• August 14, 2022

The Howie Roseman Movement



Howie Roseman is making headlines.  The guy is back with a vengeance and free agency hasn’t even started.

The 2016 free agency period and draft have certainly changed since the two trades yesterday.  The Eagles are in a better financial situation to afford better talent, and there are some addition positions on the roster that will need to be addressed.

After an off-season focused on resigning in house players, the vision of Howie Roseman is becoming clearer with each passing day.   Retain the young core, draft well and identify the “proper” free agents.

The Monday massacre, slicing and dicing away at the Chip Kelly 2015 offseason; how can someone not applaud the heist that Howie pulled off.  Out the door are Byron Maxwell, Kiki Alonso and DeMarco Murray.  The return value for the Eagles is roughly ten million in cap space and draft pick compensation yet to be determined.

Some of the immediate thoughts I was hearing pointed at the Eagles making the 2016 season a rebuild.

I don’t see that at all. There hasn’t been a single player the Eagles have parted with this off-season that free agency and the draft can’t improve.

Jeff Kolsky

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  • Jeff Lurie said, ” Howie Roseman will be responsible for making sure our player personnel department is as good as it gets in the NFL, he’ll be accountable for that.”
    Jeff Lurie response when asked if Eagles are starting from scratch, “No, I don’t.”
    Doug Pederson said, ” This is not a rebuilding football team. There is tremendous talent here. I think just getting these guys focused, getting them on the same page, working hard every day … it sounds cliche but that’s exactly what you do. I just came from a place where we turned the culture of the organization around. We turned the culture of the community around. Two out of the years years we were in the postseason. So it can be done. We obviously have, in my opinion, a little bit better talent here and I’m looking forward to working with these guys.”
    Howie Roseman Coup terminated Tom Gamble after a 2nd place 10-6 season then terminated Ed Marynowitz after a second place 7-9 season. So he could control this roster and salary cap with his puppet ‘yes sir, Howie’ head coach choice.
    Howie Roseman-

    • Agenda, agenda, agenda. You don’t like Howie, so you revert back to this nonsense that you have been spewing since they let Chip go (who you also didn’t like). Howie is rebuilding this team to be functional and compete for the division whether you like it or not. If that takes more than 1 year, it is clear that the boss is ok with it or else Murray would still be here.

      You are delusional if you think that Lurie is going to have that short of a leash on Howie considering these moves. He is basically taking apart all of what Chip did and they may not be done in one year.

      • How many years does Howie Roseman get? He was hired as General Manager in 2010. He had 5 drafts form 2010-2014 & five free agent seasons 2010-14. He is getting another one this year for his sixth draft and sixth free agency off season. Ed Marynowitz got 1 year.

        • My god you cant give the guy one fucking day of peace.

        • As long as Owner Jeff Lurie gives him… It’s irrelevant what we think of him..
          Howie is the GM because that’s what Owner Lurie wants and right now,
          Howie is on Fire fixing the Financial/Roster that Chip Kelly & Ed Marynowitz screwed up last Off-Season… …

  • It’s still premature to assume the Eagles Gained $10 Million in Cap Space with these Deals Yesterday until the Deals are made Public Wed afternoon… I am sure the Eagles had to eat some 2016 Bonus/Roster $$$$ to make these Deals fly …They will definitely have some Savings and Gain Draft Picks but this sets them up much better for 2017 & Beyond and gets rid of some of the fingerprints that Chip Kelly left on the Eagles.. …

  • I am hearing it is 16 million dollars in compensation Philly has received in getting rid of Murray, Kiko, and Maxwell.

    Do I believe Philly will win the Superbowl next season with a brand new coaching staff head to toe nearly? No. But I really do think we are going to surprise some people. The Division, and playoffs is for sure in the picture for this team. We took care of our homegrown talent to make sure they are here for years to come which is a great thing. That is what becoming a dominate team is all about. Bring back your homegrown talent, and draft well…obviously easier said then done. Philly getting back 16 mill (per report) and obtaining draft picks can get this team back on track and then some.

    There is mad, young talent on this football team on all sides of the ball. Add an offensive linemen thru FA, and another 2 in the draft. I say we draft Alexander in the first round, or Elliot.

    Ellliot out of Ohio State reminds me of Leveon Bell. Invest in protecting our QB by suring up the Oline and giving the man a running game. Sam Bradford with both of those will be a top 10 qb this season. Look what Nick Foles did with the healthiest oline in the game, and the nukber one rushing attack. Look at what that bum Romo did. If you give a talent like Sam some protection, and a running game to shout about we will be suprrising alot of teams next season.

  • Howie is getting this thing back on track. Yes we get some room this year but even more next year. I would have taken a thank you note to move the Murray and Maxwell contracts. Any compensation is a win

  • Can we sign 2 Guards in FA for around 7 to 8 mil in Cap hit?

    Then it comes down to 71’s health as to the next move with O line. If he is not Healthy can you get 2 guards and a R Tackle for $15mil cap hit and then release peters?

    Nolan Carrol on a friendly deal.

    • I would bite the Bullet and Release LT Jason Peters for a $6.5 Million Savings in 2016 and Shift Lane Jonson over to LT and go out and Sign a Guard/RT in Free-Agency plus Draft OT and Guard high in the Draft….

      • Not yet pman I still think the eagles trade back in 1st Rd and select spriggs and get their guards in later RDS, and if Peters gets hurt u slide Lane to left and put spriggs at right and boom fixed…..I think Peters bounces back and proves people wrong

        • I would get that transition to LT for Lane Johnson started sooner rather than later and what better way than to start it this Spring in OTA’s with a new System,and Coach’s & Scheme etc,etc in order to hit the ground running come Summer Camp and Pre-Season… If the OL is going to have 2-3 New Players with new Blocking Schemes,etc,etc, why not get this process started at the same time collectively ?

          • I feel u pman but at the same time u know Lane is going to get his reps at Lt in practice, he will be ready , he’s not a rookie man he will be good to go

            • Lions WR Calvin Johnson Officially Retires from Football

            • It’s not Lane that I am concerned about though he definitely has a learning curve to endure, its the chemistry with the Guards and TE’s, etc,etc
              The RG will now have to get used to a new RT
              the LG and TE gets used to playing next to Lane Johnson etc,etc ..
              An OL is like a working ensemble group where each part is impacted by the other parts and the Sum when working together is greater than the individual Players that make it up…. This all needs time and the OTA’s/Summer Camps/Pre-Season is the Time to work on it and make the Changes in my Opinion, not when you have injuries and are forced to start shuffling Players on a Game Week with 2-3 Days of Practice and Game Preparation..

      • Can’t release 71 till we know we have a starter at RT. Once in place…If you cut Peters and Sanchez… Or trade one… You save 10mil in cap. So if you get FA linemen x3 for around 15 mil we could have a starting Oline for 3 to 5 years and still have money to fill holes. Buy starters with potential and draft depth.

  • Raiders Reportedly agree to Terms with Guard Kelechi Osemele of the Ravens.. The Raiders start Free-agency with Approx $60 Million under the Cap so they will overpay to fill some of their Needs (OL, Secondary, DL & RB)

    • Everybody is going to overpay pman, oseleme is a OK tackle but great guard

      • Osemele played LT for the Ravens the last 4-5 Weeks of the 2015 Season as the Ravens had so many injuries to their OL and he played really well at LT…
        He’s played Guard his 4 Year NFL Career and now shows that he has the versatility to play OT which shot his Value thru the Roof..

        • Dude I’m telling u he played ok those 4 to 5 games but he was no near good at guard…..I watched him a lot last year and I see where he belongs at guard

          • The Entire Ravens OL and Offense was a blur last Season due to an unbelievable amount of Injuries to their OL, RB & WR and QB’s..
            They went thru 12-13 OL, with 4-5 Different RB’s and about 8-9 WR’s all due to Injuries.. I’m not making excuses for them, but No one looked good in a Ravens Offensive Uniform last Season

  • I still would look to Trade Brandon Graham and Michael Kendricks too…

    • I have become sour on kendricks, health and mistakes he makes but id give him one more year under swartz and see what he can do and not trading Graham, he has a linebacker contract playing de, he will get at least 8 sacks a yr

  • DT Malik Jackson of the Broncos agrees to a Big Contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars who started Free-Agency with $79 Million under the Cap…

    DE Tambi Hali and KC Chiefs Agree to a new Team Friendly 3 Year Deal allowing Hali to finish his Career with the Chiefs…

    • Our first signing will be mccelvin from Buffalo, knows jims scheme and would be a nice special team addition and depth signing, not sure about starter

      • I see McKelvin him as a Nickel CB/Slot CB and Special Teams…

  • RT Schwartz. 26 y/o
    G Allen. 26 y/o
    G Brooks. 26 y/o

    Can you do it for 18 to 20 mil in cap hit? Would you.?

    L Johnson is 25
    J Kelce is 28

    You could have (Barring injury) a Starting OL for the next 5 years.

    Cutting Peters and Sanchez would pay for half.

    • Good Thinking Regal
      I would do this in a heartbeat and then would add quality Depth and Competition with Drafting an OT and a Guard-Center in the Draft.
      With Peters/Sanchez paying almost for 1/2 of this, I would even Trade a Graham or Kendricks to make it work financially

      • Kendricks is a starter at OLB. If you trade him, then create another hole that you need to fill with cap money or in the draft. I like what Regal is suggesting, but I think Kendricks is staying. I would like to see him at OLB in a 4-3.

        • When was the last time Kendricks played in 16 Games
          I question his Durability and his Toughness to be honest with you
          I don’t see him lasting at all with Jim Schwartz…
          I see the Eagles adding OLB Tahir Whitehead and maybe even Nigel Bradham or a Demario Davis in Free-Agency and Trading Kendricks to the Raiders or 49ers

  • ***Paulman Rumors***

    Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders has asked Eagles VP of Football Ops
    Howie Roseman to become his Running Mate as the next VP of the United States…. Eagles Owner Lurie is mulling over his Options….

    • crickets

  • Its being reported that the MIA-PHI trade is significantly better for the Eagles. “Very lopsided” and could be more than what’s being rumored. Stay tuned

    • On Wikipedia it says that leodis mckelvin is a Philadelphia Eagle. I don’t know if that is 100% true or not but I expect to hear the announcement soon

      • CB Leodis McKelvin signs a 2-Year Deal with the Eagles…

  • More Transactions to be announced Wed 3/9 4pm when NFL Begins their Calendar Year

    Colts Re-Sign TE Dwayne Allen to a 4 Year Deal
    Ravens Sign TE Ben Watson
    NY Giants Re-Sign DE JPP to a 1 Year Deal
    Bills Re-Sign OG Richie Incognito on a 3 Year Deal
    Bronco’s Release Veteran Guard Louis Vasquez & TE Owen Daniels for Cap Relief …

  • Eagles and CB Leodis McKelvin agree to terms on a two-year contract

    • A good depth signing, spot starter who knows jims system and can help the young guys come along

      • I don’t think he signed here to be a “spot starter” especially since he cancelled his visit to Dallas. He is your starting CB who is just as good as Maxwell for 1/32 the price. I would imagine.

        • Yes the price is only 3 mill a year which is a good price for him, I’m guessing Howie has incentives so he can earn that 3 mill

          • Do note that a Nickel/Slot CB plays about 60 % of the Snaps…
            McKelvin is probably best suited as an Inside/Slot CB and not out on the Outside.. At least in my opinion…
            There are lots of Outside CB’s out there …
            Patrick Robinson, Casey Heyward, Jurad Powers,Sean Smith,Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne, etc,etc

      • Has Great Speed and Good Ball Skills too… McKelvin ran a 4.39 40 Time
        when he came out of Troy University… He can Return Kicks/Punt and also be a effective Gunner/Defender on Punt Coverage Teams.. He will likely be the Nickel/Slot CB and basically replace EJ Biggers from last Years Team and will likely be the fastest Guy on the Eagles Squad ..
        I like the Signing and thought of him being in Eagle Green when the Bills Released him 2 Weeks ago for Salary Cap reasons..

        • I think the same thing as u pman slot guy and can help train jacorey Sheppard to take his place

  • Jaguar fans smarter than Eagle fans? Malik Jackson deal worth up to $90 million, $42 million fully guaranteed. A lot of Jag fans question why you pay a DT with 5 sacks more than a QB lol. Wait until Cox signs his 60 million guaranteed contract at DT lmao.

    • Malik is no where near good as Cox and Malik ain’t worth that contract but u better believe Cox will get 18 mill a yr

      • Malik Jackson is more explosive,athletic and disruptive than Fletcher Cox..

  • I only like this if he’s signed cheaply to back up a younger player. McKelvin has lost a step, and although he’s smart he doesn’t have the physical tools anymore.

    • Remember that int he ripped from celek the guy has major ball skillz

  • Leodis McKelvin…good move…experience, tough, can play bump and run better than Maxwell …probably not that expensive either…

    • Early report (take it with a grain of salt) is 2 years for just over $6 million. So $3 mil/year. Nice move.

  • Report that in the trade with Miami, the following happens.

    Teams swap first round picks (Birds would now be at 8 and Dolphins get our 13).

    Eagles also get the Dolphins 4th round pick.

    Dolphins get Maxwell (and his contract) and Kiko.

    If this is true, that looks like a good deal to me.

  • I have a question. If the Eagles do get the 8th pick in the draft and Ronnie Stanley and Myles Jack is on the board. Who do you take?

    • Noah Spence dag and I told u they swapping picks pman

      • Z im hearing alot of teams have taken him completely off their board..im hearing he will be around in the 2nd

      • I can’t believe that .. Who is the Dolphins New GM…. That’s the Worst Football Trade since Chip Kelly’s Deals last Year with the Rams/Bills…

        The Dolphins, a 6 Win Team with No Identity are going to Trade their 8th Overall Pick plus their 4th Round Pick (approx #110 Overall) to the Eagles for their 13th Overall Pick and for overpaid, average CB Byron Maxwell and often injured LB Kiko Alonso whose body is breaking down on him and will probably be forced to Retire by the time he’s 27…

        God Bless Howie Roseman and the Eagles if he pulled this off, but the Dolphins GM should get fired immediately if he agreed to do this…

        But to answer the above Question

        If Eagles are sitting at #8 – I am picking CB Vernon Hargreaves or CB Mackensie Alexander or maybe DE Shaq Lawson or OLB Noah Spence
        or I’m entertaining Trade Offers for more Picks…

        I think with the Ravens losing Osimele in Free-agncy, they almost have to go for OL Stanley at #6

        • Paulman if they are their at 8 I’m taking trade offers

          • Do You still have that Draft Day Trade Chart I gave you a couple years back Gloomy?? Howie is going to go berserk during this Year’s Draft .. Must See TV!!!

    • As soon as the team with the 7th pick has picked….Im sprinting up to the front with Myles Jack on my paper.

  • No way….why would Miami move 4 slots down AND give us a 4th rounder???

    • Because they obviously value the players they received and had to give up something. I heard early today they swopped 1st round picks.

  • Eagles may have a serious problem if the get the 8th pick. Who do you pick? You may have Goff, Stanley, Jack, Elliot hell Deforest Buckner may be there. . Vernon Hargreaves may be there.

  • Yeah Dag…I will have to think hard about hargreaves and jack…i think Jack is gonna be a real good LB..Man if Ramsey can just fall to us…..pipe dream.

    • Hargreaves is small ID and rather take Jack and pman we are giving them the 4th rnder to move up to 8

      • So Eagles Send Dolphins their 13th Pick, 4th Round Pick, both Maxwell & Alonso for the Dolphins #8 Pick ?

        • Yes pman

        • That fourth round pick is murky…. Contradicting reports about the direction the fourth goes

      • The person who reported that we are giving up the 4th rounder later said it is the eagles who are getting the 4th round pick. swap of firsts and we get a 4th, and the Dolphins get two bums. Though last year we thought we were getting a swap of first round picks for Foles / bradford… and then everything changed… So i’ll wait until 4 tomorrow. Shit if we get nothing in return at least we move away from Maxwell.

  • Pete Prisco ‏@PriscoCBS ·

    The Dolphins let the Eagles move up 5 spots in the 1st and a fourth-round pick in the Chip dump trade? What is Tannenbaum doing to Gase?

  • Leodis McKelvin had an INT last season vs. the #Eagles. Asked what he remembered about it: “They kept running the same play.” lol

    • I hope the 9ers lose every game this year. Chip is the worst.

  • Every rumor I come across continues to say the Miami/Philadelphia trade is completely lopsided.

  • Just realized I got my kid a shady jersey 2 years ago and a Murray jersey this past season. Who do I get her next bradturd?

  • Jeff McLane ‏@Jeff_McLane
    “Reports” the #Eagles swapped 1st rd picks w/ Dolphins and also received a 4th rd pick are erroneous, I’m told. Patience, young Skywalkers.



    • I learned my lesson about getting hype off of these reports last year with the Bradford trade and the second round pick fiasco. Fool me once…
      I refuse to buy into the hype.

      • I don’t even care what we got

        Fuck the cowboy
        Fuck the juice head that is built like a linebacker at kutztown
        Fuck the fraud backup from Seattle


        I don’t care if we got 2 5th rounders for them.

        Anything better than a 5th is gravy to me. They 3 looooozahs

  • Raiders Sign OLB Pass-Rusher Bruce Irvin from Seattle to go along with Khalil Mack giving the Raiders strong Pass-Rushers from both edges

    DE Mario Williams Agrees on a 2-Year Deal with the Miami Dolphins

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