• January 25, 2022

Report: St. Louis Rams Say No To Evan Mathis

PHILADELPHIA, PA – SEPTEMBER 30: Evan Mathis #69 of the Philadelphia Eagles blocks during the game against the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field on September 30, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Eagles won 19-17. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images)

PHILADELPHIA, PA - SEPTEMBER 30: Evan Mathis #69  of the Philadelphia Eagles blocks during the game against the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field on September 30, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Eagles won 19-17. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images)
PHILADELPHIA, PA – SEPTEMBER 30: Evan Mathis #69 of the Philadelphia Eagles blocks during the game against the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field on September 30, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Eagles won 19-17. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images)

If you’re going to get paid in the NFL, you must perform on the field and also do a good job of strategizing and negotiating your deal.  Former Eagles Pro Bowl left guard Evan Mathis did a good job on the field when he played, but it looks like he failed the strategizing part.

Jason Cole of Bleacher Report sent out the following tweet.  “Despite what other GMs, #Rams source says no interest in OL Evan Mathis. Prefer to let young players grow together.”

Here you’ve got a team like the St. Louis Rams, who have let everybody know they’re going to run the football.  You would figure they could use a veteran like Mathis to show the youngsters how to get it done.

It’s starting to look like he’s going to take a serious salary decrease.  The guy had $12 million in his pocket, as long as he came in and showed that he wanted to be on the squad.  Instead, he’s going to be hoping to get picked up when camp starts.  Right now, teams have decided on who they want on their rosters and they’re not going to change it.

Beware of the agent who tells you, “I know I can get you more money out on the open market”.


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  • Agent Drew Rosenhous misplayed this entire Situation along with his Client Evan Mathis..

    I see about 4-5 Teams needing a Starting Guard (Minus any Injuries)
    Dolphins,Falcons,Chiefs,Giants,49ers,Seahawks,Broncos & Redskins to name a few Teams, but none of these Teams are going to pay a 33 Year Old Veteran more than $2.5 Million Per Season to do so….

    Mathis should have known after skipping last Season’s Voluntary OTA’s that Chip Kelly was not going to stand for that again this year..
    He also should have known that the Deal that was on the Table last Year was not going to hold true this Year with Kelly in Charge of of Player Personnel
    If there is a Dumb & Dumber #3 Movie to come out, It should Star Drew Rosenhous and Evan Mathis

    • Has Rosenhaus ever actually succeeded in getting any of his holdouts/malcontents more money? Can’t think of any teams caving to him…

  • Holy Smokes, Paulman is there anything you don’t know or comment about? I read this site everyday and you are all over it. Sometimes less is more. Speaking of such, almost time for me to come out of hibernation as training camp is in sight. Anyone know what happened to the Phillies. They are scheduled everyday, but when I put on the game they have a little league team there. really weird.

    • Not that I can think of Xevious…
      Maybe Organic Farming and Pro Wrestling I am very up on ..
      As far as the Phillies, some of us were talking about the demise of the Phils for a couple of Years now so no surprise that they are the Worst Team in all of MLB in 2015..

      • **Correction***
        Meant to say that I am not up on Organic Farming & Pro Wrestling..

      • Paul the thing that sucks if you look at history is once the suck starts with them it lasts for a loooooooong time. 1916-1950, 1950-1964, 1964-1976, 1983-1993, 1993-2007. 2011- ??? Get ready for a long wait 🙁 Should be in the playoffs around 2025

  • I love that Evan Mathis and that f’ing sleeze Rosenhaus are getting their just deserts. Awesome!! Thats what you get for fucking my team you douche!!!! Losing Mathis is going to cost us a game or two this year so I am glad he is not going to get paid. He and his agent are idiots.

  • Like I said before, just because someone at Pro Football Focus says E. Mathis is great doesn’t make it so. He was a journeyman before he came to Philly and now he’s an unemployed, aging journeyman that turned his nose up at millions of dollars. He’ll catch on somewhere, but not for what he was making here.

    • Everz, I have to tell you, I agree with you 100%.

      A lot of people take Pro Football Focus as gospel, but at the end of the day you’re much better off judging a player with your own eyes.

      Like for instance, I always considered Mathis a solid, technically sound player. He was a guy who understood the offense well, was in the right position more often than not, and wouldn’t kill you with mistakes….and yet at the same time, I never considered him an elite, dominant guard that was truly top-five in this league. I think the system fit him well, and he also benefited a lot from playing next to Jason Peters.

      However, I always thought the talk of him being the “best guard in the league” was nonsense, and a lot of that was always fueled by the Pro Football Focus rankings. Let’s be real, if not for those rankings, I seriously doubt anyone would have viewed Mathis as anything more than a solid starter.

      • His peers, scouts, and other football people acknowledged him as one of the best. It’s no secret that the elite tag came from many eagle’s fans prior to llcb’s arrival. Denny, I call bs on any serious eagle fan who claimed to want 5 guards better than Mathis. He was a competent pass blocker, but DOMINANT run blocker. Bottom line is whether Mathis overplayed his hand,received bad agent advice, or slapped the POTUS means absolutely nothing to any real fan who only wants his kind of production on his team. Like what am I suppose to feel when Murray and crew are getting stuffed BLS; “that damn mathis is so stupid not playing for us!!” Fuck that, I’m screaming why the hell do we have a problem at a once secure and dominant position? Or, I don’t want to hear shit when my already suspect $13 mill qb is either skittish or injured due to the drop in production from that position.


  • He overplayed his hand…sometimes you win and sometimes you lose

  • We that have entrusted this franchise to Kelly better hope HE hasn’t overplayed his hand for WE as fans suffer in the end. Great coach, but so far very suspect as a GM.

  • Rosenhaus screwed the pooch on this one – Mathis is about to learn how much 5 million dollars is in the real world.

  • And exactly how has Mathis or Rosenhaus’s stupidity explain why we haven’t addressed this position via free agency or the draft? Maybe it’s me, but as a fan of a franchise that hasn’t won a damn thing since 1960 I just don’t see the logic worrying about how a player negotiates his contracts with a front office. Just give me production. All the rest is bullshit.

    • Brewski, what if the coaching staff feels through their observation and their evaluation system that they have alternatives on their 90 man roster that are as good or better than any FA out there?

      • Then hac I’d have no problem. But see, I don’t believe that’s the case with Mathis. And though we all go at each other like mortal enemies sometimes, most of us are rather tuned in in regards to sports knowledge and know when there’s some bs dropping. I’d respect Chip more if he’d go all Buddy Ryan and just state he doesn’t like Mathis -his production be damned. We (chip) created a weakness where we had overwhelming strength all over something as customary as a player wanting more money.

        • Buddy was bullshitting as well … If that makes you feel any better.
          If your left guard is your biggest problem then all else is moot….
          Left guard bro…

          • As usual you intentionally miss the point. If you don’t want to agree, fine. But try the diminishing the importance of the position to strengthen your point. Very disingenuous hac. A weakness at guard can affect the running game and qb protection. God knows enough people on this very site bitched and moaned last year when Foles was stinking up the joint and Shady couldn’t get 2 yards.

            • agreed with all that– my point is they may think through their on field/film assessment that they are fine at guard.

  • The eagles have 15 OL on the 90 man, they dress 7-8 on game day, we know who 4 of them are. As for depth, certainly it’s an issue for every team….
    I just don’t understand the doom and gloom. Every team is tinkering with their roster. A roster isn’t static, it’s in constant motion. Pats traded on all pro guard during training camp and won SB…

  • If our season hinges on a left guard shame on us. Good grief.

  • Defenses will attack the Eagles right up the middle thru the Center & Guards
    Both Eagles primary RB’s (Murray & Matthews) are inside runners who get most of their yardage between the Tackles…
    If Eagles don’t win these Battles on the Inside versus Defenses, their Offense will be in trouble…
    Many of the Teams they Play this Season are very strong up the middle Defensively (Jets,Bills,Dolphins,Panthers,TB Bucs & Redskins )
    The Pats lost Wilfolk so take a step back, the Cowboys & Giants are not very strong up the middle on paper starting out ..

    • How exactly, mr. X’s and O’s are they going to do that? You throw out so much nonsense and know absolutely nothing,. By your jibberish of a post it sounds like the overload will be guard to gaurd, I guess you are committing two tackles and and least one LB?…eagles spread them out run a sweep, screen or go tackles left/right and nd the ball that way. Up the middle penetration disrupts every offense but there are ways to make them pay

  • I have a Sixers question. Does anyone know the answer? This hasn’t been discussed anywhere. The Sixers and Sacramento swap of # 1 picks. Can the Sixers swap anyone of there 4 1st round picks with Sacramento next year? Say the Sixers have the 6th pick next year and Sacremento has the 4th. Can the Sixers keep the 6th pick and trade Sacramento say OKCs pick at 25 and keep the 6th pick and the 4th? In other words can the Sixers swap there worst 1st round pick with Sacramento?

    • Very good question dag and I’m speaking on NO authority but the language I saw says swap their picks….so I think it’s sixers own for Sacs own….if Hinkie kinky got flexible swapping he da man!

  • I have read nowhere where it states that the Sixers have to swap there highest draft pick with Sacramento. It just states 1st round picks. Just imagine if the Sixers can swap there worst 1st round draft pick with Sacramento and keep there top draft pick. Essentially the Sixers could move up from 25 to a lottery pick?

  • So then HAC that means if the Sixers have the 12th pick and the Lakers have the 6th pick the Sixers keep the 6th because it isn’t theres and Sacramento gets the 12th.lol

  • The way I understand it (again the way I read it) … But doesn’t sac owe Chicago a first?
    Anyway the way I read it , sac had the 3, lakers have the 7 and sixers have the 10 I believe the 3 and 10 get swapped so sixers end up with 3 and 7.
    This guy hinkie is a helluva swapper… He goes to swinger parties swaps his middle age wife for two college coeds and future considerations for their up and coming sisters

    • Now that’s brewski’s kind of party!!!!

  • Think of this HAC. The Sixers don’t even have to swap now. They can wait for a few years when they actually become good and pick in the 20s and Sacramento sucks and have their own 1st round pick and are in the lottery and swap then. Plus they can do that again. Plus have Sacramentos 1st round pick owed to us in the future that is top 10 protected. Oh my.

  • Andy Slater of WINZ in Florida reports Giants unsigned franchise player Jason Pierre-Paul suffered a “severe” hand injury during a fireworks accident on the fourth of July.
    JPP is from Florida and played college ball at USF. He has not signed his franchise tender and therefore is currently not under contract. If the hand injury is severe enough, the Giants could rescind Pierre-Paul’s tender and be off the hook for his $14.8 million salary. We’ll wait for the rumors to be confirmed to pass along anything definitive, but there are whispers that JPP may have lost fingers and/or parts of his hand.
    Source: Andy Slater on Twitter Jul 5 – 4:42 PM

  • Man bless him and his family, sports is sports but I never wish things like that on anybody. I was listening to Wip. Rob Cherry said, if it was a Cowboy that got injured he wouldn’t feel bad about it. What kind of non sense is that, sports us sports but come on man.

    • I didnt’ hear cherrys’ comments because I parted ways with wip a few years ago. Since then have sat radio . Not much schoolboy banter on there. Hope the fingers are rumors , But I read a kid was killed by setting a firework off the top of his head,Young guys and drinking . Thinking back to my own misguided ,unfortunate youth, I was an am a very fortunate man ,Here’s hoping J.P.P . is mostly rumor.

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