• May 17, 2022

Eagles Must Be Ready For Desperate Colts Team

luckNFL history says that teams that start the season 0-2 are longshots to make the playoffs.

More specifically, since 1990, less than 15% of teams that have started the season 0-2 have rebounded to have a good season and make the playoffs.

The Eagles are fortunate enough not to be in such a position going in to Week 2, but their opponent, the Indianapolis Colts are.

After falling to the Broncos on the road, the Colts are now staring an 0-2 start right in the face. Indianapolis is a team with very high expectations going into this season, and while an 0-2 start certainly wouldn’t doom their campaign, its a fate that you can be sure Andrew Luck and company will do everything in their power to avoid.

Chip Kelly and the coaching staff need to have the Eagles prepared for everything they can handle this week. They’re about to face a desperate, hungry team that will want nothing more than to even their record and give their home crowd something to cheer about.

The Eagles can’t afford another slow start like they had against the Jaguars. Any turnovers in this game will be backbreaking, and Andrew Luck will be a force to be reckoned with for four quarters.

Its going to be a challenge for the Birds to have their new offensive lineman up to speed and in sync with the remaining healthy starters by Monday night. Playing in what promises to be a hostile environment, I expect to see some rough moments in the forms of either miscommunications or penalties from either Andrew Gardner or David Molk. Its a very difficult situation for the young lineman to be thrown into as each make their first career starts.

The Colts don’t have a lot of elite players, but Andrew Luck is an absolute stud. He’s a guy who has a fighter’s mentality, and he’s proven several times in his young career that he can overcome a couple of early mistakes and still bring his team back from significant deficits. He’s one of the rare quarterbacks whose raw ability can make up for some of the ineptitude around him (particularly at the running back position).

You can count on the idea that Luck wants to win this game as badly as anyone, and that he’s going to give the Eagles’ defense some fits.

Now, the Eagles have all of the talent that they need to go on the road and beat a team like Indianapolis. The Colts are good, but not great. With all conditions even, these two teams are very close to one another. But the difference this week is the desperation of the Colts to avoid the 0-2 start.

The Eagles have got to have themselves both physically and mentally ready for the challenge that awaits them next week. Victory won’t be had easily on Monday night.

Denny Basens

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  • Drat. You beat me to this. The issue with Monday’s game is not a physical one. Nor schematic. Its emotional.

    Colts will be “all-in” at home. They have to win. Eagles have a “fall-back” buffer after last week and with everyone in the division losing.

    • Last week you called a donut game, now this week is a fall-back buffer game? GTFH vinnie, with your BS, built-in excuses, for when they lose! You are pathetic bruh!

      • haha…fall back buffer? wtf?
        I honestly don’t know what to expect from our team folks. I know they have it in them to light it up on offense, but they also can stink it up. Defensively, I think we have the players to be solid, not great, but solid….how Davis calls the game is key. Soft coverage, Luck is eating that up all day long. Gotta get the DB’s up on the receivers and try to get pressure without sending the house.

    • If Foles, the Genius & the so-called improved defense is as good as everyone has hyped, there is no reason we shouldn’t step up to a young team, with as many holes as we have. BUT, they have a legit stud QB. Ours is still promising, but still has question marks.

    • If Foles wets himself early again, I don’t want to hear excuses about the line either. If we can rip all of the past QB’s, he will be ripped also. He is no longer an inexperienced QB!

  • Monday is going to be a tough game —— in a dome, against a playoff team, with at best 7th and 8th OL starting, and Nate Allen on the field ( did you see him getting dragged into the end zone by Allen Hurns)

  • Paulman’s Keys to Eagles Victory
    1) Change things up on Pass Rush – Blitz up the middle,
    CB/Safety Blitz on occasions. Don’t let Luck get into a Rhythm
    2) Watch TY Hilton on the delayed “Fly Routes” over the Top
    3) Tackle the Slants/Bubble Routes well
    4) Watch RB A Bradshaw on Screens
    5) Keep TE’s Allen & Fleener in check

    1) Protect the Ball
    2) Isolate TE’s on Safety’s
    3) Pound the Rock right at them, wear down their thin LB Corps
    4) Take some Deep Shots early
    5) RB’s must pick up the Blitz

    Special Teams
    1) Win the Field Position Battle (Watch Hilton on Punts)

    Win or break even on the Turnovers, minimize Penalties
    Tackle well in the Secondary (Wayne,Nicks & Hilton)

    • Good points paulman.

      I know it’s just scheme but I still don’t see this team as a 3-4 defense. I would like to see them in a true 4-3 alignment. I know we didn’t have much success with the 4-3 the last years of the AR era, but we did have Juan Castillo as our D coordinator. But that’s just me.

      Offensively I think we are pretty good. Not great but really good.

      I was looking at the 2010 Draft and saw how bad we were and how great the Seahawks. They picked up Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor in that draft. We took Brandon Graham and Nate Allen. Smh. I dream of the day we are able to draft like that. One day.

      • You’ll see the Eagles in a 4-3 at points during the game…Thats what they refer to as their “hybrid” 3-4 defense…what we heard a lot about when Davis came aboard…But he’s not utilizing Graham and Curry enough so we rarely see it. The personnel on the d, makes them a versatile bunch, but Davis has to figure out how to utilize the group through the course of the game.

        • Since the Colts are likely to pass more with their Rushing attack struggling, they will utilize 3-4 WR’s Sets, as the Eagles will most likely be in a 4-3 Def Line Set more often than their Base 3-4 and especially if the Eagles get a lead and make the Colts 1-Dimensional… but watch out for Bradshaw on those Screens…

  • It won’t help that they go into the game with everyone in the division sitting at 0-2. It could make them either more relaxed and able to just go out and play or it could make them take the game for granted as a road game agaisnt an AFC team. Not as important in the standings and not really expected to win. If they do win it is going to really raise the expectations in Eagles Nation. 12-4 then becomes expected.

    • what? are you kidding me? relax in game 2… i think that is so freaking far off base. in hte nfl you have to stay in your lane… so you really think that they are going to say hey we have a lead in the east…. lets look past the colts? dude come on!

  • i was watching a bunch of women lawyers talking on the CNN show Ashley Banfield waiting for Jon Boehner to give a speech to respond to the Presidents ISIS speech last night. The were laughing at the NFL. They show a quote coming from Giants owner John Mara completely defending Roger Goodell and how he won’t be fired then laughed at him for over seeing an independent investigation. Their opinion was why have an investigator when the person over seeing the investigation (Jon Mara ) already said Roger is not being fired and did nothing wrong.

  • I had this game as a lost before the season. I am a huge Luck fan, however because of bonehead moves in trades and misses in free agency they are definitely a mess at key spots.

    They absolutely can not run the ball. This will definitely be a true test at seeing if this defense can legitimately rush the passer against a good QB and hold up in the secondary. If they get torched I would be beyond disappointed.

    Offensively the Colts are a mess down the defensive line and at LB. There are very few impact players on this defense and their top 2 players are probably Landry and Mathis and the CB from Miami whose name leaves me right now. They get absolutely no pass rush without blitzing. They should be set up badly for screens and wheels against the safeties or LBs covering the backs. This will be a good that Sproles could be dangerous in the passing game.

    Eagles should win 31-24.

    • I agree that they need to show how much their defense has REALLY improved this week. And I too would be disappointed if they give up 400+ yards this week. It would show that this defense is still doomed in the playoffs. They need to at least be a top twenty unit. I’m not asking for Gang Green. I was impressed with Davis so far. Two things I asked and he did them both. Number one, increase Graham and Curry’s snaps. Number two, send Kendricks a lot more. That speed and athleticism coming up the gut is a major X factor.

      • IMO when people go nuts about Curry and Graham pass rushing more I think they lose sight of the fact that I think Davis features Kendricks in this defense heavily. He rushes him quite a bit and that is why Barwin in coverage at the OLB position is key.

        • I disagree, advanced metrics clearly show that Curry and Graham are more effective than Cole and Cox. They have been concerned about Cury two gapping and Graham setting the edge so they over use Cole and Cox. Playing Curry and Graham more is the smart choice. We can give back some rush yards in the name of pressure. It is a passing league after all. And Davis did use Kendricks more as a blitzer late last year but needed to use him more. The guy is a REAL shark in the water unlike Ernie Simms. He is a major disrupter and as his tackling continues to improve he is going to be hell for opposing offenses to deal with. He is getting back the confidence he had when he first came into the league before he was misused and discouraged. This is a guy that can get 10 sacks or more. When you don’t have a JJ Watt (six sacks from the entire starting D line is pathetic) or a Demarcus Ware/Clay Mathews at OLB (8 sacks is also pathetic) you better find another way.

          • Agree with you JBird…I don’t need the statistics to see this either…from watching games, I’ve felt if Curry and Graham were given more snaps they could produce…They seem to make just as much plays with less snaps…

            • Agree…graham has to be on the field but Cox played well…real well against Jax I don’t know that you can take him off the field for Curry….we have to see how the game plays out…if Cox is not getting any pressure on Luck…Curry has got to play

      • If they Blitzed Kendricks 8-10 Times a Game, He would get 15-18 Sacks in over a Course of a Season, hell maybe even 20.. I’ve been screaming for this for the last 2 Years.. I would have him move up and down that Line of Scrimmage similar to what the Packers do with Clay Matthews and what the Broncos used to do with Von Miller when DeMarcus Ware was not there

  • FYI…Almost every SB champ has had two guys that combine for 15-20 sacks. You need TWO productive pass rushers. You can always stop any one guy. Two is dificult and three is damn near impossible.

    • the eagles are an offensive team, their money and identity are tilted towards offense.

  • Peyton Manning beat the Colts using his TE. Julius Thomas who had 3 TDs & a 100 yds. Should we expect a bigger game plan for Celek and Ertz and even Matthews?

    • They key is getting the Matchups versus Safety LeRon Landry who couldn’t cover my Grandmother.. The TE’s should have a big game and actually the intermediate routes between the numbers will be there all game also the outside CB’s for the Colts are pretty good, but their Safety Corp and LB Corp are real weak in Pass-Coverage.. If Eagles do this and Run the Ball Effectively and mix in a few Screens,etc, they should roll up and down the FIeld as long as no Turnovers,Penalties and Negative Plays, (Sacks)

      Use Maclin to run Deep Routes to drag Colts best Cover CB Vontae Davis and a Safety and then have Matthews/Cooper working the Middle of the Field and TE’s Celek & Ertz working the Seams with McCoy/Sproles coming out of the Backfield

      It will be difficult for the Eagles Rushing Game though and especially early on.. The Colts are pretty good versus the Run so this Game will have to be Won thru the Air and on the Arm of Nick Foles.. I believe he is up for the
      Challenge.. get that uptempo working, have that Colts front 7 have to cover the entire field sideline to sideline then they can pound the rock up the gut by mid/late 3rd Quarter and finish them off

      • They are going to put Davis on Maclin mam to man and let the safety help on tight ends down the middle…they are going to make Maclin prove he can get deep and beat Davis

  • COLTS 37

    EAGLES 17



  • Wow the colts Defense is gonna hold this offense to 17 wow I guess the colts D is better than what they show on the field…

  • Mathis is a big loss for that D…we should be able to rack up points….I just wonder if we can shut Luck down. I don’t think our corners can cover the Wayne, Hilton, and Nicks

    • Here comes the set up! If we don’t score 40 points against a Mathisless team we need to draft a ‘chip kind of qb’….
      Mathis is a loss for both sides of the ball and its part of football.

  • haveablunt…you need a dog…you so scared lol! We saw how Manning carved them up..it’s the great Nick Foles turn now! Every Eagle QB has been under pressure…..but you want to shield Foles! There defense is not that good at all…Foles should score a bunch of points on the weak Colts defense!

    • if they score 14 and the colts score 13 its a great game! there are no such thing as style points. making sensational plays in a loss means nothing

  • Seriously kool wtf u got a reason why the opponebt. wont beatvus cuz if one playervwgy cant we beat them cuz we playedvgood football

    • z, you forget to take your seizure meds? WTF????

      • Lol nah My fucking sausage fingers trying to type on this small ass smart phone

        • Hear ya Z! LMMFBO!!!!

    • what? I dont understand what you are saying?

      • All I was saying Kool is why you always have an reason why we win instead just saying we won because we played better. Then afterwards you can say “well they didn’t have mathis and that was the difference”, shit we also got two starting o linemen down but I won’t say cuz we didn’t have a certain player. NFL is next man up for real

  • Cuz of one players injury we hafve two olinemen down doesnt that count

  • It’s a toss up game.

    For the many of the same reasons we can torch them, they can torch us. Indy doesn’t have a running game…but they haven’t had one of those in forever, so they know how to play (and win) without one.

    I’m gonna go the Eagles for the win just to stick to my AFC South = Win meme.

  • This game will come down to turnovers and Sprcial Teams
    Colts have poor coverage Units and Eagles should be able to
    Take advantage and win the field position
    Both Teams have a great Punters, good FG kickers but Vinitari
    Doesn’t have the strong leg he used to have but still accurate
    From 45 Gmrds in.. Parkway can boom 55 yard FG in that dome
    Eagles 35- Colts 31

  • They should be able to run the ball even with the Oline replacements. Colts are suspect against the run.

    Worried about the defense getting off of the field if they can’t produce a pass rush and the the CBs covering Wayne and Hilton.

    • Colts D is pretty solid against the Run and is probably their Strength
      as a Unit .. There DL across the Front go Arthur Jones (6-3 337lbs) Montori Hughes (6-4 350lbs) Cory Redding (6-4 320lbs) Jean Francois (6-3 300lbs) and Rookie and Rookie Zack Kerr (6-2 335lbs) so they are stout and hard to move..
      ILB’s DeQwell Jackson strength is stopping against the Run

      When looking at the History of a Chuck Pagano Defense , they are always built to stop the Run First and are big up front.. The old days of Tony Dungy’s small but Fast Front 7 with a Cover 2 Scheme behind are long gone in Indy if anyone has followed them much the last couple of seasons..

      • Truly Pman.

        2012-13 ranked 29th against the run
        2013-13 ranked 26th against the run

        We will see how much the changes will have for this year. Maybe they will make it all the way to 23rd this year.

        • Which is why they added Free-Agents DE Arthur Jones and LB DQwell Jackson and Drafted Size..
          Looking at 2012 & 2013 Stats mean very little to this Team in 2014
          just like looking at the Eagles Stats in 2012 mean very little to the present
          The Teams in the AFC South (Texans,Titans,Jags have predominantly been running Teams so the Rushing Against is Skewed a bit)
          We’ll see when we watch the game on Monday Night..

          • Maybe the stats don’t matter except that you said that Paganos defenses were good at stopping the run and they haven’t been in Indy and you are projecting on how good they will be based on a team that relies on its passing attack in Denver.

            So maybe they will be good. Not they are good.

            • bugs you do remember that paul always butters both sides of the bread… i’m sure that by tuesday at some point he will say how bad they are against the run!

  • Eagles should win this game, Luck isn’t good as advertised and the Colts D can be scored on, the Eagles D should get a couple of turnovers because Luck is a turnover machine early in games.

    • lion, they won 11 games plus a playoff game… luck only threw 9 int’s in like 600 attempts….
      i have had this as a L since the sched came out!

      • He’s not that good and I had this penciled in as a win. He gets a bunch of hype for being an average QB.

        • damn i’d like to know who is ‘that good’ especially at this age. I think the guy put the team on his back… his int rate is best of any of the young guns (i don’t include foles who’s body of work isn’t very big)– stud!

  • Hold on Luck is an average QB? You can’t be serious with that.

    • Dead serious he’s average okay he’s good but overhyped he’s a middle of the pack QB, what does age have to do with anything? He’s a starting QB I’m the NFL. Is his paycheck young?

      • I believe his paycheck is young — rookie deal? if he’s not then everything he’s done up till now is a young paycheck
        If I bought a team that I believe could be a contender for the next 5-10 years now… he’d be my guy i think

        • In the AFC outside of Manning and Brady who would you take over him? I agree with you…I would take him followed by Wilson.

  • Lol whoa big when did luck become avg way off base on that one

    • I don’t think he’s that good Z, he’s going to be a Cutler, Stafford, Rivers and Romo type put up big numbers but never win anything type QB. Which is okay better then Griffin, Smith, Locker type guys.

      • Never win anything? Were you in a coma the last two years? Did you not see the Chiefs playoffs game?

        Middle of the pack? Hes a top 10 QB already. Hes already won more playoffs games and division titles then all those QBs you just posted.

        In two years….22-10. Come on man….and you couldnt name any talent on his team outside of TY Hilton(who hes made) and Reggie Wayne. His offensive line has 3rd string Eagles castoffs as starters. I repeat STARTERS.

  • let’s get this striaght right now.

    If Foles was the QB for the same Colts team today that team would be a 3 win team.


    If we had Luck right now, this team would be a Superbowl Contender.

    Foles is not even good enough to sniff Luck’s jock strap and I would ship Foles ass outta here in a flash for Luck.

    • Okay Songs I’m telling you Luck’s mobility is far superior but otherwise I’m fine with Foles. He wouldn’t give the Eagles any better chance of winning except the read option would be more viable. Unless he can rush the passer or replace Nate Allen.

    • Holy Shit I just agreed on something you posted…..


    • really thats a surprise. shut up


    • I agree Cutler is very unlikeable but please tell me what Luck does better, except for the 4th quarter comebacks. Seriously Z what makes Luck better then Romo, Rivers, Cutler and Stafford other then he’s younger?

      • Lmao you said except for teh 4th qtr comebacks likes its just rudimentary….

        Yeah you know I mean outside of being 22-10 winning a playoff game, making the Pro Bowl, and 10 game winning comebacks and one went it counted in the playoffs….what has he really done in his last two years lol.


        • Wow pro bowl? Who was the MVP of the pro bowl last year? Glad that 22-10 record is all Lucks’s doing. Sorta like Terry Bradshaw won all those Super Bowls with the Steelers by himself.

          • Lol but when you were arguing about DeSean the Pro Bowl meant something right…..

            lmao gtfoh

            • My arguments with Desean had nothing to so with pro bowls get it right.

              • You’re arguments on Luck have nothing to do with on field play so get it right lol.

          • If you think he wasnt the predominant reason they went 22-10 then I dont know what youre watching because it isnt football.

            Sounds more like you dont like attention he gets and its personal bias. Which is all good. But dont spout some nonsense like hes just an also ran run of the mill middle of the pack QB with what he has done his first two years in the league.

  • He’s more athletic, doesn’t get rattled, and of all of those qbs he is the only one I trust at the end of the game to win it….cutler hell no, romo well its romo, Rivers maybe old rivers, and stafford has calvin johnson and terrible mechanics…luck is in his 3rd year only and has better mechanics then all of them…he learns faster…He’s all around better qb then all of those qbs you listed. To answer your question he’s better then all of them at everything

    • If Andrew Luck had Calvin Johnson the league would be in trouble. He’s already turned TY Hilton who I love into a threat WR.

      And he does all this without a running game.

      Could you imagine if he had DeMarco Murray or Matt Forte to provide a legitimate threat for playaction?

      • LOL the what if game really?

        • I got one what if Hoyer had Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush would he be all pro wait even better what if Tom Brady had Calvin Johnson the Patriots would’ve won 8 Super Bowls. LOL

        • Ha you’re laughing at that after what you just posted lol.

          If we are going to talk non reality then why stop…because theres no way in hell what you posted about Luck makes any sense Big.

          You just said all that is subjective when the kid already has done more than the Qbs you listed.

          • Who has he outperformed? Cutler no, Rivers no, Romo we’ll be chokes in big spots. Stafford I’ll give you. But please spare me the next great QB or in your eyes already a great QB.

            • Yes hes outperformed Rivers and Cutler. Rivers didnt start for two years and walked into a team with LT, VJ, AG. Cutler had Brandon Marshall a great running game with Shanahan(who turned nothings into 1k runners)
              Stafford had one good year…the 41TD season that lead to NOTHING.
              Romo…well Romo….

              • Stop with who had what that doesn’t matter. Answer this question would Terry Bradshaw be in the HOF without the Steel Curtain?

              • Would Russell Wilson won a SuperBowl without the Legion of Boom?

                Its still a team sport. Success dictated greatly by the players around you.

                Name me a player of note outside of TY Hilton.

    • Z all of that is subjective except for the non athletic Rivers who isn’t a statue. We’ll see how this plays out and like I told cigar the 3rd year pro thing means nothing.

  • Big you have to know without Luck on that team they are a 4 and 12 team every year…I don’t talk about the it factor much but dude you gotta know that Luck definely has it

  • 22-10 doesnt mean anything…and his contribution were even with the team….yet he is single handedly responsible for 10 wins by comeback….

    Something just doesnt make sense here.

    Lmao stop the nonsense

    • Does the rest of the offense get credit as well? Or just Luck another stupid subjective stat.

      • I watch them heavily (for the last two years they get great odds from Vegas and those 10 fourth quarter comebacks led to absolute steal picks)….It legitimately is Andrew heres the ball…TY get open….

        Its Cunningham-esque…..especially last year….His first year the offense Bruce Arians put together did some awesome things….last year under Pagano was a bit of cluster and Luck did a shit ton with nothing outside of TY Hilton.

        I think you are forgetting both tight ends were gone last year….Bradshaw went down hence the terrible trade for TR in hindsight…and he lost Reggie Wayne. There wasnt shit on the offensive side of the football outside of Luck and Hilton that was worth a damn. That line is terrible.

  • I only trust Luck to win those games….hell you could have least put Matt Ryan in there…by you putting him with cutler and romo was a slap in the face….come one man

  • Okay you guys all know better but his numbers are no better then Cam Newtons who stares receivers down and is very inaccurate but his team won the division last year but wait it was because he had a great defense right? You guys like Luck I get it but he’s a 2nd or 3rd tier QB right now the same level as Foles, Wilson, Newton and all the other QB’s I’ve mentioned.

    • As long as you don’t compare him to homo and cutler I’m good and yes I am bias when it comes to Luck, I don’t know I just see greatness in him

    • Big if you stated Luck is right there with Wilson Newton(who I dont like but I will concede to you) Matt Ryan then I would have no problem with that. We could argue it but no one has a clear cut advantage.

      But Romo Cutler Rivers?


      • See I think Ryan is a choke artist on par with Romo, I’ll take Luck over him any day.

  • And yes…that defense the Panthers have…more specifically that front 7….BEST IN FOOTBALL.

    • Put QB Luck with the Panthers D
      And they would be legitimate SB Contenders
      If I was a GM and had 1 QB to pick right now to lead my Team for the next 10 Seasons, I would select Andrew Luck with no hesitation
      It wouldn’t even take my 5 Seconds to turn the card in
      Now if I was a GM and had to Win a SB right now
      Or within 2 Years then I would pick Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees
      Put Cam Newton on Colts, they win 7-8 Games

      • Really another what if? Okay put Cam Newton with Chip Kelly and the Eagles would never punt again. LOL you play with your team you win or lose with your TEAM.

        • why because he’s ‘chips kind of qb’???? i just love that line of thought…chip himself has had opportunity after opportunity to get ‘his kind of qb’ and right now he has three pocket guys that can’t run a bit… it is the funniest and most ridiculous comments on here!
          Cam who i like doesn’t have chips main requirement….’repetitive accuracy’

          • In Cam Newton’s first 16 starts he had 21 tds and 17 ints. 6 wins 10 losses.

            In Nick Foles first 17 starts he had 33 touchdowns and 7 ints. 9 wins 7 losses.

            I can see why you might be pining for Cam Newton.

            • Another idiot chiming in. LOL

              • LOL…vinniedaloser you are a flat out idiot with your persistent whining prattle about ‘stats’..LMAO
                Your a fool…

            • The Panthers would be in SB talk if Luck was their QB. All they need is someone with a little competency….and a guy who doesn’t need to be coddled and overly congratulated after every good play. Have you seen how many over exaggerrated “way to go – good play” pats on the back that guy still gets when he throws a TD? Coaches know if they don’t, he’s sitting alone, shoulders slumped with the towel on his head before they turn around. Guy does not have the psyche to be a winning QB.

              Indy would be a 4 win team with Newton as their QB. Guy would be on suiide watch after every loss piled up. Would get crushed at every loss.

              • Again what are you talking about? You guys are absolutely incredible with your lack of comprehension.

          • So obviously you didn’t get the what if game and the fact I’m being sarcastic huh cigar? Or that fact that repetitive accuracy is a crock of crap. Every offense would be better with repetitive accuracy don’t you think?

            • “Chips kind of QB!”

              • Chips kind of QB is the kind who wins games for him, whether it’s Vick, Foles, Newton, Sanchez or GJ Kinne what don’t you get.

              • When chip was pressed on ‘his kind of qb’ his direct quote was ‘my kind of qb can deliver repetitive accuracy” ….and right now he has found a young qb that has won him some games…several on here want more style points…just win baby

        • LOL.

          I like you Big ’cause you’re fair whether I agree with you or not.

          Why are folk pointing to Luck’s win percentage (as if he doesn’t play in the AFC South) as a measure of how good he is?

          Look at his stats – his QB stats and compare him to other young QBs – I’m not down on him – him an Cam are basically the same player (and I like Cam lol) – but I wouldn’t argue with your take either (it applies ot Cam as well) – but folk just can’t see straight when it comes to Luck.

          Rolling Stone had it best – until he actually plays like an elite QB then he is just a good young QB with a lot of potential.

  • 3 to 1 Big come join the Luck train lol

    • LOL

  • So my fantasy team is fucked petersonvwill probally be suspended for bwating his 4yr old kid too hard which inbthis case he went over board fucking dumbass proballu was angry when he whooped his child one thong you gotta do is whoop with love not anger well another domestic idiot gone

  • Chip’s kind of QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Had a stroke on Wednesday Fellas…outside the numbness in my hand, and right side of my face I’m doing okay……I will be checking in regularly, and responding to post periodically throughout the rest of the year…

    GO BIRDS!!!

    • God Bless Cliff and glad you’re doing well after that scare.

    • Dang GMCliff, Sorry to hear about and Best Wishes
      For a full and speedy recovery… You take it easy
      And get your rest, Keep in Touch, my Friend…

      • Thanks brother…:)

      • Hey Paul…

        Benardrick McKinney sure did look good today….I would love to see He, Randy Gregory, Vadal Alexander LSU – 6-5 345(G), and Laken Tomlinson Duke – 6-4 330 (G), in an Eagles Uniform next year….

    • Wow, so sorry to hear that Cliff. I pray for a speedy recovery man.

      I had a health scare myself two weeks ago when my Appendix ruptured and I had to have emergency surgery. They said I could’ve died. I’m home still recovering

      We just never know when something like that will hit us, that’s why we have to try and take care of ourselves to the best of our ability and live every day like its our last because we just never know

      Heal up Cliff, your in my prayers

      • wow, another piece of good news – dodged a bullet there Hart, you lucky dawg. Use this 2nd chance at life wisely, and don’t waste your energy showing your love to the probable single digit season win total Sixers, LOL.

        • Thanks E0S lol

          But my love for the Sixers will never die

      • Thanks brother…:)

      • JH I hope as is well with you brother, glad you’re okay.

        • Yea Big L, it was a scare but im home recovering getting stronger by the day thank God

          Thanks for your kind words and concern man

          • Wow, A scary situation JH…
            Glad to hear you got medical attention ASAP to get that
            Taken card of… You have to take it easy for a while
            And best wishes for a full/speedy recovery…

            • Thanks paul, I was a bit hesitant to go to the hospital thinking it was the flu or whatever, but it obviously was something more so im happy I went

              My advice to anyone who is experiencing stomach pains for a prolonged period of time I say at least a week straight, go seek medical attention immediately

              Do not wait!

              Doc said my appendix ruptured 3 days prior to me going in

              So I’m just happy to be alive and doing relatively well..

      • You do the same JH…

        • Thanks Cliff

    • Ill pray for you brother

      • Cliff, I just read this… Get well brother

      • Thanks brother…:)

      • Thanks brother…:) I appreciate it..

    • Cliff, you’re in my prayers good brother. Get well soon!

      • Thanks brother…:) I appreciate it..

    • Praying Cliff I hope all is well.

      • Thanks brother…:) I appreciate it..

    • gmc, so sorry to hear that bruh! God bless & take care of yourself. I’ll pray for you my friend.

      • I wouldn’t expect anything less from you DCar My Brother, and friend….:)

    • Cliff, best of luck to you and a speedy recovery.

      If you’re on your feet come NBA time, there’s a free seat next to me at the Sixers game where we can argue about Nerlens Noel šŸ™‚

    • Cliff…so sorry to hear about your stroke. Glad to hear you’re doing alright, we’re all hoping for the best for you.

      • Thanks Denny…

    • Best wishes and prayers to you GM! I’ve been MIA past few days just read your post. Hope you’re feeling better

      • Hand is numb – feels like pins, and needles – and right side of my face is still a little tight, but I have all my faculties, and will be taking occupational therapy Real…

        I appreciate it Brother, That’s Real…..Believe That Brother…

        • don’t worry about that numbness Cliff, just close your eyes and pin the tail on the donkey like you do with all your scouting reports and no one will be able to tell the difference next draft cycle. 50/50

        • Cliff if you are in the South Jersey area my sister is part of a great rehab center in the Cherry Hill area.

        • no doubt GM, good to hear the positives!

    • Sorry to hear about the stroke Cliff. Wishing you the best and keeping you in my prayers.

  • looking forward to the UCLA Texas games to get to see Hundley play tonight at 8:00 pm. on Fox. Can’t believe how quiet the national media was after BYU stomped Texas 41-7 in Texas. Although main 8:00 pm game I’ll be watching is Penn State/Rutgers.
    Georgia vs South Carolina 3:30 on CBS Todd Gurley on display again.

  • And now Peterson. The NFL is really rolling!

    Though frankly, I’m very, very shocked that the guy with (allegedly) 7 children with however many women isn’t in line to win the father of the year award.

    • Ho hum vinnie! I always thought e nfl was filled with scumbags, I guess now in the Information Age it just comes to light more… I am really happy and proud that I have never purchased one piece of nfl gear, no shirt, hat…nothing! I am guilty of watching the eagles everywhere week which makes me an enabler but…
      The more I read on AP the bigger the POS he appears to be..surprise

      • I dont know peterson none of us do bit when his son died his actions were unusual but people take death diffrently i cant judge him only god

      • It’s not just the NFL,
        this goes on in the NHL, MLB, NBA, boxing and in homes all across America. Here in Philly a cop just turned himself in for beating his wife up. No one on radio is talking about this cop though, nor would they be if Rice did not do what he did. We have to ask, how serious are we about domestic abuse. Rape happens in the military and gets swept under the carpet. To hi lite the NFL for these behaviors is a joke, the NFL is a microcosm of society, and should not be the lightning rod for these issues. These issues should be in the forefront if we are truly concerned, regardless if the perpetrator is a pro athlete or just an everyday joe public.

        • I’ll agree with that

        • Thank you EHL .

    • don’t worry about that, it is just a child’s reproduction organs being damaged by a weapon or a woman’s life or a fiance’s consciousness – I mean if Peterson tried to prevent his mistress form sitting next a white guy at a basketball game, now that would be a deal breaker — it is just child’s penis no big deal

      • oops, I better start reading before i hit post comment, LOL

  • Man oh man watching Georgia and South Carolina and starting true freshman corner for South Carolina is Al Harris Jr. Yes the son of good ole Al Harris. Where does time go?

    • I heard that too, my first thought was where’s his long hair. Al senior was one of the first with that style.

  • haha…watching that too Big…

    SC needs to throw the ball to TE Anderson more. Dude is tearing it up today. Big, quick and nice hands.

  • ***Panthers De-Activate DE Greg Hardy
    For today’s game as he awaits a “Jury Case”
    On his Domestic Assault charges which is in
    Late November
    Teams will now take matters into their own hands on
    Players with off the field issues since the Commisioner’s
    Office and Goodell has little to no credibility or authority
    Right now.. When Players are De-Activated, they still get Paid and can practice
    All week so this will be the pattern we see for a while
    If you stRt seeing big name Players deactivated who are healthy,
    Chances are that something else off the field is going on..

    It’s a new Era for the NFL as far as dealing
    With Players involved with off the field issues

  • Rg3 out with a high ankle sprain and Desean may have just separated his left shoulder.

    • Those take a while to heal don’t they?

      Should get an extended look at Cousins then.

      • RG3 will be out for the rest of Season for all intents and purposes..
        Off his Feet for 8 Weeks after Surgery, then Re-hab time of 3-4-5 Weeks puts you at the end of the Season… He’s done for 2014 .

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