• July 4, 2022

Evaluating The Eagles’ Off-Season: Offense

ChipKelly1With free agency and the draft now complete, the Eagles 2015 roster is all but complete.

Now that the moves have transpired and we’ve had a few weeks from the draft the let everything sink in, it’s time to take a look at where this roster is and whether or not the Birds have made progress on paper.


Gained: Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow

Lost: Nick Foles

The most important position on the football team remains a considerable question mark for the Eagles.

I didn’t understand the Sam Bradford trade the day it was made, and I still don’t get it today. Chip Kelly’s offense is a system that requires the quarterback to take a fair amount of hits, and hitching the team’s wagon to a guy like Bradford who has been anything but durable is a formula that to me is just begging for trouble. Bradford is just such an unknown at this point, that I could never justify paying the price that the Eagles gave up (Nick Foles AND a second round pick) for a guy that has proven so little and is on the last year of his contract.

Bradford, who is still recovering from his most recent ACL repair,  may not even be ready to be under center by the time the season starts. This possibility raises even more concern, because if Bradford spends the summer rehabbing rather than gaining valuable reps with his teammates, it’s going to put him further behind in learning a new system which will make it even more difficult for him to make a positive impact on the field.

At this point, Bradford looks like a stopgap option at best, and the Eagles could have very well forfeited a second-rounder for a guy who won’t even be here next year.

Given the choice between rolling the dice on Bradford for a year and parting with Foles and a high draft pick or sticking with Nick for one more year and giving him one last chance to prove himself, I’d have stuck with Foles in a heartbeat.

Has The Position Improved?: Inconclusive

Running Back

Gained: DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews

Lost: LeSean McCoy, Chris Polk

The loss of LeSean McCoy doesn’t bother me. The McCoy trade was one of the few moves that Chip Kelly made that I was actually on board with.

As successful as McCoy was, we all know running backs fizzle out quicker than any other position in the league, and I think it was a very smart move to think one step ahead and get something in return while McCoy still had some value and also pick up some significant salary relief in the process.

And if McCoy’s recent comments are any indication, ridding the locker room of another rotten personality is also a plus.

However, I don’t agree at all with the approach Kelly took to replace him.

Running back is one of the easiest positions to replace and replenish talent in the NFL. In this day and age, I don’t think it’s necessary to go out and pay top dollar to free agent star running backs. Especially ones with significant wear and tear on them.

DeMarco Murray comes off of a tremendous year for Dallas, but now he’s in a position where he’s got a worse offensive line and he also won’t enjoy the benefit of defenses worrying about a threat like Dez Bryant on the outside. And history also shows that Murray is likely to have a down season following a year like he had in 2014 where he led the NFL in touches.

I just feel that the Eagles didn’t need to dump as much money as they did into free agency.

This draft also happened to be very deep at the position. I would have much rather seen the Eagles take a running back in the second or third round and develop a young talent.

Has The Position Improved? Yes, the position is certainly deeper than it was a year ago, though Murray and Mathews each carry their own sets of questions.

Wide Receiver/Tight End

Gained: Nelson Agholor, Miles Austin

Lost: Jeremy Maclin, James Casey, Brad Smith

This may be the position where the Eagles took the biggest step back.

Losing Jeremy Maclin was an enormous blow to the offense, as well as the team’s off-season plans. Maclin proved to be an excellent fit in Chip Kelly’s offense, and enjoyed the strongest season of his career. He might have put up even better numbers if not for the ineptitude of backup quarterback Mark Sanchez over the second half of the season.

The Eagles badly misjudged the free agent market, and allowed Maclin to become an unrestricted free agent after failing to protect themselves by applying the franchise tag. With Demaryious Thomas and Dez Bryant hit with the tag, Kelly and company should have known that teams desperate to acquire a number-one talent were going to come banging down the doors for Maclin as soon as free agency opened.

As a result, they were left with a gaping hole at the position, and were forced to address the position early in the draft with Agholor to fill the void.

Agholor has drawn comparisons to Maclin, but it isn’t possible or fair to expect him to come in and replace Maclin’s production in his first year.

Has The Position Improved? No, they’ve taken a step back here.

Offensive Line

Gained: N/A

Lost: Todd Herremans

For the second straight year, the Eagles failed to address the offensive line in either free agency or the draft, which could be a decision that really comes back to haunt the Birds.

This offensive line has problems, and I don’t think a lot of people realize what it could mean for this offense in 2015.

A lot of people take Jason Peters and Evan Mathis for granted, but these two just aren’t the same players they were a couple of years ago. Peters in particular saw his play dip noticeably from what it was in 2013, and while he’s still a solid left tackle I fear he may not be the elite blocker he’s been throughout his career any longer. Mathis also wasn’t quite the same guy last year he was in 2013.

These are two guys in their mid-30’s, once guys begin to decline they only get worse, they don’t get better.

Meanwhile, the Eagles also have major questions at right guard. The team thinks very highly of Allen Barbre, but I feel as though they’ve badly overrated him. Barbre struggled heavily last year while in the starting lineup in the preseason before going down with a season-ending injury in Week 1 against the Jaguars.

The Eagles also don’t have any significant prospects waiting to step up and replace the guys they’ve got now. Matt Tobin and Andrew Gardner don’t look like anything more than serviceable reserves that can get a team through a game or two at most.

Has The Position Improved? No

Final Thoughts

When I look at the Eagles’ offense, there have been so many moving parts and new faces across the board.

Quarterback, running back, and wide receiver all have new primary faces and given all the questions surrounding the injury history of guys like Sam Bradford, the youth at wide receiver, and the wear and tear of the offensive line, I just can’t in good conscious say that this group is going to better than what the Eagles fielded the last two years.

Denny Basens

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  • The Eagles Offense will have to take a new Approach
    To slow the game down, run the ball more, play more physical and eat more clock If they stand any chance of competing in the NFC East for a Playoff spot..
    The Eagles “Big-Play” Players are gone (McCoy,D-Jax & Maclin) now so the Eagles Offense will have to rely on a more methodical
    And better executed Scheme to move the ball down the field..
    I think the Key for their Offense to have success
    Is TE Z Ertz, WR J Huff & RB R Matthews all having
    Big seasons… I fear Mark Sanchez will be the opening day Starter
    due to his familiarity of the Offense and until Bradford is ready to go which very well could be mid/late September..
    The OL, which once a strength of the Eagles in the NFC East
    Has now dropped due to age & injuries..
    Any injury to Peters or Kelce and this Offense is grounded…

    I didn’t like the Deal (Bradford for Foles & 2nd Rd Pick)
    For I see no real upgrade in Bradford’s game to Foles
    To be honest..
    Both are limited with their mobility and give you no threat of a run,
    Foles has shown more heart and will take chances down the field where tre big plays come while Bradford is probably the more accurate, quicker decision maker though he loves those dink & dunks which won’t beat the better Defenses anyways and the Eagles pkay sone pretty good Defenses in
    2015 (Bills,Jets,Pats,Dolphins,Panthers,Cardinals to name a few)
    These Teams all have strong Front 7 and are difficult
    To run on so the “dinking & dunking” attack
    of Sanchez & Bradford will not work very well

    Time will tell but I am forecasting a 7-8 Win Season
    And another miss to the Post-Season

    The Giants & Redskins have improved and the Cowboys
    Added 3 Young Players with 1st Round Talent to their Roster
    In CB Jones, Pass-Rusher Gregory and OL Collins who
    will probably have the longest NFL Career of any of them

    With more and more on Chip Kelly’s plate as he wanted
    It to be, I still think it’s a bad idea of wearing the GM Hat
    When actually Coaching the Playere too,.

    This Off-Season with all the Moves, Cuts, Free-Agency
    & Draft , I grade the Eagles with an overall “C”
    Which is not good enough to return to the Post-Season
    In my opinion..

  • I also meant to say Good Article,Denny…

  • I do think the WR Corps is not as dire as you suggest
    The Combo of Agholor & Austin should duplicate close
    To Maclin’s Production and Matthews,Huff should both improve

    The RB Corp built through Free-Agency with big names & high salaried Backs
    will turn out bad another year down the road..
    I think signing Ryan Matthews, then Drafting a RB
    In this Deep RB Class to go along with Sproles & Polk
    Would have been the wiser way to go and save
    The $$$$ spent on Murray for a Guard in Free-Agency
    (Bolick, Carpenter,Iupati, Franklin, etc)

    I also didn’t like Trading the 4th Round Pick in 2015
    For a 3rd In 2016 with Detroit which probably ends up as
    85th Pick or so since the Lions likely have a playoff Team in 2015
    so the Eagles didn’t really gain much in my opinion,
    And pretty much did this deal since they Traded
    Their 2nd Round Pick in 2016 in the poor Bradford Trade

    • Huff is one guy I’m really curious to see moving forward…we saw flashes of big play potential a year ago, but for every bright moment there were two boneheaded mistakes.

      If he can clean those up, we might have something to work with.

      And I also agree that signing Mathews alone and drafting another guy would have been an ideal way to go to address running back rather than pour so much into both Mathews and Murray…really unnecessary spending if you ask me.

      I did like the deal for Detroit’s third rounder next year, however.

      While in the short term it hurt this year’s class, especially after the Eagles had already dealt away both fifth-rounders, but who knows what the Lions will do this year…that franchise is the textbook definition of inconsistency, and I think that pick should fall somewhere in the top 12-20 picks in round three, and the Eagles really needed to pick up another higher round pick for next year after already throwing away next year’s second rounder in the Bradford deal…

      • Denny, I think Josh Huff is one of the many overvalued players that Chip Kelly has brought in from Oregon/Pac 12. He brought him in thinking he could give us the same threat the DeSean Jackson posed in his offense….He is SO wrong..

        I give him 2-3 years after Chip attempts to save face for drafting him thinking he had what it took to wipe DJax backside, before he decides to no longer be in denial, and let him go.

        • This Year is huge foe Huff on whether he become a legitimate WR & threat in the NFL… There is no comparison on Huff’s Skill Set and that of D-Jax…
          Chip Kelly does not believe in the deep (Vertical) routes by Receivers which is where D-Jax excels at and Kelly likes to employ a much more Horizontal Passing attack which is what Huff did for Kelly at Oregon..
          D-Jax Skill Set & Talents just didn’t suit for what Kelly wants in his receivers…
          He wants bubble routes, slants physical blocking in the running game and work
          On those routes 15-12 yards an I and get those YAC…
          This year we’ll see if Huff can be that player, which I am not sold on him since he’s a natural RB with lower body strength and explosiveness but does not possess natural hands to be the Top Flight Receiver that D-Jax is as far as using his hands to extend and catch the ball… Huff battles with himself on almost every Catch which concerns me but he was a Rookie last year probably trying to do a bit too much so if he progresses, works with his hands and let the game come to him a bit, he has a chance but it needs to show this Year

          • D-Jax Skill Set & Talents just didn’t suit for what Kelly wants in his receivers?

            Paul, with all due respect my friend…that’s bullshit…..It is common knowledge that you despise DeSean Jackson, so I don’t want to get into that, with you because you are so in denial

            But as we saw last year, DeSean’s absence, had NOTHING to with his skill set, but I as many saw how his absence hurt the Eagles Offensive efficiency – and please spare me stats – Like I mentioned to you before, stats don’t tell the whole story

            Shady, along with an injury riddled Offensive Line, without DeSean allowed teams to stack the box against him – his lack of production had NOTHING to do with not running north/south – but DeSeans absence – that was another element of his skill set…

            I wonder why Riley Cooper couldn’t duplicate the season he had the year before???….HUUUUMM!! Maybe because teams didn’t have to play a Safety over Maclin on the regular – although he had a great season, still never brought to this team what DeSean Jackson had – because he wasn’t as talented.

            Stop feeding on that crap that Kelly spews. He got rid of DeSean BECAUSE HE DIDN’T WANT TO PAY HIM……NOTHING ELSE…..Shady was in the same situation ; Payroll, Salary Cap…..

            Your hate for DeSean, clouds your better judgment. You can see as well as everyone else that Kelly is one of the best at lying his tail off, with a straight face..

          • Oh, and Josh Huff stinks. There is no need to look for him to be legitimate, but I’m sure, like Michael Floyd, you’ll exaggerate any decent production into potential pro bowl status…LMBO!!!!

          • I also guess we shouldn’t expect the Eagles to throw the ball down field at all this season – I sure saw it last season along with all those other plays you mentioned.

            We’ll see if that’s all he like to do….when the Offense isn’t clicking, and the O- Line is allowing sacks, and the Eagles are behind, I look forward to them running the ball, and short passing bubble screens……

            • Throwing the Ball deep down the Field is not really part of Kelly’s Scheme
              And just like RB LeSean McCoy did not fit Kelly’s preference of a more downhill, zone rushing attack, neither did WR D-Jax with his outside the Numbers Deep Routes and not much more added to the offense since he doesn’t block well, go across the middle, run slants, effective in the red-zone,etc,etc … Basically having a Speed-Burner Outside WR in Chip Kelly’s Scheme is for a Rotational Player and not a Player you Pay $8-$10-$12 Million per Season ..
              Besides, with QB’s Bradford,Sanchez, Tebow & Barkley the Eagles don’t even have a QB on their Roster who throws a Deep Ball well…

              • LOL!!!….You’re a funny guy Paul…..You’ll support that theory until you can’t. I admire that….

                Who are we looking at next year to draft at QB Paul??…

                Or I should ask who are YOU looking at to draft next year at QB??

                I like Jacoby Brissett. He is much better than the Ohio State QB.

              • NC State’s Brisset has some nice Upside Potential with good size,arm and feet to move around … Lets see how he Plays next Year… NC State’s Offense runs a Pro-Style Offense so Jacoby Brisset should be pretty well-versed for the next Level…

                A under the radar QB I like is Nate Sudfeld from Indiana (6-4′ – 232lbs)
                who is raw, but a nice Arm, Smart, Tough and the type of over-achiever that
                Kelly seems to love…

                There’s QB like Connor Cook, Kevin Hogan, Cody Kessler, Braxton Miller,
                the Transfer QB Everett Goldston from Notre Dame who may end up at Georgia or Florida or even Fla State, Dallas Tidwell of Troy is a interesting prospect… It’s a wide open QB Class for 2015 and there will be Juniors who may come out early too (Goff from California, Hackenburg from Penn State, Cardele Jones from Ohio State, Jeff Lindquist from Washington
                Gunner Kiel from Cincinnati, Appleby from Purdue, etc,etc )

                A kid I like for down the road is Joshua Dobbs of Tennessee at 6-3 215lbs who needs to get bigger, stronger and who is a Junior this Season and started the last 6 Games of his Sophomore Year and went 4-2 against some pretty good competition in the SEC and seemed to help bring some stability at QB back to the Tennessee Program which has been missing for a while..

    • The biggest positive I can take from trading out 2015 4th for a 2016 3rd is that the pick was originally from the Asante Samuel trade. I forget where I saw the article, but we traded Asante to the Falcons for a 7th rounder. With that 7th rounder we picked Bryce Brown. Last year, we traded Brown for the 4th rounder. This year we traded the 4th for a 3rd next year. So, in essence, we traded Asante in 2012 for a 2016 3rd round pick. Asante played one more year after that so that makes the trade for the 2016 3rd a little bit easier to swallow.

      • What does it matter where the Pick Originated from.. Do you really think Chip Kelly cares that it originated from the Samuel Deal some 4-Years ago that he can just dispose of it or simply roll the dice.. Makes no sense even bringing up the connection or origin of how the pick came to be…
        It’s what Chip Kelly decided to do with this Pick in 2015 Draft is what matters

  • Probably the only Fantasy Player I take from the Eagles is Kicker Parkey who will get a lot of FG attempts as Eagles will move the ball before having to settle
    For FG’s…

    • You fans are all delusional. Sam Bradford will set records in this offense, First off the odds of Bradfor tearing another ACL are remote. He has no greater chance of tearing another ACL than anyone else he will be fine. @nd every QB from college to pro have set records in Kellys offense. Now he has a former #1 pick the best throwing QB he has ever had at his disposal. The most accurate, the quickest release, the smartest etc. Bradford will throw for 5000 yards. Now lets look at WR and RB. Every RB and WR groups from college to pro have thrived in Kellys system they have all set records under Kelly. To think that will change is comical. The key is for these players to actual do it vs the elite defenses. That all comes back to the 1st round, 1st pick in the draft Bradford which I am confident that once he gets rolling its on.

      • Another thing is Chip is right you aren’t getting a franchise QB for nothing. You have to be really bad and get a high pick, really lucky ala Russell Wilson or get someone who may have had some bad luck and a team wants to move on. Make no mistake Bradford isn’t no Jamarcus Russell. Bradford is a bonafide 1st round talent. Bradford played on a piss pooor offensive team in a division that Aaron Rogers, who may of still won some games but damn sure woldnt put up historic number vs them 3 defenses, SF, Seattle and Arizona. Guess what Bradford faces Dallas, Wash and NY 6 times a year that’s a big difference.

  • Let’s be honest with ourselves, if we kept Foles we would be a 8-10 win team at best. Once again, that would leave us with a pick in the 17-23 range. Plus we would have to decide whether or not to pay Foles with a long term contract.

    If Bradford pans out, Chip looks like a genius and traded a 2012 3rd and a 2016 2nd for a 2010 #1 overall pick. If Bradford gets injured and the Eagles have a bad season, Chip will be picking in the top half of the draft, where it is much more manageable to trade up and select the guy you want. Maybe he sees a player in next years draft as a potential QB of the future if Bradford doesn’t work out. It was an all or nothing trade. I’m tired of mediocrity idk about you guys.

    • Not very smart thinking and logic Sean..
      If you are going to roll the dice with the 2015 Season with Sam Bradford which cost $12 Million more that Foles and let’s say that Bradford wins 8-10 Games like Foles would likely have done then what do you do with Bradford’s Contract after the season, which is starting from a much higher level than Foles…
      The Fact the Bradford was a #1 Pick in 2010 and Foles a 85th Pick in 2012 means absolutely squat in 2015 .. What Player gives you the best chance to Win, What players gives you upside and What Players fits your Current and Future Cap Situation..
      Chip Kelly and the Eagles would have had a whole lot more flexibility keeping FOles and using Bradford’s 2015 Salary ($13 Million) to sure up the Roster with another Quality Player or two (an OL & Safety come to mind)
      No Kelly has all his eggs in Bradford for $13 Million and lost 2nd Round Pick in 2016..If Bradford Fails, they are back to Square 1 for QB , If Bradford has modest success (9-10 Wins and a Playoff Berth) then he will command $20 Million even though he’s not worth it…
      The only scenario this entire Trade works is that Bradford plays fantastic and the Eagles go on to Win the Super Bowl and what do you think the chances of this happening are?

      • The talent and skill difference between Foles and Bradford isn’t even close. Foles could not make quick reads and get the ball out of his hands quickly, which is what this offense is predicated on. Not QB mobility. Sanchez and Foles ran the offense with the same efficiency, why would they keep both? Also Foles has gotten injured every season since he was drafted, so its not like health was a determining factor either.

        If Bradford can stay healthy he will be leaps and bounds ahead of Nick Foles. I don’t think he has to win a superbowl next year to prove that,

        The only safety that was worth while chose not to sign with us. The only guards who fit our offense were Franklin and Carpenter and we have no chance at signing either. Chip Kelly was not going to spend the rest of his Eagles career married to Nick Foles at Quarterback.

        We are all entitled to our own opinions, but the only negative about the Bradford trade is his $13 million cap number. But using that money in free agency wouldn’t have provided us with more than quality depth. Chip is trying to build this team like the New England Patriots. Strong up front on both sides of the ball, smart quick thinking QB, strong run game, capable receivers, productive TE’s and quality special teams. We aren’t playing Madden here.

        • Sheil Kapadia:

          21 – That’s the percentage of Foles throws that were either underthrown or overthrown last year, according to Football Outsiders. Among the 36 quarterbacks who attempted at least 200 passes, Foles ranked 31st in this category. Only Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Blake Bortles, Kirk Cousins and Brian Hoyer were worse.

          Football Outsiders also charted the percentage of passes that were batted down or touched by an opposing defender. The number for Foles was 9.0 percent, which ranked 32nd out of 36 quarterbacks. What’s interesting is that Foles didn’t have a single pass batted at the line of scrimmage, but he still ranked poorly in this category for a number of reasons.

          -Accuracy is everything here, not cap figure. Essentially 1 out of every 10 Nick Foles passes was touched by a defender, and yet not one pass was batted down at the line. That means he was throwing into areas where the defender could make a play. Not what you want to see. When healthy, Sam Bradford is one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the league.

          • “When healthy, Sam Bradford is one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the league.”

            Keep repeating the same thing over and over, and maybe one day it will come true!

            Is that your mantra?

            Because the statement has no historical accuracy whatsoever.

            Sam Bradford had the highest % of short pass attempts in the league over the past 5 years. He had the lowest % of deep attempts.

            All the guy does is throw short.

            Despite throwing short at a higher %age than any other QB in the league except Alex Smith, Sam Bradfored has a career completion %age under 60%

            How is that, in any way, accurate???????????

            For the amount of under 5 yard throws the guy makes, he should be hanging out in the high 60s. CLose to 70. Then the “most accurate” line might carry some weight……..but right now its pure fantasy.

        • You don’t think that losing a 2nd Round Draft Pick in 2016 (which could very well be in the 40-45 Range if Bradford stinks or gets hurt again) doesn’t factor into the equation of a short-term High Risk besides the $13MIllion spent on Bradford..
          How about this simple scenario, Bradford plays well but Eagles fail to make Playoffs and finish at 10-6.. How much then do you re-sign Bradford for? A $100 Million Deal for a QB that’s never seen the Post-Season that he and his Agent will likely command with the shortage of QB’s out there ?

          • What kills me with the Bradford talk and all the injury worry is one of the most dominant teams last year was the Cardinals. A Cardinals team that was built around a QB that literally had his leg rebuilt with a cadaver. Palmer went a 5 year stretch where he was just a shell of his early Bengal days. In honesty he hasn’t even been lights out IMO in Arizona but it shows how a great offensive coach can design a system around his talents etc.

            We don’t know if Bradford is going to resurrect his career but the trend in the NFL is that pocket passers even with injury aged better and can be maximized in their career.

            Foles potential was maximized and he was moved. Looking at stats from a pathetic Rams squad that was a turnstile in coaching and players never committed adequate players offensively and trying to compare that to what he would do under Chip Kelly is asinine. Its something nice to argue about here on the forum but outside of that its pretty nonsensical if you look at it realistically.

            Bradford is hands down a better Qb than Sanchez and Kelly used this offense to make him more than adequate and at times last year look pretty damn good which is DAMN SUPRISING because we are talking about Mark Sanchez.

            The simple fact is none of really know…..until Bradford has had a crack at a whole season in this offense.

            If he is able to play the entire year in this offense with how friendly this offense is to stats and QBs its going to be pretty damn hard for him to not look good.

            Or his knee implodes in his first contact scrimmage.

            Betting man says if the dude lasts a full year in this offense he is going to put some pretty damn good numbers.

            • What I do know is that the Games & Seasons that QB Sam Bradford was healthy over his 5 Year Career, he failed to impress, l;ead or fight his way to anything tangible … Leadership Qualities, I never Saw, battling back and will your Team to win, I never saw that, a Deer look in the Headlights, playing scared at the first notice of pressure and shaky decision making is about all I saw from Sam Bradford… As far as bring the #1 Pick in 2010 means absolutely nothing to me in 2015 … Bradford plays Scared, and lacks Heart and Passion from the years I have watched him Play…. Good Riddance to him and the 2015 Season … It’s Mark Sanchize Time .. Good Grief…

              • That Rams team had no leadership or quality talent that was leading anywhere. Reading way too much into a player development on a team that really hasn’t had any real offensive player development outside of Stephen Jackson. There best offensive talent to Bradford was Danny Amendola who was an Eagles reject.

              • why didn’t ultra talented, computer brain, overall number 1 pick SAM BRADFORD take on leadership? Why didnt SAM BRADFORD take the bull by the horns and step up and be a leader?
                I am worried … this to me seems like a sonny jurgenson all over again… oh and it was norm snead who we got.

            • Palmer sucks. Arizone is never going to win anything with Palmer at the helm.

              “Bradford is hands down a better Qb than Sanchez”

              Ummm…..ya. Just about anyone is hands down better than Sanchez.

              I have no idea whether or not Bradford will be good. I hope he is. But all this, “one of the most accurate QBs in the league, super-quick decision making, quick releaseed, stong-armed” pumping of the Bradford tires is complete garbage that has no historical context behind it.

              • If you’re caught up in hyping Vinnie don’t you think it’s bit hypocritical when you hyped Foles and if the same blind comparison was used on Foles and Sanchez you couldn’t tell the difference between the two stat wise. Throw on top of that how most view Sanchez that doesn’t say a hell of a whole lot about Foles….I’m just saying,

              • And Vinnie I agree with you, the over the top hyping of Bradford is nonsense. I’m merely looking at Bradford as a better QB prospect than any QB Chip has had to date playing in a ridiculously friend QB offense. If there was no injury caveat the odds are he will put up numbers.

                I fault no one nor disagree with the anxiousness or lack of confidence in his injury history. It literally is the 13 million dollar question.

  • OMG did you just see the Tannehill deal? ….. remember boys its about the market… GCOBB posters love to bitch, whine and complain about contracts… its because they don’t understand market… Tannehill sets the bar for Bradford, foles and a bunch others…

    • Quick…who do you want?

      48 starts 23w 25L 11252yrds 6.8yrds/att 10.9yrds/catch 63tds 42 ints 139 sacks 28 fumbles

      49 starts 18W 30L 11065yrds 6.3yrds/att 10.7yrds/catch 59tds 38ints 120 sacks 27 fumbles

      Do people even know which one is ours? Tannehill vs Bradford….


      Just a reminder….we gave this up….

      24 starts 15W 9L 6753yrds 7.6yrds/att 12.3yrds/catch 46tds 17ints 57 sacks 16 fumbles

      Imagine doubling that to 48 starts:

      48 starts 30 W 18L 13506 yrds 7.6/att 12.3yrds/catch 92tds 34 ints 114 sacks 32 fumbles

      And it cost an extra 2nd to give that up….to coin a Paulman term….”good grief”

      • Damn Vinnie, I am going to get Sick…
        If Bradford goes Bust in 2015, then Chip Kelly should get Fired by Owner Lurie

      • Damn Vinnie, I am going to get Sick…
        If Bradford goes Bust in 2015, then Chip Kelly should get Fired by Owner Lurie

      • I want a QB who plays vs the pathetic defenses of Wash, NY and the Giants on my fantasy team over a guy who plays vs the top 3 defenses Seattle, Arizona and SF. Lets look at Nicks numbers vs Bradfords numbers this year. wouldn’t pick Foles over Bradford.

    • HAC Tannehills deal is actually only 4mill better guaranteed than Andy Daltons which basically makes a high mid major deal. At 16.5 roughly a year it’s below the 20mil min of top tier QBs.

  • Bradford is going to come into Philly saying my goodness I get to face NY, Washington and that Dallas defenses 6 times a year and I don’t have to see Seattle Arizona and that SF defense 6 times a year? No wonder you can put up historic numbers in this division. lolOnly a dumb ass wouldn’t realize you can inflate your stats when you play inferior defensive competition.

    • Bradford is coming to the Northeast and playing in a City with tough Fans, High Expectations and not a lot of patience for excuses or a display of a lack of passion.. Is Bradford mentally strong enough to play and excell inPhilly which will be the most Important factor more so than his physical abilities… ?
      Throw in playing outdoors in cold windy weather in December in meaningful games and I am not so sure how Bradford handles adversity…

      • Please Paulman the kid played for Oklahoma. Where families disown each other based on who they plead their allegiance too.

        • Boos don’t rain down on a QB after his first interception in Oklahoma like they will here. There aren’t 762 radio call in hours reserved every week for “Our QB sucks” shows like in Philly.

          BTW – why are people still bringing up Bradford’s college career anyway? I’ve never seen that with any other guy entering his 6th year in the pros….”well he was good in college so…..”

          • And you obviously have never listened to NY radio after losses lol.

  • You obviously don’t follow Major College Football. That is the most ridiculous statement ever.

    • I have been to college games at Michigan, Michigan State, ND, Penn State, Ohio Stats, the Cuse, and LSU. I was at a Sugar Bowl in N.O.

      I have been to NFL games in Philly, Det, GB, Chic, Cleveland, Buffalo, NE, Cinci, NYG, NYJ, N.O, Mia, Washington, Dallas, and TB.

      I can absolutely guarantee you the boos come quickest and heaviest in Philadelphia. Bar none.

      No other place is even close. No where does the criticism rain down as quickly or as violently as it does in Philadelphia.

      • You’re over exaggerating.

      • LSU and possibly OSU are probably the only two teams on here that have somewhat ridiculous college atmospheres.

        And no NFL football atmosphere even compares to an OU Texas Auburn Alabama game….boos included.

        That Philadelphia is so negative cliché argument died at the Vet.

        Ive seen Redskins stadium turn on their team quicker in the last 2 years here in D..C faster than anything I have seen in quite some time in Philly.

  • I still think Bradford does not have a thick enough skin to play in the Philly Market.. He’s too nice of a kid… When he gets pressed and stressed, he goes in a shell and plays worse.. He belongs on a Mid-West Team since he has that same type of temperament/personality… Playing in Philly is going to be a disaster for Sam Bradford, I am afraid..

  • i’m not sure why you guys are arguing about his college atmosphere..the guy has been a pro for like 5 years now, college is not relevant. It is scarey that people point to his college career so much when they try to hype him up. Guy has made like $50 M, been out of college for years. WTF does college have to do with anything?
    as for his skin being thick enough. nonsense

    • HAC you haven’t seen me refer to anything statistical from his college days or how his offense translates etc.

      I merely am dismissing this nonsense notion that Philly is this soul stealing town that a few boos will destroy a player. That would have meant Donovan McNabbs career would have been over day one.

      Its the nonsense fan notion that we really think professional players fall apart on what the outside world says or feels about them.

      Its total nonsense. Sam Bradford failing or succeeding has nothing to do with pressure from the fans, WIP callers, GCobb posters boos negativity etc.

      Total horseshit.

      • So true. Professional athletes play inside complete vacuums so strong that absolutely no outside pressure or influence can ever affect them.

        • But according to you in your attempts to over exaggerate the narrative…he will come to Philadelphia and fall apart at the first boo and on the way home from the stadium accidently switch to WIP hear 700 callers bash him and he will drive all the way out of the tri state area and not look back.

          Get a new angle this one is old and tired.

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