• July 7, 2022

Eagles Sign Veteran Defensive Back Leodis McKelvin

LeodisMcKelvin1One of the laws of player personnel moves in the NFL is a coach never forgets a player who does a good job for him.  Leodis McKelvin played well for his then defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz in 2014, so the Eagles signed the eight-year veteran safety/corner today to a two-year deal.

McKelvin gives the Eagles security at both the safety and corner position.  There’s no guarantee that he starts but Schwartz is confident that he can help them at both safety and corner, which gives the Eagles security in the secondary.

The Birds have some holes in the secondary with two of last year’s starters on the way out of town.  Cornerback Byron Maxwell is being traded to Miami and safety Walter Thurmond is now a free agent.


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  • So.. If the Eagles signed Bradford to be just the stopgap for the rookie as some have put forward, what will it mean if they also sign Chase?

    • It means Chase will be the back up who knows the offense and can provide tutelage for the rookie. Pederson already stated they are drafting one…it is not a question of if..but who in what round?

    • If he comes it means three things:

      1 (and most importantly) he would come in to teach the offence. This is almost a necessity nowadays as the new stupid CBA rules really make it more difficult for teams to install new systems due to the lack of prep time they have in the offseason.

      2 – It means they have no faith Bradford can make it through a season on his Popsicle sticks and they want to have someone who knows the system waiting in the wings.

      3 – Sanchez sucks.

  • DT Malik Jackson reported to receive a 6 Year – $90 Million Deal with
    $46 Million in Guaranteed $$$
    (Fletcher Cox will now demand $100 Million + Deal plus $50 Million in Guaranteed $$$$)
    If Eagles were smart , they would Trade DT Fletcher Cox to the Titans/Chargers or Jaguars for Multiple High Draft Picks for 2016 & 2017 Draft though it would be unpopular to do so..

    • I’m on the fence about this. It would be a terrible PR move to other players that you won’t even extend your best player. However, Fletcher is going to be looking at QB money on the next contract.

  • The Eagles will try to secure a Qb in the later rounds to cover all of their bases…if they can cut Sanchez and sign Chase Daniels to a cheaper deal as a back up and then draft a project Qb in the 4th or 5th round..they will feel set.
    Forget it paulman…No way do they trade Fletcher Cox…they will do what’s necessary to keep him

    • The Eagles will draft a QB within the first 3 rounds, and don’t have a second rounder, so it kind of narrows it down. If they get that 8th pick they will go either O line or QB, book it. They have to prepare a QB of the future and getting one in the later rounds is not going to be starting caliber. Bradford only got a two year deal that they can get out of in 2017, so they are going to try to get a QB that can actually play, not a late round guy.

      • Exactly

    • And so who in your plan is the QB in 2017?? Its not going to be Sammy Sevens at a $25 mill cap hit. You clearly dislike Daniels so it isn’t going to be him. A 4th or 5th round pick then? Please.

      Nice one year vision you have there Koolidiot. “All I care about its this year – the rest be damned!”

      Nice forward thinking with your idea putz.

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