• July 3, 2022

NFC East: Nothing Going On Between Cowboys And Dez Bryant

DezBryant21The Dallas Cowboys lost one of the keys to the offense when they let DeMarco Murray leave and sign with the Eagles.  They think they can maintain their ground game because of the quality offensive line they have.  We’ll have to wait and see if they’re right.

Another key weapon in the passing offense is Pro Bowl wide receiver Dez Bryant.  The Cowboys don’t have a quality passing game without Bryant and he has made it clear that he wants a long-term deal, which will give him some security.

There have been reports that a signed deal was eminent, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter refuted those reports that Bryant is on the verge of signing a long-term deal with the Cowboys.  He says the talks aren’t progressing.

“Despite reports that they think a deal could be coming down this week,” Schefter said on ESPN Radio. “Today, a deal doesn’t sound like it’s close. It doesn’t sound like anything’s close.

“A week from now? We may be having an entirely different conversation. Last moment, one side steps up, the other side gives in, they meet in the middle. But today, as we stand, I don’t think we’re going to get a deal with Dez Bryant.”

report from Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole Jason Cole of the Bleacher Report wrote about the Cowboys being unwilling to move from an offer that included $20 million dollars in guaranteed money.

If the Cowboys enter the city without Bryant, they will be no match for the Eagles.  A holdout by Bryant which causes him to miss training camp and the start of the Dallas season would doom Tony Romo-led squad.


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  • No Bryant and the Cowboys become a very mediocre OFfense where Tony Romo would have to carry the Offense which has not worked well in the past
    Losing Murry and Bryant would mean that Romo would have to pass 40-50 Times a Game and run for his Life for Teams will Crowd that Line Of Scrimmage
    I believe they sign him for they have little choice but to do so..
    Watch for Receiver Terrance Williams and Devin Street to step up in 2015
    along with cagy Cole Beasley and their Young TE’s of Escobar/Hannah
    Cowboys will have to spread the ball out with 5-6-7 Players instead of relying on a workhorse RB like Murray and a Stud Receiver like Bryant

  • Wide Receivers are overrated.

    Who cares.

    • Every QB in college and the NFL would disagree with you!

      • Um, most of the top WR of the last decade and a half have not won … owens, chadd johenon, djax and the list goes on have not won a SB — prima donna recievers are over valued by fans– quick, without looking it up who was pats go to guy last year? the hawks the year before (it wasn’t harvin!) WR is incredibly over valued by people– not saying that anybody can do it but….

        • Um..so what, isn’t it a team sport, so those same WR’s who didn’t win any, those QB’s who were throwing to those WR’s did not win any either, nor did their defenses. Look at where top flight WR’s are drafted…very high in the draft, that tells you that those GM’s and coaches do not think they are over rated…so much for that argument!!!….LOL you are using the Pats who has Tom Brady as their QB and a pretty good defense..quick..try again!
          Yeah, it was Terrell Owens fault the Eagles did not win a SB, not McNabb who threw 3 picks..and Andy Reid with terrible clock management. Get over the prima donna nonsense..Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice was two of the biggest prima donna receivers to ever exist and they have multiple rings. Once again, ask the QB’s if they believe WR is over rated, I will take their word over yours everyday of the week.

          • absolutely its a team game which is why focusing on a prima donna WR is a complete waste!
            the name of the game get a great QB and win…WR is over rated by the average fan because they make great highlights

            • And they make great plays for the QB, ask Joe Flacco how Steve Smith Sr., a premier prima donna WR was a waste of time in their SB victory in 2013. Great QB’s don’t always win SB’s either, see Dan Marino and Jim Kelly. The name of the game is assemble the best talent you can with a great coaching staff…and maybe with a little luck you can win it..or cheat like the Patriots!!! Oh, and I watch football to be entertained so I want to see great highlights. 3 yards and a cloud of dust is boring and predictable.

              • David Tyree made one of the biggest plays in SB history

              • Fraud man, every team checked him out on some level…

            • Tyree got his 15 minutes of fame. And Plaxico Burress, another prima donna WR had the game winning TD catch against the Pats to give the Giants their SB victory in SB XLII

            • Friggin Keyshawn Johnson, a super diva prima donna WR won a super bowl in 2002 with Brad Johnson as their QB.

              • you are kind of proving my point– Tyree made one of the all time clutch SB plays of all time and was out of the league, johnson won that SB 13 years ago.
                Burress was a very good receiver but certainly not the national focal point the attention seeking k johnson, c. johnson, TO, Moss etc

              • I’m not proving your point at all…it was a great catch, that’s all you have try to make your point? Rather weak!!!
                Yes it was 13 years ago with Keyshawn, you stated in a previous post “over the last decade in a half”, so I am following your criteria, now you are saying that 13 years is to long ago..make your mind up.
                Seriously, Burress wasn’t a national focal point with the Giants?…lol..ok

              • and dingleberry— i said ‘most prima donna WR over a decade and a half– you named ONE!!!! and I’ll even concede and say burress is two–
                you and lion love to defend the A. holes that play the games!

              • Jeeeeezus HAC, take a break from GCOBB for a while, find something else to do with your time for a few days out of the week. You are addicted to this site, you need an intervention.

              • No cigar, we’re just not holier than thou.

  • He will sign. No way the cowgirls start the season without Dez

  • ehl I dont think steve smith was there for super bowl run

    • Z44 you are correct. I got my timeline mixed up with Smith. I can still go Jordy Nelson and Donald Driver with the Pack in 2010, Hines Ward in 2006 with the Steelers and Tory Holt and Isaac Bruce in 99 with the Rams.

      • No, no EHL, receivers don’t count they should just play 9 on 9 to eliminate certain players or elements. That way guys like Gronk and all those other non prima donna guys can get the glory. LOL

        • no need to play 9 on 9…just draft Matthews and Agulaor…
          ok you got me on the decade and a half thing– 13 years…i should have been more specific– my guess EHL you are in a manic period??? I get it.

          • Manic period…dude I have no idea what you are talking about, I am guessing you do not either. As soon as someone gets one up on you result to the childish tactics of name calling and this other nonsense. Then you have the audacity to judge players about how they act and respond to things that happen in their life.
            But hey, I get you, GCOBB is your refuge, it’s where you go to try to work out your issues as you are on here 24/7 365 (holidays included) trolling. Please get a life.

          • So Matthews and Agalar what no Cooper?

            • Oh yeah forgot cooper … Like I said prima donnas are not welcome… Nobody expects perfect people…. Just not constant me,me , me above the team. Plenty of culture guys have made mistakes in private , coop and peters and Johnson are prime examples, thanks for pointing that out lion

              • Riley Cooper has bad character isn’t a team guy and he’s an asshole, glad he’s your type of guy Cigar.

              • He was on the news once, didn’t like what I saw but he sincerely apologized. Since then his coaches and team mates have said good things, nothing to suggest he’s an asshole . I’d like more catches but again so far the coach has praised his performance.

              • Cooper also opened his big mouth about Maclin’s contract situation…which is a big no no in the locker room!

              • Yeah the Mac thing IMHO was his biggest crime

              • So Cooper speaks on Mac’s contract which offends Mac and goes against the grain in the locker room, he also uses a word that offends millions of people world wide, and a majority of the locker room..but you think the contract remark was the bigger of the two offenses? Wow, In what world do you live in?!?!?!? Cary Williams and McCoy was not ready to take Cooper’s head off over the contract remark, nor was he sent home for it.
                And please don’t call Cooper’s use of the N word a mistake, he clearly has used it before as it rolled off of his lips with ease. His mistake was getting caught. He would not have thought twice about it if he wasn’t caught. Kelce was right there when Cooper said it and Kelce’s face did not exhibit any shock value at that time. Cooper felt like an ass having to face what he said and knew he had to demonstrate some contrition in order to save his NFL career.

        • Lol Big, exactly, just wipe out the WR position altogether. Once again, if they are so over rated why are they drafted so high year after year. I guess HAC knows better than the GM’s and coaches who select these receivers with high 1st round picks! Maybe they should listen to him, as he apparently knows everything, but ironically has earned the nick name “havenoclue”!

    • Ravens had WR’s Anquan Bolden, Torrey Smith & Jacoby Jones with TE’s D Pitta & E Dickson on their last Super Bowl Run

  • ****NFL/St Louis Rams News****
    The Rams Selected OT Isiah Battle of Clemson in Today’s Supplemental Draft costing them a 5th Round Draft Pick in the 2016 Draft to do so which is a steal for the upside potential of the 6-6 315lbs OT with the long reach and good feet.. The Rams plan on having Isiah Battle Practice, Film Study, Technique Work, WOrk on his Strength, etc,etc during the 2015 Season and then be ready to go for the 2016 Off-Season,Camps,etc,etc…
    A Nice Value Pick-up by the Rams

    • great pick up for rams he has the ability to dominate

      • Wonder if Eagles checked him out for he had his Work-Day earlier this week and some 26 Teams went to check him out…

        • Battle blows

  • ****Cowboys News****
    Arbitrator Harold Henderson reduces Cowboys DE Greg Hardy’s 10 Game Suspension by the NFL Office down to 4 Games stating that Hardy’s Offense occurred before the New Personal Conduct Rules went into effect, which he is correct about… Hardy will be ready to Play Week # 5 which is bad news for the rest of the NFC East and NFL

  • and didnt sanchez yell at coop for not knowing the play multiple times last year…..coop needs to go his preparation is terrible

    • Yep Z, Sanchez certainly did, and Cooper had the nerve to yell back, when he was wrong….yes..great team mate.

    • He’s a good blocker though…sigh!

  • You guys are funny…. Two players have a heated exchange on the field… My guess is anyone who points to that has never laced it up. My god it happens on every team on every Sunday… 53 ultra competitive dudes playing against 53 ultra comp dudes… My god, grow up

  • Coop needs to go because he lacks preparation. How exactly do you know this? Have you been paying attention to what this coach demands? If he wasn’t prepared he would be on the street. People on here amaze me.

    • You’re a Cooper apologist…Cooper is a racist asshole, and that’s who you will defend…Cool, I got it.

      • 1. I don’t care abou cooper. Cut him, keep him it matters not: if he is one of the 53 so be it.
        2. He used a racial slur 2 years ago. It is a word that he heard a hundred times a day in his work, college, HS and pros. WR and DB are notorious for throwing that word around. I don’t know if he is a card carrying racist or a dumb drunk that used a word he hears every day.
        3. The ‘anti’ culture people have a way to forgive felons, spouse beaters, drunk drivers but a guy that says the N word is somehow the most despicable man alive…. Fcked up

        • That N word is historically associated with lynching, slavery and oppression, it also is a byword towards a people that was stripped of their indigenous African heritage. Now that is fucked up! Stop with the excuse of being drunk, alcohol is a truth serum, and he exposed his true self! Cooper is a sub-average NFL player who was rewarded with a contract that he can not or will not play up to be it a lack of talent, preparation or a combination of the two. Either way…he blows!

          • You are correct, terrible things happened and that word was used, my guess is cooper has never actually enslaved or lynched anyone… Just a guess… Move on , the dude said a stupid thing …. You guys are quick to excuse criminals and wife beaters but a guy says a naughty word needs to go away… Get real! N is said constantly…. By black people then a drunk white guy says it and it’s the end of the world…

            • You do know other ethnic groups use slurs within their circle, Italians call each other whops, degos, and ginnies. Irish people call each other Micks, but I never hear the argument that it’s ok for outsiders to use these slurs because it is used within the circle. Caucasians were using the N word waaaaay before blacks started using it towards each other so the attempt to use that as a justification is ridiculous.
              What do you mean by you guys, when have I defended a criminal or a wife beater? I dare you to find one post where I excused or backed any player with that behavior. DJax is not a criminal, nor is T.O. . Once again, the drunk white guy excuse is bullshit, alcohol is no excuse. I have been drunk before and mad at people, never thought of using racial or gender driven insults.

            • Keep on defending Cooper, he’s obviously your type a guy. A drunk, big mouth racist asshole with marginal talent. By the way, Cooper did not have to enslave or lynch anyone, just like Marge Schott did not exterminate any Jews, but when she spoke about Hitler building Germany up, that was it for her (it invoked bad feelings and horrible memories). I wonder if Cooper used the term kicking those kikes ass, would Lurie have settled for the same solution as he did with Riley using the N word.

  • I’m not sure what Lurie would do? It’s immaterial . Cooper said a naughty word.?move on. As for other groups, I’m Irish cath and have never been called a mick by a fellow parishioner , never heard Italians banter back and forth about Diego or whop…. That’s bullshit and if they did then other ethnicities were allowed to use the same

    • Bullshit my ass Mr. know it all., I have heard them use it in general language cracking on each other when I used to work as a lifeguard at the Taney street pool in South Philly, both Italians and Irish..especially the Irish. You must be sheltered or kept your ears closed. You never heard a black church goer use the N word towards each other either, especially in church..I am talking about on the street among non parishioners. A naughty word is a curse word. Stop trivializing by saying naughty…as if we are talking about a child cursing. HAC, you don’t know everything, however, you comment as if you do, you clearly havenoclue. You say move on, but you whine about people taking up for Djax every chance you get, Do not tell anyone to move on from a cultural sensitivity, who do you think you are???

      • Continuing to whine about djax is the opposite of moving on.
        I have never seen a man persecuted for sayin whop, Diego, mick… Never! Ray Lewis claims to be s church guy… He says nigger, b dawk church guy says nigger, Ike Reese church guy and admittedly says nigger

        • I’ve never heard Djac say he went to church or was religious. I’ve never heard Brian Dawkins use the word or admit to using it at this time in his life, never heard Ike Reese say he was a saved and sanctified man.

          • Ok I will let you go on and believe your shit. Those dudes have all bowed to god, have all said nigger… I’d bet a few hundred that G himself has said nigger. He may not admit but as Ike says, ‘we all use it when we are together’
            Hell HAC has been called nigger a couple hundred times in my life… Affectionately and adversarily

            • HAC, I doubt those guys said nigger, nigga, but not nigger, there’s a cultural difference, like it or not. I do not care for either version, but the world isn’t equal, nor is the social acceptability of who gets a pass by using that disgusting term.

  • Djac throws god out there… Wonder if says ‘nigga’ fycking hypocrites

    • Cigar, you are the biggest hypocrite on gcobb as you say you are an Irish catholic parishioner, but you curse, call people names, and act like a damn fool all day long judging people on gcobb, that’s Christ like? Mr holier than thou…you are the true hypocrite!!!

  • I would not be surprised to see Riley Cooper not make the 53 Man Roster as it very well may come down to Cooper/Austin as that final WR Spot
    I believe Free-Agent Seri Ajirotutu replaces Cooper in the Red Zone attack and plays much better Special Teams than Cooper ever did

    2015 WR Corp
    Matthews, Aglohor,Huff, Austin, Ajirotutu and one of the Young WR in Camp
    (D Davis or J Harris) I really like both Davis & Harris’s upside..

  • Point is can you EHL tell me is ‘N’ a bad word or is it acceptable? Forgive the term but it’s a black or white answer… Can that word be used in conversation ?

    • I do not use it and I do not think it should be used period, it should go the way of the confederate flag.
      Can the word be used in conversation? It’s going to be, blacks will use it as a term of endearment towards each other(but I do not accept it that way or use it that way).. Whites will use it as a derogatory remark towards black people as it historically has been. I can’t control how others use it, nor can it be legislated out of the hearts and mines of people or their vocabulary. If I had the power I would erase the word from history and memory….no longer to be used ever again by anyone.

      • hearts and minds…(not mines)

      • I was raised catholic and see all organized religion as hypocritical. As for Ga vs. GER… I call bull shit… It’s either a bad word or not … If a HUMAN uses it he is a bad person or not… All people. We can’t pick and choose. It’s a convenient argument otherwise

  • hac his preparation is terrible it was multiple games last year sanchez got in his ass, it was to the point that the media was asking questions about it…..he is not a damn rookie….come on dude thats not everybody does it crap….that shit was going on all the time with coop

  • I can remember so many plays coop was running the wrong routes…..not going for the ball….he should say ngger more at least it will make him play better on the field…..he doesnt look motivated

    • You were informed of his route tree? Damn! That’s cool ! His coach has not mentioned any of that and he is typically.very critical and cuts players who aren’t prepared

  • dont be a smart ass hac u aint gotta know his route tree to know he was fucking up…..just watch and see…..not saying its all on him but he sure was taking a lot of shit from sanchez

    • His ultra critical coach has not cut him… Yet he’s cut an all pro because he was a douche bag and sleeping in meetings…. Z, watch

  • look hac I dont care for them ne more djax or mccoy so u got me wrong on that…..I move on rather fast from players im all about the team 1st……but I just dont see y coop is here still

    • Z that’s my point he must be doing something right because we know the LLCB would cut him in a second if he wasn’t! I along with the rest of the fans don’t see it but as of now the LLCB does.

      • Cooper is here because of his contract, to much of a cap hit to cut him. He certainly has not played up to the contract, which he received based off of a good six game performance in 2013, he’s been garbage outside of that, dropping game changing/winning passes, and yes, he has ran some wrong routes, you can simply tell by Sanchez’s reaction after the play. Perhaps Cooper does not fall asleep in practice, goes to bed on time and generally has bought in to what Kelly is selling, but what has all that yielded in terms of over all production on the field, that’s where it counts. Hell, we could have kept Jason Avant who is a good guy, he was a much better catcher and a great blocker too, oh yeah, that’s right, Avant reportedly butted heads with Kelly too. My point is buy in makes life easy for Kelly, but if it is not producing dividends on the field with a player that is underperforming on his contract and has been a distraction in the locker room, he can’t be doing to much right. Either Kelly has a soft spot for Cooper, or Cooper has compromising pictures of Kelly, because he damn sure is not here because of what he has done overall on the field!

        • A Crazy and Poor Contract by then GM Roseman with Cooper who has a Guaranteed $5 Million Salary for 2015 regardless on whether he gets Cut and has a Cap Hit of $6 Millionwhen you factor his Prorated Bonus from last year.
          I have never seen a Player or Coach during the Owners Lurie’s Tenure get Paid for not playing.. It just goes against Lurie’s Business side of thinking so chances are is that Cooper is an Eagles for 2015

        • As I’ve said I’m not a fan but right now Kelly seems to be. All could change with the development of young guys and if the vet they brought in (name escapes me) can play, contract be damned if he isn’t one of the top 4 WR sit his ass on bench.

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