• July 1, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Cardinals

folescardsFoles’ Poor Play Catches Up With Him

Nick Foles played another shaky, inconsistent game plagued by poor throws, indecisiveness, and back-breaking turnovers.

Foles can’t make plays when he doesn’t have time to throw. He’s very shaky on the run, and when he can’t comfortably set his feet, its very difficult to make the throws he needs to come up with. Today F0les tossed two terrible interceptions that swung momentum towards the Cardinals.

In the first half, Foles hesitated on a throw to Josh Huff in the endzone. He held on to the ball to long, threw it late, and it was intercepted by Antonio Cromartie. If Foles throws that ball decisively, its a touchdown. Instead the Eagles come away with no points which proves to be critical later in the game. If the Eagles have even just three more points on the board, they’re lining up for the winning field goal at the end of the game instead of trying to get it in the endzone.

In the second half, Foles threw a pass behind Riley Cooper that was also intercepted by Cromartie. The Cardinals were able to take that turnover, and turn it into three points.

Even when Foles wasn’t turning the ball over, he was off and erratic throughout the game. Too many passes were thrown high, and too many of his deep attempts were ugly floaters. This is not quarterback play that leads to winning football. Anytime the Cardinals got pressure on the third year man or forced him to move around  in the pocket, he just couldn’t make plays.

The bottom line here is that you’ve got a quarterback that continues to commit multiple game-changing turnovers in every game. That’s just not acceptable, plain and simple.

Kelly Leaned Too Heavily On The Pass

Part of the problem today was that the playcalling was much too heavily skewed in favor of the pass. Nick Foles has a ridiculous 62 pass attempts in this game.

Its not like the Eagles were down by multiple scores and needed to throw, the Cardinals were never ahead by more than seven points. And even with Foles off, and with LeSean McCoy and the running game averaging 4.2 yards per carry, Kelly still put the ball in the hands of his erratic quarterback so many times that you would have thought Andy Reid was calling plays again.


  •  How great has Jeremy Maclin been this year? Maclin registered what was the best game of his career, picking up 12 catches for 187 yards and two touchdowns. He won his battles with Patrick Peterson throughout the day, and just continues to have a Pro-Bowl caliber season. 
  • Riley Cooper came down with five passes for 88 yards, including a big 50-yard reception that was a very difficult catch.
  • Josh Huff fumbled away his only reception on a catch that came deep in Arizona territory.
  • LeSean McCoy had 83 yards on 21 carries.
  • I thought David Molk and Matt Tobin both made some nice blocks in the running game.
  • Chris Polk contributed 13 yards on three carries, seeing some snaps with the offense with Darren Sproles unavailable to play.
  • Nice block by Lane Johnson to spring Jeremy Maclin for the Eagles’ first touchdown.
  • A bit of a rough game for Jason Peters, who was flagged several times throughout the game, including a couple of illegal hands to the face calls.


  • Mychal Kendricks was active today, making his return to the lineup from a calf injury.
  • Malcolm Jenkins brought down Andre Ellington for a loss on Arizona’s first offensive play. 
  • The Eagles’ defense extended the Cardinals first drive several times, once with a holding penalty on Brandon Boykin, and then an illegal hands to the face on Nate Allen.
  • Allen had both his best and worst moment as an Eagle in this game. His best came when he wrestled the ball away from Andre Ellington to create a turnover for the Eagles in the second half. The worst came on the final Arizona possession, where he allowed Josh Brown to run right past him and get open for the game winning 80-yard touchdown reception.
  • The Eagles were unable to sack Carson Palmer once today.
  • DeMeco Ryans played his best game of the season. Ryans had only three tackles, but came up with some key plays, including stuffing Andre Ellington for a loss in the second half and breaking up what would have been a touchdown pass to John Carlson late in the game on a third down, forcing the Cardinals to settle for three.
  • Larry Fitzgerald always seems to kill the Eagles. Fitzgerald had just one touchdown, and hadn’t gone over 100 yards this year, but today he caught seven passes for 160 yards and one touchdown, and 80-yard score.

Special Teams

  • Trey Burton made a nice open-field tackle on Tedd Ginn following Donnie Jones’ first punt. 
  • Cody Parkey drilled a 54-yard field goal in the second half.

Final Thoughts

Nick Foles isn’t doing much to show that he’s worth any kind of long-term investment.

With 12 turnovers in seven games, and just one turnover-free performance on the year, the Eagles have been winning despite his struggles.

But now they’re really beginning to become an issue. He’s just making some terrible decisions and poor throws right now, and you can’t win in this league when your quarterback is a threat to turn it over multiple times.

This was a game that was there to be won, but the Eagles’ turnovers robbed them of a valuable win against an NFC foe that has a good chance to make it to the playoffs. Not only have the Eagles now lost the tiebreaker to both the Cardinals and 49ers, but they’re also on the verge of falling a game and a half behind Dallas in the division standings.


Denny Basens

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  • I was at the game ,there were a huge amount of eagle fans ..the obvious points ..nick foles ,whom I’ve been defending has again shit the bed at the most Inopportune times..our lack of a fullback on goal line is really old ..huff had an awful game …watching maclin there were more plays that were missed ,and still he puts up incredible numbers ..he’s been terrific..I though foles throwing 62 times was a coaching blunder ..the run game appeared to be working ,yet AR appeared to be wearing the headset…sproles wasn’t dressed at all in warm ups ..,it’s inexcusable to have zero sacks against the cards offensive line and a qb who wasn’t needing to extend plays with his feet …when up late in the game Arians showed some big balls going for it all on3rd and 4 ..of course Nate Allen gets beat ..that can’t happen …walking out of a road game is painful as an eagle fan..I watched nicks footwork and he’s regressing throwing flat and off his back foot ,not getting any zip on his throws ..the throw to maclin was special…the cards deserved this win ,as we can’t win turning the ball over on the road 3 times …we are obviously not a complete team ..with zero sacks and an inexcusable bomb in the last minute was bill Davis worst moments ..the red zone is reminiscent of the twilight zone…I’m done venting this sucked ..

  • Just finished reading the posts during and at the end of the game ..it’s not all on nick foles songs ..you’re an idiot ,who is so obsessive it’s ,almost annoying to hear you rant time after time of the play of the qb..he isn’t calling the plays firstly ..the coach has been blameless ..why? He can’t put nick foles in shotgun on3rd and 1 …he can’t have nick foles sling it 62 times in a game where the deficit was never more than one possession…is foles playing well ..No..but he isn’t the sole reason the team lost today ..the pass rush gets home on the 3rd down play and Nate Allen’s bonehead play isn’t exposed ..blame is something that needs be addressed,on both sides of the ball..Cary williams had shorter practice times ..now what’s his lame ass excuse? This team is not going to implode as Pman throws his shit against the wall hoping it sticks..and when the birds win a game he’ll cover that with anew coat of paint…8-8 let’s all hold Pman to it…I’ll say this he may be the most likely to be a politician as he can talk shit from both sides of his mouth..I’m with the opinion the San Fran and az games were coaches sorriest moments and with the qb blunders ,defensive blunders …were still a team others don’t want to mess with ..and I’m sure a qb with less than a full season under his belt will continue to make strides ,as will a young coach..I still have faith and I’m not believing what I’m reading after a game with a minute left ,we were leading ..qb on the sideline ,and we get beat on a deep route…let’s put that blame where it belongs…or was 9 playing free safety? Get real..

  • Let’s just move on to Houston

  • San Fran and Arizona game were games that the QB just didn’t make the plays. The Eagles are the worst team in the league in the redzone….that’s not on the Coach…that’s on the QB. He leads the league in turnovers…no excuses, the Coach is not turning the ball over its the QB!

  • There is no doubt in my mind that this team is as good as any team in the NFC and can go to the superbowl with better QB play. Especially when Sproles, Mathis and Kelce comes back. This team easily could be putting up 40 points a game if Foles didn’t turn the ball over and hit wide open receivers. Games shouldn’t even be this close if Foles was playing better. Hopefully he can get hot. The only team that the Eagles cant beat IMO is Denver with this defense but the Eagles are only a QB away from being really really good. Foles has to play better.

    • Eagles likely Scenarios playing the Top 6 Teams in the NFC
      on the Paulman Game Simulator Module (out of 10 Games)

      Lose to the Packers 9 out of 10 Times
      Lose to the 49ers 7 out of 10 Times
      Lose to the Cardinals 6 out of 10 Times
      Lose to the Seahawks 7 out of 10 Times
      Lose to the Lions 6 out of 10 Times
      Lose to the Cowboys 8 out of 10 Times
      Lose to the Saints 7 out of 10 Times

      Next Tier of Teams
      Eagles Beating GIants 6 out of 10 Times
      Eagles Beating Bears 6 out of 10 Times
      Eagles Beating Falcons 6 out of 10 Times
      Eagles Beating Panthers 7 out of 10 Times
      Eagles Beating Rams 7 out of 10 Times
      Eagles Beating Vikings 7 out of 10 Times
      Eagles Beating Redskins 7 out of 10 Times
      Eagles Beating TB Bucs 8 out of 10 Times

      They are what I said they are..

  • Eagles are not legitimate SB Contendors..
    They are a 2nd Tier Club, plain and simple
    Still too many issus in pass coverage with
    Cary Williams & Nate Allen
    Though the Eagles did have pressure on
    Carson Palmer, they registered no sacks
    Offensively they can’t run the ball when it’s
    Really needed (in the red-zone) and they are committing way too
    many Turnovers and Penalties to be legitimate
    SB Contendors
    They are what they are, which is an exciting up tempo to watch
    But when it’s crunch time against the better Teams,Defenses and other Goid Coach’s, they simply are not good enoug…

    • You have clearly stated your opinion. Don’t even think of jumping back on the bandwagon after the team gets healthy and the Cowgirls fall apart late in the season. For once don’t play both sides of the fence, and we will see another post from you stating just the opposite so you can claim that you were “right” later.

      No doubt that this was a tough loss that resulted from our own mistakes. Foles has regressed from last season, throwing too often off of his back foot and rarely showing any zip on the ball. That being said he did throw for over 400 yards and was able to get his team in a position to take a few shots at the endzone at the end of the game, he also left the field with his team winning and less than 2 minutes on the board.

      There were a number of errors that can be placed at the coaches feet with this loss. Anyone who thinks that we would not be crucifying Reid for having thrown he ball 62 times hasn’t been paying attention for the past decade. The refs were absolutely terrible, but for Kelly not to challenge the spot on Polk’s 2nd down run makes no sense. Even if he didn’t get in he endzone there was still a first down that he picked up inside the 1 yard line. Big mistake by Kelly, and I don’t even want to ask why he ran the play from the shotgun on 3rd down, and chose to take Polk out after two strong runs. Mistakes all by the coach.

      All of that being said his team went out west, played another 5-1 team and was in a position to win the game at the very end. It is pattern that we see this team always giving itself a chance to win, but with this one we left way too many points on the board because of frustrating red-zone turnovers. We need to start putting teams away early and stomping on them like we did the Giants.

      No doubt this team has flaws, but look around the NFL, what team is unbeatable? Denver maybe? We are not even at the halfway point of our season, and we have a number of key contributors that are due to return healthy. Sproles is a big part of our attack, and with Kelce and Mathias returning it will put us in a stronger position going into the second half of the season. Jump off now, but I can still see this team getting hot down the stretch and into the playoffs, which is when you want your team to peak anyway. Next up the Texans, GO BIRDS !!

      • Its what Fraudman does…goes 50/50…posts a million pieces of crap so you get lost in what he says then immediately says I told you so when finally something makes sense.

        If not that he’s in a pissing contest with GMCliff on who posts in third person better.

        Hes flip flopping fraud.

        • I’ll Always Root for my Hometown/Favorite Team which are the Eagles IJ,
          but it’s not a do or die for me at all, they Win then they Win, they Lose, then they lose.. The Sun will come up tomorrow and life moves on…
          I don’t have high expectations or overvalue this Team… They are about a 8-9 maybe a 10 Win Team if all goes well, but still have little probability of moving deep into the Playoffs.. If they do, then great, If they don’t, them we move onto 2015 Season with some changes like we have every year..

          • You just want to continue speaking in third person and “Paulman said….”when a majority of the time you are wrong.

            You flip flop and hold no ground. Which makes you a fraud.

          • Glad to see that the Prozac is working well for you, it evens out things for you to avoid any joy or sadness. You should enjoy the leaves changing color this fall in Boone, maybe you might want to take a walk on Sunday’s since you can read about any games the next day since it really makes no difference.

  • I’ve been a huge Nick Foles fan but it’s getting harder and harder to defend him. The “majority” of this game’s blame goes to him as he is making some inexcusable passes. Why the hell did he pump fake to a wide open Huff; only to then throw an INT on the actual pass. To his credit, the bomb to Maclin for a TD was a thing of beauty.

    The rest of the blame goes to Chip Kelly. Why on earth are you throwing the ball 62 times, when as some posters have noted, the ground game was working pretty darn well. Not to mention, we were never down by more than one score. You have to be patient with the running game or you become one dimensional and other teams know it. Also, I swear to god I’m going to break my TV if we go shotgun formation on 3rd and inches. We have one of the biggest QBs in the league yet we can’t get a few inches for either a first down or TD? Also, we went shotgun formation on several 3rd and 3 type situations.

    The Nate Allen play was horrendous but give Carson Palmer and John Brown credit for making an unbelievable play; especially the catch.

    At the end of the day, we’re 5-2 and those two losses came on the road to two of the best teams in the NFC. Let’s not act like this team can’t make a run. But as Daggolden points out, Denver would flat out abuse this team like no other.

  • Three players I went into the season with football hate.

    1. Bradley Fletcher
    2. Carey Williams
    3. Nate Allen

    Any responsible fan had to know that at minimum twice this year they were going to cost us a game. We got lucky with them in the Rams game but it caught up to us in the Cardinals game. Before the game I stated Cards chuck the rock down the field and let their WRs make plays and our CBs allow Wrs to make plays….and sadly thats exactly what happened to a T.

    Bill Davis shows that he has been generating pass rush with smoke and mirrors. Thats why the “Play Vinny Curry more!” or “Play Brandon Graham more” is nonsense. They dont consistently beat their man without stunts and blitzes.

    Loss sucks because there really is no difference between the Cards and Eagles and that is a stick it in your back pocket come back to haunt you loss.

    Glass half full….we dont have to even fool ourselves with what we have. Still 5-2. Have to win in Houston to keep pace or fight tooth and nail for a wildcard. Not a Superbowl contender by any means but they are a good team. They need to get it together down the stretch. Hopefully come December they are balling and not sputtering.

    Lastly…Foles has cost himself 15-20 million this summer and we are definitely drafting a QB top 3 rounds next year.

  • Seriously!
    Not even 8 games in and Folks are willing to throw away the year.

    We knew the Defense was not good enough. It struck and cost the game. Yeah the young QB struggled _> F THAT<-

    Foles threw for over 400 yards. 2 Td's – Just missed a 3rd TD 2 or three times. Peyton Manning has thrown 2 TD 2 INT games before. How many INT did Eli throw last year??? Last I checked on of those brothers has 2 SB rings and the other 1 and is arguably the best of all time. Foles is struggling a little in his sophmore slump (yes I know he played some in his rookie year)

    Bottom line- Against SF- Nick drives the field in the emd of the game – The team can not cross the goal line.
    Against Cards – Nick drives to 1 inch line – Team cant score then D gives up the one play you cant. Then Nick drives the team down the field for THREE LEGIT CHANCES to win but the ball is not caught.
    HAD he completed one of those passes he is a hero this morning!

    • So blame the defense for the lost and none goes to the offense or the “Young QB”….haha…seriously?

      If not for the defense the Eagles may only have 3 wins. I’m one of the hardest critics of this Eagles defense but 24 points isn’t bad. Considering the Eagles had 2 chances to score TD’s but turned the ball over. The game shouldn’t of even been close if the offense executed. The defense, mainly the safety didn’t do his job on that TD play. but make no mistake the defense was “good enough” for the Eagles to win that game!

      • loss not lost

        • I know how to spell…mistakes happen! wtf….are we in grammar school? you knew what I meant

          • I cannot spell RT, and this auto spell shit screws me up even more becuase I don’t even get close to the word I am trying to say. Lol. We do not need the grammar police on here, cause I would be in prison by now for constant violations!

            • haha

    • But he didnt Regal and detractors do have something to harp on because unfortunately he is trending in the wrong direction and he continues to repeat the same mistakes.

      Throwing for 400 in 62 attempts is over inflation of stats. The Redzone pick is as bad as they come and his struggles are very real down there.

      Not to mention he easily could have had 3 picks after the chuck down the field to Cooper who was covered by 3 people. He simply isnt making smart decisions with the football. Is he a bust no way. Is he showing franchise potential…no way. And that is the conundrum we are in. What do we have in Nick Foles. When the kid is good he looks really good…however those backfoot duck balls are scary…and we have seen that more than good this year.



    • Really, So you miss being 3and5 through 8 games. But damn that guy can run.

      • im joking i think

  • I’m going to be Paulman right now, the 2 guys I said the Eagles should have drafted were Deone Buchanon and Kelvin Benjamin I’m a soothsayer. LOL

    • You forgot say it 3rd person….then say how you are constantly right ….then take a shot a GMCliff afterward….lmao

      • That’s It IJ, Coach Biggy up a bit… Ha

  • I will get into a more detailed review, including a rip of Foles and the coaches in a while. But before I do:

    3rd and 6. 1:25 to go. Arizona with no timeouts.

    The corner back gets burned deep?

    Even worse…..The safety BITES on play action and gets torched for 75?????????????

    How is that even f-ing possible? Any short completion or handoff is GOOD because it burns clock. The Eagles should WANT Arizona to complete short passes or RUN.


    Instead of backpedaling, Allen moved FORWARD!

    I am beyond livid that Brown got behind the D. This is impossible in that situation and is by far the worst play the Eagles have had this year.

    • It was a beautiful Play-Call by Cardinals Coach B Arians
      All game long on 3rd Down and Medium Yards to go, the Cardinals rand quick Slant Routes to Larry Fitz to 6-10 Yard gains..
      On this Play, they used the same Formation with Fitz in the Slot, which caused Allen to step in to counter, meanwhile WR on left side, John Brown
      runs a Fly Route and right past CB Williams and by the time Nate Allen reacts, its way too late… for John Brown has 4.3 Speed and ran away from the Coverage…

      • I get it. But it shouldn’t matter what formation they were in. A 6 yard slant to Fitzgerald is basically irrlevant. The Eagles should gladly take a 6 yard slant and a tackle in the middle of the field. Then they are on their own 30 and time is dropping below 1 minute.

        Allen biting (and WIlliams not dropping further right on the snap) is the single worse Eagles play this year.

        And I’m pretty sure Easterbrook is going to call it the single worst play of the entire season in tomorrow’s TMQ.

  • in the two losses the eagles had the ball on/near the goal line, went into shotgun and wimped out. I don’t like that at all– to win the SB you take your 6′ 5″ qb under center and run a wedge… if you can’t get an inch you don’t deserve to win. I pin that on chip– right on his back– on the road at the 6 inch line you have to score a TD…

    • Agreed. Why the f are we in shotgun formation with inches to go?

      • Yes. I actually stopped screaming at the TV for Kelly to throw the challenge flag on the Polk run, to yelling WTF are we in running out of the shotgun on the goal line. Beyond frustrating.

      • because its Jelly Kelly’s System and that’s how he runs it..

  • A little more prespective to those ready to jump ship on this team….what were the expectations coming into the season? Improvement over last year meaning getting into the playoffs and winning a home game. I think everyone knew this team (in year two of Chip Kelly) is not quite ready to go on the road and beat a quality team in January.

    So what has really changed? They have lost two games, both on the road to playoff quality teams. I know fans live week to week but its important to keep some perspective or you will drive yourself crazy.

    • dont think a lot of people are jumping ship on anything but their full support of nick foles. dude is playing awful and maybe quite possibly he just is a really bad qb

      • I dont think he is a bad qb henski but his mechanics are god awful and i wish we had lazor still cuz i think he stayed in nicks ass and he is just being lazy and just plain a retard at times then great at other times

        • Chip wants smart QBs who can read defenses and dont turn the ball over. Thats been said 1000 times in the last 2 years. Nothing has change has it?

      • By saying you can’t win with foles you are saying this year is a waste since foles is the QB. Thus, you are jumping ship on the team.

        He hasn’t played well, but they can win with him and take the next step TOWARDS a superbowl this year with him. Nothing that has happened so far has changed any of that.

        Look at the other QBs taken in Foles’ class and the years after. Luck is the only one that is head and shoulders ahead of Foles and even he doesn’t have a playoff “W” yet. Everyone else has their ups and downs just like most young QBs.

        I keep drawing the parallel with Flacco and the Ravens. My wife’s family are huge Ravens fans and they went through this EXACT same thing with Flacco. Flacco was slow, he made bad decisions, “managed games”, threw picks, etc. Then what happened? They stuck with him, let him develop and he won them a superbowl.

        Foles has started 17 games….it takes time for these guys to develop. And if you can develop a young QB all while going 13-4 with him starting under center?!? I’ll take it.

        • hold up.

          WHO said you cant win with foles besides songs? dont tell me im jumping ship because im calling a spade and spade and saying the kid is garbage right now

          also anyone that says foles is a game manager has zero fucking clue what a game manager is. he is way closer to a gun slinger than a game manager.

          im sitting here hoping this kid figures it out but he has been pretty terrible

          • on that final Drive

            Where was the quick 5 Step Drop and let it rip don the Seam on a one on one with one of the TE’s.. on final Play, he drops back like 10-12 Steps and tosses the ball while going backwards which loses accuracy and gets too much air under his throws……I don’t understand it..

          • Those comments aren’t really directed towards you but rather in response to some of the things you said. By no means do I lump you in with “that group” on here that pisses me off to no end.

            Paul – Couldn’t agree more. We haven’t seen the pop pass in like three weeks. One thing he did bring back was the read option with the bubble screen instead of the QB keeper. I love that play for a QB that isn’t a threat to run. For whatever reason it almost seems like Kelly is getting away from his bread and butter pass plays/formations. Where has the double stacks with the inside run been/bubble screen option been? He is going four verticles too often in my opinion along with other deep routes which has not helped Nick.

            • thanks for clearing that up!

  • Hey …how about those packers. Quite possibly the “best team in the NFC” on a hot streak, right? Did they just go on the road in a very tough spot to play with Rodgers throwing for 400+ and a couple of picks and loose to a good team? Sound familiar? Guess they suck now right and have no chance, blah, blah, blah.

    Week to week fan reaction is based on pure emotion with very rational thinking. No difference here.

    • **very little rational thinking**

    • No Packers fans on this board but point taken, I’ve been saying since game 1 that Foles footwork is atrocious and I’m one of his biggest backers here, that shit needs to be corrected ASAP on top of the fact teams are confusing him with zone coverages which is unacceptable. Because we are fed the Nick is a student of the game and he’s the smart type QB we’ve needed for years. He won’t be extended after this year if this play continues Kelly won’t have it. Every time he starts to bail out or fade I hold my breath that last pass like paulman said was ridiculous set your feet and be decisive it’s not that hard.

    • Packers QB pulled his hammy in the beginning of the 3rd factored into their loss last night

  • The Eagles are still a playoff team. When Kelce and Mathis come back, they will be able to run more and execute on their screen plays. However, the defense is still not good enough. Their secondary needs someone to compliment Jenkins that can make receivers think twice about running over the middle…..Deshon Goldson is a poor fit in the Tampa 2 and would be a stud in Davis’s defense.

  • Seattle.

    On road. Wilson is shit all game. 50% 150 yrds 0 tds 1 int.
    One good drive at end of 4th. Score. Up 4 with just under 1 min to go. Win.

    On Road. Foles is shit all game.
    One good drive at end of 4th. Score. Up 3 with just over 1 mon to go.
    Give up 75 yard td.

    • difference eagles d vs seahawks d we are mediocre as some would say

    • nick had time to win. cmon vin. its damage control time with this kid from all of us. clearly he isnt who we thought he was. hopefully he comes back full circle tho

      • Didn’t mean it that way. Foles clearly too many mistakes.

  • Ever since nick foles said I do ,he s proven he can’t ..I’m expecting Kool and songs marital videos soon..lmao..the consensus is to keep perspective and I’m on board with that..it’s not even half way through the attrition of the NFL season and already soothsayers are appearing from under rocks ..that’s just silly..adding perspective is the same as adding pieces ..sproles Mathis and Kelce aren’t exactly hopped liver ..let’s try to understand ,this season comes down to a 3 game stretch with Dallas sandwiched between Seattle …that is perspective and reality all rolled up into one…sitting at the goal line I had the binocs on polks run (who by the way ) he wears big boy pants ..that’s a piece we haven’t seen this year added to McCoy who played well ,other than trying to constantly make something ,out of nothing and cost the team valuable chunks.i don’t condemn his effort ,just his smarts ..put your nose in there and pick up what the defense allows ,and live to play on…that was followed by a desperation heave by nick foles ..these cause and effects are the big picture the game within the game …that Kool and songs have blinders on about…don’t tell me the coaches get a pass..that’s bullshit..bill Davis knew this team having been shown the door …nick foles (I’m not defending him ) he’s regressing,and to me to have to use a high pick on something other than qb (which is a crapshoot) is what separates the future of this squad..which is why if your a true fan who understands football,you hope and pray either nicks wife gives it up more or less ..something’s got him by the balls ..hoping it let’s go of the vice grip as the snow starts falling …Nate Allen was posted all over boards (Izzell) saw it as well… Quoting him where there’s smoke there’s fire ..we’ll that fire burned my ass and with my dick in my hands I had to make the walk of shame out of the phoenix stadium..fuck you nate Allen ..and I’ve posted before the only thing more tired of Cary williams is my tired ass. Where’s the culpability of this coaching staff…pee wee football huddle on 3rd down and forever is give them everything underneath and play a deep prevent zone ..instead they both get sucked in by the only play that causes all our attention to the pig with lipstick..if she waddles out with a win ,it covers up so many warts ..so I’m taking the high road..good things follow bad things in a young football team ,if they learn from it..

    • Well stated desert, and I feel your pain of having to watch that loss in person.

      I agree that young players and young teams need to learn from their mistakes. My concern is that week in and week out we are hearing Nick say the same thing, but the next week he is making the same mistakes. I want to see this kid succeed, I really do, but it is hard to argue that he has regressed from last year, and between his high turnover rate and throwing off of his back foot, and am beginning to question if he will be able to take us to the next level. On the good side, we have seen that he is able to rally this team to make 4th qtr comebacks, but the inconsistency will always hurt you against the better teams.

  • Now on to the game. I know a lot of the regular crew will be on here spouting about Foles, and he does deserve a lot of the blame. Especially on the second pick, which was horrible. But this game was a total team disaster.

    I will not be kind. I think this was the worst Eagles game I have seen in a while. The breakdowns were many (and mostly inexcusable)

    This was absolutely Kelly’s worst coaching job since he arrived. The screw ups were almost too numerous to mention, but I will try…

    2 serious errors here. First was on the Fitzgerald double clutch in the 1st Q. Fitz got both feet down, but “double clutched” falling to the ground. When he established posession his elbow landed out first. Sesond was on Polk’s run. Its clear he got a first down. Besides, what is the issue? Why not just challenge no matter what/ There is under 2 mins. You are at the 1/2 yrd line. SO WHAT IF YOU GET IT WRONG AND LOSE A TO. WTF do you need a TO for? There’s enough time to still run the ball 3x if you lose the challenge…and you WANT time to run off the clock anyway.

    Now why do I bring this up? Because the eagles hired a “Challenge Co-Ordinator” (or whatever he’s called) This year. Guys ONLY JOB is challenges!!! How does he not AUTOMATICALLY tell Kelly to throw the flag on that play no matther what?????? There is NOTHING TO LOSE challenging that play.

    Now you may wonder why I’m “ALL CAPSing” on this….because this pisses me off more than anything else. Fumbles, picks, shit that happens as 275lb players are slamming into each other at warp speed often bother me….but not as much as when a guy – WHO HAS NOTHING ELSE TO DO OTHER THAN EVALUATE CHALLENGES – sits on his ass not knowing whether or not to make a challenge when THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DOWNSIDE to throwing the challenge flag.

    Have to stop here, just thinking about this makes my head hurt.

    • I heard the Challenge Guy was tied-up in the long lines in the Men’s Room ..
      Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go…
      That 3rd Down Call was the Play of the Game and it was a Poor Call by Kelly
      Cards had 9 Defender’s in the Box, that’s right 9 of them..
      Single Coverage on the Outside 2 WR’s (1 out on each Side)
      A fake and 2 Second hold by the Te and run to the COrner is a easy pitch and Catch for a TD.. Jelly Kelly got Conservative against his natural judgement and it cost him the game..

      • Seriously. There was 2:30 to go….they only have 30 more seconds left to use a challenge!!!!

        And “saving” a timeout at this point is completely irrelevant anyway as they want the clock to run.

        Losing the challenge has NO DOWNSIDE.


        Winning the challenge has ENORMOUS UPSIDE. Eagles get 1st down. Can run the ball 3x. Even with the 2 min warning, they could run the clock below 1 min …so even if they do just kick a FG, Arizona would have about 40 seconds left (max)

        Again – absolutely no downside….huge upside.

        What do you think this challenge co-orginator gets paid?

        Not challenging the spot was absolutely, completely, inexcusable.

  • Coach AR is Winning in Kansas City will much less Talent

    • much less talent. get real

      • WR Corps & OL of the Chiefs is about the weakest in the NFL

        • Aren’t you the guy who was telling everyone who would listen that the Redskins “defensive front seven” were the toughest in the league a few weeks ago? Forgive me of I don’t take this statement with a grain of salt.

          • ^^^^BWHAHAHAHAHAHA^^^^

            Yes he was Green…then he flip flopped on it as usual.

            He also said the Giants line was better than the Eagles and pointed to their draft picks etc.


    • If I remember correctly I believe that from the team he inherited there were something like 5 ProBowlers on that team. He got a proven veteran QB in Smith and Jamal Charles to go with a very very good defense.

      I am all for trying to make a point by using a bit of hyperbole, but I am going to call bullshit on that one. Reid chose that situation because the cubbard was far from bare in KC.

  • I’m going to have to agree with Vinnie here that was Kelly’s worst coaching job so far, just kicking that last field goal alone in hindsight was dumb even if you fail on 4th down. No way Arizona does anything but hand off 3x’s with that field position and we in all probability get the ball back around midfield with a shot for a field goal to win and at worst overtime.

    • lion agreed. i know we all live on hindsite but damn 6 inch line (should have challenged the spot)– I know we have a back up center and i know that a kelly o line is typically smaller more athletic than a traditional line but come the hell on– QB wedge is the way to go there!

      • That was coming up next. After the completely botched “no challenge” (and did I mention the Eagles hired a “challenge coordinator” this year – I think I did) Then the better play is to go for it on 4th. Distinct possibility that they then get the ball back somewhere around midfield with 20 secs to go needing 20 yards for a fg.

  • Stop IT Stop It STOP IT. If Dallas were 4-3 or 3-4 instead of 6-1 Everyone on here would be able to JUST RELAX. But they are in the lead like the frauds they are but Next week is November and We will all be Thankful while Dallas continues to wish it were Halloween time to hide their ugly mugs under the disguise of football players.


    A quarterback must excel when there’s pressure.

    When the line is hurt knowing every team suffer injuries.

    When the running game is not working.

    That’s why franchise quarterbacks are the highest paid players on their respective teams, because they compensate for other weaknesses on the team.

    But, yet excuse are made each week for Foles.

    There’s no excuses for a quarterback that have time in the pocket and is grossly inaccurate.

    Winning quarterbacks make those throws in their sleep, so that leads me to ask the fand base.

    Do you really want to win a Superbowl or are you just happy to finally have a non black quarterback?

    Are fans supporting Foles because we finally have an immobile quarterback?

    Because he’s a turnover machine and I remember fans blasting Vick for being a turnover machine.

    Should we blindly hope Foles become better even if he continue turnovers at this clip?

    Just asking.

    When do we dump the Nick Foles experiment?

    • Same Questions in SF, Carolina, NYJ, BUFF, TB, ATL, CINCI, STL, KC, HOU, TENNY, CHI, WSH, OAK, CLEV, and maybe even Seattle. Minny and Jacksonville probably on deck……And Dallas fans will be asking the same thing in about 6 weeks.

      So STFU troll..

      I’d still keep Foles over every QB on each and every one of those teams (save Seattle)……..everyone on here says Foles sucked yesterday. Perhaps playing 2 whole games factored in to his 2 ints though non?

  • Continuing with the rip….

    More bad coaching. We’ve covered the challenge foul-up (which I think directly led to the loss)

    Run/Pass ratio.

    The Eagles ran the ball 21x. 9 on the last drive. For the previous 3 and a half Qs there were 62 QB dropbacks and 12 runs.

    84% passes?

    Just a second. Can we all agree that the young QB is struggling right now? Yes. Soooooo…..have him drop back 84% of the time? That’s an Andy Reid wet dream for God’s sakes.

    Inexcusable in a close game.

    For comparison…lets look at other QBs in games that were close all the way through:
    Wilson 33 atts
    Tannehill 32 atts
    Dalton 30 atts
    Flacco 35 atts
    Glennon 29 atts
    Bridgewater 43 atts
    Palmer 42 atts

    Foles 62 atts

    Foles basically played two full games. Are we surprised he threw 2 ints? I am not. (Perhaps more concerning is he threw only 2 tds with so many attempts)


    Shotgun at the 6 inch line? Does this even have to me mentioned? WTF. Throw out 4 WRs. Spread em wide and tap the centre on the ass and push. Its a freekin’ guaranteed TD…..and if not, they’re going to have to award the first down under the pile are they not?

    “What the fuck are you doing?” was all I could think as they lined up. Guys I was with laughing their asses off. “Stupid Eagles….haven’t been able to get a yard for 20 years….still can’t!” Gooooood times.

    The coaching yesterday….from botched challenges, to abandoning the run, to completely horseshit playcalling…..worst effort of the year bar none.

    • Are we surprised he threw 2 ints? I am not. (Perhaps more concerning is he threw only 2 tds with so many attempts)

      Vinnie thats what concerns me. Picks are going to happen. However Redzone efficiency and his decision making are his to control.

      I agree I was not a fan of the coaching. Fog of war IMO and that happens when the coach is the playcaller.

      The play that concerned me the most was the play where he backfoot ducked to Cooper who was surrounded by 3 Cards.

      Its that thought process that is killing me. Last year it was refreshing to have someone not take mind numbing sacks throw the ball out of bounds etc.

      This year he is trying to make a play out of EVERYTHING.

      He has 9 games left to adjust.

      • I agree. Its disconcerting. I’m hoping “sophomore jinx” but I dunno. I didn’t like the sideline throw to Cooper at all. I am not going to rip him too much for the last 3 passes….I didn’t like the playcalls. I was screaming for a post to Ertz…it looked like the Cards were in “Zero” coverage and the middle of the field was wide open, yet no Eagle WR or TE went there on any of the final 3 throws. Everything lobbed to the corners……..(I know that was probably because Peterson was out so Kelly thought he had a “matchup”…….I was losing it…..

        I think the “Matchup” should have been someone…anyone…to the wide open expanse in the middle of the field!

        I think Ertz on a post, ball to the 5 and he walks in……

        Though of course, completely moot had the coaches not completely fucked up the possession before.

        • Vinnie…he cant make that redzone pick…he just cant….even worse to me is that Huff was wide open…and he fought the throw. There was no for the double clutch…he is fighting himself. That worries me because that can bring a dude down quick.

          He has guts and tough attitude but he is in Philly and the tide is already turning…..has to correct it asap.

        • Selectively ignorant you are sis…and now its the play callers fault…every one to blame but Foles, huh? it wasn’t the play callers fault nor the defenses slow start in the beginning of 2013 was it? if I recall it was all on that QB, at the time….But now you seem to realize it takes a team to win games….now I may actually be able to have a real football conversation with you!

          • Wait it gets better.

            I said last year that with Vick (and I said it about Foles too actually) that you don’t want him throwing the ball more than 30x a game…35 max.

            Vinnie wrote a WHOLE post on how elite QBs throw the ball…50/60 times a game…now he’s writing how 62x was just WAAAYYYYY too much.

            lol. Okay.

            • The whole 1st year starter / 10 year Vet still has you flummoxed.

  • More coaching:

    Penalties on D
    3rd and 6. Encroachment
    3rd and 6 (Incomplete). Illegal contact
    3rd and 4 Roughing the passer (a bad call)

    Penalties on O
    2nd and 10 (complete). Illegal block
    1st and 5 (complete) Offensive pass int
    2nd and 5 (complete) Hands to the face

    There were 4 first down gifts to Arizona and 3 Foles completions for 1st downs negated.

    Now I know that this Ref crew is notorious for the games they’ve destroyed this year, and they continued that marvelous trend yesterday….calling a ton of ticky-tack shir (including 2 weak ass roughing the passers) before missing the horse collar at the end. Good times.

    That being said, the refs weren’t the ones jumping offsides 3x in the first Q.

    Hard to win when undisciplined like that.

    • Jason Peter’s had perhaps his worst Overall Game as an Eagle
      He did not play well at all yesterday and was sluggish in Rub BLocking
      and Pass Blocking …

      • are you kidding…stop it…Jason Peter didn’t give up any sacks at all. He played worst against Jacksonville earlier this year…he had a few penalties but the Offensive Line played well in this game…they kept Foles pretty clean…Foles just does not handle the slightest bit of pressure well at all…

    • worried about off side penalties in the first quarter, when the game is still very much in doubt…? what about the turnovers? I believe the loss of possession is more crucial than penalties? I know penalties add up and can be devastating, but the turnovers hurt way more.

  • alright …I give in.

    It’s the offensive line.

    It’s coaching.

    It’s Shady.

    It’s the secondary.

    It’s the new replay coordinator.

    It’s the Smoothie maker.

    If al these work perfectly Foles wii be comfortable enough to make a pass without throwing off his back foot, so please …Eagles!!!!


  • Stop it…its getting beyond ridiculous. Every aspect of the team is playing well except one-the Quarterback. We are getting field position with excellent special teams play. The Defense is playing at a high level. Everyone wants to bash the safety and corner for one bad play that was made possible by an excellent, on the money throw from Carson Palmer. The Defense bailed us out on several games this year. Stop it
    The problem with this team is the Quarterback…turning the ball over, failing to execute in the red zone….we are one of the worst teams in the red zone despite these big receivers….its pretty clear. Foles cant handle pressure…he is great when the pocket is clean no pressure on him…he has plenty of time…Foles looks great then…problem is that great defenses are not going to give you a clean pocket…good defenses will pressure you and sometimes you have to make a play with pressure….all good Qb’s like Carson Palmer can do it…Foles fails to do it consistently

    • Idiot

      you just wrote

      “all good QBs like Carson Palmer….”

      You do realize that he has a career td% lower than Foles. A career int% higher than Foles. A career W/L record under .500.

      Dumbass twit. Carson Palmer has played a good 4 games this year (after being in the league 10 years) and you’re slobering on his nuts.

      • And to prove how stupid you are, all anyone has to do is look at the timing of your last 2 posts.

        3:59 for Songs and 4:17 for Koolidiot.


        17 minutes for you to sign out and then sign back in again? Still failing your grade 9 typing class I see.

        • so you really believe Koolbreeze and I are the same ..huh?

          You guys are ridiculous…

          Anyway, do you want to get in the bet I “Songsrme2” put out there for you losers?

          Even though you reneged on the last one, I’ll still open the bet for you.

          I bet Nick Foles will be benched before the season is done.

          You think differently?

          If so get in..

          The loser can’t post here anymore.


  • 62 drop backs, no sacks…I’d have to say the O Line played pretty well!
    But I will say, can Shady get more involved? 24 touches? can he get 30 touches? I’m cool with him getting 20+ plus carries, but can he be more involved in the passing game…

  • So what’s the issue with the Red Zone.

    Is it QB play? Is it line play? Is it play calling? Is other players not executing (say RB running right when they should have run left)?

    Is it some combination of all of the above?

    What is it? And can it be fixed?

    • It seems to be the first and the third.

      Though there must also be something Kelly does not like with the running game….as he’s not calling running plays!

      • My biggest issue with the Red-Zone Calls and especially on the Running Plays is that they are too slow developing to work that close to the End-Zone where all the LB’s & DB’s are lined up closer and crowded up to the line of Scrimmage, so Pulling Guards or Tackles to the off-side just doesn’t work and allows for too much penetration too soon to give the Play a Chance..
        It has to be straight ahead or a slants/zone blocking, but way too much traffic for pulling 300 Lbs O/Lineman around…

  • Here’s a thought.

    If Foles is sooooo bad….why has he thrown the most passing attempts in the league??? (per game)

    Why is Kelly dropping him back more than any other QB in the league???

    Technically Foles is 4th in total attempts behind Luck, Ryan, and Rothlessburger….but those 3 have all played 8 games.

    Again….if he sucks sooo much….why does Kelly drop him back more than any other QB in the league???

    • Foles is also:

      Current starting QBs completing less then 60% of their throws:

      Mike Glennon
      Nick Foles.

      (I’m quoting someone else – if that is true then wow)

      Bottom 4 of current starters with only a 6.8 yards per pass too. Dead last in the league among active starters with a 80.7 QB rating.

      He’s also 1st in turnovers and 3rd in interceptions behind Black Bortles and Geno Smith.

      “why does Kelly drop him back more than any other QB in the league?”

      Because the line is piss poor at run blocking and because yesterday the Caridnals are 1st against the run and 29th against the pass.

      Kelly did what he did last year against the Vikings…assume that b/c they had a very bad secondary he could take advantage by passing the ball all the time…that didn’t work then, it didn’t work now.

  • People who criticize the pass-run ratio seem to have no idea what Kelly’s offense is doing. Kelly isn’t like Reid who would have his qb do 50 7-step drops while the defense was playing two high safeties, in their subpackages, with the d-lineman flying upfield with their ears pinned back. It was a recipe for disaster cuz you’re asking the line to hold up in protection for a long time(over 2.5 secs) per play over and over.

    Kelly runs a bunch of packaged plays, with run and pass options built into one play. The qb makes the decision to give to the back, or throw, based on the read of one or two players post-snap actions. If the key defender comes up to play run, Foles will pull and throw to a receiver. Kelly designs these plays so that the key defender is put in either or situation that makes him wrong. Play run, and the ball is thrown to a receiver running a route into the area where the defender was. Drop into coverage, and Foles will give to the back. Visit the site chipwagon.typepad.com to get a good explanation in today’s post.

    Because teams key on the run so much Foles will pull the ball and pass. This all happens within a 1-2 second window. Kelly designs his plays to take what the defense gives. The funny thing is Reid is doing a lot of these plays with Alex Smith now.

  • The Eagles will not be able or in a position to draft one of the top rated QB’s, however, they will be able to draft a kid named Brandon Bridge from Southern Alabama. 6’5″ 230, cannon right arm and very mobile. He has Colin Kaepernick skill set and body type. Draft him in the 4th – 5th round. Keep Foles and develop this kid behind Foles for 2015. Determine what to do with Foles after next season, mean while Bridge is waiting in the wings. That’s my solution to this issue. Damn sure isn’t Mark butt fumble Sanchez!

    • I would rather see Sanchez right now who have a stronger arm and was drafted with a higher pedigree.

      He’s more mobile and definately can’t be worse than Foles is right now.

      I’n in with Bridges though.

      Package Foles ass with Nate Allen for a bag of rocks.

      • Songs…we see differently on a lot of things, I do like Brandon Bridge though, if you watch college ball, look for when Southern Alabama plays. They do not get a lot of publicity, but, Bridge and the TE he throws to Wes Saxton has put the school on the radar. Bridge is a developmental prospect with lots of athleticism, potential, and from what I hear is a hard worker and student as far as watching film.
        I say no to Butt fumble because we truly know who he is and he is not going to get us to a super bowl so I do not see the purpose.

        • Butt fumble got to the AFC Championship game twice and won on the collegiate level.

          Butt fumble is also a more accurate passer with a stronger arm than Nick Foles.

          That’s all I care about…..who can run Chips offense and Sanchez showed us how this offense could be this preseason.

          Sanchez has acheived more on the collegiate level as well as the pro level, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he come in under chip and win games.


          He can’t play any worse than Foles right now.

          • I will agree with that cant get any worst then foles right now

          • What has he done since then, he has not had a modicum of success. The fact is that he was a product of very good defensive play and he was an unknown too. I do not trust him, no thanks.

    • thats a great solution ehl that guy is pretty athletic and can sling it

      • Zilents44, you are down south, you have seen this kid play? Yes he can sling it, what I really like about him is that even when the pocket or play breaks down and he scrambles or runs, he keeps his eyes down field and will throw to the receiver instead of ducking his head and running. He looks like he processes information quickly, granted he is playing inferior competition, but hell, so was ben Rothliesberger at Miami of Ohio.

  • another thing..the 67 passes doesn’t mean anything when over half of them are dinks and dunk within 5 – 8 yards.

    Those passes are in almost like run plays.

  • BLOWN GAME! Polk should have been in to get that inch or QB sneak. Foles is a big QB no fast but we can use him to pick up a first down on the edge and not the middle on a sneak with 2 downs to do it. That shotgun run call was horrible! not to mention Polk got the first down on 2nd and you don’t challenge when the other coach challenged everything all game even when it was little to gain. In the 4th with so much on the line how don’t you challenge? Chip Kelly blew this game flat out. Numerous times 2nd and 1 you run a stretch play then throw on 3rd and short? Nate Allen blew that coverage but the secondary did not cost us this game. Nate Allen gave us the big turnover we needed to put it away only fitting he cost us after we didn’t handle business lol Defense played well once again offense could not make the plays needed to win.
    Huff is not ready for prime time im sure he has some skill but time and time again he either is not ready for the moment or having a brain fart. If we have to put Maclin at PR if Sproles can’t we are in trouble.
    Tired of Jordan Mathews only catch stuff in the flat. when is he gonna do something downfield like a legit starting WR?
    Foles smh so many positive intangibles so many smh moments he lobs passes all over the field. He makes good decicions then he makes an incridably stupid decision. he marches down the field then start throwing the ball over guys heads in one on one 50/50 balls for the game. He is becoming too unpredictable. I hate the way Chip is using Shady. What happened to putting him in the slot throwing him the ball vs LB’s our screen game to the RB was a staple it is always stuffed or never ran now. You put pressure on the defense by putting the ball in your best players hands we cut teams a break. Barry Sanders would get shutdown all game then break 2 big plays to change things. Get him the touches in space let him work. We are right back to the Andy Reid know it all style of coaching.
    That being said 5-2 with our only losses as gifts to the other team is not bad for year 2 of a rebuild with half the o-line out. If the defense continues to hold teams in the 17-24 point range we can be really good come the end of the year. I need for Chip to learn from the stupid shit he was doing this week.

  • Romo is a real quarterback……look at his command then look at a replay of Foles any game this year.

    Foles is shit.

    • You riding Romos dick now? Hahahah stfu bitch ass

    • What has Romo won in all his years?…you like style over substance….that is why you wanted Manziel or Tahj Boyd…lol.

    • lol….yes…look at Romos command as he gets sacked for 3rd time. Pleade…get real. You probably liked Jamarcus Russell to didnt you. Do not het quiet now!!!

    • Lol…look at what a real qb looks like…on his back sacked for 4th time….Romo is shit..lol. How the hell are you going to compare an 11 year vet who has started 8 straight years to Foles who has not even started 2 straight years. This is where your bias nonsense comes in. You are blind with bull shit.

  • Romo = choker in the big game….that is a real qb to you…that is pathetic. You like the pizzaz and all that bs.

  • Nu Greem…feel the pain brother ..it was an ass scratcher …the good news we aren’t at the half way pole yet in a season where the plays your screaming for ,with the athleticism of Kelce and Matthews …we are all getting a sobering dose age of what looks like incompetence on chips behalf ..that’s aadressing vinnies post …some cogent points …to be shared by us all ..however we are not wearing the headset ..so I ask songs and Kool is sanchez practicing every day ? Yes ..if he was the greatest thing since sliced bread ,I’d assume we would see his number on Sundays …chip as vinnie points out when brain fuck dead on the challenge …I was sitting in that end zone binocs fixed and I swear I thought Polk scored …I almost shit when I saw nick in shot gun without a challenge ..too be honest I thought nick was just chilling …never doubting a challenge was coming ..clock is a huge opponent …so is clock management ..we had AR who thought he was smugly smarter than everyone and never understood calories consumed equals weight gain or clock management ..this coach has shown twice in two pull out of your ass winnable games ,San Fran ,he totally shit the bed in that end zone spot and I let it go …but..he did it all over again..it’s time his smug ass comments be challenged ..today I heard him say he acknowledged the good play of Nate Allen ,with the exception of….wtf? Where is the accountability ? In public …I need to know my coach won’t stand for that shit..he better not be playing safety ….where s Woolf ? Again he’s wearing the headset …well not for long …the honeymoons over …making dumb ass mistakes at the helm is the quickest way to gash a ship of fools …leadership ,accountability ,smart football IQ on both sides of the ball…special teams gets a pass ,they’ve been superb..even more reason why bot the offense who benefit from great field position because of I’ve been sent from God Parkey …who’s leg is stronger than any I’ve ever seen ..automatic touch backs ..starting the team on the 20 as consistent as it gets ..great job kid ..54 yards on the road ..he’s terrific and the punter rebounded with a nice game ..some of marlins fortuitous punt catches on ground balls just shows ,he’s not the guy …get me the calming effect of sproles ….back..now checklist of things that move this young developmental team ..better coaching ..more accountability…a new fucking challenge guy ..id throw his ass in red undies off the lines 200 level ..it’s his job..he failed the city ..fuck him … Nate Allen ..I appreciate your a stand up guy ..how about standing up to a rookie receiver who ran by you like AR in tights…you got escorted out of the stadium I ate so much of your shit from fans so fuck you .like the red undies guy you bit the cheese as chip said I differ you cut it…fuck you

  • Songs….that is what a real qb looks like..sack # 4, hurt again. How are you comparing the command of an 11 year vet who has 8 years starting experience to a 3 year vet with less than 2 years starting experience?….get real.

  • brandon weeden the equivalent of nick foles

    • Weeden can not touch Foles even with bad year he is having…your ability to evaluate talent was suspect when you wanted Manziel or Tahj Boyd…lmao

  • I hope Chip and Billy Davis is watching…all the talk of the vaunted cowboy o line reaching legendary status. Redskins showing otherwise.

  • This cowboys team can be had…Nick cant shit the bed…

    • Cardinals could have been had too.

      So I can’t feel optimistic about that. I can hope the D and Special Teams shows up though.

      Romo being out though…Brandon Weeden…if I cared I’d feel bad for the Boys. lol

      • Turn overs kill…they could have been.

  • Djax…cowboy killer. Paulman and vinny was hoping djax dropped that pass….lol


    • You stay dickriding.

      • Now stating the obvious is dick riding.

    • With that talent..you work it out. Talent and culture = success.

  • That’s mobility…I would take Colt McCoy over Foles stiff, slow ass!

    • You should just look for a track star, wide receiver or running back play qb. Hell…put Maclin in at qb…that will make you happy.

  • Songs you need let shit go man ..you still jerking off over frustrating loss over the girl you played spin the bottle with …get a life

  • Why oh why don’t the Redskins take shots sow the field with Desean? He’s open every time he runs more then 15 yards down the field. Sheesh

  • Tyron Smith bear hugging and spinning rusher …no call..wow.

    • That was sooo holding in the endzone. Should have been a safety and game over

      • fuckibg tyron was holding every play

  • Damn..even brandon freakin weeden have a stronger arm compared to Folds.

    • Stay dickriding

  • Commentators sound like cowboy television network hosts…not impartial commentators.
    Gruden sounds like a cowboy fan. Perhaps he does not want to sound like he is rooting for his brother…but damn…I think he has on cowboy socks….true fan.

  • Let Romo back in the game…please.

  • Woooohoo..lets go deadskins!!!

  • how in the hell are you not aware of the game clock and take a delay of game in that situation…then you take a sack. Songs would take McCoy though because he can run…lol…never mind the fact that he is oblivious to the situation he is in.

  • I know you go with your guy..but…yeah I don’t Romo coming back in is such a good idea.

    • See..

    • That is why I wanted Romo back in…because he has not seen the blitz all night long. How does Washington not recover that fumble.
      I agree with you TS…no way the cowboys should have allowed him back in.

  • Damn shame…If we had a quarterback the Eagles would easily run away with this division and get deep in the playoffs.

    It’s uncomfrtable for Chip because he’s use to blowing teams out to the point the defense are just in prevent at the end of games……His qb won’t allow him that luxury.

    • Zzzzzzzzz

    • Please explain why Chip did not get his qb this off season. He had plenty of opportunity to do so. If you listened to his press conference…he actually backed Foles today…which he did not do last year. To keep harping on the same thing makes you a one trick pony. He has Sanchez…he could use him if he felt he was a better option…why isn ‘ t he?

  • Wow holding in the end zone no call no replay unreal.

    • The skins should have recovered fumble….this game would be in the bag. Damn…

      • No idea how they don’t recover that fumble.

        I was all ‘YESSSSSSS!!!!!” and then “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”


        • lol…I was like what the fuck????!!!

        • Just good to see Romo is the same fumble and an almost Int that should have been T.O

  • DJax is a Cowboy Killer.

    Now is a good time for him to continue that tradition.

    • most definitely!!!

  • Can Foles do that?

    • eh…he has…see tampa bay game..td game winning pass to maclin.

  • Is a Dallas loss better than an eagles win ? No but it’s right there…if nothing else the cards and Arian are watching this and going to school…hold on skinnys

  • Chip Kelly need to see if he can get Colt MCoy for a low round pick.

    • Stfu you dumbass bitch

    • Lol….now you are on McCoy…earlier you stated Romo was a real qb with command…now that same qb failed to win the game. Songs…u r a true flip flop fraud that rides whatever Qb plays well at the moment that can move around. That is why no one takes you seriously…no credibility!!!

  • Dick riding bitch Songs was riding Romos dick lmao



  • yesssssssssss

  • Cowboy dick riders where are youuuuu? Lmao

  • Now about the nfc east….eagles have their destiny back in their hands thanks Washington wankers

  • Wheres dick riding Fraudman? Lmao

  • I’ll take it.


  • Hell yes….now I do not feel as bad anymore. Good win by the dead,I mean redskins. I will give them some respect tonight.

  • Btw while I am a Foles believer I predict Sam Bradford is next years Back up going in to camp.

  • Now go back take a look at the Cowboys record and wins….

    And guess what it’s going to be November and December soon….

  • Songs was dickriding hard….

    I bet he didn’t even power down the computer, just pulled the cord out.


    • Nice. But his kool account is still up on his tablet

    • LOL….Exactly!!! He will not sleep tonight!

    October 27, 2014 – 9:28 pm

    Romo is a real quarterback……look at his command then look at a replay of Foles any game this year.

    Foles is shit.
    LOL…LMAO….fraud, erase Romo and insert colt McCoy…lol.

  • Colt McCoy just said Djax is so fast, you can’t out throw him, that is what Nick is missing.

  • Songs….How’s your “Romo is the best QB in the division” getting completely punished all night by Redskins all-out blitzes.

  • Tomorrow will feel like the day after a win.

  • Eagles just got new life thanks to songs team. They better win next week and take advantage of this unexpected gift!

  • Songs is gone for the evening, he will be back the next time Foles throws an errant pass or interception. Right now he is in his corner crying, signing onto his koolbreeze account to talk shit.

  • “Romo is a real quarterback……look at his command then look at a replay of Foles any game this year. Foles is shit.”

    Look at “any game”. OK, I’ll look at the Washington game(s)

    Foles – with absolutely no running game and 4 linemen out
    27 of 41 for 325 3 tds 0 ints

    Romo – with Murray romping for 141
    17 for 28 for 201 1 td 0 ints a fumble and his ass kicked. Outplayed by Brandon Weeden.

    Fucking Fraud. Who’s wearing the big boy pants against the Redskins? Foles served up a performance for the ages compared to your 74th hero of the last year and a half.

    WTF does your closet look like with Vick, RGIII, Krapernick, Wilson and Romo jerseys hanging in it?

    You know what? I hope you never root for Foles, because the moment you adopt a QB as your new hero, the guy immediately falls right the fuck off the cliff.

    Could you start spouting off about how great Ryan Fitzpatrick is please.

    • Lol, songs is a mush.

  • No more talk of dallas being dominant and the best team bs, the cockroaches will go back into their hole for awhile. This was tony ohno’s finest hour for Eagles fans.

    • Dallas is still the best team in the East. Getting excited about a game where their RB fumbles and the QB is out much of the 2nd half isn’t anything to cheer about.

      The win is great. The Ealges have breathing room. But it def doesn’t mean the they are all of a sudden the better team.

      Coeboy’s year hinges on Romo’s health. Eagles hinges on whether Foles can stop with the excessive turnovers. At the moment neither one of those things is a certainty

      • I disagree, they are an any given Sunday team like the Eagles. Those fumbles were all forced, Romo sacked 3 times before injury, he had no clue where blitzes were coming from. Dallas loses tonight with or without Romo playing the entire game. Washington just had their # tonight and beat them with a 3rd string QB who did not even practice with Djax ntil this week. Dallas is good, but they are coming right back to the pack, November and December is coming, we know the Dallas history as the year moves into the final two months.

      • They both are the same. One now has to deal with health of the QB and a defense that needs offense to win time off possession. Their big win was an underachieving Seahawks team.

        Best in the East it’s wrong.

        • Disagree.

          They are better at every spot offensively (with maybe the exception of OL) and the defense are about equal: can play above their pay grade but are susceptible to big plays.

          They are def the better team. Their QB however may not survive the year.

          • I will take the Eagles offense once our o line is back to full strength over dallas offense. Our special teams is better and our defense is better, by a push.

          • Eagles front 7 is better and both secondaries are a push.

            They arent the better team. Pure.nonsense. If that’s the case they don’t lose at home in the division.

            It was 7 3 @half.

            Eagles played the Redskins with a healthy Orakpo and Hatcher. Current Skins are a mash.unit. With a 3rd string they got the win.

            • I hate the fact that people say cowboys gave this away IJ redskins beat them straight up with a 3rd string qb great plan by skins

              • Cowboys shit the bed plain and simple. Anyone making excuses is just an agenda troll. When you let Colt McCoy match the team right down the field in OT youre not a beast…..

                Youre EXPOSED.

                Fumble this injury that….Redskins cost themselves 10pts or they would have won easily.

      • The Dallas team that was down 21-0 to STL, to the 49ers by 11 at home, that needed OT at home vs Houston, that was in a Dogfight at home to the Giants, and they just lost to Colt McCoy?

        That “best team in the East” you talking about?

        And its not even December yet.

        • Um..compared to the team that was down 21-0 (or whatever it was) to jax at the half…who put up a goose egg offensively against the 9ers, who almost let an Austin Davis led Stl come back for the win?


          • And who only beat the Kirk Cousins led Skins by 3 (or some such ridiculous score) with their starting QB playing the whole time?

            Yeah. Selective memory.

            • Here goes the caveat queen with her nonsense. When the Eagles win close games on a play or two it’s luck when other teams win it’s still remember the Eagles barely did this or that.

              Do your homework and stop talking out of your ass. Cowboys have multiple 3 pt wins to bad teams this year and the Seahawks game was won on a spectacular fluke play. Lol but when its the Eagles vs Coltsits a gift and luck. Lmao gtfoh

              Cowboys have been dominant running the football which masks some nasty habits and kept the game or of Romos hands for the most part.

              No more no less. Good team with holes. Dominant my ass

              • What are you talking about?

                You just want to argue.

                Notice I didn’t DISPUTE anything Vinnie said about the Boys. I just pointed out THE EXACT SAME THING CAN BE SAID ABOUT THE EAGLES.

                You can’t make this argument:

                “The Dallas team that was down 21-0 to STL, to the 49ers by 11 at home, that needed OT at home vs Houston, that was in a Dogfight at home to the Giants, and they just lost to Colt McCoy?.”

                Without making this argument:

                “Um..compared to the team that was down 21-0 (or whatever it was) to jax at the half…who put up a goose egg offensively against the 9ers, who almost let an Austin Davis led Stl come back for the win?

                And who only beat the Kirk Cousins led Skins by 3 (or some such ridiculous score) with their starting QB playing the whole time?”

                Same. Damn. Thing.

                Who said they were dominant? I said they were the best team in the East.

                I see you and Vinnie possess the same reading comprehension skills. Ridiculous.

              • Shut it caveat queen your agenda is obvious.

                It’s not the same thing…One team is 2 and 0 in the division and the other is 1 and 1 and had a horrible loss at home to a 3rd string QB.

                POINT. BLANK. PERIOD.

            • Better than losing to a Colt McCoy led Skins team.

              Why do you hate the Eagles so much? Always diminishing their wins and lauding everyone else in the division.

              Its weird.

              • Pre season you were all about the RGIII led Skins being the big competition – “best in the East” garbage.

                Now you are all “Dallas is the best in the division” garbage.

                When you going to switch to the Giants?

              • exactly the way you talk about your team is weird i dont undetstanx your asterik everytime we win your fanhood is bad

              • So @ztliets44

                It’s okay to asterik other teams but not yours when they same bit applies to both?

                Like I said you can’t make Vinnie’s argument ’bout the Boys ’cause the exact same logic applies to the Birds.


                “Pre season you were all about the RGIII led Skins being the big competition – “best in the East” garbage.”

                NEVER said the Skins were “best in the east.’ I said they would be the biggest competition – but the Ealges would still win the division ’cause they (the Skins) weren’t there yet and would likely finish 8-8.

                I was wrong. Turns out it’s the Cowboys. No one saw that one coming. And they are likely (assuming Romo stays healthy) to finish better than 8-8.

              • I dont asterick shit a win is a win and a loss is a loss but the way u talk about the eagles its fucked and u always give reasons why we should have loss on every game cant we just win and that be it

              • Yeah.

                You’re just whining now.

                If you’re not complaining when I make similar comments ’bout other teams…you shouldn’t be pissy when I do the same with the Eagles.

                Equal opportunity.

      • You do have a point with Foles and his picks, Romo will throw his picks too, it’s coming.

        • Hey…I can only go by what’s happening not what may happen.

          Though yes, history tells us Romo will be good for some untimely picks come December.

      • u act like cowboys loss becuz of their turnovers what about all the niscues by the redskins they left a lot of points on board they beat cowboys fair and square no bad calls and trust ne tyron smith was holding his ass off so dont act like redskins got a gift thet beat romo to death his injury actually helped the cowboys they are who we thought they wete tomy homo cowgirls

        • HUH?

          I’m only going by what happened. Not what COULD have happened.

          And Reskins D played VERY well – def makes all the divisional games moving forward that much more interesting.

          Now if idiot savant Eli can get back in the mix the East looks like a fun ride come the end of the year.

          • redskins beat them straight up no gift they dominated romo and shut dez down

            • Where did I say it was a gift?

              • really dont play stupid ts by u stating the fumble and romo missing the 2nd quarter is just the same as. it being a gift and saying the cowboys beat themselves u trippin hard

              • No.

                It’s not the same. Not even close. The only one trippin here is you.

                And that comment wasn’t about the Cowboys beating themselves. Instead looking for an argument read what the comment was in response too.

              • I read it U are wild now a running back fumbling is not the same as a gift for real u sound dumb as shit i guess mccoy int wasnt a gift just great play by the cowboys

              • The Cowboys are overrated. They are every year around this time. The Eagles are a better team. We have more heart than they do. Losing to a divisional opponent at home who has a third string back up starting is horrible.

  • pman this breeland kid is good he shut dez down good call bri

    • He has played better and better as the Season has gone along
      Looks like he will be their best CB and replace the aging and expensive DeAngelo Hall who I think is out for the Season
      Breeland went to Clemson and went up against
      Sammy Watkins/Martavius Bryant every day in Practice
      For 2 years to hone his skills
      A steal of a Pick for the Redskins in the 4th Round
      He would have looked good in Silver & Green

  • their running game masks their defense. If they can run they will be in it….however Romo isn’t lasting the year. The back will give out. Guarantee it.

  • clAssic romo its that time of year for him romo sucks

  • Point blank there were a couple agenda Birds that were ready to spot the doom and gloom if the Cowboys won and it’s killing them lmao…a division loss at home in a close race is like two losses. Now they have steal two road games possibly. Eagles shit the bed to Arizona, but Cowboys loss is worse.

    Now the Eagles can’t shit the bed in Houston and Romo faces Zona.

    Turkey day is gonna be AWESOME.

    • u dam right turkey day will be awesome

  • And on Romos injury I wouldnt wish a bad back on anyone especially an athlete. I went from being able to Dunn a basketball at 6ft in my younger days to barely being able to tie my shoes by my late 20s. I literally took me almost 3 years top get my strength back without surgery.

    The back goes it’s a wrap for you’re athletic days. No golf range nothing lol

  • lol yea im whining plz leave the eagles fan base u talk in circles ts

  • man another huge loss for cowboys their best defensive player furant out gor year torn biceps

  • With the exception of Oline and WR, The Eagles are better than the cowboys in every facet of the game.

  • Im calling it right now, The Eagles are going to the superbowl.

    • NOT!

  • Perhaps Paulman’s Boldest Prediction of All-Time
    Brandon Weeden becomes Super Bowl MVP
    And the Kids in America are forced to eat “Wheaties” for Breakfast with
    His Picture On the Box…

  • Just waking up out west the sun is up and the cowboys and jerry look like they just ate a bad egg…life has a funny way of balancing shit out …nobody in week 9 has emerged in the not for long (nfl) league with the exception of Denver ..who deserves there props…but last night proved ..surgical qbs are one hit away from mortality …I’d prefer have a young qb who needs to be coached up ,vs one you need wind up …I’m not putting our guys in the big game ,by any means ,I’m just saying …perspective ,with Kelce and Mathis ,and sproles returning will add weapons while others are plugging in guys lower on there depth charts ..that’s a positive no matter how the TS spin it…if Watts can somehow be neutralized ,Texas with the cowgirls and spoilers ,will have thrown down the welcome mat for the birds ..go into the lonestar state and shit on there star..go birds..a Dallas loss the day after seems to be the best tonic I’ve ever found for a tough eagle loss…

  • I’m smiling and strutting again

  • The NFC is WIDE open. GB, DET, Dallas, Philly, Arizona… every team has a shot. We should have the best record in the NFC right now, if our secondary wasn’t so terrible.

    • And our QB play wasn’t so shaky….I’m not killing Foles but hes played a big role in the up and down nature of this team.

      Bluntly if he was only 75-80% of what he was last year, this team would be scary dominant.

      8 for 23 in the Redzone is on the QB.

      • Agreed but the line has a lot to do with it. Foles is an ok QB. Not great, but the best one we’ve had by far since Mcnabb.

  • In a game of inches, throwing on 3rd and 2 can cost you the game and it did. If u can’t gain 2 yards by running the ball then u will not win in the big game.

  • Paulman’s Top 5 NFC Power Rankings after Week #8

    1) Arizona Cardinals (6-1) and Winners of 3 in a Row
    2) Detroit Lions (6-2) and Winners of 3 in a Row
    3) Washington Redskins (3-5) Winners of 2 in a Row
    4) Seattle Seahawks (4-3) Winners of 1 in a Row
    5) NO Saints (3-4) Winners of 1 in a Row
    6) Minnesota Vikings (3-5) Winners of 1 in a Row

    All the Other Teams in NFC that Lost this Weekend have been eliminated from My Power Rankings for this week (Cowboys, Packers & Eagles) and will return next Week once they win and establish momentum

    Current MVP Voting for the NFC

    QB – Colt McCoy – Winners of 2 Games in a Row as heavy underdogs
    HC of the Year – Cardinals HC Bruce Arians
    NFC Offensive Player of the Year – Cardinals WR John Brown because Paulman wanted him to be Drafted by the Eagles
    NFC Defensive Player of the Year – Safety Deone Buchannon who many Posters on here wanted the Eagles to Select and looks like a Pro-Bowler out of the gate
    WR MVP of the NFC – Golden Tate III of the Lions because GMCliff said he was a Bust when I have liked him all along and was not utilized properly while in Seattle and now he’s been the Lions MVP with Stars Megatron/Reggie Bush/Ebron out most of the Season thus far meaning that Tate is putting up these Numbers being double teamed most of the time

    • You’ve clearly fallen and struck your head.

      • No Regal it’s Fraudmans usual “Look at me guys” post

        But he doesn’t care what we think lmao

        • Can’t I have a little fun IJ…
          A case of “Brandon Weeden” Wheaties Boxes are on the way…

  • I’m sorry but this team will not go far in the playoffs with Foles playing like he is. This guy is not playing like a franchise QB and will continue to struggle if the Birds do not get a WR that opposing defenses respect like Vincent Jackson so that McCoy can find some open lanes again.

  • We need the defense to step up big against Houston next week! If we can just get the running game going play sound, fundamental defense and special teams and take ball out of Foles hands to cut down the turnovers….we can pick up we can take the division over again….the bum azz Cowgirls are going to fall in their usual swoon…Romo is money in the bank-for US-he is sure to choke up! We just have to hold the fort and stay in position!

  • If Houston’s QB wasn’t Ryan Fitzpatrick…we wouldn’t win that game.

    With that said, I think we win. But if Foles continues to turn the ball over as he has the last two games it’s going to be a long, long, LONG afternoon.

    And looks like the Cowboys will win only 8 games this year after all:

    “One league source with knowledge of the situation currently believes Romo will miss time with the latest back injury. Dubbed a contusion in a spot different from the site of his late 2013 surgery, Romo nevertheless remains in doubt as the team awaits more information from doctors regarding his condition.”

    Romo’s back. Always the X factor.

    • Here goes the caveat queen spinning her web.

      But if this….and if that….and lucky if this….

      Hahaha so obvious

      • What?

        You’re dumb at this point. Just being ridiculous just to be ridiculous.

        Offensively the Texans aren’t a very good team.

        If they were it would be a LOSS. Since they aren’t Ealgles should win. What’s obvious about having a real convo about the state of the other team?

        Ealges SHOULD have won the Arizona game – like I said – ’cause Zona is who I thought they were – no juggernaut offensively and susceptible defensivlt – 521 yards and all.

        But whatever – feel free to ra ra ra and say nothing – except to claim someone has an “agenda” or is “dick riding.”

        • If the shoe fits lmao

          Feel free to say Percy Harvin is balling this year…

          Or just a week ago…”The Cowboys are winning more than 8 games”

          Then today well it looks like the Cowboys are only winning 8 games.

          Lmao gtfoh with your bullshit.

        • You haven’t said anything all year. Lol with the Eagles having a . Winning record you haven’t been able to say much

          Which causes you to say something like the Harvin nonsense showing you just throw shit out there all the time.

          “Rolls eyes”

          Lmao at least when your dick riding youre good at it.

  • Going back to the last game. That was a great throw on the last play of the game that should have been a TD.

    Why is Matthews catching that in his body?

    • That ball was throw a couple of seconds too late and too far out of bounds

    • Come on Vinnie that was a terrible throw, 2 out the last 3 throws were out of the field of play. You have to give your guys a chance to make a play in the field of play.

    • Ball was thrown out of bounds. There wasn’t a scenario where he was gonna come down in bounds with that ball.

      • You are both wrong. Go look again. Jordan leaps and cradels the ball against his chest. He was at least a yard inbound (in the air) when he caught it.

        1 – he didn’t need to leap at all.
        2- he extends his hands and catches the ball at a high point instead of letting it into his chest its an easy TD.

        • Why can’t we paste pics in here like any other chat site?

          “cause I have a beauty of Matthews inbounds with the ball in his chest.

          He didn;t need to jump, and he didn’t use his hands to catch the ball.

          That last play, Herremans (with one arm) whiffed his block, and Tobin spun like a top letting 2 Cards come right off the middle….Foles backpedaled and lofted a ball, inbounds, to the corner of the endzone and Matthews misplayed it.


          • The only play to be made was for Matthews to catch and then toss the ball back to Ertz before landing out of bounds that’s it.

            • You are good at denying reality, even in the face of photographic evidence.

              Its a good skill to have.

  • Houston Texans are a NFL Team and are no cakewalk at home as no Team is (Outside the Raiders)
    Obviously their Offense is built around RB Arian Foster and Back-up Alferd Blue so stopping the Run is most critical when facing the Texans and force them to beat you with QB Fitzpartick who will toss up some Int’s and Fumbles a lot when hit/sacked in the Pocket
    They do have Talented WR’s in Andre Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins and a little guy named Damarius Johnson who has made some plays for them since they picked him up from the Eagles after Cut-Downs
    but make no mistake, the Texans can get in a groove by running the Ball with Foster ripping off 5-6-8 yard Runs on almost every carry, he’s and Back-up Blue are not the type to rip off a 40-50 TD Run, but they are physical and can wear down a Front 7 if they get in a Rhythm.. Foster loves the Off-Tackle Run so the Key is the OLB setting the Edlge and turning him back inside and a Blitzing Safety on Run Supper
    Back-up BLue is more of a in-between the Tackles type of runner, where he makes 1 cut and gets North/South in a hurry and is a load to bring down for Secondary Players

    Defensively the Texans go as their D-Line goes which has Defensive leading MVP Candidate JJ Watt, Pash-Rusher Whitney Mercilus and now a healthy Jadeveon Clowney back so they are no easy bunch to Pass-Protect and especially in 3rd and Longs situation… Thier LB’s are Average and their Safety Play in Pass Coverage is susceptible to giving up plays down the Field, but Safety Swearinger will hit you.. CB’s J Joseph and K Jackson are similar to the Eagles CB’s and simply average with again, not great speed for down the FIeld Plays…
    I expect the Eagles, if they play a clean game and minimize Turnovers/Penalties to Win 31-23, but if they struggle again in the Red-Zone and Turn the Ball over, they can lose this Game..
    Key is a fast Start and put Pressure on Fitzpatrick and their Offense and hopefully take their RB’s Foster/BLue out of the Game but this Game is no gimmee for those Players and Coach’s are Paid to Prepare and Play too..

    • thats what i say to pman their d line are full of pass rushers and foster is balling this year unlike harvin lol but im tsrrified of watt the guy makes playz in every game and almost won the game against dallS and coltx but we shoulx win but not surprised if we lose we gotta come out angry

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