• August 8, 2022

Eagles vs. Steelers: What to watch for


Do the wide receivers want to play? 

Philadelphia fans have an eye for talent; but their sense of smell can sniff out guys who don’t have the “desire” to play. Watching the likes of Rueben Randle, Nelson Agholor, Josh Huff and Chris Givens last week was dreadful.  As if going through the motion of non-contact drills during the first few days of training camp.

Pederson and Roseman are hopeful that the acquisition of Dorial Green-Beckham provides a better option and possibly a compliment to Jordan Matthews.  The ex-Titan will not play against the Steelers, so the coaching staff will have some extra time learning about Green-Beckham and what demons are keeping him from maximizing his potential at the NFL level.

As for the forgettable foursome from last week, they have every opportunity for redemption, and quarterback Sam Bradford for a minimum of a quarter to throw them the football.

Offensive Line Stability

Jason Peters is set to make his preseason debut while Lane Johnson shifts to the second team allowing for Allen Barbre to start at right tackle.  The decision by Pederson to start rookie Isaac Seumalo at guard over veteran Stefen Wisniewski will be one that is worth monitoring.  Typically when a team is planning to be without their best offensive lineman, the head coach will lean on his veterans to keep the line intact and the quarterback upright.

Wisniewski who has experience at both guard and center at the NFL level would seem to make better sense then starting a rookie with the same pedigree but at the collegiate level.  Will this decision backfire on the head coach?

Sam Bradford

The only quarterback worth watching this evening is Sam Bradford with rookie Carson Wentz sidelined with the rib injury.  Does Bradford have it in him to make the surrounding cast better?  It seems apparent that the days of poor offensive line play and mediocre play-makers from his time in St. Louis have resurfaced.  Will the running backs and tight-ends are involves be enough for the offense to move the football against a Steelers defense that came on strong the second half of the 2015 season.

It certainly feels different without the anticipation of seeing Carson Wentz, but plenty of story-lines remain to make this instate match-up worth tuning in for.

Jeff Kolsky

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Thoughts From Eagles-Steelers


  • “Does Bradford have it in him to make his surrounding cast better?” Good one Jeff!

  • Defense is looking very good in pass coverage and in the run defense.

    Getting pressure as well.

    Three 3rd and short conversions on that Steeler drive Malcolm ended.

    • They are? They were on the field the entire 1st quarter and Pitts 3rd string qb picked them apart along with their 3rd string rb and back up wr. To me that’s not even a little good. The Nolan Carol pick was a beauty the 2nd pick was luck.

  • Awful 3rd and 2 throw by Bradturd. Guy sees ghosts out there. A perfectly clean pocket and forces a quick throw to a well covered celek. Had all the time in the world to let the play develop or hit ryan Matthews for an ez first down but nope. Chicken shit , ghost seeing bum bradturd throws a gross pass

    He is so awful

  • Bad call anyway on that 3rd and 1.. Run the football right there with Ryan.

    On that second 3rd and 1 that was a nice throw to sproles to convert. Was a short pass. But right where it needed to be

    • Brandon graham is playing like a man possessed. Straight up angry.

      Defense is getting penetration and forcing turnovers.

      That’s 5 in 7 quarters I believe

    • Beautiful 0 yard pass by Sam there.

  • I’ll take Landry jones over bradturd.

  • 14-19 for Sam Bradford and the defense played amazing besides that one drive.

    Special teams is playing damn good as well.

    Couple penalties and that free run at the Qb cost the Eagles a score or 2 mininum

    • Bradford…14/19 115 yards 6.1 avg. Amazing??? C’mon Nan! Some running backs average that amount per carry.

      I want Bradford to light it up this season so the Eagles can get a return off of their investment via a high draft pick..odds are against it from a historical perspective but it’s okay to hope….but amazing…Lmbo…C’mon man

      • Misread your post CT..never mind..gotcha.

    • Quoting stats in a preseason game? Like they are relevant? The Eagles are in trouble this year and I’m usually Positive Pete…. I think they look horrible offensively

  • Paul turner may have just saved himself a roster spot with that catch.

    Chase looking like a nice backup.

    Coach Pederson needs to start giving Wentz chase Daniels 2nd team reps in week 3 against be colts and allow him
    To play whole game week 4

  • Defense has looked good…against 2nd and 3rd team offenses. Not buying the hype yet.

    Offensively, gross. Just gross.

    • The goal of preseason for a fan is to not get too excited about good things, not to get too dejected by bad things…
      Don’t read too much into the horrible offense or the ‘incredible’ defense– I think its unanymous that we all at least like the style of defense better than before…

      • nah read into that offense, know what it is, own it and deject it! fans gotta get on this team early and often to get this loser bradturd out of there & here.

        • Definitely agree about the style and potential of the defense with the players involved and Schwarz’ philosophy.

          On the offensive side, losing Johnson for 10 games is a killer. With Peters inability to stay on the field you are going to have subpar tackles and less depth along the line because of it. They need a strong O-line to run the ball with all of the moving parts that they have at RB and with less than stellar WRs. I know that not many wanted to pay Maclin 11 mil per back then, but cripes they could really use him right now especially after they gave that stiff Murray 9 mill per.

        • “fans get on this team’— oh you are one of those that think what the fans think matters! thats a good one!!!

          • generally speaking no im not. but fans will be heard loud and clear by the front office if theyre booing sam at home, not buying merch and leaving early. yes then they listen…

            • bradford is immaterial… the FO knows hes here for a year, if the wheels fall off then its wentz by week 10 and everyone jumps on board– if they are 6-4 or 5-5 in a tie for first in the nfc east then week 10 its your guy bradford till the end… as a fan i want him to play well, sneak into playoffs, get us a pick and let some other team ‘capitalize’ on the former number one picks ‘high upside’… ba bye sammie!

  • In the world of the fans, it takes a few years 3 or 4 usually, for the disgruntled fan or the no show fans . to make any kind of an impact with the front office of any pro team , specially a team with a passionate, fan base as the eagles enjoy,A few comments on some football site will accomplish absoulutly nothing,If anyone believes that it does, then someone is pissing on your back and telling you its, raining.!!

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