• May 27, 2022

Kyle Kendrick Signs 1-Year Deal With Colorado

kkbravesKyle Kendrick is now a former Phillie, agreeing to a one-year deal with the Colorado Rockies on Tuesday.

Kendrick pitched for the Phillies for eight seasons, beginning his major league career in 2007 with a 10-4 record and a 3.87 ERA to help the Phils capture their first division title and begin their dominant run.

Kendrick was a guy who wasn’t exactly a popular figure in town, but I believe he was actually pretty underrated. People forget that this was a guy who was never supposed to be anything more than a fourth or fifth starter, and the Phils could have done much worse than Kendrick to fill that role. Anyone remember the days of Adam Eaton?

Kendrick typically finished with an ERA between 4.50 and 4.75, and only had one year with an ERA in the 5.00’s (2008). He was also capable of pitching in bullpen, and between 2010 and 2012 he was frequently jerked around from the bullpen to the rotation, wherever the team needed him to be.

The thing with Kendrick was that he just stuck around too long. Although he was fine for what his role was supposed to be, typically a guy like him doesn’t stick with any franchise for more than a year or two at a time. Pitchers at the back end of the rotation are interchangeable and teams are just constantly changing their back end guys up every other year. And Kendrick stayed in Philadelphia for eight years.

With the Phillies adding Aaron Harang and Chad Billingsley to a rotation that already featured Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee at the top with Jerome Williams, David Buchanan, and (to a lesser extent) Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez competing for the final two spots in the rotation, the Phils just didn’t have a need for Kendrick anymore.

Denny Basens

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  • Dude seriously…who cares???

    • LOL

    • Hahahaha.

  • KK gonna get smashed at Coors field. He must not have had any other offers.

  • Doesn’t it seem like most of these Phillies have stuck around too long..
    This is what happens when Front Office Personnel get too emotionally attached to Players which is a bad had of all Philly Franchises, who simply have a difficult time cutting the chord with Players and especially popular players..It’s one Reason the Philly Teams have trouble sustaining success at he highest level for they hang onto their favorites for too long…

    • well the premise in the article is all wrong– “number 4-5 starters usually only last one year with a team”– he was a serviceable pitcher that was relatively cheap–
      I compared his stats to a pitcher that signed a $100 6 year deal and he wasn’t a whole lot worse– i don’t get some of the contracts out there.

      • I though KK served his Role pretty well as a 4th/5th Starter
        He was Healthy over the Years and took the Ball every 5th Day and would give you 5 maybe 6 Innings on a good Start… He always would have that 1 Bad Inning, but that’s why he was a 4th/5th Starter
        This Adam Harrange will fill this Role perfectly for the Phils in 2015

  • Why are Philly Fans and Local Media (Eagles,Phils,Flyers & 76ers)
    more sentimental about their PLayers than other CIties…
    What is it about Philadelphia Fans that make then ‘cling and cower” to their favorite or popular players more so than other Teams around the Country

    • are you saying fans, media clung to KK?
      I think with other players that maybe people have ‘clung’ to its because there wasn’t a better alternative…. how many times have you heard ‘we still haven’t replaced dawk”? —

      • No not KK… hes want not Popular or even well kown enough to have a following…. but Denny’s Article just got me thinking about how the Philly Teams seems to keep their “Players” longer than most other Teams do..
        and When a Player is Moved, how Fans act like its the Death of a Family Member and have to go through a “mourning” of Sorts…
        Why do Philly Fans care so much about their Ballplayers is what I guess I am asking.. Other Cities with great Sports Fans don’t seem to get as attached and understand the “Business of Sports” where Philly Fans seem to take it more Personal….

        • not following any other team particularly close i can’t assume thats true- the biggest exception would be the st. louis cards… they let puljos walk (but haven’t won the WS since) and it turned out to be a great move.
          one thing i think that you may miss in your point/argument is that players add so much value tto the ‘brand’ that it really becomes a wash as far as money goes– for example- ryan howard who WE all think his measly $125 is a horrible contract– and on paper it is- but if you remember a few years back when he was the top run producer in the game and on subway commercials, on Entourage etc– he more than paid for it in his help in adding to the brand– thats just simple accounting
          but from the fans point as you say– I think a lot could be sentimental, remember the world came to an end when dawk, trot, bmitch etc were let walk– all kinds of venom poured out to reid and banner and being cheap… but i think in some cases its simply– who can we get thats better?

        • Not true Paul, many sports towns will have similar reactions when fan favorites are dealt….Red Sox and Yankee fans will react similarly. Baltimore acted this way when Eddie Murray left, plenty of examples. Philly fans are loyal and …..wait for the cliche…passionate, but they are not very much different than most of the major markets when it comes to this. I disagree Paul.

          • I don’t know about that

            Lived in Indianapolis for 8 Years and Visited Chicago, Cincinnati and St Louis quite a bit for 8 Years… Lived in Charlotte for 6 Years and Visited Atlanta,DC, and then lived in Altoona,Pa for 5 Years and Visited Buffalo,Cleveland and Pittsburgh and never saw the “Collective Emotion” about it’s Players as I see in Philly..

            Pittsburgh Fans/Media are passionate about their Steelers but even they are realisitc enough to know that Star Players Age or Cost too much and move one..

    • What empirical evidence /data do you have to support your notion?

      • fraudman doesn’t need evidence to make outlandish statements!

        • Hmm, it would be a good case study to read!

      • He asked the librarian at the Boone Public Libary to find him a book on Philadelphia and she gave him one written by Ben Franklin. He has no idea what fans in this area care about…. just makin shit up as usual.

        • lol….Ben Franklin.

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