• July 4, 2022

Eagles Offense Will Face A Major Challenge Versus The Jets

Sep 20, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford (7) is hit after throwing a pass by Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Jack Crawford (58) during the first half at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports ORG XMIT: USATSI-224506 ORIG FILE ID: 20150920_ggw_se7_100.JPG

Sep 20, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford (7) is hit after throwing a pass by Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Jack Crawford (58) during the first half at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports ORG XMIT: USATSI-224506 ORIG FILE ID: 20150920_ggw_se7_100.JPG
Sep 20, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford (7) is hit after throwing a pass by Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Jack Crawford (58) during the first half at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports ORG XMIT: USATSI-224506 ORIG FILE ID: 20150920_ggw_se7_100.JPG

If you think the Eagles offense looked bad against the Dallas Cowboys, wait until you see how good they look against the New York Jets, who have an outstanding defense.  The Jets beat the Colts Monday night 20-7 to make their record 2-0 this season.

The Eagles wide receivers had better make a big change on their way up to the Meadowlands to play Darrelle Revis and the Jets.  Todd Bowles has his  team playing some outstanding football right now.

The Jets have a front seven, which consists of Pro Bowler Muhammad Wilkerson and rookie Leonard Williams that will be coming after the passer.   Their secondary may be the best in the NFL.  They pounded Andrew Luck all Monday night and they wouldn’t let him get comfortable in the pocket. These guys locked down the Indianapolis Colts receivers and picked off Luck three times.

Did you hear that Sam Bradford?  Yes, they picked off Luck three times and forced him to fumble as well.  The young quarterback had pressure in his face and no open receivers to throw the ball to.  Revis had two fumble recoveries and an interception.

The Eagles offensive line had better wake up.  This Jets defense is better than both the Falcons and the Cowboys, so things aren’t going to get easier for the Birds.  This team needs to get tougher and more professional.

All those smoothies and nutritious foods don’t help if you’re not prepared for the game.  You’ve got to be a professional, which means doing your job.


The offensive linemen should spend more time working together and get their communication in sync.  If they go into this game and aren’t on the same page, the Jets defense will embarrass them again.  Somebody must make sure everybody is on the same page.  Right now the Eagles offensive line is good enough for the NFL.  A team that can only run for two yards is incompetent.

Bradford had better get his game together and maybe he needs to spend more time making sure he know where his receivers are on each play.   He needs to be ready to make good decisions when under pressure because he’s probably going to be under pressure on Sunday.  He’s got to know where all those receivers will be on each play and he can’t be too eager to just get the ball out of his hands for the sake of getting it out of his hands.

The Eagles receivers must also get their act together.  They’ve got to catch the football consistently.  They had far too many drops against the Cowboys. Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor, Josh Huff, and Zach Ertz have got to step things up, get open, then catch the football when it hits their hands.  Bradford needs these guys to go out and compete on each play for every pass.


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  • Great opportunity for the birds if they can pull out a hard victory here that would give them confidence moving forward …..think I’m crazy or not I believe they’re going to do it

  • It’s time to see Sanchez, I fret

  • Jets are coming off a big Monday night win, and the following week are heading into a big divisional game on the road. They are reading their press clippings.

    For a “young” team just learning to win this is classic donut game. A shitty irrelevant opponent sandwiched between 2 “big” games.

    They will, like the Rams last weekend, come out completely flat. Eagles must take advantage of this and take a big lead before the Jets wake up in the second half.

  • Jets will dominate Sunday’s Game and I can possibly see a Shutout ..
    Jets Win Big 23-9 in a game that’s more lopsided than the Score indicates
    Jets Defense is the Best the Eagles will face this Season from their Front 7
    to their Secondary..
    Does anyone see the Young Eagles WR Corps doing much damage against Revis,Cromartie and Skrine ??
    If the Eagles OL couldn’t generate a Push against the Falcons and Cowboys smaller D/Lines, How are they going to create movement versus the bigger Jets D/Line…
    Most of the Time I would agree with your Vinny about the Jets having a “Donut Game” but remember HC Todd Bowles is thh Jets HC now and as the Arizona Cardinal DC shut down Chip Kelly’s Horizontal Offense the last Season big time and now has a deeper Defense to work with…. But Todd Bowles has a big chip to prove and was dissed by the Eagles and Local Media when put into a bad position when he took over as Eagles DC for the failed Juan Castillo, Jim Washburn Firings Debacle of Andy Reid’s Final Season so Todd will have no mercy in beating down his former employer though he would never admit it for he has too much class to do so…
    Losing WR Eric Decker will hurt the Jets Offense but Fitzpatrick will do enough Offensively to Score enough Points for the Jets to Win

    This will be the Eagles Low Point of the Season before a rebuild and some changes are made — The Eagles will Start 0-3 and then split about half their 13 remaining Games to Finish about 6-10 or 7-9…
    It is what It is … This Team is just not that good and has taken a Step Back as some have stated from their Off-Season and their weak Drafts of 2012 & 2014 as well as some questionable Free-Agent Signings and Trades…
    No Excuses for Chip Kelly who took over a very talented and young Team that misguided and a selfish Team full of Egos from Any Reid, but is this Team any better in Year #3 that it was 4-5-6 Years ago.. I think Not..
    Its not even better than the 2014 Team after all the Changes that we made but changing/bringing in 20-25 New Players to the Roster

  • For the Record in this Past Free-Agency Period
    I wanted the Eagles to Pursue both CB’s Chris Culliver and Buster Skrine instead of overpaying for Byron Maxwell
    I also wanted them to pursue Safety Marcus Gilchrist who signed with the Jets..Watch these Players against the Eagles the next 2 Weeks
    Gilchrist is a Starting Safety with the Jets and Buster Skrine is their Top Nickel CB who plays all over the place ..
    Chris Culliver is s Starter CB for the Redskins who the Eagles Play the following week and see if the Eagles added the right Secondary Personnel this past Off-Season..

  • Paulman,

    What was prediction for Eagles wins before the season started?

    • he predicted anywhere from 5-11 and all numbers in between

    • My Original and most Consistent Prediction was 7-9 Wins by the 2015 Eagles ..
      Just too many new moving Parts .. Something like 10-11 New Starters or 1st-Time Starters out of 22 Positions… Its just too much to do in 1 Off-Season and to expect optimal execution and performance..
      Chip Kelly would have been much better served to focus on the Secondary and OL this past Off-Season and kept QB Foles,McCoy and Re-Signed Maclin and then taken his chances in 2015 with a more known and proven Offense (Skill Players) and with a hopefullly improved Defense and OL then make a Decision about the long-term QB after 2015 Season..
      That’s what I would have done and stated back in the Spring, but it’s all water under the bridge now … He ripped apart too many areas to be able to fix in one off-Season.. Something like 10-11 New Starters, 2 Starting OL gone,
      Starting Backfield, Top WR are all Gone, a New Secondary and Secondary Coach with some new LB’s.. When you look around the Top Teams in the NFL and you just don’t see this much change in Player Personnel in 1 off-season.. It just takes time for players to start jelling at the NFL Level where the game Planning and Execution are on a entirely different level than the Collegiate Level where you can get by with 2-3 Talented PLayers on either side of the ball or run a fast tempo and wear teams down, etc,etc,,
      The Biggest thing that Concerned me when the Eagles Hired Chip Kelly 3 Years ago that still concerns me now and is his lack of success against Physical Football Teams and his “Horizontal Offense” in terms of being successful in the NFL, for hat’s what your going up against half the time …
      Red-Zone – Short-Yardage Situations continue to be a Struggle as they were under Andy Reid.. Kelly’s over lack of Defensive acumen again was another concern for that’s what we had in Andy Reid.. Sticking with Billy Davis for Year #3 Proves how inept Kelly in on that side of the Ball
      Bottom line- I expect Kelly to Coach thru the 2016 Season and then work out a release, settlement from Owner Lurie who will not extend Kelly’s Deal beyond 2017 without some real improvement and right now that will be difficult to achieve.. For 2016, the Eagle may very well see a 4th QB in 4 Years with the Eagles which is ridiculous when you think about it and not conducive to Winning Football.. Kelly won’t go into the 2017 Season as a Lame Duck Coach and Owner Lurie will not go thru a Coach who is dying on the vine like he did with Andy Reid and keep him during his Final Season of hi Contract so Chip Kelly’s 5 Year Deal is really like a 4 Year Contract when you think about it… 2016 is the Season that makes or break Chip Kelly and 2015 is not helping matters at all as losers of 5 of last 6 Games and 3 in a Row at the Linc which will get Owner Lurie Attention..

  • *** Redskins News ***
    RG3 has been cleared by all Doctors to Return Practice and the Redskins had him Playing Safety for the Scout Team… How the mighty have fallen..
    Wonder if Chip Kelly will contact the Redskins about what it would take to obtain RG3 if he feels Bradford’s not the Answer to run the Eagles Offense for the Future..
    Now this may be a poor example (RG#) but I really wonder if Coach Kelly has anytime to even think about what a GM does during the Season which is to improve their Roster.. Kelly is probably too consumed time wise in the Coach’s “Fog of War” of the Week to Week preparation that is needed and doesn’t have time to think about GM Duties until after the Season which is another reason I do not like 1 Person to have both Duties… Its just too much for 1 Person…

  • Jets play a different front than the Cowboys and Falcons. The Eagles’ offensive guards will be blocking more inside linebackers instead of DT this week. Maybe they have a better game?

    • E0S, it’s not about the scheme or style, the Jets looked pretty physical yesterday. The Eagles have been bullied on the O line for two games straight. I don’t know, I do not see the Eagles O line being able to protect Bradford that well. Multiple sacks on Luck and 3 forced interceptions…Jets are playing at home. Hmmm.

  • Walterfootball has a mock draft for the NFL updated every week on Wednesday or Thursday for 2016. I wonder if he will have the Eagles drafting in the top ten in this weeks version since they are currently a bottom dweller in the NFC. Last week he had the Eagles selecting pick #23 Su’a Cravens, S, USC. So he ignored the Atlanta loss.

    • I have the Eagles Drafting between #8 & #10 as they will likely finish with
      about 7 Wins which means that 2nd Round Pick that they will send to the Rams will be about the #40-#42 Overall Pick which stings even more..

  • On the bright side of things, Colts HC Chuck Pagano about to get fired in Indianapolis for tossing Colts QB Andrew Luck under the Bus during his Post Press Conference Last evening .. There is no secret that this is Pagano’s Final Year with the Club as he and GM Ryan Grigson are at odds on Player Personnel, Draft, Free-Agency and just about everything else Football Wise..
    Pagano is in his Final Year of his Original 4 Year Contract and turned down a 1 year Extension which he felt was a slap in the face from Owner Jim Irsay..
    Irsay and GM Grigson want to build the Team around QB Luck and its Offense while Pagano wanted to build thru the Draft and improve its Defense as what his background is.. Stay Tuned but I expect Pagano to be Fired by Halloween and maybe even sooner to save a sinking ship and expect
    Offensive Coordinator Pepper Hamilton who was Andrew Luck’s former QB Coach at Stanford to be named Interim HC..
    I mention this for Pagano is a Good Defensive Coordinator but not a Good HC and maybe the Eagles/Kelly will talk to him in the Off-Season about taking over for Billy Davis…..

  • WHO IN THE FUCK CARES????????????????????/




  • Well I guess Andrew Luck sucks too since he has not looked all that good these first view games…idiots and fools! Vinniedafool has already written Jamemis Winston off…declaring him a bust after one game .but then the kid comes back and sticks it in his face with superb, accurate touchdown passes in leading his team to a win over Drew Brees and the Saints
    Meanwhile, the franchise savior, the Messiah that was to lead us to the Super Bowl, the great Nick Foles sucks ass against Washington…costs his team a win by doing what he did here…missing open receivers, holding the ball.
    Some guys on here have no credibility whatsoever…

    • Luck 33-17 and 3-3 in PO…body of work. Bradford 18-32 no PO..
      Foles 14-4. …yet he costs his team… Beautiful

  • The Eagles have never lost a game to the Jets – I don’t think they will lose this one either.

    • Never? That can’t be right?

      • Jets have never beat the Eagles in a regular season game in their history. Eagles are 9-0 vs Jets.

  • I’m sure the Genius will have a plan. It won’t work!

  • What a huge mistake to give Chip Kelley WAY TOO MUCH POWER WAY TOO SOON and are paying for it now.Chips massive ego also has hurt this team in cutting Evan Mathis when we saw what his replacements could do early last season when we had injuries.Chip thinks hes a offensive master mind and its his system that will get it done and doest need some of the players he has sent packing.Hes a college coach that lets his defense spend we too much time on the field which is why we folded going down the stretch last year.Where are all the “In Chip we trust” fools now

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