• May 19, 2022

Will Kelly Regret Any Of His Off-Season Decisions?

ChipKelly1When the Eagles play their first preseason game against the Colts, it’s going to take a moment for people to familiarize themselves with all of new players. There is the potential for five new starters on both the offensive and defensive side of the football; a considerable overhaul from the 2014 lineup.

The majority of NFL coaches would have built around a ten win, focusing on the draft and free agency to address specific areas of need, while retaining the majority of the “core” players. Chip Kelly elected to go in a different direction and no other NFL team saw the degree of “significant” change that the Eagles went through.

I don’t believe any “potential” regrets from Chip will be felt when it comes to the Eagles defense. I think the general consensus amongst media and the fan base is that the defense could be a pleasant surprise in 2015.

Some people were displeased that there wasn’t an attempt to restructure the contract of Trent Cole, and instead the Eagles extended former first rounder Brandon Graham who most thought would sign with a team that ran a 4-3 scheme. The only other shocker was the extension given to Ryans coming off the season ending surgery, especially with his price tag. The Eagles had already added Alonso via trade and Kendricks was on the last year of his rookie contract, but Chip loves Ryans. There is plenty to like about the additions made to the secondary as Williams, Fletcher and Allen had worn out their welcome in Philadelphia. The upgrades on “paper” all appear to improve a secondary that was brutal in 2014.

The “potential” of the offense is the major question mark with this football team. Will Sam Bradford be ready for the season opener, remain healthy throughout the season, and then on the football side of things, will he flourish in the Chip Kelly offense?

There are certainly question marks with the skilled players that surround the Eagles quarterback(s). The veterans at running backs have shown they can be great when healthy, but the injuries have limited both players to only one “full” season each. With Maclin going to Kansas City, the receiving core is extremely young, and the “breakout” potential of Ertz continues to be a wait and see.

I have the gut feeling the offensive line is the area that Chip is “potentially” going to regret not “appropriately” addressing prior to the start of the 2015 season. When Todd Herremans was released, no other veteran with any type of NFL experience was signed to provide depth. Knowing the saga with Mathis, not a single offensive lineman was drafted. The Eagles were riddled with injuries last year on the offensive line after staying healthy in 2013. Chip fielded questions throughout the 2014 season, and hinted how the guys subbing in for the starters were adjusting and how “trust” and “timing” were necessary components for an offensive line to be successful.

Chip is now vocal with his support for “two” unproven offensive linemen in Tobin and Barbre. The Eagles whiffed on adding veteran offensive guard Chris Chester who elected to sign with the Falcons which shows the team would like to improve this position group.

Chip needs to be a “NFL” coach which means Evan Mathis is starting at guard for the Eagles when the season begins. I don’t care how it’s done, or if Mathis and Chip like one another.
These two men are employees of the Philadelphia Eagles, and need to put personal differences and egos aside. If not, and if the Eagles make no other upgrades at the offensive line, it will be the position Chip regrets, and possibly one that prevents the Eagles from reaching their full offensive potential in 2015.

Jeff Kolsky

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  • Chip doesn’t seem like the regretful or looking back type of guy..
    He is used to Roster Turnover for that’s what College Coach’s Deal with as Players come and go into a College Program..

    I’ve said this many times, being the GM/Roster/Financial Manager of a Franchise and then having to Coach these very same Players and Coach along with your Staff and basically eat,live and practice 14-16 Hours a Day with these same Players & Coach’s is very difficult to do..

    The GM needs to be the set of Eyes and Ears of an Organization and can take a more long-term, a step-back and bigger View of the Franchise where the HC is living it every day, week and game and many times too close to the Players and Coaching Staff to make honest Judgements & Evaluations…

    I still believe that an Organization is better off with separate People doing these most Critical Positions of NFL Organization and of course, both the GM & HC must be partners and on the same page but must also voice their honest opinions and evaluations and plans of action on how to best improve the Team in all facets..

    Look at GM/Coach Relationship of the Ravens,Giants,Seahawks,Steelers,
    Bengals,Colts where you have a real sense of Teamwork, Trust and Success

  • Paul, here is an original thought and another example of you being full of shit! ready?
    a few days ago when you were blabbering you said this:How Chip Kelly failed to address the OL Position this Off-Season & Draft is beyond me and will come back to haunt him more than any Decision
    so that day ‘haunt’ was used… of course a haunting is looking back in fear etc and today you contradicted yourself saying kelly doesn’ have regrets or look back… you are a fraud!

  • lmao

  • Chip may have no regrets but make no mistake about it, he has some poor planning, roster management on his part after knowing that he was releasing Herremans and having an unhappy camper in Mathis… What GM/Coach goes into their Off-Season knowing that you need to replace 1 to possibly 2 Starting Guards and thendoesnt address the needinFree-Agency or the Draft especially when you had targeted the OL to be a area of concern….

    • dickhead, you already admitted not many third round guards would start in the nfl– you also said his draft would ‘haunt’ him, then you said chip doesnt’ regret anything… how many times can you contradict yourself? if you think he wasn’t planning on any of this than you are dumber than you appear– this was calculated. He has much more confidence in Barbre than you think..He didn’t need to replace Herremanns…. that was a choice as was mathis… HIS CHOICE- he also ran the draft and CHOSE his players… do you really think that you sitting in your Boone cage has a better plan than him? stupid idiot!

      • Incorrect again HAC, since Guards are not Valued highly in the NFL, many of the Top Guard prospects get Selected inthe 3rd/4th Rounds
        You don’t have to have to reach in the 1st/2nd Round for a Starting Guard Prospect..
        The point is,you do have to Draft them and not rely on UDFA or overpaying in

        • Fraud how do you keep up with all the phone calls from coaches and GMs asking you to join their FO?
          Mr. Contradiction you stated that not many 3rd round OL would be starting this year.

          • Incorrect again HAC, Do you have a problem with your reading comprehension?
            Guards and OT are different , duh, in terms of Value and where they are selected in any Draft..
            OT’s Selected in the 3rd Round most likely are the 12th-15th Rated OT and not ready to Start their Rookie Seasons
            GUARDs are not even Selected until the 2nd/3rd Round and there are many of the Top 6 Rated still on the Board come the 3rd Round and many of them are ready to compete for Starters jobs around the NFL…

            • Oh you said differently at the time. It’s hard to keep up with your flip flops

  • Chip is the kind of guy who demands devotion and commitment ,I see,nothing about that ,that doesn’t resonate with me as a fan.There are all “types” of players ,me guys ,$$grabbing guys ,and then the guys who will go through a wall for the team.Guys that will play hurt,and prima donnas who listen to there agents ,not there coach..Getting a formulated roster of guys who will toe the line and buy in ,should yield positive results.At what cost you accomplish this desired goal is what we are witnessing..if you are the guy calling the shots ,and you knew you were drawing that line in the sand ,shouldn’t you then address the holes you knowingly created.Its this very disconnect ,cause and effect that I think troubles many ,myself included..if you trade for a gimp at QB why not get him the best protection money can buy..if you have a leading rusher that you spent a lot of dollars on,then insure that investment by getting guys that are road graters ..this disconnect,as a coach and GM are showing growing pains ,on the surface ..harmony is great for a club..a glee club..

    • maybe he liikes the OL? He is playing this hand of poker and has a lot of control over the cards…. I dont know a thing about allen barbre or whoever else is playing guard. I guarantee you this when the eagles brought in mathis at 28-29 years old no one on here knew shit about him. he played well, earned a grea contract… that contract wasn’t good enough and he went for more money- if the guy makes more than $12 million in the next couple of years than he wins… i don’t see it but go for it evan.

  • HAC ..if he doesn’t like the OL ,then there’s really something Terribly flawed with this GM ..is power intoxicating? Does it make you act like a Petulant ,irrational child? It’s never a non-yielding ,my way or the. Highway..reality in the NFL ..just imagine if guys had guaranteed contracts,as in other sports ..the fact is ,in football he yields the hammer ,and I wonder if he’s learned to drive his point ,and not just a nail..

    • desert, coaches are a different breed- they have to be non-yielding and believe in their way of doing things. I think the LLCB is just building the roster to his liking- I don’t follow any other teams as close as the birds but i’d be interested to compare the rosters of the other teams that replaced its coach in 2013 to see what kind of turnover they had.
      Remember the pats traded Mankin (a pro bowl guard) during training camp i think– won the the superbowl. Rosters are in flux…

      • Pats traded Mankinwho was aging, having injuries and had too big of a contract for Belicheck and since they lost TE Aaron Hernandez , they were desperate for another pass catching TE to play opposite of Gronk who was returning fromInjury/surgery
        The Pats passing attack goes thru their TE’s so having 3-4 of them are critical to the Pats Offense & Tom Brady
        And also the Pats had Drafted OL the previous couple of Drafts and had Players available to step in…

      • Pats traded Mankinwho was aging, having injuries and had too big of a contract for Belicheck and since they lost TE Aaron Hernandez , they were desperate for another pass catching TE to play opposite of Gronk who was returning from injuryy/surgery
        The Pats passing attack goes thru their TE’s so having 3-4 of them are critical to the Pats Offense & Tom Brady
        And also the Pats had Drafted OL the previous couple of Drafts and had Players available to step in…

  • Coach Kelly the Monday after the Draft In his PC stated that he was concerned about the OL, it’s age and its overall lack of Depth and will be an area to address…
    This from Kelly’s mouth, so how do you know reconcile 6 weeks later that he likes his OL moving forward…
    They get 1-2 Injuries which are bound to happen and offense is grounded

    • Fraud man of course he’d like more OL… He’d probably have five more if he could. And as I’ve said before it would probably be wise to draft an OL in one of first 3 rounds every year. So I believe when they picked up Mathis it was in the summer …. There is still time. As you mentioned mankins was available in the summer

  • With guard being so under valued why all the panic?

    • No Panic, the Interior of the Eagles OL will be a weakness just like last Season
      Defenses will load up on the interior with big DT’s and Active LB’s and be able to take advantage of the Eagles weakness just like we saw last season when
      Mathis and Kelce were out..

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