• December 4, 2021

Chip Kelly: Didn’t want to lose McCoy, Foles or Maclin

ChipKelly11Eagles head coach Chip Kelly doesn’t talk to the media all the time but when he does he has a lot to say.  One of the big things Kelly let us know is why he traded for Sam Bradford.  Kelly said he didn’t want to trade Nick Foles, but the Rams brought his name up and wanted him as part of the deal.

He says he didn’t want to trade LeSean McCoy but he couldn’t see them agreeing to a running back being a $11 million dollar cap hit.  Kelly said if you have physical runners like DeMarco Murray and Ryan Matthews, you need two of them because they could get hurt.  Kelly raved about Matthews speed.  He was clocked at 4.3 in the 40 when he was drafted.

Kelly plans on having the two backs share the carries.  Kelly says he would have done it last year, if they had had another running back on the same level as McCoy.

Losing Jeremy Maclin was something Chip says he didn’t want to see that happen but the Kansas City Chiefs went higher than the Birds were willing to go.  Kelly rates this draft as a very good one for wide receivers.  I can attest to that.  I was in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine and all I saw were big, fast and talented wide receivers.

When asked what stood out about Bradford, Kelly talked about his ability to throw the football accurately.

Obviously, Kelly believes the 2014 Nick Foles is the real Nick Foles.  The guy who threw 28 touchdowns passes in 2013 and only 2 interceptions doesn’t really exist.  That was a mirage.

Kelly says Bradford is working with the Eagles trainers and doctors, as he strives to get back on the field.  The Birds head coach believes it’s easier for quarterback to come back from an ACL tear than a wide receiver.

“I would say that it’s probably easier for a quarterback with a knee injury than it is with a shoulder injury, as we went through the history of it,” Kelly said. “We didn’t bring Sam [Bradford] to run the ball 75 times a game. So, I think it’s a lot easier for a quarterback with an ACL, than a receiver with an ACL. You look at, I think, the history right now in terms of sports science and what doctors are doing now is move forward it’s unbelievable.

“Look at the year Jeremy Maclin had coming off of two ACL’s. Look at our center, Jason Kelce came off an ACL when I first got there, was just coming off an ACL and had a sports hernia in the middle of the season and still made the Pro Bowl. Our left-tackle [Jason Peters] w ho is arguably a Hall Of Famer is coming off of two Achilles [injuries] and has played at an outstanding level.”

Chip said time and time again, that he doesn’t believe in selling the farm for one player.   He talked down the prospects of getting Marcus Mariota and went back and forth with reporters to argue that it doesn’t make sense to try and go up.

Kelly expects big things out of 3rd year tight end Zach Ertz.  He said he wouldn’t be surprised if he has a break out season.


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  • The 2015 Season will hinge on whether Sam Bradford can stay healthy and play as well and consistent as Chip Kelly thinks he can..
    If Bradford Plays Well – Kelly looks like a Genius..
    If Bradford is a Bust or gets injured then Kelly looks like a Fool and his NFL Career will be on the down turn…

    • 2015 only???…Success or failure over the next 5 years are going to hinge on whether Bradford can spend more time on the field then with a rehab therapist, which he hasn’t been able to do in I think it’s 5 years now.

      • If Bradford gets injured 1 more time, his Career is over with Butch..

        Missing 3 of the last 5 Years doesn’t bode well for the Future..
        This is a one hit or miss Season with Bradford at the Helm..
        If he bounces back, plays well and leads the Team to Playoffs, then he is probably the QB of the foreseeable future.. but an average Season only or more injuries to Bradford means the Eagles will have to address the QB of the Future again next Off-Season..

  • Chip Kelly better nail this Draft is all I can say…
    I don’t really care where he Draft’s Players as long as he get’s 4-5 Good Players
    that can contribute in 2015 (WR & OL) and be ready to take over as as Starters by 2016 at WR, OL, LB & DB’s….

    • Paulman I think he can with Sanchez the same way he’s gonna win with Bradford he’s gonna hide them both with the run game and short passes this offense this yr will look like a,mixture of the saints and chargers nothing really deep short passes to ertz and sproles and they will use Matthews like Colston.

      • and with Sanchez the Eagles were a .500 Team and not good enough
        to make the Playoffs– You have to make some Plays down the Field and Defense’s are going to crowd the Line of Scrimmage since the Eagles currently have no outside threat… Who has to double Matthews, Cooper or Huff ?? The only real mismatch Receiver the Eagles have now in their favor is Zac Ertz .. Cover him with Safety Up High and who on the Eagles is going to burn a Secondary Deep??

        • fraudman remind me again which NE or Seattle receiver demanded double coverage?
          after the last week and getting bradford …. i don’t think kelly cares about that one bit… i just don’t…

          • Gronkowski gets Double Teamed at the TE Position and when Teams play Seattle most Defenses keep an LB or Safety in the Box to Spy on QB Russell Wilson
            which takes a Defender out of Coverage ..
            What Eagles Opponent Defense are going to keep a Spy on Sam Bradford

            • Actually the Seahawks didnt double cover Gronkowski all that much and he burned them…

              • i just went back to look– most teams don’t double him per se–they may play a LB short, handing off to a safety on the seam route but gronk doesn’t get a lot doubles– doubles are tough to do on the shorter routes especially-
                again chip is going to that more horizontal attack i believe–

              • and how about the other 17 Teams that Played the Patriots that don’t have an All-Pro Secondary…

              • most teams DONT DT him– again double teaming a tight end is very difficult– they tend to drop backers into a zone on him… maybe a lineman drops back handing him over to a LB– thats what they do to him– it is why is such a problem paul– as a TE with those skills he is tough to double- check your facts bro

              • paul and maybe this is the point– even when teams do double gronk– i’m not saying it doesn’t happen but not as often as you think- they pats burn them in another area– how if you bring a double down in the box to double him from the LOS the pats just adjust and gash the defense opposite the DT– a DT down field essentially amounts to a LB , back turned chasing him down the field because of gronks speed– he is a beast! a freaking nightmare — especially with Bradford, oops i mean Brady at QB

  • G, I don’t believe he didn’t want to lose Shady for the simple FACT that according to Rex it was the Eagles who called the Bills about getting rid of him, Maclin i believe they wanted but we’re out bidded, we all know Foles wasn’t his guy, I’m ok with everything that is going on.

  • Its all coachspeak, doubletalk….read between the lines…he wanted Maclin but not at that money…he wanted Foles but not as a franchise QB…he wanted Shady but not at that money.
    The moves are daring, risky…but well calculated and reasonable…you have to take a chance to get better…bottom line!

    • Yes KB, I believe that you are correct with your statement.

      It does not make sense and there is certainly no advantage to being “too honest” prior to the draft or FA. Kelly has always gone out of his way to praise players, never making a negative comment even when it may appear obvious that a player fell out of favor or did not fit his system, Kelly will never say anything negative. He is not built that way, everything stays within the building…..conversely I would believe that any players who leak information or try and send messages through the media are quickly moved to the “naughty list”. Kelly isn’t a whole lot different than most other coaches in the NFL, he just has a media and fan base that analyze ever word or silence that comes out of his mouth.
      There is no doubt that Kelly’s job depends on how he builds this team going forward. It is on all Chip, let’s hope that he gets it right.

      GO BIRDS!!!!

  • Keely’s Comment about having another strong RB to go along with McCoy
    is a real diss to Darren Sproles… Why would he say this …
    I believe Darren Sproles will get Traded Draft Weekend…
    I could see the Patriots coughing up a 4th Rounder for him

    • Correction
      Kelly’s Comments about not having another strong RB last year to go along with McCoy is a slap in the face of Darren Sproles …
      Sproles could be the odd-man out… Teams like the Patriots, Colts, Saints,Panthers,Cowboys would all love to have him on their Teams..

      • don’t read too much into that with sproles– sproles is not a primary or even secondary ball carrier and i’m pretty sure that sproles knows that about himself….sproles is a 2-3 carry, 3-5 catch guy. it was a real diss to polk for sure!

        • Then Why Pay $3.5 Million for Sproles, to Return Punts ???
          Josh Huff can do that on his Rookie Wage?
          No real diss to Polk who missed all Summer and wasn’t even fit to play until mid-October.. Do you recall me stating numerous times that Polk should have been Short-Termed IR to start last Season and Tucker should have been the #3 RB

          • yes– then it says a whole lot about tucker!
            sproles will get 10 touches a game which is 10 opportunities of explosive plays

      • LMAO Paulman…..you have to be a complete moron to think Sproles got dissed with that statement. You dont run Sproles into the line 10 or so times a game and that statement was more to short yardage etc. That has more to do with Polk than it did anyone else.

        Stop your nonsense.

        • fraudman didn’t take his afternoon meds yet!

          • Polk wasn’t even available the first 1/3rd of the Season, as I said he wouldn’t after missing 90% of Summer Camp . Don’t you guys think that Sproles could and should have been utilized more in the Passing Game coming out of the Backfield on Split out wide and actually run more than a swing route…. Kelly , some Genius he is…

            • Now that we have WIFI at QB making quick decisions and accurate throws sproles will catch 80 passes with WR/left tackle cooper leading the way

              • A High Football IQ QB who can’t move or gets hurt when contact is made…A Lot of Good that will do… Mark Sanchez will likely be finishing up the Season .. Good Grief…..
                $60 Million Dollar Off-Season Plan and the Franchise is in Mark Sanchez hands… No thanks …

  • Paulman I said the same thing til I seen how much they would save on the Cap which is nothing….. I has him as the odd man out when thru signed both backs due to his salary but once I seen they would only save half if they traded him it makes no sense to get rid of him.

  • All I can say is, Thank you Bills! You gave us a HOFer in Peters, a 4th rounder for Bryce Brown n a perennial all pro in Alonso, when everyone sees this kid play and our runmimg game not skipping a beat your all gonna be saying, Shady who?

    • How can a 1 Year Player (Alonso) be a Perennial All-Pro ?
      I like Alonso, I liked him alot out of College but 2 Torn ACL Surgeries plus a Hip Surgery all since 2010, has me more than concerned that he can be a long-term Player in the NFL and all these injuries and he’s only 24…
      He plays with reckless abandon and like he’s hair is on fire, but unfortunately, there is a physical toll to playing like this..

      • He can be a perennial all pro the same way they predicted kueckly would be, injury or not the potential is there n if you don’t see that then you don’t have a clue, he’s coming back 100% with this medical staff n sports science the same way Maclin n Kelce did.

        • Again, I like Alonso, but the fact remains that Eagles should have also gotten a Draft Pick in Return for McCoy… Chip and the Eagles got robbed by his eagerness to move McCoy’s Contract..

          • Robbed? Stop Paulman! For Shadys money we got Murrary, Matthews n Alonso, it’s not even close, theirs no other way to look at it.

          • Don’t worry Andrew no trade in philly is as good as the trades Fraudman dreams up in his head..if he were gm he could have gotten a number two as well…he. Old trade celek for a 2nd and a 4th…he doesn’t understand market when it comes to trades or salary…

  • Don’t forget Byron..gonna be the best defense Philly has seen in a while this year. Brandon g is gonna get his chance along with a vinny curry who is the gem on this team an I pray we don’t trade. Cendric cox and Logan all in year 3 along with a mychael Connor kiko and demeco sounds crazy with an upgraded secondary. I hope we go db in frst round. And as long as chips our coach I think our special teams will be dominate. Donnie and Parkey are probowl caliber ayers. Our biggest question mark by far is offense and we arguably got better and deeper at every position except wr. But who knows who well draft this year? I think we’ll be damn good with our rbs te and huff Matthews and cooper etc. mark my words I think huff (who was a rookie last year and missed slot of games and offseason) will be a star. Dude showed major signs of being good. His skill set is special. U have to cut him some slack for the boneheaded moves. Not everyone can be a Odell Beckham

  • Stepping back and looking at I don’t see where marcus smith would’ve played no matter what
    1. Training camp he was learning behind barwin which was probably the eagles best defensive player on the team I’m not taking him off the field for a rookie.

    2. He wasn’t gonna play on the other side due,to Cole and graham not being hurt .

    3. Once they moved him to middle he was learning on the fly so that was never gonna work…. so where was g9nna play and be effective they drafted him with 2015 in mind… he was never gonna play last yr all media hype

    • Gloomy, if he was able to ball a little he would have been on the field to spell some guys for a play or two, or at least play some special teams. I hope Smith can show something this year, but stop with the excuses and justifications.

  • It’s not an excuse Eagles. It’s the reality. A rookie who wasn’t playing his position long in college and has raw talent wasn’t going to player over long time eagle cole and vets barwin and graham. He’s a rookie who’s a project who are head coach prob didn’t want anyway. Chip will put him in if he can ball now that Trent is gone. Bet he plays more this year with a season of learning under his belt

    • CT nonsense, Chip Kelly wanted Smith, he had to ok it..do you seriously think he said he did not want Smith, but Howie picked him over Chip’s objections anyway. Chip stated he personally talked to Chuck Strong, who personally told Chip Marcus would be able to make the transition with ease. Google that. Once again, even if he could not spell guys at the LB position, he should have been able to run down on special teams and make a tackle.

    • Oh, and stop with the excuses.

      • CT…sorry you have to be a bit worried that a reserve LB didn’t play special teams…I want to give the benefit of doubt but how can an nfl team shooting for the playoffs not get an athletic, fast, young LB on ST? You have to ask that question.
        You do realize that in the nfl very,very few players don’t get time in the game….warning signs bro

        • Especially when drafted as a 1st round pick, you have to be able to make a contribution on special teams at least!

          • Smith was projected as a third round talent by most covering the draft at the time, only the Eagles saw him as a first round talent. Chip claimed last year that he had a say in the picks, now this year they say he didn’t. I certainly have no faith that he can judge talent.

            • Chip has made it clear…Howie ran the draft last year…did he have imput and influence…of course but Smith was Howie’s call and if Smith couldn’t even get on the field for special teams…if what they say about him being afraid of contact is true…he’s a bust..plain and simple..

              • Chip had say in the SMII pick….I guess Howie chose Taylor Hart and huff on his own even though Howie likes to draft from the SEC. Come on Kool, ever since Chip has gotten rid of Foles you have been drunk with Chip love. Chip had plenty to do with that selection, Howard Eskin confirmed this yesterday through a personnel guy..could it have been Gamble?

    • I’ve said 100 times that MSII was drafted with 2015 & beyond in mind..
      Going into last Season the Eagles were not sure about T Cole and B Graham future Status with the Team as Cole had big $$$$ coming due and B Graham was hitting Free-Agency so Eagles took their Highest Rated OLB at #26
      With the plan of grooming for this 2015..
      Now he has to put up and play and perform as if he belongs in the NFL
      If he doesn’t than he will be a goner next off-season

      • And if you said or thought that you should stop posting about sports. You 24hr sports bloggers can spin that pick anyway you want, but very good to great defenses (especially with that need) don’t draft players in the first just to marinade. I’ll call bs on that all day. Even if said pick can’t crack the starting line-up, he’s expecting to spell starters or at least play special teams. This kid couldn’t even dress for special teams!! The eagles weren’t good enough on defense to look that far ahead. That was more front office bs to explain the reach he was.

  • We had the best special teams in the league. We didn’t bring him in there to do that. He’s a pass rusher. And a rookie behind veterans who are light years ahead of him. People hav such high expectations for roomies nowadays. We all knew when we drafted him he was gonna be a project. We can’t judge the pick just yet. If he soesn show Atleast some signs this year then we can start to think a little. But we need to give the young lod 2-3 years to develope and learn. I agree with u tho. He shoulda had more opportunities considering he was our first pick. But they kno something we dont

    • I’m not judging him a bust …yet. But dude you do understand that we lost a couple of ST linebackers (acho and someone else )…… Athletic gems play ST…don’t give me ‘we didn’t bring him in for that)

      • Look hopefully something clicks and Smith starts to show he belongs this year. But anything else until then is excuses. He was a 1st rounder in street clothes most of the year not because he was injured, but because HE COULDN’T PLAY. I agree with you 100% hac.

  • We need to go o-line first round that’s the biggest need at this time

  • And didn’t chip want Matthews In the first last year?

    • Yes, who was clearly a second round pick, that does not help your argument. I like Mathews, but ODB and Watkins are legit 1st round WR’s. …Mathews was projected to go in the second where he was at when picked. Chip also wanted hart in the third, Hart has 6th round talent but the Eagles took him in the 5th and Chip wanted him in the 3rd, another reason why I believe he was at least on board with MSII. Just because Chip said he did or did not does not mean he is telling the truth. He also said Jeff Lurie was solely responsible for initiating getting rid of Roseman from the GM position, everyone knows that is bullshit. Some of you guys are baby Dave Spodaro’s , just believe anything Chip says..lol. Carry on Having fun getting hornswaggled!

      • I saw more than one mock draft that had Matthews in the first round and to the Eagles etc… And there were plenty of dudes on here before the draft who would’ve been happy with Matthews at 22….

        That’s a bit revisionist history EHL.

        As for MSII he may be a bust and that this point now that Chip has total control who cares who picked him….

        However 3rd round grade or not….I know for a fact he was a target here in Redskin country and they were reports Cowboys and I believe another team as well had him slotted by the 2nd round. If you remember after he went the rush was on for his position.

        Grades make everyone look dumb fans GMs etc….Deone Buchanon was not rated first round…. Then a safety run happened boom.

        We judge as a fan base on Chip from this point on… I like the little motherfucker but this shit is definitely on him now…. And I like that no excuse can be made for the rest of his tenure.

        Like Tuna said…. If I’m making dinner let me pick the groceries.

        • IJ, LOL, how can it be revisionist history when I saw mock drafts for him to go in the second, and he was projected to go in the second. Just because you saw mock drafts with him in the first does not mean that they were concensus. And obviously those mocks were wrong..right? Has nothing to do with revisionist history if he was projected in mock drafts as a second. Perhaps the mock drafts I followed were a tad bit more on point eh?

          • Wait I have no dog in this fight but one guy saw a dude ‘mocked’ round one and one guy had him ‘mocked’ in two …understand mockers are just dudes.
            Question if Brady was mocked round 6 and somebody took him round one it’s a problem?

            • I agree with you HAC, I am not making absolute statements, all I am saying is that the mocks I saw Mathews in as the draft got closer was in the second round, I do recall seeing a mock having Mathews projected to the Eagles in the 1st, but they did not take him at 22, nor did they feel they needed to take him at 26…they clearly thought he was a second round talent, as did the majority of the mocks I saw. But you are right, Mel Kiper has only hit on about 5 correct picks in about 10 years..it’s true..lol.

              • Again… As chip stated should beckham have been the first pick last year.. I say fuck yeah…should Brady have been first pick his year, again fuck yeah, how many teams wish they made shady or desean a first round pick? Nick files would go in the first round today..,it’s all bullshit…100% bullshit

              • Its all on Chip now…he has to win. But Chip absolutely did the right thing in making the move for more power. When Howie fired his man…Tom Gamble…Chip had no choice or else he would have been stuck under the non-Football experience guy in Howie and taking the blame if the the team didnt win.
                If you are going to lose then lose with your own choices…lose going for the big one…
                There are moves that Chip has made that I didn’t like…I still dont like the DJax move…however…you have to respect Chip Kelly and his willingness to make move to win. We haven’t won yet anyway…with all of the Chip Kelly moves…what the hell do we have to lose-another year of 10-6 or worst …no playoffs or bounced out of the first round?
                Chip is going for it…and I respect that!

          • No not really because you’re mock have had others players in wrong spots…the point is draft grades for the most point are fucking meaningless. Holla at me in 3 years and ill shake your hand and but you a Guinness but cock fighting over what 17 spots is pointless to me. Outside of the top 15 impact chances on players get slimmer…it really is a crap shoot.

            I didn’t like the MSII pick but I understood it. Now he looks like a power struggle pick…And that fucking sucks.

            Again if what came out of last year’s draft was one direction by football people only now I can really see what the fuck is going on.

            I loved Shady he repped our Eagles…but no one can tell me from a pure football caveman perspective you didn’t want to through the remote through the screen when he didn’t get you 3-4 tough yards…

            Anyways….we don’t know what we have until game 1….

            This slick ass pimp may end up with Marriotta for a box beans Bradford and we still keep the 20th…who knows.

            • How can you possibly state that when you are not aware of the mocks I was looking at a year ago. You’re being a little omniscient …no?

              I still believe if Mariota gets in range…yes…pimp Kelly will get him with that pimp talk…LMAO!

              • EHL…because all these mock drafts are just that…mocks…

                For the most part me and you can find mocks to support all of our arguments…but honestly let’s keep it real they are basically just blind dart throws after the first 10 picks.

              • I can’t disagree with you there…that is correct. My issue with you was you stating what I said about Mathews was revisionist history. Can’t be when I have mocks of him going in second round. Some are still on walterfootball.

              • Point taken….I just wanted to point out a lot of mocks also had him first and a lot of people on here before the draft would’ve been happy with him first….

              • Most Mocks that I recall and have notes on from 2014 Draft Had Jordan Matthews as a 2nd Round Prospect… None that I see had him as a 1st Round Pick.. HE was bascially anywhere from #40 to #55

                1st Round WR’s Prospects in 2014
                Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, O’Dell Beckham, Brandin Cooks,
                Kelvin Benjamin were all Prjected as 1st Rounders

                Players like Marquise Lee was on the Bubble as a 1st or 2nd Rounder and then WR’s like Jordan Matthews, Davante Adams,
                Allen Robinson, were seen as 2nd Round Prospects per my Notes
                Players like Jarvis Landry, Paul Richardson Cody Latimer were mostly seen as 3rd Round Prospects but went in the 2nd Round
                as well…
                It was a very Good Draft for WR in 2014

  • Holy shit ..pinnochipios tell all ..”.I didn’t want to trade Nick foles ,but the Rams brought his name up”.. Good to know that’s all it takes to pry a guy away from chip..this guy ever utters a truism ,it will be a first ..I’m fine with everything ,he’s done ,I still would like a bit more of a poker face ,and try to get as much out of each deal as possible..so far it seems like he’s agressive ,but not yet seasoned in how to extract value ..he is after all,learning on the fly..I want to believe he has a plan A and plan B ,but his meandering ways always seem to fit th estoryline ,only after the fact.I don’t think we have a good memory ,Pman ..chip lauded Sproles and gushed over him last year ..I just don’t think he categorizes him as a “true back” his assets are his versatility..let’s not be delusional,there are a ton of “if healthy” before the names of roster spots all over this squad,Id rather someone asks chip how he sees the integration of all these new spots into a working unit..that to me will be his greatest challenge ..if he hits it big in this draft ,proving beyond a shadow of doubt ,he’s got this agressive train on the track ..the end game should be a great season ..

  • How about Chip Kelly Trading Down to #6 with the Jets to get WR Kevin White,
    I can see this happening…

    • Man I would fu#$@%N love Kevin White. I was ranting about him in September and October. But, that would still cost a lot so it’s not happening.

  • The Sixers Noel continues his climb. 14 points, 15 rebounds and 4 blocks vs Denver as Noel continues to get better and better. Cant wait to see Embid on the floor next year. Exciting times for the 76ers are coming. Oh by the way Jordan McRae dropped 39 for the 87ers on Sunday. With a top 5 pick this year this team is on the rise. .

    • dagg have u noticed we have been in every game since the all star gameno more blowouts that is a sign that those losses in close games this year makes next year wins and in the mix forba playoff spot definely exciting times for thevsixers

    • Nerlens is playing extremely well. His offensive game is progressing very nice. His defense is already 1st team difference maker. Everyone is fall all over themselves for Okafor (I think Towns has better upside), but unlike the rest of the teams picking in the lottery, the sixers are not big man needy. a healthy Embiid waiting and itching to play in the wings and IT’S ON. I’m not convinced that Hinke won’t listen to offers if we land that 1st pick.

  • ***NFL Draft News****

    DE/OLB Randy Gregory Failed a Drug Test for Marijuana at the Indy Combine which has created his Drop in Draft Board from a sure Top #5 Pick to outside the Top #10 and possible lower… Coming in at 238lbs to help with his Speed did not also help as no NFL OLB/DE can play at that light of a weight…
    Gregory has taken responsibility and owned up to his poor decision when going to the Indy Combine where he gets to Interview for his Profession and make a strong initial impression on Teams who are about to invest Millions of $$$ for a Top 5 Draft Pick…
    Gregory has had other Issues on failed Tests with Marijuana since his High School and Junior College Days and may be one of those guys who just likes to get High once in a while and has been no real secret among Scout’s
    It will be interesting to see where Gregory goes..
    Vikings at #11 or 49ers at #15 or possibly the Eagles at #20

  • Paulman no way the eagles take him.

  • Allen Barbre will be the Eagles starting right guard this season.
    The Eagles dumped veteran mainstay Todd Herremans in part because they are very high on Barbre, who was given a contract extension a year ago. So he joins an offensive line that was dominant in 2013 but regressed under the weight of injuries and poor play in 2014. Barbre is not a downgrade from Herremans.
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News
    Mar 26 – 9:09 AM

    • Barber Starts at RG and 1st Round Pick Jake Fisher Starts at LG to replace the Traded Evan Mathis to Dolphins for OLB Dion Jordan..
      Then Fisher slides out to LT to replace Jason Peters in 2 Years Time ..
      So Let it be Written, So Let it be Done….

  • Eagles ILB Kiko Alonso (ACL) is on track to participate in OTAs.
    Alonso blew out his knee while working out on his own last offseason. The Eagles seem confident in his health, as they pinpointed him as a target in the LeSean McCoy trade. If Alonso and Mychal Kendricks are both right, they’ll form a speedy and exciting inside linebacking duo for Chip Kelly. DeMeco Ryans (Achilles’ tendon tear) is also in the mix.
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News
    Mar 26 – 9:24 AM

    • Kiko Alonso will be moved all over the Formation and play some OLB in Blitz Packages and most importantly, Alonso will line-up versus the Athletic TE’s that most Teams have in the NFL and which the Eagles have struggled to cover for the last 10 Years
      I believe the Signing of ILB Mike Jones is the Depth/Insurance in case
      Demeco Ryans fails his Physical and is unable to return 100% back
      If Ryans does recover 100% and is good to go, then Kendricks could be the odd man out and be Traded over the Draft Weekend ..
      I expect Curry, Boykins and Kendricks to all be moved/traded over the Draft Weekend while they still have Value as they don’t appear to fit Kelly’s Future Plans …

  • I don’t believe that paulman about jones I think marcus smith plays inside then takes over for demeco in 2016 then it will smith and kiko in the middle jordan and barwin on the outside
    That’s 6″3 6’3 in the middle 6’5 & 6’4 on the outside.

    • There is no way Marcus Smith II plays the Inside,, he is not physical enough and has no real game experience playing inside..
      Line him up on the outside and let him get to the QB which is what he does best.. I see MSII backing up Graham/Barwin in Pass-Rushing Situations as a OLB only

  • If you go watch most of marcus tape he rushed from the middle a lot hell most of his plays came from the middle plus you add on to that fact that he can cover and he runs sideline to sideline it makes sense to have him in the middle.

    • MSII shys away from Contact and is not physically strong enough or at least wasn’t in his Rookie Season.
      There is a huge Difference Blitzing from the Inside then there is being an Inside LB and playing against the Run, taking on Guards, Centers or FB’s..
      Blitzing is a whole different thing and can be done from anywhere from the Front 7 and even Secondary Positions..
      Right now MSII will be utilized as a Pass-Rusher from Multiple Positions from the Front 7

      • A linebacker who is shy about contact dont have much of a future in the NFL…if this kid does not come to camp showing that he now likes contact and hitting people…they need to cut him…simple as that

        • I believe that knock on him about him not liking to hit is BS! I think That came from Tra Thomas, we all know where he stands, MS had 14 sacks his last year of college, it takes talent to get numbers like that, whether he ends up a bust is something we’ll know better this year, that could happen but this talk about him not liking contact is ridiculous.

          • well I watched a 5 minute youtube video on smith a few seconds ago– so I now qualify as a MSII expert I assume…my observations:
            1. when unabated to the QB he is really good, most of the sacks that I saw were free rushes. that doesn’t mean he can’t beat a tackle but this particular video focused on the free run type.
            2. I saw some hard hits on runs etc… I think its a strange accusation against a LB– ‘shy away from contact’– a guy who plays that position to shy away? I don’t even know how you’d do that….

            • Cigar, same with Nate Allen former QB’s who were shielded from hits until position changes in college, neither one of them look for contact. Not surprising to me, either you have the dog in you or you don’t.

              • He has no dog…how the hell can a first round pick at linebacker cant play special teams? Special Teams is running down the field on a search and destroy mission to blast someone…
                Special Teams is all dog…and he Smith doesn’t have it!
                If he had some dog he would have played special teams this year

          • So Tra Thomas has a reason to lie about the kid? Tra Thomas said that the kid has a “high school” body…and MS agreed with him!
            Again…my main point is that you are a first round pick at linebacker and your not good enough to play special teams!
            C’mon…the kid is a bust!

            • Kool I know you want to label him a bust but you gotta give him his 3 years before you do…..I hope he turns out to be a 7 to 8 sack guy a year with coverage ability…..but I see why so skeptical

        • I agree Kool. Linbacker is as much mindset as talent. i’m always wary of guys that convert to this position. There is no way in hell you can play that position contact adverse. But I really hope we see a MSII with a purpose.

  • Randy Gregory just knocked himself out of the top 10….over a dime bag…..


    • The NFL in its infinite wisdom are going to punish a college kid for smoking weed yet Hardy committed a heinous crime and made $13 M last year and I think 12 this year.
      Having said that Gregory might just be stupid– dude prepping for a multi-million dollar job, KNOWS IN ADVANCE that he gets drug tested and smokes weed… I don’t get it.

      • Which is exactly why Gregory Drops in the Draft, not for smoking Pot, but for being stupid and reckless.. and the fact he has had similar issues
        in the past only paints a negative picture of him to be worthy of a Top Pick

        Hardy contract with the Cowboys is structured that he basically gets paid by the week, so whatever weeks his Suspension is by the NFL Office, he will not be getting paid by the Cowboys..

        • yup its like a guy interviewing for an executive job and he shows up in shorts and a tee shirt…

          • and wearing White Socks with Sandals… Good Grief… and he still gets the Job…. Ha

  • Cigar not yhe same if hardy would’ve done the same exact crime in college he wouldn’t had made 13million

    • my point is that the nfl has this self righteous we are so squeaky clean that smoking pot is some sort of bad thing…. while the domestic violence issue goes relatively unpunished… marijuana is legal in many states, a misdemeanor in others while aggravated assault is a felony in all i believe…

      • screwed up nfl system plain and simple…..like paulman said it probally has little to do with the actual weed….shit 65 percent of the players smoke it…..but the stupidity of it makes him drop bad….like to us or lower

      • haveablunt, I agree with you…personally I dont see much difference between drinking alcohol and smoking pot except one is called ‘legal’ and the other is not…

  • The point being how stupid can you be the draft is coming up you know you have to take a test but yet you still smoke what a dummy

  • on another note…the picture at the top of this article is the goofiest picture of jelly belly Kelly I have ever seen!
    for a sports science, protein shake guy he sure is chubby….

  • lil chubby bastard and hac I was saying the same thing the picture is weird as shit….lol

  • My New 1st Round Mock Draft (Version # 5)
    (With no Trades, just straight up as the Picks are listed)

    1 – TB Bucs – QB J Winston (Fla State)
    2 – Titans – DT Leonard Williams (USC)
    3 – Jaugars – DE Dante Fowler (Florida)
    4 – Raiders – WR Kevin White (West Virgina)
    5 – Redskins – OL Brandon Scherff (Iowa)
    6 – Jets – QB Marcus Mariota (Oregon)
    7 – Bears – DT Danny Shelton (Washington)
    8 – Falcons – RB Todd Gurley (Georgia)
    9 – NY Giants – DE Alvin Dupree (Kentucky)
    10 – Rams – WR Amari Cooper (Alabama)
    11 – Vikings – Safety Landon Collins (Alabama)
    12 – Browns – WR Davante Parker (Louisville)
    13 – Saints – OLB Vic Beasley (Clemson)
    14 – Dolphins – OT La’el Collins (LSU)
    15 – 49ers – DT Malcom Brown (Texas)
    16 – Texans – CB Trae Waynes (Mich State)
    17 – Chargers – RB Melvin GOrdon (Wisconsin)
    18 – Chiefs – OLB Randy Gregory (Nebraska)
    19 – Browns – WR Jaelen Strong (Arizona)
    20 – EAGLES – OL Jake Fisher (Oregon)
    21 – Bengals – CB Marcus Peters (Washington)
    22 – Steelers – CB Jalen Collins (LSU)
    23 – Lions – DT Eddie Goldman (Fla State)
    24 – Cardinals – DE Owamagbe Odighizuma (UCLA)
    25 – Panthers – OT DJ Humpries (Florida)
    26 – Ravens – WR Breshard Perriman (UCF)
    27 – Cowboys – DT Arik Armstead (Oregon)
    28 – Broncos – OT Ereck FLowers (Miami)
    29 – Colts – OL Cameron Erving (Fla State)
    30 – Packers – DT Jordan Phillps (OKlahoma)
    31 – NO Saints – TE Maxx Williams (Minnesota)
    32 – Patriots – DT Carl Davis (Iowa)

    • Redskins dont take Scherff IMO they go OLB.
      Falcons dont take Gurley they go Pass Rusher
      Giants go OL

      DJ Humphries is better than Jake Fisher IMO.

      • The redskins already have 2 young Olb theee isn’t a need there I think they go cb or safety and they still need to fix there oline.

        • trent murphy is pure shit…..he is young but terrible

        • They signed Culliver and have Breeland…5 is too high for Scherff…They are going OLB/ILB. Or Leornard Williams.

      • I like DJ Humpries upside as well and he will be a good one

        Redskins now have Breeland,Culliver,Amerson and Is DeAngelo Hall still around.. They may move Hall to Free-Safety
        HC Jay Gruden likes a big and strong OL and Scherff fits that bill to be a Day 1 Starter at RT which has been a real weak spot for the Redskins for the last few years

        • I do believe the Redskins will look to trade back with the Browns or Saints or possibly even the Bills who do not have a 1st Round Pick

          I really believe the Draft has very Players who are Top 5 -10 Worthy for its just not a Top Heavy Draft with impact Players on either side of the Ball
          There is a lot of Depth At OL, Pass Rushing OLB’s, who many I believe are not even 3 Down NFL Players yet.. The WR Class is good but not as deep as last years and the RB’s may be the best Players in this Draft but simply are not valued as highly anymore
          The Safety, TE and QB Class is poor, the CB’s and LB are average but have some depth…

          In Terms of making an Impact their Rookie Seasons
          I see QB Winston, WR Kevin White & Davante Parker
          RB’ Gurley, Gordon and DT L Williams and not much else …
          There is not a big difference between #5 thru #25 and then not. Much of adore off from 25 thru 50…
          Lots of good players but very few impact Players
          And not a Draft to move up and trade future assets for a QB or a 240 Lb Pass-Rushers who will have a difficult time adjusting to the NFL like LB Jarvis Jones has for the Steelers…
          Beasley, Fowler, Ray & Gregory are one-trick ponies in my opinion and will all have a big learning curve to become 3 Down OLB/DE in the NFL

  • Hey paulman that’s I believe they will trade down due to the fact I think they will go oline you can trade down aquire more picks and still get a good guard.

    • I would not be surprised at all to see them Dropping Back 5-8 Spots and gain an extra 3rd Round Pick.. (Saints,Colts or Cowboys could all be Trade Partners)

      • I mean dropping all the out of the 1st into the second cause I think there only gonna draft oline wr abd cb

      • I could also see them dropping down like you said cause they may still get extra picks for Kendricks,curry,Boykin ect….

  • ‘ Chip Kelly explains why Sanford over Foles’

    Geoff Mosher…a Foles lover wrote this article over at CSN Philly…and provides this telling quote from Chip Kelly as to why Foles was dumped:

    “Looking at where we are and what we need to do, we’ve got guys open and we didn’t put the ball on them in certain situations.”

    Tells you all you need to know why Chip had to get rid of the guy…so dry your tears Vinnie and the Foles crew…its like in basketball…when the point guard cant find the open man…you need a new point guard to run the team!

    • Foles was too indecisive with his Passes ..

      • We shall see…I hope we play the rams in the NFC championship game

        • Foles wont be playing in that game if it happens

          • Either will the Eagles..

  • Are you serious hac…..first of all the rams offense sucks and always has….no weapons…..no offensive line……and the biggest problem is jeff fucking fisher…..he will destroy foles career….foles is gonna wish he had been traded to a better offensive mind….he screwed with fisher….they will be a 500 team again

    • You may be right but they did have a good RB and sam isn’t 60%. That said I think he will push 70 here.
      I don’t know if Foles is done….different coaches value different things…Kelly short accurate passing (not mobility like all you guys thought)….

      • look i liked foles hac i thought he could be special but he turned into derek anderson and chip let his ass go…..i feel sorry for him….if we traded him to houston then he could hadd a chance with that o

        • We shall see joe kuharchic ready sonny jurgensen and tommy McDonald….

  • I can’t believe you never even mention JEFF FISHER THE QB KILLER….come on hac you know foles is done is st louis

  • One number and qoute that caught me off guard today on twitter was “the offense took a 55% butt fumbler and turned him into a 64% serviceable top backup QB”

  • Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Fisher on Buddy Ryans staff? If so then you have your answer as far as how he values his O compared to his D, the simalirites are scary.

    • Yes Jeff Fisher was Secondary Coach and played Safety at USC and in the NFL for Houston Oilers and Chicago Bears..
      They have gone thru 3 OC’s in the last 4-5 Years there in St Louis under Fisher

      • nuff said foles is done

        • Nick Foles is Dead On Arrival so you cant blame Fisher when Foles fails miserably in St Louis.

          Foles is already dead…

          If a Qb cant succeed in Chip Kelly’s offensive acumen and QB friendly system, then its highly unlikely that he will succeed with a lesser offensive coach, an offensive where he has to make audibles, more reads….

          Foles is done…and I’ll say it again…our biggest accomplishment this oft-season is getting rid of Foles…major addition by subtraction!

  • For 11 of Jeff Fisher’s 18 years as a head coach his quarterback was Steve McNair. McNair went to 3 pro bowls, a super bowl, and won an MVP playing for Fisher.

    • QB killer! Lol

      • you will see hac they have shit on offense nothing but a banged up receiver who will be returning to otas late and misd off season conditioning their running back is avg nothing special

    • Randle Cunningham under Buddy also had great numbers but the O was still neglected, you have 3 or 4 all pros on the Rams D right now, how many can you name on their O? Buddy 2.0

      • Cunningham never had great stats with the Eagles…
        So-so Completion %, lots of Sacks and Turnovers..
        He made some great plays but really did not become a really good QB until
        Later in his Career with the Vikings, though the Vikings had one of the all time Receiver Corps & Offense for that matter

        • Cunningham never had good stats? Fraudman your lack of legitimate football knowledge is unreal. Cunningham’s so-so % would be more noticeable in today’s pass happy era where even average qb’s see well over 60%. In his era, his % was unusual. His rushing yards(4928) alone were better than many starting tailbacks in the league. hell, if he’s not gotten injured and dealt with the continued idiocy of the Buddy and Kotites he probably would have passed an eagle you yourself considered great, Wilbert Montgomery (6,789)

      • Comparing Randall ( my all time fav eagle) to McNair is silly. Just stupid. McNair under QB killer fisher played himself into HOF… So stop

    • Who has been his QB’s since then? And McNair sat on the bench for 2 years.

      • After McNair? Kerry Collins who was 13-3 the next season. Vince Young who was 8-2 the next season. Since then it’s been “sore leg” Bradford

        In the mid 90’s most quarterbacks spent a couple years on the bench.

        Fisher had the good sense to draft Steve McNair with the 3rd pick in the first round. It was time when it took some balls for a coach to pick a black QB from Alcorn State in the first round.

        • those pesky facts messing with everyones agenda!!!!!!
          Fisher is a fine coach- point is Bradford did not elevate the Rams that is just the truth

          • What facts, oh the way he killed VY’s career because he wanted Leinhart? Dude had 3, 13-3 seasons with the Titans in all other seasons 123-139 yeah he’s a fine coach. Never has given Bradford any weapons or offensive line. Yes but let’s all applaude him for drafting McNair the best QB in that draft because he was black.

            • Oh if you think I don’t like LLCB, I have first hand knowledge of the pos that Fisher is.

            • killed VY career? fisher did that? so when he left fisher the former number 1 (I think) pick couldn’t get a job? fisher did such a bad job that VY couldn’t beat out the many QB’s that have started and gone in the league? come on!!
              He certainly didn’t hurt McNairs career— I would think he is off to the HOF????
              As for Bradford you and I both know an elite QB makes bad players good and good players great… Donavon had thrash and pinkstin and ol’ Freddie– and turned in some great years– brady has made average at best receivers a lot of $$–how did they do it? they made those average receivers better… all I’m saying is I’m about winning– dude hasn’t won…
              and btw pretending 13–3 seasons didn’t happen doesn’t work…

              • hac if you truly believe that jeff fisher is a fine coachbwhen it comes to offense you truly are the one with the agenda……let nick foles go man….thats the only reason you are hyping fucking fisher

              • i’m not hyping fisher i could care less about him– its all you bradford lovers making excuses for why he has been such an awful QB in the league– he has been awful- he doesn’t win…
                plus to the best of my knowledge fisher isn’t the OC? not the QB coach etc….

              • to tell you the truth i dont like sam that much either but i trust the lying chubby bastard when it comes to offense way more then fisher….im a eagle and foles isnt so i let his ass go

              • who is foles?

              • what do u mean who is foles

              • meaning i don’t care about ex eagles…

              • 3 13-3 seasons 1 Super Bowl appearance due to the music city miracle. He is not a good coach, btw he destroyed VY.

              • destroyed vince young– that is just hilarious–
                so he was so destroyed by playing for him that when he left he still couldn’t play!

              • Yes Cigar if you only knew, but you don’t, VY didn’t help himself at all by being an idiot but hey if you only knew the lengths Fisher went to destroy him you might change your mind a bit.

  • The idea that the Rams:

    ” Never has given Bradford any weapons or offensive line. ”

    Is complete bullshit.

    Bradford was drafted 1st overall in 2010. Look at what the Rams did in their drafts from 2009-2014

    2009 Took tackle Smith 1st
    2010 Bradford 1st, a tackle Saffold 2nd
    2011 TE Kendricks in the 2nd, WR Petis in the 3rd and WR Salas in the 4th
    2012 WR Quick in the 2nd, RB Pead in the 3rd
    2013 WR Austin 1st
    2014 T Robinson 1st

    To review….Bradford drafted and the Rams:

    Spent 2 1sts and a 2nd on tackles
    Spend a 1st, 2 2nds and a 3rd WRs and TEs
    Spent a 3rd on an RB
    And 2 other 4ths on WRs

    Now…many of these guys didn’t “turn out” but the idea that the Rams let Bradford out to dry is wrong.

    3 first, 3 seconds and 2 3rds all on OL and WRs to support Bradford.

    • Who are these weapons? Stiffs all except Quick.

  • vinnoe the one good player they drafted is brian quick the rest are terrible.to avg players so your point is…..

    • if anything you proved he is terrible at evaluating talent on offense but i do like him as a defensive scout on defense he finds some good players there

      • so to recap bradford would be on his way to the HOF if Jeff Fisher wasn’t his coach and better drafted players around him…
        ok i’m on board the Sam Tram…

        • dude no not at all….look i dont know what the hell sam can do…..i know he has mote talent then foles and from what a lot of peole are saying with his ability to run a quick decision offense like chips offense he will flourish here….the main point is fisher is not good on the offensive side of ball and foles with that offense they have now will struggle badly and i hope foles leaves them after this year so he can have a better chance

          • i understand all the Sam spin coming out of the novacare — i get it– i hope the guy is brady but as of now i don’t want to hear the excuses–
            if in fact chip turns him into a stud then we have to say its the offense– the system whatever– and mark my words the league will pay attention– he went 14-4 with an apparently slow witted, weak armed, stiff and rose the stiff Sanchez’ completion percentage like 8 points… then if he turns 18-30 Sam into this wifi, quick paced 75% passer

            • wifi quick armed passer…lol i like that

        • Well now Jeff Fisher has the great Nick Foles…no excuses

          Fisher has named Foles the starter even before training camp so he has the full support of the Coach that he didn’t have here in Philly.

          However, it doesn’t matter…Foles will fail miserably

          Fisher will soon place Foles on the bench…or Foles will be hurt again

          Foles is headed down the road of Kevin Kolb…the road to obscurity

          A flash in the pan…a has been who really never was

          In the future, it will be a nice trivia question

          “Who was the Eagles Quarterback that threw for 27 touchdowns and 2 interceptions”…People will say..”ummmm..Donovan McNabb..


          ‘Nick Foles’ is that answer to that trivia question…Remember him’

          ‘Wow…totally forgot about him…he didn’t do much after that and was dumped by Chip Kelly the first Eagle Coach to win a SuperBowl

          • Kool chill man…lol. I understand your wanting to poke many of these clowns that have saturated this forum with the qb hate, but Foles shouldn’t be victimized for their stupidity. I know all about the falling all over themselves with the Kolb annoited. Would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. But Kolb NEVER passed the eye test. Foles does. Is he elite, not hardly. That 27 and 2 had legitimate holes all in it. Most real fans saw this. But he shouldn’t be blamed for these clown’s overzealous need to have a certain type of qb. Foles appears to be much in the same mold of the Flaccos, B Johnson’s, Elisha Manning’s, Phil Simms, Hostetlers, Rypiens, Theismanns, and probably a few more AVERAGE QBS that you can support withg good to great defense and SUPERIOR skilled position players on offense.
            I know deep down you don’t hate Foles as you putting on. I know your just f-ing with the simpletons. But Foles is a good kid who’s only crime may be his talent ain’t as big as his heart. far different from the Kolbs and Hoyings.

            • coldbrewski, Kevin Kolb, Bobby Hoying, and Nick Foles are all fine young lads to my understanding…they all are good kids…as far as I know…
              They simply suck as franchise QB’s.
              Nick Foles is not nor will he ever be in the category of QB’s that have had successful careers, won playoff games, and the like. Foles is not in the category of Eli Manning, Phil Simms, Flacco, Johnson, Vick, Rypien, or any relatively successful, starting QB that has led a team to playoff wins…
              If Foles fit the category you described, Chip Kelly would have kept him…its as simple as that.

          • But that was kinda funny…lol

    • zilents44, Vinniedaloser’s point is Sam Bradford sucks because he is the new Quarterback of the Eagles and NOT Nick Foles

      LOL…that’s Vinnie only point…he’s is still bewildered that Chip Kelly pays no attention to Vinnie’s love of irrelevant ‘stats’ . Vinniedafool is still baffled…wondering..why, oh why did Chip Kelly get rid of Foles with the ‘stats’ that Foles had? “Nick Foles was 14-4 and once had 27 touchdowns and 2 interceptions…how could Chip Kelly possibly get rid of him…”
      So now Vinnie hates Bradford..he will hate and be ready criticize Bradford for any little thing…why…because he’s not Nick Foles.
      This is always going to be Vinniedaloser’s point!

      • as foles is not your hero… and replaced your out of the league loser

        • holy shit man this psycho cant stop his psycho obsession with foles. so nauseating. nfl offseason on gcobb blows.

          im out until jon hart and the nba draft get going

        • I’m all in on Bradford. Tall poclet passer. Just what I want. All good.

          My only point, is that unlike you Kooltwit, I’m not slathering all over the guy’s nuts like you are.

          You’ve got a completely itrrational argument that’s clouded by your hate of Foles. You transferred this to a completely irrational thought process that somehow lauds Bradford’s mysterious “upside”

          And that’s all you do around here……well, that’s when you’re not writing 600 word opuses about how unlucky your hero Mikey Mike is, as you did all yesterday.

          He’s Sam 18-30 Bradford coming in here, and ya, I’m a little skeptical.

          But its all good. As long as its not a stupid scrambler I’m in.

          • you know as well as anyone that Sam Bradford’s record because he was drafted into a team with no real talent.

            Your hypocrisy comes to light by ignoring Fole’s record before Chip Kelly.

            Now, we’ll see Bradford’s record with Chip Kelly and ignore his prior work knowing his team was hot shit.

            Foles is what we thought he was and will be the reason the Rams advance while Bradford on the other hand will put the ball on those wide open receivers Chip said Foles missed habitually.

            Let’s not look at Bradfords pre-chip record, and let’s stop with the injury concern when Foles was injured with season ending injuries too.

            Stop the hyprocrisy.

            But, I am all in with you on Bradford’s upside and pedigree.

            He’s a clear upgrade from Foles.

            • Problem is now that the Eagles have no WR’s to get Open…
              and probably have the weakest WR Corps in the entire NFL
              as bad as the Browns, Raiders and will scare no opponents..
              Teams like the Pats, Bills, Jets, Lions, Cardinals, Panthers, Cowboys, Giants and Redskins will load up teh Box with 8 & 9 Players and dare the Eagles QB’s (Bradford or Sanchez) to beat them 1 on 1 on the outside…
              Eagles may very well struggle scoring TD’s and putting up more
              than 17-20 Points a Game since they have no real playmakers on the outside..

              • Do not complain about the WR’s now. You wanted Djax gone…now we have character guys in there…and you say we have no WR’s to get open…..to borrow a phrase from mhenski..Haaaa!

              • man dez, desean, & odell beckham FUCK maxwell better be good

              • eagles would be wise to get peters if he is a shut down guy like you read about

              • The only concern I haqve aout the Wrs is how long this is all going to take to come together. 2 new RBs, 2 2nd year starting WRs, perhaps a rookie WR, and a new QB. That takes a while to develop chemistry.

                But other than that…Matthews, Huff, Cooper and a rookie will be fine as WRs.

                Seriously, its the most overrated position on a football team.

                A good QB should elevate those guys. Should be able to sub anyone in if the QB is $$.

                If anything a “superstar” WR creates problems as a team often gets trapped forcing the ball tot he guy lest he mope about on the sidelines.

                If Bradford is worth his salt (and that’s a big “if”, then it shouldn’t really matter….Matthews will be a fine #1.

              • The concerns I have about the wr’s is Riley Copper…no one to stretch defense and loosen things up. Dinking and dunking is for doughnuts.

              • I believe chip Kelly disagrees with you…you continue to evaluate ‘playmaking’ thru a traditional lenses..chip doesn’t look at it from the same lense..

              • I think Kelly would disagree with you…if you remember, after the Seattle game, Kelly stated one of the problems was the WR’s could not get open.
                D. Jackson stretched the field against Seattle and burned them when Seattle played Washington opening things up….so, just because Kelly is looking at something from a different lens does not mean his lens is focused. Last time I checked Chip did not invent football, win a playoff game or BCS championship game. His offense has been shutdown too. Let’s slow down on the Tao of Chip.
                Funny, Chip has paid special attention to speed receivers Chris Conley and Phillip Dorsett in preparation for the draft…What do they do? Stretch the field!!!

              • Oh, and you also thought Chip disagreed with me about Nick Foles…based off of what..I still don’t know.

              • So

              • I am not saying he doesn’t want fast receivers …not saying it at all…

              • So, just because you think Chip is thinking or believes one thing does not mean it is so. I was just looking for understanding as to why you believed it when there is/was no evidence to back your position.

              • He cut the fastest receiver, big play guy, doesn’t resign Mac and gave slow poke cooper a nice contract…like everyone on here I don’t understand a lot of it (I’m ok with not signing Mac at that price)….it would not surprise me no matter who he starts at WR…th LLCB could resign thrash, bring back Freddie and tommy McDonald….the guy is not conventional….I’ve come to the conclusion I want to be his intern…I’ll even drink the shakes

              • Yes he cut him, still has not won a playoff game, did not get there this year. Wanted Mac back, but not at that contract number. Chip’s moves has not proven that they were the right moves in terms of meaningful wins against elite teams and playoff appearances and wins. Riley Cooper was a mistake, every one knows that so to even use that as an example is laughable. A speed receiver will be drafted.
                But hey, keep acting as if you know what Chip believes.

              • Dude you are retarded….I believe I stated I don’t understand a lot of it..
                I don’t know if any of the moves were right or wrong and neither do you…all we know is this guy sees it differently than everyone else. He will either be a prophet or a very rich college coach.,,,

              • One minute you are telling me what you believe Chip is doing or thinking as if you have some inside information, then you say “Oh I don’t know what he is doing”. Well no shit Sherlock, you constantly demonstrate that you don’t know shit! Then resort to name calling…lmao@u. I understand why you are referred to as havenoclue.

              • EHL I think you are bipolar and if so I apologize for calling you retarded…
                My point is consistent….whatever anyone on here says, myself included it seems he feels differently….he has this vision that none of us seem to get…most thought he needed a running qb, he doesn’t. Most thought desean was vital for him he cuts him, I and many thought Foles was a good fit, he wasn’t, many thought shady’s 1500 yards was perfect, it wasn’t….never in a million years did any of us see Bradford but chip SEEMS to love him…The guy is wacky and the happiest person for it is GCOBB and other media outlets.

              • HAC, clearly you failed at your attempt to become a psychologist or psychiatrist so you try to live that dream out on GCOBB.com. Your continuous attempts to try and psychoanalyze is trite and you continue to expose your true ignorance as it pertains to mental and behavioral health. As a psychologist, I find your efforts quite amusing. You clearly have no idea what BPD really is!

              • You being a psychoanalyst is like john hart saying he’s a prison guard!

              • Uh, yeah….ok. Once again, I see why you are called havenoclue…clearly you don’t.

            • Hypocracy….please.

              It is not hyprocracy to look at what a guy has done over his career, and have that record raise concerns.

              Vick spent 7 years being an overrated, always-injured turnover machine.
              He came to the Eagles and was an overrated, always injured turnover machine.

              Kevin Kolb with the Eagles was an overrated, always injured weak-armed turnover machine.
              He went elsewhere and was an overrated, always injured, turnover machine.

              Mark Sanchez spent 5 years with the Jets as an overrated, but-fumbling, weak-armed turnover machine who folds like a tent when the pressure rises.
              On the Eagles he is exactly an overrated, grossly overpaid, weak-armed, turnover machine who folded like a tent when the pressure rose last year.

              Once a guy has spent YEARS establishing himself as something, history says that what has been established USUALLY continues.

              Sam Bradford has spent 5 years being an always-injured, inaccurate guy who never throws deep.

              History says that that will continue.

              Can it change? Of course it can. And I hope it does.

              But history tells us that our expectations better be muted because tigers don’t often change their stripes after 5 years in the League.

              And BTW – the whole “Drew Brees” comparison that Kelly made vis-a-vis the Bradford situation???

              Brees had an 8-8 “rookie” year, was 2-9 his 2nd when he got hurt….but then came back and went 20-11 the next 2 years with the Chargers….throwing for almost 7000 yards 51tds to 22 ints?

              Did anyone else catch Bradford doing that? ‘Cause I must have missed it.

              Can Bradford suddenly transform himself into an effective NFL QB??

              Maybe. I hope so.

              But history says differently.

              • Sources close to NovaCare & GCobb state that Chip Kelly is going to Pursue Cam Newton hard and bring him on Board just to prove Vinnie Wrong… Jon Hart will have some Details next Month

              • Vinniedaloser, your whines and moans are pathetic…

                Get a grip…Foles has been dumped…stop hating on the new QB

                There is every reason to be hopeful in Sam Bradford

                What Chip Kelly sees is a QB that will be able to hit open receivers unlike Nick Foles who failed miserably at the job

                Just be happy Vinnie that Chip didn’t follow your advice and sign Foles to a long term deal. Then we would have been stuck with an overrated, grossly overpaid, average arm, turnover machine who cant read defenses and gets hurt too often because he holds the ball too long and is too slow!

                Chip Kelly’s offense gets the best out of QB’s…Bradford stats are meaningless….its his film that is telling Chip Kelly that he can win with Bradford…the same film that exposed Nick Foles and made Kelly believe that he wasn’t going to win with Foles

                Fuck History…Later for ‘stats

                Its a great gamble and we already have added by subtracting…

                The subtraction of your precious Nick Foles gives us a leg up!

  • Foles may just be a stopgap in St. Louis

    Posted by Michael David Smith on March 27, 2015, 1:53 PM EDT


    The Rams like Nick Foles enough that they turned down at least one offer of a first-round draft pick for Sam Bradford, and traded for Foles instead. But the Rams may not like Foles enough to keep him around beyond this year.

    Rams coach Jeff Fisher says the Rams plan to draft a quarterback this year, and the presence of Foles doesn’t change that.

    “It’s our intention to draft one,” Fisher said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “The Nick trade has no bearing over what we do in the draft.”

    But which quarterback will they draft? Florida State’s Jameis Winston seems to be going to Tampa Bay with the first overall pick, and Oregon’s Marcus Mariota will almost certainly be off the board when the Rams pick at No. 10. Would the Rams move up for Mariota? To hear Fisher talk about Winston and Mariota, they’re two players who are worth trading up to draft.

    “They’re unique; they’re rare,” Fisher said. “They’ve clearly proven they can win games. Marcus obviously is a little bit more mobile than Winston is. But Winston makes all of the throws. They’re both very impressive to watch.”

    Realistically, the Rams probably aren’t going to be able to draft either Winston or Mariota. But a quarterback like Baylor’s Bryce Petty, UCLA’s Brett Hundley or Colorado State’s Garrett Grayson could make sense in the second round. And Foles could make sense as a one-year starter who holds onto the job just until a second-round quarterback is ready to take over.

    Which means Foles, who is heading into the final season of his contract, may be changing teams again at this time next year.

    • Or more than likely he will be out of a job

      Fisher is already back tracking on naming Foles the starter…

      One of the youngsters on the Rams may beat Foles out in camp…

      Foles is a back up…and that is the direction his career is going in…

      Career back up or in Canada or maybe with Ron Jaworski’s semi-pro team here in town…

      Good chance for Nick there!

  • ****NFL News****

    Panthers Sign Free-agent WR Jarrett Boykin of the Packers on a 1 Year Deal which may end up being a nice pick-up for them…

  • Eagles Dink and Dunk Offense will struggle versus the Bills, Jets, Dolphins and Patriots Defense’s since it will be based off the same System the Patriots use so these AFC East Teams are used to preparing for it …
    Eagles are doomed in 2015 and probably looking at a 6-7-8 Win Season

    • your win analysis is probably right but because sanchez will be qbing this year

    • Here goes Paulman being a flip flopping jackass again.

      The Boone Chimp has returned

      • classic pman keep up the flip floppin love it the redskins 2nd best defense in nfl….yea pman wont let that go…lol

        • nfc not nfl

        • After week 1 Last Year the Redskins were the Top Defense in the Entire NFL .. Per Stats wise
          then the Eagles choked against them in their 2nd Meeting to get eliminated in the 2014 Playoffs…
          It appears the Deadskins and D-Jax had the Last Laugh

          • After week one? Do you even look at the ish you type before sending? Yeah because week one stats are always a clear indicator of a team’s dominance…smdh.

      • lmao picturing a fraudman with a little hat and name tag prancing around Boone spouting monkey gibberish and holding a football.

  • **More Rumors***
    **Eagles Trade QB Mark Sanchez to the San Diego Chargers for a 3rd Round
    PIck in 2015

    • I wish….take a 7th……take a bag of pucks and a roll of tape…..

  • ***More Trade Rumors
    Eagles Trade Guard Evan Mathis and DE Vinny Curry to the Miami Dolphins
    for OLB Dion Jordan and a 4th Round Draft Pick

    Eagles also Trade CB B Boykin to the New England Patriots for their 4th Round Draft Pick in the 2015 Draft

    Eagles Now have the Following Draft Picks & OLB Dion Jordan

    1st – # 20 (Eagles Own)
    2nd – # 52 (Eagles Own)
    3rd – # 84 (Eagles Own)
    4th – # 113 (from Bills on Bryce Brown Trade)
    4th – # 114 (from Dolphins Trade)
    4th – # 131 (from Patriots Trade)
    5th – # 145 (from Rams Trade)
    5th – # 156 (Eagles Own)
    6th – # 195 (Eagles Own)
    7th – # 237 (Eagles Own)

    That’s 7 Picks out of the Top 145 Selections and 8 of the Top 156 Picks
    You can package some of the 4th & 5th Rd Picks to move up into the late 2nd or 3rd Rounds.. Or simply add 8 really good Prospects to your Roster

    Lets Say this did Happen… My Draft could look like this

    #20 – WR Dorial Green-Beckham (Oklahoma 6-5 237 lbs)
    #52 – Guard Laken Tomlinson (Duke 6-3 323lbs)
    #84 – WR Tre McBride (William & Mary 6-0 210lbs)
    #113 – CB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu (Oregon 5-9 192lbs)
    #114 – Safety Gerald Holiman (Louisville 6-0 218lbs)
    #131 – DE Henry Anderson (Stanford 6-6 294lbs)
    #145 – DT Leterrius Walton (Central Michagan 6-5 320lbs)
    #156 – OT Sean Hickey (Syracuse 6-5 310lbs)
    #195 – CB Chris Mager (Texas State 5-11 201lbs)
    #237 – WR Jordan Taylor (Rice 6-4 205 lbs)

    1) Adding WR’s DBG & McBride to Matthews and Huff could give th Eagles a very young,dynamic, physical WR Corp for years to come..

    2)Guard Tomlinson would be a Day 1 Starter for Evan Mathis at LG

    3) Getting CB Olomu & Safety Holliman who are coming off of Injuries, which is why they still were on the Board in the 4th Round is a move with an eye towards 2016 .. Olomo would be a perfect SLot CB to Replace Boykins
    Holliman would compete for Starting Safety

    4) DE H Anderson is a very athletic, long and physical DE who could play that 5 Technique and set the Edge.. I like his Upside more than Taylor Hart’s
    and who knows how long Cedric Thornton is around He also can line up inside as a Pass-Rushing DT with more Speed and Athleticism and Pass Rushing Abilities that Bennie Logan & Beau Allen who is basically a Run Stuffer

    5) DT Letteruis Walton is a big, raw DT/NT who at 6-5 320lbs has the frame to be at 335lbs-340lbs in 2 Years Time and could be a real diamond in the rough.. He will need some time and Coaching up

    6) OT Sean Hickey is one of those good solid versatile OL from Syracuse who has experience at both OT and Guard.. I envision him more of a RT or Guard at the NFL Level which could allow Lane Johnson to move to LT if Peters gets injured or when he retires and groom Hickey for RT

    7) CB Chris Mager had an outstanding Senior Bowl Week and though he is from a Small School (Texas State) showed that he had toughness, speed and some strength at 5-11 and a solid 200lbs … I see him as a SPecial Teamer his Rookie Season and then can compete for a Nickel Back CB or possibly get Reps in at Safety as well for 2016 Camp

    8) WR Jordan Taylor who was not invited to the Indy Combine is a big target, strong kid, from Rice University who at 6-4 205 lbs and is Solid Blocker and reminds some of a young Jordy Nelson the way he uses his body in traffic and in the Red Zone.. He does not possess great speed but could be a nice updgrade and practice squad WR for 2015 and then replace Riley Cooper come 2016 .. I like this Kid and he will make some NFL Roster as a 4th/5th WR, Special Teamer and good in the Red Zone and loves to Block…

  • WR is not a priority I this offense Chip has already stated that. Offensive line , RB and QB are clearly more important. Even at Oregon he had a bunch on average WR who excelled in the scheme. Can he get away with that in the NFL we will see. But I definetly believe the Eagles will take oline in the 1st and maybe even the 2nd round. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles trade back for extra picks and try to recoup next years 2nd round pick and take Jake Fisher late in round 1 if hes available.

    • I agree Dag about Trading Back a few spots..
      And still getting Jake Fisher who has a 2nd Round Grade
      I see the Colts or Broncos looking to move up…

    • Plus I think they like Huff a lot more than others…he flashed a bit despite some of his bone head plays…If Matthews and Huff improves and Ertz is featured and thrown at a lot more…we will be ok at receiver…
      But we will still pick some one up in the first three rounds…

      • Hot air I agree. My thoughts are they like huff a bunch . Of course pinning down Kelly’s thoughts is not easy

        • Huff is Athletic as heck and has a RB body and moves playing WR,
          I think his best spot would be the Slot and run many of those Drag Routes, Bubble Routes, Quick Slants or Outs and Reverses similar to Edelman, Amendola of the Patriots do & Beasley of the Cowboys & Randall Cobb does of the Packers

          Get the Ball in his hands 6-8 Times a game and he should be able to make a big play or 2 .. He also needs to be groomed as a Punt Returner to replace or spell Sproles..

          • Huff needs to work on using his “hands” to catch the ball and away from his body as most young Receivers do..

        • haveablunt, its hard for you to pin down any thought…but that’s another topic…Huff has talent…he showed some good run after the catch ability and I kind of agree with paulman…he may be good for the slot position

          • Kellys thoughts are impossible …. Funny ‘his guy’ can’t run faster than me!

            • Huff runs a lot faster than you haveablunt…your all smoked out..

  • We’ll see with Huff, just looks like an overdrafted Oregon player to me, but he does show potential and hopefully he’ll be a guy who shows improvement from year 1 to 2.

    • Kelly doesn’t value receivers the way most teams do, so it really doesn’t matter who they throw out there, he’s not looking for game changers.

  • Why did Chip draft Jordan Matthews in the 2nd round if he don’t value receivers?

    He should wait to the latter rounds to show no value for the position, don’t you think?

    • Good Question…plus there were reports that he wanted to draft Matthews in the first round!

    • Why do you think I named him little lying chubby bastard? He says a bunch of shit that makes no sense.

    • Oh wait, he values big receivers like Cooper but thinks the 5’10 Huff has more potential then Matthews who he wanted to draft in the 1st round. Confusing trying to track a serial liar.

  • I would think WR will be a top priority in this draft.

    I expect Cooper to be cut in June. Cooper would only count for $3.8M against the 2015 cap if the Eagles wait until June 1 to cut him. If they cut him now it cost $6.2M.

    We won’t start the season with no wide outs….

  • We have made enough moves in free agency on defense where we are in position to address wide receiver in the draft and its a deep draft class at wideout. We can effectively address wideouts and offensive line!

  • WR didn’t have to be a top priority. Chip could of signed Murray, gave Maclin Ryan Matthews money and had Murray, Polk, Sproles and a mid round RB with Maclin, Matthews and Huff and a 1st, 2nd or 3rd round WR. Chip screwed that whole situation up. Its a waste of money to have Murray, Matthews and Sproles plus you have Polk. The Eagles put themselves in a position that they didn’t have to and could of focused on other areas in the draft..

    • If Chip was hell bent on stocking RBs he could of not signed Murray and saved 8 million, resigned Maclin and gave him the extra 2million then signed Gurley at #20 and had Maclin and the 21 year old Gurley moving forward. He then still would of been 5 million in the green and signed a FA olineman.Then you have Gurley, Ryan Matthews, Sproles and Polk with Maclin, Matthews and Huff and a 2nd round WR. Come on Chip this isn’t rocket science.

      • Or you could of kicked the tires on Crabtree and brought him in(since there isn’t a lot of interest) on a 1 year deal and had Crabtree and Maclin on the outside with Matthews and Huff in the slot with Gurley, R Matthews, Sproles and Polk and still saved money.

  • Good to see the Philly Media starting in early on Bradford.

    Re-publish the whole “Bradford was quitting” articles. Its been a month since we’ve seen one of those, so better regurgitate it…..

    Start chipping away now….Philly media is insane and a contributing reason why Eagles have not won a championship. This doesn’t happen in other markets.

    • Yeah because the insane media and idiot ass fan base are secretly running the Eagles front office. I’ve heard tons of theories why the Eagles haven’t won a Super Bowl. This one here is the stupidest by far.

    • Umm…didn’t you discuss how Bradford was not a good pick up…if you were a sports writer, you would do no different. You would probably lead the charge.
      Please, the media and the fan base did not draft BG over Earl Thomas, or selecting Mike mamula over Warren Sapp and any other silly moves the Eagles have made over the years to hurt their campaigns for a SB victory. Stop with the blame game, it’s ridiculous. I guess the same fan base and media is responsible for the picks Mcnabb threw in the SB.
      Such a trite and foundation-less claim. It’s just as stupid as the curse of Billy Penn theory.

      • I have not once said Bradford wasn’t a good pick-up. I think he’s fine. I have said they gave up too much for the guy – that’s all.

        And no, the media did not make those draft selections.

        What the media does do is make the environment toxic for players/coaches/etc.

        Every single mistake is amplified. Every single statement is dissected to the umpteenth degree for “hidden meaning”

        Guy has his 2nd blown ACL in 2 years and has a phone conversation about his future with his former coach/mentor (I would suggest a pretty normal occurance in such a situation) and in Philly its (not once, but twice) front page sports news “Bradford thought about quitting”. Influence that fanbase now….don’t give the guy a chance…..get ready to pounce Philly fan….remember – He’s a QUITTER!

        And add to the fact that the he “Bradford thought about quitting” angle was covered over a month ago. Yet today its front and centre once again……for no reason, other than to inflame, excite, enrage, raise doubts.

        The Philly media excels at creating and inflaming at every single opportunity. If you don’t think that reading, hearing, discussing the constant barrage of negative press that spews doesn’t have a psychological effect on the Eagles I can’t help you.

        But why don’t you instead look at the English national soccer team and its international results….and if you don’t think that their incredibly toxic media environment plays into their performance, then again, can’t help you…..but I guarantee you that team will never have success with the media environment they have to work under.

        Philly is the worst in the USA…..no other team have to face the same barrage of negative press, save perhaps the Jets. And how’s that working out for them?

        • When the deal was made for Bradford you went on a tirade about his injuries.

          Sorry, I do not like soccer, not interested.

          • Commenting about the guy’s injury history is legit is it not? I mean that knee are a concern…is it not?

            That’s not what the media does here….they’re not commenting on the injuries….they’re calling the guy a quitter. Headline saying he had to be talked out of quitting……yet no mention

            Its inflammatory and designed only to rile up both the fanbase and the player himself. Its toxic and completely unnecessary.

            Is he a quitter for calling up and talking to an old coach/mentor after the 2nd knee rip in 2 years? Would not everyone have a few questions at that juncture. Of course they would…..this is a complete non-issue ….and yet there is Philly.com and Bleeding Green….”Bradford thought of quitting – had to be talked out of it!!”

            Fanbase reads it. Bradford reads it. Sure, perhaps all this garbage can be used as “motivation” but history tells us the opposite.

            Is he a quitter? I don’t know. I’ll watch him on the field…if I see him giving up like Mesean, or walking around with shoulders slumped like Sanchez, well I might change my mind….I’d like to make that call for myself……but for thousands reading right now….the guy has been branded.

            Welcome to Philly Bradford……you quitter!

            • Stop with the revisionist history, you were ripping him! Butt hurt over Foles’ departure I guess.

            • Still waiting to know what moves the media made denying the Eagles a Super Bowl win and as far as body language goes, all that great body language from all time Eagle greats have netted us how many Championships? I mean Brian Dawkins body language was good for multiple championships right? More nonsense.

              • Total nonsense. I did not know the media was that powerful…wow!
                T.O. had great body language too.

              • Big, Eagles, Just like my favorite theory. that when the players play badly, it’s the fans fault for booing them! GTFOH, with this hogwash! Excuse making pussies. This city is notorious, for horrific ownerships, front offices, decision making, & ineptness! This era, is up there with the worst in all 4 sports at once.

            • Stop it…just stop it Vinnie

              Everyone knows how sore your ass was/is over getting rid of Foles!

              They did the exactly opposite of what you were calling for…a long term deal with Foles as the franchise QB

              So you ripped into Bradford with all of the pain and hurt of a jilted lover-your beloved Foles was dumped and you couldn’t stand the notion of him getting replaced by another pocket-passing QB.

              It undermined everything you claimed and barked about Foles, his ‘accuracy’, his ‘abilities’…and confirmed what we all knew about him

              So stop your flip-flopping…now you want to bash Bradford under the guise of bashing the ‘media’…LOL

              Your pathetic Vinniedafool

              • Fuck your reading comp skills in such decline. Too much time stroking it to your Vick poster rather than hitting the books I guess.

                I am all good with Bradford you putz. I find it pathetic how the media in Philly is already setting up the tear down before he’s even taken part in a practice.

                They tore apart McNabb, tore apart Foles, tore apart Reid for that matter and are already tearing into Bradford….calling him a quitter. Pathetic.

                You don’t see this because on the rare occasions you leave your mom’s basement, you never left the 4 block radius of whatever shitty neighbourhood you live in. The idea that you’ve ever even seen a newspaper from another city is laughable.

                In fact, the only guy Philly media continually made excuses for was your hero….and seeing that you swallow whatever the Philly and NFL network talking heads say like Jenna Jameson at a gang bang, probably that’s probably the reason you are still writing 600 word opuses to the guy this week….2 years after he left the team.

              • And that ladies and gents computes to how the media destroyed the Eagles Super Bowl hopes year after year lol. Love it.,

          • Bradford was then reminded by his Agent that he had 1 Year left on his $12.5 Million Guaranteed Contract, Hence the Return of Sam Bradford for 2015..

    • fully agree Vinnie.

      • Anyone who agrees with that clown, is a bigger nitwit!

  • The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Mary Kay Cabot believes the Browns are not done upgrading at quarterback, and expects the team to target either Oregon QB Marcus Mariota or current Eagles QB Sam Bradford.
    It’s no secret by now that the Browns previously tried to trade the No. 19 overall pick for Bradford, first to the Rams and (allegedly) later to the Eagles. Specifically, Cabot writes that she thinks the Browns “will try to trade up to draft Marcus Mariota, and I also think they could make another run at Sam Bradford.” If the Eagles are willing to deal Bradford as rumored, they would presumably want both of Cleveland’s first-round picks with eyes on getting to No. 2 overall, where Mariota is likely to be selected.
    Related: Browns
    Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer
    Mar 29 – 8:00 PM

    • LMFAO at clevelenad. even their reporters are dumb. 2 first round picks for brittle bradford. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Browns will do one of the Following

    1) Package their 1st Round Picks (#12 & #19) to the Redskins for their #5 Pick and Select Mariota
    2) Or the Smart Move would be to Select BPA at #12 then Select QB Petty or Hundley at #19 since they have Josh McCown already under Contract for 3 Years anyways…. Mariota, Petty, Hundley or any other QB, other then Winston, will most likely not be Ready to Start until 2016 anyway..

  • Players sliding down the Draft Boards
    1) QB Marcus Mariota (Oregon) – Was a #1/#2 Pick most of Off-Season)

    2) OLB Randy Gregory (Nebraska) – Was a Top Pick all Off-Season)

    3) OLB Shane Ray (Missouri) – Was a Top 8 Pick all Off-Season

    4) OL Brandon Sherff (Iowa) – Was the Top OL on the Board, Now ??

    5) OT Andrus Peat (Stanford) – Was a Top 10 Pick early on…

    6) DT Arik Armstead (Oregon) – Was the 2nd/3rd DT in this Draft

    7) OL TJ CLemmings (PItt) – Was a Top OT Prospect early on

    8) DT Jordan Phillips (Oklahoma) – Was a Top 2-3 DT Prospect early on

    9) ILB Bernardrick McKinney – Was the Top ILB Prospect early on…

    10) CB Jalen Collins (LSU) – Lack of Fundamentals and Playing Time has him dropping as well as some off the Field Issues to the 2nd Round. Scouts want to know why he only started 10 Ballgames in the last 2 Season at LSU

    Players on the Rise on Big Draft Board

    1) WR Kevin White – (West Virginia) May end up being the Top WR in Draft

    2) DT Danny Shelton (Washington) Very Active and has moved into Top 10 Pick now

    3) DT Malcolm Brown (Texas) Another big body, athletic DT.. Top 15

    4) DE/OLB Alvin “Bud” Dupree (Kentucky) More Size and Strength and upside than the smaller OLB’s in this Draft (Beasley,Ray & Gregory are all 245lbs or less)

    5) WR Jaelen Strong (Arizona) A Big Physical WR that has moved up into the Mid 1st Round (#15-#22 Range)

    6) CB Kevin Johnson (Wake Forest) Probably the Best Fundamental Cover CB in this Draft but not real Physical and only goes 185 Lbs which scares some Teams off… May be suited better for a Zone/Cover 2 Scheme Defense instead of a Press-Man Coverage Scheme but still goes late in the 1st Round

    7) WR Breshard Perriman (UCF) Was moving up the Boards even before his Workout 40 Yard time of 4.25 in the 40 time… HAs good size at 6-2 212lbs and a good Route Running Skills and plays Physical with Good Hands.. Maybe end up being one of the Top WR’s In this Draft Class and is sneaking into the late 1st Round on some Mocks or definitely early 2nd

    8) OT Jake Fisher (Oregon) Great Feet,Athleticism & Motor set to play RT or Guard at the NFL Level early on, Has moved up as a late 2nd/3rd Round
    Prospects into a late 1st/early 2nd with Strong Combine,WOrkout Days and Interviews..

    9) OLB Eli Harold (VIrginia) Has moved up from a 3rd/4th Round Prospect
    to a Solid early 2nd Rounder.. Many Scouts like his ability to Play all 3 Downs at the NFL Level with his Pass-Coverage Skills to go along with his Pass-Rushing and tackling ability.. I like this Eli Harold to be a solid NFL LB

    10) DB Quentin Rollins (Miami of Ohio) Many see him at Safety in the NFL
    has Size, Speed and Ball Skills

    11) ILB Stephone Anthony (Clemson) Has moved up from a 3rd/4th Round Prospect to a 2nd Rounder, Plays the Run well, has Natural Instincts and Leadership and showed improved Pass-Coverage Skills at Combine and Workout day… Could be a Rookie Starter in the NFL at ILB even as a 2nd Rounder… A good Kid too…. Keep your eye on him..

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