• December 4, 2021

Eagles Hype Video Narrated By Brian Dawkins Goes Viral

The Eagles have produced a hype video which is narrated by former Birds Pro Bowl safety Brian Dawkins and the video has gone viral.  CNN just talked about the video and how it’s getting more and more popular on the internet.

Dawkins talks about giving maximum effort to get the job done.  He talks about “good” not being enough to get the job done.


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  • I knew it was Dawk. Love him.

  • reuben amaro outta here

    • phils are a destination job for a big time GM– good farm system, 3 guys in majors who are probably in ROY voting (not sure if Nola orFranco have enough time in)- and a boat load of money to spend when its time….

      • I like Nola, watched his last few starts. That stare he gave Dominic Brown in his previous outing when Brown concussed himself while causing Nola to give up a bases clearing inside the park homerun was priceless. Impressive Nola is having success with a struggling team.

        • I would Expect that New President Andy McPhail will hire a Person that he’s familiar and comfortable with and probably someone who worked with him as an understudy when McPhail was GM of the Orioles a few Years back…
          Maybe this Interim GM Scott Froerock will impress McPhail and become the
          permanent GM for the Future

          • i’m not so sure that profrak has enough to do this time of year to keep his job. I’m kind of hoping the highest ranking FO guy from the cardinals organization comes over and we do stuff their way.
            phils have a few real good building blocks and lots of money-

            • I am just thinking out loud for we do not know how Active Scott Proefrock was or wasn’t during these Trade Deadline Deals where it appears the Phils made some very good Deals in Terms of getting good Value for their Trades.. If Profrock was high active and involved than McPhail may like what he sees and has in Proerock..
              If Proefrock had little to nothing to do with these Summer Deals, then he’s probably a goner and only keeping the GM Seat Warm until McPhail hires his “Own Guy”
              We’ll know shortly, but Phils should be a very good Job Opportunity for the Reasons you listed above and also the fact that the NL East has a couple of Teams that are rebuilding also in the Marlins, Braves and who knows what in Washington…
              I would love the Phils to Go after OF Cespedes if he becomes a Free-Agent.. He would hit 40-45 HR’s playing in CBP and you put Franco, Cespedes & Howard in that #3-#4-#5 Order would make a very strong middle of the Lineup in Terms of Power and Run Production..
              With all these other young Players that Phils have a couple of Years on before having to sign any big deals, I would go all in for Cespedes and even overpay a bit if needed..

              • Preofrock has some ties to Mcphail but can’t see it. They have to make a clean break. Once Middleton took over it was inevitable

  • awesome video —
    favorite part was the Tomato Pie with Eagles on it in the video.I’m going to start lobbying my better half for a tomato pie for kickoff on Monday. She gets to choose all eating establishments for the remainder of the year. ( Lost a bet ) Dying for pub food, pizza or tomato pie.

  • That shit got me hype……damn I miss b dawk my all time favorite eagle gawd dongit

  • Bad ass video! Love B-dawk. Wish we had a presence like him on this team

  • Except for Dawkins presence, this video sucks the eagles are the only philly team in the modern Era that has not won a championship, it makes us look like the chumps we are under Lurie, and Bradford

    • Ah Jake, that’s a little harsh. The vid is pretty good.

      That being said, I did get 2 quick messages from fans of teams who have won Lombardis and they went like:

      “Cunningham isn’t running out that tunnel”
      “You have videos, we have rings”
      “Vid was good until the shot of Bradford running out – that’ll be good for 3 games…”

      Thant kind of thing….

      SO I get what you’re saying. Video would have a bit more punch if there were a couple trophies behind it.

      Lets just shut up and watch the team play. Can Bradford grow some balls and stay healthy? If he does, they could go a long way.

      • Vinne – You response to those people should be something along the lines of….”yeah, we don’t have any rings and our fan base is still more passionate than yours which is why hype videos like this come out for out team and not yours. It is easy to get beyond a franchise with past success. Try gutting it out with a team that hasn’t won the big one in 50 years and still getting more hype than every other city at the start of the football season.”

        Those people piss me off and secretly, they envy the passion we have for our birds which is why the throw the rings comment in our faces. It is all they have to try and keep us quiet.

        Furthermore, those people are living it the past. Of all the franchises in the NFL (particularly in the NFC East) there are not many with as bright an outlook for the next 3-5 years than the Eagles.

        As I have said from day one of the trade, Bradford will be our version of Drew Brees. They guy was trending in the right direction before the injuries (look at year by year stats not overall averages like the national pundits do). Injuries are a concern for any NFL QB and ACL’s actually tend to come back stronger (with the correct rehab) than the pre-injured ACL.

        If you want to play the injuries card, Foles’ injury is more likely to reoccur than Bradford’s.

  • Nope

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