• May 19, 2022

Kelly Will Reach To Draft “His” Players

ChipKelly1You can forget the player projections from all of the experts, scouts, coaches and general managers in terms of “where” prospects should be selected throughout the 2015 NFL draft.

Chip Kelly is only concerned with what Chip Kelly thinks of a player.

If he wants a guy, he is going to get “his” guy.

Where others interpret it as “reaching” for a prospect, with Chip, it’s about “control.” The head coach of the Eagles will not leave it in the hands of the other 31 NFL teams to draft “his” guy.
This will likely lead to Kelly taking a few players a round or two ahead of where you or I would agree they should go.

I try and picture what Chip would say if another person in the draft room advises him that the Eagles could trade back and acquire more picks. The image that I see is Chip wanting his guy, not allowing another NFL team the opportunity to select his player.

Chip is arrogant as much as he is cocky, and it could cause an absolute frenzy for Eagle fans during and at the conclusion of the draft.

Look at what Chip has already shown with his evaluation for players. Parting with Desean without any compensation, trading a pro-bowl running back for a linebacker with one NFL season coming off a major surgery, and giving away a 2016 second round pick in the Bradford trade.

What Chip does with full control of the draft remains a question mark for even the people closest to the head coach.

An excited worry would best describe how I’m feeling leading up to the draft. It’s one of my favorite sporting events, and I’m anticipating Chip to once again shock the world with a selection or a trade.

Jeff Kolsky

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  • Good morning my fellow eagle fans. What will this eagles team look like this time tomorrow? Will it be a cb…s..wr..ol.. or will it..could it..be…a qb..?

    • Good morning Jeff. DO THE DEAL! Mariota !!!

  • Absolutely.

  • As EHL posted…Twitter per Peter King. Eagles front runners per final push.

  • Saints linked heavily to Bryce Petty.

    Bruce Irvin to Atlanta.

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