• August 8, 2022

Reports: Chip Kelly Is Hot On Trail Of Marcus Mariota

ChipKelly&MarcusMariota4It’s time to get it done today for Chip Kelly and the Eagles.  He’s got about 13 hours to make something happen.

Peter King of MMQB.com reports that the Cleveland Browns think they can acquire the services of Sam Bradford before the draft starts tonight.  This is all apart of Chip Kelly’s move to get in place to draft Marcus Mariota. The Eagles want to trade Bradford to Cleveland and acquire the 12th pick in the first round.

The Birds also have put inside linebacker Mychal Kendricks, cornerback/nickel back Brandon Boykin and Pro Bowl left guard Evan Mathis on the trading block so they can acquire enough assets to put together an attractive deal for the Titans.

Albert Greer of NFL Network now reports that Kelly has put defensive end Fletcher Cox on the trading block in his effort of putting together a deal to get Mariota.

Kelly will also have to be willing to throw in next year’s number one pick.  I’m sure he’s hoping that acquiring Mariota would put the Eagles in position to at least finish deep in the playoffs so that their first round pick wouldn’t be a great one.

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk says a NFL source has told him, Chip Kelly and the Eagles are doing all they can to move into place to get Mariota.

They’re trying to put together enough assets to make a deal with the Tennessee Titans for that second pick.

The entire Delaware Valley is going to be sitting on pins and needles after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Jameis Winston with the first pick.  You won’t hear a sound in our area until Roger Goodell walks up on the platform with the announcement of the second pick.


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  • Well this should be fun.

    I have a nice bottle of Pinot Noir to get me through the nights festivities.

    • I don’t drink anymore TS but I will definitely have popcorn on the ready and if it gets too bad a stocked bar for visitors that I will raid!!!!!

      • LOL!!!!

        No popcorn but wine and pizza for me and only the kiddies to console me should things go badly.

        • ts, off from work tonight, & no real estate 2morrow. My Sons, Brother, Uncle, & Nephews, in the my man cave, pool table, Dos Equis, Grey Goose, Wings, pizza, hoagies from Primo’s, then Midnight show for Avengers. Can’t get much better than that. 😀 This should be fun. I hope Kelly don’t F^#@ up, & destroy the future of this team, but I also want Bradford, & his bust up porcelain knee out of here! What a dilema? That’s why I couldn’t stand his free agency route. If he mortgages the draft, we still need 1/2 a secondary, top WR, OG’s, & depth everywhere. I hope this ends well, or it could get ugly.

          • enjoy it DCAR!!!!!!!!! i myself just bought a new house last friday and worked my ass off to get the cave ready for tonight. its waiting for me to get home and the bros to come over. I hope this ends well.

            you want yota or what?

            • Good luck, & blessings with the new joint mh. With how busy I’ve been working, & my real estate, it took me 2.5 years to get my crib right. Feels good, when things are complete. Hate Porcelain knee, & right now, with all the stupid off season moves Kelly has made, he just about has to get him now. I’m not convince MM is going to any good, but just maybe in this offense, he can thrive. My biggest beef, is if Kelly pays what it’s going to take to get him, we still have needs at starting FS, CB, #1 WR, 2 OG’s, if Mathis is shit canned, & 5 tech DE, if Cox is traded. Not to mention ILB worries, if they trade Kendricks, & both Ryans, & Kiko aren’t ready to go, which is highly likely. Kelly is banking his decisions, too much on hope. Not a very bright, off season. He better pray he is as smart, as he thinks he is, or he’s done in a year, or 2.

  • all reports are pointing to getting him…
    this LLCB is something… we all have front row seats for this grand experiment…

    • hac, I gotta admit, I’m excited, & if Kelly pulls this off, WITHOUT mortgaging the next 3 drafts, & team depth, it will be amazing. Got to say, if anything he’s got brass ones, the size of water buffalos. He’s going to sink with his philosophy. He better pray, if he does piss away the future, that MM is a stud, & is a starter from day one, & wins us the big one, or he’s gone!

      • well ‘mortgaging the future’ is certainly open for interpretation….i guess the way its reported it ends up something like 19, 20 (bradford), 2 next year (foles), a 1 next and a player or two?????? obviously we all are hearing the same reports and have the same sources except of course JH…
        I don’t give a fuck– get him and lets see what the LLCB has got… lets see with HIS qb what the fucker can do… shit he’s won 20 games with garbage players. desean, lesean etc….

        • That’s a lot, but if can get him, & not lose any more picks from this year, I think I’ll be ok with it. I’m just not cool with losing all of Cox, Kendricks, Boykins, & Mathis. We’ll see? He better be as smart as all you lovers say he is. LOL!

          • as someone said on WIP today IF MM is what LLCB say he is then getting another cox is easier than getting a qb who has IT… kendrick and boykins are not in his plans so they mean nothing…
            of course getting a one for bradford is a steal…

  • Yota slips to 6

    Eagles trade Bradford Boykin kendricks cox # 20 and next years #1 for #6 and Wilkerson

  • Stay tuned to JH$ Eagle$ New$

    I ‘ll have complete coverage of Draft Day!

    SN: Remember who told you Eagles have deals in place with both the Titans and Browns

    JH$ Eagle$ New$

    • Excuse me. I also said the Bucs as well

      Pardon me

    • “Complete coverage, more later, stay tuned to delusional news at 11, this is Lil Bron-Bron, signing off”

  • Just think, we are all hoping and praying that the Eagles do the deal, but if it’s going to happen, it’s very likely already done. The teams might have worked out a deal last week and it’s just a matter of what the Bucs do with the first overall pick.

    On the other hand, if there has been no communication between the teams by now, there will be no deal…

    I would give anything to be in the Titans war room now.

    • My goodness Irish I would pay GOOD money for a seat in that war room

  • I only hope any deal with Cleveland is conditional on Mariota being available and the deal done. Worse case scenario would be the Mariota deal not coming to fruition -but Bradford in Cleveland – and we are stuck with Sanchez and ???.

  • Agree with Irish. The deals have to be done by now…”contingent on” and “contingent on”….

    How exciting to have finally become a member of the ultra-desperate trade everything club.

    And such a prestigious club it is.

    Still, I am happy Kelly will finally get “his guy” and we’ll all get to wonder and marvel at the brilliance of his offensive scheme unleashed in all its glory.

    Who will be playing on the OL and DL again?

    • I doubt if any deal is in place yet. Teams will wait to see what package is best for them before the draft starts.

  • I can just picture the Titans war room bunch of guys dressed in all black with ski masks and pistols because somebody is getting robbed in about 10 hours

    • Lion i read this and got the image of Ralphie’s imaginary encounter with noted outlaw “Black Bart’ of the movie Christmas Story… hope chip has his Red Ryder BB gun!

      • LOL great movie by the way.

  • Chip has moving vans ,last utilized in the Baltimore Colts exodus,outside the Linc..he’s asked everybody in the locker room to pack and wait..howie was seen arriving with his slide rule ,and Jeffrey is going paperless …this will be the great heist..the Titans are using chip to up the ante..I don’t think any semblance of a deal is in place ,they’re counting on chip bidding against himself.

  • I don’t think he gets Mariota.

    Not for lack of trying mind you…I’m just not convinced they’ve got enough juice to get it done.

    • I agree…i just dont think he has enough…someone is going to be able to give the Titans a better deal.

      • Breeze, I think Chip is determined to not be out done and will get him (Mariota) if the Titans trade the pick. I do not think another team will give up as much as Chip to get Mariota. I say this based off of the reports I am reading.

  • The swiftness and meandering with players coming and going will be trend setting in my opinion.The capologist had to be consulted prior to any deal ,as there is no way the players involved and there cap hits can be factored in ,with a draft clock ticking..that’s a given..we know the suspects in this transition ,who are “not chips types of guys” …if he is being played and foles is a bigger pawn than bradford at the last minute ,with Tenny taking the Rams and clevelands deal over chip ,the ultimate twilight zone scenarios will be dissected for a decade ..the Rams send foles and 10 to cleveland and then trade 12 and 19 ,to Tenny for MM ..oh how sweet that would be …the music will have stopped with the deck chairs on the titanic with chip and the gimp ..

  • Swoop was seen on his cycle on the Memphis freeway ?

  • The phone lines in Tenny at the 11 th hour drop chips cell call….chips screaming..as the glass slipper hits midnight ..screaming…”can you hear me now”

  • GET SAM BRADFORD THE FUCK OFF MY TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LOL.

      He has “upside”

  • “Green eggs and sam” ..I’m a gimp with a limp ,gulping sports drinks ,and rehabbing on 10 hours of sleep a night..trying in vain to Hal my two ACL tears for back to back years…I’m now on the block im told,just so pinnochipio ,can be heralded as being “bold” the first sight of a 300 pound man breathing on my back ,adds to my number one stat..another sack..chip is asking for Tenny and cleveland to offer a one..and now as the sun sets on another draft in the books ..I look around and see vacant lockers of teammates that have passed..it’s chip and I and bill davis in tears…this is green eggs and sam i ams greatest of fears..vinnie and Kool and henski and Paul..wondering how quickly it all could fall?chip grabs a guy named hundley at two…the last laughs on me and on you!

    • Good one Deserteagle..
      I do believe Bradford is Traded and moved, even if the Mariota Deal doesn’t happen.. Bradford no more fit’s Chip Kelly’s Scheme than Nick Foles did..

  • The molding of this team continues. It would be hard to watch good D players walk but we didnt pay this coach a billion dollars to stick him with Andy and Howie guys and make him make it work.

    Id prefer to continue to upgrade the d.. specifically the 2ndary but we need a franchise QB and we havent had one since McNabb was shipped out. I really dont know what to root for.

    As far as Bradford goes…. I am not sold with him being our starter… but Im not butt hurt about losing the former. If he indeed stays with the Eagles… I will give him a shot.

    • There are No Franchise QB’s in this Draft
      Let me Repeat, there are No Franchise QB’s in this Draft
      Just because Marcus Mariota was recruited 5 Years ago and played for Chip Kelly 3 Years ago does not make him a Franchise QB in the Eyes of Kelly… It makes for a Good Story and Drama for Fans and the NFL
      but just because Mariota is in this Draft doesn’t mean that Kelly thinks as highly of him as a NFL QB

      • with the exception that chip said he will win multiple championships and processes information like manning. aside from that yeah he probably doesnt think that highly of him

      • your wrong paulman…if Mariota gets in this system with Chip…he will be a franchise QB…Winston is also a franchise QB…
        Mariota has the arm, he has the smarts, he has the speed, he doesn’t turn the ball over, he’s durable…
        He is a franchise QB in Chip’s system!
        Anywhere else…its gonna to take him a couple of years to develop…
        Teams should be wary of him
        Not Chip and the Eagles…

  • New Eagles Mock 2015 Draft

    Eagles Trade QB S Bradford to Browns for their 19th Pick
    Eagles Trade LB Kendricks to the Raiders for their 3rd Rd Pick (#68)
    Eagles also Trade Mathis and Boykin for to move up in the 5th and 6th Rds

    Eagles then Draft

    1st #19 (From Browns)
    1st #20
    2nd #52
    3rd #68 (From Raiders)
    3rd #84
    4th #113
    5th #143 (From Broncos on Trade of Mathis + Eagles #156)
    5th #145
    6th #179 (From Raiders on Trade of Boykin + Eagles #196)
    7th #237

    • pretty sure thats not a mock draft

      • Players Selected

        #19 DL Arik Armstead (Oregon 6-7 292lbs)
        #20 CB Byron Jones (U Conn 6-1 200lbs)
        #52 LB Stephone Anthony (Clemson 6-3 245lbs)
        #68 OL Ali Marpet (Hobart 6-4 307lbs)
        #84 WR Tre McBride (William & MAry 6-0 212lbs)
        #113 WR Dezmin Lewis (Central Arkansas 6-4 220lbs)
        #143 RB Cameron Artis-Payne (Auburn 5-10 212lbs)
        #145 OL Mark GLowinski (West Virginia 6-4 307lbs)
        #179 TE Blake Bell (Oklahoma 6-6 252lbs)
        #237 QB Trevor Siemian (Northwestern 6-3 220lbs)

        • paul, you making that good moonshine in Boone again??? Who’s our QB then? Dirty Sanchez, & Barkely sucking monkey balls?

  • So the people in cleveland, in the dog pound are sitting there saying ‘wait after all this sam freaking bradford is our qb’???? what have we done to piss the lord off’…’why us?’

    • im thinking bradford will be a jet not a brown but days end. really think if a deal is happening its with jets

    • The Indians were good many moons ago…at least they have that….and Lebron will get them a title in the next 2-3 years.

  • HAC….remember what we were discussing yesterday.

    According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns are unwilling to part with their 2016 first-rounder in any deal to get from 12 and 19 to No. 2 overall

    • Welcome to the Bradford era brown fans… Stupid and short sighted

      • hac, that’s why the Browns are a black hole organization. I think I heard something today, that they have had 30 something QB’s, since 99′ Man they are pitiful!

    • Good for the Browns for that would be stupid to do so since there is a very good possibility that the 2016 1st Round Pick is a Top #10 Pick that they would be sending to Titans on Top of #12 & #19 for a QB in Mariota who wont be ready for a season or two ?? Makes little Sense for them

      • Paulman which is why I said the only roadblock to Mariotta if the Titans are open to trading the pick were the Chargers with Rivers.

        Cleveland was not giving up 3 firsts.

        Just like the Eagles wont be giving up 3 firsts if one of them is Clevelands pick.

        • I think the Titans are going to pass on Mariota if they can’t get their 3 1st Round Picks and aren’t going to make a Deal just to make a Deal and will end up Selecting DT Leonard Williams
          The Drama will then Shift to the Raiders at #4 which helps keep the NFL Ratings & Drama thru the Roof tonight…

          • And don’t discount the NO Saints either who have #13, # 31 and possibly even QB Brees to dangle to the Titans..

            • Saints want Bryce Petty. Plus cap ramifications they cant get rid of Brees hes there til the end.

              • I think that could be a distraction for their secret interest in Mariota. I think the Saints like him a lot and he would be a great fit in their offense. Word is the Saints are going to be extremely aggressive this year

  • Eric Lindros.

    • Stand down Vinniedaloser

      Your still in your hating butt hurt mode crying over your idol

      No one feels like hearing your tears today

      This is it…draft day…we are going to make it happen and get better today

      With or without Mariotta!

  • I heard the Eagles offered a hypothetical trade that was rejected by the Titans. Definitely more than what I expected, but still no deal. Here’s the rumored deal:

    Get the 19th pick from Cleveland for Sam Bradford and a late round pick.

    The Eagles would then trade the #19, #20, 1st round picks in 2016 and 2017, Fletcher Cox, and Mychal Kendricks.

    Supposedly Tennessee rejected that offer. Although it is early, I don’t see any team offering more than that.

    Another report I read says that if the Titans don’t get an absolute MASSIVE haul for the No. 2 pick, they will select Mariota who they are very high on.

    It looks like the Titans are playing hardball. But for a franchise that can’t afford to screw up situations where they have the 2nd overall pick, I have to believe that getting four 1st rounders, Cox, and Kenricks would be enough to get it done. Hopefully Kelly can negotiate it down a bit because adding Cox in that deal makes it basically five 1st round picks and one 2nd rounder (Kendricks value). Thats absurd

    • That is all would offer. Move on!

      • 4 first round picks plus Cox and Kendricks? Eff that.

        • Bugsy!!! You beat me too it…Hellllllll Noooooooo!!!! Adding Cox is another 1st imo. Tenn is dumb if they turneds this deal down. Which makes me this rumour is what it is..a rumour.

          • **Rumor

            • What that scenario really means is Eagles gave/give up (from their roster) Foles, a 2nd, and a 4th (Bradford), Kendricks, Cox, 2015, 2016, 2017 firsts and an unnamed late round pick.

              3 firsts, a 2nd, a 4th and 3 players…..

              For Mariotta and a 5th (back from Rams)

              No way on the planet would I ever offer that for one draft pick.

              If the Titans turned that down well…they’re stupid…..how can you go higher???

              • They’re trying to get Kelly to overpay which many around the league believe he will. I think they want the Eagles to throw in a mix of future 2nd rounders, 3rd rounders, and fourth rounders on top of all that. Like I said, flat out ABSURD.

  • i tend to believe the titans balked at that reported offer which if true makes them certified morons, which judging by the franchise is 1000000% understandable…

    i also believe the eagles will got marriota

    i also believe they will deal with the jets or bucs to get him

    • mathis would look good opposite mankins at guard in tampa.

      cox would be insane next to gerald mccoy

      kendricks would fit right in at olb there

      lovie loves defense

      and he could get a vet in bradford throwing to those beastly WR.

      makes sense for tampa.

      tenny has nothing, no direction, holes everywhere, we aint dealing with them and they aint dealing

      bucs or jets

      • trade to tenny always been a smoke screen

        • i keep coming back to DCars rumor with mike evans… give them a haul for 1 and evans? or is it the jets ? or we gonna have some broken tvs up in the henski household?

          • mh, wasn’t my rumor. LOL! Who said that? Not me, bruh…

            • did you have family(brother) down there saying rumor kept coming up with eagles and evans early this offseason? no?

              • I think that was paulman

              • Nope. My bro lives in Jacksonville, but at the time, it was a trade for Jordan, & Wallace, before he was traded. If I remember, it was Mathis, Boykin, & Curry, or something similar to that. My Bro is in Afghanistan, so I’ll have to go look. I forget. Brain fart today. Too excited, & up on fumes, with 3.5 hours sleep.

              • The other rumor was VJAX, not Evans. I wish we had gotten him, instead of resigning DJax. 🙁

              • sean i never listened to or believed a paulman rumor in my life…

                dunno dcar been a crazy year, might of got it mixed up.

                all the best to your bro

      • LeSean McCoy would have fit in well with the TB Bucs… Kelly Blew it..
        I hope TB Bucs are $30 MIllion under the Cap which they are not…
        They can’t even squeeze Bradford’s $13 Million in for 2015 so no Deal

  • My theory is we will end up with Mariota one way or another. I really don’t think Kelly is committed to Bradford at all. Problem is, we would have to have a deal in place with Cleveland first, before we can legitimately offer their #12 or #19 to the Titans.

    I bet you nothing happens until the pick is on the clock and Tennessee has the final offers from each team. At that point, they will go to Chip and say “hey listen Chip, ______ team is offering us this, this and this. Do better or we’re trading the pick elsewhere.”

    I think all this “the Titans will take Mariota if there isn’t a good enough offer on the table” chatter is primarily trying to drive up the Eagles’ asking price.

    I think the Titans know the Eagles are willing to give the most, and will squeeze every possible draft pick out of us. As I said, I believe we will end up with Mariota, but I have a bad feeling the price is going to be more than what any of us think is fair.

    • “All it would take is one more 2nd rounder Chip….one more pick……will it really matter in the big scheme of things? One more pick or we’re handing in the card……”

  • According to Mike Miss, the Eagles have announced that they will introduce their 1st round pick to the public and media at 4 pm tomorrow.

    • At #19, the Eagles Select DL Arik Armstead from the University of Oregon

      At #20 The Eagles Select CB Byron Jones from University of Connecticut

      • That would suck…No thanks to Armstead!

        • I like Armstead — 21 years old 290 lbs – will be a complete player in 2 years at age 23 and 310 lbs , well worth pick 20

          • I like Armstead also and think he will be a very good NFL PLayer

            I sure hope the Eagles get rid of Bradford to the Browns for #19
            at least getting 2 Players in the 1st Round to help sure up the
            Defense is a step in the right direction..

    • Guess they wont be trading out of round one…

  • It’s the sport of Kings better than Diamond Rings..
    Are you ready for some football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go EAGLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ******OKAY **** Here’s my prediction!

    At about 8:15 PM, Roger Goodell will step to the mic and say – “We have a trade, The Tennessee Titans have traded the #2 pick in the 2015 draft to the Saint Louis Rams… Saint Louis is on the clock…

    At about 8:20 PM Goodell will step back to the mic and say – “The Saint Louis Rams have traded the #2 pick from Tennessee to the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Josina Anderson is a little cutie

  • With Lael Collins out(I would have traded up for him) pushing other OL up the charts, WR talent deep, I am trading back if I cant hit the McGwire 500ft homerun.

    Then I will take any combination of OL/CB/WR.

    If a Danny Shelton drops….I snag him.

    • Eskin said the eagles had no interest in Ray or Lael Collins but it is bad news if they drop out of the top 20 since it will push 2 players up ( maybe one of the players they like)

    • at #9 – DT Danny Shelton
      at #20 – OLB Randy Gregory

      How much better does the Eagles Defense improve with these 2 Players

      • Im not as sold as you are on Gregory. He is light in the ass. But I LOVE DANNY SHELTON.

        • I am not as high on Gregory as others have been.. but he can get after the QB but needs to get up to the 255-260lbs level to play at NFL Level
          But SHelton I have liked all Off-Season…
          Get DT Shelton then LB Anthony and a Solid Safety would really solidify the middle of the Defense
          Build your Defense strong up the Middle first with SPeed,Atleticism at the Edges..

          • Gregory weighed in at 235 I believed. Shredded…but 235.

            • I like OLB’s Nate Irchard & Eli Harold as more complete
              3 Down LB’s

      • But yes that would be a young hungry defense. With the ability to cover flaws with a veteran here and there especially at CB/DL.

  • Wait a second, i was looking at local Philly expert mock drafts from reporters from the Philadelphia inquire, Philly Daily News, Comcast Sports Net and while reading Geoff Moesher’s mock on CSNPhilly draft story— there in the comment reply section I see a user with the name ————C Wayne Dorsey Jr—————-. LOL, GMCliff get your butt back here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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