• May 19, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Steelers

carrollCarroll Highlights Strong Defensive Showing

The first-team defense turned in a great performance during Thursday night’s game against the Steelers.

Although Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell, and Antonio Brown weren’t in uniform, Jim Schwartz’s starters showed a lot of positives in the situations they were put in against the Pittsburgh offense.

Cornerbacks Nolan Carroll and Leodis McKelvin were very impressive, and produced some of the biggest highlights from the night.

Carroll was tested early and often, and held up marvelously. Landry Jones took a deep shot on Carroll on the team’s first drive, and Carroll (matched up in single coverage on Darius Heyward-Bey) stayed right with the speedy receiver, and timed his jump well to break up a pass.

On the next drive, Carroll jumped a route, fought for an interception, and ran it back for the only touchdown of the first half.

Later in the first quarter, Jones took another deep shot at Carroll, and Carroll was able to draw an offensive pass interference penalty.

McKelvin played with a nice physical edge, making ball carriers pay for any yards they gained. He also made a scrappy play defending a pass in the endzone, tying up the opposing receiver and batting the ball to safety Malcolm Jenkins, who came down with an interception.

Offense Struggles To Sustain Drives

On the other side of the ball, Doug Pederson’s offense really had trouble sustaining and finishing drives throughout the night.

This offense is going to struggle to stay on the field and convert on third downs. Any third down situation longer than seven or eight yards could be a death sentence for a lot of drives this year.

The worst moments came towards end of the half, where penalties from Zach Ertz and Isaac Seumalo helped kill the one drive of which the Birds had any kind of momentum.

There were some positives to take away, however.

I thought the patchwork offensive line did a pretty good job protecting Bradford throughout the night. Alan Barbre looked good at the right tackle spot, and aside from the holding penalty, Seumalo seemed to hold up well at left guard.

A couple of the wide receivers finally showed some signs of life in wake of the Dorial Green-Beckham trade.

Nelson Agholor had a couple of flashes, including an impressive 22-yard grab to extend a drive on a ball that was thrown over his head. Rueben Randle also made a couple of grabs on the team’s final drive before the half to help get the Eagles in field goal range.

Quick Thoughts


  • Paul Turner has got to make this team over Josh Huff. Turner has been standout at training camp, and made a key 17-yard grab before the half to help set up Cody Parkey’s field goal.
  • Turner also made a spectacular one-handed grab in the second half.
  • Speaking of Huff, once again mental mistakes plague his game. Sam Bradford delivered a pass to him on the money, but Huff allowed the ball to bounce right off of his hands.
  • Chris Givens was completely MIA for the second straight week.
  • Dorial Green-Beckham got in for a couple plays, and Chase Daniel underthrew him on a fade route.
  • I haven’t been a big fan of Kenjon Barner, but I have to admit that he’s impressed me this year. He has good elusiveness, and made some nice plays tonight, including a 14-yard run to help get the team out of a first-and-long situation.
  • Barner averaged 6.8 yards per carry on the night.
  • Wendell Smallwood sat out again, which was a disappointment.
  • Byron Marshall had some nice moments, including an 11-yard reception to pick up a first down.
  • Chase Daniel looked better this week, but the holes in his game are apparent. The guy has no arm strength to speak of.


  • The defense finished with four interceptions on Landry Jones tonight.
  • Jaylen Watkins has had an excellent preseason. He should be a near-lock to make it as the third safety at this point. The team made an excellent move to make him a permanent safety.
  • Aaron Grymes made a great catch on his interception in the second quarter. I’m not sure that the Eagles have enough roster space for him, but Grymes could be a practice squad candidate.
  • Marcus Smith continues to be outplayed by Steven Means. Smith picked up a sack tonight, but Means was a much more consistent force.

Final Thoughts

It was disappointing that the Steelers didn’t play any of their top players.

But give the Eagles’ defense credit for coming out and performing well against the opponents in front of them. I know the first team defense gave up a couple of long drives, but they were able to come up with some huge plays, and I attribute part of the reason that they were on the field as long as they were to the flow of the game. The offense had two short drives early, and the pick six from Carroll forced the defense right back on the field without a good amount of rest, possibly impacting their effectiveness.

Denny Basens

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  • “This offense is going to struggle to stay on the field and convert on third downs. Any third down situation longer than seven or eight yards could be a death sentence for a lot of drives this year.”

    I would argue any 3rd down is trouble because sam bradturd is so unaware, has 0 feel for the game and so scared to death being behind center that he sees ghosts. This was on full display on the 3rd and 2 play by bradturd, he had a perfect pocket, the play was a short crossing route by the wrs, a shallow cross or hitch by the te, and the rb comes out in the flat. with no pressure at all bradturd forces a ball into perfect coverage less than 2 seconds after the snap… the rb was wide open for the first down and everyone else was draped. but bradturd forced it cuz he scared…

    the next drive there was a 3rd and 8 and bradturd does what he always does, threw a chicken shit 0 yard pass rather than attempt to make a real play.

    this guy is so awful its not funny, these pipe dreams of hive getting us a draft pick after this season is silly. after this year he will always be a backup or retire, he is putrid.

    i pray pederson gives the job to wentz and not daniels

    • Your obsession with Bradford is beginning to reach levels of Vinnie’s obsession with Vick and Koolbreeze’s obsession with Foles.

      I thought we all came to an agreement we weren’t going to go overboard with preseason results? Our first team O looked like world beaters last preseason….remember?

      Regardless, Bradford is a placeholder so why waste your time and energy obsessing over him?

      I think the guy is going to have a very nice year and make this front office think long and hard about keeping him through year two of the K. You don’t think that way which is fine. Get over it.

      • im not obsessed with bradford, im obsessed with eagles football. obsessed about them progressing and not regressing. its maddening that we are trotting this bum out there, he isnt an nfl starter. the only nfl starting qbs he might be better than is brock osweiler, blaine gabbert and case keenum…

        i didnt agree with anything, but im not going overboard with last night. i dont care about last night. point is sam last night was exactly who he was last year and with the rams – a bottom 5 qb and its a waste of all eagles fans time for him to be starting

        “I think the guy is going to have a very nice year and make this front office think long and hard about keeping him through year two of the K” lmfao you believe in santa too?

        • the irony in this discussion is that I ‘canttakeitanymore and you can. lmfao

          • and no our 1st team o didnt look like world beaters last preseason, they did in the packers preseason game only. that game did fool me tho. but this discussion isnt about that its about this bum wasting everyones time and our season. whats funny is that packers game was bradfords best game ever in his career

            • Our first team O was in for one series against Baltimore that resulted in an 80-yard TD drive and one quarter+ versus GB where Bradford had three passing TDs on three drives. How is that not looking like world beaters?

              Preseason is the worst possible thing for this fan base because we can’t wait to overreact one way or another. It seems to be in our blood. But in fairness, I think it stems more from the local media as they take overreaction to an extreme and we follow suit.

              And by the way, my belief in Bradford goes way beyond blind hope. You ever see/read “The big short”. There is a line in there that goes something like, “everyone thought the housing market was a sure bet…..because no one cared to look.” The inverse is true with Bradford. Everyone assumes he is shit because of his W/L record, but if you look beyond that and see his progression as an NFL qb, you will see that he is poised for a very good year.

              • no i know he is shit because ive watched him play for years, would be cool if you were right but just dont hold your breath.

              • shit…I’m back in damnit!
                ‘see his progression as an NFL QB” — if you go back to his ‘stellar’ end of season stats you will find that a very high percentage of his yards and TD’s were against prevent defenses that had a large lead late in the game– meaningless— you can only judge a qb by his w/l record– its the only stat that matters– his isn’t good.

              • W/l is actually not the best indicator at all. Yes it is what matters to fans bUT when evaluating performance, the outcome of the game dosent always reflect how well a QB played. Eli had his best year ever last year as far as performance but the Giants record was not good. Similarly, Peyton was a bottom 5 QB but the Broncos won the SB.

                A projection of Bradford based on the last seven games alone would be short sighted and that is not me. Do yourself a favor and check oit Bradfords forth year in the league. A QBs forth year is tyoixally when they start coming into their own. Bradford’s forth year was a pro bowl pace before ACL injuries detrailed two seasons. The last seven games of 15 were just a return to that form after he shuck off rust of being out two years.

                Bradford will be a 4000+ yard, 60+ completion, 25-32 tds, less than 15 its this year. Mark it down.

              • So I went online and looked at random QB and their fourth year… I left out Brady and P manning … Sam I am fourth season was terrible W/L, average completion %,average TD to int , but very low yards per attempt… It’s Sam , low winning and low YPA

  • take a look at elliot shorr parks twitter this morning. he has a still shot from that 12 yard “sack” bradford took, but it wasnt really a sack because bradford just got scared and fell to the ground on purpose without being touched. THAT is why I cant stand him . CHICKEN SHIT

    • So i guess peyton manning and Tom Brady are chicken shit, because they have done the exact same thing 10000x. If you are not a mobile QB, that is what you do. It is not chicken shit, its smart…..especially in the PRESEASON.

      • I’ve got no dog in this fight (oops) but using brady/manning in the same sentence as sam i am… yikes! by the time brady was sams age he was 12-2 in the playoffs with 3 rings…. um…. really…

        • I was responding to a specific point. What does one have to do with the other. By no means was I comparing QBs, just saying that going down is not an indicator of being scared chicken shit.

          • Bradford should of stayed up and gotten his ribs broken like Wentz that would of showed his toughness. Then we could of rode Daniels into the season. Brilliant!

  • Game was on NFL Channel with Steelers Announcers and I caught the 2nd Half after my Softball Game… I see that LB Joe Walker injured his Knee and it appears to be sever and probably Season Ending which means the Eagles do need to go out and get another ILB (Stephen Tullock?)

    Concerns Moving Forward – Offense
    OL Play, WR Play, QB Play & RB Depth

    LB Play and Depth

    Eagles will be one of the lower Scoring Teams in the NFL averaging 16-20 Points a Game which is not good enough to Win 9-10 Games and Compete for a PLayoff Spot even in the Open NFC EAST

    I expect anywhere from a 4 to 6 Game Win Total for 2016
    The first Month will Tell..
    If Eagles Don’t Beat either the Bears or Lions on the Road and the Vikings at Home.. Then it will be an Ugly Season
    Defense will be improved but the Offense will be a Bottom 4-5 in all the NFL
    and in today’s NFL, you have to Score 24-26 Points to have a chance

    • except for the fact that a couple of teams have won the SB recently averaging just over 20 pts a game… defense still rules the day– if the eagles can average 21 a game then maybe, just maybe the defense will be good enough….

      • Seattle’s, Denver,Carolina & Patriots Defenses have all been pretty good for the last Few Years…(Top 5)
        No way the Eagles Defense is moving up from the late 20’s to a Top 5 NFL Defense with mostly the same Players..
        They will be better, but not good enough to compensate for the Crappy Offense the Eagles have

        The Top 7 Scoring Teams for the 2016 Season — Panthers,Cardinals,Patriots, Steelers,Seahawks, GIants & Cincinnati (All buy the NY Giants made the Playoffs)

        Top 7 Defensive Teams in 2016 for Points Allowed
        Seattle, Cincinnati, Kansas City,Denver,Minnesota,Carolina & Arizona (All in Playoffs)

        • When you speak in absolutes fraudman ( in today’s nfl you need 26-30 a game) then you back track…. Typical fraud

  • Geoff Mosher Retweeted
    Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 48m48 minutes ago

    Even after the Green-Beckham trade, Philly is still looking for WRs. #Eagles put in a claim for WR Rasheed Bailey, tho the #Chargers got him

    Safe to say huff gone?

    • who is Huff? there is no doubt he is a goner… can we get a 6th rounder from chipster ?

  • 2016 Eagles WR Corps — They Will Keep 5 Only

    1) Jordan Matthews 2) Nelson Agholor 3) Reuben Randle
    4) Dorial Beckham-Green & 5) Paul Turner

    No Josh Huff, No Chris Givens, No TJ Graham….
    Te Eagles don’t have a Deep Passing QB in Bradford or Daniel and won’t really need an outside burner WR until Wentz takes over
    Pederson’s Offense is more of a between the Numbers, Intermediate Routes Passing Offense anyways… so having Deep Speed is not going to be utilized

    Undrafted WR’s Cayleb Jones or Xavier Rush will battle it out for the Practice Squad …

    I see them Keeping 4 TE’s (Celek,Ertz, Burton & either McFarland or Pantale)
    or possibly 1 more RB and just keep with the 5 WR’s I listed about ..
    Maybe they pick-up another WR off the Waiver Wire but the Eagles will have probably the weakest WR Corps in all the NFL from Top to Bottom

  • This defense is gonna surprise some people. A lot of people are thinking Jimmy is just gonna rush 4 every single time. He actually brought out a lot of looks on Thursday. Showing blitz and having Vinny drop into coverage while still bringing 5. Same thing went for Brandon graham where he dropped into coverage one play and Jimmy still sent 5 after the Qb.

    Expect him to get creative because of the fact these players are used to dropping into coverage.

    Steven Means better make this team. Add that man into the rotation and we got some depth at the Dline position.

    Corners are going to surprise people this year as well.

    Safety and lb depth can be really scary. If Jenkins or McLeod go down maybe Rowe will get his chance to shine at the safety spot?

    Can Kenjon barner get some Carries this year? Dude has it all. Patience, very elusive, and just has that gift of being able to hit the hole. Ryan Matthews will go down eventually so expect to see if Kenjon can hold his own with sproles this year.

    What the he’ll happened to Smallwood? Will he even make the team?

    • “Jimmy”? Who the fuck is “Jimmy”? – You guys are able to come on this site and have some fun talking sports, but you don’t respect it enough to stop using profanity. Please stop using profanity in the comments. Thank you.

      • Schwartz!

        • So you read that BGN article too CT?

          I think that many of us on here are cautiously optimistic about the defense with the LBs being the huge concern.

        • I know this Fraudman.. I’m making reference to how this dude refers to someone he’s not met by his first name, like they are pals….. Not only by his first name but instead of Jim he says JimmY…. I’ve never heard people who know him refer to him as Jimmy…. Let alone a dude on a blog.
          So on that note I wonder what “DougIE” has planned for the next game? I wonder if he and FrankIE have big plans for the offense … Maybe they will let SammIE throw further down the field to ZachY

  • Yes Bugsy!!

    Article nearly scared the hell out of me because it was about 90% spot on from what my dad was pointing out during the game when it came to the defense.

    The Linebackers will be the difference this season if we contend for the East or not. If one of them go down I will admit it will be a long season. The thing with this 4-3 scheme that Jimmy runs is that it puts a lot more emphasis on the linebackers then Chip Kelly’s and bully Davis 3-4. the linebackers gotta be able to operate on more of a island and stay disciplined in the run game. With Jordan, kendricks and Nigel/Goode however I believe this defense will be good enough to win us a lot of games.

    keep sleeping on us. Sam will win and play damn good this year. There is no reason why we cannot be improve on offense this year. Wait till Jordan Matthews hits the field with these WRs. He will open a lot more then most of u wanna give him credit for. Not only for his WRs, but zach Ertz and trey burton. And our running backs.

    Offensive will be fine this year and peters will regain form with a more slowed down approach

    • ‘Jimmy’…. You are hilarious

  • Cowboys smoking the Dolphins..
    Romo & RB Alferd Morris running roughshod Over Kiko Alonso , who another year removed from steroids looks smaller and smaller and cannot shed blockers
    Next Drive , Rookie QB Dak Prescott leads a 95 Yard Drive with a 4 for 4 Passing for 75 Yards as Dez Bryant runs right by CB Byron Maxwell

    What Garbage Maxwell/Alonso are and the Cowboys got their Future QB in Dak Prescott and with more Playing time thisSummer is further along than the Eagles Future QB Carson

    • So let me get this straight …. Fraud man… You don’t watch the eagles in september or October but you are watching the dolphins in August???? Wierd

      • Friday Night on the NFL Channel… Busy Week for us, both Kids are off to College and I am relaxing watching some Pre-Season Football
        But Unless the Eagles are playing a Game on National TV, then I probably won’t see too many of their Games this Season for I am not going out to a Sports Bar to watch Games all day long, I’ve done enough of that to last me a lifetime and those days are long over for me..I can follow a game on my Tablet, Phone, and catch up on Highlights, Storylines, etc, etc afterwards.. The Fall Season is gorgeous down here in the Blue Ridge Mtns and when that beautiful fall weather comes on the weekends, I will be out and about, enjoying it, and not sitting in some Sports Bar watching Football Games.. I’ll watch Games at home when they start in the late afternoon or evening Games, but I won’t be seeing any 1pm Games if the weather is nice out..

  • Cowboys Starting OL featuring 3 Pro-Bowlers (LT Tyron Smith, Center Travis Frederick & RG Martin) are all under the Age of 25 Years Old… Their Top 2 Reserves are 2nd Year Players
    The Cowboys the Team the Beat for the next 5 Years in the NFC East

    • Cowboys? Hmmm they don’t have a QB, and this of you on the Dak bus put waaaay too much stock in preseason, they have a very high priced WR, a top pick RB who will eventually want to get paid and 3-4 OL who will need to get paid… Cowboys window is until Romo gets hurt again,,,,

  • Who is gonna quarterback that team Paulman?

    Your saying Dak is the answer? Kid looks unbelievable.

    True story believe it or not. I was actually in Panama City beach a few years ago drinking with Dak and some of his buddies. Dude was nice as hell. He also got his ass whooped with some of
    His teammates by some drunk randoms literally watched it all unfold right in front of me

    • I saw the video footage of that ass whuppin Dak took. Panoramic footage after he got up…you may have been in the video I saw.

    • I’m saying the Cowboys have found/drafted their QB of the Future in Dak Prescott.. By 2018 he’ll be there Starter and play for the next 6-8-1 Years like Wentz will for the Eagles… Who will have the more productive Career ?
      Who is the bigger Playmaker?? Time will tell but Prescott has been very impressive thus far and reminds me of Russell Wilson in his poise, his vision, and surprising arm strength .. Obviously he’s picking up the Cowboy Offense very well.. The amount of Pre-Season reps he’s getting is what the plan for Wenz should been… Playing Chase Daniel and having him around is taking reps away from Carson Wenz making 2016 a lost year inWenz’s development (and then the injury on top of)

      • I guess you don’t understand that the Cowboys plan was EXACTLY the same as the birds plan…. They planned in Moore being the backup with Prescott sitting. An injury changed their plan… So it’s just more fraud the monkey throwing shit against the wall!
        As for his impressive preseason games (again those reps belonged to Moore) we watched a young QB have the most impressive run in nfl history in REAL games and he’s now a second stringer on his third team….

  • Dark look like the real deal. I know it’s pre season, but you can tell he has the it factor.

  • I meant dak

  • If jaylon smith can be the player next year he’s supposed to be. The Cowboys killed the draft this year.

  • Kooltwit is still shaking with so much excitement for Prescott, that he hasn’t been able to start typing yet.

    kid will need another 24 hours and a pack of qualudesto calm himself down enough to actually type the repetitive and predictable schoolgirl crush post that’s coming…..


  • Panthers off to a good start over Titans…
    Cam Newton a long TD Pass to WR Ted Ginn Jr and Defense has 2 Sacks and 1 Int on Mariota so far…
    Panthers have a new and Young Secondary with 3 Rookie CB’s and 2 2nd Years DB’s but rest of Team is mostly intact and if they stay healthy should contend for another NFC Championship/Super Bowl

    Same Coaching Staff for 5 Seasons now makes a big difference In developing Players that fit your Schemes ..

  • Titans Young WR Raja Sharp and Mariota have a nice rhythm going..
    Sharpe has about 6-7 Cathces for 75 Yards so far
    Panthers Safety Kurt Colemangets burned in corner of End Zone
    Panthers 10-7 with 10 minutes left in the 2nd Quarter where it’s been the #1’s for both Teams..,

    • Keep this Rajae Sharpe for a Fantasy Football WR Pick in the late Rounds

    • It’s Tajae Sharp, late round GMCliff pick from U Mass…..

      • Tajae Sharpe is the correct name/spelling and I recall you liking this kid in the Draft Run up.. Looks like he’s going to be a good Player and Mariota/Him are clicking right away which made Dorian Beckham-Green expendable for the Titans… Many in the Nashville Media said that DBG was not in the best condition when the spring OTA’s started and was still having issues picking up the playbook in his 2nd Year with the Titans and was on the bubble on whether he wouldevenmake the 53 Man Roster as Titans added Rishard Matthews & Andre Johnson to go along with Harry Douglass, Justin Hunter and now Sharpe.. The Titans didn’t need DBG nor want to wait around for his “potential” .. We’ll see if he snaps out of it in Philly and commits himself but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him continue to struggle as the 4th/5th WR on a bad Offensive Team

        • I forgot about the Titans having Young WR Tre McBride also, who I was high on coming out of William & Mary 2 Years ago..
          These Younger Players out worked and impressed the Titans more than the lazy but more Naturally Talented DBG
          For the Titans to give up on DBG after only 1 Season and to only get a backup OL in return in Dennis Kelly tells you there was not a lot of confidence in Nashville about DBG moving forward ..

          • I told you Tre McBride was just a guy…he’s buried on the depth chart. Don’t be surprised if he’s cut. They may decide to put him on the PS to try and continue to develop him. He’s nothing special though.

            I’m disappointed that a guy I liked…Sammy Coates has been rather pedestrian. He’s not playing aggressive enough.

            • The Titans have a solid WR Corp’s
              I rather have Tre McBride than Dorial Beckham Green on my Team…
              I liked the kid, can Return Punts/Kick-Offs and contribute…
              No, he’s not going to be anything Special or a Pro-Bowler or even a Starter but he can be solid 4th WR/ & Special Teamer and for a late Round Draft Pick, that’s not bad…
              Eagles have a 1st Rounder (Agholor) & 3rd Rounder (Huff) who have done very little so far in their NFL Careers

              • Far be it from me to give praise to this present group of Eagles WR corps. We had a solid group until stooge Chip completely dismantled it. I like JMatt…that’s it right now.
                I’ll take my chances with DGB. He did not have off the field issues with the Titans from a legal or ethical standpoint . As far as his work ethic, I can only think that he will see that his future is on the line at this point and this will improve his work ethic. The ability, skill, and physicality is there, he just has to focus. I wonder if he was ever evaluated for ADD or a learning disability…this would explain a lot of things regarding his difficulty with picking up the offense and some mental lapses.
                If this is the case, these things are easily correctable as far as teaching and learning.
                I’d prefer Josh Huff returning kicks than Tre McBride..Huff has had success with kick offs. I still think they need to put Huff at RB.

                If Terrell Pryor can go from QB to WR, Huff can make the transition back to RB.

              • Coats like DBG is inconsistent & unfocused..These young guys who have all kinds on natural Talent but just don’t work hard enough and some are just not smart enough to master the NFL playbook down and then they struggle in Practices/ the Video/Position Meetings that they lose their Confidence and QB’s Coach’s begin to lose confidence in them

              • 32-549-17.1 ypc 4 TD’s

                All coming from Zack Mettenberger and a rookie QB…not bad numbers…matter of fact, second most receiving yards for a rookie WR.

                The current Titans regime did not draft DGB so they had less of an investment, loyalty and dedication to see him through this. Granted, something is definitely wrong when you give up on such a high draft choice with DGB’s potential…but, I wonder if some of this is a Chip Kelly-ism.

                I’m looking to see how hard DGB dedicate himself in the film room and on he field with this fresh start. Low risk, high reward.

                Cognitively speaking…Not necessarily an issue of being smart enough, more so an issue of how the person learns and needs to be taught.

  • NY Jets Release former Temple Owl/Ravens RB Bernard Pierce
    Saints Release Veteran CB Keenan Lewis

  • How is NYG Kicker and wife beater Josh Brown only suspended for 1 game when his ex-wife told police he was physically violent with her over 20 times over the past several years? The reports are documented along with protection orders.
    This is a bad guy!

    • I think he may end op getting more than the 1 Game..
      NY Giants may also look for another Kicker and don’t be surprised if it’s the loser Parkey/Sturgis battle at Kicker for the Eagles..

      • The NFL conducted a 10 month investigation. They gave him 1 game…that’s it, that’s all.

  • On a Side Note.. The NY Giants Offense looked Horrible today…
    QB Ryan Nassib in Year 3 looks terrible…

  • Buffalo Bills Release Talented but Troubled RB Karlos Williams after 1 Season
    He came into Camp Overweight and Failed his 2nd Drug Test in the Off-Season which has resulted in a 4 Game Suspension to start the 2016 Season which will now follow him to whichever Team picks him up …

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