• July 7, 2022

Eagles Sign Rams Safety Rodney McLeod To A Five-Year Deal

RodneyMcLeod2Eagles have agreed to a five-year deal with young Rams safety Rodney McLeod.  He’ll make $37 million dollars over those five years with $17 million dollars of it being guaranteed.   McLeod was an unknown who came out of the University of Virginia as a free agent in 2012.

He’s established himself as a hitter and playmaker.  In his four-year career, McLeod has forced eight fumbles, recovered five and picked off five passes.  The Eagles have showed their hands with regard to the safety position.  They’re going to pair up Malcolm Jenkins and McLeod for next few years at least.

I am concerned about his size.  McLeod doesn’t seem to be big enough to play safety in the NFL.  He’s only 5’10” and he weighs only 195 pounds, but obviously he’s proven in his four seasons, that he is big enough to play the position.

McLeod went to the same high school as former Eagles Pro Bowl running back Brian Westbrook.


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  • So…..is he an established hitter and playmaker? Or a guy not big enough to play in the NFL????

  • 4 Year PLayer- 3 Year Starter for the Rams, has never Missed an NFL Game
    5-11′ – 193 lbs

    2013 – 76 Tackles 2 Int – 2 Forced Fumbles
    2014 – 72 Tackles 2 Int – 3 Forced Fumbles
    2015 – 82 Tackles – 1 Int – 2 Forced Fumbles

    Career – 246 Tackles – 5 Int’s – 7 Forced Fumbles – 19 Passes Defended

    Fast, Covers lot of Ground and will play that Deep Center Field for Schwartz while Malcolm Jenkins plays more in the Box/around the Line of Scrimmage

    Nice Pairing and Combo and much more Physical than Walter Thurmond

  • No, he’s not fast at all Pman. He is much slower than Thurmand and frankly… i would rather have resigned him. It’s a meh sighing for me. If he is our starter, im not impressed.

    • I will take a wait and see approach. I never watched him play nor do I know how he will perform in Schwartz’s scheme. A lot of people were underwhelmed with the Malcolm Jenkins signing too.

      • Rodney McLeod Ran a 4.6 40 at his Combine Drills in 2012
        He Power Lifted 225lbs 15 Times and Posted a 36.6″ Verticle Leap
        Has Good Hands, Enjoys Contact, Has Forced 7 Fumbles with 5 Int’s
        over the last 3 Seasons to go along with his 230 Tackles
        Watching Tape on him he kind of reminds me of former Eagle Quintin Mikell
        a little bit…

  • i agree with EHL, I can’t say good/bad or whatever- i’ve about as much of the bills as i have the Ottawa roughriders but it is a low/mid-level guy which i prefer to the biggies–
    again, keep it in perspective– we don’t want to get the shiny FA prizes–

  • I hope im wrong. Maybe this is a good pairing with Jenk but… idk. He’s not that fast and i think it locks him in the SS spot fully. If for example Jenk has to cover a TE, dont expect this guy to hold down the fort deep.

    • I cannot say that I am much of an expert on the guy, but I believe that he is a solid player. Ranked the #10 safety last year by PFF (Jenkins was #1 I believe). Not super fast, so yes I agree with your criticism, but not slow either. He is said to be a very smart player, and combined with the cerebral Jenkins, this will be a strong tandem. Very physical, and I believe that Schwartz is looking for a physical guy roaming the backfield middle.

  • $7 million a year for Rodney McLeod?
    Vinny Curry for $9 million?
    a lot of scratch for below average starters. Rank the St Louis Rams secondary before the signing :
    1. Janoris Jenkins 2. Trumaine Johnson 3. TJ McDonald 4. Maybe then McLeod possibly Lamarcus Joyner ?
    Birds just spent $7 million a year on the Rams 4th or 5th best DB?

    • McCloud’s contract is 17 million guaranteed, it potentially could be worth 35 million if he was to meet incentives. It actually averages out to about 3.5 million.

  • Howie so far added –
    KCs – 2nd best QB in Daniels
    Rams- 4th best DB in McLeod
    Buffalos 3rd best CB In McKelvin behind Stephone Gilmore and Ronald Darby.



  • Eagles will host quarterback Dak Prescott on a visit.

  • Houston signs Osweiller –
    Broncos need a QB, dust off Peyton Manning – job opening in Denver

    • Denver will now be in Play for Fitzpatrick, Drew Stanton or even Colin Kapernick
      Howie may be able to Offer Sam Bradford

    • so what in the world are the defending world champs going to do? lets face it they won it with a terrible (but smart) qb…. damn they got nothing? my early guess ryan fitzpatrick????

    • I cannot believe why, but it has been reported that Elway has been in discussions with SF to acquire Kapernick.

  • Bradford to Denver?? Makes sense.

    • Bradford and our #1 to Cleveland for their #1. It was reported that they wanted him last season before the Eagles trade, he will be an experienced starter and they won’t have to start a rookie at QB. The Birds would than have a chance to draft who they believe will be their QBbof the future while having Daniels here as a temporary place holder the way that Pederson was for McNabb.

      • And Cleveland keeps being ‘Cleveland”– LOVE IT!

      • jesus greenfan. next time just copy and paste exactly what i wrote

        • We just got Brandon Brooks to 8 mill a yr deal he is a maulef

          • Saw that Z44. He is a big dude, Houston has lost a guard and center.

            This should be good for the Birds. 6’5″ and 345lbs.

        • Didn’t see what you wrote. Guess we must agree.

          • just busting ur balls green. but yea. i pray that move can happen

  • Texans Sign QB Brock Osweiler for 4 Year – $64 Million Deal ($16 Million per Season for 5 Career NFL Starts under his Belt) and Signed RB Lamar Miller to a 4 Year – $26 Million Deal

    Howie needs to be on the Phone with Elway and Offer them Sam Bradford for one of their CB’s (Robey) an a Draft Pick…
    If Elway doesn’t want Bradford due to his Contract, Offer them Sanchez
    for a 6th Round Pick
    C’Mon Howie — Call Elway at 303-555-1212

    • lol so osweiler got paid basically the same as bradturd

    • Flip Bradford now Howie and u will be king…..eos u may continue your constant whining of Howie given players contracts

  • Wow. Lots of money being spent with no Cox contract.

    • Don’t worry Cox will get his next year when other players will be gone

    • makes no sense to pay him now imo… he already has is making good $ this year and is under team control this year and next (if you wanna use the tag on him) roll over your unearned cap money and make sure cox is who you want him to be in the 4-3 and pay or tag him next year with your rolled over $. gotta keep maximum financial flexibility now… if the money is there/left after this year FA it also could make sense to give him a big deal this year and front load the contract so future years cap #s are lower.

      patience. he aint going nowhere

      • That’s what I was thinking let him play it out under swartz and see if he produces big numbers

        • very few NFL players can log 80% of the defensive snaps on a DL – Cox is unique and very valuable.

  • Finally….4:00. It can be official.

  • How the hell does Brock Osweiler get 18 mill for four years 72 mil over all….and Bradfraud only gets 2 years…which is really a 1 year deal? You mean to tell me that Tom Condon could not get Bradfraud a deal like that on the FA market?

    • Sideways has so many questions about health, a long track record of mediocrity… Teams are starved and reaching for ‘the guy’

      • obviously b/c teams dont value the bradturd. he is way older then brock, has less skills than him, and is another 1st pick turd… guys on his way out the league and most teams know it. I just hope that some of these desperate teams that dont have a qb are going to be so desperate they give us some assets for him.


  • Chase Daniel signed for 36 mil for three years…that is a lot of scratch for a back up….hmmm?!?!

    • 3 things 1. Sideways may not be here 2. There may be open competition 3. Draft QB sit for two years

      • No way thats true??? Its the original 21 mill deal I think. If its 36 Eagles got 8 days to move Bradturd! MAKE IT HAPPEN HOWEEEEEEEEEEEE

        • It’s 3 yr 21 but that’s way too much money…..goodbye Sammy either way

        • It’s true, Daniels has to reach incentives, one of them is to start a certain amount of games. He can get 36 million if he reaches all the incentives.

          • The Daniels contract makes no fucking sense at all if Bradford is here.

            • Chase Daniel is 3 years, $21 million with $12 million guaranteed.

              That right there could be telling us something… The Eagles might be picking a QB in the first round… Sam could be a 49er in a minute…. stay tuned.

              Where’s that guy with all the inside information…. his name escapes me… lol – Joe something

              • So you are saying that a two year deal worth 6 mil per is writing on the wall that he will be the starter? Seems like back up money to me, with protectors to be paid like a starter in the event Bradford goes down with a major injury.

              • You might be right Cant~ But to me that seems like a lot of money $21 million with $12 million guaranteed.

  • crazy brooks was worth that much more than allen

    • It’s only 1 mill a yr more

      • This is a crazy off season I’m so confused

  • FOX Sports’ Mike Garafolo calls Chase Daniel’s contract with the Eagles a “backup/maybe starter deal.”
    Daniel signed a three-year deal that has a base value of $21 million, and could be worth up to $36 million through incentives. It makes him — by far — the highest paid “backup” quarterback in football, and perhaps sets up Daniel to get a legitimate chance to unseat the always-shaky Bradford in training camp. Daniel’s contract contains $12 million guaranteed. Although Bradford has superior physical skills, Daniel has experience in new Eagles coach Doug Pederson’s offense, and Garafolo reports Pederson “loves” Daniel. This will be a battle worth monitoring all spring and summer.
    Source: Mike Garafolo on Twitter
    Mar 9 – 4:28 PM


    • hahaha…you guys are just desperate. Give it up already. The Daniel deal (when you cut through all the BS) is a two year deal for 6mil per year. His agent built in protectors in the event Bradford goes down and Chase ends up being the starter.

      Per Adam Caplan – The guy that broke the news, there is “no way” Bradford gets delt. The quicker you guys accept this, the more sanity you will be able to salvage.

      I am starting to think that Mhenski is really Jimmy Kempski and Vinnie is Eliott Shorr Parks.

      • Adam Caplan @caplannfl
        “Total package for Daniel worth $36m. Monster deal for him.”

        I don’t see where Capan says Bradford will not be dealt… I did see where he said there was no way the Eagles will be able to move Murray, but that was last week.

        Let’s face it – anything can happen.

        • He didn’t tweet it, he said it when he was on the radio after the true terms of the deal were revealed.

          2 years, 12 mil is not starter money. The deal is designed to protect both Chase and the Eagles in the event Bradford doesn’t work out or if he gets hurt. Like it or not, they are giving the Job to Bradford and hoping he runs with it.

          • Let’s see what happens…. I want good play out of the QB position. I don’t really care who gets the job… I will say this – if Sam starts-out next season the way he stared last season, he will be on the bench by week 3…

            The Eagles deal with Bradford shows that they are not overly confident in him. Just take a look at what Brock Osweiler.

            Bradford’s contract has a delay in the bonus payment so he could be traded easily… see Mike Florio article on NBC

      • canttakeit im just dreaming and at the same time rooting for what i think is best for the eagles. I want the turd flush and the eagles have 8 days to flush that turd with absolutely no effect on the cap.


        • I know I know….we differ on this topic. It is what it is.

  • Dolphins Release CB Jonathon Grimes… Who wants his Wife in Philly….
    She’s Crazy but would be a huge hit for Talk Radio ..

  • I’m hearing Eagles Trading QB Sam Bradford and LB M Kendricks to the Broncos for CB Bradly Robey and their 2nd Round Draft PIck (#64)

    John Hart to Fill in the Details later tonight

  • Broncos plan B – contacted RG3 reports ESPN Adam Schefter

  • I have been trying to wrap my head around this one.

    I understand why Daniels was signed:

    1 – He knows the system
    2 – He can be a coach where the CBA prohibits real contact
    3 – They obv have no faith in Bradford (as evidenced by the one year deal)

    But at 7 mill a year????? Doesn’t that make him the highest paid backup in the league?

    How does this make sense?? I recognize its probably just a 2 year deal, but think of this….

    It the 2 are on the roster under these contracts the Eagles will have just under $32 million in cap space tied up in Bradford and Daniels.

    In whose universe do they actually believe this is a possibility???????

    So it certainly is weird.

    Are the Eagles going with Elliott at 8 and rolling “win now” with these 2 guys? Or is Bradford on the move?

    • as much as i want the bradturd flushed i think this signing makes sense. the eagles had to overpay for him. there are a few teams with legitimately no qb, look at what osweiler just got paid. doug probably really dug in and said look you gotta get me this qb to help me and my offense and howie did what it took. demand is just too high for qbs. thats why howie gotta capitalize and just flush this turd

  • That 32 million in cap space will be in 2017. No f-ing way that happens…..so this is strange.

    • Vinnie – It is actually very simply. Put your hatred for Bradford aside and you will see that the Eagles are (correctly) covering their basis depending on what happens with Sam.

      Here are the only possible scenarios and the eagles are covered no matter what happens:
      1. Bradford turns into a Franchise QB – They restructure and extend which will lower the 2017 number. They can then either cut Chase (minimal cap hit) or force him to renegotiate now that it is clearly Bradford’s team.

      2. Bradford sucks or gets hurt – They cut Bradford next offseason and give the team to Chase moving forward while the next QB is groomed (guy either taken this year or next depending on who falls).

      In either scenario, the Eagles are in good shape and will NOT be taking a 32 mil cap hit at the QB position in 2017. The agent was protecting Chase in the event option 2 happens.

  • More Paulman Rumors

    Eagles Send QB Bradford, LB Kendricks & WR Josh Huff to the 49ers
    for their #7 Overall Pick and 3rd Rd Pick (#70th Pick)

    Eagles Now Have the Following 5 Picks in the Top 80 Selections

    1st Rd #7 – LB Myles Jack (UCLA 6-1 245lbs – Day 1 Starter)
    1st Rd #8 – CB Vernon Hargreaves III (Fla 5-11 204lbs – Day 1 Starter)
    3rd Rd #70 – Center Nick Martin (Notre Dame 6-4 300lbs – Compete at Guard/Center by the 2017 Season)
    3rd Rd #77 – DT Chris Jones (Miss – 6-5 305lbs – Rotational Player for DT Logan/Cox)
    3rd Rd #79 – OT Jerald Hawkins (LSU 6-6 310lbs – Back-up OT, takes over at RT when Lane Johnson slides to LT whenever Peters is finished)

  • It’s all good- all rebuilding teams pay 32 million for the QB position. lol.

    As many have said here for a lonnngggg time… the Eagles are reshaping the roster to reflect the systems they want to run on both O and D. This signing makes total sense for all the reasons CANTTAKEIT mentioned. Both our QB’s are smart players and will be part of a good unit when/if a rook shows up.

  • Reports are that Chase Daniel and Sam Bradford will be in a legit competition to win the starting job. Albert Breer reports that the Eagles did not bring Daniel here just to be a back up.

    Umm..they will be drafting a QB high.

    • That’s blowing up all over the internet right now and is making headlines everywhere.

      Sammy must be feeling great. “We love you Sam. We think you can lead us to the playoffs. Now here, sign this one year pathetic deal….and please, pay no mind that we just signed a QB that our head coach has worked with the past 4 years, professes to love, knows the system and to whom we just game the highest backup contract in the league – we still love you, we really do!”

      The $$ just doesn;t make sense….

      Daniels last contract was 3 yrs 10 million. Now he more than doubles his contract because…….just for fun???

      • Where are you seeing it “all over the internet”. It was tweeted by one guy and then your alter egos (Jimmy Kempski and ESP) retweeted.

      • The reality is when you have a guy making 22 and another making 1/3 that a team may say they’re haivng a competition, but the guy getting paid more always wins (at least to start the season). We only have to go back 3 years to see evidence of this with the Eagles. Job went to the higher paid guy, though clearly the other was the better player.

        Bradford will “win”the “competition” no matter what….but he will either suck or get hurt. Everyone knows this.

        BUT…what these “competition” announcements do show is Birds management has absolutely no confidence/fait in Sammy Sevens (and well they shouldn;t).

        They should never have signed him in the first place.

        BUT – what it does show is that

      • It’s being reported on NFL network, matter of fact they are doing a segment on it. It’s also on Bleeding Green Nation.

        • I’ll give you two guesses who breer’s “source” is bUT you should only need one. I’ll give you a hint …it rhymes with “Lace’s pagent” who just so happens to be the guy with the (second) most to gain if Chase were to win this purported camp competition.

          It’s amazing there are suckers like you guys in this world that will believe anything fed to them.

          • Lol, you actually wasted a moment in your life to write that.

    • Oh man…you guys really have to stop with this. Please use your brains and don’t just read unsubstantiated report found on twitter. Here is why that makes NO sense.

      Say Chase outperforms Sam in camp and you give the starting gig to Chase. That would mean that Chase hits his escalators in guarantees at a point in time when Sam cannot be cut. If that were to happen, you would have so much money paid to the QB spot in 2016 and the cap ramifications would be terrible.

      Bradford will be given every opportunity to start, but if he sucks in 2016 or if he gets hurt in 2016, then they will cut him next offseason.

      A way more likely scenario would be the one that Vinnie and Mhenski are hoping for which is a trade before March 18th. That is not happening either, but it at least makes sense, unlike a QB competition as Albert Breer “reports”.

    • Bull!

      One guy is guaranteed $26 million the other guy is guaranteed $12…

      Daniels is a smart insurance policy in case Bradford gets hurt yet again

      We are not taking a QB in the first round…book it!

      The steal we got from Miami should allow us to pick up a prime time player like Stanley from Notre Dame…put him with Brandon Brooks…we are looking pretty good on the OL

      • Its 22 not 26 you putz. Everyone on the planet knows it. Your continual lying/exaggerating only emphasizes the lack of faith you have in your own arguments.

      • Stanley will go to the Ravens at 6.

  • What about Ezekiel Elliot at pick 8?

    • Elliott may be the pick. Pederson comes from KC where running backs are priority. After getting brooks at guard they are going to run the hell out of the ball next year. Right now who are they going to it with. Elliot will be e pick.

  • I admit it is high for a running back to get picked that high but, Elliott has Gurley type of ability. You can’t pass on a talent like that.

  • Oh god make it stop man. Flush the damn turd

    NFL Network’s Albert Breer confirms Sam Bradford will have to fend off Chase Daniel for the Eagles’ starting job.
    Bradford has a bigger contract at two years and $36 million, but Daniel’s deal is larger than backup money at three years, $21 million with another $15 million available through incentives. Per Breer, Daniel will receive “every chance to wrest the starting job from Sam Bradford,” and Daniel was “not signed as a backup.” Due to several years of experience in new Eagles coach Doug Pederson’s offense, Daniel will open OTAs with a mental leg up.
    Source: Albert Breer on Twitter Mar 9 – 5:17 PM

    • There are only about 5-7 QBs in football who don’t have competition in camp- Brady, Ben, flaccid, breeze, Eli….no surprise sideways gets competition… He hasn’t earned that level of status

  • Again…the guy with the higher contract almost always “wins” the “competition”. We only have to go back 3 years to see this.

    That being said….all this talk of competition just screams a lack of faith in Waterford.

    Like everyone else, the Eagles know he’ll either stink the joint out and be on the bench or be hurt by mid-season, so they’re protecting themselves.

    • Now it’s the pay? Back then it was the “mobility”. Lol

      You make this too easy.

    • Not always the case. Look at Russell Wilson’s rookie preseason. He beat out a high priced free agent QB. Competitions do not always work out the way you think, but you are right, the majority usually follows the money.

      • C’mon….Russell Wilson is special, unique talent…he showed that early…and won the job..Chase Daniels has been in the league…he’s not a unique talent.

        What he brings to the table is the ability to help the starter, he’s going to be a good backup guy, use his experience in the offense to help everyone

        And the only legitimate arguments about Bradford is his health…you bring in an experienced guy who knows the offense in case Bradford gets hurt.

        Good, solid move…

        We are not going to draft a QB in the first round except if someone wants to blow us away with a deal…say someone really wants Goff and SF doesn’t take him at 7…we might be able to get a nice haul…otherwise take the most talented player on the board…give Bradford a nice weapon like Elliot…

        Howie the Accountant has done a good job so far…the biggest and most significant pick up is snatching up Brooks from Houston…

        A nasty mean offensive line man…I’d love to see us get a bruising fullback…

        Smashmouth football returns…

        I love it!!

        • So special he was drafted in the 3rd round. Songs you have got a strange way of looking at things some times.

    • Agreed vinny if bradturd is here he will start. My wish is we move him before his roster bonus is due in 8 days. Given the qb market I think we could get some nice assets for him

    • Fool…ass…3 years ago there was an open and fair competition and everyone acknowledged who won the job fair and square…

      Your pathetic Vinnie

      You and the other Bradford bashers are so desperate…looking for any scenario, clinging to any hope to save you the embarrassment of being so wrong about Bradford…give it up

      Bradford will be the starting QB next year barring injury…Chase Daniels is a back up

  • To change topics though Koolidiot,lets move away from your pathetic exaggerrating, I am curious why you have not provided any analysis of the recent Brock Osweiller video.

    Shoved from behind? Assaulted. Cheap shot. His girl (who he had a protective arm around) beside him.

    And he walked away?

    Com’on Koolidiot. Where’s your take. Com’on in here ranting about what kind of a pussy he is. He was shoved from behind. Embarrassed. Assaulted. And he walked!! Backed down!!!

    What a wimp right?


    • What an idiot your are Vinniedafoolass

      We are still waiting on those charges to be filed against Shady

      (Not going to happen…because the Cops were wrong)

      Your so confused and baffled…two totally different situations

      Just like your persistent ‘stats’ arguments you are totally incapable of intelligent assessment of anything

      Here is a guy trying to get a big time paycheck gets shoved in the back vs a guy who watches a burly 6’4 cop come and strong arms a $350 dollar bottle of champagne, and body slams your friend.

      A ‘shove’ vs an assault, the taking of property, and a vicious, body slamming attack from a drunk cop.

      Just because you would have wimped out in the Shady situation does not mean that everyone has to be a wimp and a pussy…a man has the right to defend himself from the taking of his property and to help a friend from an attack of a drunk oft-duty cop throwing his weigh around.

      The other situation totally different, the man didn’t perceive he was in any serious danger…a shove wasn’t a big deal for him…he walked away…good for him…not a wimp move at all. Now if the guy came snatched his girlfriend’s pocketbook, and then shoved him…no one would blame Brock from defending himself as a man should do.

      Vinnie why do you insist on being a Fool Ass??

      • LOL

        So now only the prospect of anew contract, hanging like the sword of Damocles (I’ll wait while you google it) over someone is the only thing that possibly keeps them in line right Peter Pan?

        No thought of decorum, civility, or a moral compass might have influenced Osweiler.

        Nah, not for Peter Pan’s world where we must all always act on our most base emotions and react violently when confronted….unless there’s a contract being offered of course.

        I figured you’d come up with an answer as immature as you did.

        Peter Pan.

        PS Osweiler would have backed off had he signed the contract a month before twit. And not because he’s a wimp.

  • So… Since we are the ones the Chiefs cheated against with Jmak… Do we reap the rewards of their pics? I’ll take that 3rd thank you very much.

    • No we don’t get them unfortunately

    • Lol Stevo…I just said the same thing to my son. I want the pick…he wanted Maclin back.


    • Really like the LB Signing of Nigel Bradham…

  • So what’s that….Eagles have signed a new G, a new CB, a new LB, a new QB and a new S

    Did I miss anyone? That’s 5 new FA players today?

    How many have the Pack, Steelers, Pats, Broncos, brought in…….combined. Zilch.

    I started out loving the trades, but am losing faith quickly….at least most of these guys are young, so I’ll give a bit of a benefit of the doubt…

    But we’re now up to 5 or 6 new FA starters coming in to a new team to learn a new system and to suddenly compete??

    haven’t wee seen this move 2x before in the past 5 years?

    • Vinny was thinking the same thing but does it matter if the whole team is learning a new system? They all are starting at the same spot.

      • Reports are the Eagles are in the running for FA WR Andre Holmes of Oakland.

      • Actually 3 of the 5 new free agents have played for these coaches, so they should actually be ahead of the curve when it comes to scheme. I get what you are saying, and agree.

      • Good point daggolden…plus some of the defensive players they have signed have played in Schwartz system…if anything they have a leg up!

        On offense, with bringing Daniels in…and on defensive bring in McKelvin and Brantham…they are bringing in guys who can help others learn the system and terminology quicker…

  • Ok we’ve had enough FA… Walk away from the buffet table, another serving will bloat you and make you uncompetitive…. We’ve had our fill….draft early, often and wisely…. Trade Bradford for a bag of balls, some kicking tees and trainers tape… Draft a QB… See if Daniels can manage games to be competitive and develop young qb for 2017-18…

    • haveablunt…wake up and smell the coffee…

      You and all of the Bradford haters are simply delusional

      The guy is not going anywhere..forget it, hang it up

      Sam Bradford will be the Eagles starting QB

      Book it!

      Bradford is here to stay…and I predict he’s going to be here for awhile…the only thing to stop him, just like with Vick, is injury…can he stay healthy

      The Eagles made the smart play…they locked him in
      Now he will have a full camp not nursing his knee…getting the reps he needs
      and the offense will be similar to what he has played in before…by all accounts he is a smart guy..

      Now its time to shore up the wide receiver corps, running back, and grab some young offensive linemen in the draft

      Pederson is going for it right out of the gate..

      • You forget, I was calling for Sammy sideways on January 15… I am ok with his signing… Just saying, trading a bridge qb and 8 for a top qb pick when you have a guy the coach trusts as your new bridge qb… Sounds like a pretty similar scenario… Everyone says Lurie is trying to repeat the AR era….. Coincidence? Dunno….

  • Well..poor Vinnie..the moves that the Eagles are making simply blows to shit your ‘tank it’ stupidity…

    Like I said this is the NFL and Pederson wants to win…next year.

    These are very reasonable moves…moves that we needed on defense mostly…with the new aggressive system…now as we approach the draft we dont have to make desperate reaches…get a QB late since we have a starter and a backup for now…
    We can pick up multiple guards since we got a good one in Brooks
    I have to give Howie some credit here…instead of taking Vinniedafool’s approach he has been aggressive and is trying to win now…

  • Reports that Dolphins Byron Maxwell stepped on a Rusty Nail at one of the Docks off at intercoastal way and needed to be rushed to the ER for a Tetnus Shots and Stitches…
    Dolphins GM Tannebaum texted Roseman… “You damn — you, you got me bad on this deal”

  • 3-Way. deal involving the 49ers, Broncos & Eagles

    Eagles Send Sam Bradford to reunite with Chip Kelly & 49ers
    The 49ers send QB Colin Kaepernick to the Broncos
    While the Eagles Receive OT Anthony Davis from the 49ers & their 3rd Round Draft Pick (#71st) and from the Broncos CB Bradley Roby & 2nd Round Pick (#63rd)

    Eagles now have a Starting RT in Anthony Davis, Starting CB in B Roby
    And can released J Peters to save $7 Million
    And have the Following Draft Picks
    (#8, #63, #71, #77, #79 in the first 3 Rounds)

    • Paul have you been having ‘cosmic” trade discussions with one way cliff or even delusional conversations with gloomy? — Bradford for: starting tackle, 3rd pick, starting qb and a 2nd…. Even one way whacko cliff would not propose such a thing… Did cliff knock on your door and convert you to looney ness?

    • Roster Move CB Ron Brooks agree to terms on a three-year contract. Welcome to Philadelphia!


  • They are going Elliott at 8 book it!

    • No No No. DeForest Buckner @ 8 then your defense is set and loaded. Buckner is a fucking stud. That defense is locked and loaded for years. Then the rest of the draft go offnse and next year go offense. Buckner would be the cherry on top. Him and Cox with Graham and Curry wow.

      • Elliot is feeling like the choice now

      • Dag you right about Buckner but think about Kansas City offense. Jamal Charles is the center piece of their offense. Pedersonnig going to want his Jamal Charles I’m telling you

        • Please god… no to Buckner. I think he is going to be a bust. I would be fine with Elliot.

        • PDiddy I saw what the 2 backup RBs did in KC damn near the same production. That’s why you don’t draft or pay RB high. My god KC didn’t miss a beat even with there 3rds string RB.

          • Next years RB class is said to be loaded with 5 RBs potentially being 1st round picks. You build the oline and dline the hell with Elliot. You can get a RB. Matthews, Garner and a 5th round pick. If not next year. Even Levon Bell when he got hurt Williams did damn near the same thing. Noway I take a RB unless you can guarantee mehe is AP or a shady.

            • you never know what your gonna get until they hit field, but I think Elliott is that dam good. But I see your point about KC that’s good to know, because Elliott is going to need a back up

  • “I feel like I took a year off last year, so I am fresh,’’

    Demarco ‘Bum Ass” Murray

    Yes you did you bum..I remember you sliding for the first down…not training…bitching and gripping about not getting the ball when your production didn’t deserve it…you didn’t play hard at all…you crossed Chip Kelly and you were a big reason why the offense came up short

    Good riddance you bum…

    • Wow…DeMaco’s a little bitch…but that was Chip’s guy…culture!

  • Coach Andy Reid caught cheating at the Eagles expense on the Jeremy Maclin signing by NFL disciplinarian Troy Vincent ( his ex player ) KC docked 2 draft picks, a 3rd this year & a 6th next year for tampering. Eagles should get those picks, they arent’ but they should. Birds missed Maclin last season. Wonder if Pederson snitched on Coach Reid when he got to Philly about the Maclin signing and Jeff Lurie called up Goodell?

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