• May 22, 2022

Eagles “D” Will Probably Play Jets Without Alonso, Thornton & Kendricks

KikoAlonso106It doesn’t look like the Eagles are going to have either Kiko Alonso or Mychal Kendricks starting at inside linebacker for this game against the New York Jets.  Yesterday, they signed Najee Goode, who was released at the end of training camp, so he will step in behind DeMeco Ryans and rookie Jordan Hicks at the inside linebacker position.

There have been numerous reports that Alonso partially tore the ACL in his left knee on Sunday, and is out for the Jets game.   There’s a small chance that Kendricks, who strained a hamstring on Sunday, could play.

On the defensive line, defensive end Cedric Thornton is sidelined with a broken bone in his hand.   He’s going to be out two to three weeks.  Taylor Hart and Vinny Curry will step in for Thornton until he returns.

One of the reasons these injuries on the defensive side of the ball are so important, is because the Eagles offense is seriously struggling.  The Jets have one of the best defenses in the NFL and the Eagles are going to need their defense to play very well, in order to win this game.  It’s likely to be a low scoring contest.

The Jets are going to run the football and have quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick manage the game by throwing short passes to Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, two big wide receivers, who don’t have a great deal of speed.  Fitzpatrick will also be throwing short routes and screens to his running backs and Ryans and Hicks will have to cover them.  In other words, the Jets will be playing ball possession football.

I could see the Jets trying to get Ryans isolated on one of their running backs because, he doesn’t seem to be all the way back from the Achilles tendon tear he had a year ago.  On Sunday, the Cowboys went after Ryans at the goal line, but the veteran linebacker used great effort to break up the pass play.  Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo didn’t get enough zip on the pass to Jason Witten in the end zone and Ryans did a great job of not giving up on the play.  Still teams are going to target Ryans because he doesn’t seem to have the ability to change direction with explosion.

Hicks is a rookie, so you know they will target him because of his inexperience. I could see the Jets trying some misdirection plays, such as counters and bootlegs, on Hicks to get him out of position.  I’m sure Ryans has already told him about what to be looking for.

The Jets aren’t trying to score 30 points on the Eagles.  They know that 17 or 20 will probably be enough because they rely on their defense to not only stop teams, but also take the ball away and put them in good field position.


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  • Jets 23-12..
    Eagles need at least 1 Big Play from Special Teams, have to Win the Turnover Battle.. The Jets have caused 10 Turnovers in 2 Games so far..
    Jets Secondary of CB’s Revis, Cromarties, Skrine & Millner and Safeties Pryor & Gilchrist mat be the best Secondary they face all Season so plays down the field will be difficult… The Eagles TE’s and Backs out of the backfield are their be stance to make a big play or 2 or 3 ….

  • Taylor Hart is also injured with a a sprained shoulder limiting his ability to effectively replace Thornton. Bair will be needed to replace Cedric. Vinny Curry is a bust draft selection. He has no position. I wouldn’t expect much from him.

  • Brandon Graham where are you ? Time to make a play you little smurf. I cannot believe he got that extension contract. A complete stiff.

  • Graham, Curry, Brandon Bair, Marcus Smith II all need to step up…
    May See Connor Barwin play as a Pass-Rushing DE often in this this Game
    Its going to be a scramble all game but the Jets will try to run,run,run at the Eagles and use Play Action Passes for a couple of shots down the field
    but Jet’s WR’s are short-handed also with no Eric Decker & no Chris Owusu so it will be Brandon Marshall,Jeremy Kerley, Quincy Enunwa and Rookie Devin Smith making his NFL Debut

  • This defensive game has much intrigue ,as Todd Bowles replaced, Billy Davis,in the desert with the cards. He immediately had an impact.This game ,as if it weren’t big enough…Its personal..

    • I agree with you on that DE… Billy Davis though he had a good thing going in Arizona before getting dumped.. There are probably some Position and Assistant Coach’s on Bowle’s Staff that actually Coached and worked for Davis.. Its going to be a bloodbath and a brawl and probably a few players on each Team who unfortunately get injured in this Game..
      Its not on TV down here so I will have to go to a Local Sports Bar to Watch

  • Jets TE’s are Jeff Cumberland and Kellen Davis
    RB’s Chris Ivory (Who has missed Practice but listed Probably) with Back-ups
    Bilal Powell and Zac Stacy with FB Tommy Bohannon so not a whole lot of Speed or Players who will get open Deep… Maybe Devin Smith who hasn’t played since Week #1 of the Pre-Season and will be rusty at best..
    I’m Playing Single-High Safety with 8 in the Box but CB’s have to Press-Coverage at the LOS and not allow free releases but Marshall,Kerley,etc..
    I may use Both Bennie Logan and Beau Allen as DT’s at the same time with 4 DL and 3 LB since I’m short at LB for obvious Running Plays
    RB Chris Ivory & is a in-between the Tackles,Downhill type of Runner..
    Clog up that middle and force him laterally to the outside to get his shoulders and hips turned.. Zac Stacy has a little more speed and wiggle
    Billy Davis is short-handed up front and will have to mix it up and use all the DL and LB on the Roster to contribute and take productive snaps with Thornton,Hart,Kendricks & Alonso all out… Time for the next Players to step up and be ready (Vinny Curry, Brandon Bair, Beau Allen, Marcus Smith II, Brad Jones, Najee Gooe)

    • Maybe your right PMan, The Birds ended the game with Beau Allen and Bennie Logan playing DT in a 4-3 because of all the injuries sustained throughout the game.

      • I think Billy Davis will have to just to get some snaps and beef up that D/Line,
        We may see a Front 4 D/Line of Cox,Logan,Allen & Barwin a few times too..

  • .@KCJoynerTFS “In the time since @ESPNStatsInfo has tracked total QBR, Sam Bradford is worse than 99% of QBs in vertical passing.”

    • Clearly not his fault.

  • Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 21h21 hours ago

    Sam Bradford is currently sixth worst among QBs in accuracy percentage under pressure (52.9%) #Eagles

    • Just a Terrible Trade (Foles & 2nd Rounder for Bradford) which at the time, I stated would be beginning of the end, of the Chip Reid Era in Philly, in which I am glad about, but not for the pain, anguish and losing that will occur in the short term but we will have to endure this until a Coaching change occurs which won’t happen until after the 2016 Season.. We as Fans are now stuck with what we got and there is no sense in crying about it for Chip is here thru 2016 ..

    • not a grass stain on the uniform #7. Not even a sweat stain Sunday.

  • Per Reuben Frank, DeMarco Murray left practice with a hamstring injury, no word on the severity.

    • Eagles, he has the blue flu! What a cluster f^#@, inside a dumpster fire, on a runaway train, this team is turning into!! Well, as Biggie, gmc, you & I have been saying since the beginning, can’t win with a fraud, & snake oil salesman, as your head honcho! Welcome back to the NCAA, in 2016 “genius”, right where you should have never left! I hate being right, but it is what it is. BTW, where have all the alter bowers, excuse makers, & criticizers of us been? Only havenoclue has been on here, with his incoherent, useless, blah, blah, blah. No one else ripping us now, huh?!?!?

      • Yep, on top of all of that, he just dismissed himself from any responsibility and thru his offensive players under the bus, the same players he brought in because they were a better scheme fit and culture fit. How can Kelly stress culture, but throw his guys under the bus…complete fraud!!!

        • threw…not thru

    • Chip Kelly has destroyed this franchise, are you kidding me? The perfect storm of incompetence bad luck and whatever else can happen. Why do we get stuck with guys who need to be the smartest guys in the room? Even if this gets turned around where is this roster going to take us? And all that cap space that was wasted last year. I for the life of me cannot understand why you guys didn’t see this fraud for what he is. Dcar hit it a long time ago, if not for the sanctions he faced at Oregon he’d still be there. I’m just pissed right now that this guy was given the keys to the kingdom and I could pick 5 posters on this site that would do a better job. But how many times did I hear on this site oh you guys know more then Chip? YES, YES WE DO, because we’re not egotistical assholes.

      • I think we’re ready for the GMCliff era to begin as GM of the Philadelphia Eagles. No one else will ever be able to fix this mess……nobody

        • Can you pass the Physical GM.. If So, I’m good to roll with it.. But you can’t be petering out halfway thru the Combine or Draft.. Ha …. Just Kidding of course and hope your feeling better..

          • Nothing wrong with the Brain, or the IQ Paul….

            Most would do better than Kelly, and Howie – That’s a fact

            • Howie is a big time proven Contract Lawyer. Feel free to release your history negotiating with arbitrators, lawyers and judges…____________________.

              • e0, a proven contract lawyer, does not warrant you, a GM position, in charge of player analysis, player skills, & personnel decisions!! Rosebuds, is nothing more, than a glorified bean counter, Lurie’s gopher & concubine! Get off of gmcliffs back! You & your other alter ego, have nothing but break this dudes balls for years, when he has been right about a lot of players, & has a better eye, than the clowns that, have been running our organizations, the last several years! Just because someone doesn’t work for, or have credentials for a job, doesn’t mean they don’t know WTF they are talking about! Anyone with 2 eyes, & a brain with a brain cell in it, could make better decisions than the clowns that, have been around here, AKA Stinkie Hinkie, Rosebuds, “The Genius”, Ruin 2morrow, Montgomery, & Holmgren.

              • DCar, thank you brother. I appreciate you paying attention over the years.

                I feel I’ve been more consistent with really good impactful prospects than the ones that have actually been drafted by the Eagles, or suggested by my buddy Paulman – who I think very highly of – although Paul, is light years ahead of the heckler, who if you notice, NEVER offers any other reasonable options of his own, because he can’t – and others who criticize me.

                They don’t realize , as well that we don’t always agree although we respectfully get along – neither do Paul, and I – but some fans get caught up in the moment, and are unrealistic in their expectations, because they’ve bought in to what Management wants them to think – that’s marketing for suckers. I’m smarter than that.

                If some of the players I suggested were drafted, this team would be more talented overall, and in a better position to succeed…..

                I don’t pay him no mind. He still upset that Howie is keeping inventory for the toilet paper at the linc now, and wasn’t thought as highly of by Lurie, as he was in his eyes – or around the league.

              • and you’re right….being a contract lawyer doesn’t make you a great judge of talent.

                And BTW, I’ve handled many contracts over the years of my life – There is nothing challenging about that. But. if you’re biased to one particular personality, and are a hater of another – you get responses like that…….

              • Alright, alright Dcar … clued to my screen with anticipation waiting to read the brilliant trade proposals and superior prospect lists.

              • e0, you just can’t stop, or help yourself, can you? SMFH…..

      • Fire Chip Kelly…Fire him Fire Him Fire him……….Smartest guy in the room needs a punch right in his fat face.

  • My Off-Season Plan for 2015 was not Followed by Chip Kelly… Sorry Guys….

    My Focus was on the Defensive Secondary, OLB & OL
    I wanted CB’s Chris Culliver,Buster Skrine, Safety Gilchrist
    I wanted OLB Jerry Hughes and O’Brien Schofield and let Graham Walk
    I wanted Guard Clint Boling or James Carpenter and not rely on own Back-up’s thrusted into Starters Role (We saw in 2014 what they could do)
    I would have added a Veteran WR and add another in the Draft
    I would not have Traded Foles for Bradford
    I would have keep McCoy for 2015 but Drafted a RB in the Mid-Rounds with an eye for the Future, but if I did Trade McCoy to Bills, I would have demanded more thank just Kiko Alonso and would have demanded a 3rd or a 4th Round Pick in Return or would not have done the Deal..

    I would have used the Draft to Target the Secondary,OL, WR & RB & LB

    I would have Released every Player that Chip Did (Cole,Herremans,Casey,Cole, Cary Williams) but would have made sure I had something worked out with Guard Evan Mathis before a Holdout Situation/No Show at Voluntary Camp

    This Summer – I would have Cut Josh Huff, MSII and cut my losses and kept other Players instead that showed a better upside than those 2 for I just don’t
    think they are NFL Caliber Players regardless of where they were Drafted
    I was not a Fan of Chip Kelly when he was hired and not much of a Fan since.. He’s smug,arrogant and just not very likeable in my opinion..
    He’s just another Ego-Driven HC who wants Full-Control before he can even Prove that he can even Coach Professional Athletes first and Win at the NFL Level..

    What’s done is done and nothing can bring it back.. the only thing i can do now is root for our Team the Rest of 2015 and hopefully see the Team Improve and some Young Players contribute and improve

    • Really dude? Do you have to make everything about you? can;t take a damn thing you say seriously because you don’t stick with it. I glad you are having fun playing Junior Journalist, but this sucks for us fans that are more interested in winning than being right. Grrrr.

      • X, I know you are PISSED right now, that’s just paulman being paulman, but that was a good plan hahahahaha.

        • Yes I am Biggie, It’s annoying…and the thing is some of the people on here are gonna double down or be an excuse maker. Sick of it man. It’s more important to be right then win on here. Now that smug lil Fer put it all on the players. Not play calling, 100% players. Unfortunately, the only player who was saying anything was Josh Huff, who can;t tell if it’s a run play or a pass play. Pass your locker to somebody else and run your ass back to Oregon Huff, your part of the problem.

      • Yes Xevious and Why Not, Most Posts on here all Off-Season and Summer Long was how Great and Brilliant Chip Kelly’s Off-Season’s Plans were and that the new Additions were going to take to Eagles to New Heights.. and when I or others would post concerns, or question some of the moves, we would get called Non-Fans, Traitors, Negative, etc,etc…
        I will always be a Fan of the Eagles for I have followed them for 40+ Years and been thru too many Eras where I am not giving any Coach a Free-Pass for very long.. so when I see questionable Player Personnel moves, Poor Drafts, Poor Games Plans, Uninspired Play, Disinterested Players, then I am going to Post and Bitch about it.. I was one of the Few on here who did not like the Chip Kelly, but he’s the Coach, So I fall in line but now into Year #3 we simply see these Team getting worse and worse in the basic terms of Football, Blocking and Tackling.. It’s his Team, He oversee and approves all Player Personnel and Contracts so there is no one else to blame for whats going on with this 2015 Eagles Team than Chip Kelly
        Hes a College Coach who belongs in College and not Coaching Professionals.. It is what It is.. He Demanded Full Control, No he has to learn how to deal with the consequences..

        • Dude you don’t get it. I know what get’s said on here, that’s why i am so sparse. I’ve been calling for chip to be fired since the spring. In fact that’s all I would post FIRE CHIP KELLY. My point was you take everything and twist it like you have the answers….Then 2 days later you are saying the exact opposite. I won;t call you a fraud or anything like that, but No one knows where you stand…it’s integrity dude take a side and stay with it. You act like we don’t realize you are flipping like 3 ft dwarf in a 4ft pool trying to breathe.

          • Standard and Expected Response..
            I am not up in arms about this 2015 Season for this is about what I expected
            (not this bad to be honest) but this Team and Chip Kelly are just not as Good as many Fans and the Local Media have made them out to be..
            Again, getting excited about 3-4 Series of the Preseason Game is one thine, basing Win Predictions because of it is another..Half this Poster Board after the Packers Pre-Season game are 12-4/13-3 as if the Eagles Issues went away and now many of those same Posters are calling for Chip Kellys head.. so you guys can call me Fraud all you want… I stated going into this Season that with a Roster Turnover of some 35%-40% that to expect a clean adn wll-executed play early on is unrealistic and that 7 to 9 Wins was about right
            My Biggest Concerns that I listed one of the Articles just before the Season started have all held true
            1) Interior OL Play means problem with Running the Ball
            2) Lack of Deep Threat and a Good WR Corp will limit the outside passing game
            3) Depth in the Secondary and Health of Bradford concern me as they probably do every Fan..

            Just because Im a Fan doesn’t mean I blindly think the Eagles are Good..Ibve been around the block way too many times for that .. They have to prove it to me and so far Chip Kelly after a better than expected Year #1 to be honest I had some hope, but then last years collapse and how the Team played and how the Offense was becoming more and more predictable and the fact the NFL Defense’s has caught up with these Spread, Up-Tempo Offense’s pretty good now, that this was the Season to really see some new changes in Scheme for the Eagles Offense with a cast of new PLayers and its been a total disaster.. They’ve played 20 Minutes of Good Football in a 120 Minutes… Their Defense last Week can’t play any better and outside de of Byron Maxwell (who sucks by the way and totally gave up on that last cheap Cowboy TD which is inexcusable to me and I would bench his $65 Million Ass) they kept them in the game which will probably occur again this week and new week against the Redskins before things really crack..
            Bradford is a Nice Guy, but not a Leader of Men on a NFL Field, He just isn;’t I stated that when they acquired him, am i being negative, No I just have watched him onver his 5 Year Carrer and I’ve seen very little which exuded confidence, leadership and a natural Winner.. I just never saw it, can he change under Kelly and have more success and maybe grow into that Leadership role, I guess, can he fold up like a cheap suit when the unforgiving Eagles Crowd starts booing him in the 1st Quarter.. Most likely yes… Bradford a 1 Year Player for the Eagles and not a Fir for Philadelphia which I stated many times.. At least Foles had Heart and Toughness and some leadership, his Teammates played hard for him as he had their backs and they did for him.. Lets see how it plays out with Bradford

            • STFU Paul, standard and expected response. You put on this facade and now you know exactly what I am thinking. Let me put it this way dude, I don;t care about your history or wtf you think every moment. You think you know everything dude because you take every position imaginable. You have no idea just opinions. Stop acting all high and mighty dude, not in the mood for it. All that said I think your a fan like me, I just can;t take the bs 24-7 especially when it’s serious.

              • Wow, What a Puss you really are Xevious…
                Get over it .. The Eagles stink this year, so what, it happens and if you can’t handle that then you shouldn’t be a Sports Fan let alone an Eagle Fan.. .. Holy Pope Francis, we have some real crybabies on this site anymore .. Good Grief …

              • Paul you cyber tough guy. You live in your own FN world. You’re the type of person that never shuts up then wonders why you need your jaw wired shut for 8 weeks. Let’s be perfectly clear here, you are a fan of Paulman, not the Eagles. You don’t care what happens as long as you can spout your dreck on here. That’s my issue, win or lose you are acting like you have the answers. That’s all you give a damn about, being right in your amateur analysis. The funny thing is your a joke and don’t even realize it. Your constant flip flopping and spewing of BS takes away from people that care more about winning than being right. Until you can see that, you will continue to be the self important fan of yourself. Cyber tough guys make me laugh lol.

              • xevious well stated and articulate analysis of this narcissist flip flopper paulman. junior analyst – fan of paulman


        • Flip flop you say something is negative and five minutes later point to it as a positive … You predict 5 wins then Bradford has a good day at camp and you say 11 wins. You usually lead with the negative so it’s always there. You don’t commit to it because a few days later you forgot that you said it and say the exact opposite

    • Good Post paulman that’s a better plan then what we witnessed this off season.

    • Paul….you were saying you saw something in Hush – I mean Huff – and were clamoring to give Marcus Smith time – what’s this you’re saying now??

      Yes you did want those players, but you have no idea how those secondary, and linbacker players would have worked out here because Billy Davis is still here.

      Everything stated is in hindsight, but it’s flawed because you’re not being consistent with your statements about Hush, and Smith.

      Hughes, Gilchrist and Shoefield are not difference makers – because they range from average to mid below average players – as much as at this time they play on better teams surrounded with better talent.

      On the Eagles their weaknesses and flaws would be exposed big time.

      Your worse suggestion of all time was to get rid of DeSean – your greatest suggestion that hasn’t worked out good for the Eagles –

      I would attempt to bring him back, because as it has been stated at nausea, the Offensive whoas all start there. Teams have played us different ever since. He was a strength for us and Kelly gave it away. We get what we deserve for such a stupid decision.

      • I stated in the late Spring after the OTA’s that both Huff and MS2 needed to show me something over the Summer and during the Pre-Season Games which neither did so I would have Cut them and moved on to be honest…
        I was all for giving Huff and MS@ every Opportunity to prove they are NFL Players and they didn’t take advantage of their Opportunity, So Move on..
        I stated this many times this Summer …

        • As far as D-Jax… YEs I was glad the Ealges got rid of him, but they did it in a stupid,classless manner and got nothing in return nor did they replace his SPeed..If You recall and I am sure you don’t, I was very high on WR John Brown Jr out of tiny Pittsburgh State,Kansas in the 2014 Draft who could have become the Deep Threat for the Eagles instead of for the Arizona Cardinals if Chip/Howie/Gamble Selected him…
          So I had actually had a Plan on replacing D-Jax’s Speed and in terms of bringing him back, hell no, he probably has 2 Years max left as his body is starting to break down..

          • You were high on John Brown as a sleeper yes. But he isn’t all that, and he would never replace DJAX. You’ve been flowing on him since the game against the Eagles in which that was the biggest game of his career. Other than that he has really done nothing, Just like your boy Michael Floyd – same thing; They have a good out of character game, and all of the sudden – see what I found – realistically they are both average Paul. What are you trying to say buddy??

            If that was your plan to replace Desean’s speed – it wasn’t a very good plan bruh…..

            Hindsight being 20/20 – the only replacement would have been Odell Beckham – no one else.

            • And the Eagles were not in position to Select Beckham so it’s a moot point.. Same with Brandin Cooks who they probably would have grabbed if the Saints didn’t move up to spoil it causing the Eagles to panic and backtrack and then reach for MS2 ..
              Is all water under the Bridge, Kelly put this 2015 Team together and it’s his job to do something with it.. I’ll root for Silver & Green as I do every week, but this Team is not a legitimate Playoff Contender and any fan who believes that they are will just be disappointed and or misinformed or both.. I understand being supportive and optimistic but for a 52 Year Old Fan, they have to prove it to me first.. Very little that Chip Kelly has shown me over his Tenure so far has ever made me think, Wow this guys a great Coach, Teacher, etc.etc.. He’s different, I will give him that, but his Talent Evaluation, Scheming, Putting a Staff together, (Billy Davis & John Lovett) Handling Professional Athletes leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion and now his Career Record of 20-15 (Including the Playoff loss at Home) just doesn’t look at that genius like ..

              • GMCliff going after the same Top 10 Prospects when the Eagles are Selecting in the 20’s and then complain the GM didn’t do enough to move up and get that Play.. Every Draft your listing 3-4 Players who are all Top 35-40 Prospects and bitch when the Eagles don’t land 1-2 of them..

              • but there is zero complaint when he does put forth the effort to move up to number 2 for Mariota…..

                if there is a player your team needs – go get him.

                Moving up to #2 is crazy, but they took a shot, so how unrealistic is it that we couldn’t move up from 25 – 15, or 10??

                I never bitch when they don’t pick a player I see would help this team. I always complained saying they weren’t aggressive enough, and settled on mediocre players in the 4th and 5th rounds that don’t make the team, or are totally ineffective.

                It may be water under the bridge, but it didn’t have to be there at all if he did the right things. This is not College. He’s coaching men, and our superstar men DJax, Maclin, Shady should be here today Paul – like it or not – this is not a better team without those players stop kidding yourself.

  • Washington released CB David Amerson and Oakland picked him up on waivers. He was 2013 2nd round draft selection.

    • Amerson led the NCAA in Int’s his Junior Year at NC State and then its been kind of a downhill from there, as he struggles his Senior Season as he came in projected as 1 of the Top CB’s but fell as his Senior Season went on.
      He started some games due to INjury to D’Angleo Hall when he probably wasn’t ready but that’s they way it goes in the NFL and he’s kind of struggled ever since, maybe a change of Scenery will do him good.. but Amerson was also called out by WR D-Jax for his lack of maturity and preparation last Season so there may be some other issues going on with him but definitely worth a look for a team in need as the Eagles are but the Raiders beat them to the punch..

  • Other NFL News

    Seahawks Kam Chancellor returns to the Club ending his Holdout with no new Deal which he says he will worry about after the Season is over. He’s back to help his Team and keep a promise to M Lynch that he made about returning to the Super Bowl.. No word if the Fines that Chancellor racked up are actually going to be carried thru by the Club which would end up to be a lot of $$$.. the 2 Game Checks he missed for approx $550,000 he definitely won’t see but I am curious about the Thousand’s of $$$ racked out by skipping Camp and the Pre-Season,etc,etc,
    Give him about 10 Days- 2 Weeks and he’s be on the field and probably making plays

  • The biggest sin here is that I wanted Gus Bradley (who don’t look now, but is crafting a pretty decent in squad in Jax out of the slop that he inherited) over Kelly, because I didn’t believe in the finesse/misdirection/tempo/trickery college offense. I let myself believe as a fan that, well, maybe this can work. Man, did I let fandom get in the way of good football sense. This team stinks.

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