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What Will Jordan Matthews And Josh Huff Contribute In 2014?

matthewsWith little depth behind their two starting wide receivers, Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin, the Philadelphia Eagles will be seeking help from two rookies in the passing game.

Jordan Matthews, the Eagles second round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, will be taking considerable reps at the slot receiver position, per Head Coach Chip Kelly. The slot receiver is practically a starter in today’s NFL, and Kelly had essentially committed to the second rounder immediately following his selection earlier this month.

The last time the Eagles selected a wide receiver in the second round he panned out pretty well, concluding his time in Philadelphia with a career year in 2013. The loss of DeSean Jackson, that second round pick back in 2008, is a major factor in the lack of depth the Eagles had at the wide receiver position before the draft.

Matthews, a 6-3, 212 pound target for Nick Foles, left Vanderbilt at the top of many of the SEC’s leaderboards. With 262 career receptions and 3,759 career receiving yards, Matthews is first in SEC history in each of those categories. Without near the resume that Matthews has, second round picks from a year ago contributed greatly to their teams.

Robert Woods was selected in the 2013 draft one pick ahead of where Matthews was selected in the 2014 draft. Woods, who played a different role than Matthews is expected to play in, recorded 40 receptions for 587 yards and three touchdowns. The 40 receptions and 587 yards were best among the second round wide receivers from 2013. With the 2014 draft being what some experts call the deepest in decades, particularly at the wide receiver position, which may mean that talent found at the 42nd pick in the draft may have been 22nd, or better, in other years’ drafts. As a receiver who played in the SEC and climbed to first on many of the conference’s all-time charts in his four years as a Commodore, Matthews fits that description perfectly.

In the third round of the draft, the Eagles selected another wide receiver. Former Oregon Duck Josh Huff, a player Chip Kelly was very familiar with, was taken 86th overall. As the current fourth wide receiver on the depth chart, Huff will have a harder task finding playing time with the Eagles than Matthews will. While Huff is a familiar weapon that Kelly will know how to utilize, he will still have to compete with the likes of Cooper, Maclin, Matthews, offensive weapon Darren Sproles, and tight end Zach Ertz as players who are also fighting for time at receiver.

Among the receivers who were selected ahead of the 86th pick, Huff’s draft position, in the 2013 draft, only two of the ten had fewer than three receiving touchdowns. The steal of that draft, San Diego’s Keenan Allen, was selected at 76th overall. Allen finished 2013 with 71 receptions for 1,046 yards and eight touchdowns. Coming into a familiar system, Huff can prove to be the steal of the 2014 draft if given the opportunities.

The 5-11, 205 pounder may have more duties than just on the opposite end of Nick Foles’ throws. With 242 rushing yards and two touchdowns running the ball at Oregon and nearly 1,000 kick return yards, Huff will be a versatile weapon for the Eagles, and we all know how much Chip loves versatility.

From 2011 to 2013, the average second round wide receiver averaged 31 receptions, 447 yards, and 3 touchdowns. In that same span, the average third round wide receiver averaged 24 receptions, 348 yards, and two touchdowns. Under the Chip Kelly offense, Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff will each find ample playing time. Can they deliver and reach the average marks of receivers in recent drafts or will they surpass them?

OTAs for the Philadelphia Eagles began today, the Eagles offseason workouts are progressing and the season is getting closer and closer each passing day.

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Brenden Peddigree

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  • Love the upside of these 2 WR/s in this Eagle Offense

    2014 Stats

    Matthews – 45 Receptions – 585 Yards and 4 TD’s
    Huff – 25 Receptions – 350 Yards and 2 TD’s
    Huff – 20 Carries for 135 Yards and 1 TD

    I envision getting 1-2 Carries/Rushes a Game on End-Arounds
    I see Huff handling all the Kick-Off Return Duties in 2014 and end up with a 28.5 Yard Return Average with a couple of big returns throughout the Season

    I also See Huff taking Reps in the Punt Return Game as well and splitting time with Darren Sproles and by 2015 Season, Huff will handle all Return Duties on a full-time Basis

    Both Matthews and Huff’s Reps and Productivity and Stats will continue to increase each Season..

  • I believe that both of these players will have very good careers with the Birds.

    I can see Matthews having a better career than both Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans. I think that he is that good, that driven, and in a system that will have Kelly exploiting his talents. I don’t know if it will be right from the start however, given the way that we saw Ertz slowly moved into a bigger role last season. I see Huff taking a back seat to Sproles during this season, but given time and Sproles age, it will be in the next few years that his value is shown.

    • Watkins barring injury is better version of Josh Gordan, you can keep Mike Evans don’t like him at all.

      • Maybe you are right Biggie, but only time will tell. Matthews was the only option at Vandy, and week in and week out the guy produced in the SEC. I really think that Kelly will use him and get a ton of production. Watkins playing in Buffalo may also make a difference. We will see in a few years.

  • I like both receivers a lot actually. I think Matthews has a higher ceiling as a pure receiver. I truly think he will be a 1000 yard + guy by his second season and will be a long time stud. Huff i personally like more for a few reasons. He may not get flashy numbers but he plays really nasty which i think this teams receiving core had lacked for a long time. He honestly reminds me of a young Boldin the way he plays, only with more speed and juke ability. He will flat out run you over and gives you the added ability of returns / special teams coverage. It also probably helps that hes ahead of the learning curve as far as Kellys offense. Cant wait for the season GO BIRDS

  • I really like what I read about Matthews. Presents himself really well. Think he has a good chance I make a long term impact.

    Huff, I figure, will play a promnant role in the return game. He can be mentored all year by Sproles, then take over next season.

    I’d be happy with a combined 50-60 catches from the 2 of them. Here’s how I think it will break down:

    If the Eagles complete about 350 passes next season (up 30 from last year due to Foles higher comp% than you know who)

    Maclin 65
    Cooper 60
    Ertz 55
    McCoy 50
    Sproles 30
    Celek 30
    Matthews 30
    Huff 15
    Field 15

  • Lets give these guys some room to breathe and grow! It is difficult for a rookie to come in and have an immediate impact. The jump from college to the pros is a big one! The college stats of Matthews to look at are his freshman stats coming into college where he had 15 receptions for 181 yards.
    Don’t put big expectations on the rookies to coming in to the big leagues right off of the bat. Don’t expect big numbers at all from these kids.

    • Kool these guys just kill me all if them were saying you don’t draft a receiver in the first round because rookie receivers don’t produce, now all the sudden they expect these guys a 2nd rounder and a 3rd rounder and out perform the 1st rounder. Ridiculous

      • By the way I expect both of these guys to be good NFL receivers but I’m not expecting much this year.

        • Biglion these are the same guys who will tell you DJax was a bum and these new guys coming in are going to dominate the league…smh!!

          • Vinnie actually has legitimate totals for the expectations of these rookie receivers if they hit those numbers that would be a good rookie season for both those guys.

      • Nothing unusual about 2nd and 3rd round WRs out performing all the first rounders – it happens all the time. Like last year with Keenan Allen. Or T.Y. Hilton the year before. DeSean Jackson did okay for a second rounder.

        • And Allen and Jackson should have been and were forecasted to be 1st rounders. Hilton was a damn good pick up by Indy but Irish dudes on here contradict themselves on a weekly basis go back and see how many of these same posters said it takes too much time for a rookie receiver to pick up the NFL game and how it takes a year before they make a true impact but now they expect these guys to step right up and duplicate what they did in college.

          • The WR position is a hard position to project. It has been for as long as I can remember.

            Back when Dick Vermeil was coach, he would openly tell anyone who asked what players he like in the upcoming draft. I remember in 1982 Vermeil said his first choice at WR would be Anthony Hancock, his second choice would be Perry Tuttle. If neither of those guys were available he would choose Mike Quick…. Thank God those guys were gone when the Eagles pick at #20.

            More recently I remember all the Eagles fans crying over the fact that the Redskins took Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly with their first two picks in 2008. Everybody thought those two guys would make the Redskins instant winners. Nobody like the Eagles picking undersized DeSean Jackson…. Until the games started….

          • Guys in the 2nd and 3rd etc produce all the time because fans and GMs overvalue names and under value schemes
            They are drafted into.

            T.Y Hilton is a true no.1. Allen drafted in to perfect spot in NO as the 3rd-4th option for Brees.

            Matthews will have value all year in the red zone and Huff could be really special with his familiarity of Kellts offense. Pundits everywhere like the pick ups because of scheme and how they fit.

            Sproles may be counting his blessings that he signed two years guaranteed because Huff will be taking that slot job next year.

          • Matthews and Huff were not projected as 1’s like Keenan Allen or Hilton were…everyone knew that DJax had the talent to be a number 1 easily….just pump the breaks give the guys time to develop. Matthews in his freshman year had 15 catches…thats a good number to expect from him this year in a rookie season

  • DeSean Jackson had 62 reception for 912 yards as a rookie. I don’t see any reason why Mathews can’t come in and have an inpact, as long as they throw him the ball.

    As far as I’m concerned Mathews is better right now than Copper – and Maclin is just off an injury.

    Take a look at what guys like Keenan Allen, DeAndre Hopkins, and Terrance Williams did last year. I think Mathews is as good or better than any of those guys.

  • Sean Lee torn ACL? My goodness this guy cant catch a break. Reports are Lee may have suffered a torn ACL in non-contact drills in Dallas today. This is why I have NO FAITH in Maclin. Certain players just always get hurt and are snake-bitten. I fully expect Maclin to be hurt again this year somehow someway. Its just the way it is.

    • Sean Lee is snake-bitten like Dan Connor was
      Injuries every year.. It’s a shame for him and this will hurt the Coeboys big time on the fact that he would have been the leader and hear tv& soul of their
      Very young and inexperienced in playing together
      Front 7 with no Ware,Hatcher and now Lee..
      Attack their Defense rifhtbupbtge gut and the middle of their Defense with Running Gane and TE’s Cekek & Ertz exploiting
      The middle of the field with a very shaky Safety Corps behind them..

  • If Maclin goes down for the year Matthews will win Roy

  • ROY Receiver Candidates who will see lots balls their way
    Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans…
    But watch for Bradin Cooks for the Saints who released, traded Receivers
    Darren Sproles,Robert Meachem, Lewis Moore so there will be plenty of opportunities, formations that Coach Payton will utilize Cooks
    A dark horsexRoikie Receiver Luke be DaVante Adams of the Packers
    And Dontae Moncrief of the Colts who play with great QB’s who will find you and get you the ball..

  • Reports are Cowboys contacted Eagles about the availability of
    LB DeMeco Ryans …

  • barely 7-9 paste it.

  • So……

    Who here would say the receivers are an upgrade if the Eagles have a losing season?

    • the same people that would say you are a racists, homophobic, anti semite and a totally classless douche!

      • Clap…clap….clap…


        A truer post I have not read in months.

      • In yo face!!!! LOL!

    • There’s nobody on the Eagles today who is a better receiver than DeSean Jackson. I think even Chip Kelly would admit that.

      The point Howie keeps pushing is that Kelly wants something from the WR position that DJax was not delivering. He never says what that is, but I suspect it has something to do with blocking and some other things WRs do when they don’t have the ball.

      I would say Kelly wants to win more games not upgrade the WR position. Maybe he thinks a different kind of WR will help him win more games. Maybe he’s right – Maybe he’s wrong. I’m not going to lose my job if he’s wrong….

  • Can we stop with the DJax slurping?? Although he had his best year last year, & we stupidly got nothing for him, he WAS NOT a #1 WR, was a 1 trick pony, & a locker room enigma! Don’t give up on Matthews just yet! He will be a stud. Bank on it! I’ve been touting him, for most of the year now. He’s big, quick, not fast, has great hands, & is good at YAC. Huff will be a jack-of-all trades WR, that will be a good weapon for this team. Maclin is gone after this year. He’s an injury plagued, alligator armed wuss, who’s made of tissue paper. I’m sick of him catching, & falling to the ground. Cooper had a hand full good games last year, but other than that, has been a non-factor in his career.

    • DCar you have to slurp when Djax has the best season in the last 100 years as a Eagle from the WR position behind Mike Quick in Eagles history. Why wouldn’t you slurp for a WR with 20 tds over 50 yards at age 27? Who needs a player with those NFL records? Its obvious that WR don’t fall off trees in this organization. My oh my how we forget the Torrence Smalls, Charles Johnsons, Pinksons,Na Browns, and the “I like to thank my hands” of the the world. Sounds like a #1 to me. Who gives a fuck if he was a 1 trick pony. Shaq was a 1 trick pony and oh what a wonderful trick it was. I have no problem with Matthews. But I sure would of loved to see Matthews, Djax, Huff and Cooper as our starting WR. Just saying.

      • If you think Shaq was a one trick pony you know nothing about basketball.

  • It’s funny we’re talking about our 2nd & 3rd picks, and not our #1 draft pick lol. Boy I sure hope Smith isn’t a bust. The Eagles haven’t been so hot with their past 5 first rd picks…Jeremy Maclin 2009 ( injury prone, but has upside) Brandon Graham 2010 (so far, BUST) Danny Watkins 2011 (110% BUST) Fletcher Cox 2012 ( not sure what to think yet) Lane Johnson 2013 (I think this kid will be just fine)

    • DMAN, because it was a stupid, reach pick, & I don’t think most of us want to get aggravated discussing it again! Smith is Brandon Graham 2.0. Remember, you heard it here 1st!

  • Eagles have to reverse roles for Smith. You hope Smiths athletic ability allows him to drop back in coverage his 1st year and he replaces Barwin in that role. Then you let Barwin rush the passer more this year, Barwin was relegated to being more of a coverage LB because Cole couldn’t do anything but rush. Now maybe Barwin can be more of a pass rusher while Smith drops back in coverage until he gets bigger and stronger next year.

  • One baseball note. Cole Hamels. For 25 million a year can Cole Hamels ever like pitch a complete game giving up 1 or 2 runs or maybe even a shutout? For 25 million you would think once in awhile a guy could be under 100 pitches in 6 innings and pitch a complete 1 run game. Its like groundhog day with Phillies pitchers. You know in the 7th inning Hamels will have 180 pitches and give up a 3 run HR. Lee will give up his 3 run HR in 1st or 2nd and Kendricks will last 6 innings with 200 pitches. my goodness.

  • The funny thing is that the Eagles moved up in the draft to pick Marquise Lee and settled for Jordan Matthews the 7th WR taken in the draft. Now all of the sudden Matthews is fucking Jerry Rice if you read all the Eagles blogs. He is bigger, stronger and faster then every WR taken. Hell if he was that good he wouldn’t of been the 7th WR taken. You read the Eagle blogs and boards you would think Matthews was a top 5 pick. Not the 7th WR taken. Something happened between the draft and now. What could it be? He didn’t play a game to elevate his status. Oh yeah he spoke well and was drafted by the Eagles that’s what has made him Jerry Rice.

    • well said.

    • Yep, that’s what I’m talking about Dag, again I think he’ll be okay but the expectations are crazy and don’t get me started on Smith just watch his game tapes from 2012 kid was overmatched I give Charlie Strong much credit for standing him up and moving him around in 2013 got at least 9 of his 14.5 sacks because he wasn’t touched. Sorry the NFL doesn’t work that way.

    • If that was written anywhere, please post the link. Howie said multiple times they traded up for Matthews and that Kelly was in love with the WR. They could have easily had Marquise Lee if they really wanted him.

  • Eagles had some real Lady Luck on their side avoiding any major injurie’s
    To their Starters and were atop the NFL in “games not missed by Starters”
    Which is one of the big reasons they got stronger and stronger as the Season went along, sane guys, learning a new system finally got the hang of it by
    Mid-season.. Players like Peters, Celek, Trent Cole, C Barwin played
    Very well down the stretch, if the Veterans can hit the ground running to Start out and young players like Foles, Cox,Logan, Kendrick’s, Ertz, Lane Johnson Wolff, can all improve in year 2 of Kelky’s Program
    Along with contributions from Veterans Maclin ,Jenkins, Sproles,then Eagles
    should win the NFC East
    Lots of if’s but you can say that for 25 Teams in the NFL
    And every Team in the NFC East for sure..,

  • Here we go saying the same shit as usual lol. Now the Eagles wanted Lee but settled on Matthews.

    Oh and the stupidity of a career 50 reception 1kyd 5td receiver was a number one. Who had 1 great year in an offensive designed by a first year coach but it’s all the Wrs doing.

    Never mentioning the kid played in one of the most pass heavy offenses in NFL history under Reid.

  • It sounds like an echo chamber in here sometimes……so now the story is that they traded up in the 2nd round to get Lee. That was some good work Dag, way to break the story, because I have not read that anywhere.

    I get it….some people just like attention. If you are just negative on every player and every move that the team makes, you can get attention….eventually you will be correct with one of the statements and then you will claim to be an expert (remember Burflict and FraudSongs)…. If you just take the opposite view that the team then you are “just being real”….a tough fan who knows better than all of the professional football personell people.

    Look, IMO, this team, HC and FO have brought a lot of extra scrutiny by their fanbase when they took the unusual move of cutting their best WR. No question, the honeymoon is over for Kelly….it is put up or shut up.

    From his actions it is plain to see that Kelly values the “team” over the “star”. I know that we have all been burned in the past with Reid and his view that it was his “system” that was important, and not talented players…I get it and I for one had trouble with Reid when he made moves that supported his “system” model. That being said, no one can claim that Kelly did not know that he would be putting a big bullseye on his back with the DJax move. In his estimation, it is the sum of all of the parts with this offense….the ability to have versitle players who do a number of things well as opposed to a player who does a smaller number of things extrodinarily well. This is Kelly’s call, no doubt, and he will be forever judged by the results of this move.

    I do like Matthews and Huff. I believe that they are both good fits for this offense, and that they will be contributors in future years. How much this rookie season remains to be seen.

    • Greenfan Im sorry you werent in the loop when 2 philly beat writers reported that Lee was there target. Also the attention thing
      works both ways. Fans that suck Barney Rubbles cock and agree with everything he does are looking for attention. I get it.

      • You are right dag, I did not see the reports about Lee being the Birds target. Who were the beat writer’s that you are quoting? I would like to read that for myself.

        The only cock sucking that I see on here is the usual suspects who have moved on from sucking MV, to DJax and now have become haters of Kelly. Funny thing was that after training camp and Kelly named Vick as the starter, these same dudes were all over Kelly as a genius….really funny how that works. Oh by the way, you’ve got something dribbling off your chin…clean it off, it looks pretty gross.

        • Greenfan you want to hear something really funny, I didn’t want Kelly here and I have never liked him, in fact bringing Vick back should have been everyone’s first clue about the ego that he has, it’s just something about his smug arrogant ways that rub me the wrong way. Andy was horrible at press conferences, Kelly is just condescending and if the train goes off the tracks the media here will wage all out war against him. Just watch.

          • But it hasnt.

          • You have to explain how bringing back Vick was an ego move.

            What Kelly does is no different than Reid and to say otherwise is just personal preference. What pisses people off is that hes doing it his way and could care less so people get salty because they want to stick everything in a perfect little box and do things a certain way.

            I watched and read this site for a while before commenting and when Reid was here majority of everyone bitched and moaned about no offensive balance etc. Then I saw a majority of posters say this guy would fall on his face college wont translate to pros. Then it was the offense was over when Vick got hurt. Then it was McCoy would get shut down. Then it was Foles would fall back to Earth its over after the Cowboys/Giants game.

            Now after no one…ABSOLUTELY NO ONE…predicted this team to be good year 1 or make the playoffs….Kelly better make the playoffs this year or its over. Make or break year.

            FANS ARE IDIOTS.

            Lmao hypocritical assclowns.

            • IJ I can distinguish between the two you weren’t on this site when Kelly was hired and I bashed it but guess what? I was one of 3 people who said if things fell right they could win the division because even with my dislike of him I still thought they can win, again I’m not one of those in Chip we trust assholes. Like I said he wins it’s cool he starts losing the press will run his ass back to the NCAA.

            • IJ I shouldn’t have to explain the Vick move to you, your intelligent.

              • Biggie, legit question here. What Vick move and what motives are you assigning to this move? I am losing what you are getting at….yes, you can absolutely call me stupid here, because I am missing what you are saying. As I recall, Vick stated that he wanted to be a starter in the league, and that he was going to pursue a team where he could start (which makes it even more confusing how he stated last week that Smith would be the starter in NY). I believe that the Birds would have liked to of had him back, but he wanted to go elsewhere…..as I recall it was his decsion.

                Not trying to be a prick here, am I missing something?

              • Big I’m trying to put in context what exactly youre trying to say. IMO Vick was here for two reason…they wanted EJ Manuel going into last years draft. When that wasn’t an option they really didnt have any choice but to stick with Vick because they had nothing they could replace him with. Yes Foles was on the roster but he was an unknown and there was nothing on the FA or Trades that made sense but to ride Vick out one more year. When they passed on Geno Smith I knew Vick was here to stay last year.

                I don’t understand how thats ego. DJax is Ego/Philosophy. That I understand. Just like I understand the sentiment of those who hold that is the axe over the neck if the season falls apart.

              • IJ remember everybody and their momma was ready to move on from Vick but Kelly says I can make it work and he did. The Billy Davis hiring the thinking that lower level talent on defense will suffice because my offense will win games. He drafted 5 out of 7 defensive players this year but all depth guys. The continuous bringing in PAC 12 guys and were supposed to believe that the scouts recommended these guys and not Chip. Listen you know I really like Vick but he absolutely wanted him back and that would in my opinion hurt Foles in the long run.

              • Greenfan I’m not talking about this year. Your right if the Jets offer wasn’t there Kelly would have brought him back again this year.

              • I think the motives behind the Vick move last year was pretty clear.

                Foles gave them a better chance to win games.

                Bottom line….without any sinester motives, Foles put the team in a better position to win games. He ran the offense more efficiently, with less turnovers and scored more points. Yes, he had poor games, but ultimately he performed at a very high level and put the team in a better position to win games. Kelly is about winning games. You are right Biggie, it was a pretty simple move….play the QB that gives you the best chance to win.

          • OK Biggie, I wouldn’t say that was funny, but I get it.

            I see exactly the same arrogant ego with Kelly….but there are a lot of coaches…successful coaches that I would put in that same catagory. Maybe that is part of what makes them a success….confidence in what they believe and what they are doing. I view Buddy Ryan, Rex Ryan, Jimmy Johnson, Mike Ditka, Lovie Smith, Bill Belichek, Pete Carroll, Jim Harabaugh…..hell, the list could get pretty damn long……I view them all as having an arrogant streak and hating to deal with the media. I agree exactly with what you say about the media. If you are arrogant they will be quick to pile on and it will make your life tougher……yeah, Andy Reid seemed like a nice guy, but after years of acting like an asshole during the press conferences and saying the same bullshit year after year, the press even turned on him. At this point give me an arrogant asshole who wins….I am sure that there were plenty of Patriot fans think Bellichek was an asshole before he won the SB. It all depends on winning…..if Kelly wins, he stays….if he loses he will be gone in a few years. That is the way the NFL works.

            • Jim Harbaugh is EXHIBIT A of that and his personality not only will alienate the media/fans if they dont win it will do the same on his players.

              They tried to trade him lol.

              • Yes, IJ, he is the poster child for arrogant coach.

                The funny thing is that his brother John is almost the polar opposite of this personality. I would have to believe that it has to do with Jim having been a successful QB in a big college program and have some success as an NFL QB. John had to come up through the coaching ranks and operates with much more humility.

              • Jim was a beast as an athlete both basketball and football growing up thats just being an athlete and being uber competitive. However this has to be the 49ers year. Or his combustible demeanor will start to be his downfall. Teams arent giving coaches like him 12 years to win a title.

        • He’s qouting Mock Drafts as the source of information. LMAO

          Lee was targeted to go in the first round and morons jumped all over it as the Gospel and he fell to the 2nd and went right past the Eagles. The Eagles loved him so much they passed on him to not once but twice in the first round to take a project with the 26th pick.

          Stop making shit up.

        • The bottom line is that the Eagles deserve a negative look until they win a championship. Kelly did an ok job last year…but the bottom line is that he lost a game we should have won..the biggest game…the playoffs! Kelly has done good things and things that are not so good…bringing Vick back was a good move and he proved himself in training camp and the OTA’s by beating Foles head up…simple as that…he got hurt and Foles step in at the exact right time that the Eagles schedule was filled with the worst teams in the league…he did his job…now this year he is the QB and Kelly has done him no favors at all….Kelly’s ego is going to bite Foles in the ass!

          • That is what I don’t get….the way you lay it out it is all about luck….Vick has the bad luck of an injury and Foles has the good luck of an “Eagles schedule filled with the worst teams in the league”.

            It’s your opinion, I guess you can see it that way. Foles may very well be a flash in the pan, he may be a “one hit wonder”….but you also need to admit that for all of the exciting plays that Mike Vick has had, he has a serious injury issue that has prevented him from playing a full season. It is very unlikely that this situation will improve as he gets older.

          • If you havent won a championship in the last 10 years thats every team in the NFL. Foles stepping in at the right against the worst teams in the NFL is far from an accurate statement. They beat the Bears/Lions/Cardinals and had to win on the road.

            Vick didnt beat out Foles in training camp and the preseason. All that it showed was both players brought entirely different aspects to the offense and most fans were more excited about the option/run aspect with Vick then seeing Foles carve up defenses with short passes and screens. No more no less. Hindsight 20/20 the preseason was an exact reflection on the season for the both of them and Vick showed he still no matter what is just a one trick pony. Big play inconsistent inaccurate. Foles was the opposite and what he lacked in big plays he made up in accuracy and consistency.

            The Eagles gave up one player. DJax. Thats hardly saying hes doing his QB no favors. The same can be said when we trotted out Avant in the slot on 3rd down and he was being covered by slow LBs and we had no 3rd down RB and rode McCoy like a horse.

            Hes given him even more security blankets on offense. Foles doesnt make dumb plays(as of yet). He will take the 4 yd pass and keep the chains moving. Adding a player like Sproles will be huge.

            The Screen game last year was terrible IMO. Sproles and Huff/Matthews will play big roles in that this year.

            The Eagles should have lost to the Saints. The Saints exploited all of our flaws last year because they were a better team. Even with those flows and the band aids that we had out there defensively etc we were in it.

            The loss helped us not get hoodwinked into Fools gold like the Redskins the year previous and bring back a team that was entirely the same and hope that things will get better.

            And that Fools gold can easily be “Foles Gold” if he struggles this year. However his struggles will be because defenses are game planning his tendencies etc. Not because he lost one player. Thats pure nonsense. No different then coaches saying”Oh you want to run the option again this year, Ok well I just told my DE regardless of the handoff destroy the QB”

            That shit ended real quick.

  • The biggest Reason that Kelly brought Vick back last Year, was in his 1st Season as HC of the Eagles, he did not know if QB Foles could handle his Offense or not and went with the safe bet and move of bringing back a veteran like Vick who obviously knows the Players, Lockeroom, is Athletic, etc,etc… which is why he also Draft Matt Barkley.. Now fast forward a Year and Kelly feels good about Fole’s and his upside of running an effective Offense..

    • and they wanted EJ Manuel in last years draft.

      • Eagles drafted 4th and Manuel went 16th. So I guess they wanted him about as much as they wanted Johnny Manziel this year…

        Oh and they’ll want Marcus Mariotta next year just as much as they wanted the other two guys they could have easily had, but passed over.

        • EJ Manuel WAS NOT supposed to go top 15 in the first round. That was the suprise pick of the draft. The Eagles just like many others thought he would be there easily in the 2nd.

          He looked like a kid teams could grab in 2nd or even 3rd and put away. That would have worked for Kelly.

        • It will be up to Foles and the offense on what they want next year. Foles holds the direction of the franchise for the upcoming years. If hes Derek Andersen this team is going to be a ways away from getting a top QB.

  • Congrats to Nick Foles #70, Jason Peters #67, and Djax #63, for there place on NFL Networks top 100 players as voted by the players. Way to represent Philly. The Eagles should have 2 players left. Kelce coming up shortly and Shady who should be in top 3 right behind Peyton.

    • That number is about right for Nick, I thought Peters and DJax would have been lower and yes Dag I’m thinking Shady comes in top 5 with Brady, Rodgers, Manning and AP.

  • Loudmouth in Seattle will probably finish top 5 pushing one of the QB’s out but he shouldn’t be because unlike a true shutdown corner like Prime Time he only plays one side of the field. Sherman is good but I’ll take Patrick Peterson over him all day.

  • Top # 5 (Based on 2013 Performance)
    Peyton Manning, Jamall Charles, LeSean McCoy,
    Megatron & Richard Sherman…
    (Safety Earl Thomas will be up there too as he is the heart & soul
    Of that tough Seahawk Defense)

    Brady had a so-so 2013
    Rodgers missed too many games
    AP was not dominant in 2013

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