• December 4, 2021

Fantasy Football Rankings 2014: Defenses/Kickers

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Seattle SeahawksFantasy Football 2014 Rankings: Kickers & Defense/Special Teams


1.  Stephen Gostkowski, NE

2.  Matt Prater, DEN

3. Mason Crosby, GB

4. Steven Hauschka, SEA

5. Phil Dawson, SF

6.  Justin Tucker, BAL

7. Adam Vinatieri, IND

8. Nick Folk, NYJ

9. Blair Walsh, MIN

10. Nick Novak, SD

11. Robbie Gould, CHI

12. Matt Bryant, ATL

13. Dan Bailey, DAL

14. Shayne Graham, NO

15. Greg Zuerlein, STL

16. Shaun Suisham, PIT

17. Sebastian Janikowski

18. Dan Carpenter, BUF

19. Graham Gano, CAR

20. Mike Nugent, CIN





Defense/Special Teams

1 Seattle Seahawks

2 St. Louis Rams

3. Carolina Panthers

4. San Francisco 49ers

5. Arizona Cardinals

6. Kansas City Chiefs

7. Baltimore Ravens

8. Cincinnati Bengals

9. Denver Broncos

10. Buffalo Bills

11. New Orleans Saints

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

13. Chicago Bears

14. New England Patriots

15. Cleveland Browns

16. Pittsburgh Steelers

17. Green Bay Packers

18. Philadelphia Eagles

19. Detroit Lions

20. San Diego Chargers




Jeff Kolsky

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  • A Surprise Defense this Season may be the Minnesota Vikings under
    new HC Mike ZImmer who is a very good and accomplished Defensive Coach and specializes in Developing a Pass Rush and Forcing Turnovers..

  • Naw. The Browns. Their D looked like they could put a hurting on folk.

    • Browns D does have some Players on it and will definitely get to the QB…
      CB Haden and Safety Gipson look like ball-hawks..
      DL looks big and active and will get their share of Sacks..
      if they can develop a Running Game, they will keep some games Close and have a shot to Win 7-8 Games, but they do lack outside WR’s with the impending Suspension of WR Josh Gordon and of course have QB issues..

  • TS there you are. You still haven’t explained why Eagle fan should be concerned about your Redskin hero.

    What, again, do we have to fear from a QB with bad mechanics who gets bounced around the field like a rag doll (even in preseason) and who will average 8 games a year (at best) with the punishment he brings upon himself?

    • Sorry to jump in here but why should Redskins fans be concerned about our defense after the 2 shitshows we’ve been privy too? Just sayin.

    • lol.

      Where did I say Eagles fan should be worried about The Skins. I’ve said (oh I don’t a gazillion times) that I fully expect the Eagles to win this division. That the Skins were likely their biggest comp. That they have a good offense but their o-line and defense will likely hold them back.

      If from that you get “Eagle fan should be concerned” well…*shrug*

      • It’s because you hedge your bets on everything. Simple and plain to see.

        I heard McCoy still misses Vick…the defenses will just load the box and shut him down…oh wait….

        lmao TsFlipFlop

        • Um…show me where I said anywhere that the Ealges wouldn’t win the division..I’ll wait….

          “the defenses will just load the box and shut him down”

          Check that NO game playboy, hell Dallas too. They handled Shady plenty well. And NO while a top 5 defense in most categories wasn’t that great against the run. And talk to me AFTER we’ve played some of the best defenses in the league this year minus any real deep threat.

          Once again we play in a WEAK division. Which is WHY we are likely to win it. Same as last year. No hedging bets, just looking at the competition.

          • TsFlipFlop

            See what happens when you talk out of both sides of your mouth. Lets check that NO and Dallas game. Where for a majority of the game their base defenses were man to man on the outside with heavy press coverage. Why do you do that? Of course so you can put guys in the box. Why do you put guys in the box to stop the run….but wait…we had Djax on the outside teams HAVE to respect us(except the weakest part of his game is press man).

            Even more hilarious that this came out of your mouth when you are one of the biggest Djax hypebeast on here….and then point out the two games where man coverage and the ability to beat the press would have helped in that game if supposed No.1 elite receiver could beat coverage on his side.

            Oh yeah tell me how this offense can’t score without a deep threat when multiple scoring plays beyond 20yds to Cooper WERE WITHOUT DJAX on the field. I mean yes please talk to me when of the biggest aspects of this offense is getting action on the LBs with the RB using the TE underneath or behind the LB to draw Safety help ALLOWING ONE ON ONE on the outside….

            I mean it was a miracle Cooper got open on the outside with Damaris Johnson and Jason Avant as the WR threat and caught a TD.

            Lmao talk football not your vague ass half in half out nonsense.

            We will win but this….this will happen but only because of this…

            This team will fall apart with Vick gone but….McCoy will struggle because of Foles but….

            LMAO “Rolls Eyes” shrugs

            • Even funnier….is that the achillees heel of this team was on full display vs the Chiefs…Man up bump and run coverage on the outside box loaded intent on stopping the run.

              With Vick at QB and DJax at Wr…lmao….yet Foles(who I am not sold on so dont even try your typical bullshit to lump me in with anyone else) Foles utilized every weapon in the offense better than Vick ever has and McCoy had his best season under an average weak armed QB.

              LMAO GTFOH with that bullshit.

              • Um..

                Everyone on here talked about man coverage being the achilles heel of the Eagles offense. And that was true regardless of QB, b/c folk weren’t getting consistently open.

                But Kelly talked about that and changing some things to get folk open more (running Jax out of the back field etc.) – so you’re Ha Ha Ha-ing and that was talked about ad nauseum on this very board.

                You…for whatever reason have issue with me and so want to start fights where there are none.

                You can’t show me where I flip flopped on anything. Though I keep asking you too. But that’s typiclal of trolls on this site.


              • We can talk football or we can talk hype…thats your deal not mine. I have issue with anyone that infers or just uses innuendo as the crux of their argument.

                Of course you dont want to talk about last year….because the only time you can gloat on anything is about a playoff loss….lol except you had the team dead as soon as Vick went down and have been backpedaling since.

                Your very own words are that the offense will struggle without DJax but you will conveniently follow that up with “Oh but they played a bad defense” or “oh its because the division is weak” lol.

                I’m still tripping on mobile Qbs not specifically being Vick…lmao thats a better backpedal than Richard Sherman.

            • Once again show me where I said – the Eagles wouldn’t win the division…I’ll wait.

              You keep claiming I flip flop…show me where I said the Ealges wouldn’t win the division?

              I’ll wait…again…

              And I’ll say what I said above again….when we play better defenses…the rubber meets the road…NO was a better defense and Dallas had our number (I know you’re focusing on stacking the box, but that wasn’t and still isn’t my point) and they handled Shady just fine.

              Hell so did the Giants while we are at it.

              SO I will say what I”VE BEEN SAYING – we will win against bad competition (see most of last year) – we will split mediocre competition (see Bears and Vikes (thought they could be considered bad) and we we lose against good competition (see NO and any other playoff team we played).

              So that’s 9-7 or 10-6. And likely a division title.

              AND I didn’t say Shady would be better with Vick I said a mobile QB – and that it wasn’t Vick specific. AND I also said that with Vick out Shady would have to focus more on getting those hard yards (he gets a couple and the line gets a couple) then focusing on the big runs ’cause folk aren’t going to bite with a non-mobile QB in.

              So if you’re gonna quote me…quote me right.

              But that was last year…we’re talking this year. Where have I said ANYWHERE that the Ealges wouldn’t win the division.

              I’ll wait….

              • And without a mobile QB theres legit talk about Shady getting 2k yards in this offense….

                I mean with a mobile QB he might be able to get 3 THOUSAND YARDS!!!!

                It never stops….

                Yet a team with virtually the same parts from the previous 2 seasons does a complete turn around and it was because it was a weak division. A division that they were cellar dwellars or bottom half in for almost 3 years that has been weak since about 2011.


                “Rolls eyes” shrugs

                The Eagles will only win because the division sucks…. Got it lol

              • SO you still cant’ show me where I flipped flopped?


              • Show me where I said you flip flopped on the Birds winning the division. I called you out on the million flip flops before that.

                I showed that and then some…..

                “Rolls eyes” shrugs

                Lol oh my bad you just meant mobile Qbs in general not specific…or dont address anything defense related…or dont respond to scheme of the offense being based off the run and getting big down field plays because of the it. Or how defenses with heavy many coverage exposed Vick and DJax FOR YEARS….but its Chip Kellys and Foles undoing

                I’ll Wait…..

                Reread the original post….lol all your holding onto is something that I DIDNT SAY lol

                TYPICAL HYPEBEAST.

              • Actually you didn’t show me anything.

                You have yet to show me where i “flip flopped” on anything. At. All.

                What you’re point out isn’t anything I “flip flopped on.” YOU read the original post. Vinnie calling me out about Ealges being scared of RG3 – Me saying I never said that – You talking about “stacking the box.”

                One of those things don’t belong.

                You’re not talking football. You’re arguing about things that were never mentioned.

                Me saying the Eagles will win or not win the division is Hype?

                Okay. *shrug* like I said you want to argue. Pick a fight about things that weren’t said, the conversation wasn’t about, or points that have been made elsewhere, but wasn’t about what the inital convo was about.

                You win the Internet for the day. *claps*

              • “Your very own words are that the offense will struggle without DJax ”

                1. I didn’t say that. My post above said without a deep threat regarding teams being able to stop Shady better
                2. BUT you’re coming at me for that when there are others who feel similarly.
                3. I also pointed out that the Ealges are still likely to win the division.

                But hey keep arguing ish that doesn’t matter.

              • Lol here you go bringing up Vinnie and others. In the same post mentioning talking about other shit blah blah…

                Please stop the bullshit lol because you were one the first DJax hypebeasts Kelly this offense over that.

                Even funnier is your talking about picking fights I’m a iron about football when all I have called you out on is pure football.

                Lol yeah its all Vinnie’s fault….

                He makes you respond and post nonsense. Now conveniently its lack of deep threat. Yet multiple big plays over 20 yds were without a deep threat on the field.

                Lol but make yourself feel better with “shrugs” “claps” “eye rolls”

  • Shadys Departure started on this day! The news of the day was Chip was asked about Shady and his work habits. Chip says some days hes great and some days its ok. The Philly beat writers Jeff Mosher and Derrick Gunn said Chip would of never said that about Ryans or Barwin. lmao.

    • Here we go with the GWIP.COM bullshit hypebeasting…just say you hate the team and pick a new squad lmao

      the pessimistic nonsense every 5 mins is bullshit lmao.

  • The beat writers are laughing. Billy Davis now is stating Marcus Smith may have to wait until year 2 to develop. They knew he was a project but didn’t know he was this much of a project.lol. He will be deactivated all damn year unless there is a rash of injuries.IMO.

    • dag I saw that too.

      Truth be told, if you want to be honest here, if Reid, Banner & Castilo had made the same pick and then statement like Davis, we would all be KILLING them right now.

      I believe that this team is going to jump out hot at the start of this season, but if for some reason they do not, I believe that rightfully there will be a lot of Birds fans that are giving Kelly and Roseman the benefit of the doubt right now and they will quickly turn. The whole DJax fiasco has set Chip up in a “win now or face the wrath of the fans” situation. We all know it, so are jumping the gun in criticizing Kelly (hi Biggy 🙂 ) but no doubt that when you cut your best reciever and then pick a self described “project” with your 1st round pick, you had better win now to make everyone forget.

      GO BIRDS!!

      • LMAO

  • First off stop the bullshit….


    “It’s OK,” Kelly said, smiling. “Some days he’s great out there. There’s other days he’s not so great.”

    So tell me how the hell that turned into he was down on Shady…the entire article is on philly.com and says nothing of about that…..

    Get ya facts right..dont make shit up.

    • Relax Izell. Its just my opinion and kinda getting a handle on how Chip works. I could be wrong but its my opinion and it was actually what the beat writers saqid also. Just something to keep your eye on. Plus Derrick Gunn actually said some shit that wasn’t in the article.

      • Plus reporters who actually cover Chip for a reason noted that you really send a message and show what you really think about a player in jest. I don’t know I don’t actually cover the team and Im not around them so I have to trust what reporters and beat writers say to a certain extent.

        • Sorry but every article regarding Shadys toe explicitly say Kelly was annoyed with the amount of questions regarding his injury and he stated bluntly they were making a big deal about nothing. Also stated in the articles clearly its on Philly.com full blast “SARCASM ALERT”…..

          Twitter clickbait articles are full of shit.

          • as far as chips comment about shady… um you guys do realize they are probably in a film room laughing their ass off together about it…. chip probably says..’hey watch this, these suckers are gonna run with it’… gullible suckers! hilarious!

  • Izell let me ask you this do the Eagles ever make bad decisions in your eyes? Or is every move they make beyond any fan questioning them?

    • Questioning every move week 2 into preseason makes no sense.

      Its ok to question but the over the top projection (GOOD or BAD) is nonsense in my book. I wouldnt call Smith a bust nor would I call Matthews Jerry Rice.

      I went into the year not thinking we were a Superbowl contender and I stick to that. We would need players like Cox and Kendricks to take huge steps and be dominant defensively to make up for Reids terrible drafting at the end of his tenure.

      I am amused and annoyed when I see the Chip bashing because honestly no one has a leg to stand on until the end results of this year. Not one person expected what the Eagles did last year and no one can say otherwise. Suddenly a coach takes a team that was a basement dweller wins the division etc and now this year is make or break…DUMBEST THOUGHT PROCESS EVER.

      • Like I said Izell I don’t like anything about Chip Kelly and when the preseason was over realtalk myself and a few others said there was no reason they couldn’t win the division. So build on that and get the right pieces and make a run that’s all. Shortsighted whatever I guarantee before last year the Falcons thought they were on track for a Super Bowl bid. How did that end up? What if Foles turns into Matt Schaub how did that work out for the Texans?

        • What do you think their doing.now? Win now doesn’t work! Show me a win now team that went worst to first than won the Super Bowl year 2.

          Did Peyton Manning and the. Broncos win the Super Bowl last year? How about the year before that. It doesn’t work has never worked and will never work. Y’all act like the team says nah we don’t want to win this year. If a rookie has to make an impact on your team to take another step…you don’t have enough talent on your team! This team needed MULTIPLE players to be Super Bowl contenders. Chip sucks Chip takes us to the Bowl we only need a few pieces…

          Who the hell got us in this position to even think this way….

          Oh yeah Chip Kelly….

          Lol no but he sucks though year 2 it’s over make or break.

          GWIP.com lol

          • When you draft projects that says down the line, you throw Denver out there but when Manning was available they went out and got him when he was nowhere near 100 percent and continue to add pieces while drafting guys like Cody Latimer. Big big difference in strategy and who’s closer to winning Denver or Philadelphia?

            • Denver was a very good team before they added Manning. They were close, just didn’t have a QB.

              No one says you can’t add a FA to put a team ‘over the top’. Seattle added a couple guys last year….AFTER they had spent the previous 4 (5?) years building their team for a run.

              When Kelly took over, this team was not close. The D was historically bad. The O had some pieces, but needed work at tackle, TE, and obviously QB.

              There has been a massive overhaul on o (by the end of this second year there will be new starters at QB, rt, TE, and 2 wr spots (with changes coming at both guard spots for next year)

              The D is an even bigger project. It will take several years for them to mold it into what they are looking for.

              It’s a freekin natural, and unfortunately, slow process.

              When Kelly took over, I recognized this was going to be a transformation that would take several years. Apparently the 10-6 run last year has some of you pretty delusional….thinking its win or else this year. How stupid.

              Gus Bradly is doing good things in Jacksonville. You think it’s playoffs or failure for him down there? Why not? Cause that’s stupid talk.

              The team is headed in the right direction. Lots of young talent developing on O. The Eagles are headed in the right direction, and I am looking forward to them jelling as these young guys hit their primes in a couple years….any extra success along the way is gravy.

              • BTW, the most obvious evidence that demonstrates Eagles mgmt is looking at this as a long term rebuild is the release of Jackson.

                The easiest thing in the world would have been to keep that guy around. And anyone with the same sort of short sighted vision that many of you have would have kept him around.

                But Kelly, correctly, has recognized, that while selfish players like Mesean might look good every now and then, you can’t win with guys like that.

                So he took the more difficult, and longer term decision, to take the hit now and develop younger guys. (In this case Matthews and Huff)

                The release of Jackson was again a long term decision, one made with the understanding that they are building to a run in a couple of years and don’t want look at me guys spoiling what they’re trying to create.

                Again, the easiest, and most defendable choice would have been to keep him around. But they made the correct, long term choice, and I applaud them for that.

                Whether it works ….well have to wait a while to see…..though I doubt also,e of you have the patience for it.

              • I live in Jacksonville people couldn’t care less what Gus Bradley is doing, half the people here are fans of other teams and the other half are Gator fans. Like I said the Texans and Falcons are prime examples of teams who thought they were heading in the right direction. Releasing DJax was about money and ego nothing else you can assume anything you want but when you decide your program is bigger then the talent your coaching it’s time to head back to college that’s my opinion. Meanwhile you got key guys failing drug tests but they buy in. You draft system guys or projects because they fit but aren’t as talented, you bring in Chungs and Jenkins and Barwins and Huffs and Harts and Krugers and guess what you have a bunch of guys who fit your system and won’t win because more talented teams beat them. That’s what you have. Like I said forget about DJax if he was the main reason you went 10-6 your already in trouble.

  • The Djax move can be questioned and I dont have a problem with that. I never was a huge DJax fan and the worst thing we did was give him that contract under Reid who was in panic mode trying to keep a job. Dynamic player but he was more Devery Hendersen than Steve Smith to me.

    We can question the draft as well but again last years draft looks good to me. Ertz looks like a bonafide STUD contrary to what many said on here.

    I just have a hard time dealing with the chicken little sky is falling mentality.

  • There can only be a sky is falling mentality if you originally felt this was a SB team.

    It isn’t.

    A defines as bad as the Eagles’ was takes several years to rebuild.

    This team is building to a run from 20-=15-2018 when Foles is in his prime 26-30. When the new additions to the O (Johnson, Matthews, Ertz) are also entering and in their prime.

    The “they have Shady Now! The window is now!” mentality is shortsighted.

    The Eagles are still building for the future. A feture that is still at least one season away…perhaps 2.

    Everything/anything the Eagles achieve this year is gravy. Enjoy the ride as the Eagles ascend.

    • Stop youre making sense, it will confuse you too many people on here

  • I mean someone posted that if the Eagles don’t plan on giving. Foles weapons or building around him then success will only come because of a weak division.

    Kelly subtracted DJax and added Ertz Sproles Matthews Huff Maclin to this offense resigned Kelce Peters all he has done is build the damn offense lmao


  • Reports that Kelly Trades RB McCoy to the Denver Broncos former Oregon Player OL “Tater Tot” as he continued to build his Program

  • ***NFL News*****
    Steelers Bring back 13 Year Vet DE Brett Keisel
    To sure up their DE Pisition as Both Free/Agent Acquisition
    Cam Thomas and 2nd Round Draft Pick Steven Tuitt
    from Notre Dame have disappointed the Steelers Coach’s
    Thus far… Carry on..

    • Wait? What? The steelers (a pretty successful franchis) just signed Brett Keisel?

      Wait? what? The Patriots (a pretty successful franchise) brought back Chung?

      Wait! what? They’re bringing in ‘system guys who aren’t as talented’?


      Billion angry the Eagles do the same thing as everyone else, because, surprisingly, there aren’t. 22 pro-bowlers out there at every position waiting to be signed.

      Big lion lives in a fantasy world where the Eagles can pick and choose from pro-bowl players at ever apposition

      If they’re FAS, there’s usually a reason!

      Go ahead, bring up the fact that Atlanta failed to get over the top. bring up the Texans (though you omit everyone’s favorite team the 49ers….window has closed on them too).

      In fact, one error the Falcons had was to over value their ‘readiness’ throwing away their drafts on Julio jones and an ancient RB…they would have been better off stockpiling for another year….they got impatient….you sure you weren’t helping their GM….because you are also too impatient.

      Doing what the Eagles are doing, a Slow overhaul over several seasons does not guarantee success. I never said it did. But it is the only way for a team to have a Multi-year run at the top. It is the best way to wmaximise the chance of success.

      • Um Arizona was after Kressel since Dockett is out. So Steelers decided to stop fucking around and sign him back.

        Nice try though.

        • If DE Stephen Tuitt was looking good in Camp/Preseason,
          then Steelers would not have re-signed Caveman Keisel
          The Moral of the Story is to stay away from Notre Dame Players
          (Besides OL & TE) the Rest of them are Overhyped and end up being marginal,back-up players at best….

  • Falcons were a poor choice to use BigL…they are the epitome of a team that went all in too soon now they are scrambling with lack of depth and no draft picks and cap space.

    Thats exactly how fans run teams…and would get fired in doing so. The Falcons may have cost themselves a Superbowl by giving up what they did for Jones and adding FA FLOPS.

    Denver drafted projects all over before. Thomas was considered a project at WR when he was drafted. Their solid drafts were the reason they could get Manning. Not one year of drafts and then boom they did it.

    Fact of the matter is that no one can go the one year boom approach..IT DOESNT WORK.

    • Please Dmitrov or whatever his name is was praised for doing it the Patriot way, the Falcons problem is Matt Ryan was crowned as great without doing anything the anti Vick. They lost to better teams and injuries killed them not going in too soon. But we’ll see where this goes that’s the beauty of the NFL.

      • Under DC mike Nolan, the Falcon Defense has gotten worse and worse each Season as well… They have no Strong RB, Questionable OL & DL
        and LB Corps that may end up starting 2 Rookies on it due to Injuries
        They have some young promising CB’s that they Draft Last Season
        and solid WR Corps with Jones, White & Douglas and a Decent QB in Ryan and that’s about it…

  • Did Chung make the Patriots final roster yet? Brett Keisel is a very good football player who had a couple of teams vying for his services, what’s your point? You must worship Sam Hinkie if slow overhauls is what you like. Forget the sarcasm crap where did you see me say anything about signing all pro’s. Sign and draft the best available talent and coach them up period. The 49’ers with the closing window would surprise not one person if they won the Super Bowl this year, wait except you.

    • Kiesel was a very good Football Players 2-3 Years ago
      Old Man Age and Injuries have slowed him down to be a Rotational Player at best
      My Point is that Draft Stephen Tuitt, who some were very high on here at Draft Time, has not showed very well thus far in his First SUmmer Camp and the Steeler’s were concerned enough that they had to resign a 35 Year old Broken down Player though he was popular in the Clubhouse and with Fans,and a good guy…

  • 5 Coach’s To get the Ax after this Season

    1) Atlanta Falcons – Mike Smith & Entire Staff
    2) Miami Dolphins – Joe Philbin & Entire Staff
    3) Dallas Cowboys – Defensive Coordinator Rod Marinelli and Def Consultant Monte Kiffin.. Jason Garrett, Callahan and Scott Lineman all remain
    4) Oakland Raiders – HC Allen & Entire Staff

  • How the hell Jim Haslett has a job is beyond me.

  • Paulman

    As a Notre Same both Tuitt and Nix are struggling right now. Don’t get me started on Manti.

    Keisel is just a rotation player right now

    • I like OL Zac Martin who will make a good NFL OL for the next 10 Years
      but I was not high on Tuitt, Nix or LB Te’o or their WR’s,,,

  • Notre Dame fan

  • Just in …
    Add DC Butch Davis to the Fired List from Coaching Staffs
    Chip Kelly goes out and Hires Nick Saban Jr, who at 28 Years Old, will be the Youngest DC in the NFL… Good Grief…

    • Eagles panicking.
      The Eagles brought in extra competition for Alex Henery on Wednesday in the form of rookie kicker Cody Parkey. The Eagles acquired Parkey in a trade with the Indianapolis Colts by sending running back David Fluellen to the other side.

      The Eagles are realizing just now what fans have known for years is that Henry sucks now they are scrambling to find competition for him lol Sounds like a long list of players that fans seem to “know”,well most fans seem to know who can play and who cant.

      • Stop Dag we don’t work for NFL teams so we don’t know anything.

      • Howie got Henery with a fourth rounder…What a steal.

  • And who was the idiot who signed murderleg and thought he had talent? Fire that damn scout yesterday.

  • Lmao trading a RB who wasn’t going to make the team is panicking



    • Trading for a kicker is comical .Anyone can kick its the system. Chip is my hero.



      GWIP.COM listener

      • Reacting like Chicken Little to 5th string RB trade for a camp leg is comical

        Hyobeasting is alive and well.

        David Fluellen….lmao your going overboard on trading…DAVID FLUELLEN


        • Izell I thought they already signed a camp league please tell why the hell would you bring in a camp leg 3 weeks before the season starts? So your happy with Henery? The trade was made because both these dudes were waived they pulled them back and traded them. Personally I would have waited and hoped Buffalo released Hopkins but he scares me because I’ve seen him miss in big spots for FSU. He has a great leg though.

          • As you know lion teams are always looking to improve, even during the season,,, camp fodder doesn’t hurt a soul… It builds competition, tightens he asshole and it may improve your team a fraction.
            You seem to be a bit panicked lion… Doesn’t camp start for your youngster soon? Get ready to get second guessed…lol… You are going to call a play, lose three yards and the genius fathers on the sideline openly questioning why you called the play!!

            • Already started, we’ve already participated in our jamboree. Already dealing with idiot parents. I tell them here’s the whistle you get out here and coach usually shuts them up.

              • LOL, football is serious down here in Florida.

              • Football is serious everywhere. My boy got his first jamboree in this weekend as well. This summer we did the Al Goldens UM camps twice….no joke. hundreds of kids were there. Had our first idiot coach get pumped up over a peewee league hit that ended up getting a boy concussed. Parents are idiots in these leagues.

              • Izell is it a heads up league? I don’t allow any parent interaction during practice or games, it’s tough but these kids need to hear and listen to the coaches. People ask me how can I coach my son and treat the other kids the same, it’s easy for me because my son just wants to be one of the guys even though he’s the QB.

              • Big they fill their head with contradictory angry, frustrated BS as soon as they buckle up for the ride home! Man I could buy you a beer and tell u a million parent/fan stories… Probably why I’m so laid back on here

              • Heads up league. THis is my sons first year in football. He got recruited off of the wrestling mat at a tournament he won for 120lb weight class. I dont push football because i was in the that environment and I know how cuthroat and honestly dangerous it can be for kids at a young age but hes physically ready now. Like i was saying about the coach going nuts over a big head on a kid that got hurt and he was oblivious to it until I almost put my foot up his ass on the field.

              • I here you Izell my son fights in taekwondo tournaments so contact isn’t an issue with him, but geez these parents down here are relentless I talk more to the parents about berating their kids over teachable things.

            • So I guess the Colts didn’t want that completion in there camp.lol I guess that’s why they released him. Henry will now kick in the endzone and make a 47 yard field goal now because he has “competition”..

              • Dude these coaches look for the most minute improvement… It hurts nothing …. Every team is bringing in other teams trash for a look . Why fret?

              • If henery gets cut tomorrow five teams will try to bring him in

              • Izzy parents get so proud and worked up when their kid delivers a serious blow, not realizing that on the next play their own kid could be on the opposite end…. My kid never took an interest and as much as I love the game…. I’m glad

              • HAC i struggle with the idea of kids having a helmet before preteen years. My son is 11 and i was hesitant, fortunately his body is more mature than most his age…hes bigger than 13y.o on the team. I see kids who dont have ahandle of their body yet running around with a helmet on and it doesnt make sense to use their bodies like that.

                My sons team had to do baseline concussion tests…first hint of a concussion i will shut him down for a while if not the whole season. Just not worth it.

              • Funny.. I wore a leather helmet my first year of organized football…

          • Big great kickers dont get let go. We are stuck with Henery utnil one probably ends up getting cut and we take a chance on. Drafting one would be a mistake and there was nothing of substance out there in FA. to your point with the kid in Buffalo Carpenter ended up supplanting a draft pick.

            Big it only goes to my point of this team has too many holes still to be a legit Superbowl contender.

  • Lose three yards, a dad bitches and questions, best answer… ‘Cause now it’s 2nd and 13, we have ’em right where we want ’em’

    • LOL

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