• August 8, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Titans


  • Very up-and-down game from Mark Sanchez, who finished with 300 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions. Sanchez’s two interceptions came on a couple of terribly thrown passes, bringing his turnover count to eight in his four appearances this year. 
  • After allowing Pittsburgh’s LeVeon Bell to rush for over 200 yards on Monday night, the Titans were the perfect opponent to untrack LeSean McCoy and the Eagles’ running game. McCoy picked up 130 yards and a touchdown on 21 carries, and was able to move the ball at will. He got a strong performance from his offensive line to help him out.
  • Darren Sproles added 25 yards and a touchdown on six carries.
  • Jordan Matthews led the team in receiving with 6 catches for 77 yards and continues to be a favorite of Sanchez.
  • Brent Celek caught foru passes for 48 yards, and has become a regular receiving threat in this offense again.
  • James Casey caught a 14-yard touchdown pass in the second half, on a very nice throw from Sanchez.
  • For the first time this year, the Eagles ran some packages that featured both LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles in the backfield.


  • The Eagles’ pass rush bounced back after a rough week against the Packers. The front seven combined for five sacks, and pressured Zach Mettenberger throughout the day. 
  • Connor Barwin bagged two of the team’s sacks, giving him 12.5 for the season. He’s arguably been this defense’s MVP.
  • Trent Cole also had two sacks, bringing his total to 6.5. Not bad for a guy who many expected to be closer to the end of his career.
  • Malcolm Jenkins was pretty active today, breaking up several passes, including a big one to Delanie Walker on the first Titans drive of the game.
  • Mychal Kendricks led the team with seven tackles, and also forced a fumble.
  • Bennie Logan forced a fumble on Bishop Sankey, which was recovered by the Eagles.
  • Fletcher Cox picked up a sack.
  • The Eagles have done a pretty decent job hiding Casey Matthews to this point.
  • Brandon Boykin notched his first interception of the season.

Special Teams

  • Josh Huff opened the game with a kick return for a touchdown. We’ve been waiting all year to see this kind of explosiveness from Huff. 
  • Cody Parkey missed a 49-yarder, but made all of his other five attempts, including a 50-yarder. He’s been of the strongest additions to the team all year.

Final Thoughts

The Eagles did what they had to do today.

They came out and took care of business against a bad team, and got themselves right on both sides of the ball in advance of Thursday’s match with the Cowboys. They were able to get LeSean McCoy going and established their pass rush on the defensive side of the ball.

Mark Sanchez has got to play much better if the Eagles are to come away with a win against Dallas on Thursday. So far, Sanchez hasn’t proven to be anything more than a game-manager for the Eagles. He’s turning the ball over at just a high a rate as Nick Foles was earlier in the year, and anytime you play with turnovers that regularly, you’re just inviting disaster.

The Titans were able to get back in the game today for a short time thanks to the first Sanchez pick. A better team might have been able to overcome the Birds in this game.

Denny Basens

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  • Go Eagles!!! Super Bowl or Bust!!!!

  • I want Russell Wilson! God damn he is a winner

    • He Won that Game vs the Cardinals, made 3-4 big runs and then scrambled to find his TE’s on some big plays… Their TE’s scare me vs the Eagles LB’s/Safeties but you have to stop Wilson first and keep him in the Pocjet which is much easier said than done..

      • It’s Dallas week. Forget Seattle today.

      • Starting your flipflopping 2 weeks Chimpboy? SHUT UP PAULMAN.

  • They won the game. That’s all that mattered. With Dallas in front of us 2 out of the next 3 weeks… Im glad they focused on Tennessee. Now.. Lets behind this team… Dallas week baby.

  • If the playoff started today I would pick the Patriots to win the Super Bowl. What do you guys think?

    It was a nice day today at the Lic. I’m afraid Sanchez gets worse as it gets colder. He is all we have, so lets hope for the best…..

    • Nah foles will be back

    • I was hoping the Colts could have gotten their hands on Ben Tate….they would have been my dark horse.

      If Pats end up with HF gonna be hard to beat them…however it can be done.

      • Ever since Don McNabb said Tom Brady was nearing the end of his career, Brady has played lights out. Haha… Tom must have been listening…

      • Luck is turning the ball over too much
        Injuries to Bradshaw,TE Allen and along OL
        Take them out of legitimately contending in
        2014.. My man, WR Dontae Moncrief is seeing more snaps over the aging
        Hakeem Nicks.. Keep an eye on Moncrief in 2015

  • Russel Wilson Fuckin stinks. He is an awful qb

    • No he doesn’t … RW makes that Offense click
      And win Games including the Super Bowl last Year

      • nah he is awful. that defense and lynch makes that team click. russ manages games, isnt very good in the pocket and doesnt make big plays with his arm

        • this year he is :

          19th in yards/attempt
          tied with derreck carr (dcar) for tds thrown – 15th
          6th most sacks
          30th out of 32 qbs in yards per game

          he does a good job protecting the rock


          • He’s Just a Super Bowl Winner and has led his Team to the PLayoffs in his first 2 Years of Professional Football.. Yes, I guess he Sucks..
            You guys get so stuck on Individual Stats which half the time are Garbage… Just Win Baby…

            • cmon man be real russ didnt lead that team to a superbowl that d and lynch did. be real… as that d gets worse and worse and if they cut bait with lynch he will be exposed

              • Well everyone seems to be Super Bowl or Bust around here, and he was the Starting QB for last Years Super Bowl Winner, so it is what it is…

              • Russell has done more in this offense this year than ever. However Mhenski you are right….he was a contributor last year but by no means was he the reason. His play down the stretch was subpar. That defense and the running game were the key.

                Fools on here blew off Lynch trying to give so much praise to Wilson. Lynch was a 1500yd back and absolute monster. Funny how as they have struggled on offense they have turned back to Lynch and things have gotten better.

                Wilson is a good QB but the hype was a little bit over the top on him.

  • NFC Power Rankings

    1) Packers (8-3) Most Balanced Offense & Team
    2) Cardinals (9-2) No Palmer or Fitz, I expect them to start falling

    The Remainder to be Decided after Cowboys
    Game tonight, who could grab 3rd Spot with a Win
    But Seattle, San Francisco, EAGLES, & Lions
    Are All in the Mix depending what Cowboys do.

    I actually think the Giants will Win Tonight
    In a close one…

    • Paul, you just mushed the Giants…all of my $ goes on the cowbums. Actually I can’t, I hate them to much to root for the for monetary purposes. #$^%^@ the cowboys…go Giants!

  • Paulman your gig is up you have zero cred. You used to offer insightful analysis but your hatred for the home teams, the city has far outweighed whatever insight you have offered

    The biggest joke is passing yourself as some tough guy

    You are the biggest lightweight pussy on this blog, it is not even close, Paulman skinny arms, concave chest with man boobs, you ain’t jacking shit, not even your sorry ass one inches, you are a little old man bitch.

    • Hey Jake,
      Swig down another Bottle of Boones Farms Wine will you ..
      Or maybe you prefer Wild Irish Rose or MD 20/20,
      I could give 1 Rats Ass about what you posers think of me and have said this for 3-4 Years now.. So Gobble up you Imbecile and Amateur…
      What a Fucktard you are..

      • What an imbecile you have turned out to be Paulman, as I posted you previously offered humor, insight, now you are an angry jackass. Old man Paulman.

  • I was actually feeling sorry for RGIII today as I kept watching himself peel himself over and over. He took 2 incredible shots in the 4th. First when the guy came up the gut and helmet-to-helmeted him into the ground…and then that blindside sack/fumble to end the game. Damn, he was getting annihilated.

    Did we just watch RGIIIs last game as a Redskin?

    • Vinnie, I’m with you. I legitimately felt sorry for the guy. The Eagles will face the Skins with McCoy. It will not be a gimme.

  • I can see why the Eagles coveted Odell Beckham. He is good. As nice as Jordan Matthews has been this year he just makes it in the top 5 of rookie recievers this year.

    Mike Evans
    Kelvin Benjamin
    Sammy Watkins
    Odell Beckham
    Jordan Matthews
    Jarvis Landry

    • That Beckham catch may of been the best catch I have ever seen.

    • the class is awesome.
      plus: cooks, brown, adams and robinson from Jags who led all rookies in catches before he got injured.

    • Don’t forget my man John Brown Jr of Cardinals,
      Who made a couple of great Catches Yesterday
      Himself and has made Big Plays in actually
      Winning Games this Season..,

  • WTF…OMG..ODB…that was the sickest catch I have ever seen!!!

    • they showed that pre game promo at the right time on nbc, great entertainment, wow!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Supernatural stuff right there!!!

  • Barwin might make all pro this year ( another great game )
    Maclin is playing pro bowl football.
    Jenkins might get some consideration.
    Sproles and Parkey possible as special team.

    • Maclins hopes of a probowl left as soon as Foles got hurt.

      • The emergence of Matthews has hurt Maclin chances at a Pro Bowl more than anything. He is more willing to go over the middle and make tough catches, he is bigger and stronger than Maclin. He is the only real contributor from the draft to this team!

  • New Updated NFC Power Rankings

    1) Packers – Best Offense & QB in NFC
    2) Seahawks – Playing like last Season
    3) Cardinals – The loss of QB Palmer
    Make the Cardinals Offense very average
    4) 49ers – Defense Getting better & better
    5) Cowboys – Balanced Offense
    6) Eagles – 3 Losses all in NFC

    Eagles have a Great Opportunity to move
    Up with Win over Cowboys. Also Seahawks/49ers
    And the Packers visit the Pats.. So there will
    Be a shake-up on Next Weeks Rankings..
    At this time of Season and down the Stretch,
    It’s about who’s Playing the Best Ball now and of
    Course head to head match-ups as opposed
    To a Teams overall record

  • Before anyone Cries or Bitches about my Rankings

    Eagles 8 W’s are versus Teams with a
    Combined Record of 28-58-1 !!!!

    Their 3 Losses are versus Teams with a combined
    Record of 24-9

    Until the Eagles Beat some Good Teams, they will remain
    A 2nd Tier Team in the NFC.. It’s that Simple

  • Every team is a second tier team at the end of the season except the Lombardi winner

    no player, athlete knowledgeable fan gives a damn about power rankings, it’s for the nerds like you Paulman

    • Then this makes the Eagles a 3rd Tier Team in the NFC

      • WTF has happened to you Pman? You have become the site troll…constant doom and gloom….sad really.

        • No Gloom & Doom Green Fan,
          Just telling it like it is before everyone hypes up and over-rates the Eagles like they usually do…. Someone has to keep things Real and
          In-Perspective here on this Site and this Season, it’s me…

        • greenfan..he just calls it as he sees it: Titans 23- Eagles 20. Shady is a cancer and needs to be traded. LOL.

          • and predicts a loss in a nail biter and a romp 20 minutes later… he is fraudman after all.
            the negative narrative is disguised as ‘the way i see it’ — but it really is a loser mentality because its simple to defend… only one team is successful so if you go into a conversation with the negative your chances of being right are sky high. And then if the team has success you can say “man i’m glad i was wrong’ — its an age old way for frauds to be a fan

          • LOL….sad but true EHL.

            One mans negativity is another’s “keeping it real”.

            He knows that the odds are ultimately in his favor to keep predicting loses…seeing how only one team can be the winner in the end.

            Doesn’t matter at all at the end of the day. Our team is in the thick of things and playing meaningful games in December. Only 2 seasons ago they were 4-12. Is the team perfect, no, far from it with our defensive backfield and the injuries at linebacker we definitely have our holes, but we lost our starting QB and have been able to keep winning.

            But he isn’t negative….lol….yeah.

            • Let me go out on a limb and Predict Eagles Do Not Win a Super Bowl in the Next 5 Seasons .. Does this mean that Fans today should not Follow their Favorite Team…..

  • Here we are Eagles fans….8-3 and sitting in DALLAS WEEK….the best thing is that we do not have to wait till Sunday. It sucks that the Giants choked last night, but you cannot depend on a losing team anyway. It is up to the Birds to grab the division, and it might as well be starting on Thanksgiving.

    No doubt that the Birds have some concerns, the biggest would probably be at linebacker. Watching the Giants / Cowgirls game last night it was clear that the Dallas offensive line has greatly improved from last year. As with every game, the play of both lines will greatly determine the outcome. We need to be able to get pressure on Romo to help out our coverage against Whitten and Bryant. Davis needs to do a better job with his scheme as compared to the Packers game…..I know, Captin Obvious with that one…..but with the lilelihood that Marcus Smith will be seeing significant playing time due to injuries, we need to make things up elsewhere.

    Sanchez will need to avoid the turnovers, special teams will need another big week, and the running game needs to pick up where they left off last week.

    GO BIRDS !!!!!!

  • in phillies news there has been a lot of talks about cole being traded to boston and the sox just signed hanley ramirez and panda which allows them to trade xander bogarts

    redsox also have pedroia so they could also part with mookie betts

    hopefully reuben does something

    • Forget about it Henski.. Reuben is asleep at the wheel as usual and then in
      Late January/Early Febuary will start contacting Teams about Deals after other Teams have already re-set their Roster’s and Off-Season Plans …
      Plenty of Activity going around in MLB except for the Basement Phil’s

      MLB GM’s, Front Office Personnel, Scouts all have come to the conclusion that Ruben Amaro does not know what he’s doing, has no Short-Term or Long-Term Strategy to get the Phils Franchise back to a competitive place.. Numerous Reports on how many in Baseball are surprised that Reuben Amaro even has a GM Title and Authority to begin with.. Reuben Amaro is a Sales/Marketing – Ticket Promotor and not a sound Baseball Mind to lead a Franchise… What a Joke they have become in just a short period of time under his time as Phils GM

    • last offseason the older the FA player was the more interested the Phils were.
      Raul Ibanez might become a manager, didn’t see that coming. Don’t remember him being very media savvy or a locker room leader.

  • Waking up 8-3 with the turkey bowl on Thursday…observations ….power rankings on a week to week basis means the chimp has too much time on his hands at the Boone zoo..they ,as well as the sanchize ,arguments are more shallow than a puddle of piss..which describes mark sanchez…let’s stop bs..ing on sanchez..we all (know as football fans) our qb is hurt ..for now ..there is no debate ..sanchez is starting until nick foles is healthy…simple …end of conversation..coach as much gets to make that call..so we can all sling chimp shit or emerge from under a rock ..it doesn’t mean jack…how do we beat the cowgirls…that’s all I want to discuss for a few days ..we all can see ,romo is standing behind a wall of number one offensive lineman..it’s incumbent on bill Davis to pound romo …he’s just not 100%.. Jerry jones long ass face will be my dessert of choice on thanksgiving…if he s on the sidelines ..scheme to hit him ..my hatred for this team is not even close to any other …let’s give thanks that both are 8-3 …and it makes for a great buffer from family members for a day of football ..that may go from a thanksgiving day parade to one down broad street ..happy holidays to all …health and prosperity and your loved ones nearby..peace

    • Yes!! Post of the year.

  • Pumpkin pie week –
    last year someone put a pumpkin swirl in a cheesecake –
    Put me down for a regular and a pumpkin swirl cheesecake slice with a Green Mountain Nantucket Blend coffee Thursday —

  • I see ChimpBoy aka FlipFlopman is up early posting rankings…then saying he doesnt care what people think etc etc…


    • LOL shut da fyck up Toasty azz Negro! Your the biggest joke on here! You are always flip-flopping, hedging ya bets, faking boldness and hedging ya bets on everything.

      • nah u, jonhart, & songs got the biggest joke award

      • Koolsongs u fuckin lil.shit u are fucking moron

      • Koolbreeze disappeared shortly after the Sanchez interception. However ChimpBoy Fraudman keeps slingin it…..

        I think Koolbreeze is Chimpboys black alter ego on here…..

        • I noticed that he appeared after Sanchez threw the TD, then yes, he disappeared after the interception. Fraud with no conviction.

  • Bill Davis better have gameplans that are remarkably better than they have been the last two weeks. I now see the loss of Ryans so maybe Kendricks need to make the calls.

    Twice last night Romo had 7 plus seconds to throw the ball. 4 man pass rush will get this secondary TORCHED.

    Sanchez cant have any turnovers and expect to win. 6 ints in 3 games is unnacceptable. I dont know if Foles is the franchise but Sanchez is nothing but a very good backup.

    I want to see more Josh Huff and less Riley Cooper.

  • One thing we can be sure of is that the Eagles won’t get to Romo rushing 4 so do we trust our secondary against Dez, Williams and Witten? Looks like we’ll see if Marcus Smith has a pulse this week, his agley if ability should enable him to cover TE’s. Sanchez’s mediocre ass cannot turn the ball over period!

    • Big….get the itis before this game starts so if it gets ugly you can go into a food coma.

      Sanchez has to be turnover free and the secondary has to play lights out….I think thats alot to ask on the road in 4 days.

  • any word on Eagle injuries yesterday?
    i saw Brad Smith, Cary Williams, Nate Allen and Acho leave the field.
    Tennessee really got beat up they kept stopping the game to attend to Titans yesterday.

  • The Cowboys were suckers for the screen game last night….I wonder if that was because they werent expecting it or just flat out bad.

  • Sanchez is going to get his receivers killed with his floaters over the middle

    Who Said Sanchez Has A Better arm than foles , it’s apparent kelly has abandoned the out patterns and the deep ball, which were foles’ strengths

    Sanchez can be effective by limiting his throws, and he throws effectively on the run

    But if the birds need him to win the game forget it

    • agreed jake. and to answer your question “Who Said Sanchez Has A Better arm than foles?”


  • The defense was a huge piece of shit yesterday giving up huge plays in the pass game. Delanie Walker who the fuck is that? Bradley Fletcher is on my shit list the guy is the worst corner we had in a long time. The eagles are ok against the run but, that forces teams to take advantage of their weakness which is that worthless ass secondary.

  • Mike Vick tonight — he won his last game against the Steelers (10-18) 132 yards and 2 TDs.

    • A Mike Vick dick rider lol!!!!

      • U are new mac eos is being sarcastic and delanie walker is a good te

        • Figured he was and yes i’m new.

          • Welcome aboard Mac Dolo

  • **Reports from Tim McManus about a Rift that’s growing between HC Kelly and GM Roseman that has some in the Eagles Organization becoming concerned.
    Things could get interesting this Off-Season
    Apparently the two have not seen Eye-to-Eye on Player Personnel Matters which it appears that Chip Kelly wants more authority over the Process

    • The Reports also stated that the Kelly and Player Personnel Director Tom Gamble is a strong one and on solid footing…. Could Howie be the odd-man out… does Chip Kelly want total control or feel that Roseman is not on the same page with him on what type of Players to Draft, bring in and Scout
      Will their be 10-12 Oregon Ducks on the Eagles next Season and other Pac-12 Players….

      • That “report” is a month old.

        • Thnx Vinnie, you know how News travels slow here in Boone,NC..

      • I am just glad Howie talked Chip out of drafting Taylor Hart with the 3rd round pick. Hart would have been there in the 6th.

    • Oh boy I knew that was coming since last year, anybody with common sense could see that ego growing by the day. I wonder who’s call it was to bring mediocre ass Sanchez here.

  • Theres nothing wrong with Kelly moving on from Roseman and Gamble moving into that spot. Roseman is a byproduct of a previous regime and is more Luries guy than anything.

    Also think there is a reason Tom Gamble didnt take the Bucs and Dolphins job. Gamble was in the 49ers organization before this and they have been able to scout talent big time over the last 5-7 years.

    • Gamble wanted no part with Unstable Organizations like the Dolphins and TB Bucs have been for the last 10-20 Years..
      Gamble will bide his Time and be a hot name in GM Search’s next Off-Season.. (Atlanta Falcons come to mind..)

      • Or Gamble already knew to bide his time with Kelly.

  • whose boy was Marcus Smith II,( Howie’s, Chip’s, or Gamble’s ) ? Eleven games played zero tackles.

    • Most Reports state that Smith was a Howie Roseman Pick.. but as some of us stated when the Selection was made last May, the Fact the Eagles already have C Barwin, T Cole and B Graham all Playing the same Position, that the likelihood that MSII would see the field in 2014 would be very minimal, if all 3 stayed Healthy and playing well, which has been the case for the most part
      Marcus Smith II was Drafted with the 2015 Season and beyond in mind..

      • Although Deone Buchannon, and others would have been better to have in mind for 2014…..

        Let’s hear it for Howie!!!!!!!!!!…..Dumbass…

    • I saw Chip paling around with him (MSII) during the combine. Who knows, MSII may have a breakout season next year. People were on here 4, 3,2, 1 years ago killing Brandon Graham, now people are calling him a beast. I think next year will determine whether or not MSII will be a player or not. He’s still learning the position, more mental than physical.

      • MS II needs much more upper body and arm strength to play against NFL Caliber .. I think he’ll be a Rotational Player Next Season and then step up as a Starter in 2016 once Trent Cole is Gone and who knows if Brandon Graham stays long-term and resigns with Eagles..

      • Its quite funny that many that scream MS II bust scream play Graham more hes a beast.

    • Please with that he was drafted for 2015 and beyond crap, if he can’t help special teams what does that say? They drafted him to play and rush the passer he can’t so they moved him inside and he still can’t get on the field, he’s not physical enough to be a NFL attacking LB.

  • Oh crap now Maclin is pissed at Cooper over that contract remark. Call black folks the N word cool but don’t mess with my money!!!

    • Tongue and cheek is no longer acceptable in our PC society. Damn one team mate cracks a joke and then it’s a media frenzy… I’m beginning to think marshawn lynches approach is the right way… We robots, we want coaches speak then when we get it we say they are arrogant…”gotta do a better job putting my guys in a position to make plays”… Translation, ” I am not saying shit about this player or that player because you creeps will blow it out of proportion”

      • Oops I just saw the whole quote… Cooper is stupid. Don’t talk about another mans money… I think cooper ends up being a foot note…cut his ass

      • I do agree with what you said about Lynch why say anything when everything you say will be complained about and over analyzed.

        • And yes Izell that is in direct contrast of me being pissed at Kelly and guys like Reid for not answering truthfully. But damn I got to find something to bitch about with Kelly. LOL

  • Riley Cooper is the one dude who should stay away from all electronic media devices….IDIOT.

    • Cooper wasn’t speaking tounge and cheek either. They ran what he said about Maclin all over the news networks here yesterday and from Barrett Brooks, Quintin Mikell, Barkan, Derrick Gunn everybody they couldn’t believe he had the audacity to call Maclin out like that. “he doesn’t have to come out because he is playing for a contract”, ” Hes a better player than me so he must not have to come out every 4 plays”.. I can imagine if certain other players would of said some shit like that there would be 1000 posts hammering them. “He is a cancer, he isn’t a team player, etc etc etc. But not much talk on here about what Cooper said. It seem like something happened with them two behind the scenes. IMO.

      • This guy is just not intelligent, and for the lack of production he has given this team, he would be better to never open his mouth and thank God that he even has a job. To bring up the contract is stupid on so many levels, beyond being a slap at a teammate, it also reminds everyone that he was looking for a contract last year and that was the ONLY time he ever really did ANYTHING for the birds in his entire career. I do not like the whole “cancer” talk regardless of the player, but you are right dag that he should be labeled trouble for the team. Signing him to that contract is one of the worst moves that Roseman has made, and frankly even if they have to take a pretty big cap hit I do not want this waste on the team next year. Cooper needs to be gone from this team IMO.

        • He’ll be gone Greenfan and if Huff doesn’t emerge, we’ll be taking another wideout early in the draft instead of addressing defensive needs. Just an overall fail.

          • I was screaming for Martavious Bryant in the 3rd. He would have already replaced Coop as the # 2 and Coop would be a non-factor, literally and figuratively. If Howie does not start listening to the fans, he will be sitting with us! LOL.

            • there is a lack of strength issue with Martavious. I’m not sure he would beat out Cooper. Mayock says Pittsburgh hides Bryant in staked formations because he can’t beat press coverage. Roethlisber is a unique NFL QB who doesn’t mind taking vicious hits waiting for WR’s to get open on double moves or play ground helter skelter football.

              • He would beat Cooper out, the talent level is night and day, the production is night and day. I know blocking is important, however, when it’s time to produce yards and score, Cooper is an overpriced, bad character unproductive blocker who is a cancer on this team!

          • Riley Cooper is the starting wide receiver again next year. He was guaranteed 2 years at 5 million a piece and no NFL team will take Riley Cooper at 5 million during the off season and no one else on the roster has proven to be better ( Huff, Smith Maehl) .
            Maclin’s future here is the question. Jeremy has already turned multiple offers from the Eagles. He looks like he is going to the highest bidder, where guarantee money upfront will be a major factor/ or franchise tagged.

            • If that is the case then the Eagles will be drafting a WR high in the draft as Cooper has shown he is not a #2 receiver. He has no business starting. His lack of production this season is astonishing. Either he is not busting it on his routes (being lazy) like he was on that Sanchez interception against the Titans, or he is not that good. We saw his production last year, was he motivated by money in his contract year, or was he just a byproduct of DeSean Jackson. I know what Kelly said, I am not buying it though. Kelly would say that to cover up for a mistake, as re-signing Cooper for that money clearly was. We all can clearly see he has no place being in the starting lineup. The Eagles can not go into go into next year with Cooper as the #2, that would be pure negligence as far as not upgrading the position. If Kelly is true to his word and the best player plays, with the way Cooper is playing, and shooting his mouth off, nothing is guaranteed for him.

              • I don’t see how the Eagles can afford not to franchise tag Maclin.

              • EOSB – Do You mean how the Eagles ‘cannot’ afford not to Place a Franchise Tag on Maclin.. They are $30 Million under the Cap with some High Priced Players about to come off the Payroll by getting released or Contracts re-worked (Herremans,Casey, T Cole, D Ryans all come to mind)

                Eagles still have Foles for 1 More Year under his Rookie Deal and with his Injury and missing games again this Year, his Leverage to demand a new Deal is not very Strong

              • PMan – the birds cannot afford to lose Maclin’s talent, which is why I think worst case scenario is they franchise tag him.

              • The Eagles typically do not employ the Franchise Tag for any player. They have always felt that if they can’t work out a long-term agreement with the Player beforehand, then whats going to change by locking that player in for 1 more Year.. It’s usually causes more problems than it’s worth
                They have plenty of $$$ under the Cap to get a Deal Done with with Maclin so $$ is not the Problem, but Maclin may simply want more than the Eagles are willing to Pay and if that’s the Case, then you let Maclin move on and acquire new WR’s (which there are a ton of them this year in Free-Agency plus some Veterans that likely will get released due to large Contracts..
                We could very well see WR’s like Mike Wallace of Dolphins, Bowe of Kansas City, Roddy White of the Falcons, G Jennings of the Vikings, A Johnson of Texans, L Fitz of Cardinals all cut for Salary Cap Relief in addition to a strong Free-Agency Class as well as a Deep WR Draft Class again
                Eagles have a fair number in mind I am sure for Maclin, but they are not going to over-spend for a WR again

  • Maclin is going NOWHERE….stop the doom and gloom. Foles not getting an early contract virtually guarantees him being here. That excess money the Birds had was to lock up Foles early if he got off to another good start. They will go into next year with him on his rookie contract now.

    Cooper is not guaranteed a starting spot next year either. Stop the doom and gloom on that as well. He will basically become James Casey. A guy a bit overpaid that they can carry on the books.

  • Maclin, Allen, Thornton, Fletcher are FA starters.
    Casey Matthews & Sanchez are current starters that are FA.( I bring them both back)

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