• July 3, 2022

Thursday Night Football Pick

BenRoethlisberger2Pittsburgh @ Baltimore

The Ravens’ offense looked putrid against the Cincinnati Bengals last week. They were held without a score in the first half, and if not for an 80-yard touchdown reception by Steve Smith, they might have been held without a touchdown.

The Steelers nearly fell to a late rally by the Browns last week, but still had a strong offensive showing, particularly from running back LeVeon Bell, who racked up nearly 200 yards from scrimmage, including a 38-yard touchdown run.

Pittsburgh and Baltimore are usually tough, physical, low-scoring games, and I don’t expect this game to be any different. I give the edge to the Steelers, who appear to have a much more versatile offense.

Pick: Pittsburgh 20, Baltimore 10

Denny Basens

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  • I like the Ravens tonight — the Browns and Eagles in the 3rd preseason game easily moved the ball against Steelers and expect the Ravens to do the same.

  • Have to like the Ravens tonight who are almost i na must Win..
    Start 0-2 with both Divisional Losses and both at Home would not bode well
    for them to make the Playoffs… I think they Win 26-24

  • Steelers

  • These Steelers look like a bad Team
    Outside of WR Antonio Brown, what other WR’s do you have to worry about..
    TE Miller is sure handed and good in the Red-Zone
    Defensively, the Steekers probably have a
    Bottom 5 DL and their Safties are poor in pass-coverage
    Yes Safety Palumalu has been one of the most overrated Safetues
    The last few Seasons and is shell of himself
    Ike Taylor best days are behind him
    DE B Jeisel best days are way behind him too
    Jarvis Jones is indiscipline
    The Steelers Soecial Teams Coverage Units are among the worst in the
    nFL and have been for 2-3 Seasovs now
    HC Tomlin is on the hot seat in my opinion
    this Team has gotten worse and worse the last
    : Seasons and are nowhere close what they used to be
    They signed a Strong Safety Mike Mitchell to a big deal
    Who is weak in Pass coverages and pair him with Palamula who is always been shaky in pass coverage
    Why were exciting Rookies Scat Back Dri Archer &
    Big NT L McCullers, WR M Bryant were not even Active..
    Poor recent high Draft Picks also in
    OT Mike Adams, WR Wheaton, LB Jarvis Jones
    DL C Heyward, S Tuitt..,
    Their Offense played with no rhythm or urgency
    And dumb shit RB L Bell keeps waving 1st Down hand signal
    When they are down by 14-20 Pts.. Idiot..
    I always felt that HC M Tomlin was overrated as a game time Coach
    Tonight he showed he again that he’s overmatched
    They could easily be sitting at 0-2 right now and were fortunate
    To best the Browns last week
    Doubke up WR Brown, contain RB Bell
    And their Offense is pretty stagnant.
    They win 6-8 Games in 2014

    • wrong on hayward he’s actually a good pick other then that your dead on, the whole steelers team is a shell of itself

    • yeah your right the Steelers look bad and drafted players are the reason.
      If a team misses on a draft, as we saw in the Watkins, Jarrett, Marsh draft it eventually becomes devastating. All evidence coming out of Eagleville is Marcus Smith, Huff, Watkins, Hart and Reynolds are misses, this could get ugly here.

      • First Huff is injured. Second judging a draft after 2 games is the dumbest logic possible.

        The Steelers should just cut Jarvis Jones and Ryan Shazier right now.

        Here we go with the WIP asinine logic.

        • I don’t see starters in the 2014 draft ( eventual NFL starters). It is just a projection form me. To me it looks like a one man draft.
          I don’t see any Jason Kelces or Trent Coles or Brett Celeks coming from this 2014 draft class after the Matthews pick. If Smith, Huff, Watkins, Hart, or Reynolds start I feel it will be force feeding them into the lineup like a Nate Allen or Brandon Graham. ( below average players if starting)

          • You see that after 2 games? Lol come on now.

            The fact of the matter is look back on its rare that impact starters come from the draft within the first 2 years. It happens but usually years 3 etc is where they start making dividends.

            If you are relying on rookies to make impact than you have shit talent and depth on board.

            Pass rushers especially should NEVER be judged quickly. It’s rare to have double digit sack rushers year 1 or 2. Go back and look at the draft since 2010. The leading sack artist in the 2010 draft that SUH in it is Greg Hardy and he was drafted 6th round.

            The 2012 draft doesnt have any players with more than 20 sacks in the last two years.

            But lets right off a crop of kids after a year and a half of football. And for one group not even 2 games.

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