• June 27, 2022

The Eagles’ Passing Offense Has Been Pathetic

loserThree games into the regular season, the Philadelphia Eagles have been a major disappointment on the offensive side of the ball.

While the running game showed some signs of life last weekend thanks to a solid performance from Ryan Mathews, the Eagles’ aerial attack was feeble, with Sam Bradford managing just 118 passing yards.

Sure, the Eagles went up a against a very good defensive secondary, but this is the third straight week that Bradford and company have displayed similar struggles through the air.

The Birds are averaging just 221 yards, putting them at 22nd in the league. There are several problems with the passing offense right now, and they start with quarterback Sam Bradford.

With the exception of his wheel routes, Bradford has not been accurate with his passes. He’s also been locking on to one receiver, and if the primary read isn’t there, he’s quick to turn to a check down instead of going through his progressions. The former Ram has also avoided taking shots down the field, sticking primarily to short and intermediate routes. The Eagles’ receivers haven’t done much (an issue we’ll get to below) but Bradford has to stop playing so conservatively, take a shot down the field, and give his receivers a chance to make plays on the ball.

Its amazing how the wide receivers have barely been involved through the first three games. Jordan Matthews seems to be the team’s lone threat with 22 receptions through three weeks, but the numbers for the rest of the wideouts are frightening.

No other wide receiver has more than four receptions this year. That’s inexcusable.

The Eagles need to find a way to get Nelson Agholor involved in this attack. The first-round pick flashed a lot of potential in the preseason, but he’s disappeared and has barely been targeted by Bradford.

The depth behind Matthews and Agholor is really scary. The combination of Josh Huff, Riley Cooper, Miles Austin, and Seyi Ajirotutu has very little upside. Huff is the one guy in that group that has a chance to carve out a role in this offense, but I don’t know that he can get his head screwed on right and cut out the mental mistakes. Austin has been responsible for some of the team’s early season drops, and doesn’t look like he has much to offer at this point in his career. Cooper has all but disappeared from the offense, while Ajirotutu is strictly here for special teams.

But what I find most egregious about the Eagles’ passing offense is the complete and utter lack of involvement of the tight ends, which is squarely on the shoulders of Chip Kelly.

I don’t want to hear that the Eagles need to use the tight ends to help the struggling offensive line block, that’s not a valid excuse. While the wide receivers may be lacking in talent, the Eagles have an abundance of it within their tight ends. There’s no good reason why a supposed offensive genius can’t figure out how to make guys like Zach Ertz or Trey Burton big parts of his offense.

Ertz’s talents have been completely wasted by Kelly throughout his first few years with the Eagles. We’ve gotten teases of what he could be here and there, with his big games against the Colts and Redskins a year ago, but those games are too few and far between. The Eagles don’t make nearly enough of an effort to feature him like they should.

This is the mess that Chip made. When he decided not to franchise Jeremy Maclin, and allowed him to walk in free agency, he created an 85 catch, 1,300 yard, 10 touchdown hole that he’s finding out will be very difficult to fill.

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  • Austin should have a TD – open on a go route in Atlanta but ball was a centimeter out of grasp.
    Ertz should have a TD in Atlanta also – Bradford threw the ball behind him in end zone.

  • If Bradford doesn’t start hitting receivers soon, Kelly will have no choice but to replace him with Sanchez.

    A few dropped passes by the RBs and Miles Austin are not a good thing, but for Bradford to miss wide open receivers in critical situations is something that will lose him his job soon. Even some of those dropped passes are not good throws.

    Hopefully Bradford will regain his confidence soon or we are in trouble. What we are seeing from Bradford is exactly what Kurt Warner said he saw when Bradford played his final games with the Rams… A QB with no confidence in his ability to get the ball to the receiver.

    • Would you pull him if the Eagles are winning but he is still struggling (in spite of him)? What game would you start to think about pulling him if he continues to struggle? I am thinking after the Giants game on Monday night.

      • It’s a bad situation because you know exactly what you can expect from Sanchez. He will turn the ball over more than what the team can overcome.

        If the Eagles win in spite of Bradford, I would stay with him and hope he improves. If the Eagles lose to the Skins and/or the Saints, and Bradford plays like he has been, he might not make it to the Monday night game.

        But you’re probably right – an embarrassing loss on Monday night to the Giants could be all she wrote for Sam.

        I hate to see that happen, because it cast irreversible doubt on Kelly’s judgment. I really want Chip to be successful for the sake of fans like us who have suffered through years of this stuff….

    • Stop with the nonsense about Bradford, Irish…Bradford is going to get better! some of the good throws he has made has been in the face of the pass rush where he took a hit!
      He has to get a better feel for the receivers and they have to make some catches….help the Qb out some, stop dropping the ball. As the year goes on Bradford will get better..we need to keep the running game going and avoid turnovers!

      • I hope Bradford gets better koolbreeze, but I’m not real confident that he will.

        I have not seen Bradford make a good throw with a rush in his face since the pre-season. I have not seen him go through his route progressions in the first three games. He stares down one receiver, then dumps the ball off to a back.

        In fact, all of the shortcomings that you claimed Foles possessed, Bradford truly does possess. He is the prototypical deer-in-the-headlights – He misses wide open receivers – He is a check-down artist – His accuracy sucks – The offense is limited by his lack of mobility….. If Foles was average, Bradford is below average, so far.

        I sure hope he improves koolbreeze – I really want you to be right about Bradford so I don’t have to live through another losing season.

  • Very good article Denny, I was stating my concerns about the wide receivers after the Dallas game (weak, weak corps). I agree, Chip must utilize Ertz and Burton more in the passing game as they have the speed and ability to beat linebackers and are to big for safeties to effectively cover when the ball is in the air (although Bradford does not put it in the air). Hopefully Bradford will get it together soon and put the ball up top, or he will be called Bradfraud! I yearn for the days of DJax with Cooper in 2013 compared to this drek.

  • chip has stated that they missed a few shots that were open- I’m not ready to declare the WR or the QB as weak– I hope they gel and I hope bradford can actualy throw the ball down field– its not something we’ve seen…

    • We have Matthews and I am throwing Agholor in there based off what I hope to be a good receiver, no proof of that yet on the pro level yet, after that you have Cooper, Huff, Ajirotoutu and Austin, outside of Mathews, the other veterans have shown nothing, they are who they are, Huff can’t get hisc head in the game he just have excuse adfter excuse, Cooper is trash, Ajirotoutu can’t catch and Miles Austin is done..a weak weak corps. We are headed into weak four, there are only 16 games, once again these guys minus Agholor are veterans. Weak weak weak!

      • week four

    • HAC, I can’t trust what Chip says, he stated that Bradford played well Sunday…no he did not. Chip lies. A drop here and there, all QB’s have receivers drop balls, this guy had total of 118 passing yards and still have not made a pass over 20 yards. Heis playing scared.

      • I’m giving it this week– AR always divided the season into quarters and this is the end of quarter one– the problem is we all expect a dynamic offense– i will take a less than spectacular offense with a solid defense (playing very very well) and win… over a dynamic offense and watching other teams in the playoffs.

        • Why can’t you have both? Perhaps I am being greedy, but certainly not unrealistic with the right roster moves through talent evaluation.

          • Well I’ll take a SB with Dilfer at QB…
            As most of us were jumping off the bridge week two, I’ll stay calm and hold out the talent evaluation part until the results are in. Remember on this very site several concluded that hicks was a wasted pick, several also said in week week two that the draft class was a bust. Football season is a series of ebbs and flows.
            Let’s close our eyes and think about weeks 13-16 and beyond… Bradford’s talent rises to the projected level, the o line is in stride, Murray,sproles and Matthews are a 3 headed monster. Aguliar is a deep threat, Matthews on pace for 95 catches, Ertz a PB Te cooper catching 5 balls a game for first downs…

            • I’ll take the SB w/o the concern of who the talent is, but, I want to be entertained as well, offensively, the Eagles are boring…zzzzzz. I think there is a place for all of it, I don’t think Kelly is happy with the lack of scoring, but the responsibility all falls at his feet.

              • Still early… Get healthy, run the ball, dink,dunk and hopefully hit a play here and there.
                Football is a war of attrition, September is a stupid time to panic …

            • haveacigar you are finally sobering up and making sense!

              I’m shocked…maybe someone has hacked your account!

              Bradford hasn’t played in 2 years, he got limited work in training camp and pre-season…Cooper sucks, Huff is not developed yet, Agholor is a rookie and Ertz missed a lot of time during training camp as well…so not only are the receivers limited…they haven’t had a lot of work with the Qb this year yet…
              With all that in mind…Bradford threw ZERO interceptions against the Jets, a team that had 10 turnovers in 2 games…this is big! Receivers had some key drops that would have made Bradford’s numbers look better….by week 8 and 9 Bradford’s play will be better. He will have a better feel for what the receivers can and cant do…His play will be better.
              So many of the naysayers on here whined about this draft only to see rookies come in and get the job done This brings me to the defensive side of the ball and I dont see how we can take Hicks off the field at all….even when some of the other guys come back! He’s making plays!

              Can he play better…in time he will…

              • Hot air… I know what I’m talking about, I’m an optimist, but Bradford has NEVER shown the ability to throw it down field, and hasn’t here. He has a few weeks to show something… He has been horrible! As you yelled last year… Defense and special teams got this win… If you don’t agree then you are as stupid as we all think you are

  • The WR Corps Overall Lack of Depth,Experience and Down the Field Play Ability was one of my Top 3 Concerns going into the 2015 Season
    I expected most of the Pass Receptions from the TE’s & RB’s to be honest so the lack of the Production from the WR Corp is not surprising to me to be honest..
    2nd Year Huff has been Invisible as he has all Summer Long
    Rookie Agholor is trying to hard and needs to take a deep breath and let the game come to him and he will improve as the Season goes along as most Rookie WR’s struggle to adjust their first Seasaons, but after Jordan Matthews, who else is there that Teams have to really worry or game plan about (Riley Cooper, Miles Austin or Seyi Aijroutu?)

    Eagles should have kept Rasheed Baily and maybe even Jeff Maehl
    over Huff & Austin..

    I think Bradford will improve as the Season goes as we do need to remember that he’s played very little over the last 2 Seasons and has rarely played in big, meaningful Games over his NFL Career and say what you will, the Demands and Expectations of the Fans, the Media are Different Playing in Philadelphia than they are in the laid back mid-west of St Louis..
    I questioned then and still question now Bradford’s “Mental Toughness” to withstand the Pressure and Distractions and to overcome the obstacles and pressure of playing in a Town like Philly.. He hasn’t proven to me that he has the Mental Toughness yet, but I am not about to write him off just yet, but he will need to step up his Game, His Confidence and His Leadership big time over the next 2-3 weeks or his Time in Philly will be awful short…

  • I tend to agree with Paulman – we know Bradford has the arm and accuracy, so let’s hope he gets his game timing back. I think he needs to develop a repoir with Agholar. While Agholar played a majority of snaps last week, he was rarely targeted and Bradford missed him badly when he did. To be successful in this offense, we need to spread it around – including going deep on occasion. But I go crazy when we try 15 yard passes when we only need 5 to move the chains. It’s still a game of percentages.

  • Stats between Redskins and Eagles after 3 Games

    Total Offense – Redskins
    Ranked #12 Overall – 372 Yards Avg Per Game – 144 Yards Rushing Per Game and 228 Yards Yards Passing … Score 18 Points Per Game

    Eagles Rank 31st in Total Offense – 285 Yards Average Per Game – only 64 Yards Rushing Per Game & 221 Yards Passing Pper Game – Score 19 Points Per Game

    On Defense
    Redskins Rank #2 Overall in Allowing 277 Yards Per Game (75 Rushing Yds & 202 Passing Yards) and 20 Points Per Game
    Eagles Rank #17 Overall in Allowing 359 Yards per Game (87 Yds Rushing & 272 Passing Yards) and 21 Points per Game

    A huge Advantage for the Eagles is the Turnover Battle
    Eagles have 8 Takeaways and a Plus 2 in the Turnover Battle
    Redskins have 1 Takeaway and are a Minus 5 so far this Season

    If Bradford and Eagles Offense Protect the Ball and the Eagles Defense can
    hold the Redskins close to a 100-110 Yards of Team Rushing, then they should Win the Game…

    Probably another low-scoring, punt-fest early on and again Special Teams will be huge as will the Kicking Game, Turnovers an Penalties.

    The Redskins will come in bit more Rested but this will be a close game down to the End .. Which QB is going to Win the Game for their Team
    Either Sam Bradford or Kirk Cousins or maybe which QB loses the Game for the Team may be more appropriate for this outcome …

    Play Smart, Stay Aggressive, Take advantage of Field Position and Turnovers and Eagles Win 26-24 in a barn-burner..

    • You can throw out your stats you old mummy the Eagles and Redskins will be an ugly and sloppy dog fight. The Eagles struggle against the Redskins no matter how bad the Redskins are regardless if the Eagles have a team that is light years better. If the eagles win this game which I have almost no faith in them doing so you won’t be able to tell who the worst of the two.

  • The time to panic was when the “talent’ that everyone whines was tossed aside didn’t win in December …let’s play this out, hope for health and the team gels at the right time. Unless you cheat like the pats it’s all about hitting your stride at the right time.
    I listened to the radio and everyone was saying Bradford and Aguliar should have played more in preseason etc… Dunno bout that, let’s hit 5th gear nov. 15 and see it from there.

  • The inability to familiarize Sam with lots ve bullets ,led to have m works NG sparingly all pre-season.He had no reps in real games with either Ertz (out pre-season) and Agholor (thrown to by Sanchez and Tebow).im assuming that situation evolves ,as we get into the season.The real issue is when does Sam start to feel comfortable into his role as a starting QB .Im not sure playing as a lame -duck QB is the optimal way to garner a successful player and more importantly leader of the offense.Chip wanted this guy ,so once again the dual GM vs Coach and SAMs possible benching might get more tenuous than normal.One thing Chip doesn’t do well ,is take the blame for his wideouts and or his QB decisions.He has the Defense playing well ,and now it’s incumbent on him to become more innovative in his schemes offensively .Every analysis of the offense is like a falling domino..He did what he did with the O line ,and claims now he needs a blocking tight end ,rather than allowing a sure handed Ertz to leak out into mismatches ,he failed to retain maclin as a number one ,thus elevating Matthews ,leaving a gaping hole at #2 receiver at the moment.A byproduct of these GM moves requires Sam to el vote th play of those around him..His DNA hasn’t shown that in the past ..

  • Oh and hot air, you pick and choose when Kelly knows talent… You are pissed at him getting rid of some but say he knows his shit with Bradford… Bull shit

  • Curt cousins will lose this one for the skins he will throw picks all day long….its what he does and bradford will make just enough throws to win…..28 19…..agholor and ertz get tds

  • Haveablunt your too smoked out to know and remember what you said much less remembering what I have said! I have supported most of Kelly’s moves except one which I continue to say has been Kelly’s biggest mistake-getting rid of the exceptional talent of DJax!
    DJax was the best offense weapon on this team and Chip gave him away…everyone else he somewhat replaced

  • Here is the Eagles Receiver Corp Stats after 3 Games

    1) J Matthews – 22 Receptions for 231 Yards and 1 TD
    2) D Sproles – 15 Receptions for 118 Yards
    3) Z Ertz – 8 Receptions for 93 Yards
    4) D Murray – 9 Receptions for 64 Yards and 1 TD
    5) R Matthews – 5 Receptions for 44 Yards and 1 TD
    6) J Huff – 4 Receptions for 39 Yards
    7) N Agholor – 4 Receptions for 36 Yards
    8) R Cooper – 3 Receptions for 25 Yards
    9) M Austin – 2 Receptions for 22 Yards
    10) B Celek – 1 Catch for 6 Yards

    When you Prorate these Stats over a 16 Games Schedule,
    The Eagles WR’s, outside of Jordan Matthews, won’t even reach 25 Receptions and 300 Yards for the Season at this pace which is poor…

    • PMAN – Right now It is poor but It’s not poor if you are hitting other targets as part as your offensive game plan/scheme. Unfortunately, currently the passing game across the board is poor. In Chips offense, I’d expect to see receptions listed in the order you listed above….1,2, and 3……
      Would like for another WR to be listed next in receptions.

      I’m wondering what Chip was thinking when he let Maclin sign elsewhere.. Did he really believe Agholor was ready to be a viable 2nd option or if he felt that Huff could be that player until Agholor is up to speed? Huff didn’t have that strong of a season last season, so I don’t see him believing he could be a number 2… Why is Cooper still on the team? He’s not even the number 3 WR based on talent/skill The amount of times Austin is targeted and the amount of drops he has, is ridiculous. Didn’t expect much from him this season, but his performance hasn’t even lived up to those low expectations.

      It makes one appreciate what they’ve had. Going from a WR corps that defenses had to worry about DJAX and Mac…to the current corps….crazy!

      Matthews is solid and he’ll have some big games before season end.

  • 2016 Eagles Mock Draft (Version #2) thru the First 4 Rounds

    Rd 1 – OT – Tyler Decker (Ohio State 6-7 315lbs)
    Rd 3 – CB – Cameron Sutton (Tennessee 6-0 190lbs)
    Rd 3 – Center/Guard Nick Martin (Notre Dame 6-4 300lbs)
    Rd 4 – OLB – Devonte Fields (Louisville 6-4 255lbs)
    Rd 4 – WR – Mekale McKay (Cincinnati 6-4 200lbs)

  • Here we go, blame the receivers. It was yhe sane argument why he failed in st. Louis. A good qb makes average nfl receivers look like pro bowl talent

    At some point this qb has to make a big play with his arm, down field, not incessant wheel routes

    • Jakemut, STFU…Clown!
      None of us on this board called for a Foles for Bradford trade, no one is making excuses for Bradford except for maybe Kool…But I think your anger is directed at the wrong person.
      Stop complaining about Bradford and be mad with the guy that brought him here…Bradford didn’t ask to come here. Foles didn’t ask to be traded. This is Chips doing…

      • Real nothing except for an a exaggerated sense of self worth.

        I am sure your wife agrees

        • Jakemut, I still would love to knock your head right off your shoulders after your racist tirade months ago…I’m pretty sure there are a few others here that would have no problem with me if I were to do that…

          • True enough Real, I am surprised you even acknowledge him. Just be a fan, bitter people aren’t going to change. People took stuff way too far on here before. It’s good to see most have moved on to be the Eagles fans we all want to be. This site is hard to stomach sometimes, So I do my best to just read and not take stuff personal anymore. Doesn’t help when your QB is Check down Charlie…but I try.

            • Two weak men, my comments were addressed to neither, but these two pussies want to make it about me, they are weak, pussy eagle fans, they should be ignored

              Especially this clown real , he’s a real pussy, I have been on his ass for years, he backs down because he’s a puss, bro he’s nothing but a loud mouth punk that I would love to drive his ass into the ground

    • “A good qb makes average nfl receivers look like pro bowl talent”
      I don’t understand ?
      I need an explanation

      • Hahahahaha, these receivers are funny, Matthews might be trying too hard hence the drops. The rookie ain’t ready yet. Austin gets open and can’t catch, Cooper can’t get open period. Huff got punished for talking but can’t remember the plays anyway. Ertz didn’t have a training camp so he gets a pass. Clerk might as well change his number to 79 and play tackle but the worst part of this is, The Gimp won’t throw downfield so guys does it really matter? But he’ll lets go Birds and get that win Sunday.

      • Those same average receivers still have to do their job no exception. Receivers don’t play for themselves they play for that QB throwing them the ball. That all comes down to attitude not whether they are average or not. New England won many games and super-bowls with average receivers because they wanted to play for Brady, and were willing to do anything on their part to make the team successful. If these receivers really played hard for Bradford every play you would see dramatically different results.

      • See tom Brady, that’s your explanation

  • Here are some more Stats pertaining to the Eagles WR Corps

    QB Sam Bradford has Attempted 117 Passes with 73 Completions thus far for a 62.4% Completion %

    Out of 117 Pass Attempts – 62 Passes have Targeted the Eagles WR’s Corps with only 35 Completions … So Bradford is Targeting the Eagles WR’s about 53% of the time but only Completing 56% of the Time that he even Attempts to Pass to his WR’s …

    When looking at the WR Receptions based on Pass Targets

    J Matthews – 22 Catches from 30 Pass Targets = 73% Completion %
    J Huff – 4 Catches from 6 Pass Targets – 66% Completion %
    N Agholor – 4 Catches from 12 Pass Targets – 33% Completion %
    R Cooper – 3 Catches from 6 Pass Targets – 50% Completion %
    M Austin – 2 Catch from 8 Pass Targets – 25% Completion %

    • Just announced kikos second opinion ..one month rehab and he should return ..let the hicks era continue

    • Paul, that doesn’t really tell too much of the story… 6 of the 12 targets to Agholor were uncatchable and he dropped 2 balls.

  • GOOD NEWS!!! According to a report on WIP, Kiko Alonso’s ACL is not torn and he will be able to play again this season after a month of rehab.

    • Good News for Kiko who can use some Good NEws pertaining to his Health
      Fast Forward to another 4-5-6 Weeks and I see Alonso returning to mostly at OLB … Kendricks & Hicks will man the Inside as long has Hicks is playing the way he is.. With Ryans spelling Kendricks/Hicks from time to time
      Alonso will spell Graham who needs to start playing like a Starter..
      moving Forward, Alonso may be groomed as that OLB That the Eagles were hoping they had when Drafting MS2 who now will have about 4 weeks to show the Eagles he belongs on the Roster..
      Maybe they can place Alonso on that Short-Term IR List to free up a Roster Spot

  • ****NFL News****
    Patriots making more moves as Coach Belicheck seems to do every early Season and picks up key Players to help them get over the hump..
    Belicheck strengthen their only weakness which was improving their Run Defense so he picks up Hard hitting tackling machine in ILB Jon Bostic from the Bears for a steal (6th Rounder) and then today, acquires DT Aikem Hicks from the Saints for seldom used TE M Hoomanewowuie which strengthens their middle of their Defense big time … Belichecks does this every Fall as he gets a few games in and evaluates his Teams needs and the does something about it by acquiring a quality Player… He’s done it with S R Harrison, LB J Seau, RB L Blunt, and even last season picked up LB Robert Ayers who helped their Pass Rush..
    I bring this up for I wonder how much time Chip Kelly has to scour other Teams Players around the NFL who are on the way out with their present Teams or Coach’s and who could help the Eagles…
    Are their any OL or WR or OLB out there ?

  • Your guy the Chipper does that too, he picked up Vandervelde, Najee Goode and Thad Lewis

    • Vandervelde was Drafted by Andy Reid 4 Years ago and still has never beaten anyone out or made the Active Roster if not for Injuries…
      N Goode has been on and off with the Team the last couple of Years
      I like the Thad Lewis pick-up and wanted the Eagles to Pursue before the OTA’s/Summer Camp as I think he can be a little like Tyrod Taylor is for the Bills, which Mobile, Smart, Athletic and gets the Ball out quickly to his Playmakers..
      Its funny to think that Genius Chip Kelly has been in Philly for 3 Years and still has not had an Athletic & Smart QB run his Offense Yet… Amazing..

  • Phils win again for 2 wins in a row to an empty ball park. They can’t even tank correctly like the Sixers. I already hate Pete Mackanin. His job is to get the number one draft choice and tank. If the Phils let the Braves or Reds catch them in the tank standing they better hope the baseball version of Tim Couch or Eric Fisher is selected before they do. I still haven’t forgiven Maurice Checks for going on a last month winning streak with the worst team in the NBA when everyone else was tanking for Greg Oden and Kevin Durrant and the Sixers ended up with Thad Young.
    Boo Pete Mackanin Boo Boo

    • 4 Games Left for everyone..
      The Cincinnati Reds are 2 Back and the Braves 3 Back of the Phils for the Overall Worst Record and #1 Pick.

      Phils Play Mets today and Finish with 3 Games vs Marlins
      Reds play the Cubs today and Finish with 3 Games vs the Pirates
      (Reds have lost 11 in a Row)
      Braves play the Nats today and have the Cardinals coming to Atlanta to play 3 Games to close out the Season (Cardinals have already Clinched Title)


      • would like them to get the number 1 but its also been nice to see them play a bit better- some decent young pieces, financial flexiblity on the way. I was hoping Asche would have a better year- like .265, 14 hr and maybe 65 rbi…
        oh man if you want a good read the wash post has a great series of articles on the Nats collapse — Matt Williams suffered from the Sanbergs… no communication — great players usually don’t make great coaches/managers.

        • The Phils are on the right path, they are more athletic, younger and exciting to watch again but obviously need to get a Couple of Starters to go along with Nola and Adam Morgan who showed some promise..
          The Phils did elect to take the Buy-Out option on Cliff Lee’s Final Year of his Contract for $12.5 Million saving them $10 Million for 2016 as Cliff Lee will now become a Free-Agent or just Retire due to his Injuries..

  • Phils won 4 in a row now in the last week of the season
    Boo Pete Mackanin Boo Boo-
    worst team in MLB all year and this dingbat is going to disappoint the fans and go on a winning streak to finish the season ruining their chance to select first overall.
    Boo Pete Mackanin
    Boo Pete Mackanin
    Boo Pete Mackanin
    Boo Pete Mackanin

    • Who are the Top 2-3 Players & Position in the Draft ?

    • What else do you want them to do? Run out rookies and journeymen every day? They are already doing that.

  • you can’t tank in baseball– they have young guys taking the mound and at the plate– what do you tell pitchers? hey give ’em a fastball down the middle- and to the batter-hey strike out on purpose… Mackannin has done a nice job… they look like a baseball team– better than that zombie hof player sanberg

    • Right. I would rather see Eickoff pitch like he did today to gauge him for next year.

      • great win by Eickhoff, fine congrats but the 2 previous Mets games in the series the Manager used 8 pitchers and 6 pitchers. Those wins are garbage

        • I have followed the Nats with great interest. They are in the midst of their ‘run’ yet many players knew they were playing their last season for them…it caused friction, it caused poor play , it caused resentment .. The Phil’s hanging into players didn’t work, but for them playing it the other way didn’t work…
          They haven’t won shit or even sniffed it …
          Eagles zero.. Give us what you would have done? Not put a left handed in to face a left hander? Are you kidding me? Really? That’s bullshit. They are developing players, putting them in situations do competitive games … I assume u like the triple tank the sixers are doing

        • What would you do

          • Aaron Harang can’t win a game all year long until September call ups when the roster goes from 25 to 40 players then he wins his last 3 starts. That is what I am complaining about. Pete Mackinin using 8 pitchers to win a game. The next day using 6 pitchers. I would rather see David Buchanon implode trying to get 100 pitches in the 7th or 8th inning than have him yanked in the middle of the 5th after 70 pitches to get 5 other pitchers in the game and win. Pete Mackinin is using all 40 extended roster players to win these meaningless games. Give us the number one overall pick not 40 man roster last week of the year wins.

            • They are trying to look at as many players S possible which is the smart thing to do.. Those last couple of Gameswherer the Starters were hammered early on
              Buchanan gave up 6 Runs win 2/3 Rds of an inning..
              Then it’s like Spring Training, basically send a Pitcher out for an inning’s work every inning for the rest of the game..

  • yesterday the Phils pulled starter Alec Asher after 2 outs, then preceded to use 8 pitchers to win a game. The game before the manager pulled David Buchanan in the 5th inning after 70 something pitchers and used 6 pitchers to win the game. These are bullshit wins developing nothing and useless just playoff manager type wins. Getting the first overall draft pick is worth more than Pete Mackinin using 14 pitchers in 2 days to get 2 wins in the last week of the season.

  • Phils will be getting a Top Prospect whether it’s 1, 2 or 3 Overall..
    Either the Pitcher from Florida or Oklahoma or that OF Banks perhaps..

  • Redksins Secondary having Health Issues as they are down 2 Starters for this weekend’s game versus the Eagles
    CB D’Angelo Hall and Safety Duke Ihenacho are both out for the Game
    and other Starting CB Chris Culliver has been hobbled with a Knee Strain and has not practiced mush this week per Reports..
    Maybe this is a Good Week for Eagle WR’s to break out and have a Good Game Collectively ..

  • PMan – what do you think of the Redskin ILB Robinson? Everytime I see him play I love his speed and hustle. Is he a better player than the Birds Kendricks? Same draft in 2012. Robinson went in the 4th round. He is a free agent next off season and the Redskins having signed him yet.

    • Yes I liked LB Keenan Robinson more than Kendricks when they both were coming out of College and I like Robinson’s size,smarts and consistency more than Kendricks as a Pro to be honest .. Robinson was out of Texas I believe while Kendricks out of Cal… Kendricks has missed 9 of 53 Games due to Various Injury

  • Eos he is there best player on team……trust me everybody in Dc says this

  • How is Redskins CB Breeland Playing this Year ??
    I liked him a whole lot more than Jaylen Watkins when they both came out of College and both went in the 4th ROund If my memory serves me …. Breeland played down at Clemson and had to line up versus Sammy Watkins & Martavious Bryant everyday for Practice so you know he had to be well tested

  • Hey Kooltwit…isn’t “leads the league in turnovers!” your line?

    Didn’t you say that 57,342x last year?

    Didn’t you say, even though the team was 6-2 that “leads the league in turnovers!!!!” was completely unacceptable. Nothing else mattered.

    “Leads the league in turnovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Could you tell me who leads the league in turnovers please?

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