• August 16, 2022

Eagles Cut Arrelious Benn

ArreliousBenn4The Eagles thinned out their wide receiving corp a little bit on Friday afternoon, parting ways with former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Arrelious Benn.

Acquired last off-season in a trade with the Bucs, Benn never played a down for the Eagles after tearing his ACL in Training Camp. Some were intrigued by Benn’s size, but the former second round pick had only caught 59 passes in three seasons with Tampa.


Denny Basens

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  • No Surprise here,
    Aurelius Been has been injured 4 of his last 5 Seasons in Football
    GMCliff & I mentioned this a few tines that he wouldn’t make Camp
    The Eagles will give new WR’s Matthews & Huff and a couple of the others
    (UDFA) plenty of Reps

  • I didn’t know Benn had gang affiliations?

    • No Gang Relations Needed Muimuiman,
      Benn has bum knees unfortunately and anyoñe who has followed his career knows this.. Eagles took a flyer on him last year at a low cost hoping for the best, But it just wasn’t meant to be, so cut the chord, wish him well and give the reps to Pkayers who actually have a chance to make your squad..
      Benn was not going to be one of these Players..

      • Hmmm if Benn has more going than Maclin. Maclin has bum knees, alligator arms and needs to see the “Wizard” for a new heart.

    • The Benn-apologists won’t be fooled by this Cheap front office or the egotistical head coach. They better win, no excuses!

  • May come back for veteran minimum. Hope he is healing. Never really got a chance to show his value. I would hate to be 25 and career is over.

    • He was only making $1 Million in Salary
      A League Minimum for a 3-4 Year is about
      750-800k.. He is not coming back for he is not healthy enough to play,
      It’s not about $$$, it’s about his knees..

      • Hmmm i guess his salary did make a difference seeing they brought him back. LOL too funny!!!

  • No a shock. His health was the real issue. He has good size and speed but cannot stay healthy. Just one of those guys with an abundance of talent but because of his week bones and other imperfections cant stay healthy, not even relatively healthy..

    Their is simply no room for him on this roster. Damaris Johnson could be next..

  • I demand a press conference. I want to know why he was released and we did not get a draft pick in return for him. I DEMAND and answer NOW!

    • You’ll have that press conference when he catches 82 passes for 1300 yards and 9 TD’s.

  • Thanks Bigs for injecting some “grown man” into the thread because we all know the benn release was the exact same situation as Djack (sarc). I see the some of the same silly ish is still here.

  • Here goes a little something on somebody to keep an eye on.

    Kadron Boone runs a sub-4.5 in the 40-yard dash. He played for a powerhouse college program. Coming out of high school in Florida, he was ranked by recruiting services at the 12th-best receiver prospect in the country.

    Had he gone to any other college, Boone might have emerged into more of known commodity, maybe even into an NFL draft pick.

    But in his last year at Louisiana State, Boone played on the same squad as future first-round wideout Odell Beckham Jr., future second-round receiver Jarvis Landry and two running backs who were each last week drafted in the top five rounds.

    There just weren’t enough footballs for everyone. So Boone caught just seven passes for 129 yards and two touchdowns last year, a steep dropoff in production that led the 6-foot, 204-pound receiver to fall completely out of the draft and sign a rookie free-agent deal with the Eagles.

    Boone’s tumble is apparently the Eagles’ gain. Said one AFC personnel man who scouted the former LSU wideout: “He’s gonna make that team.”

    “He’s not a bad receiver; he’s a pretty good receiver,” the scout added. “He just got caught up in a place that has two pretty good receivers. He’s going to be fine. I honestly believe he can play either way (outside and slot), and that’s what’s going to benefit him.”

    • Good Stuff Andrew,
      Good be a Diamond in the Ruff, the Eagles found..
      I like what I’ve read about him and that TE from Florida whose name
      Escapes me right now. He could give Casey a run for a Roster Spot
      Or maybe a Practice Squad spot to groom for a season

      • Trey Burton

        • That’s it, Trey Burton,
          Keep an eye on him..

  • NBA Draft Lottery is this Tuesday night! Sixers need one of the top 2 picks (preferably 1st ovr). Andrew Wiggins gotta be the pick if there. Exum would be next on my list over Jabari Parker bc of his height and length and the ability to play the point and SG. All will end up in the top 5. Let’s hope we get the 6th or 7th with our second pick..

    I’m hearing that the Lakers want to trade their lotto pick. Sixers may need to package MCW and Thad young along with a future pick for it

    How bout this, trade Nerlins Noel for Embiid on draft night. Embiid has more upside esp from a offensive standpoint..

    It will be fascinating to watch how Hinkie maneuvers things come draft night..


    • Agreed with Wiggins JH and Exum, I do not want Parker at all. STAY AWAY FROM DUKE PLAYERS BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE. I would not trade Mcw, not right now he will improve with time.

      • Yeah diddy stay faaar away from Parker whose a Dukey and also has conditioning issues (weight wise) and has always struggled with that, don’t want they guy on our team

        Give me Wiggins along with his 44 inch vertical or Exum whose extremely versatile and who I feel will make a better SG then PG in the nba because of his scoring ability, but man that kid can pass the ball.. I really like his game alot, ive been talking about him for months and months now, people are starting to catch on to the guy named Dante Exum.. hes a future superstar, you heard it here first…Embiid would be 3rd on the list after them

        I like Vonleh or McDermott with the next pick depending on what they do and if they stay put (I just don’t see them staying put, theyre gonna trade that pick most likely to move up in the draft, or they may send that pick to OKC and trade for Russell Westbrook and OKC draft a true PG Marcus Smart who wouldn’t mind passing the rock to Durant)… Time will tell but anything can happen seriously…

        I see them getting any pick between 1-3, they will be in the top 3 its a lock..

        • Also Diddy, who has more upside, MCW at 23 yrs old or Dante Exum at 18? Same height same size same game, but I will be honest, Dante Exum coming into the league, I like his scoring prowess more than when MCW came out last yr.. And he will be drafted higher than MCW did and last yr was a weak draft, this is a strong one.. Just sayin…

          We better get that 1st overall pick, this is so freaking important to our future.. Everything is riding on this.. Its Wiggins and or Exum that they want, we have another day to find out our status…

          • Good points JH, I can’t really argue about Exum I like him too. So we will see how it goes very exciting times in Sixer land.

    • I am not so sure any Team would take on
      Noel’s in return for a Lottery Pick..
      Just too ?? About his thin build, his injury and whether his body can take the rigors of an 80 Game Seadon let alone his
      shortcomings on the Offensive end of the Floor
      You got big men in this Draft who can also score like Embid, Vonleah,Sarcic
      Who have more upside on both ends of the Court than Noel’s

      • I think they would as long as hes healthy and from what I hear he is 100% healthy..

        Id trade Noel and a pick for Embiid any day of the week.. They may be able to get him straight up without the pick included.. Very possible.. Noel is more athletic and a better rim protector then Embiid but Embiid is more polished offensively..

        • JH, with all due respect, Joel Embiid, is nothing close to polished, nor is he anything close to Hakeem Olajuwon – He has years before he even develops into a consistent scorer – if he ever becomes a scorer, which I doubt….I don’t see it……

          I see a prospect who is going to be overdrafted based on presumptuous perceptions, that is destined to be a bust. I feel the same way about Aaron Gordon, and every rookie taken after Noah Vonleh…….

          Gary Harris, Zach Lavine, James Young, Nik Stauskas, Shabazz Napier, Tyler Ennis, Rodney Hood, and Jeremi Grant – In past drafts, wouldn’t even be considered 1st Rounders – NBDL, here they come.

          • gmc, save your oxygen. It’s a lost cause.

            • And your hopping on the post because you see my name and you didn’t even read what I wrote or what was being discussed.. Mind your business man sheesh.. Your always on 10, calm down fool.. goodness

              • Go wash the sand out of your vagina, numbnuts. You are a clueless, goofball! Stop overvaluing Embid. You have been on his nuts all year. Last year it was Noel. Neither can, nor will wash Hakeem Olajuwon’s dirty ass! Noel has ZERO offensive capabilities, & is Dalembert/ Ratliff 2.0, & Embid is extremely raw, & already is damaged goods, with stress fractures in his back. Just stop. Just like you argued yesterday about you being right that Dario Saric didn’t declare for the draft. Just stop, before you embarrass yourself any further. You are a clown, a court jester, nothing more, nothing less. I tried to keep it civil with you, but you got to be a little Nancy, & get butt-hurt, because I made a comment to gmcliff. STFU!!!!

              • Every year, you have a boy-toy, that you slurp on, overrate, over-hype, & try to force them down everyone’s throat, & when you are proven wrong, you get butt-hurt, & whine like a bitch! !st it was Stinkadala, then Jrue, then Sam Young was a good pickup, then ET was your man crush, then Noel, now Embid & Exum (who you never seen play), are giving you wet dreams! Oh yeah, I forgot, your source probably gave you scouting reports? My bad! GTFO, & STFU!!!!

              • You pay way too much attention to another man. I dont remember what you said on a post 1 day ago let alone 2-3-4 years ago. jeez..You really need help..

                Judging by the way you wrote each post above, you obviously didnt take your medicine..

                Nothing was proven ever, its all opinion. You dont like when people dont share the same feelings that you have on players, so you resort to the same immature name calling in an attempt to drum up attention from others and to sound macho..

                Your not worth words, I’ve clowned your porter toilet scrubbing ass on too many occasions. I have dcar bashing fatigue..

                I’m strictly sports talk on here now.. but dont push me..

              • Don’t push you? WTF can you possibly do, to hurt me in any way? Beat it you retarded @$$clown, & go get your multiple psychosis’s checked. You clowned me? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! By saying I clean toilets? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! That’s supposed to hurt me? I can buy & sell you, little biatch, don’t get me started! I’ve been embarrassing you for 3 years now, with your constant @$$clownery, lack of brains, common sense, & lack of reality! Please don’t make me laugh.

              • I’m looking for attention? I couldn’t care less, who pays attention to me! I’m not the one with Delusional Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder! Beat it fool!!!!

          • gm, read my words carefully, I said “Embiid is more polished offensively than Noel” Not that Embiid is polished finished product..

            You may say he wont be close to Olajuwon but his game while at Kansas showed otherwise (not saying hes Olajuwon). Hes a force offensively in the post with an array of moves, and to think hes only 18 19 yrs old… Time will tell… If he starts to fall because of the back injury, the Sixers must draft him with the 2nd first rounder…

            I like to project some young guys but I don’t get too carried away because theyre so young…

            But Wiggins will be a stud.. Parker will be good but will struggle with his weight and conditioning… Exum, like Wiggins, will be a flat out star..And Embiid with him being 7 ft, athletic, scorer and a rim protector, will be a very good in the league.. Just my opinion but im not the only one that feels this way…

            • I see what you’re saying JH, but I really think you’re totally overstating his skill level. He has never in any sense of his game, ever looked like Olajuwon, nor has ever dominated at Kansas.

              I have heard the similarities in how they LEARNED the game in a short period of time, and performed well at the highest College Level……But there in NO comparison to his actually game skill, or potential….absolutely NONE…

              I see Embiid as a Hasheem Thabeet type, with a little more skill offensively….

      • Just because Exum is 5 years younger doesnt make him a better player with more upside. I would be wary of any European players coming over for the simple fact it takes them loads of time to acclimate to the NBA game. MCW can play now has room to grow ton of potential and THEY GOT HIM WITH THE 11TH PICK IN THE DRAFT last year.

        Exum showed potential against peers his age and at Euro camps. He may be the biggest gamble in the draft and the Sixers arent in a position to gamble at a position they already are set at. That is stupidity at is best.

      • Sarcic has no more potential than Noel and to say otherwise just reading Ric Bucher blogger posts. Noel is the same build as Tyson Chandler coming out of the draft. On defense Noel is head and shoulders ahead of the 3 you mentioned and in a short period of time could be a premiere defensive player. Chandler was the defensive player of the year and on a team with scoring options he was an absolute load with the Mavericks/Hornets.

        Again they STOLE Noel for Jrue Holiday and got a pick in return. Trade him for what? For Vonleah who you can get at 22 or Embiid a guy with back problems?

        If you’re going to do anything with those picks than send one of them to Detroit for Drummond or get in on the K Love Sweepstakes. I saw Noel working out before the Sixers games at the end of the season. Kid looks nothing like he did body wise coming out of Kentucky. Calm down with the overanalyzing a guy who hasn’t played yet.

        Athletically hes more gifted than any big man in this draft.

        • Disagree IJ……..Noel is not talented enough to be stolen by anyone. His bread, and butter is shot blocking – NOTHING ELSE…….

          Outside of his defensive potential, I don’t think he can play at a high level in the NBA…..

          Everyone who says, he can play, is just stating wishful thinking….

          • Sorry but you must have not seen him play much because even with limited offensive skill set he s active around the rim and was a force offensive rebounding wise. Team with a good pg he will thrive on the pick and roll in much the way Chandler did his first years in the league with Paul. He will be a 12-15ppg scorer as a rookie easily.

            His defensive potential is all he needs in the NBA. Have you ever watched Tony Allen?

            You guys overanalyze way too much. You thought Schroeder would be better than MCW right?

            • Izzel, I highly doubt he averages 12-15 pts a game. He’s too thin & frail, & will be nothing more than Dalembert/ Ratliff 2.0. He’ll block shots, & maybe grab you 7-10 rebounds, but I don’t see much offensive upside. I hope I’m wrong, especially if Hinky Dinky has him in our long term plans.

              • Like I said earlier from beginning of year til now completely different body wise. Also chandler was maybe 220 the early part of his career and their frames were similar. He’s a legit 7ftr and neither Ratliff or Dalembert are even close athletically to this kid.
                He’s the perfect complement to MCW. He’ll average half on dunks and put backs alone.
                Why do you think the Sixer’s installed an offense that led the league in possessions tempo. Kid is built to fly up and down the court.
                Again he has the ability to be Tyson Chandler if not better. No one needs him to be an offensive force. Defensively he’s gonna shine.
                We got lucky that he had a knee injury. We stole him.

              • I agree Izzell but Embiid is Nerlins Noel but with an offensive game. He’s very skilled in the post with a lot of room to grow.. He’s another rare center who is athletic and can run the floor very well but has a post game..

                What I like about Embiid the most is that he won’t require as much work offensively as Noel is now. They changed Noels shooting form among other stuff, Coach Brown admitted that theyre really changing his entire offensive game, they want him to play like Joakim Noah… but with Embiid he wouldnt require as much time .. he’s very skilled..

            • I’ve seen him play IJ…….He’s nothing close to how you’re projecting his game to the pros…

              Yes, I wanted Shroeder and Adeketebo drafted by Milwaukee. It hasn’t been determined that MCW, will be better then either in his overall career yet. That has nothing to do with Noel.

              I also said Jared Sullinger, and Thomas Robinson, wouldn’t be as advertised as well, when poster were saying they were almost can’t miss pros……..and somebody still owes me a case of beer….so what??

              I’m not going to try to take anything away from the year Carter-Williams had, but in the weakest draft class in years, he won the ROTY, in the first game against Miami. But, I will tell you that Dante Exum, is a better Point Guard than he is right now, although neither can shoot the ball…

              Would you be surprised if they traded MCW??? I wouldn’t….

  • I don’t think the 76ers get a Top 2-3 Pick from the Lottery
    I am going that they end up with the 4th & 9th Selections

    • the Potential New Orleans pick starts at selection 10, ( 1-3 pelicans keep it) (10-14 the Sixers receive it )

    • paul, they can’t get the 9th pick. We will get either 10-13 from them, 10th being the highest we can get from them. If it’s a top 5, it stays with them.

  • I’m still an old school basketball fan, I always want size first. I hope the Sixers select Embiid. Between Noel and Embiid at least one of them will prevent the Sixers from getting dunked on non stop. If they both can play then the Sixers would be a perennial playoff team that would dominate the glass.

    • 76ers will go Size at PF’s who can Score
      & Play Defense where I see Vonleah & Sarcic as 1 on their Picks and
      a SG/SF with the other from Aaron Gordon , Gary Harris or McDermott
      With their 2nd Pick in the 1st Round

      • Then load up with those Foreign zip layers in the 2nd Round and stash them in Europe Leagues for a Season or 2..
        GM Hinkle loves those Foreign Players..

      • Sarcic didn’t declare from what I hear..

        • You sure about that.. He’s listed in ESPN Top 10 Prospects
          And have seen his bane in Mocks?? I would think if he didn’t De late Officially last Month that he would not be on any lists, don’t you..

          • He still hasn’t declared officially, they said he can still withdraw if he does and return back to the Croatian team

            • Misko4Raznatovic @MiskoRaznatovic
              Dario Saric, officially, declared himself for draft 2014.
              12:42 PM – 26 Apr 2014

              “Saric has been waffling on the decision for months, with various reports indicating he was in or out every other week. He’s considered to be a consensus top-20 pick, with Draft Express listing him as high as ninth in its mock draft. He comes in at No. 11, No. 16 and No. 17 on various CBSSports.com mock drafts.”

              Wrong again, Lil Bron-Bron! LOL! Just messing with you. Don’t get sand in your lady parts.

              • Believe it when I see it, and even if he did declare he has the he has the option to return back. Its not a lock that he will be available in this draft at all..

                Don’t bank on this guy..

              • Jon, just correcting you on your incorrect statement, & giving you the facts brother. You can stubbornly stay in denial all you want, but that doesn’t change the facts.
                1. The NCAA’s withdrawal date for those who want to return to college – April 10th,
                2. The NBA’s date declaration date, which is 60 days prior to the draft, a date that is collectively bargained – this year that date is April 24th, and
                3. The NBA’s withdrawal deadline, which is 10 days prior to the draft.
                If a player is still on the fence or even if there is a slight chance he might want to return to college, the best strategy is not to file with the
                NBA prior to April 10th and keep the college option alive. I’m not sure how much additional information can be gathered in just two weeks, but after the NCAA’s deadline passes, there’s no turning back. Is this ethical? Please. If a player is turning pro, he should only be concerned with NBA rules, not NCAA rules. And a note to my friends at the NBA and NBPA: In the upcoming CBA negotiation, please shorten the official declaration date from 60 to 30 days, a move that would greatly reduce the burden of the NCAA’s absurd rule. SIMPLY, he can not go back to college!

              • Got that directly from Amateur sports news network.com.

    • E0S I wouldnt mind if Embiid was the pick as long as were not 1st overall haha. If were picking 3rd and Wiggins and Exum are gone I go Embiid.. With his size and skill it would be a solid tandem of Noel and Embiid if they both can stay healthy..

  • Aaron Gordon was measured in with a 39 inch vertical, and hes a pf.. sheesh… this draft is loaded with talent…

    • He’s listed as PF, but I envision him as SF (#3)
      In the NBA and even as a #2 (SG) for some Teams depending on the Rosters
      He needs to get stronger as all these kids do and is still growing into his height..
      I would be very happy with Gordon & Sarcic
      As 76ers Top 2 Picks to go along with MCW & Noels
      And Thadd Young & Wroten would form a nice Nucleaus
      There are lots of PF in this Draft and Shooting Guards
      Which can be had in the 2nd Round

      • paul, Gordon is a PF, & will be a good one. He doesn’t have the game, to be a SF. He’s 6’9″ in shoes, & still growing. He is a prototypical PF, & already has DF shutdown capabilities. If we can get Wiggins/ Parker, & Gordon at 10, I’d be pumped. We also have Thad, & 5 2nd rounders to trade & get another top 20-25 pick. I can see Thad going to Phoenix (3 1st rounders), Chicago (2 1st rounders). Cleveland, Detroit, Charlotte, Atlanta, & Toronto, all need SF, so Thad could be good trade bait.

        • DCar, unfortunately there is no was Gordon is there at 10. At 10 I wouldnt mind getting a pure shooter like McDermott. If we don’t end up with a top two pick, i’d be fine with Gordon at pick 3-6 (he wont last past 6)

          • anti, I’d be fine with Gordon/ McDermott/ Vonleh/ at #10. Hopefully they can trade Thad + #2, for top 17-25 pick, & nab Payne/ Grant/ Robinson III.

            • What???!! ……trade Thad + #2, for top 17-25 pick, & nab Payne/ Grant/ Robinson III??

              Trade Thad for one of those 3, that won’t be anything in the NBA? I’d rather keep Thad….

              • gm, Thad is a tweener, with no true position, with no upside, hit his ceiling, & doesn’t want to be here, on another rebuild. He’s a goner.

      • Aaron Gordon is a PF… no team would want him to be their SF. IMO, he has Blake Griffin potential. he excels at ball handling and passing (for a big man), very good defender and is good around the basket. I would love for the Sixers to get my fellow Wildcat, Aaron Gordan.

      • I think your confusing players. No way in hell Gordon is a SF and a 2? In the NBA?

        Lol NO WAY IN HELL.

        No more basketball talk on GCobb.com

        • If you want a PF, I would take Randle or Vanleh. Neither are as athletically gifted as Gordon, but they are better basketball players. Both have decent jump shots. Gordon and his 42% FTs scare me. You are gonna need offensive production out of that spot if Noel is going to be primarily a defender.

          You take him and a shooter (McDermott, Stauskus) as your 2nd pick, and you will have a nice inside out game.

  • Hey Denny, time for a new story Eagles resign Arrelious Benn. LOL

  • 76ers get the 5th & 12th Picks after Lottery tonight

    # 5) PF Noah Vonaleah (Indiana)
    # 12) SF Doug McDermott (Creighton)

    In 2nd Round, 76ers select a couple of Foreign Players to stash in European Leauges for a year or 2 and then add a Back-up PG

  • ***Paulman Trade Alert***
    76ers Trade MCW & Thadd Young & their New Orleans
    pick to the Lakers for their 1st Rounder & Kobe Bryant
    You heard it here first..

  • The day has finally arrived..

    The NBA Draft Lottery!

    The Sixers immediate and long term future hinges on the outcome of this lottery.. But before that, Id like to pat myself on the back a little and give some more opinion on the top players in the NBA and in the draft..

    I have been saying over and over and over that Parker has weight/conditioning issues, I said he was over weight, pudgy etc and guys called me crazy.. Now im hearing the reason why he didn’t attend the NBA Combine was not only because he doesn’t feel he has much to prove, but also in part because “hes having conditioning issues and that hes over weight right now”, not news to me!

    This is just 1 just 1 of the reasons why we need to stay away from Jabari Parker. The other reason is his defensive prowess, he doesn’t have one. He is a liability on defense…

    Go 1. Wiggins 2. Exum 3. Embiid 4. Vonleh… That order..

    Also, have you noticed a few of my trade scenarios are now being talked about? I mentioned back in January or February about Kevin Love being available and made up some trade scenarios where we could land the Allstar (and its possible we could be a dark horse in obtaining him if we send Thad and some picks to the Twolves) Many scoffed once again, and now im laughing.. Keep your eyes on Love/Sixers..

    I mentioned MCW possibly being traded on draft night for a top 3-6 pick (many scoffed at it again, mocked me for it etc etc) now everyones talking about it because its a possible scenario. Yes he was rookie of the year but his offensive game has deficiencies, like his scoring for an example..I threw out a few names but I wouldn’t mind seeing a Wiggins/Exum tandem.. Wiggins is a natural SG and Exum a natural PG and has played that position all his life and wants to play it in the league.. I like Exum’s scoring ability even more than MCW’s, also his court vision and passing ability (subject to change) , also hes younger than MCW whose 23 and Exum 18. So if they traded MCW on draft night it wouldn’t surprise, if they don’t that wouldn’t surprise me either..

    I mentioned that the Lakers had and have strong interest in Exum but now that hes shooting up draft boards (Like I said Exum was but was ridiculed and mocked for saying he was) they wont have a shot at getting him so theyre now trying to trade the pick. (Possibly for Love) Stay tuned

    And last but not least, I mentioned that if OKC loses in the playoffs, Russell Westbrook will be made available for a trade and the Sixers could and would make an offer… Remember all the money/cap room they have…They could send a number of draft picks there way… The options are bountiful.. And think too about the dynamic of a MCW and a Westbrook. MCW would love to pass to a natural scorer over trying to do it all himself especially scoring wise when hes just not a natural scorer… And if they could still get Wiggins at 1, you put him at SF and both MCW and Westbrook could be interchangeable at PG and SG..

    I expect Hinkie to be very active on draft night. Especially if we get the 1st and 10th overall picks. That will put us in the drivers seat and have teams looking to make big time offers..

    As many have said, exciting times for us Sixers fans.. We deserve this for what we’ve had to endure the past 10-12 years, since Iverson led us to the finals… That was a long time ago… This is our draft our night…


    • Jon wanna make a wager that none of your idiotic scenarios come true?

      If yes, I am willing to bet that NONE of the following happen prior to the start of next season.

      1. Parker will drop out of the top 4 picks

      2. Kevin Love will be traded to the sixers

      3. MCW will be traded this offseason

      4. Westbrook will be traded this offseason (to any team not just philly)

      So you basically said its possible one or more of the above will happen I am saying none will. Let’s bet it, loser never posts here again. deal?

      BY the way ZERO reporters, analysts, GMs, scouts, or similar personnel have stated Parker is having weight and conditioning issues. The only person that is saying that is you. Also although the top 3 picks are not doing the combine they will be working out for teams. Get a clue, you dont know what you are talking about.

      • Go play your games with a mentally imprisoned child like yourself..

        I’m strictly sports on here now..

        My trade scenarios are exactly that, MINE. Just like you guys do your mock drafts for 6 months straight and are always wrong, I can have my fun too.

        These are scenarios that can happen, not saying they WILL happen..

        • ok so you are some weirdo that comes on here and “pats themselves on the back” (sounds like something an imprisoned child would do to me) for being right about a bunch of stuff that is so far from reality but you are patting yourself on the back thinking your fantasies are real?

          this is too weird for me.

          i didnt think you had a backbone anyways

        • Strictly sports, in which you know nothing about! Get lost nut job!

  • Regardless of what happens this Draft, the 76ers are 3 Years away from Contending in a weak Eastern Conference..
    They Currently have 2-3 NBA Quality Players on their Roster (MCW, Thadd Young and maybe Wroten as a quality back-up/bench player)
    Adding 2-3 Promising Rookies will definitely add excitement and hope to the 76er Franchise, and be a cuilding block for Future Success, but it’s still going to take a few Year of 25-30 Win Season’s before they contend similar to what the Wizards,Portland Teams have gone thru the last 5 Years..

    • Dont forget Nerlins Noel.. He’s 100% healthy and they seem to like how he projects moving forward..

      But he may be available for trade.. I think the entire roster is available to be honest..

      • thats because you are an idiot. mcw, wroten and noel are not being moved. you have no clue.



        • Still having hissy fits and calling names, I see….Some assholes never change!

  • ***Eagle Rumors*****
    On-going discussions that HC Chip Kelly and UCLA’s Coach Jim Mora Jr will switch Teams next Year as Head Coach’s .. Chip Kelly’s 2 Year Ban from Coaching in College will cease in January 2015 and Jim Mora Jr wants to get back Coaching in the the NFL as bad as Kelly wants to get back to the College Game… Should be an interesting agreement between a Professional Team and a member of the NCAA.
    Remember that you heard it here first..
    Mora’s First Draft Pick in 2015 will be UCLA QB Huntley Fyi..

  • haha Paulman. Hundley has got to show a lot more if his game is gonna translate. I was big on him last year because of 2012 season, but he still has trouble throwing the ball downfield. He stares down WRs and many of his passes are first round quick throw options. Swing passes and other things behind the line of scrimmage.

    • He’s a good 2-3 Years away from competing well at the NFL Level as is Marcus Mariotta, Tedy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, etc,etc but we are Eagles Fans, and we are a Patient Bunch and have nothing but Time on our Side..

      • haha…patient.

    • First read I mean.

  • The most realistic outcome is the Eagles drafting at 1 or 2 Wiggins or Exum then with the second 1st round pick and Thad, they move up to get PF Aaron Gordon…

    Getting Wiggins or Exum then turning around and moving up to draft Gordon would be phenomenal..

    • Sixers*

  • As for the Lakers and Celtics, I mentioned months ago on here that the League wants their top Cities/Franchises to return back to greatness…The Celtics, Lakers, Pistons, Jazz, Sixers etc, and how they could be fixing things behind the scenes for these franchises to return to the top of the league..

    I hope these lotto balls fall right for us.. But if we see the Celtics, Lakers especially with 1 and or 2 then we know that it was fixed… (Remember Kobe is 2 years away from retirement and the league wants to drum up interest in the Lakers and have a guy ready to supplant Kobe after hes gone)..

    The Celtics have always been a championship driven franchise. They have the most in league history, they have rich championship history.. The league wants them to return to greatness as well.. It means a lot to the NBA as a whole, and means huge revenue for it…

    What’s encouraging is that Adam Silver came out during Iversons retirement and said he supported the Sixers decision and their effort they put forth during the season..

    We will see in less then 6 hours what our outcome is..

    • Kobe will be a 76er To finish his Career which is just about Toast anyways
      or perhaps the Knicks and Phil Jackson will make a Deal for him..

      • Not gonna happen, he’s retiring a Laker.. No doubt about it.. He signed a 2 yr deal with the Lakers paul..


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