• January 23, 2022

Howie Roseman Was Right To Sign Vinny Curry

Nov 27, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) is sacked by Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry (75) and linebacker Brandon Graham (55) in the second quarter at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Nov 27, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) is sacked by Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry (75) and linebacker Brandon Graham (55) in the second quarter at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 27, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) is sacked by Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry (75) and linebacker Brandon Graham (55) in the second quarter at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I’m totally onboard with what Eagles GM Howie Roseman had to say to Philly.com’s Jeff McLane, when talking about why the Birds signed defensive end Vinny Curry to a 5-year contract extension for $47.25 million with $23 million guaranteed.

I think he will be a double-digit sack guy, when given the chance to play full time in the 4-3 defense. He will be able to come off the corner on the right side most of the time and put pressure on the quarterback.  In addition to coming off the corner, Curry can also slide inside at the tackle position and get pressure on the quarterback from that position on 3rd down.  That’s going to allow the Eagles to let Connor Barwin rush the passer from the defensive end position on 3rd down.   It allows them to put their best four pass rushers, Curry, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham and Barwin on the field on 3rd down.

“The coaches want to make sure they have a bunch of fastballs . . . get pressure on the quarterback, who are versatile, who can rush inside and out” Roseman told McLane.  “This time of year, to be able to keep a guy from free agency, when we understand that the market is going to be aggressive. He’s shown his ability not only to get pressure outside, but inside, rushing over guards. The versatility he’s shown, that maybe we didn’t know when we drafted him, has been tremendous.”

“When you look at what’s important to us when you build this team – and that comes from the coaching staff – it’s getting pressure on the quarterback and finding pass rushers, and how hard it is to find pass rushers in this league, especially proven pass rushers,” Roseman said.

Roseman is totally correct in these comments about signing Curry.  How foolish would it be to let a former second round pick, which you got right leave via free agency?  Curry is just what the doctor ordered.  The dude can rush the passer.  It’s one of the most important things you need on a NFL defense.

I’m onboard with Howie and what he does at the GM position as long as he is working in collaboration with his coaching staff.  If Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz tells him we must resign Curry, then Roseman has to do it.  The move makes sense.  You must have pass rushers, if you’re going win in the National Football League.

As for the amount of money, I’m going to give Roseman the benefit of the doubt because he’s an expert at dealing with the cap.

Hey fellas, I’m out here in San Francisco right now for the Super Bowl.  I’ll be keeping you in the loop with the people I run into out here.  I ran into my buddy and former teammate at USC, 49ers Hall of Fame safety Ronnie Lott yesterday morning at the hotel, just 30 minutes after I got here.

When I came in the lobby last night, Mr. J.J. Watt was checking into his room at the front desk.  He’s a big dude.


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  • Nice article G and I agree with you 100% even though I’m not a big Howie fan. I’m not in compliance with all his signings as far as $$, think we paid little more for Lane and Ertz contracts plus as much as I love him I think Celek should have been let go and given Trey Burton shot I’m loving it that Vinny Curry finally will be given the chance he deserves in this “D”. I can’t wait to see us in 4-3 finally man I love it!

    • Howie robbed Zach Ertz. Way below open FA market value for a TE entering his prime age 25 who was 6th in NFL in TE receptions and 7th in NFL in TE yardage.

  • $23 million guaranteed for a player, Vinny Curry, who has only played 1 out of every 3 plays at age 28 is a mistake. If the Eagles don’t have the lead then he doesn’t get on the field.

    • First off EQS at that salary he is playing more than when the Eagles have a lead. 2nd EOS he is 28 years old with low mileage. lol

      • I’m more than skeptical, I think it is a massive mistake giving a part time player $8 million plus dollars a year. Career backup Allen Barbre handed starting job at age 29 knee injury in 2014 out for year. Career backup Andrew Gardner handed starting job at age 28 knee injury in 2015 out for year. Career backup Nolan Caroll handed starting job at age 28 knee injury in 2015 out for the year. I’m predicting the increase work load will lead to a castetrophic injury in 2016 for career backup Vinny Curry only this time he isn’t getting paid reserve money like Barbre, Gardner, & Caroll he is getting $8 million dollars a year.

  • I don’t know if its me flip-flopping or the Eagles flip-flopping but after hearing Roseman and Pederson talk it now sounds like Bradford is definitely not going anywhere.

  • This Eagles D/Line is going to be real heavy with the Salary Cap moving forward with the Big Deals given out … Soon Fletcher Cox will sign a $100 Million Deal to go along with Vinny Curry, Brandon Graham, and probably Bennie Logan Deal next Off-Season..
    This Eagles Starting Defensive Line will be earning a Collective
    $30 + Million per Season for 2017 and beyond
    — Cox $12 Million, Curry $9.5 Million,Graham $7.5 Million + whatever Bennie Logan Gets, add what the other 3-4 DL will earn and this DL Corps could Earn almost $40 Million which is huge…

    They better dominate as this will be 20% of the Total Teams Cap ..

  • Just saw a blurb. Eagles in stared own with Demarco Murray …

  • They are purging chips plan and attempting to dismantle it ..that’s quite obvious..Demarco Murray never donned the green laundry ,in my opinions n.Excuses ,he had plenty (like Sam) b.t.w. Talk is cheap ..if you can unburden yourself and capology works..see ya

  • What could we get in everyone’s estimation?

    • I honestly don’t know how he would be traded.

      The market for RBs is completely dry. The position has been completely devalued and more and more teams aren’t expending serious resources at the position. (Another mistake by Kelly who was making shit up as he went along)

      Unless the name is Adrien Pederson (and even he is being overpaid) what team wants to devote almost $10 mill of space for a RB in 2016?? Especially a RB who may be washed up after his 500 touch year?

      • Vin..this is where howienomics..gets tested .HERE is what burns my ass about “culture” guys..Chip ,preached and talked the talk ,but ,now ,in retrospect it can’t walk the walk.Hes making top money and he’s in a stare down ? Great attitude ,on his behalf..The strategy is to be a cancer and get your organization screwed after one miserable year by you ,performance wise.

        • nobody giving a wooden nickel for murray and you cant cut a dude when his cap # is 8 mill and cap hit if you cut him is 13 mill… he is uncuttable and untradeable (thanks chip)

          next year the hit is 5 so maybe then

          if not year after its 2 which is cake

          • non-story– i heard from the horses mouth he wants to come back- just the media creating content-
            lets hope he can get his form back and run downhill…

    • Zippo in Return for D Murray due to his Current Contract,
      No Team is touching that with a 10 Ft Pole, Not even the Cowboys
      The Seahawks could possibly be interested if Lynch gets Cut or Retires…
      But not at the Current Deal Murray has now…

      Doug Martin (Age 27) Lamar Miller (Age 25) , Alferd Morris (27), Chris Ivory (Age 28) are some of the Top Free-Agent RB’s while Matt Forte (Age 30)
      James Starks, Ahmad Bradshaw, Tim Hightower, Chris Johnson are all 30+
      and could help some Teams in a Rotational Role

      Both Bronco’s RB’s Ronnie Hillman (24) & CJ Anderson (25) are Free-Agents after the Season is over..

      • matt forte gonna look nice in new england

        • I could see that easily and would fit the Patriots System perfectly..
          I also could see Jerry Jones/Cowboys going after him or even the Houston Texans as RB Arian Foster has not played a Full Season in a While..
          Forte is from Lake Charles,La…
          The Browns could be a Team in Play where they were Over-Pay for a RB like him as they desperately need Talent at RB and have about $35 Million Under the Cap.. He would get a Chance to be the #1 Back for Big $$$ which may be hard for him to turn down even if its with the Browns..

          • I heard d Murray on NFL radio ,and he was effusive in his praise of Pederson and his eagle teammates.He did say ,he felt he was singled out for the teams poor play,and that everyone ,need look in the mirror..Otherwise ,you’d have to assume it’s a non story ,or some media trolling

  • Chips snickering in SF ..and Mark my words ,he has his fingerprints and agenda in mind on this strategy to shake Howies tree..

  • It will fascinate me to see how many of his guys ,he ends up with ,from whatever means he seems ready to play..this is personal ,we know that ,gamble and chip vs howie..great reality tv

    • That will be interesting to watch…shouldn;t be too difficult to pry Huff or even Alonzo off the Eagles if he really wanted them.

      And of course the big Albatross in the room with Bradford. 49ers have tons of Cap room and reportedly Krapernick wants out. Would be very very easy for Kelly to acquire Bradford is he really believes he’s as good as he said he was over and over…..

  • I’m not sure I’m buying the Eagles are close to signing cox. Cox gonna wanna be the highest paid dt in the NFL or at least close but he hasn’t played 4-3 in a long time. Got a feeling we let him ride out his rookie deal then franchise him if it’s worth it or sign him long term next year after they see him operate in the 4-3.. Only way I see the Eagles really wanting to do it now is if they’re 100% sure he worth qb money and decide to front lod the cap hits so when he hits the later years he won’t be crushing the cap.

    If we sign cox this year long term I can’t see Sam as part of the picture at all cuz that will eat up too much of our space to sign him and Sam most likely.

  • No DT is worth 100 million dollars IMO. Only QBs, LT, and CB deserve that money. Saying all that Cox is the same size as Reggie. I wouldn’t be mad if they would experiment his ass at DE in some situations and tell him go get um big fella. His deal will be done before camp. Theres no waiting and franchising him. They will pay him.

  • The Eagles have plenty of room, plenty of space…it is beginning to seem more and more like they will sign Bradford and Cox…with room to spare to pick up a few free agents! Just as it Howie the Accountant talked about in this recent article on CSN Philly:

    “According to the Eagles’ resident capologist, the team has plenty of room under the 2016 salary cap to address all its needs.

    Even if they want to sign Bradford to a long-term contract that could be worth in excess of $20 million per year and ink Cox to an extension worth in the ballpark of $14 million or $15 million?

    “Yes,” Roseman said. “Yes, we have the flexibility to sign other players. Obviously, there’s a limitation to how much you can do, the totality of it, but we do have room and we do still have flexibility.”

    So we can comfortably ignore Vinniedafool’s chicken little’s impression of the sky is falling with his shrill warnings about “the cap, the cap”

    This excellent article explains how Howie the Accountant is working his ‘cap management skills’…the article further explains that we have so much space and can create more by clearing out some dead weight:

    “So without even shedding any players under contract, they have approximately $21 million available under their projected cap.

    But they can easily clear cap space by shedding higher-priced veterans who are late in their contracts and wouldn’t carry a high amount of dead money.

    Releasing a player accelerates the remaining prorated portion of their original signing bonus against the cap. So the fewer years remaining in the deal, the easier it is to release a player without absorbing a significant cap hit.

    For example, if the Eagles released DeMeco Ryans, Riley Cooper and Mark Sanchez, it would clear nearly $10 million in cap space.”

    See ya Riley, Buh Bye Sanchez…

    We need that space for Bradford and Cox and a few more free agents that we can grab!

    Plenty of Room…plenty of cap space…

    So dont worry if they sign Bradford to big bucks…it will be fine…not a cap buster at all!!

    • LOL.

      W you need “excellent articles” to do addition and subtraction for you?? I weep for the state of today’s educational system.

      Eagles have 21 right now…

      What is 21 – 15?


      You get that far right? ( oh, and that using your ridiculously blow number of 15 for Cox, but Illegal humour your delusions)

      OK 6

      Rookie s….that takes 7. Where we at now Genius?


      Cut your 10 million of oldies


      Eagles going to sign a Fa qb? You siad cut Sanchez…so they need someone…lets say a cheapie…..3…

      6. (Is this two tough to follow? Should I wait till you consult your tutor?)

      Another Fa maybe? Backup guard, perhaps nsafety?? Let’s say 3

      3 left.

      Where is Bradford again????


      • Vinnie – Whether Bradford is the right guy is up for debate and we all know where you stand on that issue. But one thing is clear – you have no idea how the cap works my man. There is PLENTY of room to even franchise Bradford if they want (which, to me, seems to be what they are setting up for).

        Pre-curry they were 21 mil under. The Curry deal only hits for 3m in 2016 and then escalates (another great contract by Howie and indicator that they are making sure they have room in 2016 for a big contract – IE Franchise tag).

        Curry deal takes them down to 18. Cox already counts as 8M towards 2016 cap and an extension will probably only create a modest increase in his 2016 number. I’d say he will go to the 10-11 mark in year one. That brings us down to 16M.

        Further, all indications are that Jenkins will be extended as he is going into his last year so his 2016 number will likely go down which will prob bring us back to the 20 mil range before we cut anyone.
        Cutting Sanchez, Cooper and DeMecco, and either Mathews or Sproles (prob Mathews) that is another 12 mil saved which brings us up to 32.

        6 for rookies brings us down to 26

        A free agent Guard brings us down to 23

        Tim McManus has spoken to a source that said the Franchise tag for QBs in 2016 is going to be around 20 mil. That lets you Franchise Bradford with room to spare.

    • “even if they sign Bradford for in excess of $20 million per year”—again, why would they make him a top 3-5 paid QB? what has he done?

      • 3 – 5 is a good number, because the Birds can get a 19 td guy for that number.

        Koolidiot, besides being terrible at subtraction, also has a tourettes issue, constantly deleting “best available” “best option” “the drops” and “Foles” incessantly through the day.

        But let’s stick with “best”


        What has May Bradford done to bee considered “best” of anythig?

        Seems to me Koolidiot’s argument is every choice is shit, Bradford is the best shit. I think mthats it. It can’t be anything else.

        Honestly Koolidiot.?.. Why is he “best”? What has he done?? Ever??

        Wins? No
        Tds? No
        Ints? No
        Comp %? No
        Y/c? Hell no.
        Rating? No

        What the hell has he ever done to be considered the best option for anything??

        The cupboard is bare. All there is is he was once, 7 years back, he was selected in the 1st….oh,and Justin in the UK likes him.

  • All this talk about Bradford asking for 25mill might not even be true. Of course his agent and Sam would love to get paid the big bucks. BUt he is intelligent enough, along with his agent to know about his injury history, and what he accomplished in his career.

    We do not know 110% if those numbers, or reports are true.

    I say we find a way to sign the man for a reasonable price..Obviously. If not go young. I will support the direction of this team anyway.

    Doug has stated he wants to, and thinks this team can win now. By doing that you resign SaM.

    • “Win now!” With a guy who has lost 61% of his starts. Brilliant!

  • Best course of action: Sign or tag Bradford – best QB available to play in 2016
    Draft one of the 3 QB prospects if they are available at 13. None are ready to play now, but groom them for 2017 or 2018. Can’t see Lurie or Roseman wanting to see the fans reaction to a 4-12 season with Sanchez, Chase, or a rookie. Personally, I would prefer a more expensive ONE YEAR deal.

    • “Can’t see Lurie or Roseman wanting to see the fans reaction to a 4-12 season with Sanchez, Chase, or a rookie. ”

      can maybe see Lurie being scared of that but Roseman in quite the pickle. if howie signs him long term for top $ and they go 4-12 (which is very possible) or hell even if they go 8-8 with him its his ass on the line… nobody in the nova care complex is tied to sam as he was chips project and that does not bode well for him having a future here. the more responsible thing to do is pass on the bottom 10 qb (bradford) and go with someone cheaper and hope you can get someone else via draft this year or next.

      signing a bottom 10 qb to a long bloated contract is career killer for coaches & gm’s and is a franchise killer for 5+ years

      • Howie Roseman has to win the division!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Tom Gamble got fired for a 10-6 second place finish because of Howie.
        Ed Marynowitz got fired for a 7-9 second place finish to make room for Howie.
        Anything less than the playoffs is UNACCEPTABLE.

        • “Tom Gamble got fired for a 10-6 second place finish because of Howie.” the eagles record had absolutely 0 to do with the gamble firing

          “Ed Marynowitz got fired for a 7-9 second place finish to make room for Howie.” lmfao at 2nd place finish… Ed was fired because his job was on the line when he co-signed dumping shady for kiko, signing murray, trading valuable assets for a lame that was gonna be cut, cutting evan mathis who was scheduled to get on a plane and come to work, letting maclin walk.

          by the way a vp of player personnel or a gm should not and most likely not valued or reviewed based on wins and losses (thats on the coach) but on their job of signing, not signing, drafting, trading for the talent

  • don’t really want to cheer for Payton Manning or Cam Newton? At least I like both defenses. Hoping for sacks, fumbles and Interceptions.
    Let’s go Carolina 31 Denver 13.
    Halftime show Coldplay and Beyonce.
    Coldplay don’t hate them don’t love them.
    Beyonce doesn’t even sing live at her concerts she lip syncs them so I would expect that phony to lip sync Sunday like the phony lip synced the National Anthem at President Obama’s Inauguration right after Kelly Clarkson Sang ‘My Country, ‘Tis of Thee’ live & James Taylor sang ‘America the Beautiful’ live.

    • dont really understand how you cant cheer for cam, the man out there going ham on the nfl, having a god damn ball every time he steps on the field this year, getting the kids involved… dunno how anyone cant like what he is doing.

      im hoping peyton juices up for this game so he can throw the ball over 14 yards and make this a game.. both defenses are insane just dont see how carolina WR do anything at all in this game. Sanders &/or demarious can beat any cb any play, so if peyton cant liven up that rag arm denver could easily win outright and i tend to think they will but am rooting for the panthers

      • I can’t wait to see Norman battle those 2 Denver WRs….

        I agree on Cam. He is kind of a joy to watch. All this noise about him celebrating is ridiculous. He is passionate and having fun out there. He is a menace out there that I am anxious to see try to solve that Denver defense. Olsen is gonna be really important in this game.

  • **Sixers Trade News**

    According to source, both the Sixers and Nuggets are in discussions with the Clippers for All star PF Blake Griffin. No trade is imminent but the discussions are taking place

    • Found your source:

      Sam Amico @AmicoHoops
      Both Sixers and Nuggets have had discussions with Clippers about Blake Griffin, per league sources. @sn_nba earlier reported Nuggets talks.
      2:51 PM – 5 Feb 2016

      • I’d Stay away from Blake Griffin, He’s a Cancer.
        What assets are the 76ers going to Trade to acquire him ??
        Who Goes ,, Okafor ? Noel? or Saric? Plus High Draft Picks ..
        No Thanks ..

      • Haha haha what the heck are you talking about Paul?!?!

        A cancer?!?!?

        How is Blake Griffin a cancer?!

        Youre getting an all star PF

        That would be a huge deal for a team like the Sixers who are looking to turn this franchise around by next year

        I’m not a huge fan of his but it would add legitimacy to this team and the turn around

        I honestly don’t think Okafor or Noel are safe either way you look at it. One or both may be moved at some point here down the road

        The new practice facility will be ready by or around this summer/September so they want to fill that place up with talent across the entire roster

        If they don’t make a deal by the deadline, I fully expect big moves this upcoming summer

        • Jon you gotta admit Blake was a total cancer when he went around clippers management and got deandre to sign at the 25th hour and steal him from the mavs with his fellow teammates hand in hand. total cancer LMFAO

          • Hahahaha!

            Just paul revealing once again how little he knows about the NBA

            I thought his lack of knowledge was limited to the Sixers but he doesn’t have a damn clue of what he’s talking about regarding the entire league!

            My god Paul if you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about dont post!

        • Blake Griffin isn’t worth the price the Clippers would be looking for, and outside some dunk highlights, brings nothing to this team.

          He no longer commands all star distinction, he is injury prone; is often injured, and would be a square peg in a round hole in a San Antonio Offense.

          For me, this is a Colangelo brain child. I don’t see him as a savior for this team, if he would make a stupid move for Blake Griffin, and trade Okafor- arguably your best player, or Noel who has value coming off the bench – for a player who is obviously past his best years, and possibly washed up, for major assets, and high draft picks is just stupid……

          • kind of agree with you cliff with a few exceptions

            “and outside some dunk highlights, brings nothing to this team” – disagree. he gets boards and has a midrange jumper, and can guard the 4 better than okafor. id take him over oak straight up or throw in okc/mia pick but nothing more. clip wont take that, but thats blakes worth to me

            “Okafor- arguably your best player” i would never argue he is our best player, too lazy and 1 dimensional at the moment. “for a player who is obviously past his best years, and possibly washed up” nah he not past his prime and washed up, he 26 bro. 26 is a baby in the nba

            • With a history of left knee problems, and a broken knee cap, he isn’t young enough, and his mid range jumper is exaggerated.

              Big Mhenski, I hope the Sixers are smart enough to see he is damaged goods.

              Okafor is 20, unlike Noel at his age – productive, and will only get better – especially as a cog on a winning team.

              I wouldn’t sacrifice that potential for just a name, and a dunk highlight…..no thanks bruh

  • Blake Griffin trade update

    Clippers appear to be not interested in any of the packages they’ve been offered from the Sixers or any of the teams, according to source

  • Um he broke his hand on the equipment managers face and has gone from an NBA darling to the trading block

    • the jersey washer don’t play for the team. All that matters is coaches and teammates. And if they ain’t trading dude without a haul

      • So…. Um… The people in your organization aren’t important? Let me refer you to chip fucking Kelly…. Fact of the matter is that whatever happened, drunken fight whatever, the jersey washer broke the dudes hand with his face…he is in the block, there are issues…guys been hurt etc… Went from nba pretty boy spokesman to not part of the clippers future… I pass

  • Griffin isn’t going anywhere.

    Sixers and other teams made inquiries, offers, but clippers wouldn’t budge

    They want to keep Blake

    • looks like Nerlans beat out Okafor for the Center position going forward and the Sixers Just tried to copy cat the Clippers Lob City using Nerlans with Griffin. Appears Okafor is being offered during trade deadline talks. Brett Brown, Hinkie and Colangelo are taking a peek at Okafor at PF to see if he can defend non Centers for LA’s interest.

      • A lot of truth in your post E0S and some I mentioned on here

        So far it does appear that Nerlins beat out Okafor for that center position. Hes just more active than Okafor and can do more

        Granted Okafor can score the ball way better and can create his own shot but Nerlins can do everything else. And what Brent loves is defense, Nerlins can defend SFs, PFs and the C positions. Okafor just struggles on defense and it’s been a concern since his Duke days

        They may be forced to move Okafor if this latest stint at PF doesn’t work out. I know the Sixers want to work with him because he’s such a talent, but we need him to improve on defense

        Tonight it seems like Okafor is trying D up. Has been guarding Thomas Robinson very well at PF. Let’s hope he continues to improve there..

        • Okafor just turned 20 years old for Christ sakes. A joke to talk about the most promising player this team has had since iverson. Noel had time to learn and develope and has been in the league 3 years. Let Embiid Noel and okafor come back next season. Then you can see which one is expendable. One of them is going we just don’t know which one yet. You just don’t let open for golf he can literally be the Tim Duncan of a next-generation

          • CT I love that idea of bringing them all back but do you really think either Noel or Okafor or Embiid would be comfortable coming off the bench? Highly unlikely

            I was the first one on here saying keep them all but does it make sense to do that?

            We’ve yet to see Embiid play but from all the footage we can see that he’s 1. Extremely athletic and 2. Has deep range both from the jumper and the three. So he and Okafor may fit in well together opposed to both Noel and Okafor that need to operate in the paint area to be productive

            It’s going to be interesting what they decide to do…

            But it seems like coach Brown may have figured something out putting Okafor at PF (position he has always wanted Okafor to play, getting him used to it for when Embiid joins the team at center), he played decent defense tonight on Thad young and Thomas Robinson. I hope he can build off of this…

            I’ve also mentioned he may be a Duncan clone, he does remind me of him. Gotta improve his jumper and I believe he will… So young..

  • Okafor has 22 points 17 rebs tonight. Youngest player to reach these stats since 1983-84 20 yrs old 53 days…

    Very important win for the Sixers that directly impacts the standings. Nets are currently 3rd worst team in the nba, so we need them to keep losing to knock the Lakers further back in the standings…

    • Okafor also had 3 blocks. Again that’s the kind of production we need from him CONSISTENTLY

  • Are the Eagles posturing with this latest nugget The? Doug Pederson interested in foles

    • Doug Pederson will need Howie’s permission to switch from a long sleeve eagles’ shirt to a short sleeve eagle’s shirt this spring. So Doug having interest in anything means nothing.
      A lot of leaks coming out of the Nova Care Center since week 14. A blind fool can figure out Howie’s smart phone’s is working overtime.

      • This isn’t a coincidence Dmurray spin story ..Nick Foles ..welcome back howie..he’s notorious for media plants ..he’s a botanist ,when it comes to that ..

  • Vinnie has ammunition to double down..in the words of Jackie fleas n “how sweet it is”

  • Jackie Gleason..

  • Let’s hope the kings continue to slide down the standings with the tumultuous situation going on there. Coach on the verge of being fired etc…

    If the kings drop down significantly and end up with the 1st overall pick then the Sixers have the right to swap with them.

    So really our chances to hit on the top pick will go up significantly…

  • Congrats on your SB win Evan Mathis!

  • I definitely like the signings as well. Howie needs to get to work on moving Sam Bradford (sign and trade), Riley KKKooper and Jason Kelce to the 49ers for Colin Kaepernick, Anquan Boldin and Marcus Martin. The Eagles get better with a veteran WR to mentor the young guys, a QB that was looking like a perennial great before poor coaching interceded and an immediate improvement to the size of the center of the O-Line and no drop off of skill (as well as the expulsion of a locker room cancer that I’m sure had Kelly’s ear around the time when multiple All-Pro players started getting pushed out) Barney Rubble gets some of “his guys.” Win-Win. Some contract restructuring would have to happen but considering what Bradford is wanting not that much.

    After that they can revisit the idea of Shady and trade DeMarco Murray to Buffalo to bring LeSean McCoy home. Buffalo runs between the tackles and the Eagles, with Doug Pederson as OC, will surely still go inside and outside, but more outside and then the Eagles would have 3 versatile backs that can run inside or outside.

    These moves allows the Eagles to get better immediately and gives them time to rebuild through the draft over the next couple of years versus having to try to rebuild around a couple of injury prone players to coax them into being better. It also puts the Eagles in a better position to snatch up DeSean Jackson if the Redskins release him, which is being rumored. Alternately, a Josh Huff/plus draft pick for DJax trade is something that might appeal to the Redskins.

    • Butch ..”turn back the hands of time” tour..resurrecting ,everything pinnochipio put his grimes hands on ,sounds like a plan ..but ,while we’re wishing ,lets adopt free beer and cheese steaks at the Linc ..I love the premise ..bring back for sale all the jerseys …it’s the defense ,as we learned that wins championships ..let’s focus more on that side of the line ..bringing back shady and DJAX..and assuming anyone would value Riley cooper ,that’s Disney..like ..wishing on a star

  • NFL superstar LeSean McCoy reportedly assaulted 2 off-duty police officers in Philadelphia on Sunday — and the cops were badly injured … this according to multiple news outlets.

    McCoy was at the Recess Lounge around 2:30 AM on Sunday when he got into the altercation … so says WPVI.

    FOX 29 in Philly says the officers involved suffered several serious injuries — including a fractured skull, broken ribs and a broken nose.

    According to the police report, the fight was all over champagne — with the football player upset that the cops received their bubbly first.

    McCoy has NOT been arrested — but he and another man are at the center of a police investigation.

    McCoy played for the Philadelphia Eagles in the past. He’s currently a member of the Buffalo Bills.

    We reached out to McCoy’s agent Drew Rosenhaus — but he declined to comment.

    Story developing …


    • Culture trumps talent

      • man chip today like i told you so

        roseman today to lurie no jeffrey if chip never traded him he wouldve never done this

        lurie im sorry chip you were right

  • Riley Cooper released. Good move by the Eagles. More cap room

    • Getting that space ready for Sammy

      • LOL. Keep your fingers crossed.

  • First thing of substance out of Cam “shrink under pressure – Superman not so much” Newton’s mouth at his post game presser:

    “We dropped passes.”


    Must be related to Kooltwit.

    • Let me take this moment mhenski to express condolences to you for the loss of your favorite player, your hero, and role model…Riley Cooper!

      I know you were beaming with pride when Riley Cooper in his drunken rage at that Kenny Chesney concert told everyone: “I will fight every n#^&$r here”

      We are going to miss Riley Cooper here…the bad routes, the dropped passes, the flinging up his hands showing us his QB…

      But he sure could block!!

      Once again…you have my deepest sympathies for your loss, mhenski

      • how was your super bowl party on gcobb DOT com loser? what a lame

        • eesh no friends in real life to watch title games with, doesnt know 3+2+8, always wrong, eesh. what you do for work ? you do the pretzels outside the games? i mean if you cant add 3+2+8 you arent even qualified to sell pretzels outside the games

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