• May 17, 2022

Eagles-Titans Preview

mccoydomThe Eagles are by far the better team; they should think that way and act in such a matter that has us feeling good about our Thanksgiving matchup with the Cowboys.  The Titans have had a short week to prepare, and let one slip away against the Steelers on prime time football last Monday.

The Eagles have re-established some of that “home field” advantage, and recently several players have made it public that the team feeds off the energy that the fans provide them.  Weather wise the fans dodge a bullet with the forecast for rain coming later in the day, so the sun will be shining on the field at the Linc, the stage is set for the Eagles to take care of business.


The Titans have a few guys early round selections that make up their trio of offensive weapons.  Wright and Hunter at receiver and Shankey at the running back position provide much of the support for their rookie quarterback.  A few vets fill out the rest of the roster in Walker, Greene, and Washington, but this offense is not going to score a ton of points, which should favor the Eagles who are putting up over 35 points a game at home this season.

The Eagles “should” be able to run the football with great success, but their track record for the better part of 2014 leaves question marks if they will do just that.   The wait for McCoy to have one of “those games” remains a wait and see, but if he is going to actually do it, this week would certainly be it.  The tight-ends for the Eagles will have plenty of room to make plays, and with how the Titans use their safeties very close to the line of scrimmage, the deep ball should be available for Maclin.


The Titans can get after the quarterback, and their secondary likes to play physical, but their aggressiveness can lead to big holes for opposing running backs and open parts of the field for big “YAC” opportunities.

The Eagles defense has been very impressive at the LINC with their ability to rack up huge totals in the sack department while also registering touchdowns on turnovers/returns.  I expect the trend to continue with Mettenberger being chased by Billy Davis schemed blitzes, showing little fear with the offensive playmakers and inexperienced quarterback.


The Eagles will keep the trendy word in sports going as they help fans and media “RELAX” after the forgettable effort last week.  This is a game they should and will win by double digits.



Jeff Kolsky

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Thoughts From Eagles-Titans


  • I’m watching the OL and RB L McCoy who must get untracked if Eagles are going to make some noise down the stretch & hopefully Playoffs..
    Titans LB’s & Safeties are very aggressive and physical but do leave
    Open lanes for big runs and can over-pursue and lose their Lane integrity…
    We should know by the first 20 minutes if McCoy is on his
    A-Game… If so, Eagles should win going away
    If not, then a great concern for Eagles Offense moving forward and Coach
    Kelky will have to contemplate on giving more Carried
    To both Sproles & Polk, which he probably should have been
    Doing over the last fee week anyways..
    Their is no reason that Kelly’s Game Plan should have QB Sanchez
    Passing 25 + Times this Game… If so, they deserve to lose
    and Kelly’s Game Plan should be heavily scrutinized, as I feel
    Kelly, has been getting way too much of a “Free-Pass” this Season
    About his Game Plans,Ted-Zone and overall situational Football
    We’ll see how Genius Kelly does, but make no mistake,
    NFL Defenses have caught onto his Schemes and how to defend
    The Read-Option Crap which doesn’t work without a legitimate run threat
    At QB.. Let’s coach to your Players strengths as we have heard him say a
    1000 times but don’t seem to see this translate to
    Actual Play Calls and Formations during the games…
    The Honeymoon for Chip Kelly is Officially Over,
    In my opinion, As it should be… No More Excuses!!!

  • Pman the same chip kelly that is 17 -9.. And has improved over a 10-6 season with a 7-3 start..yes I agree …he’s had this season ,a huge boost in scoring from his special teams and defense …masking his ineffective red zone plays ..he’s been a bit of Andy Reid itis…of late …I do think he gets a pass last week as that snowballed and got him out of his intended game plan in GB..he’s also importantly crafting the tape that Dallas will be watching for the thanksgiving bowl …I don’t see how we can call an end to a honeymoon …he’s winning …at 7-3 he can assuredly be 8-3 with the Texas 3 step to come…at Jerry world Seattle and Dallas in our place..getting to 10 wins should be the goal…with two assumed dead me walking in giants and skins…whose vacation bags will be packed..keys to this week …I felt Kelly calling out ertz was strategic and he intends to run a lot of 2 tight end packages..I also agree Pman under 25 pass attempts is conservative .. But why risk turnovers through the air …not asking Sanchez to win the game is the key to victory…and 8-3 ….I sense an angry bunch of birds …and the Kelly honeymoon takes us into Dallas …if he beats them …he’s a virgin saint…

    • I hope your right Deserteagle,
      But they have to play a whole lot better to play with the Top Teams
      In my opinion… And change or at least tweak his Play Calling
      & Formations in the Red-Zone which have been an issue all Season
      Long regardless if QB was Foles or Sanchez..
      RB Sproles has been the most Productive Back in the Red-Zone by far
      And should see more Carries for him once in close

  • It’s the sport of Kings better than Diamond Rings…
    Are you ready for some Football?!
    Go Eagles!!!!!!!!!!

  • Less run more pass ——–
    Jordan Matthews has become a NFL star in the last 3 games, I expect him to continue to shine. Jeremy Maclin needs 79 yards to reach 1000 for the year and 1 TD to reach double digits for the year.

  • a little something to worry about, the Eagles 3 losses came against 3-4 base defenses which is what Tennessee runs

    • EOS, great point. You would think Chip would know how to beat it given the fact it is the defense he prefers. I was listening to Evan Mathis this past week on WIP. He stated that it seems as if teams know what the Eagles are doing in the run game and know how to defend it. (Kind of goes with what paulman stated above, that teams have caught up to Kelly). We can only play who is on our roster, the weak teams we need and should beat. I am still looking for that signature win. The next 3 games after the Titans will tell a lot as far as this teams progress. Against GB, hey, we ran into a red hot Aaron Rodgers at and ice cold Lambeau. I will give a mulligan. I need to see a victory against the Seahawks and a split with the cowboys. Those three games will be a good indicator of where this team is at.
      Go EAGLES!!!

  • I had a bad dream Mark Sanchez threw a couple of picks against this Titan team. Hopefully I am wrong. Sanchez will be blitzed today by Titan D-coordinator. It will be interesting to see how Mark Sanchez handles the pressure. The real test starts next week and then the following two weeks. Will the defense step up or collapse. Will Mark Sanchez prove he can be a QB that can lead this Eagles team to the playoffs without a dominating defense that lead his Jets team to the playoffs and AFC championship. The real Mark Sanchez will be identified in the next three weeks, .

  • Its a must win. Eagles cannot afford to lose this game at home.

    Tenny coming off big emotional defeat that they went “all-in” for, so they won’t be “up” for this one.

    That being said….also very worried Eagles are thinking about Thursday,but I think that’s mitigated because they’re coming off a loss.

    I can’t see how Mettenberger will be able to handle the Eagles pass rush, but the Sanchez factor is terrifying.

  • Titans Secondary are a Talented,Physical and very aggressive Group
    And it will be interesting to see how the Eagles attack this bunch
    If you recall on the Steelers game, they had good success early then went uptempo with a lot of screens,Bubbke routes, underneath crossing routes
    And then pounded the rock to wear them down..
    The Key for today is Eagles Rushing attack, McCoy must get untracked
    Early or Kelly should give more Carries to the more productive Sproles
    and even Polk.. Steelers & Arab L Bell had success running between the Tackles as game went on..
    This is the most important Game of the Season right here and right now,
    Eagles cannot play down to Titans level and allow their QB to get comfortable for he has a big arm to go over the Top of the shaky Eagles Secondary
    If he gets in a rhythm and has time to unload..
    The first 20 Minutes will be very telling for a huge difference of the Eagles regaining their confidence and getting the offense back on track and go
    To 8-3 heading into the next 3 Games
    A dud performance or just a squeaker today by the Offense will not bode well
    Moving forward…

    • Paul, your pick of a Titans victory…23-20 over the Eagles is locked in. I’m predicting a 34-20 Eagles victory. Titans get a garbage time TD.

      • I could care less if I’m wrong about the Score, EHL,
        Completely irrelevant, just want to see the Eagles fulfill their potential
        And dominate and get the W and put an inferior Team away
        And not keep them hanging around…

        • Paul, no need to respond if you could care less.

        • Now you didnt Paulman….you just wanted to be right on here in typical narcissitic jackass fashion.

  • Eagles won’t allow this to get away…this is a beat down game..taking out the frustrations of the previous week and feeding off the Linc.the titans blitzed coming out of there locker room vs Big Ben…I look for an assortment of screens by chip..something we were noted for,that hasn’t shown up in weeks ..I look for the two tight end sets and a controlled dink and dunk attack…shady will bea star receiver in this affair IMO…the eagles will be very agressive on the defensive side of the ball …4 sacks or more …thanksgiving momentum …this is the hot appetizer …with the entree this week …

  • Eagle landed …any dream with sanchez I it is disturbing enough…now if songs or Kool admitted to it ..it would be a wet dream..so a pick here or there …no biggie…

    • LOL….desert…it’s strictly football bro.

  • 42-10

    • Izzell…your boy Huff is trying to serve me up that crow. Nice kick off return. I need to see that as a wideout.

      • It’s there if he gets out of his damn head and settles the hell down

  • FA barwin big sack. Jenkins nice pass defended, sproles trade TD, draft pick huff 107 return.. Fucking front office blows!

    • LOL what happened last week, yes this front office blows chunks.

      • Yeah lion if they were better like you guys want they would be z16-0

    • Jenkins burned all game, but you crow about a pass defensed! What a fucking joke!

      • I can only assume you have been busy at your night watchman job and been unable to watch the game… Stay negative asshole, the team you claim to love and support is doing pretty fucking good despite their coach, GM, draft, trades and FA signings

        • Watching the entire game jerkoff! Ain’t on here all day, like the lifeless loser, like you & the other assclown ripping paul all day. Jenkins the prize of the off season, missing tackles, got run over, burnt on passes! But hey, that 1 pass defensed early in the game you crowed about was awesome! Just STFU you condescending, useless piece of horse shit! Nice game, beating a shit team! Let’s see how great they do against a team with a winning record! Get a life loser! Shouldn’t you be spending time with your pristine family? Riiiiiight!

          • Is the team doing well despite their fucked up front office?

        • BTW, you seem to have an obsession with me working a overnight, PT job???? Pretty head scratching & creepy!!!! See, I actually like to provide for, & set up my REAL family & myself, for the now, & the future! Don’t be jealous, that I actually have a real family, that actually exists, who I love & respect, & who love & respect me! Get lost & don’t waste my time scumbag!

          • Night watchman… Successful.

  • What I say about the boy Huff…lol calm the fuck down on the draft less than a year in.

  • Told you Tenny would be emotionally dead for this game.

    Hopefully we’ll see a lot of Polk for the rest of this game.

  • According to dumbass Paulman this is the game thats going to start the slide of losing all their games.


  • Great Start by the Eagles and just what the Doctor Ordered
    Nice Return by Huff with 2 strong Stiff-Arms as he broke away and a great Smtart for McCoy & OL which I was hoping to see…
    Now keep it up and the pressure on for the Full Game


      • You guys are Morons…
        I root and want the Eagles to Win idiot’s
        They usually play Good Ball when I predict a Loss which I’ll
        Gladly take.. In fact I listed exactly how they should Win could way up above In my first post, which they seem to be following!!!

        • You fucking idiot…you double post and cover your ass after you go out on limbs so you can look like the smartest poster of all time.

          GTFOH with your flipflopping shit slinging.

          You said the year was over and they wouldnt make the playoffs. Stop your bullshit DUMBASS

  • Shady a contract game IMO and huff and puff looked skilled and sleek going down the sidelines ..if ever he stops letting his shit get away from him mentally ,he’s another big body guy …with Matthews that’s quite a potential tandem..cooper has become clasper the missing ghost..celecks being asked to ball now and he’s responded well..we haven’t seen maclin over the top ,that’s still coming off play action…so far our screen attempt leaked,I’d like a lot more ..dink and dunk…

  • Pman the chimp slinging shit …

  • Koolbreeze….Mark Sanchez is doing a lot of check downs. What was it you called Foles? Oh yes, captain check down…hmm.

  • If you think Sanchez has a strong arm your the biggest fucking moron of all time.

  • Tennessee Dbacks are physical. Must be nice.

    • Their safeties are ballhawks EHL….which is why they should get blown up over the top.

  • Not sure if I am a fan of all these short “suicide” passes over the middle.

    That’s 3 wrs who have been blown up today.

    • Sanchez is Capt. Checkdown today.

      • Exactly. pop gun arm…pop…pop.

  • Tenny safties are going to keep cheating and laying the wood as long as every pass is under 15 yards.

    So far we’ve lost Ertz, Smith…and lucky not to lose Matthews on that last pass at the goalline.

    All on the same up the middle pass.

    Tenny is just charging these short routes and blowing up Eagles Wrs.

    • Which is what the Titans probably worked on all week
      After the Steelers exposed them with the short passes last week
      Plus the fact that Sanchez does not have the arm to best you deep
      Like Big-Ben does, and this is what you should expect their Secondary
      To play…

    • TV talking idiots are trying to put that pick on Cooper.

      A floater up the middle?

      Tenny has seen that pass 15x already today…DB ran the route perfectly.

      • Vinnie Cooper played a huge part on that play. You teach any WR to cross the Db on that play. That was a terrible post route.

  • E.H.L Nightmare is real….

  • Foles cant comeback soon enough. Josh Huff will be starting for Riley Cooper in less than 2 weeks.

  • And there it is. Desert…my dream or should I say nightmare has materialized. Can we please sit Cooper down.

    • Cooper is going to be sat down before the year is over.

  • When is Saint Nick coming back

  • Exhibit one of why Cooper is a 4th receiver on any decent team. Sanchez is no Aaron Rogers, but that pick was all on Cooper. For once I agree with the clueless announcers.

  • Koolbreeze, is Mark Sanchez still shaking the rust off? Let’s stop the nonsense, Sanchez can’t beat Foles out. Weak armed turnover machine that Sanchez is.

  • EHL Chip and Howie have mostly gotten it right. But they are far from perfect. Sitting Cooper’s bum ass would be a start in the right direction.

  • Sanchez is keeping the Titans in this game.

  • What kind of lame as attempt at stopping that receiver was that from Bradley Fletcher.

  • Colts QB A Luck 2 Fumbles in 1st Quarter
    Jay Cutler a Fumble already
    Bortles throws a Pick

  • When Huff matures a little and gets his feet under him, he will start.

  • Paulman loves Sanchez

  • Got to bat the ball down there M Jenkins..
    Game on.. Let’s see if Genuis Kelly stays away
    From running the Ball which was working well at the Start

    • Lets see if dumbass Paulman will start his usual in game flipflopping…oh wait this jackass hass lmao

      Dude youre to damn old to be a fucking troll lmao

  • Besides fulfilling your dream prophecy(lmao), I have no issue with how Sanchez has been playing. Though he definitely isn’t the long-term answer, he been playing well.

    • LOL Cold, he is not asked to do much, just manage the game. To many turnovers though. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with Sanchez. But kool and songs was acting as if he was Steve Yong, when the informed amongst us knew what and who Sanchez was and remains to be. The same weakness they kill Foles over, turnovers and arm strength, Sanchez is even worse. Sanchez has better feet, but it does not matter when you are turning the ball over 2-3 times per game.

  • E.HL that’s sanchez in a nutshell ..news flash McCoy is done ..those who wanted to trade him..take a bow..

  • Just don’t let “up the middle” Sanchez throw again and Eagles will be fine.

  • We arent beating the Cowboys with Capt. Checkdown. If he wont take shots down the field we are cooked.

    • Are you Flip-Flopping Asshole…

      • No you flipflopping wannabe draft expert narcissitic moron. You havent been right about anything lmao….

        • I am correct that your an Asshole though..
          You prove it everyday Jackass..

  • Kool ?songs? Red zone magic dust with sanchez?

  • A short throw up the middle to Matthews? That’s weird.

  • No Foles= very little shot vs Cowboys. Mccoy will have to have a career day.

  • Sanchez 54.3 rating. Sounds about right.

  • He hasn’t been given the option it seems to throw beyond what he sees ,not even looking downfield,.theyre dummy ing..it up ..very interested to see if he looks over the top on play action..or do they not trust him..

  • See what I mean, lean on McCoy and they Win
    Going away.. Keep putting the Ball in Sanchez’s hands and your rolling the
    Ball came out about a second late to Matthews on that 3rd down play,
    who then failed to outrun Safety M Griffin in the open field which is not good to see by a WR..

    • Paul….You wanted to trade McCoy, and wanted to play Sanchez over Foles. You are all over the place dude.

    • Paul is a flipflopping hypocrite who just throws enough shit out there that when something sticks he wont stop talking about it lmao….

      He wanted Sanchez…in his words….waiting all year…lmao

      Hes fucking joke….

      Wont take long before he brings up where he lives and how he doesnt care this doesnt mean anything to him….

      Then will be back on here Monday with a million posts…

  • Sanchez getting outplayed by Mettenberger. SMH

  • Paulman, the living in mothers basement joke will never get old. However you might actually be right about this prediction. I thought Sanchez was avg. He is horrendous.

  • Eagles offense only responsible for 13 points. Sanchez must score red zone TD’s.

  • The Titans have withstood the Eagles Stsrting energy
    Now we have a nail biter as I expected..
    Eagles D are really struggling to match up with Teams TE’s
    With Acho or Matthews and need to utilize Nolan Carrol on the more pass-receiving TE’s that they face…

    • See what I mean…FLIPFLOPPING JACKASS….

  • Paul, it seems you have predicted both a blowout and a nail biter… Do you have a shred of pride?

    • Come on HAC this is Paulman we are talking about….but you know he doesnt care because he lives in Boone NC and this doesnt mean anything to him….

      He will soon post his entire resume and job history….


  • Sanchez must look to Maclin more

    • He wont…as soon as the first guy isnt open hes checking down….

  • Captain checkdown to Cooper for the first. Shady with the TD run.

  • haha Ill give Sanchez some credit. Good throw to Cooper

  • I wonder if he has been told to limit his runs on the read option….I dont think Kelly wants to see Matt Barkley….

    He has yet to run off the read….although guys are respecting it.

  • Mailman…they won’t let sanchez look down the field..they understand when he trust his eyes downfield anything can happen..dinking and dunking,is the only way to go…run the rock..and keep a harness on sanchez..to be truthful ,he’s the only reason Tennessee is I this ..red zone inefficiency and no deep threat attempts..he’s handcuffed chip…Pman you toothless skirt chasing fool…you are flipper the dolphin..

  • Mui…thats actually his best part of his game…rollouts and playaction…its when hes the most effective.

    There should be 35 pts on the board by now.

  • Nice Drive by Eagles,Sanchez and Kelky’s Play-calling
    Eagles D stops them here. Get ball back before the half and put the Titans away

    • I thought this was going to be a nail biter like you expected you fucking jackass lmao

  • Paulman, context?

  • This Eagle D looks terrible. Its like they have no confidence in Sanchez. Very reminiscent to the Vick days.

    • The D looks terrible because we only have 1 ILB and our secondary outside of Jenkins/Boykins is atrocious.

  • Not quite Pman ..the eagle dee hasn’t stopped nobody yet…and as long as sanchez is taking snaps ,nobody’s putting anybody away …this Tennessee group is out physical ing the eagles ..it’s on the pass rush to see they take this team and put it to sleep ..otherwise the big bodies are winning the battle vs back end…so far

  • 3 man pass rush?

    Back to back shitty games from Bill Davis playcalling wise.

  • Paulman did you or did you not predict a blowout and a nail biter within about 20 minutes?
    I predict you will be right and you will crow about it .. It will either be a blowout or nail biter

    • Paulman is translated to flipflop in French.

  • Williams sucks ass what a weak attempt

  • If Bill Davis doesnt have faith in his secondary than he needs to make changes. Dont be a blitz rush team than suddenly change up against a rookie.

    • I was thinking the same damn thing. You are fucking rushing 3 and 4 players and this rookie is picking you apart. Blitz his damn ass. WTF.

  • Eagles Defense & Secondary is Brutal
    What’s going to happen the next 3 Games when they
    Play Teams who can actually Run the Ball with Authority
    Eagles O settling for FG’s will not be Good Enough against the
    Good Teams..

    • Paulmans typical Capt. Obvious post to deflect flipflopping.

    • What’s going to happen the next three games? I predict Fraudman will make several contradictory predictions and be right on at least one of them

  • Will chip roll the dice and let play action set up this one maclin bomb?

  • Eagles dodge a bullet right there
    , QB Metz had RB McCluster wide open on the right flat for a walk-in TD on that 3rd Down Play..

  • This isn’t the offense and Sanchezes fault. They have fucking 27 points in the first half vs Tenn. How many points do they need in the first half 50, 60? The defense is pathetic.

    • Bruh….both sides are playing like shit.

  • Good thing about Sanchez….Chip will rely on the run game even more.

  • Sanchez under pressure a formula for so many bad possibilities…

  • Missed wide open cooper

  • Maclin and Cooper are not Sanchez fans.

  • Nice throw to Mac…gotta give him that …

    • Get him out on the edges with some bootlegs etc….Dropping back in the pocket with Sanchez doesnt make sense with him

  • Our backup QB is on pace to throw for 400 yards WTF do you want from him? lol

    • Yet when Foles threw for 300+ and sucked in the redzone many were saying otherwise and to many the backup was better than Foles…


      • They are 2-4 in the redzone. lol No longer the worst team in the redzone plus all the turnovers.

        • As long as we win….I dont give a shit lol.

          W is a W.

          Sanchez is not the guy though.

        • You were saying Daggolden?

  • 10 Pt Lead.. Lots of Game to go
    If Eagles Def Front do not get Pressure on Metz,
    They are in serious jeopardy of Winning this Game
    Why do the Eagles make young,journeymen & Unproven QB’s look like All-Pro’s
    This Year, Chad Henne, Kirk Cousins, and now Metzenberger
    Just like they did last Season versus Scott Tolzien,Matt Cassell,Matt Flynn &
    Kyke Orton…

    • Again Paul you must not watch the nfl… Backup QBs have huge games every week all around the nfl… You just refuse to look around the league…

  • NE Pats are whooping the Lions
    Packers struggling versus the Vikings up in
    Minnesota but leading 14-10
    Colts struggling with Jags, but RB Richardson just Scores to put them up
    Bengals Dalton tosses a Pick-6 to get Texans back in Thf Game

    Pats are heads & above the Best Team and Super Bowl Favorite
    Right now, hands down..

  • Koolsongs cable ill issues?

  • Trade McCoy right now….

    (AKA Fucking Moron)
    (AKA My guy John Brown)
    (Chimp Shit Slinger)

    • Too late for McCoy, Deadline is Past
      Contract too High,
      2015 RB Draft best in years, so very little
      Market for McCoy next off-season
      Eagles will be stuck with him..

  • Sanchez to James Casey….
    Extend both Players to long-term Contracts
    Trade both Foles and Ertz after the Season for
    Draft Picks and Draft Secondary Prospects

    • Paulman….

      Extend both hands….
      To your neck….
      Choke yourself….


    • Bwahaha…the Boone Zoo trades a box of Giraffe turds for Paulman to be the new attraction in their

      “Chimps Sling Shit” exhibit.

  • Trade Paulman

  • Sanchez just needs to be 500 as a starter. Foles back for the playoffs

    • Exactly HAC. And he can do that. However Foles has to play before the regular season. He cant come back for his first game come playoffs.

  • Ha ..this just in PMan traded …even up for shit slinging him pat Boone zoo…

    • lol classic

  • Fraud man I think your blow out prediction might be correct

  • Chimpanzee…Boone zoo ..seen trolling internet after swap for PMan..

  • H.a.c…spot on let’s all laude Pman ..but let’s also rip on the chimp ..

  • smh…Haters! Stop it…There has been an upgrade at the QB position! Sanchez is not an All-Pro Franchise QB…he’s just a lot better than Foles! The last drive is a perfect illustration. Excellent drive by Sanchez…mobility, thread the needle pass for the touchdown..

    • Kool, your prejudice doesn’t allow you to admit that when Foles is healthy he is back? Wow… Good luck with that closed mind of yours

      • HAC remember Foles only beats bad teams….

        Sanchez on the other hand only beats bad teams….

        Oh wait…


    • Oh by the way you bitchass…

      Werent you the one that said all Foles does is beat bad teams?

      Now youre dickriding Sanchez on wins…versus bad teams…



    • LOL…there he is, showing up after Sanchez aka captain check down executes an extended drive for a td.

  • Lmao shut up dickhead….dont talk after they score is over.

    Its over for Sanchez. Pure backup only.

    Hows it feel to look like a clown ass nig?

    Old fuckface dickhead….

    Predicts Songs logs in


  • TB Bucs QB McCown throws 2 Int’s in his own Red-Zone giving the
    Struggling Bears a cheap 14 Pts..
    Why is Coach Lovie Smith even playing the 36 Year old McCown
    anyways, he’s not the Future for the Bucs and you may as well find out if Mike Glennon is their Future..
    Lovie Smith needs to Retire..

    • Boone NC Chimpanzee throws shit against cage….

      Paulman upset…..he throws shit better.

  • Sanchez is an int machine… He needs to be 500 as a starter.

  • AKA captain turnover. Desert….There is that second pick. Damnit…why can’t I dream the lottery #. Kool, how many picks is that…like 8 in three games. Terrible.

  • Isnt that 8 turnovers in 4 weeks?

  • Packers Lacy warming up and goes in with a Screen pass for a Packers TD
    To go up 24-13
    Pats all over Lions whose Offende has not Scored a TD
    In 7 Quarters

    Browns Safety T Gipson Carted off the Fiels
    Looks like a head/Neck Injury..
    Browns are up 23-14 over Falcons

  • Thank God for the defense. Mark Sanchez is trying to keep the Titans in the game.

  • We can win regular season games with Sanchez. We aint doing shit in the playoffs with him

  • If you were to ask Sean Peyton if he had it to do all over again… Pay Jarius Byrd or Darren Sproles? … What do you eagles fans think bout that?

  • You are mighty quiet kool. You speak up for your boy on a scoring drive, then crawl back in the wall crack when he tosses a pick. 1 td and 2 interceptions today. Turnover machine!!!

    • Fools! The one turnover was that bum Cooper’s fault…the other was a bad play. Lets set the record straight…Sanchez is better than Foles..and if he gets us to the playoffs he is the starter going into next year and we will draft a QB. The main point is that there are 40 points up on the board, Sanchez is not missing wide open receivers, throwing off of his back foot.
      So stop the bull…Sanchez is the QB….forget Foles!

      • Lmao how pathetic you are….

  • 27 Turnovers this 2014 Season by the Eagles Offense
    27… You cannot and will not Beat Good Teams like this..
    More Captain Obvious, but this usctte Story of the
    2014 Eagles..

  • I like what I’m seeing from the run game. This is how the Eagles should run every game.

    I think Sanchez is playing solidly, however the turnovers do not convince me he should start when Foles is healthy. He moves in the pocket better than Foles, however that is the only true area he is better than Foles in.

  • 2-3 Pro Bowlers on 2014 Eagles

    WR J Maclin
    LB C Barwin
    Special Teams – Darren Sproles

  • Paulmans usual back away from weeks worth of shitbomb posts diversion tactic

  • Paul which one of your predictions… Blow out or nail biter? Pick one and brag about it

  • lmfao @ paulman calling a Titan win and cAlling this a nail biter. haaaa

    • Mhenski….he called it a titan win nailbiting eagles Blowout loss win….lmao

  • Connor Barwin is just a guy….what a waste of FA dollars.

    The negative nitwits are 100% correct on this front office lol….

    • “Connor Barwin is just a guy…”

      Seeing what he has done for this defense this year I hope that was supposed to be a joke.

      • Lmao you havent been on here much have you Tua?

  • Paulman IS AN ASSCLOWN….

    The Titans will win loss to the eagles in a nailbiting blowout loss win for the Birds.


    • Eagles will not Beat the Cowboys or Seahawks playing like they did today
      There is a reason the Titans only have 2 Wins in 2014…
      Let’s see how the Eagles Play against Teams with
      Winning Records

  • I like the way the Eagles are utilizing the TEs. They should have done this most of the year.

  • So when Foles is under center and the Eagles kick FGs its on Foles….

    When Sanchez does it….its what do you expect him to do…its the defense….


    W is a W…..fuck it all.

  • Time to Get McCoy/Maclin/Peters out on Offense
    (even Sanchez) get work for the Back-Ups
    And go to Dallas as healthy as you can be …
    Game over

    • Pail, can’t get starters out because it’s a nailbiter

    • You cant Paulman the Titans are in this game…Its a nailbiter like you expected.

  • Early Vegas Line is Cowboys -6 Pts over Eagles
    I expect it to Drop to -3.5 Pts by Wed of next week

  • Kool when playing Thursday well talk…that’s sanchez on the road on the bright lit stage..

    • The pressure will be on, it all starts next week. Sanchez will have to play much better by eliminating the interceptions. Dallas will be waiting on the check down dump offs. He will have to thread the ball into tight windows and take some shots down field. It’ll be inside so no concern about the elements effecting his passes.

  • I’m looking forward to Thursday.

  • Sanchez can beat the Cowboys….Colt McCoy did it with no turnovers.

    However the Redskins secondary played the game of their lives and havent played well since….


  • Browns QB Hoyer throws 2 Int’s in the final
    5 Minutes of 4th Quarter while leading 23-21
    Falcons kick FG to go up 24-23
    Eagle Fans should want to see the Falcons Win
    And keep the Saints out of Playoffs

  • I have not been a DeMeco Ryans fan…however some of these play calls on defense look like whoever is calling the plays is failing to see what is going on.

    They are just rubbing to death across the middle.

  • Pman no tie in OT Prediction….

  • Right now I think the Eagles have the advantage come Thursday as long as the Giants attempt to play football. If the Giants make it a game tonight it will help the Eagles coming off a non-divisional game. The Eagles had this game won since the beginning. If Dallas struggles tonight it will be hard for the Cowboys to turn it around on a short week.

  • No Dallas line you fool would ever be set when they play (injuries) in a few hours? The chimp is on the loose slinging shit ….RUN

  • Games to look forward to next week….Eagles/Cowboys, Seahawks/ 49ers, and Patriots/Packers.

  • The continued hypocrisy of the Foles supporters is so blatant and pathetic. Sanchez is running the offense better. He has more mobility, he’s not missing wide open receivers and as a result we have 40 points on the scoreboard!
    Is Sanchez perfect? Is Sanchez a franchise QB? NO!
    Is Sanchez better than Nick Foles?
    YES…Nick Foles injury has allowed an upgraded of the position and given ourselves a better chance to win!
    Stop bitching and whining for Foles….Sanchez is clearly better

    • LMAO…sounds like you are referring to yourself when Foles was in there….lol

    • Thank god for the defense and the running game, especially Shady. Sanchez is a game manager. He has to stop the turnovers as they would have kept the Titans in the game if the defense did not play well and the Titans wasn’t garbage!

  • Browns Hoyer leads Browns after Falcons mismanage clock
    And play calling, down the field for a game winning
    FG as Time Expires… Browns 26-24

  • Now they Sanchez throws a bomb? With 8 mins to go and a 23 pt lead?

    Underthrown of course.

    A little more film of “Mark “All I do is throw 15 yard floaters straight ahead” Sanchez and we’re going to see Eagle WRs being carried off on Stretchers….along with the requisite 2 ints a game of course……

  • How’d he look last week fool?

  • I don’t understand why they are still throwing and not running. They need to get the starters out and put in backups.

  • Patiots blow out Luon 33-9
    Recently Resigned RB L Blount gets13 Carries, 75 Yards and 2 rushing TD’s
    To put the Lions away
    Lions Drop to 7-4 and are getting that ooh no
    It’s almost December again

  • Kool when foles was the recipient of points from special teams or the defense getting him a short field …which by the way is football …you’d be all over foles and give praise everywhere else ..but today sanchez put up 40? Really ? Tell that to Cody Parker’s leg on ice …geeez

    • Cody Parkey responsible for 12, special teams seven, Shady 7. That’s 26. 14 for Sanchez. Game manager who will turn the ball over 2x a game. The real test starts Thursday.

  • I am not saying Sanchez is a terrible QB, however I need to see more. Given his previous body of work along with throwing more INTs than TDs today, I cannot say he is deserving of a permanent starting position on the Eagles.

  • Stop it deserteagle! Foles was keeping teams in games. He had a game where he could only get the ball over the 50 yard line twice. We were bailed out by the defense and special teams in games Foles won…in this game Sanchez effectively moved the team and got us the points we needed to blow this one out!
    Once again…Sanchez is not a franchise QB but he’s better than Foles!
    Its that simple!

  • Sanchez will get his chances in the next 3 ….that’s the barometer ..this means little..he’s won the games he’s supposed to..now let’s see in his second chance to win one he’s not favored to win..by the way PMAN posted after GB the eagles were going to finish at 8-8 …a five game skid looms..

  • 8-3 the Gauntlet begins people…..

    We will see Foles possibly by the 2nd Cowboys game or the game after against the Giants.

  • Giants win tonight….24-17

  • Also Kool foles did it with out a run game no shady …and no O line..let’s be real

    • Foles was well protected…he was the least sacked QB in the league and still led the league in turnovers…Sanchez is obviously the better QB!

  • Feeling the GMen izzy …take a nap ..don’t bet on nags

  • I cannot agree Kool. Given he has only three career starts with the Eagles and playing the way he did last week, I have to say he is not. The only playoff caliber team he faced this year completely dominated him. When Foles played playoff caliber teams we won against Indy and had close losses against San Fran and Ariz. Sanchez, however was not close. We will see what he does against Dallas and Seattle.

  • Hope you’re right…however ..it would be so sweet to roll into Jerry’s world on house $$

  • Parley was another terrible pick up… I’m fcking pussed… 3-8 this year and 6-10 last… Fire chip and Howie

  • Be safe until the holidays people so we can all talk shit before we get the itis or heartburn on Thursday from the Bird or the Birds..

  • RG3 in Troubke already
    LT T Willianms is out, and Stsrting in his Place is Rookie
    Morgan Moses who is not an NFL LT at all…
    Aldon Smith will tear his ass up and has sacked RG3 once already
    RG3 just got away with a duck pass that should have been picked by 49ers

  • Didnt FLIPFLOP PAULMAN say the 49ers were phasing out Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde was going to take over?


  • On a Serious Note..
    A Good Effort and Bounce Back Game and a big Win which was needed
    Hopefully no serious Injuries and Defense has
    To figure out how to Cover Cowboys TE’s Witten & Escobar

    Early Call Has Cowboys 45 – Eagles 34

    • Fraud do u consider this a blow out or nail biter? You fucking flip flop within 29 minutes

    • LOL…hahaha….how predictable.

      Predicted that the team would shit the bed all week long, but now writes a pleasant note about a good effort and bouncing back….if you are going to be a hater Paul, some free advice, go all in. Take a note from KoolSongs and deny any logical statement on its face because you Hate the alternative. At least the would accuse you of being a flip-flop, embrace your inner hate Paul, it shouldn’t be so hard.

  • Nice win beat down game more sacks at home (a nice trend for hiding our Achilles back end) ..we beat a 2-8 team ….now the sanchez wagon is loaded up with 3 wobbly wheels and heads to Dallas…EHL pointed out of the 40 we hung on the titans 7 were on huffs return..12 on Cody’s leg could have been 15 ..7by shady …who PMANS sending packing..but sanchez according to Kool hung 40 on them…lmao..look I’m rooting for this clown …he’s my qb..but to keep saying he’s better than the guy the coaching staff had starting ..is just fool hearted …they see both guys every day ..so let’s leave it to chip to decide who’s better …a few things stood out ..they bounced back from the GB beat down..now they need on a short week play a team on a shorter week …there’s still hope theGiants play one game with pride ..

  • Shady is a cancer who needs to be traded…lol. 23-20 titans win…lmao.

  • EHL ..the chimp is on the loose..

  • Just watched Deonne Bucannon sack Russell Wilson, who tried to escape but Bucannon was having none of it. He was there for us….with the 26th pick, the Philadelphia Eagles select…Marcus Smith…silence…who?

    • Our draft is turning out terrible

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              • Like I said… It’s a one question pop quiz…
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              • DCAR you have mentioned your kids, your accomplishments many times… I presume you are the only one allowed to do so. Paul has mentioned his kids, accomplishments as has GM ( whose son I saw play many times)…
                I can be condescending for sure… And am ok with that. You negative fucks criticize every move, hire, draft … I simply point out this these guys (except the fucking sixers) are trying to win… The eagles despite their poor drafts, bad trades, shitty GM and terrible hire of a coach are doing well and that disturbs you

              • I don’t criticize every move! I criticize stupidity, a glorified bean counter, who doesn’t deserve the job, bad drafts full of reaches, projects rotational players, & an organization that goes into the season with $20m+ in salary cap space, when they had holes all over the roster, a horrific secondary, no depth & release their best receiver for no return! I’ve stated many times I love Shady, Matthews, Kelce, Peters, Barwin, Kendricks, Cox, & Boykin. You fucking retards want everyone to be brainless, mindless lemmings, with no opinions, smarts & criticisms, & to be blind loyalists. I have a perfectly functioning brain, able to tell talent from slop, & know who can play, & who can’t. I follow NCAA Football very closely & know WTF I’m talking about! You don’t have to be a paid NFL Employee to have common sense, eyes, & a brain! Go ahead, keep deflecting the origin of this discussion! Your racist pussy comments!

              • But you will admit, they have done well with reaches and projects? I mean 10-6 and 8-3 with reaches and projects is a fucking mystery

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      • Kool, you wanted Johnny Manziel, Louis Nix or Tahj Boyd with the first pick….lmao. I wanted Bucannon…you have no room to talk about the draft…Tahj Boyd….lmao!!!

        • So what! We didnt draft those guys but when you look at the whole of our draft we have gotten one really productive player–Matthews!
          Our first round pick has done nothing! Who knows what Manziel, Nix, or Boyd would have done in OUR system…once they get picked up by someone else…who cares.
          All I know is that what we drafted aint turning out that well!
          Bottom line…

          • Lol, you are judging an entire draft 10 games in. It takes time with some players, I’ve been tough on Huff, he contributed today no? Beau Allen good rotation for 7th rounder. Relax. Manziel can’t beat out short weak arm immobile pocket passer. Nix can’t get on field, really doesn’t want to play, Boyd not an NFL player, more suited for the CFL or Philadelphia Soul. I do know they would do in our system….they would do nothing. Tahj Boyd….lol…lmao..

    • Benjamin or Buchanon, it’s embarressing right now, Acho was hurt did Smith get on the field at all today? Terrible

  • Izzy …ha

  • Paul man early call cowboys 45-34? You just a few moments ago posted Dallas early line -6 but you feel it going to 31/2? Which implies you like the eagles..now you’re feeling Dallas 45-34 ? So we have eagles in a ail biter Dallas in a nail biter ..Dallas in a dominant11 point affair..later in the week I guess a tie in overtime is coming…you cover more bases Pman than a groundskeeper..

  • Cowgirls blow us out next week… 37-21. Sanchez woth 3 turnover/. GCOBB faithful will jump off the bandwagon, will beat Seahawks a week later 31-17, then beat cowgirls at home 37-17…

  • Sanchez is what Sanchez is.


    He’s a decent backup doing Just what he’s supposed to do. Hold the fort, win the winnable games.

    He,s running the screens well, and he,s got good accuracy on the move.

    But let’s be honest.

    He has no arm.

    He’s thrown 2 passes that have travelled over 25 yards in the air over the past 3.5 games. Both were under thrown.

    Every “deep” out (and deep meaning 15 yards) is a complete adventure.

    The now patented 15 yard straight ahead floater left 3 Eagle wr/tes lying on the ground today……2 had to leave the game for a while.

    If I can predict he’s going to throw that straight ahead floater every time he drops back and looks ‘downfield’, then you can guarantee other teams are going to begin feasting on that shit…..expect more turnovers and injuries if he continues to throw it….and why would he stop? It’s his go to toss….the Tennyson db ran Cooper’s route perfectly because he knew exactly where the ball was going to be….you think he was worried about a bomb down the sideline? Or even a stop at the sideline? No way….

    Again, teams are now going to have a good book on the guy.

    Hold the fort for 2 more weeks….hopefully injuries tonight…eek out a split between dall and Seattle, and a guy who can make all throws will return.

    • His arm is just as good if not better than Foles
      He is playing better than Foles
      The offense is more efficient, he manages the pocket better than Foles..
      He doesn’t miss wide open receivers frequently like Foles did!
      His negative is that he almost turning the ball over as much as Foles.

      • Sanchez has become captain check down. The long ball he finally threw to Maclin took forever to get there. That’s a TD if he could rip it. He missed a wide open cooper for big yardage. He’s good throwing while rolling out of the pocket, and check downs. He was getting the receivers blasted. Maclin and Mathews both stated they prefer Foles passes. Hmmm.

  • HAC…let’s see how they handle the giants …I sense a possible eagles win as Dallas defense is what we thought they are …the O line battle will determine everything ..I agree 2-1 ..but I’d prefer we sandwich two Dallas wins by us and a Seattle win as they’re more desperate …

  • Cardinals have a dominant D-line.

  • Vinnie exactly …he’s coin boy..sanchez he’s 50/50 he’s a coin flip..

    • Sanchez…7 TD’s 6 Interceptions, 2 fumbles. 7 TD’s, 8 turnovers in four games, 3 of which he started. Turnover machine!

      • Make that 2 fumbles lost, 5 fumbles all together, 3 were recovered.

    • interesting.

      What qb currently leads the nfl in turnovers?

      • Sanchez?

        Foles. 10 ints on 311 attempts. 3.11%

        Sanchez 6 ints on 146 atts. 4.1%

        You are a complete idiot.

        • Remember, everything SongsBreeze says, the opposite is true!

          Add in fumbles, it gets even worse…

          Foles has 4 fumbles credited to him in 7.5 games.

          Sanchez has 5 fumbles credited to him in 3.5 games.

          Sanchez has thrown the ball to the other team of put it on the turf 11x in 3.5 games….(that’s over 3x a game meathead)

          Foles has done it 13x in 7.5 games….(That’s 1,7x a game meathead)

          And still Songsbreeze babbles…..

          Talking about leading theleague in turnovers?? WTF?

          Sanchez throws more picks, fumbles more……..

          Yet SongsBreeze says something else.

          Remember, whatever SongsBreeze says, the opposite is true.

      • Songs….Blake Bortles leads the NFL in turnovers. And no he has not started every game this season either. Luck has about 15.

  • Sanchez vs Foles-2014 Season

    Pocket Awareness-Sanchez
    Arm Strength-Even
    Red Zone Efficiency-Sanchez
    Turnovers-Slight Edge to Sanchez

    Results: Sanchez is without doubt a better QB than Foles. Sanchez took one step closer today to being the starting QB next year by helping to rack up 43 points~!
    Bottom line-Sanchez is better than Foles!

    • And when Foles is healthy… He is the starter

    • Leadership and poise, are you serious? Did you not hear the color analyst talk about Sanchez’s body language today as he moped with his head down after some of his bad throws. The analyst stated, if you are the quarterback you are the leader of the team and your body language speaks volumes. He was speaking as to how Sanchez was looking dejected and victimized. He has done that two weeks in a row. LOL…turnovers, slight edge to Sanchez. 6 picks in 3 games as a starter, 2 fumbles. Arm strength…Clearly Foles, you was previously saying it was Sanchez by a mile. Why the change of opinion? Accuracy, even. Pocket awareness and mobility, clearly Sanchez.

    • LOL

      Your list is a joke.

      Sanchez throws ints at a 4% clip. Foles at 3% (still too high)

      Koolrme2 says Edge to Sanchez.

      And arm strength? I can;t continue….except to say…

      Remember, everything Koolrme2 says….the opposite is true.

      • vinniedafool, you are a joke.

        You still throw stats out without understanding and watching the game!

        Your stats are meaningless!

        His turnovers came in the blowout game against GB they were meaningless.
        Foles turnovers seriously impacted the games and in two cases played a significant role in our losses!
        The arm strength is about the same, they can make the same throws, the difference between the QB’s are mobility, poise, pocket awareness, intelligence (Sanchez reads defenses better)
        Vinniedafool doesn’t watch the games…he’s blind…he simply has someone read him the game stats!

        • Hot air it have a question .. Do you think chip knows more than you? If so will you support him when he reinstates Foles as the starter?

        • Who the fuck cares about your opinion koolbreeze. When the time comes Chip Kelly will decide who the starting QB will be.

          All your talk is just wishful thinking. And most of it is erroneous. You are a fucking joke…..

    • Next week you will pull out the old he is still knocking the rust off excuse. Foles will be back as the starter next year as Sanchez will look for opportunity elsewhere. The Eagles will not offer an extension or new contract..paste it!

  • Foles moped and frequently had the ‘deer in the headlights’ look in games where he was totally ineffective with key turnovers that led to losses against SF and Arizona.
    This is an offense designed to score points and the Eagles had 43 points this game.
    Sanchez has played better, Matthews has emerged as a major weapon because Sanchez hits him with excellent passes while Foles missed him frequently.
    Sanchez is head and shoulders above Foles….and if he takes this team to the playoffs…the job belongs to him and we will draft a QB next year to groom!
    Forget the Fumbling, Folding, Foles~!
    Sanchez has clearly taken the job and has proved that he’s a better QB than Foles!

    • But he will be the starter when healthy

      • Nope! He should demand a trade instead of trying to stick around the Eagles as a backup next year. Someone may throw him a bone and give him a shot…but he will never start for the Eagles again…

        Book it!

        • Bet?

        • Nope, Sanchez will be looking for a starting job somewhere, he may find a job as a stop gap starter. That’s what he is. Book and paste it!

    • Stop lying, not one time did I ever see or hear anybody, including yourself say anything about Foles moping or bad body language. Stop trying to make that argument fit into your agenda as it clearly does not apply. Dear in the headlights, I have seen it, never moping. Sanchez has proven that he has a problem with turning the ball over, did it with the jets, doing it with the Eagles.

  • SongsBreeze’s stupid list

    Foles: “Lets make them pay!” Leads game winning drive

    Sanchez: Walks out in snow at Lambeau with his hands in his pocket, shoulders slumped. Game over before it began. Today moping around after his int so much TV idiots saw it. Jets used to hire acting coaches to get him to change his body language because its always been a problem.

    Arm strength.
    Sanchez has thrown only 2 balls that have travelled over 25 yards in the air over 3.5 games. His “outs” look like the goddamn Hindenburgh with the time they take to get to the sideline. Its like he’s throwing balls filled with Helium. Don’t skip the 15 yard floaters that are getting his WRs and tight ends lit up?
    Foles has led the league in deep throws the past 2 years.

    Interceptions: Sanchez 4.1% Foles 3.1%
    Fumbles Sanchez 5 in 3.5 games. Foles 4 in 7.5 games.

    Red Zone
    Sanchez: Eagles now at about 50% touchdowns in redzone trips since Sanchez took over….but look more closely….Last 2 games since teams got film….??3 TDs on 9 redzone trips. 33%
    Foles: TDs on 47% of redzone rips this year.

    Pocket awareness?????????
    If he’s so “Aware” why does he throw INTS at a higher rate. AND Take sacks at a higher rate (even though most OL starters are back. AND HOW THE FUCK does he get sackd at a higher rate when all he does is throw dinky passes???

    Your list is a complete f-ing joke. Just like you are.

    Everything SongsBreeze says….the opposite is true.

    Wait….you do have one right…..Sanchez is more mobile.

    And for idiots like you, that’s all that matters right?

  • Sanchez is averaging an interception every 24.7 pass attempts. Only four NFL quarterbacks are throwing interceptions at a higher rate this year — Geno Smith (23.3), Josh McCown (22.8), Kirk Cousins (22.7) and Blake Bortles (20.3). And all but Bortles have been benched.

    Sanchez threw two against the Texans after relieving Nick Foles, he was clean against the Panthers and he has two in each of his last two games.

  • Anyone supporting Sanchez outside of hoping he holds down the fort just .500 is an idiot with an agenda. His play has been subpar outside of the Panthers game.

    Hes doing all the things Foles has done in an even more concentrated time in 4 games and its funny how the agenda supporters are quiet as church mice.

    Foles gets stats against bad teams….Yet eerily silent that Sanchez has done the same.

    Etc etc etc….

    That duckbomb he underthrew to Maclin is my biggest worry. If we cant stretch the field vs Dallas we will be in trouble.

  • Bottom Line with Sanchez, he’s 3-1 in his Relief Role
    Of Injured Nick Foles… How many Teams would love to have their Season Beginning Backup QB To have a .750 Win %..
    Go Check with Tampa Bay, NY Jets,Washington Redskins,
    Tennessee Titans,Buffalo Bills, Jax Jaguars,
    Minnesota Vikings. Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals
    Which is 10 of the 32 NFL Teams..(33%)
    I believe Sanchez plays 2 more Games and Foles Returns
    When Eagles face the Cowboys in a couple of Weeks
    And plays the Final 3 Games as Eagles March to the Playoffs
    It is what it is and considering the big picture
    The Eagles and Fans should be happy that Sanchez is on the Eagles for who knows if there was another Back-up out there and god forbid,
    If Matt Barkley had to Start in place of injured Foles

    • No one is anti-Sanchez, it’s the nonsense drivel that Sanchez is so much better than Foles and will take over Foles spot that people are answering to. I want Sanchez to win every game and have 3 TD’s 0 int’s. That is not going to happen anymore. Sanchez has played his best game against the Panthers. The real Sanchez has shown up since then.

      • Agreed.

        • Let the record show that both Foles & Sanchez average about
          2 Turnovers a game… It gets down to who can make Plays down
          The field in which Foles has over Sanchez…
          It’s that simple… Even for the simpletons on here .

  • Flip flop skinny ass Paulman

    • No Skinny ass here Jakedog-AssFace…
      Try growing up a bit you drunken fool

      • Ok…I guess you are a fat ass then.

  • Kool we boys and all but Sanchez is hot garbage, he’s the worst type game manager there is because he actually thinks he’s good. He’s all we got but damn every time he throws the ball I’m thinking oh no. Holy Crap Odell Beckham baby!!!!

  • That Effin catch was magical dude

    • That was probably the best catch I have ever seen. Crazy. Odell Beckem is the real deal no doubt.

      • Don’t Forget Who Said It First On Here

        J F’n H

        I said Odell Beckem has Superstar written all over him, I wanted us to move up in the draft and get him but it didn’t happen

        Giants have a real gem there

        • Good Call on Beckham JH,
          He was electric last evening and has all the
          Makings of a true Star in the NFL,
          Now about Your 76ers!!!!
          Where’s the Luv?

        • And Casey matthews is a stud because Ryans is in the meeting room

  • Giants go into prevent defense…and it prevents them from stopping the cowboys from scoring. I will never understand yielding chunks of 10 yards. Dallas offensive line is real!

  • I’m still trying to figure out what “a steroid fingered pussy” means.

    Would have liked the NYG/Dallas game to go to overtime if only to delay their flight longer…….

  • I liked what the Eagles did yesterday. However, the Eagles under Chip have not been stellar against playoff teams. I think we can beat the Cowboys at least once, but I don’t think we’ll beat the Seahawks because of our D.

    The Eagles could win if they run the ball consistently and get pressure on Wilson without blitzing, but I don’t see this happening based on the Packers game.

    We should rely heavy on these tight ends. They are good pass catchers.

    Also, the Eagles cannot turn the ball over against Dallas or Seattle. But, both QBs have proved this is harder said than done.

    I am ready for the Eagles to go 1-2 over the next three games. I see them beating both NY and Washington for the last two games. 11-5 overall is my prediction. If we truly want to make a run McCoy and the o-line have to get it done with the tight ends.

  • What Beckham did last night was expose the Cowboys’ defense for what they truly are. Mediocre. This will allow the Eagles to exploit them come Thursday. I think the catch was great, but the Giants, once again, did not help the birds by losing at the end. Where is the great JPP everyone keeps talking about. The allowed Romo to set up shop in the pocket. From what I remember everyone swears he is so much better than Graham. I’m not sure those people are right.

  • Dam, Haveacigar has an arsenal.

  • The comedy on this site doesn’t stop…Same characters arguing back and forth…about the same shit day in and day out. Reading post, looks like some of you cats been on her 24 hours straight…damn!

    You’d think the Eagles lost the damn game, on how some of you cats are.
    Sanchez did what many of us know he would do…throw some picks…pretty much what Foles did this season too. The special teams playing well and the defense being able to get off the field, get pressure and create turnovers….has been the key to this season! Neither one of the QB’s have carried this team to a victory this year, bottom line.

    Eagles win, that’s the most important thing!

    • Exactly…8-3.

      • I guess the point of most people’s concern is that, outside of the Indy game, the Eagles have yet to beat a playoff contender this year. The 8-3 at first sight looks good, however if you see who they beat you may not be impressed.

        Sure we can get to the playoffs, but then what? With so many turnovers, inconsistent run game, and mediocre defense, I’m not sure we will go far. The goal is to get to and win the Superbowl, not simply make the playoffs.

        I’m sure the Eagles’ coaches are just as critical as some people on this site. At least they should be.

        We had two close losses and a blowout loss to playoff contenders. Now, we have to play two more playoff contenders in the next three weeks. If the birds don’t recognize their shortcomings and correct them soon they will be left out of the playoffs entirely.

        • Eagles 8 Wins are against Teams that are a Combined 28-59-1 which is a .318 Winning % and just horrible…

          • Green Bay Packers …6 of their 8 wins against teams with losing record.
            Vikings who they played twice 4-7
            Chicago 5-6 played twice
            Carolina- 3-7
            Jets 2-8
            Dolphins 6-5
            Eagles 8-3
            So the hell what..play the teams on the schedule. and better beat the teams with bad record. Complain to the schedule maker and have them schedule Eagles 2015 season opponents all playoff teams. Seriously, your making silly points. According to you we were lucky to beat colts. we were not unlucky to lose to 49ers.

            • Colts HC & OC took the ball out of the hands of their Best Player in QB Luck down the stretch with very questionable Play Calls ,
              Any objective Football Fan knows this
              And as far as the 49ers Game,
              The Eagles crossed the 50 Yard line like twice
              In the entire game and didn’t deserve to Win that at all
              Though the ST & Defense played well
              The AFC South is Weak, The NFC East is weak also
              So 10 Games right there with bogus opponents with a bad Carolina Team thrown in..,
              But at least they are beating the Teams they are supposed
              To beat and should make the Playoffs..
              Then we’ll see what happens…

              • And Luck is throwing interceptions. Perhaps there was a reason the coaching staff took the ball out of his hands. Attempting to run the clock out. Luck slinginging the rock still did not guarantee a Colt win…bottom line, they loss. If means nothing, a win is a win!

            • My point is that under Chip we have not consistently beat playoff caliber teams. Its a known fact the Eagles have a losing record under Chip when playing playoff caliber teams. It must improve. Im not compaining to anyone. I never said we were lucky to beat the Colts. Instead, I said that is the only playoff caliber team we beat this year.

              Read what I wrote, don’t make it up.

  • Paulman I have been reading your nonsense for years

    You have driven from this sight some excellent fans devoted fans, who could not stand the uncensored diarrhea your little ass has shit on here for years. Philly will comes to mind

    Now you are a tough guy. What a joke, man boobs and all no analysis, no wisdom. Jackass

    • And still no one, including myself, gives a shit Jake…
      Open up another Bottle already will you…

  • Paulman what is your mile time, how many push ups can you do, come back north and let’s see what you got

  • A bottle of whoop ass you little miscreant, what a clown

  • Paulman is done. He had some value as entertainment and some football, baseball knowledge, but like songs his agenda colors everything he posts

    he’s now angry, because he’s a little old man whistling in the grave yard, no one gives a shit about what he says

    it’s sad. Because by the volume of his posts this site is everything to him…

    but fuck him, he gets what he deserves

    • I am not done Jake, I am still here calling them
      As I see them.. As for you.. You bring nothing to
      The table as far as Football Talk goes..
      You never have and I expect you never will..
      You are what we said you are..

  • I expect that the Eagles will play nickle defense most of the game against the Cowboys, with a safety down low. I think Boykin will be a key player in this game

    • I expect the opposite for that’s exactly what the Cowboys would like the see as they would run,run,run versus the smaller Nickle Defense Package
      Cowboys are going to want to shorten the game and limit the Eagles Offense getting on the the field which means they will run,run,run
      Cowboys FL J Crawford and 3rd Safety/Special Teams Ace Jeff Heath both out for the Eagles Game and are having surgery on their Broken Thumbs.. WR Terrence Williams also sustained an injured/broken Finger and will play with a Splint per HC Jason Garrett..

      • I’m afraid you are going to see quite a bit of the Nickle, Paul, and even some ‘Big-Dime’ with Nolan Carroll replacing the ILB.

        I think the Eagles would be thrilled to have the Cowboys run, run run… as opposed to Romo playing catch with Witten and Dez.

        To me, the Eagles have to make the Cowboys beat them with the running game and avoid giving up the big plays.

        • Of course I see the Eagles playing a lot of Nickle when the Cowboys go
          3-4 WR Sets, but I expect the Cowboys to start the game with a lot of
          Double TE Sets, maybe use an extra OL (like the Colts used) and try to pound at the Eagles thereby limiting Romo for having to drop back and expose himself for getting hit,taking sacks, turnovers, injury,etc,etc..

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