• August 17, 2022

Phillies Finally, Mercifully, Fire Ruben Amaro

Ruben Amaro JrIts officially time to be excited about the Philadelphia Phillies again!

Word broke earlier this afternoon that the team will not be renewing the contract of village idiot General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. and president Andy MacPhail will begin a search for his replacement immediately.

The Angel of Mercy has finally arrived!

There was some concern among Phillies fans that Amaro might actually be retained after this year’s promising flurry of trades that have restocked the team’s farm system, but now those worries have been put to rest.

For the record, I don’t give Ruben Amaro an ounce of credit for any of trades made over the last year and a half. When Pat Gillick was brought back on board in a full-time role last summer, that was the first clear sign that Amaro had been stripped of his power.

Amaro had to report back to Gillick on every and any move that was to be made moving forward, and while the Phillies were willing to tell anyone that would listen that Amaro did a lot of Gillick’s leg work, the reality is that Ruben was operating with essentially the power of an intern, with Gillick holding his hand throughout the entire process.

I think the Phillies organization kept Ruben around to try and do him a favor and help him find another job somewhere else. By keeping him through the regular season and through the trade deadlines, and allowing him to be at the press conferences and attach his name first and foremost to a lot of these trades that were being made, the club made it possible for some dignity to be restored to his name, and maybe now another organization might take a shot on him in a lesser role.

Amaro was without a doubt one of the worst general managers in the history of not just the Phillies, but the entire city. There’s a school of thought out there that suggests Ruben isn’t completely to blame, and that a lot of his moves were forced upon him by David Montgomery and the other members of the team’s ownership group. And while that may play in to the team’s decline over the last four years, there’s no denying that Amaro was among the top of the list of culprits.

His talent evaluation was poor, his trades were disasters, and he felt the need to hand out easily-attainable vesting options and no-trade clauses to a lot of the veterans they signed, leaving the franchise stuck with a number of bad contracts that tied have tied this team down since 2012.


The release of Amaro is a sign that some of the deep-rooted issues that have been impacting this franchise may be no more. Along with Ruben, guys like Dave Montgomery and the other incompetent owners are no longer in the picture. In their place, John Middleton, Andy MacPhail, and a new general manager will rise to take their places, and hopefully restore this franchise to a respectable level.

Denny Basens

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  • DCar’s nickname made ESPN.
    Espn anchor David Lloyd was using Ruin Tomorrow. LOL

    • That’s Funny, What happened to DCar ? Haven’t seen him on here in a while..
      Hope he’s Ok…

      • paul, I’m doing good. Thanks for asking Bro. Don’t work overnight anymore. Spending more time with my Family, & Real Estate gig. Still read the site, but don’t respond much anymore, due to the POS’s on here. Just got back from down South, & couldn’t get better news. “Ding dong, the witch is dead” 2 years too late, but he’s finally gone!!!! Arguably, the BIGGEST POS, smug, condescending, useless waste of space, in Philly Executive/ front office history!
        Now havenoclue, has to bow to another alter, & slurp someone else’s bean bag.

        • Glad to hear DCar… I bet your happy getting off that Night shift for its a killer working nights when you have a Family and get Older..
          I’m excited about the Eagles Football Season, I honestly believe that they can put a real special season and deep run this year if Bradford stays healthy and remember, Bradford has alot to play for because if he puts up a good full season and leads the Eagles to the Playoffs, he’s looking at a $100 Million Deal from somebody.. Should be exciting …

          • Glad, I’m done with my PT job. Really didn’t need it. It was my extra $$, vacation $$, etc. Now that I have Grandbabies, I’d rather spend my nights & weekends, with them, my old lady, & some nice cold brews. LOL! I’m still not thrilled about the Birds roster. Still no pass rush, questionable secondary (STILL), & zero depth, other than RB. Not to mention porcelain knee Bradford. But, if he can stay healthy, & he can play an iota of the way he played the last pre-season game, our offense can become deadly. IMHO, we don’t win more than 9 games. I still can’t stand, nor have faith in the “Genius” & the waste Davis. Too smart for his own good. I want & need a winner, & be entertained as well. We’ll see. Hope all is well with you? I see, the board gangsters, & correction officers, still busting your balls! SMMFH…..

            • All is well down here… My Son in his Senior Year of High School, PLaying Soccer, And going for his Eagles Scout for the Boy Scouts and doing the College Search/Visits with him.. My Daughter started her 3rd Year of College down at Western Carolina University and My Wife started her Masters of Nursing Program in Infomatics & Education at UNC-Chapel Hill with an On-Line Programs that will take her 2 Years taking Courses straight thru. Its been a busy time but a good time … I Stopped Smoking, Drinking Alcohol and Coffee (Caffeine) going on 8 Months now and feel 100% better..Walking/Jogging 2.5/3 Miles a Days, Biking & Hiking on the Weekends and lost about 15 Lbs and am down to about 180lbs, which was needed… Now I need to lose another 10lbs and i’ll be good to go for a while… My Mom and Dad are both 84, healthy and going strong so hopefully I have some good healthy genes working for me, so I can see my kids and grandkids grow…
              Same stuff going on here, but we get some good convo’s going on occasion, but just by a smaller and smaller group.. but now that the season is upon us, I am sure there will be more Posters chiming in with their comments..

              • Glad to hear all is well paul. We ain’t getting any younger. I’m down to a svelte 230. Taking full time MMA training, & core training. Best I’ve felt in 10 years, since my street beat days. I will never give up beer, coffee, & a cigar here & there. A man has to have his goodies. Didn’t know your old lady was a Nurse also. Learn something everyday. šŸ™‚ Have a good weekend. Go Birds!

  • Phils currently first pick in MLB draft with 22 games left to play.
    I googled MLB 2016 draft and a couple sites listed competing 6 foot 7 college pitchers as best player in country next year. LHP Florida A J Puk and RHP Oklahoma Alec Hansen.

  • I have heard Puk over and over.
    as much fun as I’ve had watching some of the phillies games since McKannin took over, I want them to have that number 1 pick.
    worst move ruben made and it never gets ink on here and i really think this move sealed his fate…. hiring ryne sandberg– that guy was awful, just awful.

    • Worst move was hiring Sandberg?!?!? Even in the end, you still deflect blame from your boy toy! So Sandberg took them from WS Champ- MLB Chumps, all the while, having an open check book from Ownership! You are still absolutely pathetic! AMAZES ME!!!!

  • BTW, look for Jerry DiPoto, to be the next head honcho. You can practically guarantee it. Available, Young, smart, Analytics savvy, & experienced. Everything McPhail wants.

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