• July 4, 2022

Eagles Involved In Various Trade Rumors

vincent-jackson-10things-storyWith the NFL’s trade deadline approaching on Tuesday, the Eagles have been among teams reportedly looking to add to bolster their roster in several areas.

Specifically, Profootballtalk has reported that the Eagles are interested in acquiring wide receiver Vincent Jackson from Tampa Bay, and a safety to upgrade over Nate Allen.

The Eagles clearly aren’t satisfied with what they’ve been getting from Riley Cooper this year. While Cooper hasn’t been a complete disaster, he’s showing that he’s much closer to a third or fourth receiver than he is a number two. With rookie Jordan Matthews still very raw, it makes sense that the Eagles would want to add a veteran playmaker that bring another dimension to this offense. Jackson has been an electric deep threat with a solid frame throughout his career.

Nate Allen hasn’t been as bad as he’s been in the past, but he’s not making many plays either. He was brought back this past off-season on a one-year deal to be a stopgap option until the team found a suitable upgrade. The fact that the team is looking to upgrade this position through trade says that they don’t feel as though second-year man Earl Wolff is an answer either.

Trades involving veterans are very rare in the NFL, especially during the season. While these scenarios (and others as well) will likely be surface a bit between now and Tuesday, its unlikely that any of these deals get done.

Denny Basens

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  • I stay away from both VJ & Safety Gholston
    They have big Contracts and Gholston is worse than Allen in Pass Covereages
    WR VJ is good, but has history of injuries and is not a very downfield blocker
    Which is a prerequisite for Kelly,s Scheme..
    The Eagles screwed up by not signing up Speedster Santomio Holmes
    Of even a Stephen Hill when the Jets released him..
    My sources have WR’s as Falcons Roddy White available,
    Colts Hakeen Nicks, and Broncos Wes Welker,
    redskins Santonio Moss if they want a short-term fix
    Without a long term Contract or commitment involved.
    I think it’s too late now to bring in a Veteran with almost half the Season over
    Should have been down in Late August/Early Sept

    • SMH….Santonio Holmes, and Stephen Hill; See what I mean…..More mediocrity,..SMH

  • Breakout game by my boy Martavius Bryant in with Steelers. One of my impact guys from last draft.

    • He’s (Bryant) been coming in little by little the last few weeks
      And will be a good one..

      • As is DaVante Adams of the Packers,
        Brandin Cooks of Saints, Allen Robinson
        Of Jags and John Brown of the Cardinals..
        Go along with Watkins,Benjamin and eagles Matthews
        This may go down as one of the Best Rookie WR
        Corps Drafted we’ve seen in a while..

  • Interesting, they want to upgrade the WR’s & Secondary? So releasing their best WR & deep threat for nothing & not upgrading the secondary for umpteenth years didn’t matter, huh????? Now they want to upgrade those areas, when the real knowledgeable fans on here, have been preaching this for 3-4 years now! HMMMMM, very interesting??? Another game lost by the secondary & stupid quarter backing by Foles!

    • BTW, how’s about that re-signing of Allen? Working out quite nicely, HUH???? GTFOH! I love being vindicated, when I’m called a negative nitwit, when I know WTF I’m talking about. Buchanan sure looks good huh? How’s about Benjamin? But hey, that Smith will be a contributer someday now, right??????

      • Didn’t you say Maclin was tissue paper soft and a bum?

        • Said he was made of tissue, not a #1 WR & a bust, not a bum! Get it right!

          • Lmao

      • I didn’t have a problem with the Marcus Smith pick but I can understand the frustration by those who wanted Benjamin possibly…outside of that there aren’t many first rounders putting in work. The ones that are we couldn’t get.

        • There is the problem right there! Your acceptance of a wasted 1st rounder, on a player picked 1-2 rounds before he should have.

          • Stop it, one player doesn’t make our break an entire draft. If they would have selected Jordan Matthews as the first pick you would be able to say anything. Take a look at the draft and look at the amount of DEs DTs that contribute highly rookie year, it’s slim and the amount if double digit sack guys year one is slimmer. Marcus Smith is just your talking point.

            Last year’s draft was good and is borderline great. You cant say they dont draft well than bang the dum for Vinny Curry to play more. Oh yeah that draft was pretty damn good as well also. So that’s 3 years in a row.

      • vindicated? what? you rip EVERY SINGLE MOVE ANY TEAM MAKES then if they lose say ‘see i told you’ ‘i’m always right’– dickhead you ripped lane johnson who is dominating, you ripped ertz who will be a pro bowler, you rip jenkins who has played very well… shut the F up loudmouth!

        • Drop dead POS! Go troll somewhere else. You haven’t been right on anything in 3 years! Beat it fraud, alter bowing lemming!

          • There is the angry nitwit … How does laNe Johnson look? How bout the ‘luxury’ tight end… You always react the exact same way… Criticize then jump on the bandwagon and say ‘I’m glad I was wrong about player X” — you are a joke

            • The only joke is you, looking back at you in the mirror. By you saying Johnson is dominating, shows all we need to know about you! WTF is he dominating? Now I’m jumping on a bandwagon? Where have I done that, you douche nozzle? BTW, you ballless scumbag, useless, fraudulant POS, at least I’m man enough to eat crow & admit when I’m wrong. You have not yet once admitted, 3 years in a row, that you have been wrong about anything you post, thus the reason why you bring no ideas, nor nothing to the table, but condescending trolling, & unwarranted snide comments! Instead of sucking on your girlfriend Ruin 2morrow’s dick, go suck on a tailpipe & do the world a favor, you useless bag of Diarrhea!!!! Beat it, you ain’t worth my time!

              • BTW as a grown man I guess you haven’t figured out that your ‘demands’ are nothing but a waste of time! These men get paid big bucks to coach or GM these teams. They do not read this meaningless blog. They do t care about you or your assanine opinions.
                I sit back and root for the teams I’m not in a position to second guess every move.

              • Whatever you say skippy! Like I said, you bring nothing, know nothing, so STFU, don’t correct me, don’t label me with your BS comments, & keep your unwarranted, unprovoked, snide comments to yourself! If you don’t like what I comment about, & you can’t handle the truth & brutal honesty, don’t read, nor comment on what I say! Also, it’s “asinine”, not “assanine” brainiac! BTW, F^#@ you royally!

              • ‘brutal honesty’ WTF are you talking about– you just throw out negative comments, rude, @#$#@% thats honesty? you aren’t even capable of having debate. as for keep my comments to myself there you go again — you are a freaking night watchman and you think somehow you have the ‘power’ to tell someone what, when or where to comment on the internet?
                truth and brutal honesty….in your tiny little mind!

            • BTW, I’d rather go through life being my own man, with a perfectly functioning brain, able to be non-biased & think for myself, instead of pom-pom waving lemming, believing everything spewed to me, & being lead by the pied pipers of the world! How’s about bringing something to discussions, instead of your BS petulant child, snarky, condescending, useless comments. You bring nothing! No ideas as to how to bring our franchises back to prominence & relevance. You are a wet spoonge, that smells like a wet dog, that is just happy to be entertained, just being in the hunt, rather than demand your cities teams to be capable, & able to do their jobs properly! F^#@ OFF!

    • Wtf are you talking about? 3_4 years? How long has Kelly been here? Lol I missed his first two years then….lmao gtfoh

      • Upgrade your reading comprehension skills bruh! Hooked on phonics is cool! Nowhere in my 3-4 years comment, did I say anything about Kelly! Since Weaselman took the reigns in 2010, this team has made exactly ZERO upgrades to their secondary. Jenkins, maybe? He’s been a pleasant surprise, but has regressed back to his former self the last 2 weeks! Therein lies the elephant in the room. They have illequiped GM, how doesn’t deserve the job, & a career, gimmicky college coach, who never won shit, running the show! Get it through your thick hat rack! How many National Championships & playoffs games has your genius won again? How many draft picks are keepers, that Weaselman aren’t bust, reaches, or rotational nobodies? How many ignored holes in the lineup do we have, filled with dogshit? Yeah, that’s what I thought!

  • Reports from thexWindy City
    Eagles send Nivk Foles & Nate Allen
    To the Bears for Jay Cutler and Safety Tom Conte..
    Good Grief!!!

    • Reports out of North Carolina, a man is wanted for fraud…last seen wearing 1 flip flop….speaking in third person. Also wanted for impersonating a blogger and NFL Draft Expert.

      Be on the lookout for this individual….he is know to thrown shit against the wall to see if it sticks….

      Alias…Paul Mancini.

      • Thanks IJ… I am here in Boone,NC, if they want to Find Me..

        It still cracks me up that all get so Upset over an Eagles Loss..
        They lost to a better all around Team at their Place on the Road, just like they did to the 49ers, there’s no shame in that, they played hard and fought to the end, too many think the Eagles are going to Win every week and it’s just not ever going to happen…

        • I guess that is the difference between a fan and casual observer.

        • The overwhelming majority is beyond annoyed with your constant flip flopping and I told you so’s.

          Its YOU….not the rest of us.

          • Who cares..Really…

            • pman we fucking loss and that shit pisses me off im tired of your shit u are a pos fan just shut da fuck up with your i told u sos

              • Hey Zilents, Im pissed too and ruined a great weekend…
                Remember, that I Picked the Eagles to Win 27-24 all week long,
                but in reality, It’s no big deal and shouldn’t be..It’s Football for crying out loud which has become “entertainment” anymore …
                I will always call it like it is, and if some of you can’t handle it, too F’n Bad.. Go Cry somewhere else…

              • pman go fuck yourself its football season and shit does effect me cuz cuz im mad until we win again no tears bitch i know where boone nc is if u werent a old fart id punch u right in the kisser cant stand fans like u old fuck

            • You do. Or you wouldnt post in the 3rd person…throw up a 100 mocks…a million posts….and get sensitive as hell when someone points out your nonsense…or when Cliff says you suck…..lmao

              • I could give 1 Rat’s Ass for what any of you say..I Never have in the 4 Years on here and never will in the Future either…


              • Texans 26 – Eagles 19

              • Lmao you just proved my point with your response.


              • You clowns can take all your Frustrations out on me if you wnat for It doesn’t bother me one bit, but the bottom line is that the Eagles are just a so-so Team Talent wise which some of us have stated all Summer long, they are nothing more, nothing less, outside of great conditioning which is there only advantage when playing the better Teams… .

              • i think texans win too.

              • u make us with your stupid ass i told u sos and the eagles are medocte posts shit the whole nfc is mediocre everyone has flaws bit for some reason we arent as good as the others cuz u gotta be right today is not today for your shit tactics maybe thursdsy right now we are pissed but a lost for the boys tonite and ill feel better

              • I have NEVER said Paulman sucked, and never will…

              • Nah you’re right Cliff you will point out how he’s always wrong mocks flawed and that he will never be better than you….

                I mean how dare I say you said he sucks…

                Lmao GTFOH

      • hahaha…thata was some funny ish Izzell!

      • RealTalk Fraudman pathetic flip flopping is intolerable.

  • *#*#*# TRADE ALERT#*#*#*

    PMan is rumored to have been traded to the Songs/KB/TSJOHNSON faction of the GCobb site. Rumor is that it was a cash deal, and PMan had to pay for Songs vaccination bill from the doctor. Details to follow.

    • I thought the Vaccinations were covered under the “ObamaCare” Program,
      No Deal…

      • No, not covered.

        Unfortunately he had thought that he would be able to keep his doctor and his plan, but that was a lie. This might be a deal breaker, can you throw in a blogger to be named later?

        • I’ll toss in Jakedog for good measure…

          • Interesting, but he has a pretty large backloaded contract. Probably better to sit tight and go with what we have. No deal.

        • Heard that got that new “fast tracked” Ebola vaccine.

          I’ll pay for your whole household.

          You in?

          • If Obama fast tracked, or even had anything to do with, I will say no. Everything that guy touches gets fucked up. No thanks.

  • I couldnt watch the game it seems like huff had a bad game but from u guys perpective was he getting open

    • Huff is trying really hard and probably too hard, but I am not sure he’s NFL Ready to contribute in his Rookie Season or early in his Career
      The Eagles really missed the boat on other available Receivers in the Draft that they could have selected instead of Huff who they selected in the 3rd Rd. These WR’s were are on the Board and Selected after Josh Huff was
      Too much of a Oregon connection with Chip Kelly

      John Brown – Cardinals
      Donte Moncrief – Colts
      Martavius Bryant – Steelers
      Kevin Norwood – Seahawks
      Ryan Grant – Redskins
      Devin Street – Cowboys

      • Paulman being I’m not the biggest Chip Kelly fan I’ve only pointed this out about 100x’s. Huff, Hart and Maehl shouldn’t be within 200 miles of the Eagles roster and they can take Marcus Smith, Casey Matthews and Earl Wolf with them.

        • 100% agree Biggy…

      • 100% agree Paul

  • What a disappointing loss

    I’m not surprised though, for one the Cards oline is playing at a very high level, and Carson Palmer is benefiting from it and playing like a PBer.

    That defense stuffs the run and forces you to throw and make mistakes. Todd Bowles is coaching the hell outta that defense

    With that said, the Eagles again had a close game in there hands with a minute left on the goaline and blew it.

    Tired of Kelly out smarting, out thinking himself. Run the ball or QB sneak

    Tired of Foles throwing the ball up for grabs 2-5 or more times per game, throwing picks left and right like some inexperienced rookie. Its really becoming annoying to watch, hes throwing off his back freakin foot with his eyes closed

    Oline hasnt allowed a sack in a long time so you cant use that as the excuse any more, its all on Nicky Foles.

    it’s seriously time to bench Cary Williams and replace him with either Caroll or Watkins, and I was against them trying Boykin there but I’m starting to lean towards that way, they may need to give him a shot. Then use watkins or carroll in the slot

    They need to upgrade safety and corner bad

    I’m not gonna jump out the window and say the season is over after 7 games but they need to clean up the penalties and turnovers if they want to be considered elite or to even win games..

    But it all starts with Foles… hes playing god awful

  • Interesting name on the trade market that could be a multi threat on the team….

    Devin Hester.

    Great contract, still has wheels, is actually playing well at WR and he fills both return man spots.

    5 or 6th for a rental?

    • im sure he is better than nate allen so yea sign him and line him up on d

      • lol….honestly if they dont get a safety what about Carroll at the S spot?

  • Panthers Released Safety/CB Charles Godfrey last week and who would be an improvement over Allen,Wolff.. Bring in him Howie..

  • plz bring a safety in and godfrey is not A bad choice shit cabt hurt i wouldbt mine charles woodson

  • Can John Gruden kiss the cowboys ass any more. He must know every mole on Jerry Jones ‘ right and left cheek.

  • Colt McCoy has djax wide open in the flat with green acres in front of him…this guy chucks it up into double coverage in endzone for the pick. Washington can help us out….but the QB is not on board.

  • The rookie Breeland looks good

  • **Eagles Trade Deadline News**

    According to my source, the Bucs have put just about all their players on the trade block. Vincent Jackson, Dashon Goldson and Mark Barron.

    Source is hearing that the Eagles are showing interest but it all comes down to the asking price.

    The two positions of need, Safety and Corner. Positions the Eagles may target if any? Safety and WR

    Wr to solve the redzone woes, safety to sure up that secondary.

    Will they make a deal? It could go either way, but it all comes down to what the asking price is..

    • No Team is taking on Safety’s Dashon Goldson’s Current Contract which is why very few Veteran Players are ever Traded in the NFL.. A player in his Final Season of a Deal, maybe or a Young Player on his Rookie deal..
      But remember for a Team to Trade for a Player they have to be able to afford that Player’s Current Deal under their Own Salary Cap Situation which is not a problem for the Eagles, but many other Teams who may be interested, simply can’t fit his Contract under their Cap situations in mid-season

      I like Free-Agent Safety Charles Godfrey who was Cut by the Panthers last Week, It won’t Cost the Eagles much to bring him in and see if he can play…There are not many out there at mid-season where Injuries have taken a toll on Teams and depleted the “Player Pool” at many Positions

      • yea wouldnt want that goldson contract but id take that barron contract or what do u think of woodson would u trade for him or maybe griffin frm titans paul

        • I am not a fan of either Woodson or Griffin at this Stage
          I would go out and Bring in Free-Agent Safety Charles Godfrey in and also look to have Nolan Carrol take Practice Reps at Free-Safety to replace Nate Allen and have Jaylen Watkins ready to go in as 4th CB

          Woodson’s too old to learn new System and probably should have retired 2 Seasons ago and Titans Griffin is a heavy hitter but worse than Nate Allen in Pass-Coverage.. They don’t really need a thumper back at Safety, but one who can play Centerfield and Protect against the Deep Plays while still being able to Tackle well so I think Nolan Carroll is their best Option since it’s mid-season then bringing a Player in to learn the System and Teammates

  • Jason Kelce is practicing with the 1st team offense. Thank god

    • That is indeed great news, as long as he is sound and healthy, plug him in!

  • my sources tell me herremans not looking good has biceps issue

    • If Kelce is a Go, than maybe Dave Molk can slide over at RG for Herreman’s
      until Mathis Returns and then Tobin can take Herremans spot or even Dennis Kelly can play RG.. If Herremans Injury is serious, then we may have just seen him play his Final Game as an Eagle for I believe the Eagles Release him after the Season regardless Hope his ok for he’s been a trooper, but his best days are behind as a Player

      • hes doing ok now was seen ptacticing with 1st team thang god

  • Not to sound too dramatic, but I think a trade for a Vincent Jackson and or a quality good safety would put us over the top this year and have us in the SB

    • jesus christ ur an absolute idiot

      • After all these months I see you still have JH radar. What an obsessed abnormal human being. I write a post and you appear like the creepy stalker you are

        Get a damn life man, jeez

  • One of our weaknesses is our redzone offense..I feel that vincent jackson can boost our production..would be a real good pickup in my opinion. Any safety without giving up much would be a welcome to the team.

  • Damn…i was hoping they were gonna say barron went to eagles…ughhhhh…Rams!?!?!?!

  • In the end, price tag too high for the Eagles, on Barron and VJackson. The Eagles decided to pass on them

    A 4h and 6th was too much for a safety that has under performed .

    That being said, 4th and 6th rounders for a guy that went 7th overall a couple years ago is a bit of a bargain..

    • Depends on how you wanna look at it..

  • You think that they would be all in especially with such a hot start in a division and conference that is so up in the air making a few trades may be exactly what they needed to get over the hump and end up in the Super Bowl, that’s what contenders do

    Look at the trades the patriots have made the past few weeks. Theyre thinking playoff run. Thats one of the reasons why they have rings..

  • Falcons announced the signing of veteran S Charles Godfrey.

    • Dang.. Falcons lost 2 more Starters from their Team due to injury one of which was one of their Safeties…
      Godfrey has played in the NFC South while with the Panthers so he’s familiar with those Teams

  • I’d try to get Vincent Jackson…A big WR that is well respected by opposing defenses. That’s what Foles needs right now bec no one is scared of Maclin (even though he’s having a great year) and Cooper took the money and disappeared on the field so teams focus clearly on McCoy. If anyone disagrees with this then they don’t have a clue.

  • Yeah, after Chip and friends blew a hole the size of a barn in the bow of the ship (releasing DeSean Jackson) they need something. VJackson would be a nice pick up even though it will probably absorb some of the defensing pass rush depth.

    Just think, if the trade goes down the Eagles could have had both the pass rush depth and a burner at the WR without giving up anything.

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