• July 7, 2022

What They Saying About The Eagles

jason-petersEagles Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters has been impressed with what he has seen from Sam Bradford, so far this training camp.  Peters tells Bob Grotz of DelcoTimes.com that Sam Bradford’s passing release reminds him of Aaron Rodgers.

“It’s effortless. I mean, it shoots out of his hand like a cannon. The guy has an arm, man. We’ve just got to keep him clean and good things are going to happen this year … You’d have to compare the release to somebody like Aaron Rodgers’ release. The quickness. The decisiveness. That’s what I see. I played with him in the Pro Bowl. The quickness of him getting rid of the ball, that’s what I see.”

Bradford is going to have a lot to live up to, if his teammates continue making this glowing comparisons.

According to Michael Freeman of BleacherReport.com, a number of Eagles players told him Chip Kelly isn’t a racist, he’s a dictator.  This quote was taken from anonymous Eagles player.

“Chip is not a racist. The notion he is isn’t fair. The thing with Chip is he just doesn’t see you as a person. He sees you as a commodity. The more players get that, the better off they’ll be. Chip’s attitude towards players doesn’t bother me. I actually like it. I know where I stand with him. You understand that he doesn’t want to be challenged so don’t f–king challenge him. It’s pretty simple. I get it. Some guys don’t.”

Do you agree with this Eagles player?

They compare Chip to San Francisco’s Jim Harbaugh, who burnt the 49ers players out and wasn’t open to their feedback.  Is Chip going to burn his players out with his high tempo practices?

In much the same way as Sam Bradford, we won’t know how far DeMeco Ryans is in his comeback, until the preseason games start.  Ryans made this clear to Zach Berman of Philly.com

“Any time you’re coming back from injury, you have to get in the game to see where you are,” Ryans said. “Go to the ground, tackle somebody, stand up, make sure everything is still intact. And mentally, I think that’s the last hurdle, going out and getting back in a game.”

The Eagles have decisions to make at the right guard position.   So far nobody has stepped up and taken the lead at the starter.  Chip Kelly feels good about having plenty of time to make the decision.

“The great part of our preseason is it is so long that it will give itself a chance to express itself over that time,” Eagles coach Chip Kelly said. “You’re not making a hasty decision.”

Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson told Jeff McLane of Philly.com, he wants to know who is going to playing next to him as soon as possible. 

“I need them right now,” Johnson said recently. “Even preseason games, I need to be able to get that bond with them, be on the same level, because it takes two to tango.”


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  • Jenkins made that comment, I’m pretty sure, atleast that’s who it was credited to when it first came out. Not out of the ordinary for a guy that wants to keep his job knowing that 98% of the HCs in the NFL are White.

    Anyway…Chip Kelly is a racist and the are WAY too many Kelly apologists for this to not be a HUGE DISTRACTION…the whole “players as commodities” analogy doesn’t square with getting rid of 3 blue chip players and getting little to nothing in return.

    Regardless of clear racial bias in the roster “retooling”, double standards applied on the basis of race (Riley Cooper is still an Eagle and no one looking at his stat sheet knows why), anonymously smearing someone’s name in public with erroneous information that clearly attacks race and multiple former players that have actually been in the locker room with him indicating that he’s a person that operates with extreme racial bias there are some people that CHOOSE to remain in LaLa land on this.

    There are far too many people that essentially want to defend him to the end of the world without knowing him personally and also preferring to ignore the obvious irrefutable information because they want to protect their own personal biases…IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU.

    The apologists/ignoramuses/closet bigots would like to raise the bar so high that unless there is video evidence of the man lynching a Black person they’ll never admit that the guy is a racist and act like their incredulous stare at the mere accusation should bring everyone else’s standard of racism in line with their ridiculous state of mind. For all intents and purposes it makes those people, at best, casually racist themselves and at worse closeted “stars and bars” fanatics and that’s why I don’t take any of them seriously. This year is going to be a very interesting train wreck. Hope you love that All-Pro defensive backfield against Dallas.

    • oh now your third CB who had a bad year last year is ‘blue chip’–
      traded shady for a young LB and essentially the leading rusher in the nfl plus matthews… hmmm that doesn’t seem to be ‘little to nothing’ and as for desean… he is way over valued by this fanbase! but i do agree they got nothing.

    • Yawn. I am actually amazed that someone thinks the way you do Butch.. i thought it was just a media hype thing fueled by a couple of prima donnas who were cut/traded.

      Silly silly silly. Chip replaces the me first guys with players who focus on team. McCoy was moved in favor of a guy who fits the system. Same race btw. Djax was moved because he doesnt block as well and really because he runs his mouth. I wasnt in favor when it happened but sheesh…. racist? Get over it.

      I wont even touch your last paragraph.

      Today the eagles are deeper at LB, better and deeper in the secondary (though im still worried), have a better RB core and have a very young and exciting WR corps. THAT is all that matters.

      • I got it…Jeremy Maclin is a “Me FIRST” guy, LeSean McCoy is also a “Me FIRST” guy BUT Mr. “KKK” himself Riley Cooper that floated around the locker room that he wasn’t doing well last season because Jeremy Maclin was basically burning it up is not a “Me FIRST” guy….that tells me more about YOU then anything you think you know about football Steve.

        For whatever BS you apologists try to throw out there’s a factual event that conflicts with what it is you’re saying and makes it a square peg into a round hole discussion again about trying get Chip Kelly out of the racist category.

        • Butch…Except that they offered a huge contract to Jmak but he wanted more. Plus he gets to play under Andy.. who maybe he likes better. But the point remains…. they wanted him.

          McCOy… we went down this road already- McCoy isnt the kind of runner they wanted. We traded him away for a stud LB and picked up a RB they think will fit better. What nationality are the guys they are picking up btw?

          I know… you just bought that McCoy jersey from india for $100 (plus tax) and now its worthless… I get it… I do. But…. calling a guy racist because your favorite player is gone… well… come on now, thats a bit much.

          • LOL.

            I see the normal apologists are at play here.

            It’s NEVER about race with you guys.

            Seriously though I think it’s more class than race with Kelly and his inability to control these guys like you can in college. I don’t think he’s a Big R racist but probably not the most enlightened/progressive guy racially either.

            Ego comes with playing football. If you can’t handle big Egos then you need another job.

            It’s his team now. So we will see how it plays out.

            But to dismiss every guy who comes out and says something as being a “diva” or “disgruntled” is a joke. Where there is smoke their is fire.

            I’m sure you’ll hear more as time goes on and more current players turn into former players.

            • playing the race card when race isn’t a factor is lazy. as big lion says… chip kelly would line up 11 mexicans if they could help him win. the problem with the ‘he’s a racist’ crowd is they interpret ‘culture’ as chip not accepting some sort of hood culture- chip can take a hood guy as long as he buys into his idea of team first. its no different then some of the modern day successful companies who operate so much differently than the old corporate model.

              • Once again.

                For some ya’ll it’s NEVER race. Unless there is a sheet involved and then it’s just a really unfortunate costume decision.

                It never ceases to amaze me that those who invented “the race card” like to then act like it doesn’t exist and it’s always the other guy who is bringing it up unfairly.


  • Butch you doing too much in that paragraph……I undetstand what chip did…..and if you think race has anything to do with…..then I feel sorry that u think that way…..move on bruh

  • I agree with most of what your saying Butch007.

  • Butch you do realize maclin left for money and he is from the area and we got a pretty good lb and leseans heavy cap number off the book and his dancing in the hole shit out of here and got two power running backs for the same price as 1…..for a guy so knowledgeable u sure do leave off a lot to fit your twisted point of view…..u dont know football very well at all

    • This is the last ridiculous post I’m going to respond to on this.

      If Maclin had left simply for money (that the Eagles didn’t have) he would have never even wasted, what was it like a month into the off-season, negotiating with the Eagles for a contract extension. Remember, the Eagles had the entire season to hammer out a new contract extension if they were serious about keeping Maclin and they’d unceremoniously dumped DeSean Jackson and his salary the previous year. There was plenty of time and money available for Maclin if the Eagles were willing to do the sane thing given the WR options they had.

      Maclin would never have gone out of his way to communicate through the media that he wanted to stay in Philadelphia multiple times like so many other players choose NOT to do if they are seeking a quick exit to greener pastures.

      As to your “home town” point if Maclin really was all about the cash, as you’re insinuating, he surely could have gotten a richer contract from the receiver poor Rams that are his actual hometown team. I know you couldn’t have missed how he effusively gushed about admiring the “The Greatest Show on Turf” as a hometown fan and how that crystallized his ideas about what NFL offenses could and should look like at their best. It should be no mystery that he specifically chose to go somewhere where he knew the coach personally after his experience here.

      Say what you want about Shady, but Wilbert Montgomery was one the best RBs of all time and Shady smashed Montgomery’s career franchise records in less than half a career. Numbers don’t lie.

      Also, brittle players come cheap…

      • Butch I know that you aren’t about facts and like to go by revisionist history…remember Mac was hurt, was offered a contract but he bet on himself and won. That was a super move on his part, but he was offered a contract. Secondly, the eagles offered him a contract, negotiated with him. He (as any man would) sought offers. The chiefs over paid maclin so bully for him for getting his money. Its a business for the player and the team and $ value judgments are part of the deal.

  • Lol so I guess you know that maclin was coming off season ending surgery and he has proven to be injured prone before that……so why would they give him a long term deal before being in chips system……and this league is what have you,done for me lately……shady danced too damn much to the point he led the league in negative yds for running backs…..look i loved shady when he was here…..but chip wants a one cut and go guy who will pound a defense….yes proven to be brittle but thats y he got two of them so he can pound and tire defenses out…..U dont know football….please your race bull shit is stupid he replaced a black for a black

  • For whatever its worth dept..
    Chip Kelly and Eagles made a very good Offer to Maclin which was not very far off from what the Chiefs ended up paying for him.. Its Just Part of the Deal and it’ not like Kelly/Eagles didn’t want to Re-Sign Maclin for they did but probably had a maximum Value Amount in Mind in doing so and once the Chiefs offered more, then Maclin moved on.. It happens every Free-Agency where ultimately the Player has to choose what’s best for him and his Family and it really was a no-brainer for Maclin to re-join his HC in Andy Reid who stayed with Maclin after his Illness and then Injuries and where he knows the System and will be the #1 Target there, Maclin’s closer to home and now has a Big Contract with great Bonus $$ to help Secure him and his families future.. What Player isn’t going to go for that ?

  • In 2015 which group of players would you prefer:

    1 – McCoy, Polk, DJax, Maclin, Cooper
    2 – Murray, Ryan Mathews, Huff, Jordan Matthews, Agholor, Cooper

    Just wondering, because I’m not sure which group is better, but I know both groups have about the same racial diversity….

    • I Guess it would depend on who the Eagles would have Drafted instead of
      WR’s Jordan Matthews,Josh Huff and Nelson Agholor ?
      Lets say they used those 3 High Draft Pick on the Secondary or OL..
      Would they be a Better Team ?

      • I don’t know Paul… They took Lane Johnson in a draft that was supposed to be strong with OLineman…. Matthews and Huff came in the 2nd and 3rd round of a draft that was supposed to be strong with WRs… Last year they claim to have taken the best available player on their board.

        I think Kelly had his mind made up when he got here that he would get BIGGER WRs that were able to block. I think now that he has this receiving corps, Cooper will be cut before the season starts too.

        For two years he repeated the same words to McCoy every time he ran off the field – “Hit the hole”. There was never a doubt that McCoy would be gone when Kelly got a chance.

        I was as surprised as anyone when the ‘Andy guys’ were set free, but Chip just didn’t value them like the fans did…. Obviously.

  • People dont look at what he has said and done. I guess it’s easier to cry about race when your favorite player is gone….

    He said he wanted big and strong players…. bu bye Djax and Boykins. He said he wanted a quick thinking QB that doesn’t turn the ball over- bu bye Foles.

    You guys kill me.

  • Big guys beat up little guys….reason why all the smurfs are gone. Correct that, reason why all the smurfs that give tude are gone. I need to laugh when I read something like what Butch posted. Like when Victor Cruz blew out his knee and chip visited without fanfare out of respect…He wouldn;t do that for a Black player….oh wait.

  • ““Chip is not a racist. The notion he is isn’t fair. The thing with Chip is he just doesn’t see you as a person. He sees you as a commodity. The more players get that, the better off they’ll be. Chip’s attitude towards players doesn’t bother me. I actually like it. I know where I stand with him. You understand that he doesn’t want to be challenged so don’t f–king challenge him. It’s pretty simple. I get it. Some guys don’t.”

    You gotta win shit first before you can pull this attitude off. Even Bellicheck’s dictator ass has diff standards for players he views as HOF caliber compared to those he doesn’t.

    If Kelly thinks he can have that kind of attitude and win big – good luck. What you end up with is a bunch of guys there for a check. You don’t see me as a person? Cool. I’m gonna shut the fuck up – do my job and if I can get in a better situation I will.

    Boy this year is going to be popcorn worthy.

    • “What you end up with is a bunch of guys there for a check. You don’t see me as a person? Cool. I’m gonna shut the fuck up – do my job and if I can get in a better situation I will.”

      I’ll tell you what those type of employees work out in the real world really well. Guys and girls that bust their tail work hard, stay in their lane and they take a better opportunity when one presents itself. That works for the employees and employers if you’re able to find weed these types out and hire them… Worst thing is to hire someone that does there work but is a social problem, has a bad attitude, is destructive to the team and always complaining amongst their peers but never to the leader

      Does this translate to a football field ? I would lean towards saying yes if the talent is close. Rid of djax and didn’t bring in close talent but he wasn’t extraordinary to me. Rid of McCoy but will Murray and Matthews be better ? Idk

      Rid of Boykin – idk he wasn’t all that he is easily replaceable.

      “The thing with Chip is he just doesn’t see you as a person. He sees you as a commodity. The more players get that, the better off they’ll be. ” yea whoever said this gets u either fall in line or u don’t. He is the manager and coach and employer really if his staff don’t fall in line well ur replaceable… I get it and think culture is for sure an ingredient to winning but there’s other ingredients too. Ditching jax and Boykin no biggie, Mathis and McCoy though could prove to be extremely dumb

      • McNabb, Dawkins and Westbrook all disappeared too. So did Cunningham, White, Joyner, Allen.
        Turnover is normal. Reid players were replaced with a new head coach now Joe Banner players are being replaced with a new GM.

    • Yeah and for some Ya’ll it’s always racism. What’s your point? Everyone is offended 24/7 an no one has a clue. Let’s just label someone or tell them how to run their profession from couch, chair ect. It’s opinion not the sermon on the mount. People need to realize their words go a long way with this social media nonsense.

      • lol

        I see the Sheet crowd is out in full force.

        • So when a black athlete is replaced even if by another black it is racism? And I where a sheet? Wow

          • There is a difference between Big R racism and casual racism.

            Most on this board fall into the casual racist category. A few into the Big R racist category.

            This is a nuance I know you are not capable of understanding.

            I’ve said time and gain I don’t think Kelly is a Big R racist. BUT everyone keeps acting like this accusation doesn’t keep coming up and keeps casually dismissing the (multiple) complaints.

            Especially for a guy who kept a Big R racist on the team.

            Once again – I think Kelly is a causal racist (like much of America) who has control issues. I do beleive he doesn’t see these guys as people, but as commodities to be traded and discarded as he sees fit (black or white).

            I think that’s an attitude that will bite him in the ass unless he turns into the second coming of Carrol or Belicheck.

            We shall see how all of this plays out.

            • Stop with the Pseudo Intellectual BS. try to tell someone they will never understand your “little r” of racism is the same as claiming privilege. You are telling them they aren’t even aware of their racism so you can claim you are right either way. Not only is it lazy but it’s dishonest. Again from your couch or chair spewing nothing but hate disguised as philosophy. your reference to sheets would be offensive if it wasn’t so mundane. It’s an easy thing to toss on someone yet can damage them irreparably. Most of us don’t live in holes and deny the existence of racism, but we don’t have the privilege to throw it around without proof.

  • lol.

    No pseudo-intellectual anything hear.

    The dig was at cigar – his tone deafness to anything race related is well noted on this blog.

    Privilege? Really? Clearly you’re no dummy, but you are willfully ignorant. And that’s fine. I’m not trying to convince you of anything.

    Like I said for many of you – anything short of a sheet and a burning cross or someone yelling N*gger (though even then it doesn’t mean he’s REALLY racist) in a crowd there will never be “proof.”

    I get it.

    • ‘no psuedo-intellectual anything HEAR’…hmmm your online degrees didn’t teach you correct usage… SMH.
      He’s not a racist upper case or lower case- he traded out a black man who doesn’t do what he (the boss) wants for other black men who will do what boss wants- thats good business. Its the NFL.
      As for the commodity thing, chip didn’t invent that- players have bitching about that forever. chew you up and spit you out.
      And finally, only 1 very immature little boy called chip a racist then he didn’t have the courage to follow up–

    • Here is what I don’t get. Why do most conversations on here come down to the lowest common denominator? It’s sports and it’s supposed to be an escape. It’s why I don;t post here much anymore. Finally, willfully ignorant is someone who denies the existence of something. I don’t do that, I grew up in the hood and I don;t let others make the decision of who or what is racist. I’ve seen it enough in my life. It’s disgusting that people can toss it around and dilute the true meaning of it for those that are affected by it. Like any other issue people use it for profit and all it does is tear us apart. I have black friends and I also know black people I can’t stand. Not because they are black, but cause they are assholes. It’s life, I shouldn’t have to explain myself. Dammit too heavy for a Friday Morning…talk to you all later.

      • well stated X

      • *rolls eyes*

        So you’re the one who gets to determine what’s racist and what’s not?

        And you know when it’s being thrown around willy-nilly and being demeaned?

        ” I have black friends…”

        Dude seriously.

        Do you hear yourself?

        • A person decides if theyre racist or not and u can’t call someone racist without proof and it’s very hard to prove someone’s belief… Not many actions prove ur racist because it’s about beliefs. No proof about chip.

          If we talking biases or prejeducies that’s different but this racism talk is dumb and mostly facilitated by ignorant peeps that thrive off controversy.

        • Yes, I do hear myself, It’s called context…I stated that I have black friends and black people I can;t stand…The context was I shouldn’t have to explain myself. Meaning if they are black or assholes..just they are friends or not. You are so conditioned to see the hot words or phrases that you skip the context. The fact that you try to demean someone with *eye rolls* Shows I can’t hold a serious intelligent discussion with you. So I won’t.

  • Tsj that was pretty mean man…..sheet crowd is out……thats a bit much

  • The Eagles have the whitest roster in the NFL at something like 55%.

    More white than the Patriots which have previously held that crown.

    This is significant – people aren’t very bright so they say things like “Oh he got rid of one black guy and replaced him with another black guy”

    Yes – BUT there aren’t many white RBs and white DBs in the league – they are unicorns actually (or Seahorns if we’re talking DBs) so good luck finding white guys to fill those positions.

    He’s signed players like:

    Alonso (hispanic is not a race people)

    And gotten rid of:

    And kept a big R racist in Cooper

    I mean I could go on. Like I said I’m not necessarily convinced guy is a Big R racist – but dealing with black MEN instead of children who need him is likely a problem for him coupled with he doesn’t like to be questioned at all (Mathis) and you get said accusations.

    To not have an honest conversation about that and just dismiss or put pictures of chip hanging out with some black kids in Africa as proof that he’s NOT racist is just ridiculous.

    It’s the unwillingness to even acknowledge there may be a problem there more than just “culture” and demean the players who actually work with the guy as disgruntled divas is what annoys most, even if you don’t believe he’s a Big R racist.

  • Exactly why I stopped posting on here.

    Looking forward to the Birds starting the preseason this Sunday.

    Have a great season Bird Fans.

    • Greenfan, I’m not a regular on this site because I get tired of the nonsense you guys may think TS is just playing the so called race card but everything she put out there is 100 percent real. When the issue of race comes up some people get real defensive. I for one think Chip Kelly is full of shit but is he a card carrying grade A racist? Hell no. He’s a ego manical asshole who has somehow finagled his way into controlling a NFL franchise by winning 20 games in 2 seasons with other guys players. Let’s see what the genius has in store for season 3.

      • DNA testing concluded that humans are 97% Homo sapiens and 3% Neanderthal except indigenous Africans who are 100% Homo sapiens. Everyone in America is in the 97% except if they immigrated recently from Africa. One Third of white Americans have detectable African DNA and 5% of black Americans have no detectable Negroid DNA at all.
        US Presidential Candidate Ben Carson said yesterday that China has a billion people & India has a billion people and the USA only has 330 million. We as a country of only 330 million need all 330 million to be great and compete in this century.

        • Intent is not to offend anyone by using the Negroid reference if any are. Mongoloid, Negroid, & Caucasoid are the 3 types of skeletons anthropologists recognize.

  • Jesus christ football please black black white white……I dont care about 55 percent white shit they are either special teams or o line men……or a goddamn TE……by the end of camp hopefully riley will be gone with mael

  • I dont want riley gone because of the n bomb but being the worse receiver in our corps besides mael

    • I agree. I wan’t him gone. He has done nothing to earn a spot honestly. He is a good blocker down field. So effin what. I want a dude who can catch the damn ball in traffic or get separation. He cannot consistently do either of these things.

  • I for one am excited about this roster, not because its multi-cultural. I’m excited because we get to see if his vision of a SMART, DISCIPLINED AND COMMITTED roster of 53 can work- we have seen the patriots version of this ‘culture’ work very well.
    Stay relatively healthy hopefully and play some good football!

  • I don’t give a damn who is polka dot ,purple ,black or white.Like others on here ,I want guys who are dedicated and prideful wearing the Green.Representation has been made that the “all in” attitude is what matters ,that will be a much easier sell ,as long as wins outweigh losses.Im not drawing any conclusions one way or any other as to wether Chip is a coach and GM who has a slant towards being maniacal and dictatorial .I think he feels the culture of the team matters and he’s colorblind and only focuses on Green.I want to believe that is his vision ,and all the speculation on here won’t change my belief ..I have stated that if healthy is the prefix before even Philadelphia ,when describing this Eagles squad.If everyone is tugging the rope in the same direction with the same attitude and goals ,It’s assumed wins will be the reconciliation.

  • Eos who gives a shit…..fuck that dna shit….just win goddamit with 80 percent white guys who only start at non sexy position…..o line and special teams

  • Ts its very real what you speak of but not this time…..not chip

  • Kelly isn’t a racist-big or casual. I agree with BigL-egomaniac? Hell yeah.

    Having inability to relate to culture does not make you a racist. IMO if you look at the players he released it was Ego vs Ego. The bigger Ego won. Mathis vs McCoy vs DJax situation arent different.

    Ive met Tra Thomas on more than one occasion and know him from different sports performance circles in NJ for training. Hes an ego maniac himself.

    Its hard for me to relate to some of these young men of our culture and I grew up in the same environment but at a different time raised with different ethics and morals.

    The only thing that annoys people is Riley Cooper. And its the simple go to he kept Cooper so it justifies some people idiotic race baiting conversations. However the revisionist history on Riley Cooper is the prominent black leaders on the team came to his defense and wanted to keep him.

    I’m in IT. I deal with some of the biggest 100lb head geniuses around and they way they treat people at times you would feel some kind of way….especially it being a predominantly white work environment. But just like Kelly in a way he views people through the prism of football intellect. Walk talk breathe football. Dude is a lifer. Its not hard to see his personality. Damn near 50 no kids I think married once single…football football football.

    If a football had a vagina…he would probably marry it.

    • I would Marry football if I could 🙂

  • Good post izell. Maybe Kelly’s football at home is so equipped

  • Xevious when ts saw that I have black friends quote she jumped so hard, but man you speak with honesty and knew right away that you didnt mean it the way ts thought…..u are right u dont have to prove shit u experience it

    • Amen Brother. I grew up in a very diverse neighborhood. I have to explain to all my suburban friends that Geno got what was coming to him smh. I have nothing personal with TS Z..I just wish people would live their lives and treat each other right, everyone has to answer to the big guy upstairs and no one is perfect. Chips an odd duck, I don’t like him personally, but I try to be fair and honest man.

  • djax (shoulder) and maclin (neck) both riding the pine with injuries.
    Snoop Dog’s boy quit the UCLA program. He was a 4 star recruit which projects as a NFL prospect. ( all hype)

  • I think TS and BigL point (only interpreting to me not speaking for them) is that to quickly brush the topic to the side and not talking about it is a problem because dialogue can come to the root of the problem.

    Again the conversation if honest about is all about ego and if any color comes into the situation the color is GREEN. Not EAGLE GREEN but MONEY GREEN.

    • What’s up Izel everything good? Can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m ready for some Sixer action lol, you heard anything about Embiid?

      • Come on Bigie can’t just brush the birds aside lol….

        • lol X, I’m going to wait until they actually start playing games. I’m still all in.

          • Dude you like a darker, upside down Me lol….funny stuff.

            • Hahaha.

      • Big, Sixers lost Malik Rose as color analyst on their broadcasts to the Atlanta Hawks sideline. ( Assistant coach for player development) Malik Rose was better than good he was great during the games. Shame because the Sixers had a great trio during games with Marc Zumoff, Malik Rose and Meredith Marakovits a couple of years ago.

      • BigL im a Birds die hard but for the first time in a long time late fall I’m going to be Sixers and Eagles watching.

        From what I get online through Twitter Embiid isn’t a lost cause. The surgery isn’t as dire as many put it out to be. There is some talk that they want him to do it later so if he’s ahead of schedule they don’t have to go through drama of him wanting to play THIS SEASON.

  • Kevin Durant states that he has another Broken Bone in his Foot..

    • No he doesn’t

  • Durant states that he had a total of 3 Surgeries on his Foot last year in which the 3rd Surgery was to repair another broken bone in his foot that was not reported to anyone in the Media or Fans last Year
    This Per ESPN…

    • That’s quite different than your first post

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