• August 19, 2022

Eagles Sign LB Mychal Kendricks To Four-Year Extension

PHILADELPHIA, PA – DECEMBER 07: Quarterback Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks is tackled by Mychal Kendricks #95 and Connor Barwin #98 of the Philadelphia Eagles in the first half of the game at Lincoln Financial Field on December 7, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 07: Quarterback Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks is tackled by Mychal Kendricks #95 and Connor Barwin #98 of the Philadelphia Eagles in the first half of the game at Lincoln Financial Field on December 7, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
PHILADELPHIA, PA – DECEMBER 07: Quarterback Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks is tackled by Mychal Kendricks #95 and Connor Barwin #98 of the Philadelphia Eagles in the first half of the game at Lincoln Financial Field on December 7, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Last night the Eagles announced the signing of inside linebacker Mychal Kendricks to a four-year extension.  Kendricks, who was rumored to be on the trading blocks throughout the off-season, is not only here for the 2015 season, he will be an Eagle until at the least the 2019 season.  According to Derrick Gunn of Comcast Sportsnet, the deal is worth $29 million dollars and $16.4 of it is guaranteed.

This was the type of deal that gives security to both sides.  Kendricks could have waited and probably gotten more money in a couple of years, but he has $16.4 guaranteed in his pocket right now, as he plays out his rookie deal this year and the next.

The Achilles tendon injury to veteran linebacker DeMeco Ryans might have prompted this move by the Eagles.  Ryans has been sidelined him this preseason and the injury has likely brought him much closer to the end of his career.  The signing of Kendricks takes care of that question mark in the middle of the Eagles defense.

Kendricks is an undersized, athletic linebacker, who has the speed to run with any running back in the league.  He’s a good tackler, who as quick as at cat as a blitzer.  He had four sacks last year, which is quite an accomplishment for an inside linebacker.

The former Cal Bear is a three-down linebacker because of his ability to cover and to blitz.  Speed and quickness are the keys to Kendricks’ game and they are why he’s very valuable in this pass happy league.


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  • love this signing,he is a fast play making linebacker

  • Good number for him if he continues to follow his trend of improving each year. I don’t think that I am the only one that is excited to see him playing alongside of Kiko.

  • Smart move. They really had no choice….You don’t really know if Kiko Alonso, is real, or fools Gold, or if DeMeco could even stay healthy all season.

    Our Linebacking Unit as a whole is very shaky. I asked before the recent draft, what would we have if Barwin, and or Graham, got hurt?? We’ve needed better talent at Linebacker for years, that bring more to the table in terms of actual dominance than Connor Barwin.

    Justin Houston, Jeremiah Attoachu, and or Bud Dupree – in any combination with Houston – would look better on this team than Brandon Graham, and Barwin.

    Glad Kendricks didn’t take all the trade talk personal, and also ignored Paulman

  • I just don’t think M Kendricks is all that Special, Yes he’s a good Player and Athletic, but just misses too many Practices & Games for my liking and is a liability when dropping back in pass-coverage in my Opinion…
    He would be much better suited as OLB in a 4-3 Scheme.. Maybe they will move him around
    They did sign him to a pretty good Deal (4 Years – $29 Million with $16.5 Million of which is Guaranteed) which is about a $7 Million average which is below the $10 Million Average that the Top ILB’s are getting (B Wagner, L David, Levy and soon to be L Kuechley) It’s a Fair Deal for Kendricks and to the Team and hopefully Kendricks remains Healthy to Practice and Play

  • Paulman levy and David are Olb’s and I think Wagner is also… he’s only missed 7 games and the majority of that was last yr…. and the only thing I don’t like about this deal is one of the two shouldn’t be here between demeco or hicks…. the pick on hicks or the money on demeco could’ve went else where…

    • Gloomy I keep trying to tell you but I guess you don’t get it, an nfl roster is a fluid thing. As of right now we can say we have depth at ILB and not at another position. Every team can say they have more depth at one spot and not another. Such is a 53 man roster when in fact probably 30-34 players are ‘starters’ and the others to play 15?or so plays on ST. As for Ryan’s the money is inconsequential and if you have been following this team and coach then you know damn well why he is here. As for hicks, he was in their eyes best on the board, you don’t draft for need its common knowledge

    • Levy is OLB, David was moved to OLB by TB Bucs, Wagner is an ILB for Seahawks along with KJ Wright, Kuechley is MLB for Panthers

      6 Games Missed is 2 Games a Season –
      Has 9 Sacks in 3 Seasons – 242 Tackles in 3 Years (6 + Tackles a Game)
      Has 3 Int’s & 5 Forced Fumbles 16 Passed Defended

      All Good Stats but nothing Great.. M Kendricks is a good, solid NFL Player
      who hopefully will continue to improve ..

  • Love the signing but It makes u wonder, if u had this in mind the whole time plus extend Ryan’s n picked up Kiko why did u waste a 3rd rounder on Hicks? I think Ryan’s isn’t healing as fast as they’d like n this was a last second move, regardless, I’m happy about it, him and Kiko are gonna be devastating for years to come.

  • Andrew and fellow hand wringers… If hicks is part of a rotation (ultimately) or is situational and a spec team player, then it’s a wise pick even with the other backers. As to why they signed Ryan’s … That’s obvious

    • Have, Kendricks n Alonzo are 3 down players, don’t forget they also picked up Jones before the draft to rotate, don’t have a problem with Hicks but taking him in the 3rd round wasn’t necessary especially since he would of been there in the 4th

      • Watch the NFL Careers of Guard Tre Jackson (Now a Patriot) or OT TJ Clemmings (Now a Viking) who were both on the Board in Round #3 when ILB Jordan Hicks was Selected… Both Jackson/CLemmings will be long-time Starters in the NFL at a Position of Need for the Eagles

        ILB Emannuel Acho has been the best Eagles ILB this Preseason and could have easily held down that back-up ILB/Special Team Role

  • The Hicks kid play. I dont give a crap about draft projection etc….the kid is fluid and can make plays. DeMeco Ryans can be his Yoda and it will help him greatly.

    If Alonzo stays healthy you will see quite a bit of him at OLB IMO by years end. Alonzo has the size and frame to make plays from the OLB on passing downs where you can kick Graham inside bring in Curry at opposite end and have Kendricks MLB.

    Up front the Eagles have tons of talent although thin at OLB.

    And I thought he was a good role player….but from what I see of him….

    BENNIE LOGAN IS GOING TO BE A PROBLEM. That kid has taken an unexpected turn and he is more than a role player.

    • Logan a role player? Last week he was being hailed as a pro bowel player by Mayock and others, the kid can ball! If anything he’s gonna have better stats this year than Cox because of the double teams.

  • If the biggest problem on defense is littered with who do we extend next ,that’s a great problem to have.I still contend we haven’t nor will we see the best of these players ,until the axe falls on Bill Davis.Im giving him the chance to elevate his game ,with this influx of “chips prototypical guys.” I think in May ways Bill Davis ,and Sam I am ,are under the same microscope as far as Chips concerned.Hes sprinkled both with “talent” ,now in the words of AR “times yours.” Show me …

  • So happy to keep kendricks…..just a straight baller…..him and kiko will dominate for years to come and the people whining about ryans and hicks…..do u fuckers remembwr having fuckibg casey matthews starting due to injuries……CASEY MATTHEWS NUFF SAID

  • For whatever its worth Dept..
    I liked what Jerome Couplin brings to Safety.. He’s a hard hitter, agressive and and closer.. I know Reynolds has the leg up because of his Int’s even though he dropped one right in his chest the other night, but Couplin has 2 more Games to impress and overtake Reynolds who i still think plays a little too soft back there at Safety..
    For Final WR – I really liked what I’ve seen from Rasheed Bailey and to be honest, Josh Huff has done very little thus far.. I hope that Bailey makes this Roster somehow for I think he can turn out to be a nice Receiver in 2 Years Time and if Eagles place him on Practice Squad, there will be 2-3-4 teams that Scoop him up right away (Ravens, Panthers, Bears,Pats, Chiefs) to name a few …

  • Huff not at practice personal reasons

    • I heard that Huff is wound up so tight and that he is having some emotional issues which may be a thing to keep an eye on ..He’s trying so damn hard to make plays that is paralyzing himself, if you know what I mean..
      The Kids Talented, I hope he gets it together but he’s probably been one of the biggest disappointments in Camp halfway thru so far..


        Josh Huff has been the star WR of camp, because of his brutal sophomore campaign he has been the star. and has most tds as a wr.

        PAUL there you go just typing to be like look at me and making things up rather than posting facts or something close to reality

      • Where the fuck did you “hear” that? Please tell me that this is another one pulled out of your ass, or is the kid really having issues?

        • green never take anything paul says as fact or anything close to factual or reality. its always something he makes up down in methville, north carolina.

          he made up the huff issues thing

          and he made up the huff being the biggest disappointment of camp. huff has been the star of camp and has been lining up as #1 wr and he has been bradfords go to guy in the redzone

          • If the kid does has issues, the last thing he needs is an Internet attention whore (sorry Paul, that may have been a little harsh) spreading rumors. Mike Quick has been making very positive statements about Huff at training camp this year. Not sure why he disappeared this past preseason game, but looking for big things from him this year. Hopefully the personal time is nothing serious.

            • again dont listen to 1 thing paul has to say, he just makes things up.

              huff didnt attend practice because someone close to him committed suicide. not sure of the relationship but he tweeted that he was going to support the mans child…

              paul is an insensitive ass that would make light of someones personal issues.

              and would further make up lies like saying huff is the bust of camp.

              listen to nothing he says EVER

  • I dont know about all that but that one catch he did make was like he was fighting the ball into his hands…..he is amped up too much and all he has to do is calm down

    • Rumor has it that Chip Kelly sent Josh Huff down to the Wildwood Boardwalk to get his Palms Read by “Mrs T’s Plam-Reading Booth” …

  • EPIC FAIL…..u and your try hard jokes….let it go

    • EPIC FAIL for what Z44 — These thoughts roll right off the keyboard, with no thought going into any of my Posts.. There is nothing to let go or nothing to find here.. Dang, Its a Sports Blog… You guys crack me up…

  • Has anyone watched Jordan Hicks closely? I only saw him on a few plays. It would be a breathe of fresh air if he contributes this season

    • He looked average. He hasn’t shown a reason to start him or cut him.
      The Good and the Bad —Hicks was about to sack Flacco on the 1st interception. His pressure could have hurried Flacco a bit when Carroll tipped the potential TD pass which Thurmond intercepted. I saw him get manhandled along with Marcus Smith vs Indy on a run play as a negative in the first game.

  • **Steelers Reaching out for Mike Vick as their Back-Up QB Brad Gadkowski dislocated a Finger in his Throwing hand and will be out a few weeks and 3rd Years Draft Pick Landry Jones has not gotten in done during his time with Club…

  • Lol pman so i cant joke u for making bad jokes…..nah bruh u crack me up

    • And here I thought that was one of my better ones too…. Good Grief…. Ha

  • Sry man I have given u props in the past but this one seemed forced….lol

  • Everything is cool greeny pman just making it way more then it is….u know shit throwing

  • Methville…..lol thats funny

  • man suggs got a nasty cheap shot on celek in that game too. real nasty, nastier than the bradford hit. that man sick, he couldve broke celeks neck. celek and suggs were running in opposite directions with celek full speed and suggs grabbed and yanked his face mask, the man should be suspended

    elliot shorr parks twitter has video

  • Mychal Kendricks better start getting his shit together and producing he has the talent, but has not really done much to impress. He has shown the ability to get to the QB which I don’t think we have had a d-coordinator who has really utilized that talent that he possess to our advantage. With a new contract, and a secure future Kendricks should have a monster year barring no injuries

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