• May 26, 2022

Football Can’t Get Here Soon Enough

NickFoles5As the Month of May nears an end; the beginning of Eagles training camp inches ever so closer.  The official date has yet to be announced, the rookies had their camp, and OTA’s are soon to follow.

Anticipation for what’s to come; certainly a bit different this season than last.  The curiosity of the coach and his offensive style will not polarize daily headlines.  The starting quarterback position will not be an open competition.  We are not holding our breath that three offensive lineman have healed from major surgeries, and that our rookie tackle can live up to his 4th overall draft selection.  The 3-4 defensive system is returning, no longer a work in progress.

The Eagles are not coming off a poor season, rather one that was full of success and promise.  We saw locker room leadership leave with Vick an Avant; and Pro-Bowl talent in Desean go to a division rival.

Where previous questions have since been answered, others are new and mysterious.

-What has Nick Foles done to prepare for his first “full” season as an NFL starting quarterback?  With his 2013 production, what are reasonable statistics that will mark his 2014 campaign successful?

-What will Maclin and Sproles add to this offense?  Will James Casey find playing time after a complete “no-show” last season?

-Did the Eagles do enough in free agency and through the draft to improve the defense? Will players who appear better fit for a 4-3 defense like Cox, Graham and Curry find a way to make a significant impact?

The schedule on paper is difficult, but the Eagles roster on paper has a promising mix of proven vets and a few guys ready for their coming out party.

With a subpar .500 Phillies team and the Sixers draft almost a month away, most of the Eagles talk from now until training camp will center on which players should be on your fantasy football radar.


Jeff Kolsky

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  • I could not agree more Jeff. I cannot wait for football to get here. The Phillies are killing me right now.

    GO BIRDS!!

  • I disagree, let football come in time, you guys wait around, talk around, meanwhile life is happening right now, but you can’t wait for the eagles and what will most likely end in angst.

    Enjoy summer tool bags

    • SMDH I actually agree with this dude for once.

  • I kind of missed the daily posts about How good or bad Mike Vick is..
    Or about the “gang-friends” of D-Jax… Good Grief….
    This 2014 Eagles Team is deeper, more talented than last years Squad
    Even with the loss of D-Jax..
    I’m curious to see the battles of OL/DL and Secondary as well as a
    New but deeper WR Corps and of course the Back-Up QB Battle which
    I think Sanchez will win over Barkley pretty easily..

    • Stiff 1

      • Stiff 1 vs Stiff 2, whoever doesn’t get a back up receiver killed will win the job. Man oh man I feel bad for the 2nd and 3rd team receivers and backs.

        • Barkley & Dirty Sanchez, suck elephant cock!!!!

          • Hahahahahahabahahahahahahahahahahaha

            • Big, I can never resist, ripping the USC mutts!

        • HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The biggest off season and recurring question through the year on here, in our head and in the media will be if letting Desean go was smart or not. Add that to the top of your list.

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