• July 5, 2022

Eagles Must Fight Like The Season is On The Line Because It Is

MalcolmJenkins11The Eagles are going to need some of the best players to step up this week and find a way to win this game against the Jets.  It doesn’t look good, but so what.  They’ve dug themselves a hole by playing poorly in their first two games.  They can’t afford to drop to 0-3.

The leaders and best players on the team like quarterback Sam Bradford, center Jason Kelce, left tackle Jason Peters, running back DeMarco Murray, defensive end Fletcher Cox, linebacker Conner Barwin, linebacker DeMeco Ryans, safety Malcolm Jenkins, safety Walter Thurmond and cornerback Byron Maxwell need to stand up and play the game of their lives.  They need to “will themselves to victory” by refusing to be beaten this weekend.  They’re going to need to play smarter and harder than the Jets in this game and it won’t be easy.  The Eagles offense especially the offensive line has to be more focused this week.

After looking at the video of the Dallas game, I think the offensive line signed a treaty with Cowboys linebacker #50 Sean Lee and agreed not to block him.

This team should take this game personal.  The rest of the league is laughing at the offense.  They’ve got to take the challenge and come out fighting.

This is going to be an ugly game.  The Eagles must win the turnover battle against New York.

CHERRYHILL_DENTISTRYThe Jets are a good football team and they’re playing good football, especially on the defensive side of the ball.  For that reason, this is probably going to be a low-scoring game.  The Eagles will have opportunities to win this football game, if they can take care of the football offensively.

Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford must be stay away from turnovers and the running backs and receivers, must carry the football securely because the Jets defenders go after the football every chance they get.   I wouldn’t be surprised if turnovers decide this game.

I want to see Bradford show more toughness as one of the leaders of this football team.  His body language doesn’t engender confidence.  I want him to jump up from a tackle or a sack with some fight in him.  Offenses usually take on the personality of their quarterbacks and this offense isn’t showing much of anything right now.

There’s more to quarterbacking than just throwing the football.   Leadership is supposed to be part of playing the quarterback position. The quarterback has to realize the rest of the team is looking at his every move.  When he talks to the press, he should be expressing supreme confidence that they can turn this thing around.


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  • The season was over the day they made Chip the GM

    • Good Points G_Man.. We’ll see what kind of Team Chip Kelly for they are going to scratch, claw, and do about anything to steal a Win… Special Teams needs to Step up and make a play, get a Blocked Punt, a Big Return, a Forced Fumble something to get an easy Score..
      JEts Offense is not thing of bueaty either and QB Fitzpatrick favorite target WR Eric Decker is out with an injury so the Eagles must man press at the line of scrimmage versus Brandon Marshall who will not be running any Deep Routes so the Safety Help over the Top should be right in that 12-15 Yard Range for Marshall is not a run down the field type of receiver, but he’s big, strong and not afraid to go inside the #’s and make those tough Slant, Curl-In’s Catches to move the Chains.. If you get in his face, you can disrupt him and get him frustrated where he then mentally takes himself out of the game.. Fitz will be looking for him early and often and is the biggest match-up the Eagles D has to execute in this game…
      the Jets have no real TE Receiving Threat and RB Powell does some damage out of the backfield, RB Chris Ivory is a tough runner but not used much in their passing attack but may be called up since Decker is out
      This will be a very low scoring game and likely a battle of FG’s so there is nothing wrong with Bradford playing it safe on 3rd Downs if he has nothing and throw it away for a Punt… I expect about 15-17 Punts in this game between both Teams so Special Team will be huge and could determine the Winner.. Whatever it takes, the Eagles must Do to save their Season,
      Falling to 0-3 takes the chances to get to the Post-Season down to about 5%
      loses confidence, creates doubt,insecurity, frustration among the entire Organization and Fan Base.. Being 1-2 going into a NFC East contest with the Redskins for Week #4 to possibly even up things at 2-2 is an entirely different mindset and dynamic and positive vibe that this Team needs..

  • Technically that defense is setup to make Sean Lee an unblocked defender but you are correct they should have committed to blocking him.

    TBH this season is over. I honestly think they will win Sunday but a field goal but it will be for nothing. This team needed to win the first two games because their schedule only gets harder down the road. I would be ok with a bad season if I knew Jeff Lurie would fire Chip. But he won’t. Chip will get another year to correct this mess and to be honest there’s no fixing this other then firing chip. He’s lost the team in my opinion. The moves he’s made have shaken this core. They won’t play for him.

    Chipolean has gutted this team and guys aren’t buying in anymore. What’s sad is fans dwell on this throughout the week and feel hopeless while players are like “oh well”. Painful

  • When you don’t block the best player on the other teams defense there is a serious problem. Bradford does not have to become a rah-rah guy…he has to make good decisions and have the receivers catch the ball.
    The whole teams confidence will pick up if receivers stop dropping 3rd down passes!

  • The 1st Down Play Calls have to change
    If the Eagles are going to have any success at all on Offense versus an aggressive Jets Defense, then they better Pass on 1st Down like the Falcons did against the Eagles on opening game.. Have some Play Action, Come in with Double/Triple TE Sets, 4 WR sets, mix it up on 1st Down and get some 1 on 1 Match-ups that the Receivers have to Win on ..
    The Jets are very difficult to Run regardless of the Eagles Current Rushing Problems, Teams don’t run on the Jets, you have to beat them thru the air adn then once you soften them up, you can run a little bit to chew up Yardage and Clock, but you can’t start out this way or Bradford and Co will be looking at 2nd & 10, 3rd & 8 and it will be a long day if this occurs

  • It’s possibly the end of the Sam Bradford saga game.In my estimation he wants no part of being battered.His body language tells all.Hes not going to gulp down sports drinks and assume a role of superhero.The pigskin is his kryptonite.Sam I no longer Am, will be injured by a ferocious Todd Bowles defense.Dont underestimate that Sanchez will dramatically return to the scene of the “but fumble” and the Chip Kelly season will now be in his hands..and no this comment is most telling. .well be better off..that’s what a colossal mess Sam I Am has become in less than 12 quarters of football.

    • I can easily see that scenario happening in NY on Sunday..
      Watch for Jets ILB Demario Davis on a Blitz early on.. He’s a very Physical Player who is pushes the envelop and who I can see taking a run or two at Sam Bradford ..

  • They’ll be no “cut me mick” spewing from Sam I Am..Clubber Lang and the JETS ..are too tough ..For green eggs and ham..

  • Chip just pretty much through his entire offense under the bus. I’m telling you players will not respond to this kindly. He’s has lost this team

    • the offense cannot produce a first down let alone a TD. I doubt their biggest concern is how they feel Chip treats them in the media. Fans booing them and mocking them with a first down cheer to start the 2nd half only to go 3 and out after the first down for a 4 and out Boo fest reassured them they are a disgrace.

      • True. I hat think this could snowball effect into something far worse if they don’t come out firing Sunday. They need to set up and play a solid game. 0-3 is not an option.

        • the Chipper is close to losing the fans in the stands support – that stadium was empty when the clock reached 0:00.

    • What did he say?

      • I played that Kelly PC from today and I didn’t really hear him tossing anyone under the Bus, outside the obvious that everyone has to do better, better plays, better blocking, better technique, ball security, etc,etc and there was a lot of noise in the background and my speakers at Work suck and give off an echo effect to begin with so it’s hard for me to hear anyways, plus my comprehension skills are not that great to begin with.. I’ll re-listen to it once at home to see what I missed, but it didn’t sound that bad to me first time thru…

  • Kelly said they have to block and tackle better. Any player after playing in those two games that thinks that is throwing them under the bus is just plain stupid

  • Poor Koolidiot.

    Devastating video over on Bleeding Green. Cowboys DBs just letting Agholor, Matthews etc just run right by them…not even attempting to cover them!

    The first vid is ridiculous….Agholor has 80 yards around him. Bradford all day. 2 yrd dump to Sproles.

    Over and over. Lots of complaints that Foles used to “miss” these guys (despite ranking very well on deep throws). But at least he threw them!!!

    Bradford all day. WRs wide open. 2 yard checkdown. Every time.

    The lack of respect the Dallas secondary showed Bradford is embarrassing.

    • 4th vid Agholor waving his arms at the LOS “I’m gonna be wide open!” Running a 15 yrd route in the world’s biggest hole while the CB stands at the LOS.

      Bradford throws a 5 yarder that gets buried by 3 defenders all charging forward.


      Bradford sucks.

      • Dammit Vinnie don’t hit him with those pesky video facts. He will make some asinine excuse. Like I said yesterday Last long pass was in Houston Sanchez to Maclin first pass Butt fumble threw. Foles went deep 4-6 times a game….thats why he had a winning record and none of the other do.

        • X please stop! Are you saying throwing deep 6 times and completing 3 is a good thing? Even if the 3 you ‘miss’ look shitty? Hot air disagrees

          • Koolbreeze got some explaining to do.

      • I was watching the same thing these videos show. There were WRs open on intermediate routes all day. There were times that Bradford felt a rush that wasn’t there and other times where the rush was there.

        Our WRs are NOT the problem. A few dropped passes – yes. A lack of talent – no….

        One more game like that one and Sam might come-down with a mysterious injury…

    • Vinniedafoolass…funny you never referred to the videos showing bum ass Foles holding the ball confused and dazed…you simply kept trotting out those stats. Its also funny that a super stat guy like you completely ignored the stats provided in the very article that you uncritically offer-hook, line, and sinker: Perhaps you missed what is actually the key points in this article here:
      “In fairness to Bradford, there were some bad drops by Eagles receivers, and the Cowboys squatting on short passes all game long wasn’t entirely his fault. With the run game again going nowhere, Chip Kelly again substituted rushing attempts with short passes. Coupled with the Cowboys already putting more defenders underneath than receivers the Eagles ran there, results were predictably inefficient. In 27 meaningful pass attempts (all those before the game was 20-10 with 4:07 to go in the fourth quarter, and not counting two 3rd and 21s, which Bradford dumped off to the RB both times anyway), the Eagles sent just one receiver further than 10 yards 11 times, nearly half of such attempts. It is difficult to throw deep when receivers aren’t running deep.”
      It is very difficult to throw deep pass when the receivers are barely running deep patterns!!! Fool ass Vinnie. The article is a joke..it highlights a few plays, gives us meaningless information about Bradford with the Rams, and then provides the key information about the game towards the end of the article where the author admits:
      1. No running game
      2. Eagles receivers not running deep patterns consistently through out the game.
      3. The horrendous drops by the Eagles receivers that would have kept the chains moving converting key third downs.
      Just as I predicted..smh…lame oh so lame!

  • OMG even hot air would have to admit poor QB play… Wow

    • Guess not. Everyone else’s fault as usual.

      • ATTENTION: All Resident Foles Groupies

        Congratulations!! You have just found evidence that makes you feel much better about your love affair with Nick Foles. I’m happy for you. It seems like you can find all-22 footage when it isn’t criticizing Foles Gold.

        In your euphoria, you might have missed the name of the author of the post, Dave Mangels.

        On March 14, 2015 he also wrote a post titled, “Why the Eagles Were Right to Move on from Nick Foles”. In it he has tons of goodies, including links to other posts with gifs showing the endless amount of receivers Foles Gold didn’t throw to. Just wanted to let you know, since criticism of Foles Gold seemed to somehow miraculously escape your notice.

        Oh, and Eagles 24-7 has an all-22 with plenty of gifs with the Cowboys playing two deep and Bradford checking down as the right thing to do.

        After two games and plenty of struggles around him as well, you feel justified in renewing your love affair. But it’s only two games. Not a three-year track record with you boy-toy.

        • i am now the biggest bradford fan in the world- he qb’s my favorite team- i have no choice. he has stunk and i hope he does better… i have no choice-
          my only point is that in this offense we have one guy that is 14-4 as a starter, 2 former NUMBER 1 picks are a combined 2-6 and a number 5 pick who is 4-4- i want to win, i like winning more than losing one guy (who the coach doesn’t like) seems to win a bunch– these higher upside guys seem to lose a lot– and again- i like winning better

          • The Eagles were 14-4. And one of those starts he left the Texans game due to injury when the score was tied 7-7. You can thank Mark Sanchez for that 14th victory, since the NFL gives the win or loss to the qb who started the game, regardless of time or score when he gets injured.

            We won despite Foles last year. You can thank all the defensive and STs TDs for the wins. Take them away, we would have lost to the ‘Skins and Rams. Foles couldn’t even beat the 49ers when he was gifted with 3 such tds, The offense couldn’t manage one stinking point.

            If you belief was Foles would have continued to be as lucky as he was for the Eagles, who am I to argue? After, it is much better to be lucky than good.

            Just as long as you aren’t saying Foles was good. Because he wasn’t even close to good.

            • Ok 13-4, my bad (although its how stats are kept, much like a pitcher) but you got me– 13-4 vs. 6-10
              as for him being lucky…. players make their own luck… we could use a little luck

              • No, it isn’t like a pitcher. A pitcher has to at least finish the inning with his team ahead. If he starts he has to pitch for at least 5 innings in order to qualify for a win.

                Foles created none of the luck that had our defense of special teams scoring in a game. Which is why even 3 tds worth of good luck wasn’t enough to save his bad play against the 49ers.

                Only people with very little understanding attribute team wins to individual players. You don’t judge a pitcher, goalie or qb by wins. You evaluate his play independent of the impact of other players, only by his responsibilities and what he can control.

                I criticized Foles because he would struggle mightily even when receivers were wide open, the line was giving protection, and the play-calling was good. The Jaguars game last year is a prime example.

                Bradford is struggling, but so are all the other aspects of the offense. If has a game like Sunday the other things are good, and he is bad, then I will say he’s the main culprit. The so-called ‘evidence’ in Mangel’s post has him criticizing him for not making a deep throw even with two deep safeties, and one of them bearing down on Cooper. The first gif the receiver was open only after Bradford had thrown to the other receiver.

                You want embarrassing? Look at the gifs of the Jaguars game, and compare to the gifs of Bradford against the Cowboys. It’s downright pathetic.

              • 1. I conceded and dropped his pathetic record to 13-4
                2. You are wrong about a pitcher leaving in a tie game and getting the win– 5-5 in the 6th, pitcher gets pulled for a PH pinch hitter hits a homerum 6-5 the pitcher who was pulled gets the win…

              • sorry skayne but i have to change vicks record to 1-4- he got injured in the giants game which foles came in threw for 200 yards 2 TD and 0 Int… its the way the position works so to change the records to actively reflect who has had success with W-L in chips tenure– Foles goes back to 14-4, Sanchez now goes to 5-4, Vick is 1-4 and Bradford 0-2…
                sorry your hero is so piss poor.

            • no his record setting year he was terrible, historically terrible… funny foles’ wins were lucky and all those other joke qb’s losses were unlucky… the culture of excuse making is alive and well.
              hey like i said i’m a bradford fan… I will be a fan of the team and want any player wearing the uniform to do well-

              • I know you’re a moron havenocigar, but if you were paying attention, Vick’s overall record as qb for the Eagles, if you went back and counted how often he left games with the Eagles ahead or tied only to see the team lose after he left the game, his win-loss record would improve by like 4-6 games.

                You’re so much of a moron havenocigar, you point to a game where Vick left the game with the Eagles ahead as a game Foles saved. We were only behind because Foles played like garbage, only to let the Giants retake the lead. Good thing he was LUCKY and received multiple turnovers from the defense which saved his hide. He wasn’t so lucky in 2012 when he took a tied game in the first quarter against the Cowboys with Vick in, and turned it into a blowout loss.

                Foles wasn’t that good in 2013, only average as I said. Which is why his overall numbers plummeted back to where they were in his rookie season last year.

                As many people who posted all-22 cutups online said about Foles Gold. Like I said, there’s a bunch of posts on the mirage of Foles Gold, which is easy to find. You people are so clueless, you use guys who have slammed Foles to make a point against Bradford.

                Foles is still the same garbage player he’s always been. Which is why he was garbage last week against the Redskins.

              • Haveacigar, You can;t win with an idiot so don;t even try. They refuse to argue facts and only argue luck and variables. The fact that Foles was better than Vick Year one and Sanchez year 2 means nothing. There are tons of excuse for bradford, yet when Kelce, Mathis, Herrimans and Johnson were out last year it wasn;t the o-line it was Foles sucks…Same idiots with the same arguments just 180 dude. Fact is nothing will ever be good enough because he humiliated their Idol and ended his career as a starter. It’s a grudge, and it’s obvious. 14-4 is just an illusion man all these variables helped him…Vicks 1-4 and Bradfords 0-2 both looking like crap and getting excuses is just an illusion also. The only thing they care about is he is out of here. They don;t like winning. Frauds, not worth your finger movements.

              • Haveacigar, You can;t win with an idiot so don;t even try. They refuse to argue facts and only argue luck and variables. The fact that Foles was better than Vick Year one and Sanchez year 2 means nothing. There are tons of excuse for bradford, yet when Kelce, Mathis, Herrimans and Johnson were out last year it wasn;t the o-line it was Foles sucks…Same idiots with the same arguments just 180 dude. Fact is nothing will ever be good enough because he humiliated their Idol and ended his career as a starter. It’s a grudge, and it’s obvious. 14-4 is just an illusion man all these variables helped him…Vicks 1-4 and Bradfords 0-2 both looking like crap and getting excuses is just an illusion also. The only thing they care about is he is out of here. They don;t like winning. Frauds, not worth your finger movements.

  • Wow embarrassing video. Holy shit

    Like I said yesterday fucking stop with the wr have no talent bullshit and the line sucks and the running game sucks. Sam Bradford fucking blows.

    Wowwww how embarrassing

    • Disgrace we need Sanchez in there. What a putrid trade

      • SAMs career over

        Straight outta excuses !

  • Chip wagon blasting Sam too. Ugb

  • There were plenty of mistakes in personell, from the wide out, to the running back. …..

    But the one he needed to get right was the qb

    He failed miserably

    And I said from the day this trade was announced that it would be the unraveling of this coach’s tenure and ultimately the eagles

  • Can’t watch the eagles

  • This week end it will all be settled

    Bradford benched or replaced because of injury

    Foles Shines Again like he did in week one against the Seahawks, leading his team to victory once again

  • Bradford is too afraid to stand in the pocket and throw deep

    He’s the reason for the offensive struggles

    Ds crowd the box

    He won’t throw it

    He’s afraid

  • No clue how but the eagles gonna win Sunday. Lines off jets should be -6 and they’re not and barely favored. It’s an Eagles line.

    • Couple reasons for that:

      1 – Birds are a very “public” team. Always getting hype and $$ on them
      2 – Everyone figuring they are “due”
      3 – Everyone waiting for Jets letdown after Colts win, playing over their heads And following week vs Miami….

      Keeping the line down.

      Great thought for the night,,,,,,Eagles lose…the whole thing unravels….Get top pick overall (good) select QB…then watch STL take the Olineman we need with the first pick in the 2nd round…..

      Rams management still cracking bottles of Dom over that theft….

      • Rams management so snookered chip it’s an embarrassment.Even with all the novice GM did he never had the foresight ,to make the 2nd round pick,a conditional pick.He was,so hot too Trot to obtain Sam and swap him to Cleveland ,he allowed his judgement to be clouded.Whats sad is ,he is being evaluated as a fool for wanting Sam ,when in truth he never did ..but…he can’t admit he was snookered ,another example why appointing him GM was fool hearty.

      • Jets missing both WR’s Eric Decker & Chris Owusu due to Injuries leaving them
        3 Healthy WR’s… Brandon Marshall, Jerome Kearley & Rookie Draft Pick Devin Smith who hasn’t played in a Game since the 1st Preseason Game over a month ago
        This could be a 13-10 Game

    • Line favored the Eagles last week against Dallas too. How’d that turn out. Chip is right…the problem is execution…only because the talent can’t. The coach has to believe that they can because the GM picked them.

      • no eagleshaslanded. that was a cowboys line. eagles shoudlve opened up around -8, -9 to a dezless cowboys team but it was short like -5. was a cowboys line

  • It’s not worth beating a dead nag…but..in all likelihood Sam was going to be released ,and had chip kept Foles in his back pocket at the daft a 1 million dollar signed. Foles may have gotten him MM …oh the irony

    • deserteagle are you kidding? Foles may have gotten MM? You mean some M&Ms candy right? Plain and definitely not the peanuts….and you surely are not talking about more than one measly bag.
      Foles cant’ get you more than a 5th rounder now! We were ass out…we didn’t have a starting QB on the team at all. I’m not writing off the Bradford gamble after two games where the offensive line has played like shit, the receivers have key drops, and the Quarterback has no running game to help out!
      But of course all that is ignored to bash the guy why? Simply because that bum Nick Foles is no longer here…when Nick Foles is put on the bench or gets hurt again…we will see why we had to give up a second rounder to convince the Rams to take him…he has already had a full and direct hand in costing them a game against Washington…he will cough up plenty more as well!

      • Kool…stop with your agenda driven b.s. the media..the football so called purists…all have witnessed the deer in the headlights look..the roommate from Oklahoma Murray sees it..unless he’s your family member..makes no sense..you backing sam..he’s a statistical anomaly in your feeble mind..

        • deserteagle, the agenda driven attacks have been consistently made by those who still cant get over the plain fact that Foles was NOT the answer at QB.
          What you cant seem to get through your thick head is that our options were extremely limited…we were stuck…no franchise QB and offensive line that’s aging.
          Kelly took the shot…took a chance
          Now after two measly games, where the QB has had receivers dropping balls left and right and absolutely no running game-everyone wants to bail on the guy.
          No one wants to give him a fair shot
          Like I said before….it’s a gamble..but damm give the guy a fair chance you and the other idiots wants the guy to be Tom Brady after coming off of two knee surgeries and now playing behind a a weak ass o-line…ANY Qb will be skittish and nervous playing behind that suck ass line…will they work the problems I dont know…but I want to see Sam Bradford with a running game that works and THEN make a fair evaluation…
          Its not an agenda it call a fair shot!

          • You’re backing sam…but only under perfect scenarios..life in chips nfl..isn’t like that..if he were great he’d rise above the adversity..that’s all I’m saying..as a fan I hope he can..but..doubtful..looking back won’t change a dam thing ..so I’m on to game 3

  • It DOESNT MATTER! Foles, Bradford, Sanchez it doesn’t matter. We weren’t winning a superbowl with any of them. The Rams aren’t winning a SB. We lost a 2nd round pick who cares you act like we are missing out on something. Rowe cant get on the field, MS sucks, Aglohor looks like a frail baby giraffe, Matthews is a dime a dozen cant catch a cold receiver. Huff was a waste, Barkley was a waste, Ertz is LJ Smith. Barkley and so on and so on.i t just doesn’t matter. You signed a damn RB not named AP to a long term deal. You extended 2 guards who cant play. You gave big money to a DE who I quite frankly I haven’t seen come close to the QB in 2 weeks. Nothing matters.

  • Dag. It all does matter in the big scheme of things ,because every action yields a reaction.That ,said, yes the end results so far look meager .Kool yes I’m saying that what we do know is we didn’t get MM plain or peanut for our 1st rd.pick and Bradford (who wouldn’t re-do his deal) ;something

  • Something chip needed to secure before taking him in any deal,making him a more viable trade option.I do agree ,it’s early in the process still to evaluate Foles in his trajectory,but ,Sam I am ….he ain’t ..it’s been too long a whining heartless. Road.

    • If Chip Kelly’s Plan was to really hell-bent in getting Mariota, then why would he not approach the Titans or whichever Team with a Package of McCoy,Foles, Cox,Kendricks and some Draft Picks
      Why would Chip Kelly Trade one of his “Highest-Valued Players” on the Team, in RB LeSean McCoy, straight up for a LB a month before the Draft ?
      Whats the thought process with that ? How does Sam Bradford who hasn’t played in 2 Years and a $13 Million Price Tag in 2015 that some Teams just could not afford in Terms of Cap Space have more Trade Value than a Package of Foles,McCoy,Cox, Kendricks, etc,etc….

      Chip Kelly had no damn plan or at least contingencies that were well thought out.. When RB Frank Gore reneged on his Deal on March 9th, Chip Kelly the GM Panicked and set a chain of poorly thought out Decisions that followed with the Foles/Bradford Signing, the Overpaying of Brandon Graham, Byron Maxwell & D Murray while letting Maclin go over a $1 Million Difference..
      All while not addressing the OL for the 2nd Off-Season in a Row while already releasing Herremans and not handling the boiling issue with Evan Mathis that everyone know was coming again….
      The Eagles had some $50-$60 Million in Cap Space and basically spent it on Injury Prone RB’s & QB and overpaid a 1 Year Wonder CB in Maxwell and Brandon Graham since Draft Pick MS2 appears to be a Bust..
      Do note that 2015 Draft was considered one of the Deepest and Best RB Classes in the last 10-15 Years by most NFL Draft Geeks where very Good RB’s could be had in the 3rd/4th & even 5th Rounds..

      I sure as hell don’t have all the Answers to help make the Eagles a Better Team, but damn the Player Personnel, Drafting Decisions being made year in and year out are just terrible poor with what this Team has needed and it gets so damn frustrating as a 40 + Year Fan to see the same stupid shit that I am going to bitch about it and call out the decision makers who continue to made bone-head moves … You newbie fans who are under 25 Years old who only know relatively good times since Andy Reid have little clue about the dog day years that all Eagle Fans had to endure from the mid 60’s to the mid 70’s where Poor Coaching Hires, Poor Drafts, Mismanagement, Cheap Ownership and basically just a poorly run Franchise was an every year thing… Owner Jeff Lurie has improved this Franchise dramatically since those Braman/Tose Era’s and Financially/Marketing wise is probably one of the Top 6 Franchise’s in the NFL, but the Football of things are still mind-boggling since Lurie is not a Football Person and put too much Trust for too long with Andy Reid, and then the entire Roseman/Gamble & Kelly charade last January was weird to say the least and now has given all authority in the Football side of things to a controlling ego driven Chip Kelly who is now entering his 3rd Years of Coaching in the NFL.. Where are the Check and Balances ? Who in NovaCare can tell Chip Kelly, “Hey wait a minute, lets go thru all the plus and minus here and see if it makes sense”… Are the Eagles going to be like a College Team with 25 New Players every year where no players are here in Philly long enough to even become part of the Community… That’s what it’s starting to feel like.. 3 QB’s in 3 Seasons with a possibility that a 4th QB will be here in Year #4 is not the way you build a Winner in the NFL

      • 1. Titans pick was untouchable so everything you say following that means nothing
        2. as i explained to Gloomy draft week– no one would trade a high pick for a bunch of veteran players- mccoy makes a fortune, foles, cox and kendricks were all due to get paid- it was economically not possible- you actually even agreed I believe– FLIP FLOP
        3. you are over valuing mccoy– a 13$ running back– who is 27 with lots of miles on the tires– nah not a real valuable piece

        • The only trade commodity was an inexpensive foles
          .plus pick.#1..

        • You could very well be correct HAC, who knows what talks if any Chip Kelly had with any Team in regards of trying to move up to target MM if he even was..
          The bottom line is that Sam Bradford was not going to have any Trade Value with that $13 Million Salary and Injury History to any Team for any Draft Pick but for some compelling reason, Bradford was going to be the upgrade at QB for Kelly for the 2015 Season with the hopes of returning back to the Post-Season that Kelly even felt compelled to toss in a 2nd Round Pick to get it down and exchange his 4th Round Pick in 2015 for their 5th Round Pick in 2015 basically passing over another 1/2 Round of NFL Prospects …
          This was plan Stupid.. Kelly must have not liked Nick Foles Game at all despite his Winning % or the fact that he led them to a NFC East Crown in 2013

          • You are forgetting that Cleveland was being reported as interested in Sam I am..chip was thinking clev.has two ones..if I flip sam..I’ll have 2 #1s..and this is why he was in such a haste..it doesn’t matter..he got snooker ed and we got sam

  • I just want a win Sunday to calm myself that we suck ass.The whole season lies ahead ,and if I have to spend Sunday’s not caring ,I’ll go insane with all honesty.

  • Alright, enough is enough. After Sunday I was just as down on this team as many of you but its time to get the positive juices flowing again. I get that a lot of you on this board were against Chip or against the moves or against everything for sake of take an antagonistic position.

    Too many times you guys celebrate the negatives because it proves a proclamation correct. Does your life suck that much that you need to find solace in guessing correct on the future outlook of a football team?

    Just as many of you like to look at these past two games from a glass half empty (or completely empty) perspective, there is the opposite to consider….

    First, we could not have possibly looked any worse the past two weeks and we were still incredibly close to beating ATL in ATL which is always a tough place to play. We were also right in the game against Dallas and if Bradford throws it to a crossing huff in the redzone that game gets completely turned around. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong…Kelce and Peters (two pro bowlers have played terrible), Celek (who is normally a good blocker) hasn’t been able to block a lick. We have drops all over the place that have killed drives. A missed FG and so on. All this has gone wrong and we still could easily be 1-1 or even 2-0. It is impossible for all of these things to stay this bad over the course of a season.

    Next, this is not the first time a Chip Kelly offense has struggled. He started off his first season 1-3 and then scored a total of 3 points against two division rivals – AT HOME. He went on to right to ship, lead the league in offense and win the division. Last year, the SF game was even uglier than this past Cowboys game. You don’t think it was because of the score, but remember that all came on Special teams and Defense. We had not moved the ball past midfield until the 4th quarter. He turned last season around too. And don’t give me the O-line guys that came back last year. Mathis and Kelce didn’t come back until way after Chip righted the ship with Tobin and Garner.

    Third, if I had to pick a side of the ball to struggle early it would be the offense. The D, aside from getting burned by one of the best receivers in the game, is playing some good ball. The offense needs time to gel. Once they do, this team will right the ship.

    Finally, look at the schedule. Every game except AZ, NE, and BUF looks completely winnable. We get NO without Drew Bres likely, Dallas without Dez and Romo, Washington without D-Jac and Miami and Carolina have not looked very good at all.

    It is in this fan bases’ DNA to be negative. But this week has been ridiculous.

    • Nice post my man !
      Everything you typed was on point…

      • MY hats in The ring as well…rear view mirror philosophy ain’t getting anybody a Lombardi trophy…go BIRDS

  • Can’t take it..16 game season. Makes every week a soap opera..couldn’t agree more..but the glass half full or empty is so true ..we only hope it soon overflows..with sports science drink..

    • Tonight’s NFC East Match is interesting and important to the Eagles as well

      I would think most would want the Giants to Win so that everyone is bunched up closer together.. If Giants Win
      1) Cowboys 2-0 (No Romo for a while so they should fall back)
      2) Redskins & Giants would both be 1-2
      3) Eagles with a chance Sunday to get to 1-2 with Win over Jets

      If Redskins Win then they move to 2-1 and Host the Eagles Oct 3rd
      with a Chance to go 3-1 and take a nice lead in the Division

      Bottom Line is Eagles have to Win and get to 1-2 someway or somehow or this Season may be lost.. Starting 0-3 and in the Basement of your Division with 2 NFC Conference Losses will make it very difficult to dig out of with only 13 Games left..

      On a Side Note, Special Teams has not done much yest this Season
      Who was the Culprit(s) on that Blocked Put last Week.. I never did hear or read anything about that crucial mistake that really hurt the Eagles vs the Cowboys..

  • Skayne, I concede..you have won the argument! Foles played average during 2013, you win . The 27-2 was on,y average
    Also, Vick would have won multiple Super Bowls except the losses were everyone else’s fault.
    You changed my outlook on those two players

  • HAC. Don’t you know nick Foles is the Roger Maris of football…all his accomplishments have an asterisk…*****

    • Good one!
      Look I am not saying Foles is a HOF QB… But he did well here***. We didn’t do much winning before he took over **** and we certainly haven’t won much since his last start ****.
      Bradford has been horrible***** is it all his fault NO*** but he is the qb and shoulders more responsibility **** than other players*****

      • It’s easy to always pile on the QB..but when he appears to be frightened ..uncertain in the red zone ..unwilling to look off his primary and not just dump it off ..he’s raw meat ..This was Dallas …at home in a home opener ..anything less ,we wouldn’t be eagle fans ..if he takes a snot beating and stands tall ,all will be forgotten..However ,if he cowers he’s done in this town..

  • He couldn’t exhibit that “it” in the Midwest with two beat writers …why would we anticipate he’s going to make a complete metamorphosis..His M.O. In Mo. Was just like he exhibited ..what still baffles me ,why he didn’t sign an extension ? I think he may even be questioning his own desire..

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