• July 4, 2022

Eagles Release Twelve Players Today

C.J.Kinne2There were no surprises in the list of twelve players released by the Philadelphia Eagles today unless you consider wide receiver former quarterback C.J. Kinne a surprise.  The Birds are now down to 78 players and will need to release three more players by Tuesday, September 1 at 4pm because each team has to be down to 75 players at that time.

Kinney has been on the Eagles practice squad in previous years, but he changed his position this year to wide receiver to give himself more of a chance.  It didn’t work.

The rest of the list includes cornerback Marc Anthony, safety Brandan Bishop, center Mike Coccia, guard/tackle Kevin Graf, defensive end Alfy Hill, wide receiver, Mike Johnson, linebacker Dasman McCullum, wide receiver Josh Reese, defensive end Jeremy Towns, tight end Justin Tukes, guard/tackle Jared Wheeler.


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  • Chicago has released tim jennings…i wouldnt mind us taking a look at him to compete to play slot. I know he is past 30..but he still has skills.

  • Detroit Lions Release WR Ryan Broyles who has a ton of Talent but has had Injuries during his entire Career and was a 2nd Round Pick from Oklahoma 4 Years Ago and has 32 Receptions for 420 Yards and 2 TD’s in His Career

    May see the Panthers, Packers or Steelers take a look at him

  • Indy Colts Release Guard Donald Thomas who has had lots if Injuries during his time with the Colts.. He’s 6-4 303lbs , 29 Years Old in his 8th Season from U Of Connecticut and was Drafted by the Dolphins in the 6th Round of the 2008 Draft.. He played well in 2012 and signed a 4 Year $16 Million Deal and has not played much since tearing his Quad Muscles in each of the 2013 & 2014 Seasons..

  • Redskins Named QB Kirk Cousins as their Starter for Week #1
    I don’t see RG3 ever taking a Snap again with the Redskins if their New GM & the HC Gruden & Coaching Staff have their way… Apparently Owner Dan Snyder and Team President Bruce Allen is still on the fence about RG3
    A Organization in Chaos as Usual under Dan Snyder..

    • DJax “You Can’t Do Epic Shit With Basic People”

  • Does anyone else think that OLB MSII and WR Josh Huff are now on the Bubble of making this 53 Man Roster…. I don’t think Chip gives up on Huff just yet.. But I do believe he moves on and Releases Marcus Smith II

    Barner and Maehl are both making a strong case of making the Squad
    meaning that WR Huff & Ajiroutu could be the odd Players out ..

    I also wonder if Kiko Alonso goes on the Short-Term IR List to buy a few weeks of getting 100% Healthy while the Eagles figure out what to do at the LB Corps.. N Goode, B Jones have both played well, J Hicks is a 3rd Round Pick so he’s making the Team.. Placing Kiko on Short Term IR (5 Weeks) s may be the only way to open up a spot for MS2 to make the Roster and then see how he progresses, injuries , etc,etc all shake out

    • Lmfao paulman u have no clue. Josh huff isn’t on a roster bubble he is a starter this year in 3 wide sets. Get a clue.

      • And no Kiko isn’t going on ir. too Much meth today Paul. he is a starter and if you think they would put him on ir for Marcus smith I recommend you check yourself into the local rehab

  • Aaron Donald is making all pro or Todd Herremans is finished as a NFL player because Donald destroyed him this weekend.
    Nick Foles threw a 44 yard TD to Givens with no yards after the catch. He took the snap, stood at midfield and threw the ball into the end zone in stride. Wow!!!
    Negative for Foles is his OL is bad real bad. He might end up like Sam Bradford by game 8. ( busted up )

  • We’ve also seen Foles look like pure crap during this preseason. Lets face the facts…admit the truth that guys like Paulman, Vinniedaloser, mhenski, haveablunt all of them were bashing Chip Kelly to no end…the sky was falling, the Eagles gave up the great Nick Foles, whine, cry, moan, bitch and complain…
    Now…suddenly it is as if…these frauds never utter a word against Chip and the oft-season moves…now suddenly Chip is a genius again…LMAO!

    • Most of the criticism I had for the move to bring Bradford in and ship Foles to St Louis is because of Bradford’s injury history, and his mediocre completion percentage over his first five seasons in the league.

      I feel like I’m in good company being skeptical of Bradford’s ability to excel as a QB in this system… Both Ron Jawoski and Kurt Warner questioned the move…. And, quite frankly, the season has not started yet… I’m very happy to be wrong about Bradford’s level of play so far.

      I will be the happiest Eagles fan on the board to say I was wrong and koolbreeze was right about Bradford…. As for Foles, I couldn’t care less about his career beyond the day he was traded.

      Nobody on the face of the earth can predict what might happen to Bradford, health wise… Let keep our fingers crossed…

      • Bull!!!!!! most of the criticism was about letting bum Foles go…people whined and cried that we were letting Foles. The bashing of Chip Kelly was relentless and unforgiving…some where arguing that Foles should be signed to a long term deal.

  • I would take hac out of that comment kool he backed up chip

    • thanks Z– I sure did- I moved on, hot air still hasn’t

      • kool was dead wrong about his hero vick, dead wrong about sanchez and dead wrong about foles. through 3 preseason games i was dead wrong about chip and his gm skills when it comes to qbs. i hope i was dead wrong in thinking that a 2nd rounder was too much to give up for bradford after 16 regular season games and a few playoff games and a ??

        in other news i saw eagles dropped from 20-1 to win super bowl to 10-1 over the weekend. found a sportsbook that hadnt adjusted their odds and got us at 20-1 still. also threw some scratch on cinci to win the bowl at 39-1.

        • Bull!! I was spot on about Vick! I said he would beat Foles head up for the job and that is exactly what he did. I said that Vick cant afford to get hurt yet again, he got hurt and we didn’t resign him…no complaints from me at all.
          I was dead right about Nick Foles lack of fit for this offense, his inability to handle the mental part, his slow decision making, his inaccurate passing, his turnovers…
          I was on target with Sanchez…I said IF he leads the Eagles to the playoffs he should have a shot at the starting job and that he is better than Nick Foles…Sanchez didn’t lead us to the playoffs, so he deserved no shot at the starting job, but he is better than Foles which is why is he still on the team and Foles was dumped!
          I was right about Bradford…I said he was a risk, because of his injuries but a risk worth taking because Foles is injury prone as well and worst, he cant play! So now we see I was right about Bradford too…he is worthy of the risk that Kelly is taking. He might get hurt yet again…who knows…but watching the level he can play at which is significantly higher than Foles or Sanchez….he’s worth the risk and at worst…if he gets hurt…we are in the same place we were with the Foles/Sanchez combo…with Sanchez being better than Foles!
          I was right all the way around the board-mdumski, vinniedafool, Irish, and the whole Nick Foles crew were wrong…dead wrong and should leave GCobb in utter embarrassment and disgrace!

          • Ha ha ha… Right and you should leave the GCobb message board for you slobbering love for Tajh Boyd – who is no longer an NFL player.

            And…. I have said at least 20 time on this board – Nick Foles is not married to my sister…. I don’t care if he ever plays another game in the NFL. All I ever wanted was the best QB to start for the Eagles. And until he was traded, Foles was the best QB on the team.

            • Damn, that was the funniest post I’ve ever read from SongsBreeze.

              Lets review Koolreme’s previous positions:

              Mike Vick is great – wrong
              Marc Sanchez is great – wrong
              RGIII is great – wrong
              Taj Boyd is great – wrong
              Dennis Dixon is great – wrong
              Kaepernick is great – wrong
              Newton is great – wrong
              EJ Manuel is great – wrong
              Nick Foles is terrible – wrong
              Sam Bradford is great….well well…maybe he’s finally got one right (and BTW – everyone, everyone is happy if this turns out to be the case nimrod)

              Keep throwing enough darts and eventually even a blind man like KoolSongs is going to hit a bullseye….let hope he did finally get one call right.

              • How could you leave Burflict off of that list?

                And speaking of leaving off the list, how did Biglion not make the Chip Kelly haters list? He is gonna be pissed, he wears that proudly!

              • LMAO!!! …Vinniedaloser

                Foles was going to lead us to the playoffs last year without DJax-wrong
                Foles is an up and coming Quarterback one of the best in the league-wrong
                Foles will lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl-dead wrong
                Foles will be the greatest Qb in Eagles history-wrong
                Foles will receive a long term contract similar to Kaepernick-wrong
                Foles is such a great guy Chip Kelly would never get rid of Foles-wrong
                Foles will be here and Chip will get rid of Sanchez-wrong
                Foles has great value all over the league-wrong
                Foles year of 27-2 was an indicator of how good a QB he is-wrong
                Foles is a smart, intelligent QB who is perfect for Chip Kelly’s offense-wrong

                Vinniedafool-Foles us to death and on every point he has been wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and more wrong.


              • Kool I dont remember Vinnie saying most if not any of that, can you provide proof he said that ? Or did you just make it up because he showed all the times you were wrong.

                lmfao at vinnies post, i forgot all about taj boyd – haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • RG ME is not the starter for the season! yikes, i’ve never seen a guy fall this fast and hard-

  • lmfao paulman has a bet of $100 that foles outplays bradford this year. good luck collecting your winnings zilents

  • Lol Pman u can send it to my paypal when you are ready……nah for real….its more of system and coach rather actual player….but the way sam has played is just icing on the cake

  • Yea henski thats true but i just dont point out the wrong i give people props also when right

  • Kool I don’t want to get into rear view mirror stuff ,but your comments are so inaccurate ,that I feel compelled .”the Eason Sanchez is on this team and nick Foles ,isn’t ,is because Sanchez is better” NO ..The Rams asked for nick Foles ,this is fact ,they valued him above Sanchez.Im hoping that like a broken clock ,you’re proven right twice a day ,but let’s be real,you hated Nick ,and everything else clouded your perceptions.I could care less now about Nick ,but I still contend Sam will always be defined by his ability to stand up and play ..

    • Deserteagle, the big problem on here is that you guys rear view mirrors are broke..so a lot of your are adjusting claims on the fly…stop it!
      The Rams weren’t begging for Nick Foles…we had to give the Rams a high second round pick for them to take him off of our hands.
      The truth of the matter is that Foles got a fair shot from me…when Vick lost the job due to injury, and Foles played well, I didn’t call for Vick to be placed back in…I didn’t call for an open competition for the job the next year…I said that last year was the year to see if Foles could do the job. I also told everyone right here that getting rid of Djax would hurt Foles more than anyone else…a lot of his success came from Djax brilliance…no Djax…Foles crashed!
      Your perceptions have been clouded and tainted by the Foles mirage that you insisted upon upholding despite his miserable and terrible play.
      Its clear that Chip Kelly sees Sanchez as a better QB…he let Foles twist in the wind and signed Sanchez to a contract.
      The bottom line is that I was right…and most of you guys were dead wrong.. so of course ya’ll dont want to revisit what was stated…you guys were so pro-Foles you were ready to declare the doom of the Eagles franchise because of the loss of Nick Foles…
      Lets just keep it real for the record…you, mhenski, vinniedaloser, Irish, havablunt, and most of the whole crew here were wrong!
      Suck it up and be fair…admit the truth!

  • My final preseason thoughts on Bradford: like everyone else health is the concern. But also its preseason and he has done great, it’s preseason! Also, as impressive as he’s been, the guy he replaced had an HISTORIC season in this offense and then fell to earth. I have not reserved SBtix yet but am hoping this guy can keep itup

  • Stop it…the arguments, the bitter gripes and groans were more than just about Bradford’s health. There were detailed gripes that the guy couldn’t play, they said he sucked with the Rams, you guys said he couldn’t throw, and all he did was check down.
    The groans and gripes were loud and consistent…..Foles was better than Bradford not simply because of health…but he was a better QB and Chip Kelly was a fool to get rid of Foles and a second round pick to boot…
    When Foles was let go…most of your guys turned on Chip Kelly…it was a Chip Kelly bash-fest on here with only me and Songs defending Chip’s removal of Nick Foles…the vast majority of you turned on the Coach and predicted our demise!

    Stop it…fess up…man up…just admit it…you guys were dead wrong and we can see from the pre-season…the gamble was worth it!

    • Not me hot air… After my initial shock I was 100% behind the move, still am

  • haveablunt, you were firmly in the Nick Foles camp and whining with the rest of the babies on here…and if Bradford slips you will jump on the bandwagon that we should have kept bum ass Foles!
    The flip-flopping on here is ridiculous…just man up and admit it..Chip Kelly was right to make the moves he did in the oft-season and we have seen enough of Bradford to know for certain…its worth the gamble Chip took.
    We had to beg the Rams to take Foles off of our hands, throw in a 2nd round pick to sweeten the deal…but we all now can say after seeing Sam play…it was worth it.
    Your gripes, moans, and groans about Foles is all up in smoke, haveablunt….maybe one day you will sober up!

    • Except hot air this is what i said less than 24 hours after the trade you fucking asshole!
      March 11, 2015 – 11:50 am
      Profile photo of haveacigar
      Better at RB and WR too… to quote you give him a chance with his new RB and WR…..agreed.
      lets move on! Go birds
      bradford is 27 and chips guy you don’t have to groom a qb– chip drafted a qb, signed sanchize twice and traded for bradford…we are set at qb

  • Kool it’s pre-season ..nobody’s game planning ..blitz packages and all out disguised coverages will be the true litmus test ..stop taking a bow in the first act of a 16 act play..taj Boyd..

    • desert…stop being a crabby lame…and read exactly what I have stated…we have seen enough of Sam Bradford, his throwing accuracy, his quick release to justify the gamble that Chip Kelly has taken on him and we have a much better shot with him. Stop trying to deny the obvious and add on…Nicky Foles

      • Kool …I’ve moved on as I stated ..just as excited by what I see in the offense under Sam as you..I just think you need step back ,and let this season play out.This gamble you talk about ,may crap out ,and if so ,it’s a bad move for the franchise ..and to be honest ..that’s all I care about

        • No its not…its a very smart gamble considering the situation we were in deserteagle! Chip Kelly saw that we were going no where with Nick Foles…he thinks Sanchez is better so he made sure that he resigned Sanchez, looked for ways to get Mariota, and when that didn’t work he took the shot with Bradford..getting Foles was no loss for us at all.
          As I stated over and over again on here….The Chip Kelly moves were smart and his gamble on Bradford was a very smart play because getting rid of Foles is addition by subtraction..

  • Shut up koolbreeze… You were just like everyone else when you heard that Foles was traded to the Rams. You thought the Eagles were getting the Rams first round pick when you heard the news….

    You didn’t give a damn about Bradford, you thought we were getting Mariota. So stop acting like a genius, dipshit.

    March 10, 2015 – 5:13 pm
    Profile photo of koolbreeze


    They’re swapping picks in the FIRST ROUND





    • LMAO…I know how desperate your are Irish…but you are so dumb

      Everyone knew we were trying to get Mariotta…couldn’t make that happened but I knew when Sanchez was signed…Foles days were numbered…I thought that we got the steal of a life time and that the early reports were correct…Foles and our No#1 pick for Bradford and St Louis No# 1 pick (10 overall)…I was overjoyed in that post that we had gotten rid of that albatross in Nick Foles and made a steal from the Rams that would lead to us getting Mariotta.
      The reports were false…no one is that stupid to give you anything for Nick Foles…we had to give up a second round pick for the Rams to take him off of our hands…
      But we all know that you and many of you other lames were bashing Chip Kelly for the oft-season moves..calling for him to be fired….
      The strong indication from this preseaon is that you are dead wrong…as usual..

      Your not getting off of the hook that easy…lames!!

  • Alright we can go back and forth with who said what, we should be excited about the team we have. No need to fight amongst each other…..good time to be a eagles fan. Monday night cant come fast enough

    • Agreed Z, bring on the Falcons!!

      The Koolsongs posts are only sockpuppet trolls looking for clicks.

    • Nope Z…doesn’t work that way. You were man enough to say…”I was wrong”

      These guys had abandoned the Eagles when Vick won the job as QB…they jumped back on the bandwagon when Foles became the Qb and loved Kelly when he made him the starter…but hated him when he got rid of Foles.

      They all declared that the oft-season moves was an unmitigated disaster..they were calling for Kelly’s head…now…suddenly…PRESTO…everything is all good and we are all ‘Eagles Fans”

      Bull…you have to own up and take your lumps when you have been dead wrong, wrong, and more wrong.

      You have to ante up and take it!!


  • Amen z

  • Kool u should know by now that vinnie never owns up to anything why waste your time…..u got it right now be humble and be mature by moving on

    • Z, you know if Foles somehow plays well and Bradford and the Eagles struggle…all of these guys are not going to be ‘humble’…they are waiting for an opportunity to pounce and the bulls eye will be right on me, Songs, and anyone else that has supported the Chip Kelly’s moves and the dumping of Foles.
      You know it and I know Z…so why should I let these fools off the hook?

  • Nah…I’m extracting my pound of flesh…just like they would do…they are all hoping desperately that Chip Kelly and the Eagles fail…they are are not real Eagles fans…they are Eagles fans under certain conditions…Frauds!

    • Damn that’s a lot of typing today Koolidiot. I guess your keyboard has finally dried up in the days since you jizzed all over it watching Vick complete that bomb for the Steelers.

  • That must be miserable under certain conditions….haters gonna hate….lol….get your flesh kool

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