• January 23, 2022

Foles Not Worried About Loss Of DeSean Jackson

NickFoles10The Eagles wide receiver situation for 2014 is still very much in question. Beyond Jeremy Maclin, who is returning from an ACL tear, and Riley Cooper, who is coming off a breakout season, there are no clear third, fourth, or deeper wide receivers on the depth chart. The uncertainty doesn’t worry the Eagles franchise quarterback Nick Foles, though.

“We’ll have guys step up,” said Foles on Wednesday. “We have Mac [Maclin] back, which is exciting, and we’ll see what we do in the draft.”

In the countless mock drafts across the internet, the Eagles first pick has been projected as a wide receiver from Odell Beckham Jr. to Brandin Cooks to Kelvin Benjamin. According to Mel Kiper Jr., there are nine wide receivers who could potentially be taken in the first round of this week’s NFL Draft. Whether the Eagles take one of those receivers on Thursday (round 1), Friday (rounds 2 and 3), or Saturday (rounds 4 through 7) is yet to be seen, but you can bet that it will be addressed. General Manager Howie Roseman didn’t rule out that the Eagles could take more than one receiver, despite having only six draft picks.

With the release of DeSean Jackson, which Head Coach Chip Kelly has since called “purely a football decision,” the Eagles have lost a very unique player. His teammates know it but none have come out to defend DeSean and say that the Eagles made a poor decision to give him his walking papers, which has to say something.

“He’s a hard guy to replace,” said Foles on his top target from 2013, “but we’ll have someone step in and do a great job in their own way…I expect my receiver to make plays when they go out there.” By “someone,” Foles eluded to Cooper and Maclin, who Foles called “a top tier receiver.”

Foles built something of a rhythm with Maclin back in 2012 when Foles took over the starting role for Michael Vick for the last six games of the season. In those six games Foles and Maclin connected for 33 receptions, 408 yards, and three touchdowns; all nearly half of Maclin’s season totals. It was clear when Foles entered the line up in 2013 that Riley Cooper’s numbers and attention benefitted greatly. In ten games with Foles, Cooper caught 37 passes for 729 yards and seven touchdowns.

Extrapolated over a 16 game season, Maclin would receive 88 balls for 1088 yards and eight touchdowns. Cooper would catch 59 balls for 1166 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Those numbers are attractive and entirely possible for the Eagles offense to obtain as they have added OW (offensive weapon) Darren Sproles to their already potent offense. Tight Ends Brent Celek and Zach Ertz will be coming off productive seasons as well. And LeSean McCoy, 2013’s rushing title winner (by a margin of 268 yards), will be entering his second season in Chip Kelly’s offense.

Nick Foles, who accounted for 32 touchdowns and just two interceptions in 2013, will be facing more challenges with teams now having tape on him. This has prompted him to also study himself more than his opponents will be. “I have to study my tendencies,” said Foles. He mentioned his footwork and his release time as things that he has to get better at while mentioning Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees as players to emulate in those aspects.

“The quarterback’s got to be the best quarterback that gives the team success. So that’s why I have to keep working every day to be that guy, because if I’m not that guy, somebody else will take it.”

That work ethic and confidence is something that is to be admired in the 25-year-old who will be entering his third NFL season, first as the unquestioned starter. In 2013, Foles went from back-up, to starter, to tying an NFL record with seven touchdown passes in a game, to winning the division, to losing a playoff game, to playing in the Pro Bowl and garnering MVP honors for the All-Star game, but none of that matter to him because the primary goal for any NFL team is a Super Bowl. “Our last game was a loss, so we all still have a sour taste in our mouths,” said Foles.

Another admirable aspect of Foles is that he doesn’t care about the money he is making. Foles is not eligible for a contract extension until after the 2014 season, according to the new CBA. “I don’t even know how much I’m making this next year. I just love playing this game with my teammates.” For those who do care, Foles is set to make $615,000 in the third year of his four-year rookie contract. When asked about his extension that is likely to come next offseason, the newly-wed (yes, he used Chip Kelly’s hurry-up scheme to get engaged and married in the same offseason) said “it’ll take care of itself.”

Foles finally offered a sentiment that helps to explain the release of DeSean Jackson (indirectly) according to some of the reports that have come out about the receiver since his release. Foles said, “We have guys here that did a great job last year because the Philadelphia Eagles are built on a team atmosphere. We’re built as a team and we had success as a team.”

DeSean Jackson was frequently referred to as a “me guy” in a recent anonymous talk with a member of the Eagles locker room. His 82 receptions, 1332 yards and nine touchdowns will undoubtedly be difficult to replace. But with a 25-year-old quarterback whose work ethic is relentless, two receivers who have had success with their young quarterback, a new offensive weapon (or “toy” for Chip Kelly), two potentially great tight ends, and the 2013 rushing title leader, the Eagles offense will build on the success they had a year ago.

With the former third-round pick leading the team, and his sole focus on winning games and none of the off-field distractions, the sky is the limit for this team in 2014.

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Brenden Peddigree

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  • In foles we trust.

  • Intelligent. Hard working. Passionate about getting better. Really the sky is the limit for nick in this offense. We will get another receiver in the draft and I don’t count Benn out either as a WR and specials guy.

  • I read an Article in which Fole’s Wife was quoted that Nick “may take 2 Years off from Football” to do some “Missionary Work” in a couple of 3rd World Nations to help the Poor and to Spread the Word of God as something he’s always wanted to do and especially before having their own kids/family
    Eagles at #22 Select QB Derek Carr, You heard it here first..

    • Lmao jackass

  • Your theory is flawed. You forgot to mention that if Foles played a whole year he would pass for 45 tds and 3 ints and the Eagles will go 13-3. To bad it doesn’t work like that. I think the 49ers, Seattle and St Louis defenses will have something to say about them numbers. Hey Barney your not in Bedrock anymore.

  • perfect article to start the week —
    we have a winner in town ( jaws, mcnabb, and now foles )
    Go Eagles!!!
    Go Howie on Thursday –

  • Que the Circus music….send in the Clowns…This article should get us to the draft. Lol love this site.

    • I don’t think so X, I think most of us realize we’re in a good spot with the starting QB position. I am already on record saying if he struggles this year, I’m blaming Kelly. LOL oh yeah I gotta add Barkley is a stiff. Sorry I had to sneak that one in.

      • Well I never over estimate people lol….Ill tell you what well go with your assessment till proven wrong…should we start the countdown at 10?

        • 20 mins big 20 mins.

          • happy to participate

          • Once songs and koolbreeze get going all bets are off. LOL

      • Barkley & Sanchez BLOW!!!

        • LMAO

          • Big, I couldn’t resist to chime in! You know how I feel about USC QB’s, & all ND players. LMMFBO!!!!

            • Something’s you just can’t let slide so I am 100 percent down with you on the USC QB’s. Hahahahaha.

  • Hey GMCliff, if Chris Berman or Rich Eisen want to promote some Offensive skill position players for their audience and uses you as a source on air while the Eagles are on the Clock Thursday or Friday and asks you which wide receiver you would recommend they select at #22 and #54 what 2 names do you give them?

    • None…..I want Defense…..You would have to be one dumb GM. to ignore that is the weakest part of your team…..screw wide receiver,

      unless they get some extra picks….then take your pick…Cody Latimere, Jordan Matthews, Allen Robinson, Paul Richardson, or DeVante Adams…

  • Nick is Shit!

    His bum ass didn’t have the arm to get it down field when Djax was running wide freakin open!

    Let’s see how well he does now Djax isn’t taking half the secondary with him.

    barely 7-9 record this season….copy and paste it!

    • Eagles set a franchise record for passing yards in 2013 and points scored in a season while Desean set career highs in receptions and yards. the stats are indisputable, Foles enhanced Djax skill set while Vick held DJax skill set back.

    • Spoken like the true POS. Redskins fan that you are FraudSongs.

      Go Troll the Jets and spread some of you idiotic bullshit for Vick and the Jet fans like you did on here the past 4 years. I am sure they will love to hear about your vaccine knowledge.

      Leave you troll. The eagles are in a much better place with guys like you showing their true colors and rooting against them.

    • Ladies and Gentleman, we now present the lead Clown Song the BOZO.

  • If Anthony Barr is off the board @22 howie trade out.

  • I hope this report isn’t true, I want to see them move back and get more picks, Chip has to get over his fascination with the O and realize the team also has something called defense on the team too.

    Peter King of TheMMQB.com reports that the Eagles want in on the prime receiver action, and General Manager Howie Roseman is talking to at least two teams in the middle of the first round. The Eagles own the 22nd pick in the first round, and they may have eyes for a receiver who will be gone by then.

    • Who do you think that player is? Mike Evans?
      Dick Vermeil wanted Perry Tuttle and admitted it after the draft but the Bills selected him one spot before the Eagles so the Birds selected their next wide receiver on the board Mike Quick instead- worked out well in hindsight.

      • Perry Tuttle is Selling Insurance while Mike Quick is calling the Eagle Games

        • Yeah, but he got Aaron Rogers the “Discount Double Check”, so he had a pretty good year.

  • It maybe something called defense on the team but on the same note in today’s nfl you have to be great on one side of the ball due to the salary cap and when they signed chip Kelly they chose the offensive side of the ball to be great on.

    • The Eagles were 2nd in the NFL last year in O, what, that wasn’t great cause they weren’t 1st? It was the D in that playoff game last year that lost it for is, it’s obvious to all of us that’s where the problem is. As Howie said, the draft is deep at WR, we can get talent in any round, our focus has to b on D.

  • New Paulman Rumors

    Eagles Send #22 Pick,#86 Pick, Nick Foles,Bryce Brown,James Casey to Texans for # 1st Overall Pick
    Eagles Send #54 Pick, RB Lesean McCoy, DE Brandon Graham & TE Celek to the Falcons for # 6th Overall Pick

    Eagles then Select the Following

    #1 – QB Johnny Football (Texas A&M)
    #6 – WR Mike Evans (Texas A&M)
    #54 – TE Troy Niklas (Notre Dame)
    #122 – RB Terrance West (Towson)
    #162 – CB Antone Exum (Virginia Tech)
    #237 – DT Shamar Stephen (Connecticut)

    Eagles Owner Lurie with Chip Kelly’s insistence, changes the nickname from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Philadelphia Aggies
    Gone are the Silver & Green replaced with Maroon,Teal & White..

    You heard it here First

  • Eagles solved their DL woes today by signing Alejandro Villaneuva who has been serving the last 4 Years as a Ranger in the US Military overseas in Afghanistan

    VIllaneuva is 6-9′ 277lbs and will be given a shot to make the Roster
    and Chip Kelly loves this kids story and perserverance and is thinking about making him Team Captain.
    GM Roseman states ” Alejandro loves to compete and loves the game of Football”

    I know have taken the “Safety” & “Defensive Line” Positions off the Eagles Draft Board for the 1st 4 Rounds … They are going WR,CB,OL,LB

    • paul, this is nothing more than a publicity stunt, to get good PR, to mask the stench of this off-season. How’s about signing players that can actually play the f^#@ing game, instead of wanting to make the news with feel good stories. God bless him for his duty, but he’s a non-factor, nonentity, & has ZERO chance of making the roster! He was a WR, converted to the D-line. This is asinine, BS!

  • The stupidity behind morons who say Foles held WR back because arm etc just shows the football I.Q. of some on here.

    Vick had a TRex brain was dumber than a box of rocks in the pocket. Rarely made reads beyond his first recognition and made some of the most mind boggling reads and plays in the pocket ever(The Cleveland Brown game is one of the worst displays by an Eagles QB EVER…Brad Goebel shook his head). Riley Cooper was a complete afterthought with Vick in the pocket and DJax showed flashes under Vick when teams bit on playaction or broken plays.

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