• July 4, 2022

Report: DeMarco Murray Traded To Titans

DeMarcoMurray35Howie Roseman continues to clean up the mess that Chip Kelly made.

Just hours after reports indicated that the Eagles were close to shipping Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso to the Miami Dolphins, running back DeMarco Murray has been sent to the Tennessee Titans.

Compensation is unknown at this point, and won’t be determined until the deal becomes official on Wednesday, but the Eagles will save around $4 million in cap room.

Murray, like most of Chip Kelly’s big additions, was a complete disaster in his only season in Philadelphia.

The fact that Howie Roseman has been able to rid the Eagles of the two albatross contracts that were Murray and Maxwell is nothing short of remarkable.

Denny Basens

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  • What an awesome Monday !

    • Yes very awesome

  • Seriously, who the fuck (other than Kool) wanted a Goddamn Cowboy on the roster in the first place.

  • Source in Nashville (friends of John Prine) tells me the Eagles will receive the Titans 3rd Round Pick (#65 Overall)
    The Eagles will now have #13,#65, #70,#77 & #79 Selections in the First 3 Rounds and will now have RB Position to address as well as OL
    Could RB’s Elliot or Henry be on the Radar at #13 .. You darn right they are..

    • 3rd for Murray would be a good deal for the Birds. Let’s hope that you are right on this one Pman.

    • I don’t think so Paul; not in the 1st round.

      If I wanted a RB, I like DeVonte Booker of Utah, who is a Lesean McCoy clone.

      • I like Paul Perkins from UCLA and CJ Procise…specifically his ability to catch the ball out of the back field.

        • Agreed.. D.Booker is my favorite in this draft also…nice running style..then get Davin Cook next year…boom. Nice combo of speed and power from both those guys

          • Agreed about Booker and Perkins. Both guys would be solid.

    • Don’t be surprised if the Eagles trade down for even more 2nd, and 3rd round picks, and take Noah Spence in the 1st..

      They have had no pass rush for far too long,

      and I would draft Jaylon Smith with one of 3rd’s to boost the potential talent at that position

      • If Jaylen Smith is still sitting when those extra picks come up you need to get him.

  • 3rd for Murray is a damn good trade

  • We’ll have to wait to see the compensation for both deals. I read a rumour of 4 picks for Maxwell and Kiko, but nothing on the Murray. I haven;t seen 3 anywhere.

    The only downside of this trade is it does give Koolidiot another excuse for Bradford’s poor play next year.

    We already know he’s going to bring up the whole “learning a new system” excuse. Probably going to drop some “bad wr” comments. And now he’s got “no running back!”

    That’s a bit of a downer, and again, the only downside to tossing that worn-out Cowboy from the roster.

    • 4 Picks for Maxwell & Alonso Vinnie? Where did u read that? Are they nuts?
      Eagles getting a 3rd Rounder in 2016 & a conditional 5th or 6th Rounder in 2017 from the Dolphins in Return

      • People are getting the idea of 4 picks from an Eskin tweet in which he used the number 4 to indicate “for” meaning Max and Kiko traded FOR picks.

        • Y I dunno. Read it somewhere. I can’t believe its true, but I saw it. But that’s the stupid internet. Someone reads something, re-says it and its suddenly everywhere. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • Hearing QB Sanchez to Rams for QB Foles straight up…
    Fisher is a USC & LA Guy as is Sanchez…
    Pederson gets his Back-Up in Foles that he’s comfortable with
    A Win-Win for everyone but Koolbreeze…

  • Howie better win this division with this Power grab coup accompanied with a fire sale for picks & cap space.
    Because right now this roster is a (1-15) team before free agency & the draft currently during this purge.

    • Howie is already a Winner In my book by getting rid of the 3 biggest mistakes Kelly made last Off-Season which was the Trade of McCoy & the Signings of Maxwell & Murray which were bad fits from the get go…

      • all the moves Howie just made post chipper will be graded.
        He gave his boys the cash –
        He showed his crew the money; contracts to Ertz, Johnson, Curry, Jenkins and Bradford and he may just have overspent on everyone of them.

        • They will be graded….but not next year. Anyone with half a brain realizes what many of us realized a long time ago….this is not a “win now” situation. This is a long term rebuild.

          I will re-iterate what I said when Pederson was hired. He made a mistake at his first press conference, after being pestered with stupid questions made a mistake and said the whole, “make the playoffs next year” line. That was a slip up because he was on the defensive.

          Looking at this, knowing the eagles need 2 new guards, a new starting RB, probably a new WR, definetly a new QB, a new S, a new CB, a new OLB and probably a new DE….oh, and a new OT by next year.

          They need that to become a SB contender. Intelligent fans understand this, recognize what Howie is trying to do (whether he succeeds is another story) and will give him some long term leway in terms of this rebuild.

          Next year is going to be a development year. Going to be a very young, very inexperienced team. Growing with a new coach.

          Howie will be graded, but he’ll get some leeway because people can see what is happening….just too bad Pederson slipped up at his PC and dullards like Koolidiot lost their shit over it.

          • I thought what you said over and again was that Bradford was gone… My bad… I must have misread.

            • Please let me help you here Stevo, with some documentation that will affirm your suggestion that Vinnie asserted on numerous occasions that the Eagles were getting rid of Bradford. He did it so much one would think he had some inside information:.

              Vinnie said it repeatedly, over and over again…Bradford is outta here, gone, finish, no way the Eagles keep Bradford, Bradford is done…with all of those creative nicknames…

              Here is a few direct quotes from Vinnie:

              “You know it…..so you might as well find some new shitty QB to pimp because Bradford is gone.”

              “Don’t worry. There are only 3 guys on the planet with any interest/optimism about Sam Bradford. Strangely enough, they all seem to post on Gcobb.
              Bradford is already on the next bus outta town.”

              But the really good one…was right after the deadline passed and the Eagles didn’t place the franchise tag on Bradford…Vinnie was chomping at the bit…he waited a half an hour passed the deadline and unloaded this doozy:

              March 1, 2016 – 4:36 pm
              Profile photo of vinnietheevictor

              “Its 4:30
              Do you know where your franchise tag is?
              Crickets. No deal.
              Sam will begin negotiating with other teams in 6.5 days. (I’m sure he’s already had “nudge nudge wink wink” negotiations already)”

              Vinnie is desperately trying to recover after being so embarrassed, humiliated, and dead wrong yet again. Now he wants to concoct a new scenario…the “Coach made a mistake scenario”

              “I will re-iterate what I said when Pederson was hired. He made a mistake at his first press conference, after being pestered with stupid questions made a mistake and said the whole, “make the playoffs next year” line. That was a slip up because he was on the defensive.”

              Fool Ass Vinnie! Why do you keep pestering us with ridiculous statements and foolish contentions? The Coach repeated the his belief that the team can make the playoffs on several occasions Fool

              In his conversations with Bradford, he told Sam Bradford that he believed Bradford was the QB that can lead them into the playoffs:

              “I’ve told him he is very capable of leading this team deep into the postseason,” Pederson said. (NJ.com)

              So stop with your bullshit about the Coach making a ‘rookie’ mistake being “pestered” by the media…


              The man said what he belived…and now we are getting rid of dead weight…unproductive players who didn’t perform, who didn’t get the job done and opening up cap space

              Vinnie…fall back…rest yourself…you are out of touch!

      • If Howie can find a trading partner for for Marcus Smith, than he will be a true legend in Philly. Let’s see what we got in return before we grade this out.

      • Got to give credit, where credit is due. All these posters who felt trading Murray was unrealistic, wow how do you feel about not only trading him but Maxwell as well???

        But that is what can be realistic when they are aggressive. Now lets get rid of Graham, Hart, and Huff…

        Howie has done a great job, but that isn’t his Achilles heel though, that is his strength…..talent evaluation is….

  • Have to admit – the Eagles are never dull!

  • Great day for Philly. Howie is building a new culture and we are actually acting like we should have after Andy was fired. We had a 4-12 team and no one would have complained if we had cleaned house and traded for picks to rebuild with.

    Bradford deal is a true Prove it or Move it deal allowing time to assess an asset vs replacement cost.

  • Call me crazy but… I dont see this as some sign that they are mailing the season I’m and focused solely on a rebuild. Kiko is not a major move (except that it connects to McCoy).

    Maxwell and Murray free up cash. They were not what we were hoping for anyway.

    • I agree with you Stevo. While I don’t think that they will contend for the superbowl (obviously), I think that this team (with some additions) could contend for the division. I would rather they thought about long term success though in their signings.

  • Kudos to Roseman for getting these trades done. HUGE day for the Eagles without a doubt. More cap space, more draft picks (hopefully at least 2 #3’s for the trades) and more importantly, the end of Kelly! He really hurt the Eagles in more ways than one. Now let’s hit it big in the draft and take players that will have an impact day one..

  • I don’t see why we leak the trades 3 days before they can be finalized. I know that it was Free Agency, and not quite the same thing, but based on what happened with Frank Gore last year, it seems like it gives the other team a chance to gauge public perception and back out or ask for more or give less.

  • There is an organizational consensus that Chips players that didn’t fit ,financially or scheme wise have been purged.Its truly such an abysmal list of miscalculations (if he even calculated)? Chip was apparently willy Nilly ,as many of us indicted .Square pegs in round holes ,are being,replaced by schemes ,and hoping players that fit,and want to be Philadelphia Eagles.What a colossal fuck up by Jeffrey Lurie,tossing the keys to Kool to run his organizations! In Pmans eloquence GOOD GRIEF..

  • Like continuously trying to implement a 3-4 with mostly 4-3 guys?

    • I even heard Howie say that the Players Dealt (Maxwell,Kiko & Murray) all lacked the “Emotional Intelligence” that Doug Pederson is looking for in his Club… Ha ..

      • Glad to see that you are quickly getting back to your usual …just in time for this crazy off-season.

  • OK….You are crazy.

    How is this not a rebuild?

    Like him or not (and I did not) Murray was the starting RB. And now he’s gone. So they need a new one. (Matthews is a nice complementary back, but cannot be counted on to be a starter)

    Like him or not, Maxwell was the starting CB. And now he’s gone. So they need a new one.

    They need a guard.

    They need another guard.

    They need a 4-3 outside LB (Barwin? Not his position)

    They need a QB because they have one guy who is on a 1 year deal and cannot be trusted.

    They need a new OT because the one they have is old with degenerative back problems.

    Those are absolute needs right now. They also need a new DE and a new S, and a new WR.

    So…if this isn’t a rebuild what is it??

    They need at least 5/6 new starters for next year. At least. 2 more (at the most important positions in football QB and LT) the following year. Minimum.

    Where are all these magical “win now” players going to come from? Another disasterous foray into free agency????

    That never works.

    So Howie is stockpiling draftpicks (correct strategy) to replace those guys through the draft.

    Do are you expecting all these new 22 yr old draft picks to roll in here and compete for the SB next year? “cause that would be idiotic to believe that will happen. Rookies take time.

    This team is now going to take time.

    • Admit it – you just want this to be coined a “rebuild” because that increases the probability that the guy you hate the most is gone after next year.

      Trading three guys – all of whom were below average at their position last year does not make this a rebuild. All of the holes you mentioned were here before yesterday’s trades were made. If anything, what was done yesterday will help us to fill some of the holes in free agency making it less of a rebuild today than it was two days ago.

      • I can see both sides here. The roster does need to be rebuilt, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t compete for the division next year. You could sign younger players in FA and also draft guys and they could plug in with the vets on the team

      • Fine then. Its “not” a rebuild. That’s just my own personal “agenda”. (whatever). But lets go with it.

        Can you please explain to me how…or from where…the eagles are going to magically acquire a starting RB, 2 new starting guards, a new starting S, a new starting CB, a new starting OLB.

        Could you please explain to me where the Eagles are going to magically “find” these guys THIS YEAR.

        Have them all learn a brand new system. AND how they’ll all be up and running week 1 in order to “win now”.

        “cause I’d like to know. And this, convieninetly ignoring the fact that the QB is on a 1 yrar deal and the 34 yr old LT apparently has a degenerative back condition.

        Please….its my “agenda”, so explain how all this magically gets filled, all the new guys (and old guys) learn a new system and the rookie coach takes them all to the Super Bowl.

        I’m listening.

        • I tried to explain, but as usual you don’t listen. The point I was making was that yesterday’s trades did not put us in anymore of a “rebuild” than we were in on Sunday. All of those holes you mentioned were there on Sunday.

          Removing a backup RB (which is exactly what Murray ended up being), back up linebacker that isn’t built to play the run in a 4-3 set, and starting CB that was ranked 69th in the league being overpaid doesn’t make our situation anymore dire.

          Free agency isn’t over yet….in fact it hasn’t even started. If you are able to sign Carroll (which we have the money to do now) than our CB tandom will be Carroll and Rowe which most eagles fans would prefer over Rowe/Maxwell.

          As for the Guard position, there is talk of Jeff Allen in Free agency along with the first round draft pick. OL (particularly the guard position) is one area where there is limited learning curve from College to pro.

          As for Kiko’s spot, there is a lot of talk regarding Whitehead who already knows Schwartz’s system and would be better in this scheme than Kiko.

          So essentially, signing three free agents (Carroll, Green, and Whithead) – none of whom would break the bank – will put you in a good position along with the draft where you can find CB debt (or a starter depending on who falls to you at 13), OL starter and depth, and a RB.

          No one said superbowl next year, but to think this is a rebuild is not accurate either.

          • And before you give me the “building through FA doesn’t work” line – we are actually only signing two middle tier FA in my plan as Carroll is essentially already an Eagle.

    • Until Jeff Lurie reverses his previous comments at the Chip Kelly firing press conference and the Doug Pederson hiring press conference & publicly tells this fan base this is a rebuild and he doesn’t expect his team to compete for a Division title this is not a rebuild.

  • They can partially rebuild this team and still contend for a division title in the terrible NFC East. You guys do realize that right?

    • No, Howie didn’t give Pederson, Reich or Schwartz a single practice to evaluate the team’s talent.
      He and he himself dismissed Ryans, Cooper, Murray, Kiko and Maxwell and gave HUGE contracts to Bradford, Johnson, Jenkins, Ertz and Curry. 10 off season moves to the roster. He took the money from the first group and gave it to the 2nd group and doesn’t get multiple years to replace those 5 starters with his new “Strategic Thinker ” coach.

  • The Eagles are well positioned to win a weak NFC East and make the playoffs…a reasonable expectation for the team

    The moves the Eagles have made are sound business moves on Players that didnt produce and helped Chip get fired!

    The Eagles resigned core players that they believe would help them this year. They stabilized the Quarterback position and have simply rid themselves of unproductive players that wasn’t worth it..

    Now they have the salary cap space to stabilize the offensive line, pick up a safety, resign Caroll and add a veteran wide receiver and still have money left over. $26 million in cap space and still more room that can be created.
    Howie the Accountant…is excellent at managing the salary cap and contracts…the big part is player selection…will the Eagles select the right players to build around Bradford and draft good young players that can contribute…

    • OK…so we now know your idea.

      2 free agent guards to “stabilize” the line. A FA safety. A FA WR. And the RB? Probably a FA because its all “win now” for Koolidiot.

      (Has to be “win now” as he only has about 12 more games with his hero)

      So Koolbreeze says bring in a boatload of FAs to replace last year’s boatload of FAs. Because that’s a strategy that’s clearly worked again and again in the NFL.

      • Jesus Vinnie dude u need help man, can’t take it just explained everything to u,in a weak division with good coaching on offense and defense and a few key free agents and mostly draft picks we can compete and win division. Why are u hell bent on attacking kool to enjoy these great moves by Howie……no one thinks Bradford is our future, but we are all hoping he plays well enough to keep us in contention…..u have a serious problem, when u don’t get your way, everything becomes negative…..makes it is hard counting u as a true fan

        • 1 – I think what Howie is doing is exactly the correct thing to do, and should have been done years ago.

          2 – I attack Kool because he is a “win now” idiot

          3 – I don’t give a rats ass about winning the division next year. I do not give a fuck about going 9-7, “winning the division” and getting fed in the first round like Washington just did. That’s counter-procductive.

          I do not want any FAs in here because good teams (the GBs, the NEs, the Steelers) do not operate this way. They understand FA is a stupid way to build.

          I understand that the only way to build is through the draft – and that takes years.

          I understand that this an entirely new coaching staff and system that will take a couple years.

          I would love Howie to eschew FA, build through the draft, play the young kkids knowing it will be a year of teaching and developing. I don’t care at all about the 2016 record.

          I think worriying about the division next year, panicing and bringing in a bunch of stop-gap FAs to immediatly fill the now obvious needs is a move backwards.

          I could perhaps accept one FA guard if he’s under 27, and that’s about it.

          Pederson made a mistake under pressure at his PC, when badgered, and brought up the “playoffs” line. Its clearly not thier plan.

          2016 will be a development year. New system. New RB. New QB (you know its coming). 2 new guards. New S. New CB.

          This team is being built for 2017 and beyond.

          WHo gives a shit about next year….clearly Howie doesn’t. You shouldn’t either.

          • Vinnie u are a nut I care about every year…..u go from Bradford is not coming back to dp made a mistake in his press conference, do you know how crazy you sound. U go from stupid scenario to the next…..take a break man…..u are all over the place

            • I said DP made a mistake in his press conference the moment it happened. I still believe it. Howie’s actions (not talk, actions) confirm it.

              They shouldn’t have signed SB. There’s no point to it. Eagles 1 – aren’t good enough to compete. 2 – SB is not good enough to compete 3 – this is a multi-year tear down/rebuild.

              Why is this all over the place.

              Its a difference inphilosophy. Some of you are caught in this “win now” mentality that sees a team continually lurching from one saviour FA to the next. Constantly screaming for that/those FA pickups in order to “win now”

              Meanwhile the perrenial contenders grind slowly along. Drafting, signing their own guys, replensihing and letting overprice FAs walk.

              Eagles have been lurching for years now and its time to stop.

              Fuck “winning the division” as a goal. That’s a Raiders goal.

              Howie is tearing the “win now” mess down and if he then just turns around and fills all these sopts with his own FAs then this is a complete spinning their tires mistake.

              I don’t think that’s what is happening here. The plan is to build this from the ground up. First the young players signed. Next the draft. One year “vet” QB to hold the spot for the kid that’s coming in.

              • I think you are taking what DP said in his welcoming Press Conference way over the top and way too literal Vinny…Its a New Coach,who is excited and jacked up about his FIrst HC Job, What do you expect him to say ??
                “I’m glad I’m here and Hope to Win 6-8 Games Next Year?”
                It’s Coach’s Speak, Nothing More, Nothing Less.. You are taking things too literal..

              • No. I didn’t misunderstand it. Nor did I take it literally. I completely understand he was just caught up in the ridiculously pestering questions, and dropped those lines in an attempt to turn that around. Build some enthusiasm. (But he could have done that with a simple “we are just excited about all the talent here on the Eagles. We’re just getting this thing started, and I guarantee you we’re going to get to work to move this program forward”. But whatever…he’s a rookie and he made a little mistake there….I recognize that it was just his attempt to get out of a difficult situation. I don’t take it literally at all.

                On top of that, the actions of the front office belay any “playoffs” talk.

                Problem is, there are a huge contingent of Eagles fans who can’t see what’s happening right in front of their faces, and instead seem stuck on the “but Pederson said playoffs!!!!!!!” loop that goes nowhere.

                That type of thinking leads to the later calls for :” all we need is….” and then they list 6 positions. Like a team can just add 6 new starters, get to know a new coaching staff, and learn a new system like it was nothing.

                This team is not ready to compete for a SB. I figure at least 2 amazing offseasons to get there. So I am ready to sit back and enjoy the development of this new team.

              • Vinnie – this is the NFL, not the NBA. Careers are too short and rosters are too big in the NFL to truly rebuild. Hell, Coaches are usually only given three years to prove themselves. If you are saying that year one of the Pederson regime is a wash and then basically year two is a wash while the new QB learns on the job, then you are giving it one year to evaluate the new coach. The team might as well start a new coaching search now if they follow your plan.

                All organizations (even the perennial winners you speak of) use FA to supplement their rosters while building through the draft to try and “win now”.

                If the Eagles were truly trying to be like the sixers and tear the thing down, then why hand out long term deals to Ertz, Curry, and Jenkins while negotiating with Cox? If we are scraping the next few years then why have these guys on the roster making big money?

                The reason is because you don’t rebuild in the NFL. That’s an unrealistic concept left for fans like yourself to scream about on blogs.

  • Canttakeit why do u even try to explain anything to him, he will never see it that way, its a waste of time dealing with Vinny, he thinks winning the division is the wrong way to go about things, like u said this isn’t the NBA, tanking doesn’t matter and the NFL is a win now league

    • only team i ever saw intentionally tank was the colts, they got luck

      • I don’t see any lucks in next year’s draft mhenski don’t say watson, he is not near the same talent as luck

    • You just sit back and watch how many big time FAs are scooped up by the Steelers, Packers, Pats etc sign this week.


      You guys can scream all you want about how its a “win now” league….yet all the teams that “win now” do the exact opposite of what you guys root for.

      Its weird.

      Oh wait….apparently there have been two big time FA acquisations this week. Going to be announced officially tomorrow!!

      Raiders and Jags.

      Loser teams use FA. Good teams do not.

      Don’t get me wrong…there is absolutely nothing wrong with adding a FA to a very competitive team (Ie Patriots with Revis) that is close and needsa a little push….but every team middling around below .500 that dives into FA in the hopes to cure their ills is a team that will be doing the same the following year…and the following year…and the following year…..

      Short sighted.

      • Vinnie – Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago where you were applauding how the Jags and Raiders were building their organizations? Now all of the sudden one big name FA apiece and that process has gone to shit? I’m not saying I agree with paying the big ticket guys, but this just goes to show how all over the place you can be.

        And where have I ever said that they need to sign the big ticket guys to be in win now mode? They seem to be looking at middle of the pack FA to fill some holes. That will make them competitive while they continue to build through the draft. How is this so difficult for you to understand.

        They are trying to win now while winning for the future. The two are not mutual exclusive as seem to believe.

        And speaking of the perennial contenders that you love to boast about, just about all of them have had a big FA signing/trade or two in the last few years.

        Denver – the whole freaking team
        Seattle – Jimmy Graham
        Patriots – Revis
        Ravens (when they won the SB) – A. Boldin and Elvis Dumerville
        Green Bay – Julius Peppers
        NY Giants – Plax

        All recent Superbowl winners and perennial contenders have signed big name free agents. Not that I am supporting that option, but once again another fact that counters one of a the varying points you try to drive home.

        Point is, even the best organizations use FA.

        • Lol Vinnie all over the place once again

        • “They are trying to win now while winning for the future. The two are not mutual exclusive as seem to believe”

          Great point, Canttakeitanymore…

          Vinnie is desperate, flip-flopping and contradicting himself…

          He’s still despondent over the signing of Sam Bradford, something he insisted over and over again would never happen…

          Wrong again…

          Once again you dont sign a veteran corner back like Leodis McKelvin if you are not trying to win now…but trying to win now doesn’t mean you chuck the future out the window…

          You do both…again…we have to see if Howie picks the right players…we need offensive line help badly to build around Sam Bradford….we need to pick up a veteran receiver…and we have to have a good solid draft…

        • As I stated…..clearly…..:

          “Don’t get me wrong…there is absolutely nothing wrong with adding a FA to a very competitive team (Ie Patriots with Revis) that is close and needsa a little push….

          ….but every team middling around below .500 that dives into FA in the hopes to cure their ills is a team that will be doing the same the following year…

          • As for Raiders and Jags….I was aplauding how they had been able to find their new QBs…how they had hope and were building things the right way….

            BUT…..the situation has changed hasn’t it?

            They’ve both reverted to their old stupid ways. Signing big name FAs, wasting $$ and cap space before they are ready to add those pickups. Impatient. Too bad for those fanbases because it certainly looked like they were headed in the right direction, but it now appears that they’ve fallen back on the old habitual mistakes.

            Hopefully the Eagles won’t fall into that loser “win now” trap when they are not ready to “win now”

  • Vinnie you are contradicting yourself- the eagles are in a win now mode-stocking up on draft picks the way winners steelers, packers and pats do- dumping players who aren’t bought into the team, town whatever– signing guys who are bought in.
    AS for FA– i thought dream team taught me a lesson– it took this last year for that lesson to sink in and i hope it did so with howie– one/two FA that have something to prove etc… mid level.

    • Good point hac, we will have multiple picks this year by the time Howie is done, it is a rebuild with a good chance to win the division at the same time, why can’t we do both, the only fa signings I see are mid level guys with one or two high level ones. Allen from KC, ioka from Cindy as the high level ones and then white hair and mccelvin as mid level ones, I don’t see the eagles targeting any receivers in free agency they are all avg and would just pick up one more in draft…..nothing too big there and we go into the draft with bpa and see what happens

      • Eagles in talks with bradham who had his best season under Jimmy should be our 2nd free agent signing

        • Say Bye to Michael Kendricks… I think the Eagles will Trade him out west
          to the Raiders or 49ers …

          • We’ll see. They need one OLB just to be whole. When they sign 2 of them, then you may be right.

  • Ok… here are my thoughts…

    We had 2 starting RB’s because Chips style was to run run run. Even though the word on RB’s has been that one shouldnt invest big money in one, Chip invested in 3. So.. getting rid of the one that didnt want to be here is no rebuild in my opinion.

    On to Kiko- in a similar way… moving from a 3-4 to a 4-4 means we dont need some of what we have. Im not sure getting rid of him means we are rebuilding. I just dont see it.

    Maxwell- Lets see what happens. The earliest reports I had seen was that tje Dolphins contacted us. If thats the case…. EVERYONE has a price. EVERYONE. So… they gave us something that allows us to move up (and possibly use that to trade back and get a 2nd), we shall see. Bottom line….. his trade had more to do with his contract and the fact that Chip brought him in then it did trading away assets for a full blown rebuild.

    Truth is….. guys like Vinnie LOVE to say we are “all in” or in a “rebuild”. Outside of a dream team type run, I think most teams…. good teams… have an eye on both at all time.

    The bottom line is this….. if we were “rebuilding” and in “firesale” mode to quote Pman, the birds would have never brought back Bradford. NEVER.
    Everyone could see with their eyes last year that Murray was NOT the best back for the birds. YES he was misused. YES he had great moments… BUT…. we know that DP wants to throw… we know that he runs a style similar to Andy (wants a Bwest and McCoy kinda guy) and has no need for 3 RB’s, especially 1 with a monster contract.

    All this rebuilding talk just fits your bias. It’s short sited (we are all shocked) and it doesnt represent fully what the Eagles are doing.

    On O i expect them to find a speedster outside. I expect them to find very good OLmen… some in the draft. I expect them to add a QB via the draft.

    On D- I expect them to keep all their options open both at LB and in the secondary. They have 3 starters in the secondary now (I’ve always said that in today’s NFL, 5 DB’s basically Start)

    Is this going to take time? Yes. Will the reshaping be done this year? No. DO the Eagles coaches think they can go to the playoffs this year? Yes…. but i bet they just want to get to training camp first.

    Give up the bias. Give up the hate. Take hold of the hope.

  • I say we give Vinnie a pass on all his old BS. I do really feel that deep down this man has some knowledge that could be passed on here. However, he has so much Anti Vick, Anti Bradford, Anti Cam, Anti Wilson trash that he needs to hold onto. What do you say Vinnie? Wanna hit the reset button? We will even forget about all the silly bets you made that had you packing (but not really). Wanna hit the reset and come here fresh? Just say yes and we can all take it easy on you.

    • Stevo u know we have no problem with that but Vinnie would rather eat white turd shit then hit the reset button

    • The reset button is exactly what I have been hoping for for about 1/2 a decade, and it finally looks like its happening.

      You are partially right about the Murray and Kiko releases….however, the Eages are left without starters at those positions.

      I like Matthews. A lot. But he isn’t a starter. He’s just not reliable physically. So Eagles need on there.

      And while Kiko was pretty much a disaster at lb, who is the OLB starter right now? Barwin? I like Barwin more than most, but I don;t think olb in a 4-3 is a position for him.

      I still feel that Eagles have missing starters at 2 guard spots, rb, olb, cs and S. And next year there will be starter holes at lt and QB (though they will be drafting next year’s qb next month)

      Knowing there will be a rookie/second year qb, rookie guards, etc etc, then this isn;t a “win now” year.

      Its going to be a teaching year.

      No one says “tank” but what it means is teaching. Eagles run a counter run (or whatever Pederson is installing). Rookie RB, 2 rookie guards, so it fails. 2nd and 10. Should probably be a pass, but instead…teaching…run the same play again.

      Spend the year acclimating the young team to the new system with the goal of long term success in the future.

      • Or not. Feel free to keep the same old tired answer. “that’s OK guys, lets run it again, I’m just teaching you how I want it when we are trying to win.”

        See how far that gets ya. The vets would eat a coach like you for breakfast.

        1 eye on win now, 1 eye on win future.

      • I agree Vinnie, the Eagles’ are building a good foundation on both sides of the ball.

        As far as quarterback, they’ll likely draft a guy who will be ready about the same time the roster is. Some people call this the “Seattle Way” – build up the roster, then find a quarterback to insert.

      • Vinnie you are delusional…you simply dont get it…

        This is the NFL…its not baseball, its not basketball or hockey

        Its the NFL which can stand for ‘Not For Long’ when you begin talking about ‘rebuilding’ and ‘learning’ …if you are on the field you better do what it takes to win…bottom line.

        so this babbling you are doing here Vinniedafool is totally ridiculous:

        “Rookie RB, 2 rookie guards, so it fails. 2nd and 10. Should probably be a pass, but instead…teaching…run the same play again.”

        Bullshit! What damm dreamworld are you living in Vinniedafool! Snap out of it…The Coach needs wins to keep his job, the Players have incentive clauses in their contracts dont want to hear about you ‘building’ something for ‘future’….when you are trying to ‘learn’ or ‘teach’ on the job and the losses start piling up…no one will want to hear that this was a ‘training’ year

        You can bet your ass that Coach Pederson is not thinking about losing to accommodate ‘player development’… so he’s not going to run that same play so they can ‘learn’…he’s going to try and get the first down…

        The ‘learning’ process is for training camp and practice….and the rookie that’s out there better be able to make some damm plays or he will sit on the bench like Marcus Smith did…while the next guy plays…

        The Eagles are trying to win…they want to make responsible decisions for the future to put themselves in a position to get better players…simple as that…the players they put on the field next year are trying to win…bottom line…anything else falls under the N.F. L rule…and if the Coach wants to keep his damm job he best not adhere to that bullshit you are talking Vinny

        The Eagles see themselves in a weak NFC East as having a shot to win and go to the playoffs where anything can happen!

        Its simple, you have to acquire as much talent at every position that you can and try to win with what you have acquired…To many things can happen..injuries can waylay the best of plans…

        • The guy says “stop babbling” at the same time he repeats the “NFL – not for long” tv talking head pablum.

          You can’t make this shit up.

          What’s next, you gonna roll with:

          “take it one game at a time”
          “any given Sunday”
          “there’s just nooooobody open”
          “we have to establish the running game”

          Talk about babbling. All you are is a pathetic cliche machine who hasn’t had an independent thought since you started watching football 3 years ago. You just regurgitate the pathetic euphemisms of whoever is talking loudest on tv….or writing in England I suppose.

          • LMAO….

            Didn’t take your meds yet Vinnie…your still suffering from those delusions?

            your babbling, flip-flopping…incoherent and confused

            Confused about the Quarterback
            Baffled about the Eagles direction
            Consistently wrong
            Flip Flopping

            your falling apart Vinniedafool

  • Vikings give up and release WR Mike Wallace who has worn out his welcome now for 4 NFL Clubs (Steelers, Jets,Miami & now Vikings)
    VIkings clear $11 Million of their Cap by doing so which was a no-brainer

  • Colts Cut Top Pick Bust DE/OLB Bjoern Werner who has hardly played in his 3 Seasons totaling 6.5 Sacks & 11 Tackles… Talk about a Bust…
    If anyone remembers, Werner was a speed pass-rusher for Fla State on played on some good College Teams but was simply over-matched at the NFL Level as predicted by both GMCliff and others back in 2013 Draft… Good Call..

  • We’re going to pick Derrick Henry. We need a thoroughbred running the ball down hill for us. He’ll also take the pressure off Bradford.Just watch!

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