• January 17, 2022

Coughlin Rejecting Eagles Conjures Memories Of 2011 Defensive Coordinator Search

Juan Castillo, Jim WashburnWell, the uninspiring and depressing entity that is the 2016 Philadelphia Eagles’ coaching search has taken another sad turn with the team’s third option saying “thanks, but no thanks” as Tom Coughlin withdrew his name from the Eagles’ search this afternoon.

Circumstances Behind Coughlin’s Withdrawal Mirrors Jim Washburn/Juan Castillo Situation

After it was learned that Ben McAdoo would be staying in New York, the Eagles turned their attention to 69-year old coach Tom Coughlin, making a push on Thursday afternoon to get the two-time Super Bowl champion to come to Philadelphia.

While Coughlin was interested in the position, he ultimately decided against it. Part of the reason had to do with who the offensive coordinator would turn out to be, with Coughlin likely preferring to have his own guy in place, and the Eagles likely telling him he’d have to accept either Pat Shurmur or perhaps Duce Staley as his coordinator.

Such circumstances obviously wouldn’t sit well with Coughlin. We’re talking about an established coach with a very well respected NFL resume being told who he would have on his staff by Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie. Coughlin likely felt insulted by those conditions, as should any candidate for the job that has any kind of self respect.

When a head coach comes into a job, he’s got to have the ability to freely assemble a staff of his own guys to set himself up for success.

The situation reminds me so much of the team’s 2011 search for a defensive coordinator. After the Eagles had fired Sean McDermott, they first hired Jim Washburn to coach the defensive line and install his gimmicky Wide-Nine scheme as a base defense before even interviewing defensive coordinators. Washburn had a well-known reputation for being difficult to work with, and after the team was unable to lure any qualified defensive minds to the team, they were forced to settle for offensive line coach Juan Castillo, who was simply eager for an opportunity to coach.

The similarities between that situation and the current coaching search is rather disturbing.

Are Lurie and Roseman telling candidates that they’ll have to accept an offensive coordinator on their staff without getting a chance to pick one of their own? Just like they were telling defensive coordinator hopefuls in 2011 that they’d have to work with Washburn.

As former president Joe Banner once infamously said, “The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

And clearly, Lurie and Roseman have learned nothing from their past errors.

If that’s the case, then its no wonder that the Eagles have had Plans A (Adam), B (Ben), and C (Coughlin) pass on the job. Plan D (Doug Pederson) will likely accept the job, but much like Castillo before him, he may find himself in over his head.

Thoughts On Chip Kelly Going To San Francisco

In other news, Chip Kelly has managed to find himself a job in the form of the San Francisco 49ers.

I think Kelly is going to be a punching bag for the NFC West. That division sports three of the best defenses in the conference, and should have no problem eating Kelly’s gimmicky system alive.

Remember how Arizona undressed Kelly’s Eagles on national tv about a month ago? Or how the Seattle Seahawks put the clamps on his scheme back in 2014? Yeah, expect a lot of that.

The good news for 49ers fans is that I’m not sure how Kelly can run their team any further into the ground than they already are. There aren’t even that many good players for him to release.

But hey, maybe the Eagles add to their draft position by making some deals with the Niners! Think Chip will take Josh Huff, Kiko Alonso, and some of the other garbage Oregon players he brought to Philadelphia for a second-round pick?

Well, on second thought, I can’t see Chip and Tom Gamble doing any kind of business with Howie Roseman. Pitty that.

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  • The Gold Standard has become the Fool’s Gold Standard as long as Howie has a say. Maybe I’m wrong but weren’t the same three that were drooling over Chip the same three leading this fiasco we are dealing with now in their lack of a search for a head coach. It seems that certain coaches won’t even be interviewed because they won’t bow down to I haven’t won a playoff game yet Howie.

  • Coughlin was never offered the job, Denny…

    • That’s right. Obviously it didn’t get to that point since he withdrew himself from the search after learning of the circumstances that he’d be given.

      • That’s speculation Denny. Some people will believe that, others will not, because neither side will confirm…

        To you it might sound like a possibility, to me it sounds far-fetched. We will never know.

        • Fair enough. You know what they say though, where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire…

          • I think Coughlin pulled out before it was confirmed that he was not hired… He only interviewed with the 49ers and the Eagles. I guess he will be out of coaching now.

            I think the Eagles got their man… I thought it was Shurmur for sure. Just goes to show how little I know….lol

            • TB Bucs Officially Announce Dirk Koetter as their New HC as expected

              • Sorry Paul but I promised everyone that you would ‘eat your hat’ if the Eagles didn’t hire Pat Shurmur as the head coach…. Whenever you’re ready…..

  • Doug Pederson is the new Eagles HC…


  • I’m ok with the Eagles not signing Coughlin. I think it would have been a bad fit. Doug Pederson should be the guy. He played for us and helped groom along Mcnabb. I think he can do some good things with the players we have now. But we need a stud of a defensive coordinator to come in and get us back to the 4 – 3.

  • Not sure if the NFL is going to be too happy with this news coming out prior to the KC playoff game.

    Me? I’m good with it. Figured he was the guy for the past couple days. I understand the move. We’ll see how it goes.

    BTW – Is Chip Kelly on the phone right now with Shurmur and Bradford’s agent??

  • Eagles have hired Ken Flajole away from UTEP.

  • I guess there is not much sense in waiting till the new H.C. or even the newly hired? assistance coaches ,or staff ,have even played a game yet? Even a pre season game?Of course not ,all of the poster/ girls . boy/ man? geniuses already know the answer Right ?After all this is the beauty and kindness/ love/ and whatever that flows from Phila and their poster boys/ girlies/.And you want a winner? And your already so judgemental? Karma/ ????More Karma?Coming right back at you isnt’ it?

  • Eagles DC News

    Source says Eagles have interest in Jim Schwartz as defensive coordinator

    • Schwartz runs a 4-3 Base Scheme and will use the ” Wide-9″ often in obvious passing downs .. He’s got a good track Record as a DC and is all about pressure to the backfield by the Front 7
      He doesn’t seem like a real cultural fit with Pederson & Shurmur but who knows.. The man can Coach Defenses which is the important thing

  • Pederson is not a very exciting option to me..

    He has no track record to speak of because he has always been under Andy….

    Are we going to radically change the offense?

    Who will the QB be?

    Should be interesting

  • “IF” its true that Coughlin bailed because the Eagles were insisting on the keeping of staff/personnel….then that’s ridiculous.

    I won;t make a determination on that until I see what happens over the next few weeks.

    My feeling? A new coach MUST be given the opportunity to bring in whoever the hell he wants. It has to be HIS staff. I hope and expect the new guy to clean house.

    IF Pederson has been hamstringed and is bowing to whomever about this guy or that guy on the staff then this thing is doomed before it begins.

    Lets hope that is not the case.

  • Louis Riddick (whoever he is) is gushing over the Pederson hire.

    • It was reported he bailed bc all his position coaches and Ocs and dcs couldn’t get out their contacts. Ie giants hired mcadoo

    • Louis Riddick used to be on the Eagles talent scouting staff. He is an analyst on the NFL Network.

  • I will sit back and watch what Doug Pederson does as far as hiring his coaching staff, his offensive philosophy, defensive philosophy and the type of talent he is interested in bringing in to run his schemes. I am also interested in how he interacts with the players. I will not prematurely judge this hire because I do not know enough about what he wants to do or how he will lead. The defensive and offensive coordinators will be very important to Dougy P’s success.

  • Word on why Coughlin bailed is because he couldn’t get a staff together.

  • Jim Swartz will be new DC. He was a terrible HC but is a good DC. Its also reported he wont be bringing the wide 9 with him.


    LETS GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • got up this morning … read this and thought the sixers won…. but then i remembered they aren’t allowed to win and hart was cheering the loss– very freaking confusing being a sixer fan…

    • Ish Smith with a Minus 24 in 36 Minutes while being on out on Court which is terrible, You have to Play some Defense in the NBA too…
      Every opponent’s Shooting Guards are lighting up the 76ers game in and game out.. Who on the 76ers can Defend the Ball?

      Nerlen Noels a Minus 18 in 24 Minutes… which is not good when you are supposed to known for being a Defensive Player



    • Haaaa

      • Mushed

  • Sixers fought hard last night

    Covington broke out of his funk last night in a big way with 25pts and six 3 pointers

    Ish Smith continues to impress consistently, last night 24pts 8as 4rebs. Extend that man, pay that man!!! Hes our PG

    I loved the fight outta them last night

    Jimmy Butler is a Superstar. Now I see why the Sixers tried signing him this off-season. 53 pts

    But listen to Colangelo closely. They are planning on doing some creative things with the assets we have, he’s a real straight shooter, basically tells us what they plan to do whether it’s free agency, draft, trading players trading picks etc…

    He flat out said if Embiid is healthy they may consider moving one of the bigs…

    Cannot wait for trade deadline, draft and free agency

    Big big big things on the horizon for our Sixers!

    Together We Build!!!

    ShowYaLuv Philly!!!

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