nI&&a got what he deserved. We dont care what he did on the football field. We will show him who the master is.

    • Oh the logic of ignorance…lmao….

      Stop trying to be the mouthpiece for all black people dumbass.

      • Im the mouth piece for myself and stand by whatever i post. How about that.

        • I can respect that. I can respect the fact you don’t agree with the move and hate it. But the nonsense race baiting which only brings the other side of the idiot race baiters into is pointless.

          • The real ‘race baiters’ are the ones who have attacked D-Jax for who he is friends with…they are the one with the thinly-veiled racist attacks on D-Jax based on relationships he has with other people….rather than on any confirmed actions that he personally engaged.
            The racist race-baiters on here have attacked D-Jax because of ‘pictures’ he took…supposed ‘gang’ signs that he flashed…none of which of course indicates to anyone with a half a brain…any criminal activity. It has been the racists on this forum who attacked D-Jax because of his rap label…like that had some impact on his performance…so all of this negativity…again nothing remotely indicating any criminal activity of Jackson…as been attached to Jackson and it is pur and simple racist!

            • If you engage the nonsense doesnt make you better. Only brings you right into that group of nonsense.

            • So kool….are you saying white people can’t be gang members? If its racist that he was cut bc of gang ties then you are racist! White people are gang members all over this country!

              • We all know about the Italian,Irish & Russian Gangs..
                Does anyone know anything about “Jewish Gangs”
                Their Signs, or Colors or mode of Operandi..
                What do they call themselves…

    • Your employer is your master. An employee has the right to leave but make no mistake who is in charge. UPS delivery service in Queens, NY fired a man for disputing his pay this week. 250 co workers walked off the job in support of the man for 90 minutes. 20 employees were fired the next day and the other 230 received a letter informing them they will be terminated in the coming month when they hire their replacement. Local politicians threatened to not use UPS in government local contracts and UPS said then those politicians will be signing the rest of the 1500 employees pink slips with that move.

    • I really hate the race card but I gotta agree with u Dag. These dudes hide behind code words like “Thug” and ” traditional Americans”. We am now what u really mean. Now honestly I don’t think that dress a release had anything to do with race, however the fan/media response has a not so subtle racist tone to it. Just like with Richard Sherman; unfortunately there are still some people in this country who believe that African Americans should be seen and not heard. Flamboyant African American athletes will always be denigrated by the establishment and guys like Vinnie.

      The truth is the league would be much less entertaining without the antics of the Desean Jacksons of the world. Maybe Michael Jordan will open up a school or training camp where he teaches black athletes to be humble and obey their masters.

      • *desean’s release

        • Lol no need to edit…damn phone kills my typing as well.

      • Yeah lets get offended by the “some people” minority on both sides (black and white) who spit nonsense.

        Letting yourself be brought down by ignorance and responding to with ignorance makes you no better.

        Only simpletons hide behind the gang nonsense on both sides.

        He got cut because he was a pain in the ass that the coach didnt want to deal with.

    • Ok dag, lets play your game.

      Seeing how Chip Kelly is a racist, and the Eagles operate in a racist manner, they cut DJax becuase they have scouted a young kid down a University of Arkansas Pine Bluff….the kid had uncles and cousins that taught him the N-word from a young age, and even how to fashion a cone hat from a sheet. His hands suck and his speed is….well, he has deceptive slowness. Chip and Howie are building their team as the true racists that you have all labeled them. They are not concerned about having team players, leaders or players committed to the success of the team…they are only focusing on promoting a single race. It is a business plan that Lurie has apparently promoted, at least if you are to believe some of the posters on this site.

      • And we are officially down the rabbit hole….


      • Greenfan, Izell you guys want to read Dag’s post again? That wasn’t about the Eagles it was towards some of the posters on this site.

        • Ok Biggie, let me state it differently.

          The one thing that seems to be certain is that DJax appears to be an asshole as a teammate. There were reasons why he wasn’t chosen until the second round, and it had to do with his character. Look at his numbers his senior year, the guy was a malcontent. Read the stories about that year….anyone remember 2011? The way that he “mailed it in” because he wanted a new contract?

          Assholes come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The fact that is new coach is trying to put a team together with players that buy into his system is no surprise, and as with most extremely talented players, DJax was used to everyone kissing his ass. They probably did it since he was 5 years old….and his attitude and expectation of special treatment has only gotten worse over the years. So Kelly was the one to finally say that the disruption and disrespect was not worth what he gave the team on the field. Special yes. Irreplaceable no.

          But too many are claiming that Jackson was released because of his lifestyle…or becuase he is Black. Richard Sherman has accused the Eagles and Kelly of being racist and having a double standard. There is no doubt that Sherman is a smart and educated man….no doubt that he is a smarter man than me…but that does not mean that he cannot be wrong about his accusation. That does not mean that he is choosing to ignore many of the simple facts and history of the player and team. Jason Whitlock had a very interesting article about this who subject, and he stated very clearly the problem with immediately jumping to the race accusation without really looking at the facts.

          • I understand that Greenfan, but what Dag and to a point I get upset with
            are some posters who take any and every opportunity to rail against the black athlete. I know you’ve seen it on this forum that’s why I come out sometimes in defense of what others see as indefensible.

            • Biggie we agree. Truly…truly I don’t see where a persons skin color has any business in being a fan of the team. A man’s character knows no color. They are all GREEN as far as I am concerned.

      • This isnt about the Eagles. This is about the fans. This about the fans worrying about who the fuck someone hangs around with. Its about fans worrying about PRACTICE, fucking PRACTICE. This is about a guy playing the Air Guitar. Who cares. This has nothing to do with what the Eagles did to Djax. Its more about the fans who are more concerned with players personal lives than what really matters which is what they do on game day.

        • Again agree to disagree. No one wants to be around a dude that is a clown and put up with his shit unless he is future HOFer. In the history of sports those are the ONLY guys that get away with that nonsense.

          This nonsense that DJax suddenly is a gamechanging HOFer is moronic. Hes a career 60 reception right around 1kyd Wr who average 5TDs a season. Those arent HOFer numbers nor HOFer impact.

          His one awesome year was in an offense with a coach that is bringing a scheme and philosophy no one is seen and more than a handful around the league are trying to steal.

          Like I told Big…MURDER this regime if they cut Djax and their gameplan disintegrates because their gamble blew up. Until then I am not worried. I would be a hypocrite after going into last year thinking with a rookie head coach who never coached in the pros was going to win the division and have an offense that switched between nite and day QBs and didnt miss a beat and on top of that got better lol.

        • Practice isn’t their personal life nimrod

    • it has come to this?

  • TBH, I don’t really care if Desean missed every single meeting. Without him, we would have been an 8-8 team. Talent reigns supreme in this league. Guys like Jeff Maehl may have been pissed because tehy went to every meeting and were “good little boys”. If they could produce like Desean, maybe Id give them some credence in this.

    • Talent reigns supreme….than T.O and Randy Moss would have titles. Its not that simple.

      • It is that simple…the teams that beat T.O and Randy Moss had more talent! Randy Moss was beaten in his championship try by a super talented Giants defense…T.O was beaten because New England had a defensive line that was more talented than our offensive line….and they had one of the most talented Quarterbacks in the history of the NFL…
        You beat talent…with more talent…and when a Coach believes that his ‘system’ will win championships in the NFL…he is deluded and in for a rude awakening. Chip has better replace DJax talent with more talent…its not that easy at all…as a Eagle fan I hope he pulls it off….but if he doesn’t…he will get what we Eagle fans give losers…

        • Have no problem with the end of your statement and I feel the same way. There better be a plan/strategy in place.

          Remember when Larry Fitz was possibly out in Arizona and the rumors were trades for him with DJax outta here. I wouldve drove him nonstop to Arizona. I thought highly of DJax but at no point did I ever see him as a no.1 and until this year he never was a breakout stud. To me he was always the perfect no.2 to a real beast.

  • “Flamboyant”??????????????????

    Now I don;t like “flamboyant” players? But most especially especially black “flamboyant” players.

    Funny, I didn’t think quitting ont he field, ripping his coaches, going to meetings whenever he felt like it and generally being a pain in the ass was considered “flamboyant”!!

    But hey, whatever floats your boat (or fits your pathetic agenda)

    Problem with your pathetic agenda is it convieniently avoids/ignores my stance on white players who act the same way.

    I’m an equal opportunity “flamboyancy” hater!

    I hated the signing of that tattooed idiot Jason Babin because all he ever did was think about himself, constantly abandoning his responsibilities to pad his stats. Can’t win with guys like that.

    I’ve been on here and made posts about theBoston Bruins doing exactly the right thing trading that immature “me-first” Tyler Seguin even though he has immense talent. The Bruins are a better team for it.

    I have been very vocal about Brent Celek’s ridiculous pointing downfield after each friggin catch….too “flamboyant”. Well, guess what. Last year Kelly told him to stop that stupid shit and hustle back to the LOS and he did.

    He got with the program. Desean didn’t because he’s a selfish “me-first” player….er I mean “flamboyant African American”

    Teams don’t win championships with selfish me-first players. Vick and Mesean were both exactly that. I am glad they are both gone because the Eagles will be a better team with them gone.

    But hey, ignore all that….the only reason people like me don’t like Desean’s pouting, bitching “who the fuck is he throwing to” quitting self is because we’re racists who do not like “flamboyant” African Americans.

    What other straws you going to grasp at now?

    • vinnietheloser…you come up with the most ignorant statements..lets take a look at Mr Team First….Brent Celek…here is a guy who cant consistently beat linebackers…He’s nowhere near a tight end like Jason Witten…he just dont have the talent…you would celebrate and praise a guy like that…because…well…he’s such a nice, team player….
      Bottom line is guys like him in the NFL are a dime a dozen.
      There is no “I” in team…no doubt there…but there damm sure is a “I” in WIN…and we need winners here on the Eagles…I dont care if they are selfish ‘Me” first players…if they produce that’s who I want. Teams do win with selfish ‘me’ first players…they always have and they always will.
      Teams dont win with ‘system’ coaches who will place emphasis on their ‘system’ over talented players…bottom line!

      • Why are his team mates happy? Why hasn’t one come out to defend him..please address this

  • The hypocrisy of overblowing a guy who never had more than 70 receptions in one season accept his first season with a coach who according to the moronic posts “Never will transition to pros” or “scheme wont work” or “got lucky”

    The fact of the matter is Desean was a playmaker…but for all his playmaking in pass first offenses under Andy where he was the GO TO WR in the offense he never averaged more then 60 receptions 1000yd and 5 tds in a season. Those arent superstar numbers. Please say otherwise and contradict yourself and sound stupid.

    We lost an excellent playmaker…but this No.1 WR top 10 WR in football bullshit…LMAO Stop the nonsense. We havent had a No.1 Wr since T.O.

  • As I’ve stated before if he was an ass and didn’t get ong with the coach then I have no problem getting rid of him just like I had no problem with them getting rid of TO. Nor do I think it was racist in any way shape or form. What I said was directed at the reactions a lot of “traditional Americans ” have spewed on blogs, twitter etc.

    • I look at this way….”traditional american” viewpoint that gets the race baiting started is just another way to get people to show their ass after they get pissed off then point fingers and say “see i told you!”

      It gets hard to decipher the race nonsense on this site at times.

  • Anyways Big

    Is it me but if Brandon Cooks and DJax are similar players…Cooks like hes made out of granite lol. DJax must be 170 no way hes 185.

    • Oh heck no Desean is 170 tops and is probably allergic to weights. Cooks is put together.

      • But who cares….

        Mike Evans….Mike Evans….Mike Evans…..Mike Evans….lol

        • Cooks seven days a week and again on Sunday. Unfortunately, I think the Jets will grab him.

          • At 22 its a gamble to really feel any true needs on this team. If there is a year that you trade up and grab talent this is the year.

            You can sit in the later rounds and let draft board dictate.

            It really sucks that there are no true 3-4 OLB in this draft after Mack Clowney and Barr IMO. The only true 3-4 NT IMO is Nix and I think hes long gone before 22.

            I would do a happy dance at 22 if we stay put and he was there.

      • I know alot of people wanted to go defense in the first round but to me because they have yet to address the OLB or pass rush through DL IMO a safety that high is pointless. Without a true pass rush rookie vet HOFer are getting exposed in that secondary. Not to mention the Saints crushed us RUNNING the football.

        Priority on defense is OLB NT CB.

        Load up on the offense in the first is fine with me if its Evans.

      • Agreed. 170 soakin wet with a hard on. Brandin Cooks is going to be the real deal.

        • After looking like Stephen Hill is going to be a bust I think they are going to lay off the WR market since they picked up Decker and I think they are going to make a run at Chris Johnson for the speed part of their offense. However for Vick to be effective hes going to need someone to get behind the defense because we all know the short to middle area of the field is not his forte.

          • If they go best player available at 22 the pick won’t be a rush LB,

          • Jets are showing major interest in Brandin Cooks.

            • In my mock draft coming out this week for round 1, I have Cooks going to the jets.

              I also see Chris Johnson going to the Jets.

              • I think if they lock up Chris Johnson they look at safety or CB. Offensively they have some weapons and the Jets tried to sign DRC because they were desperate at the CB spot.

                If they drafted Cooks than it means they have given up on Stephen Hill. If so they just had back to back drafts they are already giving up on players in Hill and Geno Smith.

              • Where do you have Manziel…I honestly think Manziel dictates the entire draft. If he is taken in the top 10 the board gets moved around big team because we can 4 qbs taken before 12th pick.

              • I have Manziel going in the early 20’s.

  • Why is gcobb the only Eagles chat board where everyone cries racism?

    • No idea on my end. gcobb.com should be the one site always available for people to be straight with their thoughts and feelings.

      Passionate, with it comes strong opinions and sensitive wording at times to get a message noticed.

      This is Philadelphia sports, raw, real and be prepared to defend your turf.

  • If cooks is gone trade back as much as possible.

    • Disagree if Evans/Barr are there at 15-18 trade up. If Nix is at 22 jump on him.

      • Nix will be on the Board.. And stay away from him
        I believe DL Aaron Donald and Tim Jernigan go before Nix and Hageman
        Due to their high motors.. Nix & Hageman have big bodies but sone red flags about their drive and self motivation

      • If Barr is still on the board around 18 I say get creative and move up to get him. The issue with moving up is we only have 6 picks, unless we get real creative GMCliff and paulman style and start wheeling and dealing.

        • I pray Barr is still on the board at 18, if so, the Eagles must find a way to get him.

    • Unless you think there are Muhammed Wilkerson types at the end of the first like how the Jets stole him.

      • There are no Wilkerson’s in this Drat
        The DT/NT is very weak this year
        Both Top DT’s listed (Aaron Donald &
        Tim Jernigan are in the 6-1/6-2 290lbs range)
        and could be very good 5-Technique DE’s in the
        3-4 but not playing the 1 Technique as NT in a base 3-4
        They are not big enough..

        • I worry about Jernigan paulman, talent wise he maybe the best DT in the draft but will he stay in shape?

  • Naw on Nix….I was a Nix guy until the end of the season. His play wasn’t that great this year. Plus..people are questioning his dedication to the game as far as staying in shape. Plus he has other hobbies that he’s interested in that is said to be a distraction to him being dedicated to the game.

    • Nix is good but your are correct Eagles he isn’t 100 percent dedicated to football he likes the adulation that goes with being a player but won’t put the effort necessary once he gets paid. Stay away from him.

  • If cooks is gone trade down as much as you can get as many picks as possible then take Bryant from Clemson in the 2nd or 3rd

  • Big,
    I’m not a genius, but I guess Kelly didn’t bench DeSean during the season because he was too valuable to the team. They definitely had no one to plug into his spot.

    It won’t be easy to replace Jackson. It’s going to take some offensive scheme changes with DeSean is gone. I’m sure Kelly is not foolish enough to think any WR can do what Jackson did…

    • You are absolutely correct Irish, we all know that and I understand benching or sitting him would have started a circus but my point is most of these reports are blown out of proportion because there is no way that behavior would have been tolerated.

  • Mr toast props to you, you know footballer

    Manziel will be the first pick overall in the draft, he’s the best qb prospect since Peyton manning

    • The Texans might pull the trigger on him Jake, I wouldn’t but he won’t last past 8.

    • LSU and Mizzou exposed Manziel…they had a simple plan that is now a blue print…keep him in the pocket and he’s lost. His accuracy in the pocket is not that great.He is no way the best prospect since manning. That still goes to Andrew Luck. No one thought Luck was a 3rd round talent, some think Manziel is…ask Ron Jaworski!

  • Players moving up the Boards in the 1st Round after the Top 4-5 (Clowney,Mack,Robinson, Watkins) are WR’s Mike Evans, Cooks & Beckham,
    DL T Jernigan,A Donald ,CB Gilbert,Fuller & Roby along with
    OL Zack Martin, Joel Bitonio, LB CJ Mosely, Guards Su’a’-Filo
    And Yankey & TE Ebron & QB Derek Carr

    Players sliding down the 1st Round
    QB Bortles,& Bridgewater , OT C Kouandijo,
    Safety Pryor, DL Nix, Tuitt & Hageman, WR M Lee
    DE/OLB Trent Murphy & Dee Ford

    There typically is a Player or 2 that no one sees coming being a drafted in the 1st around that pushes other Players down

  • Did he just say manziel was the best since Peyton wow I’m gonna drink half of this bottle of rum so I can wake up and think like jakedog does.

    • LOL. Gloomy you know it’s Saturday and the drinks are plenty in Casa de Jakedog on weekends.

  • I think the Key to this Draft are the Texans, Rams & the Browns
    We all know SL Rams is Trading that # 2 Pick
    The question will be if Texans take a QB at #1,
    There will robs of Teams offering the Rams plenty to get
    DE Clowney, which believe it or not the Rams don’t really need since they
    Have 2 very good, young DE in Quinn & Long already
    So if Clowney is not Selecting Clowney at #1,
    The Trade City will happen..
    If Texans does select Clowney at #1 which I think they will
    Then Rams will have Johnny Football to Dangle
    He’ll I think the Rans should take Manziel since Bradford has not done very much in his 4 Seasons as the Rams Starter..
    Rams are eyeing a OT who they have a choice of Robinson,
    Matthews or Lewan and could get one of these 3 by trading back with
    Jags,Raiders,Browns or even the Vikings at #8 and still end up a good OT

    • Paulman, the Rams have a stud in Laurintias and a up and coming OLB on one side with Ogletree. Thoughts on them taking LB Mack in the second spot, and entering the top 5 linebacker groups in the NFL conversation?

      • No Jeff, Rams need a OT,Safety & CB and a developmental QB which is what I expect them to focus on in the early rounds
        HC Steve Fisher is very close to the “Matthews” Family which is why I have them selecting OT J Matthews over the other OT’s
        He played with Bruce Matthews, hired him as a Coach while with the Titans

  • Drink up. But I will be correct, the guy looks like a middle aged accountant but he will be great

  • Top #10

    1) Texans -DE Clowney (they’ll grab QB with their
    #33 Pick at start of 2nd Round)
    2) Rams Trade Pick to Cleveland Browns who select
    QB Manziel
    3) Jaguars trade to Eagles who Select WR Sammy Watkins
    4) Rams – OT Matthews
    5) Raiders – OT Robinson
    6) Falcons – LB Mack
    7) TB Bucs – WR M Evans
    8) Vikings – QB Bortles
    9) Bills – TE Ebron
    10) Lions – OT Lewan
    11) Titans – CB Gilbert
    12) Giants – DT Donald
    13) Rams – Safety Pryor
    14) Bears – DT T Jernigan
    15) Steelers – CB Denard
    16) Cowboys – Safety Dix
    17) Ravens – LB CJ Mosely
    18) Jets – WR Cooks
    19) Dolphins – OT Zack Martin
    20) Cardinals – QB T Bridgewater
    21) Packers – Safety Jimmie Hall
    22) Jaguars – WR Beckham
    23) Chiefs – WR M Lee
    24) Bengals – DE Kony Ealy
    25) Chargers – CB Fuller
    26) Browns – WR Benjamin
    27) Saints – DE Dee Ford
    28) Panthers – OT J Botinio
    29) Patriots – TE A Jenkins
    30) 49ers – CB B Roby
    31) Broncos – DT Louis Nix
    32) Seahawks – OL Xavier Su’a-Filo

    • Paulman where is Derek Carr?

      • Texans at #33, and will follow his brothers Steps to Houston

        • If the Texans get Clowney and Carr they win the draft. But it is doable.

          • I did forget to have OLB Barr in my 1st Round by error
            Plug him in at # 22 to the Jaguars
            Then Beckham to the Chiefs at #23 and
            WR Lee slides down into the 2nd Round
            (Too many Cold Stella’s last night)

    • The price for Eagles is steep to move up 19 Spots to get WR Watkins
      It cost’s the Eagles their 1st (#22) 3rd (#86th) & 5th (150th) in 2014
      And their 1st Round Pick in 2015 along with RB Bryce Brown

      The Eagles then Select the Following

      2nd Rd (#54) Safety Deone Buccanon (Wash State)
      4th Rd (#118) DE/OLB L Webster (Bloomsburg)
      7th Rd (#214) CB Lavelle Westbrooks (Georgia State)

      Eagles will attempt to trade Guard Mathis and DE Brandon Graham
      For some Picks, but get no takers ..

      • Can’t give up the 2015 1, I know the point system will demand it but you can’t give it up.

      • paulman, your trade machine is always cranking out something fierce, I always enjoy it.

        I have a lot of movement in round 1 of the NFL draft, and I have Eagles not drafting in round 1. My mock draft 1.0 will be released this week. Eagles I feel will sniff at what it rakes to get a Barr/Evans. They will watch both safeties go in the top 15 picks, and Woods go to the Jets. Benjamin is more of a late first type guy and the Eagles hope he slips to them in the early second round when they pick in the Jaguars spot.

        • ** Woods… I need coffee before I post, Cooks to the Jets at pick #18.

          • I am going to pull a GMCliff on you Jeff and state
            That you cannot have any of the same “Selections” that I have listed..
            Ha ha .. Good Grief !!!

  • So what if coach Kelly dislikes another player down the road? Say someone of D-Jax caliber. Is he just going to continue to oust great talent out the door? Not all athletes are going to be perfect…there needs to be some sort of a happy medium

    • DMAN, a great point you raise. I had this conversation with my buddy the other day. This is not the college level anymore, the size of these paychecks and the red carpet professional athletes can walk on will create more “D-Jax” like personalities at all professional sports levels. I’m not sure a question can be asked at the interview process, “Hey, by the way, are you going to pull any Desean Jackson like behaviors during your tenure in Philadelphia?”

  • For god’s sakes, its not about his personal “dislike” that’s just a convienient word.

    Over his coaching career he’s dealt with 100s of men. Its impossible for him to have ‘liked’ all of them.

    This is about whether or not Desean was doing his job. He wasn’t. He (and apparently for a long time) did what he wanted to do.

    Kelly is the boss, and Jackson is the employee….and like in any other occupation, if the employee isn’t doing the job, he gets turfed.

    You can’t have a guy like that on the team because it creates resentment “Why can he dog it in practice?” “Why can he insult the coach?” etc. “why doesn’t he have to show up on time – I do?” “WHy do I have to run crisp routes while he cuts corners?” etc

    This even more important because they are blowing up this team and starting new with a myriad of young players. Guys just out of college for the most part…a team where rookies are going to come in and be asked to be significant contributors the next couple season till the ship is righted.

    He doesn’t want young guys coming in and watching Desean ignore all the rules and figure you can skate like that in the Pros.

    Anyway, I’m off to hike some mountains and meditate on this further.

  • Rumors swirling around that all Players who are invited for private workout at NovaCare are asked if they Like D-Jax..
    If they answer Yes, they are dropped off the Draft Board and sent home before actually even working out..
    The only Player who said no was a Kicker they brought in
    From Portugal who speaks no English..
    Good Grief..,

    • So Mike Evans got sent home Monday?


      • It’s why I called it “Rumors Swirling”, IJ..
        C’mon Toast, have a little fun on here..

        • Lol rumors on here no way 🙂

        • I’m fueling the Mike Evans rumors singlehandedly….justed posted made up stuff on the Bucs message board so the fans can turn on that pic.

          The Mike Williams trade killed my dream…Lovies picking him up.


  • First of all….anyone who brings race into this ARE RACIST themselves. All over this country there are white people in gangs. Yes they are wanna be’s and I am not proud of them but the fact is that white people are gang banging. SO to say it was racist to cut him bc he is associated with gangs is straight RETARDED. Being associated with gangs reguardless of color is not a smart move by anyone.
    Second…..for those few on here that actually have a REAL job try going into work late 2x this week, skip a meeting, or yell at your boss and see what happens. Even as an union member you may be looking for a new job or on very thin ice.
    Third….all of you who are crying a river and saying the Eagles suck, are stupid or whatever negativity PLEASE don’t let me see you signing the Eagles praises when they are winning games this year. I have copied ALOT of your statements and I will repost them to show everyone how much of a bandwagon fan you are, which is like being a gang wanna be.

  • Im not that high on the Cooks kid as some others are. If everything works out for the kid I do think he can be similar to Victor Cruz. I would just rather have Beckam, Benjamin, or Evans.

    If the two safeties are gone, esp Pryor, then I wouldn’t be mad if they took one of those three Wrs. Im not crazy about the rest of the defensive players who will likely be available at 22. I would try to trade down even though it would be difficult to find a trade partner to trade up to the spot unless say one of the top 3 Qbs slip which I doubt.

    • A Team with an early 2nd Rounder ,who passed on a QB
      with their 1st Round Selection,may want to get back into the 1st Round
      To grab QB Derek Carr or if Bridgewater falls ..
      Teams like Texans,Jaguars,Raiders could all be in Play
      And up fir a Trade if they feel that Carr won’t last until their
      2nd Round Selection ..

  • Wow Paulman just seen your mock draft I don’t think there is any chance in hell they trade up that far I see them trading back 10x’s before they even trade up once as much as I would love to have Sammy Watkins not at the price of giving up a 1st next year can’t do it hell NO…..

    • Normally I would agree that Eagles would never give that much to move up in the a Draft , but Something tells me that the Eagles are going to make a big move come Draft Day/Weekend after the loss of D-Jax and I believe it will be for a Playmaker and Sammy Watkins is the biggest Playmaker in this Draft
      I wouldn’t do this Deal, but I think Eagles may feel they need to replace D-Jax and a lot of the bad press that was associated with his release..
      This First Round of Draft will be wild & wooly and I believe the Eagles
      Will be involved in some moves..

      • Yea that’s a lot to give up. Way too much. Especially with the deepest WR class in a long time. I can see them move up if a player like Mack/Barr falls. I see them staying but or moving back of anything. You have to remember Chip knows these kids coming out of the draft. I still see them picking up one of the two safeties or grabbing cooks (if he makes to 22) lee or beckham. If they take a DB in the fist round they can always take two more WR in later rounds (Benjamin/martavis Bryant).

      • This would be a terrible move! The Eagles should simply address their defensive needs in this draft. Why draft a WR and have that kid play under the pressure of replacing DJax…as good as the receivers are in this draft none of them are Desean Jackson…plain and simple…the Eagles should just take care of defense…but if a QB like Carr falls to them…they should grab him up quickly

        • I am not in favor of it either KB,
          But my gut tells me they are going to make a move for one of these Top
          WR’s , even if they give up too much, to Save a little face from releasing D-Jax in the first place.. Just a thought ..
          A WR Corps of Maclin, Watkins & Cooper as their Top 3
          Would be a pretty damn good WR Corps moving forward..

          • Paulman, I enjoy reading your draft & trade rumor posts in this site.

            I go back & forth about the Eagles wanting to “save face” with the DeSean release issue: I think that Howie likes to be liked by Eagles fandom – I think Chip couldn’t care less & knows that building a consistent winner is the only thing that matters & that he knows what it takes to build that.
            But, Chip is aware of Howie & Jeffrey’s sensitivity to the real-time pulse of Eagles nation – particularly coming off the last couple years of the Andy Reid regime.
            So, it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the next 5 weeks.

          • Watkins Ertz McCoy would be top 5 skill position players in the league.

        • Address defense but if Carr falls take him….lmao

        • WR is now a need. They have no choice.

          • It was always a need. There 3rd and 4th Wr were Avant and Damaris Johnson.

            Jarrett was a need pick too. How did that work out? Or Brandon Graham?
            Or Danny Watkins.

            So be aggressive in free agency but don’t be aggressive in the draft.


  • Hold on first we roast them because they didn’t go after a supposed stud in free agency in Byrd(which is HIGHLY debatable)

    Then they target the best WR in the draft that most experts are saying is the most complete WR in the draft to come in a long time now they are a mistake.

    Hahahaha damned if you do damned if you don’t.

  • So with every mock draft saying Dix and Pryor, the top two CBs, and only 3 true 3-4 OLBs(2 in the top 10)gone by 15 now, fans want us to go defense no matter just to go defense.

    Thats how you end up with Danny Watkins/Jarrett….makes no sense whatsoever.

    • I agree, IJ. Reaching for a certain position of need rather than going BPA has hurt us in the very recent past.

      I would like to see us trade up to get someone we really covet on our draft board — whether that is Evans or Watkins or someone else — it will be interesting to see what we would have to give up in this year’s draft and/or next year’s draft to make such a trade-up.
      PS – I do not see QB Carr being an option for the Eagles at all.
      But, someone may want to try to trade up to 22 with the Eagles to get Carr.

      • Unless you can identify a Muhammed Wilkerson type in this first round this is the draft to move up. Heavy draft with QBs and Wrs low OLBs and pass rush that this team really needs.

        You can have Troy Polamalu in his prime back there at S and it would mean nothing because Cox has to prove he is a monster in the middle and Cole is not a 3-4 OLB.

        Lack of pass rush is this teams achillees heel. Say otherwise and your just talking bias agenda.

        The Panthers turned Mike Mitchell into a free agency stud after just one year when most of the league thought he was a bust. Capt Munnerlyn was their starting CB.

        The Panther front 7 was devastating.

  • So this weekend McCoy was asked at CSA about DJax he wouldn’t comment. When asked about the draft….”Chip loves those monsters on the outside. Maybe I can get some better blocks :)” Then he hyped his boy AJ Green up a bit.

    Btw I was dying to see him and Sherman in the same building….but Sherman didn’t show up until today.

    • What do you mean he wouldn’t comment? McCoy already has said plenty to say:

      “I heard the rumors, but I was surprised for sure,” LeSean McCoy said Thursday at the Call of Duty: Ghosts Celebrity Grudge Match, via FoxSports.

      “I mean, [DeSean’s] probably one of our biggest playmakers that we had. He can make plays at any given time. He can control the game. He’s probably the biggest deep threat in the NFL. To lose a guy like that is definitely tough. He’ll definitely be missed.”

      McCoy’s comments are very telling indeed…

      • LMAO But lets not leave the key part to that story that you so easily left out

        “The guys upstairs made the decision for a reason,” he said. “When you do things like that, you have backup plans in your mind. You don’t let one of the top wide receivers go and then not have anything to back it up. I’m sure coach (Chip) Kelly and (general manager) Howie (Roseman), they’ll be able to take care of it.”

        Stop your nonsense

      • You notice Shady talks about the plays and not the player? You can’t find one guy on the team to speak up for DJak the person, that should tell you something, even Incognito had people day he was a good person, shows you how bad a person he was in their eyes.

  • If the Eagles cant replace a career 60 reception 1kyd 5TD WR then the organization is a complete failure.

    Oh and before we start with the avg yds per catch Devery Henderson used to be neck and neck with him every year.

    The kid was a talented playmaker but this all of a sudden HOF ALL PRO BEST WR hindsight is moronic .

    • Come on man your smarter than this. Im not saying he cant be replaced but you can’t minimize his effect on tje field. He opened up the field just with his presence. Teams game planned against him. DBs feared his speed. He had more effects than just numbets. DBs state that even now.So to just llook at “numbers” isnt fair.ESPN did a repott on the last 10 years of WRS with similar speed , the Darius Heyward Beys of the world and they sucked. Djax has speed and talent. The dude dont drop many balls and can play. A rare combination.

      • When did I ever say he wasn’t a playmaker. Not once not never. But this over the top All Pro bs saint pedestal is ridiculous.

        A guy has a CAREER year but suddenly its all him an Kelly doesn’t know what he’s doing…pure nonsense.

        Reid ran almost a 65_70 percent pass offense and his numbers speak for themselves.

        Look at TY Hiltons numbers just as dominant in an offense with no running game and he was the.no.1 wr.

        Stop the nonsense. We lost a playmaker. We didn’t lose Jerry Rice.

  • To IJ,
    Another Trade Scenario would be with the
    Tampa Bay Bucs at #7 to Draft WR Mike Evans
    I believe the Eagles are targeting Evans and will make offers
    for the one of Two Top WR’s..
    Maybe toss in a Bryce Brown, Evan Mathis
    So the Eagles wouldn’t have to give up as many Draft Picks..

    • Mike Evans will be nothing special in the NFL…..

      • I disagree GM I think he’s the best big body WR in the draft.

        • A few WR’s moving up the Boards that I like as NFL Players
          1) Martavius Bryant – Clemson 6-4 211lbs
          2) Dontae Moncrief – MIss St 6-2 225lbs
          3) Allen Robinson – Penn St 6-3 220lbs
          4) Paul Richardson – Colorado 6-0 175lbs
          5) MIke Davis – Texsa 6-0 200lbs
          6) Cody Latimer – Indiana 6-3 215lbs

          WR’s that are falling down the Draft Boards
          1) Marquie Lee – USC 6-0 192lbs from a 1st Rounder to a 2nd Rounder
          2) Jordan Matthews – Vanderbilt 6-3 212lbs from a 2nd down to a 3rd
          3) Jarvis Landry – LSU 6-0 205lbs from a 2nd Rounder down to a 3rd
          4) Josh Huff – Oregon 5-11 206lbs from a 2nd down to a 3rd Rounder

        • I think he is one of the most popular – but the way I see it, won’t be the most successful WR in the NFL – If he is successful at all – I think they NEED to concentrate on Defense……they can still get a quality WR, or 2 later in the draft..

          1. Paul Richardson – 3rd Round – 6-1 198 4.41 – Colorado
          2. Cody Latimer – 3rd Round – 6-2 204 4.3 – Indiana
          3. Ryan Grant – 5th Round – 6-1 202 4.47 – Tulane
          4. Cory Washington – 7th- UDFA – 6-4 207 4.52 – Newberry
          5. Jordan Harris – UDFA – 6-2 215 4.48 – Bryant University

          IJ, I know may are enamored with the WR Class this year, but I see a lot of overrated players, that will be bust, or well underachievers of the expectations some have of them….Mike Evans is one of them

          • What’s up GMCliff? Many think the bird’s select 2 wide outs this year. Are we gambling this draft again?

        • Mike Evans needs more than a “Big Body”, to be successful on the NFL Level…..

          Like I said they need to focus on the Defense – If they want to move up – It should only be for Khalil Mack, or Greg Robinson to be the heir apparent to Jason Peters, or replace Lame Johnson – and NO Wide Receiver at all…

          • Lane Johnson is a bust? We agree to disagree on that.

            I have no problem addressing the interior of the line and if at 22 the kid of UCLA is there taking them would be fine. I’m done with Todd Herremans.

            I concur about defense but only if they are trading up to target Mack/Barr or the two CBs Dennard and I cant remember the other guy off hand.

            I see nothing special in Prior and HaHa.

            Oh I would be fine with CJ Mosely at ILB as well.

            • Where in that post do you hear me say Lame Johnson was a bust???……He played as well as expected considering he isn’t that good – giving up so many sacks last year – That was the reason why he didn’t make the all- rookie team.

              He was better than what we’ve had the past few years since Runyan left – but that’s not saying much, because I still don’t like him – He is still learning how to play the position….

              I don’t think neither – Xavier Sua’filo , nor CJ Mosley, should be selected in the first round, and I don’t think Darqeze Dennard, is all that great of a prospect either…..

              Clinton Dix, Pryor – a move up for Mack only, because I pass on Barr – Has only played the position for 2 years, and disappeared in games at times – Buyer beware….

              Toast, I absolutely do not follow the popular opinion of these prospect – History has proven the most popular, and most overhyped, are the ones that generally become bust in the NFL…

              • If he wasn’t that good then Eric Fisher is an absolute bust. I had no problem with Johnson on the outside and especially in the run game. IMO alot of his sacks and especially on that left side were communications breakdowns early. Matching him up with Herremans early was not a good mix. Herremans was a turnstile or a penalty waiting to happen all year.

              • No…. a lot of Herramans mistakes were trying to pick up the slack for Lame Johnson when he missed, or couldn’t hold blocks, because he just wasn’t that good…

                Eric Fisher made the All Rookie 3rd Team – I agree, he didn’t play well – but most felt he was a better player than Lame – because they at least acknowledged him….

              • Eric Fisher

                Kansas City Chiefs, first round (No. 1)

                By Gil Brandt
                NFL Media senior analyst
                Published: Jan. 15, 2014 at 03:18 p.m.
                Updated: March 5, 2014 at 05:25 p.m.
                837 Likes | 349 Comments

                Fisher, who was hampered by health issues in training camp, started slowly, then got better and better as the season went along, edging out fellow top-five draft pick Lane Johnson for this spot. Though he spent 2013 at right tackle, he projects as a top talent on the left side, possessing good athleticism for the position.

              • By Matthew Fairburn  @MatthewFairburn on Jan 9 2014, 11:58a 33

                Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

                A few defensive rookies became immediate stars in 2013.

                Of the three best defensive rookies in the NFL this season, none were taken in the top 10 of the 2013 NFL Draft. In fact, the all-rookie defensive team is littered with players who weren’t even selected in the first round, let alone the top 10.

                More: 2013 all-rookie team, offense

                Some stars were born on defense in the 2013 NFL Draft, even if the class was largely disappointing at some of the key positions on offense. The first round would likely look a lot different if teams could do the draft all over again.

                Here’s the all-rookie team for defense and a pick for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

                Defensive end

                Sheldon Richardson, New York Jets: Few players in the NFL were more dominant at their position than Sheldon Richardson was in 2013. He ate up a ton of snaps for the Jets but still managed to be consistently disruptive throughout the end of games and into the second half of the season. He didn’t rack up a ton of sacks, but he was in the backfield constantly and was a big part of New York’s dominant defensive line.

                Ezekiel Ansah, Detroit Lions: Consistency was an issue for Ekekiel Ansah in 2013, but he was productive as both a pass rusher and run defender in his rookie season. The nine sacks were what turned heads, but it was his play in the running game that the Lions likely appreciated the most as the season wore on. Few expected him to make a big impact as a rookie, so he will be an exciting player to watch grow in years to come.

                Defensive Tackle

                Star Lotulelei, Carolina Panthers: Teams have to be kicking themselves for letting Star Lotulelei pass them by. The former Utah defensive tackle graded out as one, if not the top player in the entire draft. A medical scare at the NFL Scouting Combine caused him to slip some, and the Panthers got a steal with the 14th pick. The Panthers got a dominant season from their rookie at defensive tackle. He had four sacks and was impossible to block at times in the running game. For most of the year, he looked like the top-five pick everyone initially thought he was.

                Kawann Short, Carolina Panthers: The Panthers really struck gold in Round 2 when they picked up Purdue defensive tackle Kawann Short. While Lotulelei was more of the run-stuffing defensive tackle, Short was getting penetration as a pass rusher. He only hit home on two sacks, but he compiled 24 quarterback hurries. Carolina has a pair of dominant defensive tackles to build around now.

                Inside Linebacker

                Kiko Alonso, Buffalo Bills: Many people are picking Bills rookie linebacker Kiko Alonso for Defensive Rookie of the Year, and for good reason. He made most of his impact in coverage, where he intercepted four passes. Tackle statistics are always up for debate, but Alonso was actively around the football in just about every Buffalo game. He added two sacks to his impressive rookie totals, but pass rush is an area he could improve on.

                Outside Linebacker

                Sio Moore, Oakland Raiders: From a scheme fit standpoint, Sio Moore may have been the best pick the Oakland Raiders made in the 2013 NFL Draft. He played a balanced game for the Raiders at outside linebacker. He had five sacks at season’s end and was just as reliable in run support. His coverage skills are a still a work in progress, but he improved throughout the season in that area.

                Jamie Collins, New England Patriots: Jamie Collins was just supposed to be a pass rusher in his first season with the Patriots. While he didn’t record a single sack, he was in the backfield enough to warrant some praise in that area. The four passes he broke up in coverage may have been more surprising, though. In time, Collins will develop into a quality pass rusher, but in the meantime if he’s able to be a reliable linebacker in coverage, his value to the Patriots will only go up.


                Kenny Vaccaro, New Orleans Saints: Maybe it was Rob Ryan or some of the additions the Saints made in the offseason, but the New Orleans defense was much improved this season. There are still some holes, but safety certainly isn’t one of them. Kenny Vaccaro came in and played as advertised in his rookie season. His range was on display in the running game and the passing game. He broke up six passes as a rookie and even had a sack.

                Eric Reid, San Francisco 49ers: Often times, rookie defensive back struggle in at least one area of their game. But 49ers safety Eric Reid was the epitome of balance in his first NFL season. His four interceptions were third among NFL safeties, but he was just as solid in the running game, recording 60 tackles.

                Robert Lester, Carolina Panthers: After going undrafted out of Alabama, Robert Lester latched on with the Panthers and made a big impact. He wasn’t quite as balanced a player as Reid or Vaccaro, but he was better than both in coverage. Quarterbacks had a 49.6 rating when throwing his way in 2013.


                NFL Awards

                •2013 All-Pro team
                •SB Nation hands out its awards
                •The All-Disappointment team
                •The All-Backup team
                •The All-Narrative team

                Desmond Trufant, Atlanta Falcons: As most rookie cornerbacks are, Desmond Trufant was targeted often in Atlanta. With teams throwing his way consistently, Trufant had the opportunity to make plays, and he did. He tied for the league lead with 15 pass breakups and picked off two passes. Not a bad start to his career.

                Tyrann Mathieu, Arizona Cardinals: Tyrann Mathieu wasn’t the typical cornerback this season. He did a little bit of everything for Arizona’s defense and that’s what made him so valuable. Mathieu had nine quarterback hurries from the secondary, which isn’t common, especially for a rookie. He was also making plays in the passing game. For a guy who was written off by many after getting kicked out of LSU, Mathieu made his mark in the NFL this season.

                Defensive Rookie of the Year

                Sheldon Richardson, New York Jets: Sheldon Richardson has been a near wire-to-wire choice for Defensive Rookie of the Year. He played a ton of snaps for the Jets and never wore down. His 52 tackles were second only to J.J. Watt among 3-4 defensive ends. Between Richardson and Muhammad Wilkerson, the Jets have the looks of a dominant front three to build around.

              • And for the heckler – Both Ziggy Ansah, and Jamie Collins both made the 1st Team All Rookie Team….

                I didn’t see one Eagles draft pick on any list

                As I said all year had the Eagles drafted them – They would have started for them – as would he others I mocked for the Eagles

              • By Matthew Fairburn  @MatthewFairburn on Jan 8 2014, 1:06p

                Here’s the all-rookie team on offense with our Offensive Rookie of the Year pick.


                Mike Glennon, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mike Glennon takes this spot on the all-rookie team by default. While other rookie quarterbacks were either injured or ineffective, Glennon improved as the season went on and put together a respectable season given what he was dealing with in Tampa Bay in terms of play calling and injuries to some of his top weapons. He finished with 19 touchdowns and only nine interceptions. Glennon wasn’t incredible and may even be replaced this offseason, but he was better than his classmates.

                Running back

                Eddie Lacy, Green Bay Packers: With Aaron Rodgers out with a collarbone injury, not many people gave the Green Bay Packers a chance to make the playoffs. But rookie running back Eddie Lacy was up for the challenge of carrying the offense. He finished eight in the league in rushing with just under 1,200 yards and was third in the NFL with 11 touchdowns. Lacy did it all while the Packers couldn’t keep defenses honest with a respectable passing game. Lacy made a strong case for offensive rookie of the year.

                More: 2013 all-rookie team, defense

                Giovani Bernard, Cincinnati Bengals: Early in the season, it looked as if Cincinnati Bengals running back Giovani Bernard would run away with offensive rookie of the year honors. He was getting more involved in Cincy’s offense on a weekly basis and was making a big impact catching the ball out of the backfield. Bernard wore down a bit down the stretch, however. He finished with over 1,300 total yards and eight combined touchdowns, though. Pittsburgh’s Le’Veon Bell closed out the season strong, but Bernard’s body of work was enough to keep him on this list.

                Wide Receiver

                Keenan Allen, San Diego Chargers: It’s been a while since a wide receiver came into the league and had the type of season Keenan Allen had for the San Diego Chargers. After not dressing for the Chargers’ first game of the season and being targeted a total of three times in the next two games, Allen burst onto the scene in Week 4 with a five-catch, 80-yard performance. With 13 games to work with as a rookie, Allen caught 71 passes for 1,046 yards and eight touchdowns. A.J. Green and Julio Jones are the only receivers in recent memory with comparable rookie seasons, and Allen put his together in 13 games. His 68-percent catch rate and five 100-yard games made him one of the most valuable players on the Chargers’ offense in 2013.

                Cordarrelle Patterson, Minnesota Vikings: For most of the season, Cordarrelle Patterson was non-existent in Minnesota’s offensive game plan. But as the season went on, Patterson earned more playing time at wide receiver and started to make a big impact. He found the end zone nine times, catching four touchdowns, rushing for three more and adding to return touchdowns to the mix.

                Tight End

                Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins: Even with all of the disfunction in Washington this season, rookie tight end Jordan Reed managed to string together a productive campaign. He fit nicely into the offense and was one of Robert Griffin III’s most trusted targets, especially in the red zone. In just nine games, Reed caught 45 passes for 499 yards and three touchdowns.

                Offensive Tackle

                D.J. Fluker, San Diego Chargers: Despite a rough year in pass protection, D.J. Fluker earns a spot on the all-rookie team after a dominant season of run blocking. While Fluker’s limitations were on display when he was asked to move to left tackle, he consistently showed off his run blocking chops on both sides of the line of scrimmage. He should be a fixture at right tackle in San Diego going forward.

                Justin Pugh, New York Giants: Another “right tackle only” prospect from the 2013 draft who stepped in and performed as a rookie is Justin Pugh of the New York Giants. He also needs to improve his pass blocking, but he was a reliable starter for the Giants in all 16 games and was one of the team’s most consistent run blockers.

                Offensive Guard

                Larry Warford, Detroit Lions: If he didn’t play guard, Larry Warford might have gotten more attention for the rookie season he had in Detroit. Warford was not only the best rookie offensive lineman in the NFL this season, he was also one of the best offensive lineman in the league this season regardless of age. He didn’t allow a sack all season and helped make Detroit one of the best run blocking teams in the NFL.

                Kyle Long, Chicago Bears: Kyle Long had an inconsistent rookie season but flashed often enough to make this list. The Bears have to hope the Kyle Long from early in the season is the one they’ll get moving forward. Long was far from a finished product coming into the league, so for him to play as well as he did at times was encouraging.


                Travis Frederick, Dallas Cowboys: Plenty of things have gone wrong for the Dallas Cowboys in 2013, but the selection of Travis Frederick in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft was a big hit for them. The four sacks he allowed are a bit much for Dallas’ liking, but Fredrick made up for it in the running game. He’s a piece to build around on the offensive line.

                Offensive Rookie of the Year

                Keenan Allen, San Diego Chargers: A solid argument can be made for Eddie Lacy as the Offensive Rookie of the Year. He had the third most rushing touchdowns in the league and was asked to carry the load for a team missing its starting quarterback for most of the season. Lacy piled up a lot of yards and put points on the board, but a lot of it had to do with the sheer volume of his carries. His 4.1 yards per carry average was good for 24th in the NFL. He also had a tendency to wear down late in games.

                Allen deserves the recognition for what he’s been able to accomplish in comparison to others at his position. This season has arguably been one of the seven best seasons ever for a rookie wide receiver, and he did it in 13 games. Allen was thrust into the role as the Chargers’ No. 1 wide receiver and has been reliable while making big plays at crucial times. Not only did he average nearly 15 yards per catch, but he also had over 5 yards after the catch on average. Rookie receivers don’t normally play how Allen did, and that’s why he would have my vote for Offensive Rookie of the Year.

                Notice two Right Tackles on the 1st Team Rookie list – None named LAME……….

  • Paulman I think the bucs want Evans having just traded mike Williams to the bills and are now real thin at wr.

    • Your right about that..
      I think I even mentioned this the other day,
      Not enough cold “Stella’s” in me yet to start
      Thinking straight.. Good Grief..

  • T.Y Hilton was drafted in the third round out of FIU and has been virtually identical to DJax and this year was the true no.1 to Luck. You can find similar talent.

  • The eagles will stay at 22 and draft the best receiver at that spot. They do not have the creative minds you guys have. Lol and they get paid well to do nothing.

  • They will probably draft cooks or Benjamin at 22, neither one of them will produce like Djax but hey it is what it is.

  • That was my last Djax comment, I am over it now. The players on the team were not fond of him, and that’s why he was let go. I just wish they told the truth from day one. Instead of all that gang bs.

  • I am so tired of hearing about what the ‘players’ on the team was ‘tired’ of…what they ‘didn’t “like” about DJax. Why should we as fans give a f&$k about what and who the Players ‘like’ or ‘dislike”. These guys have no championship rings…we have had no parades…all we has fans can go by is production! Production is an objective standard and no one argues this point…DJax produced ON THE FIELD.
    The Defensive Players shouldn’t say squat…the way they were man-handled and pushed around in the playoffs…the Offensive Line should shut the hell up…the way they didn’t open any holes for Shady in the playoffs and got manhandled and beat.
    DJAX-9 Touchdowns 1330 yards and only 3 drops!
    Bottom Line!

    • Don’t disagree that his production won’t be missed.

  • The Redskins are now better with this move. The Eagles made the Redskins better….period.

    Keep in mind the Redskins won the NFC one year before us and now RG3 is an whole season and a half removed from the knee injury.

    What will be the blow back if the Redskins take the East this year?

    • Go away you Fraud and Troll. You are a Redskins fan, so I could care less about anything that comes from your keyboard.

    • The Eagles Didn’t make the Redskins better,
      They didn’t trade D-Jax to them, He was Cut, Flat-Out released and became a Free-Agnet and availalbe to all other 31 Clubs.. The Redksins decided to sign hin and offeer him a good Deal.. It;’s how it works..
      Did the Saints make the Eagles better by actually trading Darren Sproles to the Eagles…
      You do what you feel is right for an organization, the Job of Scouts,Personnel depts,GM’s & Coach’s are to replace PLayers with new Players who can learn and contribute to the “System? .. It’s what the NFL is about and how the Good Teams stay Good and Competitive

      • I think Sproles is on the down side of his career and Payton…who out coached Chip in the Playoffs-traded him because he sees the decline coming. But if Payton is wrong, at least he got something in what is said to be the best draft in years. This the NFL and I wonder if Chip knows that…or does he still think he is at Oregon!

        • The Eagles didn’t want Washington to get their hands on Sproles so they traded for him. We all know the birds didn’t want DJax to end up in DC. But Washington won’t be able to afford both Garcon and DJax next year. Garcon makes 9 million a year and the Kerrigan’s contract comes up next year.

    • The Redskins have a terrible OL line they just must Will Montgomery to center have huge holes at both guard and the right tackle position.

      Their defense is ATROCIOUS. They lost London Fletcher are manning the middle with Perry Riley as the brains of the defense and their top CB is DeAngelo Hall.

      At safety they are gambling on both Merriweather and Ryan Clark to be serviceable all year. Merriweather has not played more then a handful of games in years and even at his best now is the equivalent of Nate Allen….just a serviceable guy.

      Ryan Clark is DONE.

      They are another team in the division that drafted HORRIBLY the last 3 years. If their 2nd and 3rd round picks arent quality starters by the end of the season they will unravel quickly with injuries.

    • RG3, the experiment has been forced to the detour lane. His knee plummeted him to a bottom 15 QB. He hurt the other knee last year too because his spindly legs aren’t strong enough to absorb 300 LB defenders. RG3 is not big enough to play NFL QB, he is too small.

      • SHannahan, RGIII< GM Allen and Owner Snyder all F'd up RGIII status last Season where he should have started on teh PUP List and been activated around week 5-6 and they had all Summer Long to creat an Offense for back-up Cousins to be succesful in and start the Season at least with a healthy QB.. It was painfully obvious the RGIII did not have his legs under him to a good month into the Season and by that time was shell-shocked by getting pummeled just like David Carr did back in his early Seasons with a terrible texans Team..
        They ruined a whole year of development for RGIII and Back-up Cousins and now Shanahan is Fired.. This is exactly waht happens when a Franchise is too short-sighted to see the nose's on their own faces ..
        All for greed, All for hype & fanfare and now looking back, All for nothing and it coudn't have happened to a nice bunch of guys too…

        • what does Gruden run in DC? I would think a short passing game with slants, screens, and circle routes to get the ball out to that speed moving forward.

  • Let it go….let it gooooooo

  • Can you imagine the Eagles’s secondary trying to stop Garcon and Djax?

    What a damn joke!!!!

    one on the worse secondaries in football must go up against a 3 time pro bowler let lose to play against them 2 times a year.

    Definately, “The Golden Standard”.

    • songs they are forfeiting the 2 games against washington… they are afraid to play them. you are and continue to be a stupid a.hole… oh and how bout you work on your grammar!

    • DeSean is not nearly as good as Dez Bryant – we face him twice a year. On average over the last three years Victor Cruz has also been better than DeSean – we face him twice a year.

      Don’t let the thought of facing DeSean Jackson wrinkle up your forehead, Songs…. Any descent CB can take DeSean out of his game by jamming him at the LOS. Then it takes a good accurate passer to get the ball to him…. something the Skins don’t have.

  • This is the year that Nick Fole’s carriage turns into a pumpkin.

    I’m taking all bets that Foles falls flat on his face and stink up the joint this season.

    Like I said he would.

    Foles is what we’ve seen in the last month of the season during the first half of games.

    A damn bum that will be exposed.

    Copy and paste it!

    • Written like the true Eagles fan that you are Songs…..what a pathetic POS.

    • Song’s was saaying the same garbage every week lasy year when he replaced Vick.. Go Join a Redksins Blog and cheer your buddies RGIII &
      D-Jax or a Jets Site and Follow VIck..
      Your Eagles Fan Card has been revoked and is getting Vaccinated ..

  • Songs,

    Over the last month Foles was 4 wins 1 lose – 11 TDs – 2 INTs – 64.5% completion percentage with a 110 passer rating.

    You have talked about Foles falling on his face for a year – when will it happen? He was the pro bowl MVP in his last game.

  • The only way for the eagles to address all there needs in this draft is to trade back and they will be able to get cb,G,olb,wr, and dline those are there needs trade back get more picks
    1st. Xavier su’a FILO -OG
    2nd.martvis Bryant -wr
    2nd. Christian jones-ilb/olb
    3rd. Keith McGill -cb
    3rd.marcus smith olb
    4th. Daniel McCullers dt
    5th wr or safety

    • I like it.. I believe you will have to flip-flop Marcus Smith before Christian Jones though.. Love the first 5 Selections.. All GOod Players who would make great Eagles.. not sure about McCullers or know much about him other than he’s a big guy from a small College Program
      I would prefer DT Stephens from U Conn at 6-5′ – 315lbs who has played against some better compeition at the 4th/5th Rd spot

  • I am officially done with the Desean nonsense all this huffing and puffing won’t bring him back and if the Redskins have a better season then the Birds solely because of DJax then blow up the roster because one guy shouldn’t make the difference. Read that again people if their better it’s because mistakes were made putting together the entire roster not just subtracting Desean.

  • Let’s forget the gangs for a minute. Let’s forget the rumors. Let’s forget the allegations, innuendos, and insinuations.

    And let’s just focus on numbers.

    The one thing nobody can dispute.

    DeSean Jackson caught 82 passes for 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns last year, a career season. But a glance behind the numbers provides some potential football reasons the Eagles were willing to part with Jackson and get nothing in return.

    Here are five statistical factors that may have contributed to the Eagles’ decision to release Jackson:

    1. Second-half tailoff
    Jackson historically tails off as the year goes on. He has 20 career 100-yard games, and 10 of them — half — have been in September.

    Jackson in his career has averaged 85 yards per game in September but just 66 the rest of the year. That’s a significant dropoff, especially for an outdoor team in the Northeast that plays in a division with no domes.

    Does Jackson just not fare as well in cold weather?

    In nine dome games, he has averaged 102 yards per game, and outside he’s at 66 yards per game.

    If Jackson ever played on an indoor team, his numbers might be off the charts.

    2. The Foles Factor
    Jackson’s catches, targets and yards dropped significantly when Nick Foles replaced Michael Vick, and since Foles is going to be the Eagles’ quarterback moving forward, this is important.

    Jackson averaged 98 yards last year in games that Vick started and stayed healthy compared to 73 yards when Foles played the whole game. His targets dropped from 9.3 to 6.8 (including the playoff game and excluding the Giants game, when they both played).

    His receptions last season dropped from

    The second half of the year, once Foles became established as the starter, Jackson became less and less of a factor. He reached 60 yards in just one of the Eagles’ last six games.

    3. Lack of consistency
    Jackson had some huge games last year. He was over 190 yards against the Vikings and Chargers (both losses), and he had 150 yards vs. the Raiders and 132 in the first Giants game. But those four games accounted for more than half his season production. In his 12 other games, he averaged about 55 yards.

    Every receiver has highs and lows, but Jackson actually had only seven games with at least 65 yards, and 21 receivers league-wide had more.

    The most consistent receivers in the league don’t have as many down games as Jackson. Antonio Brown, for example, had at least 70 yards in 12 of 16 games.

    The Eagles could desire a receiver who may not have the drastic highs that Jackson has but also doesn’t have as many lows.

    4. Riley can go deep
    Believe it or not, Riley Cooper actually caught more deep balls from Foles last year than Jackson.

    We think of Jackson as one of the most dangerous deep threats in the league and Cooper as a modest mid-round pick. But while Jackson had eight receptions of 40 yards or more last year, half of them were from Vick.

    With Foles at quarterback, Cooper had six receptions of 40 yards or more — more than Jackson.

    In fact, Cooper wound up sixth in the league with his six 40-yard receptions, behind only Jackson, Josh Gordon, A.J. Green, Torrey Smith and Alshon Jeffery — and ahead of Calvin Johnson, Demaryius Thomas, Vincent Jackson, Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown.

    Cooper may not stretch the field like DeSean because he doesn’t have his speed, but Cooper did prove that he can separate down the field and use his body to raise up and fight for the ball.

    5. The playoffs
    For whatever reason, Jackson has just not been a big-time postseason weapon. He caught that 62-yard touchdown from Donovan McNabb that gave the Eagles the lead in the fourth quarter of the 2008 NFC Championship Game, but that’s his only career postseason reception of 50 yards, and in six career playoff games he has only five catches of at least 20 yards.

    In the regular season, Jackson has averaged 4.1 catches and 70 yards in his career.

    In the postseason, he’s averaged 3.2 catches and 54 yards. In his last three playoff games, Jackson has eight catches, 114 yards and one TD.

    Granted, you’re facing better teams, better defenses, and better cornerbacks in the postseason. But among wideouts who have played at least three playoff games since 2008, Jackson ranks 21st with his 54 yards per game.

    For the sake of comparison, Jeremy Maclin has played two postseason games and has averaged 110 yards per game — more than twice Jackson’s figure.

    • Some good points…but as far as a players producting dropping off, that could be a number of reasons…particularly the opposing defense and what their willing to do to minimize a players effectiveness…

      As far as Riley can go deep…Riley is not the deep threat that DJAX is…Riley possesses mediocre speed for a WR…many of Riley’s big plays came from broken plays…do you think the Eagles prefer broken plays over those that executed by design?

      Lack of consistency….I’m going to use Larry Fitzgerald as an example here…
      Last 10 games for Fitzgerald, this past season…he went over 90 yards two times…AZ was 1-1 on those games…
      In 5 of those games, he went for 50 yards or less…AZ was 4-1 in those games…

      To me its not about the numbers day in and day out…A weapon like a DJAX or Fitz…can impact a game in other ways without going for 100 yards plus…if the defense keys on them, its up to the coaching staff to make adjustments and get others involved…

      In regards to DJAX issue, I think it was no more than preference of “type” of player for the program and $, bottom line…not race related, but character related,,,even though I think the situation was bogus, that’s what I believe the Eagles went with.

      But I still question, what “type” of player means….

      • Type of player refers to the type that team mates back when they get cut. The type that says good things about you when you are gone… You know the type that have character and are respected as MEN

        • HaveNoClue….you always have something to say…when you have no idea what “type” means at all…

          So all teammates resepected Cooper after he “used poor judgement” as someone would say……I recall teammates not taking too kindly to that cat….but he’s still on the team, oooh, so he must have excellent character and respected as a man…even though I recall a player saying “I can’t respect a man like that” in regards to Cooper….so again “type” of player means what?

          didn’t want to even touch this again, I beat it to death last week…but if your definition of “type” is correct, then why would Cooper still be on the team?

          • More came to coopers defense than have come to deseans that’s a fact! Cooper made a very huge mistake, his team mates were pissed but many came out said they were pissed at him but ‘we are a family and family members f. Up”… No one not even Vick has defended desean.

            • whatever….fact being you’re definition of “type” is 100% flawed…if you gave a better defnition I wouldn’t have had to respond with Cooper. So sometimes its better just to keep your mouth shut!

              • character and respected…hmmmm….I choose to disagree on that definition…and still disagree that all Coopers teammates welcome him with open arms….

              • Whatever means you’ve lost the argument… Think maybe for a second that cooper may have actually gained some respect for the way he handled himself… Maybe looking men eye to eye and saying I’m sorry …I f.ed up I’m telling you that one flawed man to another actually made him “the type” real men like bdawk have referred to DJAX as a petulant baby…that’s the type that he is

              • There’s no win/loss of an argument on an opinionated topic…you sound like a child….haha gained some respect…

                if you think there are not playes on the Eagles who keep what Cooper said in the back of their mind…you’re delusional……

                if you think for a second that all players believe Cooper is of great character you are delusional…

                if you think for a minute that ever player on the Eagles respects Cooper you need to stop lacing your cigars with that white powder

              • I never said that about cooper… I said maybe some…very simple

            • Vick plays for the Jets and he publicly said Desean is a good kid and would be an asset to the Jets, who by the way didn’t go after Desean because they are getting ready to throw their entire cap space at Chris Johnson. Figures I’d kill 2 birds with one stone.

              • you know what really cracks me up about clowns on this site…HaveNoClue and many others are quick to come down on cats who they say “are using the race card”….but seem to defend and see no fault in Cooper…seem to believe he is a respectable man and has great character….but DJAX, for some reason….can’t get the benefit of doubt like Cooper has gotten…

                Its Bullshit!

              • I never defended cooper

              • you won the argument, why are you still talking…

              • There’s a huge Difference between an one-time, isolated Incident and a Pattern of poor behavior & misjudgement..
                If you can’t understand this, then you will never understand Humankind….
                Has or did Cooper have a Pattern of Racism or other Poor Behavior before his Incident last Summer, How about back in his College Days, or his first 3 Years with the Eagles or since tehe incident of last Summer
                We already know D-Jax’s Story….
                There’s no comparison here at all …
                Again I am not condoning for what Cooper said for he was a “ASS” big time, But I am reasonable person and have given him a chance to redeem himself as I did with Mike Vick, but it appears to me that both Cooper/VIck have changed their ways, have become better Man besides still being good PLayers, so good for them.. If we trashed and gave up on everyone that’s ever done a stupid act or two, then we would have no Sports, No Work,No Marraige, Family or Kids …
                But when a Person continues on a destructive path and pattern of poor decisions and behqavior out from their own Free-Will, and continue to disrespect those in Authority (Coach’s & Front Office) Peer’s as in their Teammates, and continue to show the Selfishness year after year after year , well guess what this act get’s old with Teammates, with Coach’s, The Oganization as a whole, the Media and yes even us Fans…)
                It was time for him to move on— Hopefully He get’s his act together for his own sake..

              • Paulman….you’re ignorant to this subject…as you summed up Coopers actions as nothing but a poor choice of words and poor judgement…But if that wasn’t done publicly, noone would know and it wouldn’t be poor judgement would it…its perfectly fine for him to use it behind closed doors sright? and how do you know that its not happening behind closed doors? so how do you know its isolated…..?

              • How does anyone know anything Biggy
                WHat reports haev their been on COoper let’s say since he’s 19-20 Years old at the unoversity of Florida until this past Weekend as a 25-26 Year Old WR for the Eagles..
                Besides the Incident that we all saw on Video from a Concert, Liquored up, and acting like a Fool… I don’t recall reading, seeing or hearing any other foolish/racist/crazy behavior from or about Riley Cooper since his COllege Days…
                No I can go on about D_Jax Baggage (Marijuan and theft arrest and charges while back in COllege, getting nto fights with his Coach’s at Cal which were all reasons he dropped from a 1st Roujd Grade to a Mid-2nd Round Selection to begin with so when he mouths offf that he got jipped in his Rookie Contract it was all bull shit for he srewed himself over while in COllege which prevented him from being a 1st ROund Pick and more Guaranteed $$$ as a Rookie (this was before the new CBA where 1st Round picks received more Guaranteed $$$ back in the day.. They guy is a Talen but a bum Teammate and finally Coach kelly had teh balls to say, not with me at the helm and kick his ass out of NovaCare Ctnr and I am damn gald he did for D_Jax selfish piss-poor attitude was rubbing off on McCoy and other Young Players.. Fortunately, McCoy already got the memo and good talking too after this season and instructed that his prior off-season antics would not be tolerated and that it was time he act like Professional year-round and so far it’s gotten thru to him.. Remember that it’s a priviledge to play Football or any Professional Sports and that you do have a SUperior and Boss to answer to whether that’s your Position Coach, your Coordinator, Head Coach, Front Office or Owner and if your going to continue to act like a selfish, whine-baby, stupid-ass, then go right ahead, but guess what, it wont be for my Team, the Philadelphia Eagles, and for this I am glad and supportive with this…

              • I like Cooper, paulman but he has some character issues going back to High School, like I said before if not for daddy’s money he may have never gotten to the University of Florida. My point in all of this is who cares ? Everybody doesn’t always get along I’ve played with guys I hated but when it was time to strap up we were together as brothers.

      • the type of player the coach wants is one that won’t argue with the coaches on the sidelines & get with the program . HE CAN’T EVEN MAKE THE FIRST PRACTICE IN WASHINGTON DO YOU STILL BELEIVE HE CAN BE A TEAM PLAYER??????????????????

        • deejohn…..I think he has been a team player for the Eagles, and I’m appreicative for his production on the football field for this team….

          as far as your below statement…

          the type of player the coach wants is one that won’t argue with the coaches on the sidelines & get with the program .

          I have no problems with that and that is a much better definition of type of player…


      Highlights the fact thas as much a dynamic player DJax was for this team he was not a no.1 WR by any means.

      He had a great year last year but there were flaws to his game and to this offense. I also think lack of a true slot receiver on this team bumped up the numbers for both Riley and DJax because I believe a true slot reciever wouldve taken 20-30 catches away from them.

      By the end of the season Avant was being covered by a LB and even with that couldnt get separation and although probably the best hands on the team the ball had to be picture perfect for him.

  • Thank you realtalk, you can make statistics work anyway you want.

  • **Draft News***

    Guard Brandon Thomas from Clemson tore his ACL during Clemson’s Workout day last week and will now probably miss all any OTA’s/SUmmer Camp putting his 2014 Season in jeopardy.. What a shame.. I had him rated as a 2nd Round Prospect and is a big, physical kid with great feel and hands and will make a nice Guard and has the size to even play at RT..
    Not sure who covers all his medical BIlls (I Guess Clemson still does?)
    But I do know that he will now drop significantly in the Draft since it will really be 2015 before he can contribute to a Team on the Field.. How does he recover thos $$$ he will lose from being a 2nd Round PIck to now maybe a 6th/7th or possibly not even Drafted..
    Does anyone know if the NFL Protects some of these kids who sustain injuries while doing their “interviews & workouts” during these “Pro Days” held at College Campuses around the Country… May be something that needs to be addressed…

    • No they are only covered by agent or player insurance if provided basically paid for by them in one way or another.

      • That’s a terrible deal.. Players Union Reps need to get with their Leadership and see what they can do in a joint effort with the NFL
        Remember These “Pro-Workdays” are as important to the NFL Clubs as they are for the Players.. Go back to the Old Days and Tell Teams, go watch teh Tape of our Games if you want to see how “Such & Such” plays
        The Colleges really have little to gain here except of the Programs being visited and showcase their facilities, and build a solid reputation of producing NFL Ready Players..

        • Its why kids going into their junior year if they have a 3rd round grade or higher get insurance.

    • YOU had him rated as a 2nd rnd pick? Really……I’m guessing you looked it up on a draft site or read it in the article that came out about the injury. PLEASE stop writing stuff and wording it like you are a sports reporter. Just write it in response or a reaction to what you read, not like you actually did something.
      I will give you a chance to tell us how you rated the young man a 2nd round talent……coaches film? Attended all his games?
      You are very entertaining but some of your stuff is annoying at times. Just be a sports fan like you are, not a wanna be blogger.

      • I Follow the Draft beginning in November/December
        Iggles27 and anyone that’s been on GCobb.com knows that
        I watch, follow & read up College Prospects as anyone
        It’s one of my passions.. As is following the NFL & College Game
        In General, Teams Strengths, Weaknesses,
        Coach’s & Front a Office Personnel & Tendencies
        Now about Brandon Thomas the Player I referenced
        He’s in about every Draft Scouting Service Top #5
        And what’s unique about him and Another few OL
        That I like (Xavier Sua’-Filo & Joel Bitonio) is that they
        Can play both Guard & Tackle (RT) which is very important to Teams
        In having versatile OL who can Play multiple Positions
        Thomas has long reach, quick feet and uses his Hands very well
        Which is great thing to see with young OL
        He’s big, can run, from a solid program at Clemson and received
        Good solid Coaching and played against good competition.
        Does any of this guarantee success at the NFL Level,
        Absolutely not, but the foundation has been laid for him to have a nice career and if Selected by a good Team with good OL Coaching with sone veterans surrounding him, I believe he will be a very good OL
        Living down here in NC I see many SEC & ACC Football Teams, Players throughout the Year , so yes, I do feel I halve some good insight in Player evaluations and remember if you don’t like any of it, you can skip right over my posts if you like… There are some Posters on here who are passionate about the College, & Pro Football and the entire Draft Process, and I happen to be one of them.. It’s what I do..

        • I am a huge draft guy also, BUT I like you, am NOT a college scout or evaluator of talent. You like me, probably have a regular job and cannot spends endless hours viewing tape of players SO you are just going off of what you read or who you think might be good bc of where they played. Lets be REAL you are a fan of football not someone who’s job is on the line if you evaluate someones talent wrong. Did you compare the Clemson guard against EVERY player available for the draft? I doubt it, so again YOU can’t say he is a 2nd round talent bc you haven’t evaluated EVERY player!
          Living in SEC country has nothing to do with being able to evaluate talent. I lived in Kentucky for years so does that make me a NFL scout? Because if so I’m quitting my job and joining a NFL team and make damn good money!
          I like reading what you post…..just annoying that you act like Mel Kiper Jr. PLUS if you can’t handle the criticism then you shouldn’t be posting “articles”. Thats part of being a WANNA BE journalist.

          • Good to hear Iggles that you are a psassionate fan and close follower of the Draft,
            I only mention that I live in the South , and therefore able able to watch a lot more Players from Top Teams from SEC/ACC on a regular basis which is improtant to see how Players stack up versus good competition which is not something you see much in the Northeast any longer with very few Programs or Teams up there any longer..
            The Only thing I have in common with Mel Kiper Jr is that I still have a full head of hair at Age 50..
            Oh, and for th erecord, I can handle and welcome criticism for I’ve received quite a bit on here over the year’s I’ve been posting and I am sure will receive plenty more in the future, but in the end, I call them a I see them..
            I look at the Top 20-25 Players at every position, then watch games,read up on them, follow their progress, Teams schemes, the Coaching they receive, how they perform against better competition,etc,etc.. …
            If Brandon Thomas does not Tear his ACL, he was going to be a 2nd Round Pick, there is little doubt in my mind about that,maybe at the worse, an early 3rd Rounder, but bottom line, he’s a good Player with a lot of upside who offers size, athleticism and versatility, but now, with his injured Knee, who knows where he goes for it appears 2014 will be a lost season for him, which is a shame

  • Bottom Line,
    Here’s about all you need to know about D-Jax and his Committment to being a Professional Football Player and Teammate

    The Washington Redskins held their FIrst OTA’s today which they are allowed since having a New Head Coach.. Now these OTA’s are strictly Voluntary and no Player under Contract is forced to be in attendance, but it’s probably a good idea to meet the Coaching Staff, Your Teammates and get some of the cobwebs out as you prepare for a new System, etc,etc ..
    D-Jax did not attend today and will attend these first few OTA’s for he is on a Vacation at an Island Villa which was booked and planned months ago ..
    Bottom Line, Is this a Teammate you want to do battle with each and every week…
    I never cared much for D-Jax regardless of his Big-Play Capability and Talent..Maybe I am too old school, but I am glad the Eagles cut the chord with this immature, selfish Player and I can give a rat’s ass about his background,his color of his skin, or his Rap-Music/Side Business’s Career off the field, I just never liked his selfishness, his total disrespect to his Teammates and Coach’s, Organization and Fans…
    He’s a Part-Timer, a Player who Plays when he feels like it
    He’s never been fully-committed and like Coach Mike Singletary stated back when he booted the the younger immature 49ers TE Vernon Davis off the playing field after one of his tantrums “Can’t Win with them, You can’t Coach em’, You Can’t Win with them, I’d rather Play 1 Man Short than have him on the field” Anyone who has followed TE Vernon Davis’s Career knows he’s alway been an emotional player, and this put in his place by a Coach who cared enough to acknowledge that davis had larger issues going on besides football is what helped Vernon Davis turn his Career and Life Around..
    Vernon Davis to this Day, thanks Coach Singletary for helping him Man up and take some repsonsibility and be a Team Player, that it’s not all about you… Some players realize this from an early age of competition, some learn or relaize this at a later age of maturity, and some never get this…
    It is what it is …

    • Sort of like Cary Williams huh? I guess scone shopping hurt team morale last year, stop with the bs paulman.

    • Last I checked 49ers weren’t stupid enough to cut Vernon Davis and now reap the rewards of his turnaround. Enough with the character assassinations how many other vets around the league do not go to the first day of voluntary OTA’s for w/e reason. Is that all you need to know about them too as far as their commitment? You sound jealous of his vacation lol bottom line if Desean was making 5 mill he would still be an Eagle so none of the character examples matter its all for fans to have something to chew on.

      • Because Vernon Davis decided to wake up and 100%
        Committ himself to his Team, Teammates and his craft and not every young, Talented Player does this..

  • Great post paulman but your audience thst will argue your point are not men

    • Drink up Jake, like a real man.

  • Not drinking time yet biglion, don’t worry when it is ill have your pina waiting for you

    In the meantime, try an experiment.

    Take your left hand, or your right hand if you prefer

    Reach down to your crotch area, do you feel something, maybe a pair of walnuts, but hopefully a pair of something

    Now after that get back on how a man takes care of business

    • Something you would know nothing about Jake, how to be a man. But you can come down to Jacksonville and I can teach you along with my kids on what it takes to be a real man. Leave your liquor at home though.

      • You don’t have “it”

        • What are you and your kids going to teach me, enlighten me you pansy, probably how to deflect, it’s not your fault you are an under aachiever

          You are a gutless punk

          • Haha dude I have raised two college graduates one from Penn Stare the other from Temple my daughter is the valedictorian at the one of the highest ranked High Schools in the country and will be attending Florida State. Need me to go on? I have two sons under 10 who are Cub Scouts and just know I will beat your drunk ass from here back to Philly. I don’t do keyboard gangster that is for those who hide in their basements.

            • Good stuff Biggy…
              On a side note, my 16 Year Old Son is going to the “Philmont Hiking Trip” in mid June for 2 Weeks with the National Boy Scouts.. He’s at a “Star Scout” level now and about 2 levels away from reaching “Eagle Scout”
              Are you familiar with the Philmont Trip..
              It’s located close to the Boarder of New Mexico/Colorado and should be a great time for teh Scouts and Troop Leaders

              • Paulman your son is going to love Philmont, I am a black guy from the hood and other then going to the Grand Canyon I never had as much outdoor fun, the backpacking was tough but that is some great country out there.

        • See I clearly have “it” because I can man up and admit when I’m wrong but you continue to dig a drunken path down the racist road every chance you get.

  • Panthers sign Avant!

    • Good for Avant he’s a good guy.

      • Super cool dude. Hopefully he makes his way back to Philly as a team spokesperson etc when hes done.

  • realtalk went on his weekly riley cooper rant today while GMCliff went on his Lame Johnson rant, nothing changes around here.

  • Any player who shows up for voluntary OTAs is an idiot. They aren’t being paid for it. It’s called voluntary for a reason. They guy had plans booked MONTHS ago…so he’s gonna lose money for something he isn’t getting paid for?

    Please. Just like Sconce…ain’t no thing.

    Happy for Avant. Good dude. Sure hands. Can argue he wasn’t worth 4 mil but he will be missed. Guy was good for moving the chains and moving them consistently. Always had some of the best hands on the team and the best work ethic.. Got the younger guys on those jugs.

    • people speak highly of Avant, I wonder if he is a career NFL or local sports host type guy like G, Via, Ike, Duce or Tra.

      • I could see him being a Troy Vincent type E0S working in the league office or a Ozzie Newsome GM type.

    • Boy, it must be great to be DJax who has fans that will always make excuses for him no matter what the behavior.

      Makes sense to me….join a new team but make sure that you start off on the right foot…..make sure that they all understand that you are different….that you are entitled to special treatment. Teach those younger guys well DJax, they will learn a lot from you…..couldn’t happen to a better team.

      • Again Greenfan how much time did Cary Williams miss last off season after signing that deal? Did that hurt team chemistry did it kill the locker room? Please you know better than that. And why do we care ?

        • i remember Cary Williams also caught a shitstorm from the fans/media for skipping OTA’s. he deserved it just like DJax.

          If I get paid millions of dollars, damn right I’ll show up at voluntary OTA’s. Its a measure of your character.

          • That’s BS…anittrust32….
            one’s character is not measured because you don’t go to a voluntary workout…but also remember there are more voluntary workouts to come…so if a player misses one voluntary workout, they have terrible character?
            They don’t have a personal life? they can’t go on a vacation after a long season? really….?

  • TSJ- players who injury themselves in the team’s facilities, their contract stands in case of an season ending leg injury while training but off site injuries don’t.

    • That’s true, but I don’t think it’s across the board. Think it depends on the contract. There are also off season workout bonuses. I was making more of a general statement. I do recognize there are reasons to participate in voluntary workouts for some.

  • Any Player who doesn’t want to meet and make a good impression
    For your new HC and in D-Jax situation in particular, when it’s been reported that Eagles ditched him because of his lack of commitment and work ethic. Seems to be a stupid ass move on his part to begin making a strong bond with his new Team & Coach’s.. I am sure D-Jax can take a Vacation any time between the 2-3 OTA’s this Spring and Summer Camp..
    He blew a real good opportunity to make a strong impression
    To his new Team and if I’m HC Gruden, GM Allen & Owner Snyder
    I am collectively disappointed in a Player that they just gave a 2nd chance to less that a week ago, regardless if Vacation plans were made
    Months ago, it’s not like he’s not had a lot of free time on his hands since January..

    • 2nd chance? Huh stop paulman just stop. The Eagles released him, he didn’t get out of jail. Geez your hate is on full display.

      • Yes I hate D-Jax, for the sole reason that he never became the
        Type of Team Player that makes Winners.. The guy is flat out selfish
        which is why he’s never won anything as part of a Football Team which his choice, just as it mine not to want those type of Players on my Team
        I stated and felt the same way about CB Asante Samuel, who was another Talented Player who wasted sone good years by being selfish
        Samuel got his Int’s but the Eagles Secondary as a group was never the same collectively and was the beginning of the downfall for the Eagles Defensive backfield in my opinion when they signed him
        It became 4 Players worrying about that stats instead of playing Team Ball
        And the Teams stats reflect this very clear during Samuels final 3 Years as an Eagle who used to have a physical and one of the best Secondaries season after season until Samuel came along and F-d it up
        For his own personal stats..
        Good Riddance

        • How can you seriously be a fan of any professional sports league paulman? You just described 75 percent of all pro athletes. LOL were you a fan of Lance Armstrong? It’s not 1955 anymore my man.

          • I can’t stand Lance Armstrong, though I do like his fomer Girlfriend, SInger,Songwriter Sheryl Crow who shoulda went out with a guy like me instead of that two-faced, lying,cheating scumbag Armstrong…

        • meanwhile Samuel selfish ass has a superbowl and the Eagles don’t have one before or after Samuel. I guess we didn’t win anything while Desean was here bc Desean Jackson was selfish.

          • Asante was much more professional than Jackson… Asante just didnt like tackling. I miss his corner abilities though.

            • thing about Asante is he called the front office out, just like many on here have been doing with this DJAX situation….

              “Couple people upstairs might not want me, but who cares? They’ve probably never played football,” Samuel said Wednesday. “It’s a business, and they run it like a business, and they’re going to do what they need to do. They’re playing with a lot of money, playing fantasy football, doing their thing.”

              “I don’t know, do they fit the comment I made?” asked Samuel. “There ya go. You think they’re upstairs playing fantasy football with the owner’s money?”

              This is exactly what the Eagles are doing…

            • Asante was a player who worked on his Craft, no doubt
              It’s amazing to me though that 3 of 4 Worst Seasons Statiscally for Eagles Pass Defense was while Samuel was an Eagle.. How can that be… Easy, Samuek would Jump Routes 5-6 Times a Game and hit one of them and a PIck but would do very little the other 50 Plays of the Games..
              Teams in the NFC East and especially the Giants ran the Ball right at him as he scoured away and acted as if he was blocked .. WR’s doing double moves, end up running down the field wide-ass open… Yes Samuel would make his 6-8-10 Int’s a Season, but at what Cost to the Total Team Defense…

              • that’s asinine…again singling a single player out as the reason why the team didn’t succeed….Samuel was hands down the best CB on the team…When Samuel left the Eagles how did the pass defense look? not very good in fact was worse…
                WR doing double moves on Nnamdi and running down the field wide ass open….haha, your posts are really starting to become “ass”
                Name a CB that we’ve had since Samuel, that’s better….

    • lol @ second chance. I swear people have they minds made up that he was arrested for something cut couldn’t find a job and the Redskins saved his career from being over. 493ers are a championship organization who knows better than to release a Vernon Davis regardless of hiss issues. They release him and people prob still would speculate no matter what changes he may or not have made in his life. Keep ignoring the fact that if Desean was making 5 mill or less he would still be an Eagle a point that makes all this character talk void. Good impression on the staff and new teammates? these guys are all pros coaches included you think Gruden was expecting Desean Jackson to show up and is now disappointed? No he lives in the real world of the NFL where vets almost never come to OTA’s unless they stink and or coming off an injury new team or no new team.

      • If D-Jax blows this chance with the Redskins
        His Career is over plain and simple and will remembered as a selfish,
        surly,malcontent as an Athlete..

        • No his career will be over when no other team steps forth and signs him you know that. Don’t let you dislike blind you man.

  • Yeah Desean should be bonding with a bunch of guys who may or may not be on the team at OTA’s. lol I swear you guys do not think or just think that news is news when “you” find out. you don’t think it wasn’t common knowledge within the Redskins that he would not be there? you honestly think the coaches woke up went to practice called role “Desean Jackson…. Desean Jackson? dammit he is not here” they all shake their heads in disappointment.

  • Like I said before I am not down on the team for moving in a different direction. I still think we can win without Desean Jackson. I actually been on record stating I like Maclin. The circumstances behind Desean Jackson’s release is what is bothersome. If he was making 5 mill he is a Bird flat out. He played hard as an Eagle gave us some priceless moments terrorized the division as a second rd pick. teams have tried to find their own personal Desean Jackson like Childress did with Minn once he left in Harvin all the way up to Trayvon Austin now with the Rams. Now that he has been released they way it has played out in controversy (like every other Eagle departure which some of you fail to acknowledge) people will act as if his time here was spent sulking and being an angry team distraction citing one year he had on a bad team where he admitted his contract situation got in his head and a sideline argument with an assistant coach (that happens all the time in the game) and a gang sign. oh and now he cursed Chip Kelly out in front of everybody hahaha

    • The “Team” is better off without him..

      • so,will the team be better without him if they lose and fail to make the playoffs?

        explain how they would be better with a losing record….if that happens.

        • The Current Player’s & Coach’s will determine their own fate come
          2014 Season, not past Players or Coach’s.. What happens this Season
          Is about who makes the Roster, Game Planning and of course execution,
          No one from the past (D-Jax,Vick, Avant,Chung,etc,etc
          Have anything to do the performance & success or failure
          Of 2014) there no coulda, woulda or shoulda in Sports as in Life…

          • I agree paulman…if the team does not win a game in the playoffs or worst…I don’t want to hear excuses for Kelly, the defense, Foles, or our receivers…..no excuses. This team needs playoff wins….anything short of that is totally unacceptable

            • and it’s not like they had any Playoff Wins with D-Jax anyways, so what’s the man-crush on the guy to begin with..

              • The lack of playoff wins was not because of him paulman…DJax was a weapon that was foolishly thrown away.. It’s now on Chip Kelly to improve on last year without that significant contribution from an All Pro receiver with unique skills
                Good luck with that!

              • That’s why Coach’s are paid the big-bucks…
                All Teams Deal with this every Season… and it’s only in Negadelphia that it becomes a story with no end in sight…
                The typical “Little Brother Syndrome” runs Deep in Philly

                Did the Colts panic and give up when the moved away from Peyton Manning ??
                This Year, Are the Saints packing it in after trading a very popular and productive player in Darren Sproles..
                How about the Jets getting rid of their Playmaker WR Santonio Holmes..Or the Cowboys in Demarcus Ware..
                Or the Bears with Julius Peppers, the Panthers with Steve Smith
                (It’s funny, I called most of all these Big Name, Players being Released back in January)

                Anyways, it’s how the new NFL operates, so as a Fan, you have to learn how to Deal with it and stop your whining.. and as Team, they discuss and plan for these Players to be released,traded so it’s no real suprise, now what they do moving forward to replaced lost production is the key… So let’s see what Chip/Shurmur and Company have planned and how this Eagles Offense performs and don’t be surprised if they become even more dynamic and more difficult to game plan for …

              • As opposed to to you whining about what players do off the field or what kind of people they are without knowing them paulman? You mean like that?

              • As I have stated a 100 times KB,
                I could care less what D-Jax does on his own time,
                I never liked D-Jax as a Teammate, as one of 53 Men & Players trying to Win a Championship for the Eagles..
                His lack of Committment, His whining and poor Attitude, and his overall disrespect to the Player’s & Coach’s on his own Team did me in years ago… All this other garbage is simply noise…
                I wanted his whiny, selfish ass gone in 2010 and stated so many times on here for being a lousy Teammate, plain and simple.. Nothing new from my end…

  • Guys, FYI, when DJak signed his contract he told them he had the vacation set up cause he was still an Eagle and our camp didn’t start till the 21st, the Redshins told him don’t worry about it and enjoy his vacation, he did the right thing and let them know and they told him its fine so you can stop all this talk about him acting stupid with them.

    • People with common sense knew that Andrew, people who look under any rock the justify their beliefs hope think otherwise.

    • Anyone with sense knows this.

      Some just want to continue to justify what was ultimately a dumb decision.

    • andrew….you were there when he signed? Please tell us what it is like being there when someone signs their contract. FACT is you have no clue bc you weren’t there BUT even if they did tell him no problem it goes to show how “me” first he is. I’m pretty sure he can afford to lose the money on a cancelled vacation to meet his teammates and some of the coaches. It doesn’t matter to me what he does, as I am a true Eagles fan, but perception is huge and he is off to a rocky start in his new home.

      • How hypocritical igglesb27…were you in the locker room when DJax supposedly wrecked the locker room? There have been no FACTS in this whole situation…nothing but a bunch of rumors and innuendo! The only FACTS here is that the Eagles cut their best wide receiver a very important and essential part of their offense and he signed a nice fat deal with our division rivals! the FACT is this was a dumb, dumb, move!

      • Didn’t have to be there, I read the statement from the Redskins website, I’m not like you or the other idiots that make things up, the only time something comes from me is my opinion, I’m amused on your comment, shows where your heads at.

        • Oh so you think the Skins would come out and say “no we didn’t know about his vacation and we are pissed he still went and missed this week”
          Really?! Your head is so far up your ass you are losing oxygen!!!How stupid would they look if they made that statement, so of course they are going to say all is fine.
          koolbreeze…..I never said he wrecked the locker room! They cut him bc they wanted to and they could. So I am NOT hypocritical. What I am saying is all you losers keep trying to act like you’s have inside info or are part of the team. In his interview with Stephen A. Smith he admitted he wasn’t the ultimate team player, so I can assume that he did damage to the locker room BUT I NEVER I know he did damage. andrew said DJAX told them……fact is he wasn’t there!

  • Too much effort. Mesean would have had to call the villa AND the airline to move his vacation one week. He ain’t doing that for nobody!

    Actually, it was probably arranged by an assistant, but hey, that’s 9 full numbers he’d have to hit on his phone, and he’s got a lot on his plate like choosing the perfect intstagram photo and and making sure his latest tweet is juuuuuust right.

    So clearly, common sense is right with Desean on this one. He’s spent his whole career making common sense divisions. He’s clearly the master of common sense.

    • Vinnie you are off base with this one. Even though he acts like a petulant child he is a grown man. I would agree with Andrew on this one.

  • vinnietheloser you and a few other pathetic losers on here show no common sense at all. The Eagles management can piss on your head and tell you it’s raining! It’s obvious what has happened here…Desean’s crime is having the gall to suggest that the Eagles give him more money! When he did that they tried to trade him first and when they could not…they tried to destroy his career with the leak to NJ.com. Now he takes a vacation that the redskins approve and the Eagles management fans want to bash him for that….let’s face it….this move ranks right up their with the dumbest moves by management in eagles history

    • For some strange reason some Philly fans like to bash our players that perform on the field. Djax, like ll players had very good games, and some games where he didn’t have a ton of yards but opened up the field by taking the safety with him down field. Some of the posts on here that I read would make me think Djax never did anything good for the Eagles, fans, and the community. This continuous need to bash serves what purpose? To make others feel good about themselves. What? I guess the Eagles would have beat the saints if Jackson wasn’t on the team…because hey, there a better team without him. And to cut a player of his caliber without nothing in return is downright stupid. That shows the ineptitude of the way this was handled….even Tampa got a 6th rd. pick for Mike Williams, who can’t hold Djax jock. The difference, The Tampa organization did not yap about Mike Williams reducing his trade value. Damn fools.

      • all players

      • That shows the ineptitude of the way this was handled….even Tampa got a 6th rd. pick for Mike Williams, who can’t hold Djax jock. The difference, The Tampa organization did not yap about Mike Williams reducing his trade value. Damn fools.

        You got to be kidding me…. The Bucs came right out and said that Williams was being traded because of his off-field activities. They didn’t have to yap about him – the stories were in the paper.

        The Bucs got something for Williams because he is making $1.8 million/year, not $10 million like Jackson. There was no team willing to pay Jackson that – even if we gave THEM a 6th round pick along with Jackson …

        Your talking out your ass… Jackson was untradable no matter what the Eagles said or did.

        • spot on irish eagle

          guy was set to be the 3rd highest paid wr in nfl this year and prior to this year he was catching 55-65 balls a year, nobody was giving us shit

        • Irish…you have a good point about the 10 mil as being a big part of the reason. Fact is, and everyone I’ve heard speak on this situation,i.e. football people on ESPN and NFL network said this situation could have and should have been handled better. Putting it out there that if they could not find a trade partner, they would flat out release Jackson completely destroys any chance of getting anything because you know they are going to cut him. Releasing info about character that is negative hurts trade value. Fact is, Jackson got more money than his 10 mil for this year. It only takes one team, and Washington was that team. They could have held onto him until the draft to see if anyone would take a bite at a proven product,not a rookie who may pan out…What harm would that do? Stop talking out of your ass…or should I say arse!

    • No, his crime was having the gall to act like he can do whatever he wants, come late to practice, fight with his position coach, fight with his teammates, I hear ya, how dare the Eagles not let him continue to do those things and not let him get away with it, they should be ashamed of theirselves.

      • Not going down this road Andrew, not today.

        • That wasn’t for you that was for koolbreeze, he still believes he was released cause of the money n the gang article.

          • what solid proof do we have outside of that? Rumors, anonymous quotes, innuendo, and suggestions…but nothing substantial. Nothing with a name on it…no clarity…Everyone on this forum- prior to that gang article and during the season-thought that DJax would be back and that there was no serious problems with the team.
            I believe in what we can confirm with facts
            Fact: Desean Jackson best receiver on Eagles with 9 touchdowns, 1330 yards, 17 yards per catch, and only 3 drops…Nick Foles favorite target…opens up the entire field…All-Pro
            Fact: DJax wanted more money
            Fact: The Eagles cut him
            Fact: signs with Washington a division rival

            • Fact – D-Jax is a selfish, cancer-spreading bum as a Teammate
              Fact – Head Coach Kelly tells GM Roseman & Owner Lurie in January during their January Meetings about the Future of the Team and it’s Roster – “I am not coddling D-Jax’s Ass like Coach Andy Reid did, I want him off my Team and I want him gone by April before any Team Activities begin, He’s a Cancer, and a poor example of a Professional Athelte and a poor Representative of this Organizationt”
              Fact – Eagles Release D-Jax Fri March 28th,2014 at 4pm
              Fact – HC Chip Kelly takes GM Roseman & Lurie out to Dinner Fri March 28th at 630pm on his Treat…

              The Rest they Say, Is History

              • haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

              • More foolish and ignorant speculation.
                Fact: D-Jax had his best year last year
                Fact: The ‘teammates’ who gave the ‘anonymous quotes about D-Jax are spineless, bitch-ass cowards who are worst than DJax and are the real cancers that impact this team
                Fact: The Eagles organization releasing DJax demonstrates pure ineptitude
                Fact: The Eagles organization are vindictive, dirty and immoral for spreading the gang rumors and they are gutless for not coming forward to tell the fans why they cut DJax.
                Fact: The Eagles organization is brutal when players don’t conform to what they want as proven by them sending a check to Evan Mathis,- their unhappy All-Pro Guard- the signing bonus check was for $0.00….a slap in the face to a player who deserves better treatment than that
                Fact: Chip Kelly benches Nick Foles for his dismal starts and replaces him with Mark Sanchez who is just as dismal…Roseman & Lurie begins to discuss the possibility of replacing Kelly if he does not make the playoffs in the upcoming year after going 8-8 this year.
                Fact: Foles who went into the year looking for a big contract is dumped…Eagles go into 2015 draft looking for a quarterback

                The Rest is Eagles History…fans suffering again with no Superbowl Wins

              • The only Relevant Fact left KB is that D-Jax is no longer an Eagle
                So you need to move on as the Team has
                From this Day forward (Actualky last Friday 3/28)
                The Future Sucess or Disappointments of our Eagles
                Has Zero to do with D-Jax, so day it 3 Times to yourself,
                Take a shot of Yeagarmeister if you must, but he’s gone and nothing is bringing him back.. It’s like an old Girlfriend,
                She found something better, get over it and act like a Man for crying out loud..

  • Espn has been showing Desean dumping his father’s ashes in the ocean trying to repair the negative image of Desean Jackson. I sure hope the Eagles don’t play Washington on Monday night the ‘mothership” appears to riding the coat tails of the bigot “Redskins” franchise.

    • espn is corny as fuck these days. its like tmz there.

      i dont know why i try to catch highlights there still because theyre never on

      • mh, ESPN are frauds & the Ultimate hype machine. You are better off going straight to the leagues networks. NFL network, MLB network, NBA channel, NHL channel, Fox sportsnet. I absolutely loath ESPN!!!!

  • Somebody remind me – Why do I give a shit where DeSean Jackson goes?

    Jackson doesn’t play for the Eagles anymore…. I don’t care if he goes to the moon.

    • u just reminded yourself. fuck desean jaccson

    • Irish, I don’t like him either, but you’ll care, if we don’t properly replace him, & he catches 4-5 TD’s in the 2 games against us next year!

  • I Dout they will play the redskins on Monday night or Sunday the red sinks sucked last year.

    • wanna wager? i will bet any amount u want we play them on sunday or monday night.

      its probably likely we play them monday night and the other game on a thursday

      • No doubt a Prime Time game and my guess it would be on Sunday Night from Philly with the NBC Gang the 2nd Week of the Season

        • ha…NBC Gang…can’t help yourself, huh Pman….classic…

  • You dont have to care about him morons! But when Nick Foles struggles this year…I dont want to hear from you fools any mention of DJax…no excuses…when we go 8-8 and dont make the playoffs…I dont want any whining…

    • jesus shuddafuckup already

      • or shuddafuccup for all you anti crip killers out there

        • LOL…you’re a crab mhenski…buy a clue, Fool!

    • Dude your the only one that winds..lets go back a year and you were touting how great a coach Kelly was and how Vicks Skillset is exactly fits his system…WRONG. Now all the sudden Kelly is clueless has a QB that doesnt fit his system they cut the greatest WR since Jerry Rice blah blah blah blah blah….You are almost always wrong and cry like a bitch afterwards…Frankly you make me laugh with the way you manipulate statements. You should be a PR man for the ACA website. Have fun watching the deadskins this year fool.

      • Xevious when the winds into one ear…nothing at all obstructs it from coming out of the other…you have no brains whatsoever. You don’t say anything worthy of consideration at all. Vick skill set did fit what Kelly wanted to do perfectly….which is why he kicked Foles’s ass in head to head competition….Vick got hurt.. Foles came in and Chip Kelly deployed DJax all over different formations (which proves that he knew the plays well and his level of professionalism), the running game became dominant….the defense played better the Eagles went on a run beating a bunch of weak teams, squeezing in the playoffs with a clutch defensive play….only to see a weak performance by Foles in the playoffs and a lost to a Saints team…at home!
        Stop bitching….

  • I thought this would interest you guys.

    Jay Gruden……….

    Washington coach Jay Gruden wanted to act quickly when Philadelphia cut DeSean Jackson.

    “He got released by Philadelphia, and as soon as that happened, it was, ‘Wow,’ for us,” Gruden said on SiriusXM NFL Radio, via CSNWashington.com. “Because obviously people around here have played against him a couple of times a year.

    Guys like that don’t come around very often and when they do, you have to do your due diligence, and you have to do whatever it takes to get the guy if you think he’s a fit. And we felt like he was a fit for us. So Bruce Allen [was] all systems go and made a play for him and [it] ended up working out to get him.”

    • No interest you loser FraudSongs….go vaccinate your Hog buddies and quit TROLLING the site.

    • Once again we have been betrayed by Eagles management…i can remember when Norman Braman…the guy in France would not make a move to keep one of the all time greatest players in football history….Reggie White
      We can remember how they went on the cheap and would not be fair with Brian Dawkins….and we still have not overcome that lost!
      Now…we have lost one of the best receivers in the NFL…notice Jay Gruden didn’t give much consideration to all of the unsubstantiated rumors flying about DJax….he looked at his production….guys like paulman, Xevious , jakdog…and a few others want a ‘choirboy’ saying cliches’ like…’there is no ‘I” in team…
      but there damm sure is a “I” in ‘WIN’…

      • I don’t want “Choir Boys” KB
        I want good Teammates who word hard, play physical & fast and pkay “together” as a Team and not a bunch of individuals..
        We’ve been down that road the last few Seasons..
        Good Coaching replaces production when Pkayers leave,
        It’s what they do and Coach for.. Now it’s up to Rosenan & Kelky
        And Staff to figure out the who & how..

      • Do any of the other true Eagles fans who lived through the Norman Braman years find it insulting to have someone compare losing Reggie White to the DeSean Jackson situation?

        It gets me sick in the stomach to see some phony Eagles fan, who never even saw Reggie play a game for the Eagles 25 years ago, talk about being betrayed.

        Shouldn’t you be on some Jets blog following your man crush, koolbreeze? Everybody on this message board knows that you are a former Atlanta Falcons fan that rolled into Philly when Vick was released from prison.

        Don’t waste our time talking bullshit.

      • And I am sure that Gruden will be happy that he ignored all of the reports when DJax cusses him out in front of the team the way that he reportedly did to Kelly. Exactly what a rookie coach will want to have happen….no doubt that DJax will have some highlights and the Redskins may have some early success…..I still predict that before the end of his contract that the drama and turmoil will cause more problems than wins in DC.

  • Why isn’t there an article here why Jackson blew off his first ota with his new team

    I was right all along, what a miscreant. Good riddance

  • I am willing to bet any fool here $1,000.00 the eagles finish ahead of this crap in dc, any takers, how about it big pussy?

    • Yo Jakebitch so you drink and gamble huh? Why would any legitimate Eagles fan take that bet. How about this though I’ll be in Philly for business in early June I’ll go anywhere you want just to see if your man enough to show and call me big pussy to my face. Put a grand on that.

      • Like I said I don’t play keyboard gangster.

        • Big, I’m friends with Joe Hand Jr. I can pull some strings. I’d invite some of the other trolls, & $#!T spewers to come also, so I can take a crack at them. Who knows, we can make a PPV out of it? “GCobb battle royal” BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

          • LMAO, now that would be some fun the first annual GCobb Golden Gloves.

    • i’ll take that bet….how you want to arrange it?

  • “Betrayed.”


    Eagles make a great decision that will improve the team in the long run, but because Kooltwit constantly wears his “a good NFL player is one who never wins anything but makes one highlight ESPN play ever three weeks, making sure he pounds his chest after doing it (MV7Wins, MeSean),” blinders, he feels…….betrayed.


    Twit, your love for shitty win nothing but who cares as long as they look good (in your eyes) players has blinded you from the fact that the Birds are moving forward on a very exciting path, away from “me first” showmanship and toward a long term winning program.

    A good era lies ahead. Too bad you can’t see it. But, you could always join your cimpatriot Songs cheering for the Skins.

    • good post Vin…he has an agenda plain and simple.

  • vinnietheloser, all true Eagles fans should feel betrayed…I bet you Nick Foles is not singing the happy song either. Eagles management ‘long term’ plans for a good team should very well be met with doubt. How many championship teams have the Eagles produced under the Lurie regime?
    Of course, the fools on this site want choirboys who says- “Gosh darn it I’m going to try as hard as I can for the ‘team’
    How about Evan Mathis…is he a ‘me’ first guy, a locker room cancer?
    Dumb ass Vinnie!
    True Eagle fans have been waiting for this good era for years…its time to win a championship…not get close and celebrate the ‘good guys’ on this team…we need championships…not feel good stories to reveal in while the other teams the Seattles, San Francisco’s, New Englands get the Superbowl rings…
    You take a step in that direction by keeping All-Pro productive players in their prime….not making them available to your division rivals
    Damm FOOL!

    • Yep I like all those National Titles Oregon won too koolbreeze. LOL oh wait my bad, they have moved on from Desean like they’ll move on from Shady and if Foles wants too much coin then hello to that stiff Sanchez because the system works. Plug and play.

      • LOL… plug and play..Damarius Johnson all day!

        • I will give the Eagles much credit for this though, they don’t give one damn what anyone thinks about the moves they make.

          • The raging Idiot Koolbreeze isn’t getting it right. This team doesn’t have choirboys, it will accept women beaters racists Drug offenders men that were arrested as long as they are team players. Again waiting for one player to support Desean…soesn’t stop other players on other teams or former players….Stop the agenda. Your always wrong.

            • koolbreeze is retarded. literally has no clue or perspective.

              ive learned to ignore this idiot as he will never learn or listen to anyone else.

              its a waste of time to even respond.

              DONT FEED THE TROLL

          • You are 100% correct about that.

          • Agreed Biggie. I guess most successful teams don’t either. The Patriots have acted this way for a long time.

            Frustrating for fans during the offseason, but the team will not be able hide from the results if they made mistakes. If the team continues to win all of this goes away…..here is to hoping that we all forget this stuff by September.

            GO BIRDS!!!

      • You are dead on point Biglion821! This is what I’m seeing…a guy believing that his ‘system’ is going to win us a Super Bowl’ instead of getting All-Pro caliber players! I’m wondering why would they take Foles best receiver away from him in a year that he is playing for a big contract?

  • DeSean Jackson is not attending this week’s offseason workouts due to a previously scheduled vacation.
    Some players would cancel their plans in order to make a good impression on their new team. Not “MeSean.” He’s posting pictures on the beach via Instagram while the rest of his teammates get to know new coach Jay Gruden for the first time. Jackson cleared the absence with the team prior to signing and these voluntary workouts are far from crucial, but it’s not going to do anything to heal his scarred reputation.
    Source: ESPN.com
    Apr 9 – 8:12 AM

    • His reputation was so scarred he just got 16 million guaranteed dollars. SMDH, again I’m all about team but how much time did Cary Williams miss last off season and how did that affect the team?

      • I don’t know it just seems to me that some journalists and some fans seem jealous of the lifestyles these guys have or maybe the money they make playing kids games. Maybe I’m wrong but it’s so much hand wringing over someone else’s life that they don’t have control over.

        • from the Redskins Big, the skins are notorious for over paying free agents. Taking Risks that blow up in their faces too.

          • oh im 1000000000% percent jealous of deseans money, i got no shame in there. ill trade my lifes salary for one year of his in a second.

            regarding what i posted, i didnt write it i just copied and pasted. if i had the guaranteed money desean has coming to him i wouldnt go either. lifes to short man

            • Henski that wasn’t literally directed to you sorry, that’s why I included journalist in there.

              • cool

                from a fans perspective u can easily find fault in deseans decision not to attend this camp

                from a mans perspective u can easily say live it up, you earned it

        • I and many others kept waiting and waiting for D-Jax to Mature and become a Team Player & Leader that he always stated he wanted to become..He never matured, he never siezed the opportunity to become a full-time Eagle, let alone be one of the Real Leaders of the Eagles..
          All of his actions over were his Decisions which is his Pergoative..
          Thn Eagles have moved on, now so can you, Biggy.

          • LOL I moved on the day he was released and I don’t worry about things like you do paulman I root for the team regardless of who’s wearing the uniform. Selfish, unselfish team leader don’t matter to me that’s your department.

          • Kinda hard to move on when it continues to be such a hot topic of conversation. When one says something another disagrees with it causes a response (dialogue). I think we have all moved on from the fact that he’s gone…it’s just the way it was all handled and the silence that continues from the organization that still bothers some. This topic will continue until the draft or the season starts and the Eagles offense soars, however, if the offense struggles then this conversation will come back with full force.

            • Yup…the Eagles have manipulated this whole thing! DJax the malcontent is to get the fans on their side…the bottom line is that the Eagles have to win…and win big!

    • DJax ‘reputation’ was established with those 82 catches and 1330 yards …His play on Sundays established his reputation! This is why within 30 minutes of his release..teams were blowing up his agent phone. The Redskins gave him 16 million in guaranteed money….and when they were negotiating
      DJax told them about the vacation…they said ..sure…

  • Ok here’s the truth that people can’t accept. The Eagles are not our team, we don’t own them we are fans. We don’t deserve anything nor do we control a damn thing. You have a choice to be a fan or not. We all bitch and complain at one time or another but if your a “REAL FAN” as some people say…you take the good and the bad stuff you can’t control and continue to support the team. You state your opinion but your there on Sunday…I have never agreed with all the decisions Eagles management has made…But here I am from 1977 till now…You wanna bitch and complain it’s your perogative..I do too. I don’t root for players or my team to lose…I don’t deserve a damn thing…you give your fandom on faith alone…any other outlook is either Naive or plain stupid. To be an Eagles fan for life takes Stamina, resilence and personal integrity…You don’t have that, you won’t last. It’s all about the team…no one player is above that…If they let Reggie White go…you can survive Mesean being gone.

    • 100 percent truth X, but it’s Desean not Mesean. LOL and how many people remember Reggie’s God told me to go with Green Bay. And how he got killed in the media for that?

      • Yeah….and Norman Braman never offered Reggie a contract offer.

        • Yes EHL and Reggie kept that fact to himself for years, now that is some serious integrity.

        • Braman was so cheap that he charged the guys for their socks…..owner of the team, multimillionaire and he was charging his players for tube socks. Sorry part is that we had some really elite players during most of those years, and because of a cheap owner we never got to a SB…..that Fog-Bowl still haunts me…that should have been our year.

          • Greenfan, are you serious, did Braman really make the players buy their socks?

            • Yes. Serious.

              • yeah he did lol.

              • OMG…LMAO. That’s unbelievable.

              • LOL, what did Buddy call him? The guy in France. LMAO

              • Best Buddy Vs Front Office was after the 87 Strike shortened season at his year end press conference Buddy gave the front office the Scab Championship rings for finding him such a great scab team. They were obnoxiously huge lol. Stuff like that is what made buddy loved by his players.

              • Yes sir remember Tom Landry played his regulars vs our scabs and beat them badly, the next year Buddy had Randall fake a kneel down at the end of the game and got a pass interference call at the one yard line then ran it in on the last play of the game? If that happened now the internet would explode.

              • Yeah they were spanking us pretty badly with Danny White, Dorsett and Jeffcoat in, then in the 2nd half that Scumbag put in Randy White and Too Tall Jones. I was in 7th grade and remember both games like it was yesterday. Im a fair guy but F Tom Landry and his rotten Hat lol. I have no love for any of those POS Cowboy teams lol…If they went 0-16 for the next ten seasons I would still want them 0-16 in season 11…Make em wear their Blue uni’s and btch like abunch of women about it. Thats the one big complaint I have with the current Eagles regime..Make the Cowgirls wear Blue every FN game year. I mean seriously they are the only team that has white Home uni’s man I hate those scumbags lol.

      • I remember lol…Still the Eagles survived moved on and here we still are. Im an Eagles fan Not a Desean, Mesean, Foles, mccoy or Maclin fan. I don;t like them all but when they are Eagles I root for em dammit. I know who I want playing where, but Chip Kelly doesnt give a shit what I think…so I say my part and root nonetheless…Im sitting here at work, My profession…When Chip starts calling me here and telling me how to do my Job Ill feel like maybe he should accept my important knowledge….for now though Im just a fan.

        • X….well put. And you’re correct, Chip doesn’t give a $#!+ what we think..lol

          • Well Eagle, the simple fact is #10 is gone and has as much if not more money then this whole site put together I would wager. All we have is the team, but people will go against the team for that one guy that could give two shits about us. It Us (the Eagles) vs them the rest of the NFL. I have seen multiple people say f this team now or rail time after time after time about his…it’s funny but annoying Eagle.

            • Your confused Xevious!!! We are Eagles fans..the reality is that true Eagle fans who have stuck with this team through thick and thin…we have a right to question and challenge decisions made by this team. This is called “public opinion’ …no one says that Chip Kelly should listen to us. Chip Kelly should make whatever decisions he deems fit and if those decisions leads to a Super Bowl ring….he will get his full props…but he hasn’t won a playoff game here yet! If the team does not he deserves harsh criticism and when you get rid of All-Pros you better win or else people will begin to say that you are not the guy that can lead us to a Super Bowl.
              This is sports…shit talking, arguing with fans, that’s part of what makes it fun…thats why we are fans!

  • Jackson asked Smith “Who” made the comment about him being a “Me-Me” guy probably because he knew it was Cooper and it’s odd Cooper would make a comment about ANYTHING other than X’s and O’s based on his situation and had been know that Cooper made the comment the preferential treatment on the basis of race debate would be larger than it already is. Personally, I hope some journalist outs who made the comment or the player does at some point.

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