• May 27, 2022

A.J. Feeley Gives Us A Scouting Report On Sam Bradford

St. Louis Rams quarterbacks Sam Bradford, left, and quarterback A.J. Feeley drop back to pass during NFL football training camp Saturday, July 30, 2011, at the Rams’ training facility in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

St. Louis Rams quarterbacks Sam Bradford, left, and quarterback A.J. Feeley drop back to pass during NFL football training camp Saturday, July 30, 2011, at the Rams' training facility in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)
St. Louis Rams quarterbacks Sam Bradford, left, and quarterback A.J. Feeley drop back to pass during NFL football training camp Saturday, July 30, 2011, at the Rams’ training facility in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Earlier this week, former Eagles quarterback A.J. Feeley was on 97.5 The Fanatic with Anthony Gargano and he talked about his good friend, Sam Bradford. Feeley was a backup quarterback to Bradford in 2011 in St. Louis, so he knows him.  The former Heisman Trophy winner called Feeley immediately when he learned he had been traded to Philadelphia.

A.J. talked about filling him in on what it would be like to play in Philly.  He talked to Anthony about Bradford and raved about his intelligence and athleticism.

“A mellow cerebral quarterback”, Feeley said in describing Bradford. “He’s extremely athletic.  He’s loves the game.  Very accurate. He’s got an underrated arm.  You don’t realize how strong his arm is because it’s effortless for him. His first year he was offensive rookie of the year.  We didn’t have many weapons.  Our best weapon was a guy the Eagles cut the year before Danny Amendola.”

“He’s kind of a unique guy because of how big he is and how athletic he is,” Feeley said. “Assuming that he comes back to his original form from these injuries, he’s a big kind of a dual threat guy — more so than Nick Foles ever was.”

He’s the reason we almost made the playoffs (in 2010) before losing to Seattle at the end of the season.

“Sam was quite the basketball player growing up”, Feeley said.  “He was on a AAU team with Blake Griffin. He can hoop and that’s a pretty good indicator of how good of an athlete he was. He was impressive when I saw him play.”

“He ran this style of offense in Oklahoma”, said Feeley. “He’s still got to get over the injury thing.”

Later in the interview, Feeley recounted a story to illustrate how intelligent Bradford was.  In 2011, then Rams offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, who happens to be the Eagles current offensive coordinator left the Rams to be head coach of the Cleveland Browns, so current New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels took over as the Rams offensive coordinator and put in his system.

“We didn’t have OTA’s”, Feeley said. “We were late getting into training camp, so we had to learn the entire New England offense in a matter of three weeks.  I’m not embarrassed to say it. Sam picked up the offense probably two times faster than I did. It was a tough deal. He was able to read something the first time, pick it up, walk in the huddle; which was definitely an advantage for all of the players because everyone else was struggling.  Sam at one point was teaching the offense to everyone.”

SamBradford&A.J.Feeley3I’m sure stories like this one got back to Chip Kelly and that’s the reason, Bradford is here in an Eagles uniform.

“You look at Chip’s offense, A.J. said.  “They spread you out and the game’s basically angles and spacing.  You get the ball to playmakers in space. A quarterback who is athletic is going to be successful in Chip’s offense as long as you’re accurate and get it out of your hands quick.  Being able to move around gives the offense another dimension.  That’s the great thing about Chip’s offense.  It’s kind of a plug and go.  Guys can pick it up. If they’re accurate, anybody can play in this offense and have success.?”

Feeley did say at the end of the interview that Bradford needed to be more vocal. He didn’t push his teammates in St. Louis  He’s in his fifth year.  There are different leadership styles.

I’ve already had people tell me that Bradford doesn’t have a lot to say.  He doesn’t need to change who he is, but things he feels strongly about he needs to say something because he’s not in St. Louis anymore he’s in Philly.  Eagles fans want their quarterback to be in charge and in control.



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  • CAN SOMEONE START A FEED ABOUT THE PHILLIES? I know most you probably aren’t keeping tabs on this team, and rightfully so because they stink. But I thought this was a Philadelphia sports website, not a site for a bunch of Eagles fans to bitch and moan about stuff that wont matter for MONTHS!

    • I’m currently working on an article about how Ruben Amaro, Jr. will be in a position to really help the future of the Phillies come the trade dead line. Contending teams have lost a considerable amount of starting pitching and there has also been a struggle with closers getting the job done. I hope, and I’m sure you do, that he not only listens to offers for the likes of Hamels, Harang and Paplebon, but he comes away with players and not excuses that he didn’t receive good enough offers.

      I appreciate your willingness to be heard and what you want to read in terms of Philadelphia sports articles.

      • Jeff, I really think that considering the Dodgers injury problems , and inconsistencies with their starting rotation, there is still a real chance that the Phillies could get what they want in a trade for Hamels with Joc Pederson, Corey Seager, and Julio Urias, or a #1 draft pick.

        I think that is the team Rueben should set his sights on more so to deal with in a trade for Cole. They – the Dodgers – may have no choice but to be desperate, because they really have no decent production from their starting rotation this year, and they been bitten by the injury bug as well.

        • No way are the Dodgers moving 5-Tool OF J Pederson
          They would be happy to offer a Carl Crawford or A Ethier but Pederson is their future face of the Dodger Franchise and will not part with him for

          • He’s their potential future, but there is no guarantee. The Dodgers could be desperate enough to take the chance.

            They aren’t going to get Cole Hamels for their trash Paul. The asking price to the Dodgers is reasonable.

            Their pitching isn’t good at all this season, and Hamels would be their ace this year with Kershaw having a bad year, and with the injuries. So why would the Phillies be satisfied with Crawford, or Eithier ????

            If they want Hamels – It would have to be Pederson, Seager, and Urias, or a #1 draft pick……

            • Hamels would not be the Dodgers #1 Starter, Cliff…
              More like their 3-4 Starter behind Kershaw, Grenkie for sure and
              maybe even after McCarthy.
              They have 5 MLB OF’s on their Roster

              A Team who could also use Hamels
              Are the SF Giants and Texas Rangers as
              They are battling in their respective Divisions

              • Paul have you seen jets haws post season numbers?

              • Kershaw Post-Season #’s have been poor the last
                2 Post-Seasons .. But over the last 3 Full Seasons
                He’s probably been the Best and most Consistent Starter
                Over the last 100 Starts so chances are his Numbers/Stats
                will even out

              • I FLAT OUT disagree with you Paul….Hamels would be their #1 this year, and into the playoffs…HE IS NO ONES #3, or #2 especially behind Grienke, you’ve got to be kidding me with that statement….You’re out of your mind Paul.

                The Phillies would benefit most from trading with the Dodgers, because the potential of the prospects they would get in return like:

                Pederson(RF), Seager(SS/2B), Urias, along with the development of Luis Encarnacion(LF), JP Crawford(SS), Maikel Franco(3B), Odubel Herrera(CF), and possible Jahailyn Ortiz(1B)………and if they can get some pitching talent to compliment Nola, and Urias……..The Phillies could be special…

              • Cripes Cliff you are out of your mind. And Paul to say that he would be behind MaCarthy is a joke right? That is an idiotic comment. One is a world series MVP who has pitched in the low 3s in ERA his whole career and the other is MaCarthy.

                Kershaw is the best pitcher in baseball. I wouldn’t take any other SP over him even with his slow start
                Greinke has a 1.52 ERA this year
                Hamels would have been their 3

                I agree that Hamels is worth one or more of the Dodgers best prospects, but the reality is that the Dodgers don’t need Hamels to compete and win the West and compete for the WS this year. They are not going to trade Pederson. He is up to stay. They are not going to trade Seager as J-Roll will just carry them over a season or so to get to him. Urias is one of the if not the best SP prospect. They are not trading that guy either. They can trade some of their 2nd level prospects and get a servicable SP, but they are banking on Beachy or Ryu coming back at some point this season.

              • And to suggest like you do in their post that they would get all 3 of those guys is just plain ridiculous. They would be lucky to get 1.

              • Bugs that’s cliff setting it up in an unrealistic manner so that when the trade happens and we don’t get three top prospects he can say we didn’t get enough…

              • I may be out of my mind Bugs, but I wouldn’t trade Hamels for anything less than that.

                I wouldn’t even entertain discussing 2nd tier prospects; It would be a complete waste of time to me. If they want him, they better come strong. That’s my point.

                At the very least I want Seager, Urias, and a #1

              • Zach Grienke, is not a better pitcher than Cole Hamels….

                Kershaw may be their ace NOW, but if Hamels was on that team, and Kershaw’s season continued to be the way it is…..Hamels would eventually be their #1 just like I said…

      • He will get prospects but we all know that prospects are just that… there are no guarantees whatsoever. Remember a few years back everyone wanted the prospect Dom Brown, everyone wanted the prospect Kyle Drabek…Tommy Joseph was a solid catching prospect. Obviously, it is time to unload hamels, pap and i guess Harang….Howard is hitting 260 in his last like 20 games with some pop…maybe something for him

        • Ruin 2morrows alter worshipping, PR spin man, in full-service, spin mode.

          • Exactly what did I say about prospects that is spin?

  • Hamels would be a #3 on Dodgers Staff
    Behind Kershaw & Greinke…
    No Doubt about this…

  • Paul, sometimes I think you have a clue about sports…then you say dumb shit

    • Grenkie is Pitching well and better than Hamels
      has the last 2 Seasons…
      Plus the Dodgers would prefer a lefty, righty, lefty
      Combo at the Top of their Rotation as most Teams do
      I believe Greinke has an option after this year which
      Is big motivation for him to get even a bigger deal..

  • Greinke is 37-13 with a 2.65 ERA since 2013
    What’s Hamels?
    You guys continue to Overrate your home-town Players
    Hamels is not as highly thought of around MLB
    As many of you think…

  • Hamels is 20-26 Since 2013 with an ERA
    of 3.25

    How is this better Stats than Greinke?
    Just because Hamels had a nice Post-Season
    Run some 5-6 Years ago? So did John Lackey?
    CC Sabathia, Matt Cain, Jon Lester…

    • Paul, considering the fact that the Phillies squandered some good outings by Cole Hamels with no run support through the years – although those games he had 9-13 strikeouts – It doesn’t surprise me that statistically anyone’s stats aren’t better than Hamels, ESPECIALLY Grienke playing for the Dodgers…..duh…

      I said Hamels is a BETTER PITCHER flat out, and he is….Grienke’s stats don’t make him a better pitcher my friend….

      • Since 2013, it’s Greinke every day over Hamels…
        The proof is in their Stats.. It is what it is… No comparison…

        • Totally disagree…..

          Oh you mean, His STATS when he was in Kansas City, with a lame team???
          His stats with the Dodgers don’t even make your point

          He has something to prove before he can be on the same plane with Cole Hamels Paul. He is NOT a better pitcher than Cole Hamels…..period.

          • The Stats I recited above 2013 to present are from Greinke’s Time with the Dodgers.. As usual, you are wrong when presented with the Facts and Stats
            That state that Greinke has been more productive and an overall better Pitcher
            than Cole Hamels…

            • I’m not wrong. Grienke is not a better pitcher than Hamels. What’s funny is that I’m not the only one that feels that way. Myself, and Ciggy don’t always agree, but as you can see in his post, even he thinks that statement is assinie.

              Please don’t use the phrase “as usual” in reference to me Paul, because
              1. That’s hardly accurate; You just don’t agree with me at times..which is fine.
              2. You’re the one that’s usually wrong, but on this we can agree to disagree.

            • Just a side point though. Statistics, don’t always tell the whole story, and your argument in reference to Grienkes stats are irrelevant, because he isn’t a better overall pitcher than Cole Hamels…..That is a fact.

  • Paul Kreinke is an excellent pitcher. Hamels is a horse and has been for a long time

  • paul, you are the manager…its game 7 and you have a rested hamels and a rested Greinke….. who do you start? and if you don’t say hamels you are just being a dick!

    • Depends on who the opponent is, where the game is played, etc..
      Greinke is Low-Ball Pitcher who gets a lot of ground balls outs…
      Hamels give up more Fly Balls & HR, so it would depend on who they are facing…Dodgerr Stadium is Big Park
      In 2015, all things being equal, I start Greinke and tellHamels to be ready
      And maybe pitch both

      • Thanks for once again proving your stupidity….

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