• May 19, 2022

Report: Eagles Making Fletcher Cox Available

FletcherCox3According to a report from ProFootballTalk this morning, the Eagles are making defensive end Fletcher Cox available through trade as part of their bid to move up in the draft to take Marcus Mariota.

Cox was one of the Eagles’ top defensive players last year, and it would be a crushing blow to a young, improving defense to lose a guy like this.

Denny Basens

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  • I don’t believe a word of this …
    They just picked up Fletcher Cox’s 5th Year Option

    • Picking up that option makes it more trade friendly.

  • If the Jags called to swap pick 3 for Cox, I would say no way if Mariotta was not part of the equation. A guaranteed young stud is worth a top pick by itself.

    If Mariotta is a must have, try to trade Cox for #3. That is a legit offer to the Jags they should take for a Southern kid. Offer Tennesse #3 and #20 for #2. Trade Bradford for Clevlands #19. If Tenn wants more then take Leonard(best player in draft) to replace Cox and walk away.

    #3 and #20 is far better from eagles to drop 1 spot than #12 and #19 Cleveland can offer.
    That’s my plan.

    • that would be sick man. cant see that happening but that would be amazing. all i know is


  • Just as an extra sweetner for Chip. The eagles take Arik Armstead at 19 after the scenario Iabove. Chip gets 2 ducks! That’s sounds like his dream to get 2 more Ducks.

    They get Jordan for a bag of balls and let him sit for a years and room with Mariotta. Either he stays clean or Mariotta runs off the reals and they smoke together. The drama never ends!!

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