• May 27, 2022

The Maxwell/Alonso Deal Is Up and Down From Minute To Minute

JulioJones11Eagles GM Howie Roseman had made a brilliant move by trading Byron Maxwell along with his awful contract and the disappointing linebacker Kiko Alonso to Miami Dolphins for some draft picks.  Unfortunately it looks like all the work may be undone because of a shoulder injury Maxwell suffered during the 2015 season.

Philly.com’s Les Bowen is reporting that Maxwell is still in Miami and the Dolphins doctors are looking closely at his shoulder.  Bowen says they’re going to anesthetize his shoulder.

A few minutes later,  Philly.com’s Zach Berman is reporting that Maxwell has been cleared by the Dolphins doctors and the deal is going to go through.

There have been reports that the Eagles will get the eighth pick in the first round if this deal goes through.  There are a lot of people throwing a lot of stuff against the wall.  We’ll definitely know later today at 4pm, when the NFL 2016 Free Agency officially starts.


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Eagles Sign Rams Safety Rodney McLeod To A Five-Year Deal


  • Yeah, I see reports now that Maxwell’s agent says he has passed his physical and it’s a done deal…

  • In the words of the great EPMD..”It’s Going Down”!

    • ”You gots to chill”!

      • That’s a classic!!!

    “We’ll definitely know later today at 4pm, when the NFL 2016 Free Agency officially starts.”

    Philly.com’s Les Bowen is reporting that Maxwell is still in Miami and the Dolphins doctors are looking closely at his shoulder. Bowen says they’re going to anesthetize his shoulder.”

    Les Bowen ‏@LesBowen 10m10 minutes ago

    Again there will be no change in compensation. So if reports are true that Eagles were moving up from 13 to 8 in 1st round, that’s the deal
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    Les Bowen ‏@LesBowen 17m17 minutes ago

    I have confirmed what Maxwell’s agent tweeted: Trade will go forward as planned, no changes, Maxwell shoulder OK.


  • DONE!!!

    Dolphins acquired CB Byron Maxwell, WLB Kiko Alonso, and the No. 13 overall pick in the 2016 draft from the Eagles in exchange for the No. 8 overall pick in this year’s draft.
    The deal was agreed upon Monday, but there was a hang-up in it Wednesday morning when the Dolphins were reviewing Maxwell’s physical. He suffered a sprained SC joint in his shoulder Week 15 and missed the final two weeks of the year. Maxwell allegedly told the physician that he still can’t bench press or do a push-up, but the Dolphins laughably have still signed off on the deal. Eagles “GM” Howie Roseman has pulled off a heist, moving up five spots in the first round AND getting the Dolphins to take Maxwell’s albatross six-year, $63 million contract.
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    Mar 9 – 11:08 A




    • Dude we have to take Myles Jack now or trade back and get that 2nd rnder, either way we have freaking options now……love it…..Howie the assassin

      • Z, they do not have to trade back in the first to get a second. They will have enough ammunition to get a second by trading other picks. Only way I trade back is if the player I want is no longer there. You do not move up 5 spots by design without there being someone you are targeting. Nor do you move up 5 spots to drop back down. They are either going O line or looking at a QB.

    • Lol, it is amazing…That is Howie roll!!!

      Adam Schefter has confirmed the swap picks in the first round. Is CHIP THE GM IN MIAMI?

      • I don’t see us taking a 1st Rd QB but 3rd or 4th rnder yes

        • It will depend on how the board develops by # 7-8.

  • 4:00pm cannot come soon enough. Put Maxwell, Kiko and Murray in bubble wrap until 4:01pm. Crazy shit.

    • Still don’t see what we got for murray, is it 4th with conditions of a 3rd

      • Alright pman need your new salary cap options and draft picks asap

        • Lets see what happens after 4pm Z44 and see what they got for DeMarco Murray and what other potential Free-Agents they sign but as of now they have the Following

          1st Round – # 8 Overall — QB Jared Goff – Cal
          3rd Round – #77 Overall — Guard Landon Turner – North Carolina
          3rd Round – #79 Overall (from Lions) — DT Christian Jones – Mississippi
          4th Rd – Their Own
          5th Rd – Their Own
          5th Rd – From Steelers in Boykin Deal
          6th Rd – Their Own
          7th Rd – Their Own
          7th Rd – From Cardinals in Barkley Deal

          • Goff will be gone by then Pman

      • In the Murray trade it was mainly a salary dump. I hear that we are swapping our 4th round picks.

  • Great News Indeed ….

    Now Trade Brandon Graham, Josh Huff, Ryan Matthews and get some more Draft Pick’s Howie…

  • the thing that sucks about this trade is it makes me pissed about how much better shape we wouldve been in had we just lost to the damn giants last year. couldve probably moved up from 10-8 and got miamis 2nd if we threw in a 3rd had we lost…

    im nervous eagles now gonna trade back from 8 which would get us a haul now but still, i want talent. hopefully we get a 3rd for murray and would then be sitting with 3 3rds so we can trade 2 of the 3 for a 2nd ..

    • Agree mhenski, for everyone who wanted the Eagles to win that last game, how is that helping us now…exactly what did that win mean? Now is where it counts, not in a meaningless final game.

      • Yup, 2 years in a row we won the meaningless last game and it hurt our draft position. Tanking is not as easy in the NFL as it is in the NBA.

      • Nobody wanted that win

        • Sorry Zilents…there are idiots in here who wanted the win.

          “haveacigar…vinniedafool is beyond ‘silly’ Players dont care about what draft position the team has…they want to win. A competitor wants to win when he steps on the field…bottom line”

          “There is Zero difference between the success rate of the 15 pick vs the 10 pick… It’s a complete non-issue… Enjoy the game!…”
          Have a cigar

          “Only on a eagles mssg brd would people be pissed that their football team is trying to win. If you suit up, you play to win. smdh”

          “Hey every team out of the playoffs should of tried to lose for better draft position. Yeah lets fuck the integrity of the game. Suggestions by some dumb ass fans. ”

          There were a lot of guys on here rooting for the Eagles to win that meaningless game.

          But that doesn’t surprise me because this board is littered with a bunch of short-sighted “win now” tyeps.

          • vinnie, you like to check the history– when i wrote that i went back and did analysis of the difference between the 15 and 8– there is no statistical difference– you like stats when they suit you but ignore them when they don’t–
            you can’t tell players to tank- you can’t tell a coach who is auditioning for his next job to tank– its impossible and as the stats point out meaningless–

          • It ruins the integrity of the game. You pkay to win every game and let the chips fall where they fall. Sorry you dont .agree

            • The Colts ruined the integrity of the game when they tanked for Luck. The Bucs ruined the integrity of the game when they pulled they’re starters in the last game of the 2014 season to lose the game to secure the #1 pick to draft Jameis Winston. I have never heard anyone criticize them for doing so. Integrity is nice..a better draft pick is better. A super bowl is the best.

              • The colts ‘tank’ was a perfect storm…. I said nothing about integrity.. I say difference between 15 and 10 is non existent….

              • lmfao at integrity. if eagles decided to win that game because of integrity then that is exhibit A why we dont win superbowls. all anyone should care about is glory in this league and in nfl front offices

              • again henski there is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE 10 AND 15 PICK– DO I NEED TO RUN THE NUMBERS

              • There may not be a difference historically, but that’s not the point. The point is the position allows for the ammunition to ensure a team gets the player they are most confident in…the one they most covet.

                A team has to trust their scouting staff. And whent he scouts say “Player A” is the guy….well clearly, having a higher draft pick is better.

                If the Eagles had lost the game they’d have had the 10th pick…so in dealing with the Dolphins they may have been able to squeeze out another pick.

                A higher draft pick equals better LEVERAGE at the draft, and that is always better.

              • “the difference may not be much historically’– sorry vinnie i can never tell when historical data means something or not with you– sometimes it means everything other times historical data is not withstanding…
                it does give a certain amount of leverage and it is worth a few extra points on the draft chart- fact of the matter is that a professional coaching staff and professional players can’t go into game 16 and all of a sudden CONSPIRE to not win–

      • gross really greenfan

    • The qbs in this draft aren’t worth it in the 1st Rd ehl……I say take one in 3rd and develop him, and go bpa at 8, which will be a defensive player, always bpa ehl, that’s how teams get in trouble reaching all the time

      • Sorry Z, I have been watching Goff for 2 years, began talking about him in 2014. he would be the perfect fit for the WC offense Pederson wants to run. Gotta disagree with you. If there, you take him. Nothing is guaranteed..but I feel confident in what I have seen from him.

  • ewwwwwwwww only a 4th swap for murray. murray and our 4th for theirs? wow dude sucks

    • so my question is is maxwell and kiko really worth that much more than murray. or did hoWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE JUST RIP THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUCKER IN MIAMI!!!!????

      • Can’t win all the trades mhenski at least we have more money and higher picks

      • the eagles compensation in both of these deals is cap relief… simple-

        • moving up 5 spots in the first round is the equivalent of a 2nd rounder. so its more than cap relief in the first deal

          • zilents if we got a 7th for murray id say we won. fuck that slow, non physical, cowboy. im just surprised his value was so shitty compared to kiko+maxwell

            • RB’s are a Dime a Dozen in the NFL…
              Look what Chip Kelly got for LeSean McCoy last Year… LB Alonso

  • ewwwwwww

    eagles sign chase daniels


    • Bye bye Sanchez

  • Chase Daniels signed to 3 year deal with the Eagles. Obviously Sanchez gets shown the door now.

    • I hears Eagles were talking to the Rams about Sanchez for even a 7th Round Pick, but Rams going to wait until Eagles Release him…
      Cardinals is another Team who may need a Back-Up if they lose current back-up Drew Stanton to the Texans,BRoncos,Rams, etc,etc

  • Signings
    Bengals Re-Sign Safety George Illoka to a 5 year Deal
    Chargers Re-Sign TE Gates and WR Travis Benjamin of the Browns
    Vikings Sign Guard Alex Boone of the 49ers
    Falcons close to Signing Center Alex Mack of the Browns
    Panthers Re-Sign FB Mike Tolbert for a 2 Year – $4 Million Deal (Panthers are getting Hometown Discounts.. The Players must really like their Owner,Front Office, Coach’s,Teammates and Surroundings-Fans)

  • Eagles Sign Safety Rodney McLeod of the Rams to a 5 Year $37 Millin Contract with $16 Million Guaranteed $$$
    McLeod is a 4 Year Veteran who has never missed a Game and
    is 5-11′ – 185lbs and Can Run… Obviously with Schwartz has in mid is faster DB’s who can Run & Make Plays on the Ball with the McKelvin and now McLeod Signings. ..
    Hes a Nice Player, but I am not sure he’s worth this big of a deal..

    • McLeod was the Rams Starter the last 3 Seasons and was Undrafted coming out of University of Virginia for the the 2012 Draft
      Stats as a Starter
      2013 – 79 Tackles – 3 Forced Fumbles & 2 Int’s with 7 Passes Defended
      2014 – 72 Tackles – 2 Forced Fumbles & 2 Int’s with 6 Passes Defended
      2015 – 82 Tackles – 3 Forced Fumbles & 1 Int with 5 Passes Defended

      He’s never missed a Game in his 4 Year Career

      • He’s a good solid signing…..now go get Jeff Allen and I’ll be super happy

        • I’m really excited about this signing. Really think Howie’s plan is a solid one. Damn I doubt that man. Seems he has learned and matured.

          • Load up on defense this year. Take the most dynamic player @8. Keep building the defense. Take oline in 3rd And 4th. Build offense next offseason

            • The Eagles have been building their defense the last 3 years, that is why the o line was ignored. It’s always address the offense next year. This is the year.

      • He is not fast at all. In my opinion this is a step back. We went from a B player to a C player at SS. He does NOT cover alot of ground and it is McLeod that will be playing up in the box This does not give us versatility. Not a good pickup IMO. The secondary is back to being a HUGE concern for me.

  • Breaking News…Eagles sign G Brandon Brooks for 5 years

    • 5 years 40 million

    • This is Huge, Brooks, when Healthy is a Top 5 Guard in the NFL
      Very Strong in Run Blocking and a Good Pass-Blocker
      He’s 6-5 and currently at 345lbs (and has to watch he’s weight a bit and needs to get back to 330-335lbs which is when he was his best)
      He was a 3rd Round Pick in 2012 Draft out of Miami of Ohio University
      and has played in 36 NFL Games in which he was the Starter in 30 Games

      • I want to see what Malcolm Bunch has to offer…I think the kid can play.

        • Me too EHL. Many good reports on the kid, I want to see him get a chance for the other guard spot.

          • Exactly, put him in at RG and see what he can do.

  • Howie sure does like Houston Texans

  • I am buying my kid a Bradturd jersey. Eagles got 8 days to move Bradturd. Cmon Howie!

  • Brandon Brooks to Philly

    • Coach Reid liked those big as a house Offensive Guards of the Right side of OL Like Mayberry and Andrews. Good signing especially if Pederson use this RG like Coach Reid did.

  • As pathetically weak as Kelce is we need two road graders to compensate for his weak behind.

  • Arizona Cardinals Sign Safety Tyvon Branch – 2 Years for $10 MIllion
    Eagles should have talked to him…

    • Fuck that the Eagles should have went after Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson.

  • NY Jets Sign RB Matt Forte…
    Howie call up Jets and Offer QB Sam Bradford for DT Sheldon Richardson

  • A Solution! Trade Bradford to the Broncos for there # 1 pick they are desperate!

    • Paulman Trade Bradford to Broncos and draft Goff #8 if he falls then best available at 32. Keep Sanchez as backup.Or No need for Richardson. You can draft DeForest Buckner @ #8 and pair him up with Cox, Curry and Graham. wow then take best available at 32 maybe the best QB left.

  • Obviously Pederson likes Daniels so move Bradford to a desperate team.

  • LMAO @Bradford haters! Give it up…

    paulman did you bump your head during the time you were out

    Trade Bradford to Denver, the Jets, to SF…

    Forget it…its a done deal…

    Sam Bradford is the starting QB

    Time to focus on the weapons we will put around him and the offensive line…we need another guard…we can draft several in the upcoming draft and see who comes out on top…I like what Pederson said…we need mean and nasty guys up front!

    We need another receiver, the more I think about it Elliot would be a perfect pick up in the draft…super talent, get him and a fullback and lets run the ball

    But stop deluding yourselves…the Eagles have made their choice at starting QB

    Sam Bradford will be the starting QB…

    we are not trading him to the Broncos and drafting Goff #8

    Accept reality…

    Sam Bradford’s the QB…

  • Love the Brooks signing, couldn’t get on the field at LSU because the guys ahead of him, line this kid up and let him compete dude can fly.

    • I see him as a Slot/Nickel CB & 3rd Safety as well as Special Teams..
      Rowe/McKelvin on the Outside with Shepard/Brooks as the Nickel/Slot CB’s
      And Jenkins/McLoud at Safety..

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