• May 26, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Lions


Eagles Make Too Many Mistakes, Lose Winnable Game

I thought the Eagles showed a lot of positives in today’s loss, but the mistakes kept piling up and ultimately cost the team a valuable win.

The biggest thing that jumped out to me today were the penalties. The Eagles racked up an astounding 14 penalties for over 111 yards. The most crucial of which may have come in the fourth quarter, where a holding penalty on Brandon Brooks wiped out a 20+ yard run by Ryan Mathews that that would have put the Birds in the redzone.

Throughout the game, it seemed as though the Eagles would always commit a penalty whenever they were able to come up with a third-down stop, or came up with a key play on offense. There were even two delay-of-game infractions, which were frankly inexcusable.

On top of the penalties, the Eagles’ offense committed their first turnovers of the season, both within the final two and a half minutes of the fourth quarter. Ryan Mathews had an absolutely egregious fumble, which set the Lions up with a short field, and Carson Wentz threw an interception on the team’s final drive, a play in which Nelson Agholor made no effort to break up the play.

Skill-Position Players Weren’t Good Enough Today

Through the first three games of the season, the Eagles had been getting solid, though unspectacular efforts from their skill-position guys.

Today, the backs and receivers didn’t do a lot to help Carson Wentz.

It’s scary to think about what Wentz will be able to do once he has a couple of truly reliable targets. Nelson Agholor and Dorial Green-Beckham both dropped catchable passes that should have gone for touchdowns in today’s game.

Wentz put the ball in perfect spots on both throws, and neither wideout was able to make a play.

Agholor just continues to be frustrating. There’s nothing special about his talent, and he doesn’t seem like he can be anything more than just a guy in this league.

In Green-Beckham’s defense, it appeared as if he may have been interfered with on the play, but it was still a catch he absolutely should have made.

Schwartz’ Defense Comes Out Flat

One of the most disappointing elements of today’s game was the defense’s effort in the first half.

The Eagles had no answers for what the Lions were doing offensively, allowing 21 points in the second half. The team was unable to get off of the field on third downs, they couldn’t get pressure on Matt Stafford early in the game, and they weren’t able to force any turnovers in the first half.

To Schwartz’s credit, the defensive staff made some good adjustments at the half, and the defense did its part to hold the Lions down in the second half to allow the offense to rally.

Quick Thoughts


  • Very surprising that Doug Pederson went completely away from his four-man running back rotation to stick primarily with Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles. Neither Wendell Smallwood, nor Kenjon Barner saw any touches on offense today, which was disappointing considering how well both guys have run the ball through the first three games.
  • Dorial Green-Beckham had a very nice catch and run that brought the Eagles down to the goalline and set up their third touchdown. DGB is the one guy in the receiving group that I have very high hopes for.
  • Carson Wentz has over 1,000 yards and seven touchdown passes through the first quarter of the season. He could easily have three more touchdowns to his credit, if not for his receivers dropping them in the endzone.
  • I thought the offensive line did not have a very good game against a Detroit line that was without their best pass rusher in Ezekial Ansah.
  • Zach Ertz returned to the lineup, but the Eagles weren’t able to do any damage with their three-tight end packages.


  • What in the world has happened to Mychal Kendricks? The guy is just invisible, and doesn’t make any plays anymore.
  • Leodis McKelvin reinjured his hamstring. Disappointing that the veteran has contributed so little through the first four games.
  • Fletcher Cox has been a force, but the penalty for ripping Stafford’s helmet off cost the team four points.
  • Bennie Logan and Vinny Curry also recorded sacks today.

Special Teams

  • Caleb Sturgis hit all three of his field goal attempts, including a 50-yarder.

Final Thoughts

This one hurts.

The Eagles lost a winnable game to a bad team, losing their hold on first place in the NFC East, losing a chance to go to 4-0.

This is the type of loss that could really come back to haunt the team later in the season, but there were still positives in the defeat.

I don’t think Doug Pederson did a good enough job having this team prepared to play off of the bye week, and perhaps that shouldn’t be unexpected of a rookie head coach.

Lost in the success of a 3-0 start is the fact that this is still a very young football team, coached by a first-time head coach. There’s still going to be a fair amount of growing pains for this bunch, and we saw some of those take place in today’s loss.

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  • Eagles have to move away from throwing the ball to agholor. after the first game or 2 i started thinking he may be serviceable but nah.

    check our pass catchers targets vs catches yesterday
    J Matt 4 targets 4 catches – awesome
    DGB 4 targets 3 catches – pretty damn good
    ertz 3 targets 3 catches – perfect
    ryan matt 5 targets 5 catches – perfect
    sproles 4 targets 4 catches – perfect
    huff 3 targets 3 catches – perfect
    burton 2 targets 1 catch – good

    Nelson Agholor – 7 targets and 2 god damn catches. HE SUCKS. He can make the easy plays but anything challenged he is awful, he doesnt fight for the ball, he has no awareness, HE JUMPS AT EVERYTHING, Ive seen him on multiple occasions jump when the ball is about to hit him right in the numbers. bury him on the depth chart.

    give those targets to ertz or i hate to say it give huff more looks and find a way to get dgb going…

    • Mhenski. Couldn’t agree more ,however the line play of peters has to be another area of concern.He didn’t allow. The time to allow the separation to occur ..down the field .He had an awful first half ..I also saw the center again ,bull rushed backwards on skates ..the obvious need is O line and wide out skill sets ..to establish this team in an elite category.The early defensive lapses were most disturbing ,as that shows a lack of preparation ,something they had been rock solid. On.I also agree that the depth of the four headed rushing attack that was evident in earlier games was never given as a look or an option.Making the defense react wasn’t obviously as important as trusting the sproles /Matthews tandem..

      • regarding the pic play, wentz had a nice clean pocket to step up into and fire a 60 yard bomb.

        yea the D was scary bad 1st half as stafford and riddick carved us up. but what makes that ok is the D turned it around in the 2nd half and gave us every opportunity to win the game. its all you can ask for. this D isnt minny or denver or seattle… as long as they keep you in games youre winning imo…

        just rewatched that pic play a dozen or so times. im embarrassed agholor is a starter on my team. absolutely 0 effort

        • I thought Agholor was worse on his….drop, or miss, or whatever you want to call it on Wentz’s outside throw to the 1/goalline. At best a TD, at worst a first and goal.. I thought it was a pathetic effort.

          While Agholor’s effort was bad on the final bomb, I don’t like the decision to make that throw. Team had 1 full minute to get about 40 yards and a winning FG. No need to “go for it all” there. The kid got too amped up and chucked it there. I am confident he’ll learn from that.

          We can agree that so far, Agholor has been pretty useless.

          • single coverage down a fg no timeouts you have to make that throw. single coverage at almost any point in the game you have to make that throw.

            fuck that

            winners make that throw

            dink and dunk losers dont make that throw and try to pick up first downs in 5 yard clumbs. detroit made a major mistake having single coverage there and wentz saw it and took his shot. i get the sense he will hit more of those than he will miss. throw was off, but the decision was solid

          • There was nothing wrong with taking a shot in the end zone I don’t know how you can even say that. The problem was Agholor if that was Julio Jones, or A.J. Green that catch would have been made.

            • I agree 100% with you and mhenski. there is no way in hell Marino, Favre, Rogers, or Peyton don’t pull the trigger after seeing single coverage with a step or 2 on the defender. I call bs on the notion that all great coaches or qbs always play it safe. If we had a just a recvr with HEART they either come down with that catch, draw a penalty, or stop the defender from catching it. As I’ve stated previously, Wentz is the best player on offense. It’s not even close.

  • Man there was a lot of jameis Winston dick riding here… he fuckin stinks

    • You’ve just ruined a great point about the Wentz pic with this jewel. Why? Look we have our franchise qb and I wouldn’t trade him for any other young qb. But to say Winston stinks is ridiculous mhenski. Please don’t jinx our qb. If you belief he won’t have some bad games or possibly not see a soph slump, you’re drinking too much green Kool-Aid…lol

  • Im concerned and shocked. Wentz blatantly trolled ODB yesterday with his ‘if you aint having fun, you aint doing it right’ or something like that in response to ODB saying ‘im not having fun anymore’… man i dont like this move by wentz even a little

    • I loved seeing the wentz tweet,and I think it was genuine and not at all baiting o.d.b..what if hes sending him an invite..come here where fun and winning are what we do here in philly..this qb will morphe before our eyes ,hes a rare breed..advanced before his years …most rooks would be seen cowering and mindful of there ps and qs..

  • I guess Lane is out for 10 games.

    I did not like the Wentz tweet. Doesn’t seem to fit his personality.

    Remember all the “There’s no QB the caliber of Winston and Mariotta in this draft!!!!” Ya, whoops.

    • yea but where all them posters go? haaa

      • Winston will be fine… Don’t be so reactionary and quick to judge based off a couple of games. His performance is not even sophomore slump status. Winston’s skills have not diminished. Man you guys are fickle sometimes. Relax.

        • agree he will be fine. middle of the road qb for his career top 20 type guy not top 10…

          lot of jameis dick riders were touting him as a great one

        • Now you see the Philly curse. Our fans just can’t wrap the heads around the fact that you have to accomplish something before you start running your mouth. the moment our young qb starts experiencing his rough stretches, the wolves and critics will be at his the team’s throats. Is it so hard to rejoice in what we have instead of finding issues with a player not even on our team?





    • They need to upgrade from Kelce. The O Line needs to be more stout and physical at the point of attack, specifically at Center. I would not be surprised if Seumalo is the heir apparent.

      • As much as I think Lane is overrated, I find Kelce twice as much. We need to find his replacement SOON.

        • Yep Brewski never fails let’s hope Wentz fulfills what looks great potential but ah yes let’s degrade every other young QB. Henski Winston will be fine too much slinging in Tampa they need a run game, Dak looks nothing like he did in college biggest surprise besides Wentz and to those who thinks well with that Oline and Zeke who wouldn’t do well. Be serious look who his backup is right now.

          • I completely disagree, Winston isnt very good. He is throwing to one of the best WR in the NFL and looking like ass doing it… He is a servicable starter but I dont see him ever being top 10. just my opinion

            • We’ll just have to agree to disagree. I think that having what appears to transcending, once in a generation talent like Wentz has some high off football crack. If we didn’t have Wentz, I’d have no problem with Winston being our franchise qb. mhenski how you can state that a young qb in only his 2nd year is destined for just a serviceable career is baffling. Looking like ass is what we were at qb before Randall brought us some legitimacy. Looking like ass is what we looked like before McNabb helped us regain some respectability in a division where all our rivals have MULTIPLE lomardys. We were staring down the road of mediocrity again until Howie plucked this kid. Wentz literally looks better in his first 4 games than even the greats of the past and present. Let’s pray he keeps it up and raises the bar for all other qbs after him.

              • dont get me wrong if we didnt have wentz id want him over bradturd, vick, foles. but thats not my point

  • Eagles Have only Had 3 QB’s with any real talent in my lifetime. Each were totally different None of them great but all 3 pretty good not very good. Jaw was a pretty good QB for his time. When he was playing the TD-INT Ratio was almost even…He he got us to the superbowl then tossed 3 ints. Randall played in the new era of CB’s playing off….Tons of talent screwed up head. Had a great year in Minn…but wasted it here. Five Played in an even more wide open era….I will say he had the most complete team around him of the 3. Big game tummy aches…But he needed a truly great player to get him to the big game..TO. Then he tosses 4 ints. My personal favorite was when he tosses one gets a flag and a 2nd chance and throws the same play almost to the same defender…other side of the field. Both in the endzone….Anyway, we have had One season wonders Vick Foles..retreads Peete O’brian Sanchez Garcia…Never will be’s in Hoyer Goebel and has beens Gabriel, Mcmahon. I guess my point is I don;t care about another teams maybe, or could be. I don’t care if Winston Dak Luck or any other QB is any good. Winston played like a turd in the first half, then had the TD drive. THat has been his career so far….Don;t care…just care about every guy in midnight green. Since we trade Sonny Jurgeson we have had 3 Decent franchise guys for there eras….I am just happy that for once we might have ourselves something great. We all deserve it for putting our hearts out there and having them crushed for 50 years now.

    • X allow me to correct the record. I agree with “most” of what you stated. one can not deny what TO’s acquisition meant to McNabb. TO in my opinion was the example of what happens win uber talent takes the field at the skilled position. McNabb’s confidence to make certain throws went threw the roof. The correction however, is McNabb actually guided his team to the SB without TO. TO was injured remember. He made it back for the SB game, not the playoff games to get there

  • On a lighter note, Sleeves is accounting for himself rather well. That Minny team I fear is going to be a problem for a whole lot of teams who sleep on them.

  • I remember TO was out, I just think that he gave the team and 5 the confidence that year. Basically the same team got Iced by Carolina the year before….It’s really a small point though. Very small is the totality of our discussion. Actually Brew I have worse news…Sleeves was named the #1 player overall in the NFL in week 5. After what he has been through I am happy for him. Until Next week then he can break his ass on the Linc’s field. Let’s get by the Djacs this Sunday before worrying about Sleeves.

  • People who hated on Bradford was just purely on sensitive emotions, and nothing else.

    Look what happens when you have a supporting cast , and coach around you. It’s not rocket science. You need a team to succeed at this level.

    All that “check down ” is out the window now huh? Sam leads the nfl in big time throws and is 2nd in the nfl in least Amount of turnovers on those big time throws.

    Dude is a straight up athlete and would have philly at 3-1 also maybe even 4-0.

    I love the kid and the direction this team is at don’t get me wrong in anyway. I’m glad we got our picks and started he future when we could by getting rid of Sam. But it is going to be a tough game when Sammy comes to the linc pissed.

    This defense knows his tendencies better then any Team in the league. They played with and practiced against him for two years. It’s in philly, and they will be without KHALIL and AP. Maybe Diggs? They also will be coming off there bye.

    Expect a 17-20 type game against Minny after we blow out the redskins on Sunday.

    Which story line sounds more believable? Redskins beating Philly 4 times in a row? Or Carson wentz being good enough to bring us to 4-1? No way Washington wins 4 straight. There due a road loss.

  • This is what Jordan Matthews had to say about Wentz, then he said something else about a QB constantly checking down. He was talking about Bradford.

    “As long as 11’s back there, he’s going to give us opportunities,” Matthews said. “He doesn’t shy away from that. He’s just going to give guys opportunities, because he always feels like that next play might be the one.

    “I don’t know, sometimes we don’t know how fortunate we are to have a guy like that. Some guys would get gun-shy and just want to check it down all day but Carson’s still going to give us some opportunities. It’s cut and dried. We have to go out and make plays.

    Sam Bradford’s longest pass has been 46 yards. Bradford clearly has better WR help than Wentz, but I see Wentz doing more with less talent around him. Keep in mind, Wentz is a rookie, not a seven year vet.
    The reason I did not want nor like Bradford was because he does not make players around him better and therefore not a franchise not a franchise QB in my opinion. Bradford needs a team like Minnesota in order for him to have success in the league, and good for him for playing well, he’s a good QB but nothing special.
    Bradford is still a check down Charlie who needs that strong supporting cast around him. I’m thankful that he’s gone because the Eagles currently do not have that cast, I hope in two years we do, but I feel much better about the Eagles future with Wentz at the helm than Sam Bradford.

    • EHL I believe most “good” qbs, let alone the average ones, need a decent supporting cast around them to succeed. The Wentzs of the world are once in a generation. And yes, they do make the players around them better, but they can only do so much. This kid needs help. I’m seriously thinking about getting my old ass in shape and try to make the team as a wide-out. can’t be no worse.

  • No doubt about it Eagle and I agree with nearly everything u said.

    Wentz however has had help this year that Sammy sleeves could have only wished for in Philly.

    Especially in coaching and defensively. Nelson being improved with DGB and everyone else being improved. Improved Oline. Wentz has been the spark on offense as a rookie no doubt about it, and he has carried us and made everyone better as a rookie. But the schedule also was in his favor as well.

    We should beat Minny. It’s at home and we will have that rust knocked off hopefully after this Washington and Detroit game. Hopefully Minny cools down a bit coming off there bye like we did and comes out flat.

    Sam Bradford has been balling and has been taking care of the football similar to what he did weeks 8-16 last season throwing 10tds and only 4 ints. 2 of those ints came off of the hands of the wr btw.

    • Sam Bradford. Please. Every single Vikings fan knows how that will end. And if you don’t, you haven’t been paying attention in class.

      • Nah vikes fans hate teddy and are thrilled with bradturd. They think they for real.

        • They may have hated Teddy (because Teddy was nothing) and they might have been right to do so….I mean seriously, Teddy was 28tdss – 21ints over the last 2 years? 28-21????/ 14?????-9 last yea?????

          14 tds/yr…..in a 16 game season??????????????????

          .So just about anything is an improvement.

          How the hell can you not improve on 28-21????

          Expectations are low!

          That being said… deep down…deep in the cockles of their cockles….they know…..that while BF is better than TB…..this is still going to end the exact same way…….

          • i have a few friends in minny and talk to them regularly. man i trolled the shit out of them when that deal went down and all them were like ‘he may not be that good but he is a huge upgrade over teddy, and with AP and our D we can make a title run’. i laughed hysterically for days, but now im starting to taste crow in my mouth.

            truth be told tho, sam is winning but hasnt been that impressive at all. that D is winning them games and he is playing within his limited skill set. eagles gotta beat this team and not let their defense beat them

            its actually a good spot for the birds, minny schedule is ridiculously soft. they got a good shot at 11+wins

  • That assessment of Sleeves isn’t fair Vinnie. I am no fan of Bridgewater so I feel you there…But sleeves didn’t have a defense where he could take many chances last year. He only had Ertz and Matthews in the passing game really. He has more speed and weapons there. He has always shown talent too. I am sooo Happy Sleeves is gone, but I won;t murder him because he is producing legitimately right now. He can take chances with that defense and he strength is being accurate, which suits that team. He is doing what it takes to win and added an arial threat that Bridgewater didn’t possess yet at this time in his career, I am just being unbias like I always am except for Eagles and Dallas Players. You analyze things very well but you let the personal stuff hamper your analysis sometimes.

    • Y maybe. That’s legit. Its not his “talent”. Its the body language/attitude that always seems to bubble up when things are not going well. I saw it again in the first half of their game vs Carolina. He was struggling and the old head/eye rolls, slumped shoulders were back.

      Now it didn’t matter in that game because the pretender bullies in Carolina are having their own (predicted) meltdown (carried over from a certain press conference) and the Minny D lay waste to Carolina in that second half.

      I just think that at some point, Minny will face adversity, and I don’t think SB will be able to rise to the challenge. Not his style. I think he’ll be fine as long as everything is fine….but that, of course, is not how the playoffs usually work….

  • Sam I am ,is who he is.Lets never lose sight he had acted like a petulant child,when we shuffled the deckchairs to get wentzilla.Hes in a perfect spot ,having avoided that philly.vitriol..Hes playing for his show me deal for.minny and hes been welcomed with open arms.Im not certain he will not be most tested in his pholly.in philly game..

  • Im not sure what the debate is…. those that are void of ignorance or bias knew that Sam would play well. After all, he is a good qb. That said, we got good value for him and we are moving on with a young QB who should only get better.

    I live here in MN and can tell you that they love him. He’s accurate, smart, and noone seems to be making up little names to cut him down. Good for Sam. Good for the Vikes. And GREAT for the Eagles. I was rooting for him to tank so that 1 is super high. I guess now we have to root for them to get us a 2 or 3 instead.

    I never understood the debates on here…. its all pretty cut and dry I think;

    McNabb- gave us his all and it was almost enough.
    Vick- Perhaps the most gifted athlete to ever play. IF he could read the D and/or if he worked hard in the film room early in his career he could have been one of the better qbs to play the game. He had a good long career but will be remembered more for what he didnt do than what he did.

    Kolb- Who?

    Foles- Great season. Epic season. But he started down his receivers and struggled with the long ball. A very solid backup and should always be in the running in camp to lead. He was never as good as the 1 guy thought but he was much better than most seemed to give him credit for.

    Bradford- We didnt want him but it was a bold and risky move that really did pay off. The idiots always want a backup…. but this guy is a solid solid starter. He is MVP on O right now if the season ended today. And before you rip me…. have any of you seen a game?

    C.W.- Jury is out… and will be for 3 years BUT…. in my opinion (im no armchair GM or simpleton) but he could be the best Eagle QB we have ever seen.

    Its time to put the bias behind us here on gcobb. I get it… you wanted 1. (insert your fav qb here) and we didnt get him. NOW… we can and should get behind CW and move on from our overreaction and the need to be right.

    Go birds!

    • I was listening to Washington sports radio, and Rick doc Walker was talking and one of his comments just burned my ass, “we have seen the eagles play their best, but they haven’t seen ours, dude we have a rookie qb getting better each week with the offense doing the same. No way in hell we have been at our best, I hate the Washington fanbase so goddamn delusional

  • Redskins Announce both TE Jake Reed & LB Su’aCravens are out of Sunday’s Game due to Concussion’s

    • Make that TE Jordan Reed

      • Chimp. Id like your inspiration,and knowing that you are bleeding panther blue ,and your quarterback ,has been a metaphorical car wreck aft his assanine,post game superbowl rant..how often weve witnessed a nickle head can trump talent..now on to my guy ,hes facing his first division foe..and cousins..desean vs schwartz..pedersons first division foe vs gruden..Ive seen the skins and im not impressed with the offense..the defense is succeptible as well vs the slot receiver..I think multiple tight end packages and alot more barner and Smallwood.Fresh legs ,expanding the roster..guys who have something to prove,in carson wentz and especially agholor..theyve buttoned up and saw the film..Agholor was passive and thats being kind ,he was more like trumps favored grab bag..I want to see the offense and the integration of its new guy.. Sometimes not drafting to supplement shows up,and its a concern,until.its not..the run game I believe will be impressive,and much more ertz in the game plan.24_17. A skin in wentzillas ledger..

        • Lmfao at paulman. Comes back after disappearing for weeks. And comes back and posts days old info. Lmfao

    • Jake Reed lol? You couldn’t shake that night of binge drinking last night paulman you woke up drunk.

  • Let’s go birds. NFC East div matchups are always difficult. However, I don’t think this game is going to be as close as some has predicted. Eagles win.

  • Big tackles on skates …

  • Vaiti just got destroyed…damn that was embarrassing.

  • Thanks lame.

  • Be interesting to see if the skins try to stretch us out early with a haymaker to Desean ..

  • anyone who (GM CLIFF) doesn’t like Lane Johnson just needs to replay that last sack where Vitai got driven right into Wentz.


  • Help the big tackle on skates out …why drafting O line can bite you …in the ass..damn ..lame ..this is not a good indication of a 5th rounder protecting 11@

  • Tough time getting going today offensively. Wentz has to be a little more accurate, but Matthews has to come down with that ball that hit him in the hands. That’s what separates good and great receivers.

  • Damn, our d backs are getting toasted

  • Really wish Lane hadn’t appealed and just took the suspension starting game 1. This might be very very difficult the next 8 games against the competition they will be facing.

  • That touchdown was too damn easy.

  • Vitai needs help now.

  • Ok they have to double up on Vaitai’s side giving him help. This has gotten ridiculous.

  • Wentz is starting to show some “Happy-Feet” behind this porous O/Line..

  • If Vaitai continues to struggle they may have to pull him and switch up the line. Right now he doesn’t appear as he can play at all. Way overmatched.

  • Michael Kendricks continues to get shed and miss tackles.

  • Wow, I said the game was not going to be close, but I was thinking the other way. WRONG!!!

  • Vernon Davis has not scored a TD since 2014. Of course he gets one today.

  • TOUCHDOWN WENDELL SMALLWOOD. Hopefully this can jump start us.

    • That was nice right there!!!

  • So the right tackle causes the entire offense to implode? Get him some help or get his ass out of the game.

    • If its a Rt that immediately gets rushed 5 yrds into the backfield every play….then……yes.

  • Smallwood!

    Detroit loss looming larger and larger. Eagles next (this) 4 @ Wsh, Minny @Dall @ NYG

    I said they’d be 2-2….need to be 2-2 or else……

  • The defense continues to struggle some plays they look good other plays they get beat so badly it looks like Billy Davis is still coaching.

  • Eagles defense is their own worst enemy.


  • All right. TY Cousins.

    Now….Celek on the right side to double team Kerrigan. SImple it up.

  • 22 yard run what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This defense is going to give up another score before the half they have no clue whats going on out there neither does Jim Schwartz.

  • Defense is gassed. They’ve been on the field a long time, partly because they can’t stop the third down play. Looks like billy Davis defense.

  • Please get Mills off of Jackson. He does not have the speed to keep up.

    • Wtf is this? Undisciplined..understanding down and situations.rookies singled on desean..bill davisesque..has mai tai vatai been drunk ..cause hes a joke

  • That TD is on Fletcher Cox. Second week in a row he commits that stupid penalty that ends in a TD.

  • Very very difficult call on Cox….but that\t the stupid NFL.

    Skins get ball first in the 2nd. Eagles need a stop.

  • Anybody that doesn’t think lane Johnson is an impact player is stupid… Part two he is a stupid, egomaniac who has really hurt the team.
    Mills is fine.. He’s gonna be a player.
    This is a terrible game

  • Washington scores on 3rd down what a fucken shocker Eagles gave the skins every conceivable 3rd down a team can possibly give in a game.

    • Y the announcers need to start saying “3rd and freebie” because that’s what every 3rd down is.

  • 41 fucken yards how is that even possible that has to be an NFL record

  • This looks like some shit from Madden Redskins turned all their sliders up to 100 and kicks the Eagles fucken ass.

  • The eagles will need make more adjustments than a chiropractic concention..my concern is are there too many rookie leaks..lane johnson isnt ..and vatali isnt either ..mills aint fine..hes overmatched .grabbing and holding more than capable of concern ..the front is gassed .as both scores were one and done for us..this first series is all that …

  • 3rd and 8 Washington gets 22 yards

  • This is just Billy Davis esque, they can’t stop the 3rd down. Disgusting

  • 2nd and 2 defense gives up 16 yards

  • Redskins offense 342 yards
    Eagles offense 42 yards

    • Since the end of the 1st qtr,
      redskins 239 yards
      Eagles 0 yards..WTF

  • How is it that the weaknesses of both the Lions and Redskins on offense and defense has been turned into a strength playing against the Eagles?

  • Holy Vatai! That’s going to be my new call. He is beyond terrible

  • 38 yards erased

  • What a BS xall against Smallwood. Vitai is beyond terrible

  • You can’t help Vaiti every play it limits you on offense the Eagles are stuck with him for now.

    • They should make lane johnson watch vatais coaches tape..heres where agholor needs his redemption.mpment

  • Patriots CB Eric Rowe deflects and breaks up a 3rd Down Pass in the End-Zone versus Bengals AJ Green keep the Bengals to a FG —

    • Panthers are getting their ass kicked 31-17 and their getting ready to go to 1-5 you turned that game off came to gcobb to point out a deflected pass by Eric Rowe. The first thing we heard about him this entire season. So is that supposed to make Eagles fans think they are really missing something.

  • We need more of those dimes by Wentz. Beauty of a pass to Matthews for 54 yards.

    • Dee owes us another score…cmon guys

      • The D owes two straight shutout games they haven’t played worth shit in 2 straight games.

  • Defense…come on!!

  • Jeez….”procedure” call when there was no procedure, followed by Ertz dropping a free TD..


  • Jags WR Aurelius Benn scores the Go-Ahead TD Pass for his first TD since being with the TB Bucs
    RB L McCoy with a Monster Game with 3 TD’s & 150 + Yards
    RB D Murray having another Good Day as the Titans get another Big W

  • Enough of this shit the refs are targeting the Eagles purposely

  • catching the ball would be fun.

  • Wentz has to either roll out and get rid of the ball or just throw it away. He made terrible decisions on back to back plays. He can’t take those sacks.

    • Wentz?

      Eagles blew the Det game because it was a donut. Now the’re in touble with the sched.

      I said @ wsh, minny, @ Dall, @NYG would be 2-2.

      Followed by Atl, @sea, GB @Cinci…is 2-2 max.

      I now think that 4-4 over those 8 is very very ambitious. 2-6 more likely.

  • Fitting end to this game…piss poor performance by offense, and defense as well as the coaching. Skins have beat Eagles 4 times in a row..smdh

    • Oh and the damn penalties must stop. Sloppy play is a sign of lack of discipline…coaching and caring by the players. They have to get their head out of their ass and stop reading the press clippings.

  • Aaaand we have the Vikings coming in next week…just great.

  • Giants just won, Eagles free fall to last place.

  • Another Donut Game I guess Vinnie… giving up 230 Yards on the Ground isn’t beating anyone.. if Bennie Logan’s Injury is serious, they are in Deep Trouble

  • Watch the bullshit on Gcobb now, its Big V’s oh the Lions game was a donut game, it’s the defense fault. Fuck that make adjustments and make plays shit on the excuses. Maybe after 3 weeks we shouldn’t have been assuming anything and just watch out this plays out and oh yeah FUCK Lane Johnson.

  • Look.

    Cleveland, Bears and a Pitt team that obv isn’t as good as people think.

    Lost a very winnable Det game that is going to cost them. Division games are NEVER donuts….all we saw tonight is that the Eagles are not as good as some people thought they were.

    Now Minny?

    Then @Dall, @NYG. I hope the Birds are 4-4 or better after that.

  • The Eagles were just out physicaled and out played. No excuses. The penalties are killers but that’s on them. The coaches must coach better, players have to play better from Carson on down to the defense…period

  • Eagles have a lot of work to do..now and in the offseason.

  • Wonder if the NFL will name QB Wentz the Rookie of the Week Award again like they did last Week, even though the Cowboys Rookie RB Zeke Elliot had a Monster Game which resulted in a Actual Victory.. That’s the NFL !!!

    • depends on how the other rookies perform.

      • From Last Week Performances by Top Rookies

        RB Elliot 15 Carries for 134 Yards & 2 TD’s and 3 Receptions for another 37 Yards with No Turnovers and more importantly led the Cowboys to a 28-14 Win over the Bengals

        QB Wentz 25-33 for 238 Yards, 2 TD’s & 1 Turnover and 3 Sacks while the Eagles Lost to the Lions 23-21 in a nice comeback attempt

        Is the NFL overhyping and promoting the next Great White Hope for the league and a Franchise that’s dying for a Winner like the Eagles over the more productive Black Player who has had some off-the field issues already from last Week’s Games

        I don’t see how a Weekly Award can be given to a Player if their Team Loses when another player within the same Category (Rookie Player) led his Team to Victory in impressive fashion..

        That’s how I saw it from last week’s Play with the Top Rookies

        • Now you interject race into the equation? As if there are not enough racial issues dividing this country, you are a pathetic little man Paul. Eagles fans on this site finally got sick of your constant shit throwing, so now you come back to laugh at the team when it loses and try and incite fires. Go back to the bottle Paul, you look smaller and smaller with every post.

          • Shame on paulman for interjecting race into this but dammit why did Wentz win rookie of the week last week? Would love to know the thought process that went into that selection.

            • Hey Biggy. I am not positive, but Inthink that Pepsi sponsors the Rookie of the Week award and it is voted on by fans. So internet trolls can take over the voting. Not very scientific, but truly no racial conspiracy like Pman wants us to believe. There are some strong performances from rookies this year, and the NFC East has more than a few. Wentz, Prescot and Elliot will be going at it for many years beyond this rookie season.

              • Thanks Greenfan I had no idea.

        • pman, it’s an award given by fans voting…plain and simple. Race has nothing to do with it. More Eagles fans likely voted than cowboys fans. Stop the nonsense.

          • So fans of Carson Wentz from North Dakota can stuff the ballot box for Pepsi and the NFL signs off on this and proclaims him as Rookie Player of the Week even though he lost and other Rookies had better production in helping their Teams to Victory… sounds like a BS Award that the NFL should have no business in a backing and promoting if it’s not about Wins or Losses or having a simply great performance .. is that what Wentz had versus the Lions last week? Sounds like a Popularity Contest which probably means Wentz Wins Rookie of the Week 6-7 Times regardless of what he does Production wise on the field or how many Wins he leads the Eagles too..

            • What are you talking about? You just go on the NFL website and vote for the nominee you want. It’s not that elaborate or difficult. If you wanted Elliot or Dak you could have gone on there and voted for them. I’m sure they will be nominees this week. Stop complaining and vote for them. Have fun.

    • Sure Pman, make a negative comment on one of the few positive players we have. Go back and cry about your Panthers regression while we watch a team improve from the shit Kelly left us with. What a loser you are, no wonder desert and ciggy chased you off.

      • Chimps shouldn’t throw stones in glass housed cages!

    • I knew it paulman you just couldn’t help yourself you been quietly biding your time for the right time to strike at the Eagles when they faced adversity. You stayed sober just for this moment right here. When the Eagles lose and play extremely poor it makes your dick hard probably the only time it ever functions during the year.

    • Vintage fraud man.. Vintage

  • Wentz has to throw perfect passes with this receiving corps. They are never wide open. He has to put the ball in tiny windows because these WRs get no separation. His dump-off has been the backs, but now they have to help block.

    Things are going to get hard for the rookie quarterback. Pederson is going to have to do a better job of calling plays. Maybe try moving the pocket a bit…roll-out now and again.

  • So much for the NFC East being a weak division this year.

    • Big lion …the three teams in the Divison ,with the Eagles taking it on the chin ,have made it clear the current pecking order ..Howie will be busy this week ,scouring for the undrafted O lineman ,that are nipping at his ass ..He covered a lot of chips dumpster ,but he knew ,lane Johnson was irreplaceable ,and he knew Kelce was being shown that drop door soon..he didn’t calculate the lack of depth ,because there were too many holes to fill ..next man up ,sometimes ,isn’t good enough ..I personally see a half full glass ,and still ,feel we’re going to watch 11 do great things …knowing full well ,when the pieces are in place ,he’ll be something to behold..

      • Desert, Howie better unearth a tackle ASAP!!!

  • Paulman Wentz did not lose, nor did other q.b.s win , The Eagles lost , not the Q.B.

    • I didn’t say the Eagles lost because Wentz.. I believe I stated that when you give up 230 Yards on the Ground, you are not beating anyone!!!
      In terms of Wentz, what I said is that he did not deserve to Win The Rookie of the Week award last week in a losing effort vs the Lions when another Rookie had a Monster game in a Victory.. The NFL plays and Picks its Favorites!! It’s that Simple!!

      • fraudman you really are dense…. its a fan vote….

  • We have a division loss like yesterday with so many areas that were exposed, and the comments are about a Rookie of the Week vote from 2 weeks ago??

    Am I missing something here?

    • yesterday’s loss doesn’t bother me…the way they lost does! the poor tackling, the exposed OL, the stupidity of johnson—the attacking defense is suscetable to trap plays and schwartz needs to figure something out… two weeks ago the guy could have gotten elected mayor… not so much now.

      • Right on all accounts ciggy.

        So true about Schwartz … He really took a step back these past 2 weeks….the same old weaknesses of the wide nine that he absolutely is aware of….was it technique or personnel?

  • Paul man I resemble that Wentz remark, I may have to sic my Law team of Dewey, Cheatum. and Howe, on you.

    • 3 Stooges reference on a Monday morning….I approve of this message!!

      Thanks Patrik

  • Is anyone concerned about the lack of production from Ertz??????….What a Superstar he is.

    And what do you think of the play of Brandon Graham the last two games????

    Aberration, or same old Brandon Graham????…What do you think Stevo??

    • You can Add LB Michael Kendricks, DE Vinny Curry & WR Nelson Agholor to this List as well Cliff..
      Defensively, the Eagles without Bennie Logan in the Middle to help Fletcher Cox out, will be gashed over the next few weeks… They simply do not have quality NFL Depth at the DT Position or the Middle of this Defense behind Cox/Logan and you need more than than this to last a 16 NFL Game Schedule..

      • Your team is 1-5 right now, go worry about them. We don’t need your bs statements about the Eagles, go hang out with TS, Songs and other Eagle Haters. This team is nowhere close to perfect, but watching you gloat about the teams every failure is pathetic.

        • Sore Losers…

          • Guess you got me Paul, because you above all people on here should be an expert on Losers. You win the prize as Top Loser….I am sure that Pepsi will run an Internet vote for Loser of the Week….you certainly are no rookie, but very a experienced Loser, very talented Loser who had a great losing week. Celebrate the Eagles loss Paulman, you earned it.

            • sore losers ???? we arent happy because our team lost and we are sore losers? should we be happy???

              god damn you dumb as fuck!!!!!!

              by the way whats your excuse for just being a flat out loser???

              rather than watching the eagles with friends or family you chose to post scores about games on an eagles site where nobody gives a fuck??? WHY ??? Because you have no friends, you have no life and youre family wont talk sports with you… WHY? BECAUSE YOU ARE A LOOOOOOOOOOOSER

              what happened to picnics, and hiking and whatever other made up bullshit you do on sundays???? oh thats right youre full of shit, you just laid up watching non eagles games with nobody to talk to so you come here???



      • And let’s not forget Barwin Paulman…Good effort from an average player

        Vinny Curry’s number aren’t eye popping, but he, and Barwin are both giving equal amount of effort. So don’t leave Barwin – your boy out….

        But no one has got more hype for this season, than Ertz, and Graham, and it’s the same story every year for both of them…….Right Stevo????!!!

        • Why would you ask his opinion? He didn’t watch the game? Hasn’t watched a game all season but acts like he is an expert….

          • Cliff probably didn’t either. He just like Paul. He don’t talk about the Eagles team or root for them or root against them. He just has players he hates and just wants to say nanny nanny boo boo I told you so. Look at me look at me

            • Not at all Mhenski. I did watch the game; I always watch the games, but I’m too old for childish responses.

              However, I don’t mind asking the critics of my reasoning, if they can see the lack of insight in their strong predictions – and the fact that they don’t know what they’re talking about… – even when others don’t want to hear it after a loss.

            • If memory serves me correct. I did applaud our head coach for his creativity, and play calling, as I rooted for the team.

              But just because I’m an Eagles fan doesn’t mean I’m supposed to like everything about the team, when I see glaring weaknesses – I told you before that I am not a gullible fan, and could care less if others didn’t like it.

              Drafting athletic tackles, another RB, and WR’s will be a must this offseason.
              Remember these names:

              Julie’n Davenport – Bucknell – OT – 6-6 317
              Roderick Johnson – Florida State – OT – 6-6 335
              Corey Davis – Western Michigan – WR – 6-3 215
              Richie James – Middle Tennessee St – WR – 5-9 180
              James Connor – Pittsburgh – RB – 6-2 235

          • Greenfan, I was responding to Paul, because he addressed me in his post.

            I do think Paul is knowledgeable of football; more than even some of his critics.

            Although he puts himself out there at times, I give him some credit for at least offering an opinion unlike people like E0S, and Havacigar who offer nothing except criticism after the fact of other peoples opinions, and statements. – but NEVER an opinion, or prediction that would leave them open for criticism – because they’re trolling cowards…

            • You asked him a question about a game he admitted he didn’t watch…actually he has said he hasn’t watched a single eagles game all season….so regardless of any “football knowledge” as you put it, why would you ask a guy about a team or its players that he hasn’t seen play? We know that he has a habit of regurgitating information from ESPN and other sites, so where is the value is asking about his own opinion? For what it is worth, my 76 year old aunt didn’t watch the game either, do you want her email address and ask her opinion also? She is a sports fan so I am sure she will give you an opinion just as informed as Pman.

              • LOL!!! ….Greenfan, you know I am a fan of yours as well; very intelligent !!

                I have always said that. Love conversing with you….:)

              • I am done picking on him Cliff. As a fan, I just hate to see guys come on here to gloat about the Birds losing.

                The first 3 games were great, but really a smokescreen that covered the problem spots that we all knew were there. That Steelers game was really this outlier, causing many (I’ll admit me to some extent) to looking at this team in a different light (hell, just go look at the week 4 power rankings….so-called pro’s were listing in the top 5 of NFL teams). Well, we return to earth and see the areas plain as day.

                This defense got exposed the past 2 weeks. I have read a few quotes from players talking about playing fast and how that can lead to missing tackles. Well I watched the MNF game last night, and the thing that really jumped out at me was the speed of the Cardinals defense…really fast and all over the Jets. I thought that the Panthers defense last season was equally as fast, and every one points back to the Seahawks a few years back. Playing with speed does not lead to missing tackles . It requires a discipline to go along with the speed, discipline to play within the scheme and not try and do too much.. I have great respect for Schwartz, and believed that after the first 3 games that he knew the secret to balancing the wide nine scheme in such a way to prevent the huge rushing gains of the opponent. Looks like he either fell asleep on Sunday or doesn’t have the personnel to get it done. The linebackers look to be an issue, but the front line didn’t have a great game either.

                Speaking of discipline, I will be watching to see how Pederson addresses the weekly increase in penalties that this team has seen. Good teams do not have the numbers of penalties that the Birds are getting, and we know that they are not good enough to win in spite of these.

                Regardless, I still remain positive about the future of the Birds. I believe that Wentz is the real deal, and that he is a player that we can build around. Knowing that we have issues on the OLine, and WR’s on offense and LB’s and DB’s on defense gives this front office a lot to work on presently and in the future.

              • Greenfan, all that being said though….Paulman is still my guy…I have to admit.

                Many on here can be very petty, or just overly critical without any restraint…..and then there are times when some are called o the carpet when they o it to themselves. But overall I feel Paul, has shown good insight, and logic on many topics, and like all of us, been wrong on others – but he’s still the man in my book – as are you(Greenfan), Bigelion, Eaglehaslanded, DCar, and RealTalk….

              • But overall I feel Paul, has shown good insight, and logic on many topics,

                Well there you have it, another fine example of fake gm’s judgement… fraudman doesn’t have insight or logic, he admittedly doesn’t watch sports– logic???? you mean playing both sides of every issue??

              • and I guess you think you do???…..huh Ciggy???

                Even if you don’t think so ask yourself….why am I talking???

                Call me what you want, but you, and I both know YOU DON’T….and shouldn’t be posting as if you do….

                I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist commenting – you can’t help yourself – but as I mentioned that is all you can bring to the table – so what else is new…..LOL!!!

                What a joke – you’re all talk…

              • Fake gm I know the X O of the game pretty well…. I absolutely have insight into what it takes to game plan, exploit perceived weaknesses etc.
                fraud brings zero to the table he makes stuff up, that’s just the simple fact…. You on the other hand are just a whacky guy with a mail order degree in RECREATION and you somehow think at qualifies you from your arm chair to be something… Trust me if you knew what you think you know you wouldn’t be commenting on GCObb ….

              • X, AND O’s wouldn’t justify you know talent – which you don’t – nor any front office operations agendas….

                My degrees are legit, and justified; don’t need to go over that with you again. Did you request the FIU Catalog??…..Obviously not, otherwise you wouldn’t be discussing mute issues.

                I do not work secularly anymore because I am disabled. However I did receive a job offer from the Eagles 2 weeks ago for their analytics manager for football operations position on linkedin……If wasn’t disabled, I would be in line for that position…

                You wish I wasn’t legit.

                Paul my make some mistakes in judgement, but in terms of Football Operations, and talent evaluation, he is head, and shoulders above you…

              • XO is the whole business
                oh shut up you didn’t get a job offer no more than you worked for the rams… stop it you liar

              • LOL!!! That statement says it all for me….” X’s and O’s is the whole business”

                What about Salary Cap Management??? – which you claim I don’t consider – Player Evaluation???….Resource Allocation???…Sport Science??….Player Development???…NFL Bargaining Agreement, and Sports Law???

                Sounds like a lot more than X’s and O’s to me

                You’re no more knowledgeable than you say Paul is – but as usual you only pick your spots to be critical of him – and he’s still knows more than you. What you have is called surface knowledge of this game
                Yes he has made some statements in misjudgement, but you don’t have a leg to stand on either to be critical of anybody else.

              • I really think you’re jealous. But, I’m going to piss you off some more though.

                Wendell Smallwood is my cousins stepson, and my Cousin Rob Holiday is the Director of Scouting Administration for the Phillies.

                You don’t know me Ciggy, or my family – so stop trying to claim you do….

              • Director of Amateur Scouting Administration excuse me….

  • I have watched Zero Minutes of the 2016 Eagles Season on Live TV..
    I did have the Red-Zone Channel on Yesterday while I was Painting my Deck
    and saw some Highlights whenever they broke into the Eagles Game.. And When I saw the Eagles early on in the 4th Quarter run the ball on a 3rd Down with 4 Yards to Go and play it safe for a FG and ran the ball when trailing by 10, I knew Pederson was too much a Pussy and not Coaching to Win… That’s all I needed to See… The Team and Wentz fed off of that surrender moment and went on to lose the Game…
    I later stated if the Defense is going to give up 200 + Yards of Rushing against their Opponent, then they are not winning against anybody …

    For the umpteenth time, I’m not wasting any Nice Weather Weekends sitting inside watching a 1pm Sunday Football Game in September,October or even early November.. It ain’t happening , Now the late afternoon or evening Games or once the weather gets shitty, then yes I’ll will watch the relevant Games.. There’s way too much for me to do this Fall with too little time to Watch the NFL which I stated back in the Summer…
    It’s the way it is for me and why I have not been on here commenting on the Eagles Games for I haven’t even been watching the games live to even comment on them… They are 3-2, Wentz is off to a Good Start, but they are still a 7-8 Win Team Talent Wise with very few Playmakers.. That’s what the 2016 Eagles are …..

    • Saw one play and determined the coach is a pussy…. You are a piece of work….

      • And saw 1 play and made this determination

        October 16, 2016 – 1:49 pm
        Profile photo of paulman
        Wentz is starting to show some “Happy-Feet” behind this porous O/Line..

        • Heeeeee haw



          What an absolute imbecile.

    • ??

      I don’t watch the games but still come on to post about the game that I did not watch because there are so many people waiting to read my post about a game that I did not watch……..do I have that right?

      You need help man…professional help.

      • To be clear on the frauds agenda a couple of weeks ago the article after the steelers game fraudman did not post one time- I’ve been calling him a negative nitwit for years… and that proves it beyond a doubt– he tries to play both sides but make no mistake he enjoys failure.. looooooser

  • paulman
    October 17, 2016 – 1:57 pm
    Profile photo of paulman
    You can Add LB Michael Kendricks, DE Vinny Curry & WR Nelson Agholor to this List as well Cliff..
    You were able to make this judgement of all of these players with the one play you watched this season???? amazing.

    • Highlights or Low-Lights & Stats.. .. are not difficult to discern that all 3 Players listed above are under-achieving.. this is not Rocket Science and I don’t think I need to watch 15 Hours worth of live games to determine this… maybe you do!!

      • aaah now we see that your ‘analysis’ is, was and always will be just shit against the wall….

        • Don’t you get it ciggy..he is special. A football savant.

          • IDIOT savant–with emphasis on the IDIOT part–
            I have no idea why he is just a dude at a trucking company when every NFL franchise would surely pay him well over a $1M a year to be GM…. win multiple superbowls, the owner would be so grateful he’d give him a share of his billion dollar team etc… yet he’d rather make stupid comments on gcobb, live in boone and route trucks…. interesting.

  • Ha.c. wow!! Poor paulman is being accused of everything, you can throw at him cepting living in a single wide in Boone Co. resting on milk crates .. in Big Bubbas trailer park.

    • Not accusing him of anything…matter of fact my wife and I have looked at Boone as a quiet retirement community. just pointing out that if he has the football accuman to be a football know it all while admittedly not even watching the games think of how well he would do if he were getting paid and actually devoted some time to it… i’m sure his hometown team the panthers could use his help…

  • Just having some jokes with you ,passing the day. You and your family could not find a much better area, than Boone Co, Good people down that way. Spent a long time in West Virginia,great place, great helpful folks there as well. Any mountain town is special . Besides most of us , do and say lots of things to make us feel better and fill the lacking pieces, Me I am in a very good place in life ,so as long my health holds up. I have all need.

  • Uuuuuggge (Donald Trump voice) game tomorrow for the Eagles. I’m interested in seeing how Big V responds given that Dough Pederson continues to show unwavering faith in him.. I hope it’s not to Wentz’s expense. The WR’s have been saying they know they have to step up so I want to see if it’s actually going to happen or is it just talk. Not that they are not trying, but maybe they just don’t happen. I was hoping the light would turn on for Huff, but it’s not going to happen, not as a receiver. Further, Agholor is giving little too. Give the kid Bryce Treggs a shot, at least he has legit deep threat speed. A one trick pony is better than a no trick pony.
    The defense needs to repeated hit Sammy sleeves to rattle him. Make him think about his health, in particular his knees. Hopefully the defense will be able to take advantage of the Vikings O line as they are missing both starting tackles. If they do not it’s simply the Eagles playing down to the level of competition again.
    Finally, I want to see how Wentz performs against the Vikes defense. Carson missed a couple of wide open opportunities to Ertz last week, hopefully he looks for the check down sometimes as opposed to the long ball..ironic I know, but it’s so.
    With all that being said, I think the Eagles come out aggressive tomorrow and pull the upset in a low scoring drag out battle. It’s gut check time for the team, coaches, veterans and QB included.
    Go Eagles!!!

    • Oh and one last thing, Jason Kelce is going to have to hold the point of attack tomorrow. Last week Wentz was not able to frequently step up in the pocket because Kelce was pushed back in it. If Kelce can’t hold the point of attack he has to be replaced. Seumalo is the future of that position..might be time to get him started. Wentz can call the line protections.

  • maybe they just don’t have it(not happen)

  • Hey Cliff, are you going to watch the Alabama vs Texas A&M game? Epic battle between Cam Robinson and Myles Garrett.
    Unfortunately neither will be available for the Eagles when they finally draft in the first round.

    I am interested in this kid Avery Gennesse (Tackle for Texas A&M) He’s someone that maybe able to replace Lane Johnson or at the very least be a very good RT.
    I think Lane was playing good, but the Eagles can’t count on him. They have to prepare as if he will not be on the team for the long term. One more screw up and he’s suspended for two years.

    • I meant replace Jason Peters

    • Hey Eagle!! Sorry I’m just getting back to you.

      Yes watched the game. Both will be out of the reach of the Eagles – unless they trade up for them.

      I think trading up for Myles Garrett, would be as smart an investment as Carson Wentz has been for us this year.

      I would still consider trading Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz, Nelson Agholor, Connor Barwin, and Myckal Kendricks, this years #1, and a #1 next year, in some type of package to move up to get him, and move some other pieces not included, to get another pick or 2 in the 2nd round. Here are my draft targets;

      1a. Myles Garrett – DE – Texas A&M – 6-4 265
      1b. Malik Hooker – CB/FS – Ohio State – 6-2 205
      2a. Julie’n Davenport – OT – Bucknell – 6-6 317
      2b. Roderick Johnson – OT – Florida State – 6-6 335
      2c. Corey Davis – WR – Western Michigan – 6-3 215
      3a. Tim Williams – OLB – Alabama – 6-4 252
      3b. Richie James – WR – Middle Tennessee State – 5-9 180
      3c. Jay Guillermo – C/OG – Clemson – 6-3 325
      4a. James Connor – RB – Pittsburgh – 6-6 250/ Kareem Hunt – Toledo 6-0 225
      4b. Kareem Are – OG – Florida State – 6-6 334
      5. Issac Asiata – OG – Utah – 6-3 323
      6. Hardy Nickerson – SS – Illinois – 6-2 240
      7. Noah Jefferson – DT – USC – 6-6 315

      Free Agent Targets:

      Ziggy Ansah – DE
      Khalil Mack – OLB
      Larry Warford – OG
      DeSean Jackson – WR
      Josh Gordon – WR
      Kyle Fuller – CB

  • so to be clear….the eagles contacted mr. delusion to offer him a scouting job, he has admitted he doesn’t watch tape but can pick talent, he then said he was disabled? well all he has to do is sit in his living room…once again phony…this isn’t the rams, you lied about them and now lie about the eagles…you are a sad SOB

    • Strange huh, that this prized organization would send notification of a job opening to someone who is unqualified??…..

      But then again, how would he know of such an opening??…To be clear though Ciggy, so you don’t continue to put words in my mouth, or continue to misread what I post – I never said it was a scouting position – It was an Analytics Manager of Football Operations position.

      You need specific education, and training for that; Analytics don’t necessarily involve X’s and O’s exclusively……training YOU don’t have, but they are aware of mine.

      and I’ve only been saying I’m disabled for years.

      What’s sad is you still think you know what you’re talking about – because that’s what you want to believe – sorry to disappoint you….

    • The Eagles have a Talent Acquisition Manager named Collen Scoles who reviews the qualifications of potential candidates, and notifies them of their interest in speaking to them.

      What insight do you have of this process Ciggy??????!!!

      You shut up, and stop talking as if you are the authority on things – you don’t know crap.

  • However I did receive a job offer from the Eagles 2 weeks ago for their analytics manager for football operations position on linkedin…

    Strange huh, that this prized organization would send notification of a job opening

    So was it an OFFER or a bulk notification on linkedin? which was it because I can’t see any organization making an offer without an interview… as a matter of fact I’m pretty sure you didn’t get an offer.. there is my insight you kook.

    • LOL!! Offer…

      I was contacted by Ms. Scoles through linkedin messaging, called, and spoke to her personally about the position…..Then explained my disability, and that I was not physically able to fulfill the obligations of the position. Then thanked her for the opportunity……

      Sweet job for whoever gets it

      If that’s your insight…you have none as usual….

      • thats not an offer ding bat

        • Call it what you want, but recognize it as an acknowledgement of qualifications.

          Which Ding bat would they even CONSIDER hiring me, or you???

          The one that wasn’t the dingbat….


      • This is hilarious. one minute it was an offer, next minute it was a contact via linked in and not an offer, next minute it was an offer again.

        So Cliff expects people to believe that the Eagles offered someone a job via linkedin with no interview. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAHAAA This is hilarious.

        Now lets talk about the FACT that the Eagles do not nor have they had an opening for Analytics Manager of Football Operations position. HAHAAAAAAAAAAAA However they have had an opening for months for Senior Analytics Position which Cliff is not even remotely qualified for even if you take into account 1 of his 20 fake degrees.

        Now he related to Smallwood, HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA no mention of this when he was drafted, or during preseason or the first few weeks of the season.


        Cliff you are amazing dude.

        thanks for the laughs

        • hahaaahahaa….Its funny, so funny, you sound stupid doubting that everything stated is a stonecold fact…

          So you live in your world of doubt, and I’ll live in reality….

          Take care Bruh…..no need for any more responses – you’ve been told

    • The next step would have been a meeting, and personal interview with Mr Lurie, Howie, Don Smolinski, Alec Halarby, Jake Rosenberg, and some guy named Frank Gumienny…..

      then a 2nd interview, and decision of hire.

      Question??? How close would you come to meeting with them with your X, and O qualifications????

      • THIS IS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Hey Big Mhenski, Hilarious – BUT A FACT……



          IM DEAD

          • No Mhenski, That wasn’t what I said – that’s what haveacigar said…

            I said I never took it any further than cordially responding to interest – but make no mistake about it, I WAS QUALIFIED ENOUGH TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THE JOB…..Period

            • caught in yet another LIE;;;; copied from cliff:

              October 23, 2016 – 8:47 pm
              Profile photo of gmcliff
              X, AND O’s wouldn’t justify you know talent – which you don’t – nor any front office operations agendas….
              My degrees are legit, and justified; don’t need to go over that with you again. Did you request the FIU Catalog??…..Obviously not, otherwise you wouldn’t be discussing mute issues.
              I do not work secularly anymore because I am disabled. However I did receive a job offer from the Eagles 2 weeks ago for their analytics manager for football operations position on linkedin……If wasn’t disabled, I would be in line for that position…

            • 1. You had no such conversation because no such job for the Eagles existed. There are websites on the internet that shows the jobs eagles have posted for the past year… i know how to use the internet, the job didnt exist.

              2. you have no experience that translates to that job, you dont qualify for the sr analyst job so you for sure dont qualify for the manager job that didnt exist

              3. youre degrees are fake and made up, this has been proven many times.

              4. yes thats exactly what you said. 1 post you say you received an offer – (how you expect anyone to believe you received any job offer without an interview, let alone from the eagles is hilarious). then you said next steps were to meet with many people including howie and roseman (how you expect anyone to believe lurie is meeting canidates of mid level jobs is hilarious) (also how you expect anyone to believe that you would meet with all these people AFTER you accepted a electronic job offer with no interview is also hilarious)

              man you are 1 of a kind. i wonder if you actually believe this stuff.

              cliff can you tell me the names of the medicines you take on a daily basis?

      • Well ding bat I have never had a position with the Rams like you have, my degree is in education not parks and rec, one year as a grad asst in college (thats just cutting tape, setting up drills and getting coffee) and I’m not sure what years of HS coaching would get me.But I can tell you this if I had any desire to work 100 hours a week for the eagles I’m pretty sure I would be a better, more suitable candidate than you.

        • LOL!! Right side step the answer anyway you want.

          The answer is YOU DON’T HAVE THE QUALIFICATIONSAND WOULD NEVER BE A CANDIDATE …..So HAVASEAT havacigar…..I don’t want to hear crap from you about my qualifications, education, my insight or anything else you know nothing bastard you…

          Just shut up, you could put in 1000 hours and you still wouldn’t qualify – You don’t know anything – You are all talk. Insulting me doesn’t prove you do either – But that’s all you do – and you still don’t know what you’re talking about.

          I don’t have a degree in Parks & Recreation either – and the Eagles know that, and now you do – believe it or not = that’s your problem.

          • sorry ding bat…. They checked your references with the RAMS and concluded you are a kook that makes stuff up

            • Whatever havaseat, They checked my references including my education, and qualifications. You see reality is, your sarcasm doesn’t match their feelings or interest…

              Nor does it bother me.

              You don’t have to believe it for it for it to be true…Nor do I need you to. After all what do you really know??

              • I know:
                1. you lied about the rams
                2. you connected with the eagles for a vacant position
                3. They spoke to you , followed every lead as they should
                4. If I had a linked in acct. and sent my interest I too or anyone would get a feeler call.
                5. It means nothing
                6. There is no way you would make it through an interview with any serious organization because your kookiness would come through.
                7. Analytics weren’t part of your rec degree– I’ve posted program requirements
                8. That position is highly computer based, with specific applications and programs for which you are unfamiliar.
                9. stop lying.

              • Right, and Again which shows you know nothing……

                Thank you for emphasizing that.

  • FIU– MS in Recreation and Sports management– I’m copying and pasting the required courses which are heavily geared to a REC program:

    Required Core: (12)

    LEI 5510 – Program Administration in Parks, Recreation and Sport (3)

    LEI 5595 – Seminar in Parks and Recreation Management (3)

    LEI 5605 – Philosophical and Social basis of Parks and Recreation Planning (3)
    PET 5256 – Sociology of Sport (3)

    EDF 5481 – Analysis & Application (3)
    Recreation and Sport Management Track: (12)

    LEI 5907 – Directed Study in Parks and Recreation Management (3)

    PET 5216 – Sports Psychology (3)

    LEI 6725 – Advised Electives (6)


    LEI 5907 Directed Study in Parks & Rec Mgmt All
    PET 5216 Sports Psychology Spring
    Advisor Approved electives (6): Highly Recommended:
    LEI 5801 Law & Liability of Recreation & Sport (Spring)
    LEI 6562 Leisure Services Marketing (Spring)

    • Why are we going through this again. That isn’t the full curriculum. Order the full school catalog, and you will see that. You haven’t brought any insight to the table.

      My degrees had nothing to do with Parks at all; My Degrees aren’t versed in the study of Parks and recreation – Its Recreation & Sports Management with the emphasis on Sports Management…….You can try to minimize it all you want.

      Where is the study of Sports Law, Finance Law, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and sociology??

      These courses are the standard for this Degree under the Undergraduate Online Course Objective, and they are found no where on your copied curriculum – because there is more involved than what you’ve pasted, and are trying to imply – but you’re wrong. You have no insight on this – you never have.

      You can’t tell me what I have when I already have it.

      • which degree are you talking about cliff? youve posted youve had at least 5. do you only have 1 or 5+. lmfao

        • Speaking specifically about just my Bachelors, and Masters at FIU….

          My PhD from Concordia takes this conversation to drop the mic stage.

          I have 3 in Sports Management, more than Havacigar can ever claim….That’s what I would lmbo about, and ask him, why are you even talking???

          • What about your sports management from Univ. of Illinois? Oh thats right, one day you said you had that and months later said you didnt and only went there for 1.5 years. also said you played hoops there yet your name was never on their roster.


            do you ever speak in truths ever?

            you having terminal diabetes – lie proven
            you having degree(s) for this florida school – lies proven (one day you say you got them in this year and that year, a few days later the years changed. the school didnt offer that degree online during the years you went there). working for the rams lie busted. receiving a job offer from the eagles lie debunked.


            • I’ve never said I went to Illinois for 1,5 years; I went there for a semester, and a half. The only reason my name wasn’t on the roster was because by the time the actual season started I had left school – Not a lie..

              I do have diabetes, but didn’t lie about it being terminal, as much as I didn’t realize I had typed that word, and won’t find any other time where I stated it was terminal…but wasn’t trying to lie…

              My Degrees haven’t been lied about, – just typing too fast and not proof reading nor the interest from the Eagles.

              As I’ve stated you can believe what you want – I don’t need you to to have accomplish what I already accomplished, and achieve what I have in my possession.

              Like I told you before talk football, because with all that’s important is that I know you’re wrong – along with those who already know this as fact….Like the Eagles.

              • gmcliff
                January 14, 2013 – 9:36 am
                Profile photo of gmcliff

                I am a graduate from University of Illinois, in Sports Management, and on the basketball team. Brother I am very fulfilled in life. I am disabled now, and love talking Sports.

                Must be another gmcliff typo. One post u got a degree from univ of Illinois. Next post 2 semesters there next post 1.5 semesters.


                You’re such a weirdo lying like this about shit nobody cares about

              • “Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to deceive”– GM busted AGAIN!!!!!

              • I repeat…..yawn…

              • thats how you explain your lies? by yawning? interesting…

              • No not at all. I embellished a little with that post, but, although I didn’t graduate, I was still a student there, I was also on the Basketball team.

                And I had already received my Bachelors, Masters, and PhD in Sports Management from Florida International, and Concordia Chicago

                I yawn because no matter how you try to downplay it. I still have everything I say I have. But I’m speaking to a guy who has nothing, yet he is trying to act like he is more intelligent than I am…….

                So why should I care that you don’t believe it, or don’t respect it. .So my response is – YAWN…..

                Get back to me when you accomplish something of worth.

              • embellished graduating from illinois, why?

                embellished having terminal diabetes, why?

                embellished getting a job offer from the eagles, why?

                flat lied about what years you graduated from this florida school, why?

                flat lied about getting a masters online in 2003 (or whichever year youre now saying) from FIU. How many times do you have to lie about this? They did not have that masters degree available in that year! its fact

                why do you keep lying, i mean “embellishing”?

                you openly admit to embellishing about Illinois and admit to lying about the rams.

                WHY did you lie about these things?????????? WHY????

      • This is the MS program dingbat … There is a law course. Given these courses plus a thesis or field placement it would fulfill the masters requirements. This is copied straight from their site….
        Now you are saying the web site is wrong?

        • This is the online undergraduate Recreation, and Sport Management Course. Anyone with intelligence can see through the written objective that it’s different than what you’re trying to imply through what you’ve pasted…

          I see you trying, but you can’t discredit me, or take away what already been accomplished – which again YOU DON’T HAVE

          You’re wrong…..period…haveaseat

  • Of the required courses five have ‘parks’ in their title…you Have a ranger smith degree… Keeping Yogi from the pic-I-nic baskets

    • Those aren’t the courses I’ve taken – sorry troll master.

      • You didn’t have to take the required courses?

        • Those weren’t required for my degrees…No

          2 different focuses. That’s the case, but of course, you need to save face, because that’s not your objective …right??…lol

          You’re all talk – no punch

  • Youse guys are not the only cobbers on here with a masters degree, I have 2 masters degrees in oral surgery , My mentor was the much esteemed, Dr I. Yankum.Dr. Yankum has my respect, and loyalty ,My degree is still hanging in my den,

    • LMAO!!!

    • my optometry degree was given to me by my professor…. Dr. Seymour
      Dr. Yankum and Seymour are every bit as real as fake gm’s.

      • YAWN!!!

  • Hey Cliff, Hope all is going well with you..
    On some NBA News, The Celts Released former 1st Round Pick Shooting Guard RJ Hunter.. maybe the 76ers can take a look him?

    • He would easily be instant help to the Sixers his shooting ability is needed good dude great teammate. Nothing is set in stone this year as far as lineups so I could easily see him as a solid rotation guy.

    • If I was the GM, I wouldn’t be interested at all in him.

      • all of your degrees and training brought you to that decision…

        October 24, 2016 – 4:35 pm
        Profile photo of gmcliff
        I’ve never said I went to Illinois for 1,5 years; I went there for a semester, and a half. The only reason my name wasn’t on the roster was because by the time the actual season started I had left school – Not a lie

        January 14, 2013 – 9:36 am
        Profile photo of gmcliff
        I am a graduate from University of Illinois, in Sports Management, and on the basketball team. Brother I am very fulfilled in life. I am disabled now, and love talking Sports.


          Dunno whats the most funny part about it:

          that this weirdo expects people to believe he got a job offer from the eagles without applying or interviewing.

          that if he accepted the offer he would then meet with howie and lurie. as if they would be part of the process and if they were it would be after he accepted

          that the eagles never posted that job opening ever as in the job either doesnt exist or eagles werent recruiting for it

          i mean all of it is hilarious but i cant choose whats the funniest part

          also cliff why cant i even find your linkedin? are you under clifford dorsey?

          • Mhenski, laugh as much as your heart desires…I’m laughing at you because I had the conversation with the organization, and they were interested…..No matter what you say fella…

            I’ve been on linkedin for some time as C. Wayne Dorsey

            You’re welcome to dig, but all we need to talk about is sports. You don’t know me well enough personally to have any real insight on me, and like it or not believe it or not – you’re still wrong

            • they were interested ? Thats what you are saying now? so you are admitting there was no offer now?

              AND CAN YOU ADDRESS how you received an online masters in Recreation and Sports management from FIU yet THEY NEVER EVER OFFERED THAT DEGREE ONLINE??????

              Also can you address all the times you’ve lied and explain why?

              • ok Cliff there is this thing called the internet and its amazing what you can find. i can confirm that the degree you stated you received from FIU in 2003 is a lie. anyone can go to digitalcommonsDOTfiuDOTedu/catalogs/53/ and see everything FIU offered online in 2003. there was like 5 total online programs and that wasnt one of them.

                GUESS IT WAS A TYPO or an embellishment

                FOR the 2038240285302838 TIME THEY DONT OFFER THAT DEGREE ONLINE NOW LET ALONE IN 2003.

                STOP BEING A WEIRDO

              • They did offer it, and the proof is on my wall…period end of discussion.

              • Ok so their course catalog in 2003 lied and their website lies today, they offered it and still do.


              • You just don’t have your facts straight….

        • No possessing the intelligence, and the pedigree – that you don’t have brought me to that decision.

          What is your opinion of RJ Hunter??

          Give us a sample of your insightful thinking.

          I say he is a scrub, that is a streaky shooter at best, who is also a defensive liability. The Sixers already have someone like that in Robert Covington. I say no thanks – Hunter is just a name.

          I know you aren’t trying to troll me….Haveacigar better have a seat, because like I said before my degrees hang on my wall – despite your opinion….and despite you. Enjoy your day being inferior.

          • Cliff, lets just say with your knack for ’embellishment’ that the eagles ‘interest’ in
            you was nothing more than them returning a message on Linkedin….if even that-you originally said ‘job offer’ which we now know is ’embellishment’-
            Instead of embellishment lets just call it cliff being stuck in loony world.

            • They didn’t return a message…I returned their message…and we talked

              They saw my resume – but noticed that I was retired – and contacted me anyway to see if I would be interested in exploring the opportunity of employment with them…no embellishment just fact…..

              Sense you obviously don’t believe that, then just leave it as that – Doesn’t matter to me what you believe, – it still happened, and they know everything I’ve accomplished is legit.

              • Cliff, i’m ready to give in please give me a list of YOUR accomplishments?
                ok lets for a second say you really have those correspondence degrees, lets also say that its a legit program and its not the parks and rec stuff listed on THEIR website– ok so you have a degree or two…now after that what accomplishments can you list?

              • HAAAAAAAAAAAA

                so yesterday they made you a job offer and today you change your tone to say they explored with you. HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA



                MAKE IT STOP

              • in what 30-40 years work experience cliff has no nfl or pro sports experience yet the eagles randomly were so enticed with him they made him an offer and the next step was to meet roseman and lurie> HAAAAAAAAAAAAA

                YO CLIFF how come your linkedin doesnt mention all these degrees you have? why does it say Concordia University Chicago
                PhD, Sports Management
                2000 – 2006

                I thought you were at FIU from at least 2000-2003.

                MUST BE A TYPO

              • It’s all there Mhenski…

                Havaseat, there is nothing more to say to you,,,You’ve been informed of all the accomplishments…..and why are you talking again??

                Especially when YOU don’t have leg to stand on academically to question me. I have ALL my Degrees – and none include anything to do with Parks.

                When YOU accomplish something of significance then you can question me. Until then keep gracing us with the less insightful post that you do.

              • why wont you answer me why you keep making up lies?

                why wont you answer me why your linked in says Concordia University Chicago
                PhD, Sports Management 2000 – 2006. But here you say Bachelors FIU 2000 and Masters FIU 2003? You were attending 2 schools at the same time?

                Why won’t you acknowledge the eagles job you speak on was never a live job? Can you prove it was by copying and pasting the job posting?

              • does that count your degree from Illinois? please tell us one thing you’ve done in sports, preferrably something you’ve gotten a check for no matter how modest.

              • actually I can Mhenski, but I can’t do it on my laptop.

                I’m in Ocean City Maryland for a few days, but when I get home, I will be happy to do just that.

      • Why not gmcliff they don’t have enough shooters it isn’t going to hurt to give him a try?

        • Mac, I am about not wasting my time with players I don’t care for, or I know just aren’t that good.

          He is a shooter, however, if you can’t get your shot off, and you are a liability on defense, you are a candidate for the D-League, not an NBA Roster Candidate.

          Many probably saw him in college, and saw how good of shooter he was IN COLLEGE – But he isn’t the same player in the NBA, because by that standard, he isn’t that good – he’s isn’t even an average player by that standard…

          Here are some other players many thought would be superstars in the NBA, and are not although I said they wouldn’t be:

          Marcus Smart, Jared Sullinger, Nik Stauskas, Nerlens Noel, Thomas Robinson, Cody Zeller, Jamal Murray, Austin Rivers, Brandon Ingram, D’Angelo Russell, Wayne Ellington, Dion Waiters, Jabari Parker, Tyus Jones, Aaron Gordon, DJ Augustine, Evan Turner, Ben McLemore, Trey Lyles, Tyler Ennis, and many others…..RJ Hunter falls in that category for me. So I say no thanks

  • fake gm please a list of your accomplishments as it relates to your qualifications for a sports job.

    • My accomplishments have been clearly noted….Give me yours, and I will continue to speak to you on this level..

      If you have none, my suggestion would be you continue to troll the post of others, offering no insight whatsoever, and recognize you’re inferior to me academically, and intelligently..

      • actually you’ve NEVER EVER mentioned a professional accomplishment except the embellishment of the Rams job (that was a lie actually)– one professional accomplishment….just one

        Mine are simple Cliff- I was a head and asst coach in football and baseball for years in DE– it was only HS and i’ve never embellished or said it made me anything other than have some perspective on; 1. game planning, 2. understanding XO, 3. Player dynamics, 4. leadership.
        I also did 3 years as a JV hoops coach many, many moons ago-
        I taught students, I lead teams and schools as an admin– thats it– nothing special- a lifes work involving a shitload of ball games, athletes, wins/losses, good teams, bad teams, bus rides to hell… if you’d like i could embellish and talk about multiple state championships and ficticious job offers from Notre Dame and USC…

        • Right, you can’t touch me in terms of qualifying for any sports job.

          So why are you talking again????

          • cliff i’ve listed my professional accomplishments as they pertain to sports– several weeks ago I asked you what qualified you and you mentioned these degrees which have come into question. But you still have never mentioned one thing YOU have done– not one…I’M thinking outside of your job with the rams there isn’t anything.

  • Cliffy Whiffy once had a job

    He got fired for always polishing his knob

    So he sued his former Employer for lots of scratch

    He told the judge he had to poop so much it chapped his ass

    The judge told Cliff to get some proof of his condition

    But Cliff never came back with the documents to substantiate his money mission

    Now Cliff resides all alone and makes up lies about himself

    But they don’t believe him, they figure he’s a cook with poor health

    He claims to have 5 degrees

    Oh and don’t forget about that terminal diabetes

    This one time he lied and said he worked for the Rams

    Then a few years later admits the story was a sham

    Yesterday’s story was he got a job offer from the Eagles

    But now today he saying it was just a feeler

    The man is a looney, everyone knows

    But they all can’t wait to tune in tomorrow for the GM looney tunes show

    • LOL!! AND LOOK IT’S eagles0superbowls as his latest personality..

      You really think I care what you think or say…really???

      Go back to the rock you came from under E0S….lol!!!


        Best post ever on gcobb, do you do birthday parties?

    • And don’t forget Rootdown aka E0S,

      I walked out of the courtroom with a certifies check for over $745,000, because everything you claimed was true,……if you ever get your facts straight, you’d be one foot out of your mothers basement.

      Do you like the photo of me hugging my son at the draft!!??……LOL!!!!

      oops wrong again!!!…LOL!!!

      • now cliff is practically a millionaire! love it…
        please list one accomplishment in sports– also why the F were you working at a bank anyway when all of your ‘education’ was in sports management?

        • crazy how you live in an apartment yet have a millionaire son, won almost a million in court and won over 100k playing draft kings (just like the commercials)

          • What are you talking about Mhenski???

            I don’t live in an apartment. My Father lives in my condo, but I live in a house. Dude stop acting like you know me.

            You should really not depend so much on secondary resources – They are not always accurate.

        • All my education isn’t in Sports Management


            • hey Cliff you didnt win 745k im look at your case record right now, its available on the internet, here is an excerpt:

              V. CONCLUSION

              For the above reasons, the court grants defendant’s motion to dismiss for failure to prosecute. All
              other motions will be denied as moot. An appropriate order shall issue.

              At Wilmington this Y”‘ day of April, 2012, defendant having filed a motion to

              dismiss for failure to prosecute;

              IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that:

              1. The motion to dismiss (D.I. 23) is granted.

              2. The clerk of court is directed to close the case.

              • all anyone has to do is google clifford w dorsey jr and its the first hit. i feel like im on acid here

              • Mhenski, that’s the same thing E0S pulled from the internet, and his information was incomplete. That was done after I had my 1st stroke, and I couldn’t make it to court,

                My Lawyer appealed it, and we went back to court – and I won, in fact they wanted to settle – and they did. I won for over 745,000 – get your facts straight.

              • crazy so you expect me to believe you asked for a continuance multiple times because u couldnt find a lawyer to support your case (thats the reason you gave), then a US district judge closes the case and makes all other motions to be denied as moot. somehow you didnt request a motion to delay because of health but your motion was based on no laweyer and again the judge closes it. yet somehow miraculously end up back in court and end up with 745k. hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa, ok thats totally believable

              • no just one appeal….you just don’t have your facts straight,

            • ARE…I’m more educated, intelligent, and have a better eye for talent, than Havacigar….

              You’re also welcomed to view my linkedin

              • Why isnt FIU on your linkedin? why according to linkedin were you at some other college from 2000-2006? so is your linkedin a lie? is your lie here? or are they all lies?

              • It’s all online. It’s not that hard. It still took me longer to get the doctorate.

                No lies – again you don’t have your facts straight,

                and the FIU info is there as well.

              • that education, intelligence and eye has gotten you what exactly in sports? what job?

              • “Education
                Concordia University Chicago
                Concordia University Chicago
                PhD, Sports Management
                2000 – 2006
                Howard High School, Hatori School of Nutrition Tokyo, Japan, Florida International University, Tufts University
                Bachelors of Science Degree in Nutrition, Bachelor of Science & Masters Degree in Sports Management, International Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts, Marketing, & Project Management
                1988 – 2006

                So your linkedin says you have the following:
                BS Nutrition, Sports Management, International Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts, Marketing & Project Management – thats 6 bachelors

                you go on to say you have a masters in Management, International Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts, Marketing, & Project Management – thats 5 masters

                then of course you have a PHD in Sports Management.

                so in 8 years you got 6 bachelors, 5 masters and 1 phd.


              • And don’t forget the Illinois degree! Lol
                Funny, none of those degrees are in banking.
                As for it being pathetic… I agree sometimes it’s like picking on the kid that rides the short bus but he is just so arrogant and such a liar.

              • no from 1988 – 2006 is 18 years

                all those degrees in 18 years……. yes

              • Cliff you have mentioned being kin to the Phil’s scouting guy and all of a sudden Smallwood is a long lost nephew, yous ‘sons’ with different last names accomplishments but not once have you mentioned anything you’ve done with sports… Nothing?
                Also, I get on here and paste directly from FiU website about program requirements yet you say they are wrong but you can’t produce your program requirements….
                Please just one job in sports…. Maybe rec organizer for the Y, something

              • man i need to get my eyes checked.

              • LOL!! Haveaseat, why do you continue to ask me about sports jobs, when you know, and were told over the years that I finished my degree a year before I became disabled…..never got a chance to use it

                That doesn’t prevent me from having the knowledge to handle an Analytics position especially one that requires that you love football.

                It also ask the question…why is Haveacigar questioning someone who is 50 times more qualified than he is on any subject relating to sports period???

                When you gave a leg to stand on come talk to me….LOL!!

              • and if memory serves me correct, I did produce those requirements, and you screamed where did I get them from, because they didn’t match what you were pasting.

                I actually have the full curriculum as an actual alum in the official catalog, not the online one.

              • Cliff you never copied and pasted shit and until you do I will call it embellishment

              • and who cares if you do????!!!

              • I have to weigh in on this college level discussion. I have a BA in Communications from Temple University.
                I have a MS of Education from Saint Joseph’s University
                I have a MS in School Psychology and an ED.S in School Psychology- both from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. I’ll be more than happy to show my proof of degrees and my certification in school psychology.
                I work as a school psychologist
                Honestly, it takes at least 3 years to complete a Bachelors degree.

                It’s seldom that an accredited and reputable institution of higher education will allow any student to complete their undergrad studies and earn a BA or BS in less time than that.
                A Master’s degree will take at least two years and Most PH.D or Psy .D programs is 3-5 years.
                How anyone can earn 5 Bachelors, 6 Masters and a Ph.D in 18 years is infeasible.
                Not only is the cost prohibitive but the amount of time necessary to dedicate to study, i.e. conduct and complete research, write a dissertation, complete any internships or practicums is impractical and not to mention the amount of class required per semester hrs and course load.
                Cliff, if you have that many degrees in that little amount of time..god bless you. However, as an erudite, I have never seen or read about anyone completing the amount of study required to ascertain that many degrees from an accredited college or university from a time and financial standpoint.

                Like I stated, I can’t tell you what you have earned, but I know how hard I worked, the amount of time and money I’ve spent on earning that which I have…and it was very rigorous studying and course work..especially,at PCOM!!!
                Just sayin

              • EHL…you must not remember Doogie Howser… He was an MD by 13… Just saying.
                School psych… Sweet gig

              • HAC, I hated that show..I wanted to be smart like him.

  • and i find it absolutely hilarious that the picture of “you” and “your son” is a picture copied and pasted from a article in boston, not a personal cell phone or camera phone picture. totally reasonable you didnt take any of your own photos. totally believable

    • What do you mean??..I told you that picture was in the Boston Globe. Do you think that was the only copy??

      There were cameras all over the place, and I have more from the camera of his mother, and his girlfriend.

      • So change ur pic to a real one and prove it

        • It is a real one

          • a likely reply. you cant post a real photo from draft night that you or someone in the group took because werent there and hes not ur son. you had copy a photo from an article to have a picture of “you” and “your son”


            so believable

  • This is what ya’ll cats do all day on gcobb? This shit is pathetic, cigar,Henski and whoever else is participating at the end of the day what does this shit accomplish? If Cliff is making all this up shame on him. But fellas you’re not coming off smelling like roses either. Let’s get back to sports.

    • cliffs white knight has arrived!

      when someone comes on here saying he got a job offer from the eagles on linkedin without an interview just a few months after he admintted lying about working for the rams. ill call it out.

      yea its a sports site, in case your not around much not alot going on here anymore, like 1 article a week.

      so its like sports radio, they talk sports, life, politics, whatever you want. if cliff wants to come on here making up stories i will engage him in conversation and uncover the lunacy as i see fit. cliff dont talk about his stories we dont ask for more details and call out his lies. really simple

      is cliff boasting about his personal info (real or fake) sports talk?

      • I’m with Biggie, You haven’t proven anything. That’s just the way you perceive things. Reality is that everything I’ve stated these past few days is absolutely accurate…….But you clowns can’t accept it??..so what??..who cares??..LOL!!

        I recall my son wasn’t my son – but he was – and with all your rants you were still wrong – as you are now.

        I’m not embarrassed in the least – My degree are still on the wall – and I still got that call, Wendell is still a relative through marriage, as is Rob Holiday of the Phillies….

        I’m comfortable in my own skin whether Havaseat, or Big Mhenski believe it or not. Everything else is something they created, AND HAVE TO DEAL WITH..

      • So you are admitting that all you have accomplished is on line degrees and so e pseudo famous relatives? That you haven’t don’t one thing iin sports?

        • No I’m saying that I and my family are a lot more accomplished than Havacigar.

          and Havacigar needs to haveaseat, and shut up…

      • Henski, what does it matter? Is your day going to be sunnier if he’s outed as a liar? I’m not anybody’s white knight like I said that’s Cliff’s cross to bear. But by all means keep at it, I’ll gladly see my way out of this nonsense.

        • BigLion..you’re in Florida, do you watch any Univ. of Miami games?
          If so, what do you know about WR Stacy Coley. I watched him last week. I’m intrigued by his size and skill, at least what I saw last Saturday.

          • They don’t use him enough EHL, I am not a fan of Mark Richt great recruiter terrible coach. Coley is a kid who should get 7-10 targets a game he’s a kid to keep an eye on.

            • Thanks Big. I want my receivers to be able to catch with their hands and have good speed. Coley appears to check those boxes. I’m not certain about his route running ability. I have to watch some more Miami games.

  • 50 times more qualified? You’ve done nothing to qualify you…Nothing! I have posted your schools program of study multiple times that proves it has zero to do with sports, you’ve never countered it NEVER!
    Analytics…cliff even if you have hose degrees the computer skills necessary to handle those jobs are skills you don’t have, those programs weren’t even invented in whatever year your degree is from.
    As for my accomplishments… 32 years as a professional educator …nothing for sure

    • and you’re still wrong…

      and those computer skills are duly noted on my linkedin account and analytics are a major part of those qualifications….along with the management skills

      Where are yours???….Don’t have them??,,,then shut up then..

      • cliff you had to ask people here how to change your picture– stop with the computer skills- you haven’t worked for years– just stop with the lies. — again, course catalog for FUI has no mention of sports analytics– but ok cliff you got me, you are a perfect candidate for every job– I can’t believe which such skills the eagles don’t upgrade your den into an office and let you work from home– sounds like you’d be their first choice..

        • Funniest part of the court docs I cited earlier was Barclays said he was fired for falsifying records. Cliff lie and falsify something ?? No way I can’t believe it.

          • Neither did the judge. When they tried to prove it, my lawyer immediately revealed that they altered a recording – and the judge put the hammer down on those crooks, and made them pay for discriminating against me.

            I walked out of the court room like George Jefferson…LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Fortunately FIU isn’t the only place I went to school.

          I do have you, because in all your ranting – You’re still wrong

          end of discussion

  • I dont get it. why not change your name and start over? I have no skin in this game but clearly he has doubled down several times over and there just cant be truth here. Why not just delete your account and start over as someone else? Isnt this what some have done here? Or… like those who have lost bets… just ignore the posts calling you out?

    I miss the days when Gcobb would post stuff and we would chat. Anyone know where to get Eagles stuff now? I read BleedG everyday. Where else are you all going?

    • Birds 24/7

      Phillyvoice.com…there is a live up to the minute rolling msg board which is what I wish GCobb’s board would do. It would make it better.

      Truth is over the past two years what really fueled this board was the QB banter and debate. Now that has ended because of Wentz. As a result a lot of pro Bradford anti-Wentz guys have left…koolbreeze, canttakeit, songsrme.

      I’m honestly surprised at the lack of activity this board on game day, pre and post game plus during the game.

      • Agree about the qb convo, there are a few simpletons that I am amazed are still around. I always wanted to chat about the 4/3 or 3/4 diff.. the need for a DC and other system stuff but nope… had to deal with “Bradford bad” silly crap.

        • How’s Brandon Graham doing Stevo??

          I see the same old BG; AVERAGE AT BEST….LOL!!!!

          But I’m sure we’ll be talking so more during the rest of the season – Then I want to hear that you don’t know what you are talking about – and admit that I was right.

          A trained eye with knowledge is always better than the eye of a regular fan who takes things for granted – with none…..LOL!!!

          • WTF game did you watch this weekend with your trained eye?

            Graham had 5 QB hurries, a sack and a forced fumble in Sunday’s game. He was is Bradford’s grill all night.

            So come on. Bring your excuses as to why he was so effective against Minny.

          • bugs…. its the way he is… he has trained his eye from a lounge chair in a row home in the slums…. he is a kook that is very tangled….

          • Are u kidding me cliff? What the hell did you watch on Sunday? He might have been the best defender on the field. He was everywhere on Sunday.

      • The lack of content on this board is kind of parallel to the drop in interest in the nfl… Games are boring, penalties etc… Also, a team jumps out 10-0… Then it’s a field position game. The physical anti pure is gone. Nfl thought they were allowing offense and the exact opposite is true… Boring games abound.
        So conversation deviates to weirdos making weirdo claims etc… People tune out…

    • Stevo, as George Costanza once said, “it’s not a lie if you believe it”

  • Cliff in one of your many twisted tales of your academic prowess you say you got your masters in 2003.
    In another post you got your doctorate in 2006.
    In another post you claim to have not used your degree in a sports job because you were disabled.
    Court documents show you were working at Barclays from 2007-2011….. Timeline doesn’t mesh with your claims.

    • It doesn’t have to. i chose to work there for the experience as a marketing manager – and was on paid medical leave during which…

      If you must know – which I really don’t have to explain to you because it really isn’t your business…and I don’t answer to you – like you are some authority over me – negro please….

      I told you yesterday – I have what I have. You can continue to be jealous all you want – but this conversation is over.

      So figure out how to post some thing of some worth relating to sports – if you can…lol!!!

      Accept, or not – I really don’t care…

      • keep spinning embellisher, keep spinning… you have told a bunch of fibs my man….
        there is no jealousy of someone that gets a degree from a degree mill online– someone who needs to lie or embellish on the internet to give him a reason to puff out his chest… good luck fake gm–

        • YAWN!!…

          Best to you finding some intelligence about sports that you haven’t shared on here once………LOL!!!

          What a loser you are Havaseat….



            1:06 PM (21 hours ago)

            to onlineprograms@fiu . edu

            I wanted to reach out to see if you offer a Masters in Recreation and
            Sports management as one of your online Masters Programs. A friend of
            mine said he received his Masters in Recreation and Sports Management
            from FIU in 2003, but I don’t see it as being offered currently. Can
            you confirm that it is not offered currently. And if it is not
            offered now, did you at one point offer this degree online?

            I look forward to your reply.


            Matt Hendrix

            **** REPLY:

            Grace Hernandez-Melgara

            10:12 AM (6 minutes ago)

            to me
            No, we do not offer that degree online and never have. You would have to contact the on campus department.

            Thank you


  • Look everyone,

    Give GMCliff a break. It is entirely possible he is exactly who he says he is.

    I mean it really isn’t all that difficult to believe he’s been offered a job with the Eagles as his resume is incredibly impressive.

    He has worked as a scout for the STL Rams where he played an essential role in the discovery of Kurt Warner and the acquisition of Marshall Faulk. He’s been an assistant coach for the Pats, and head coach of the Packers. (who are in fact are about to rename their stadium GMCLIFF Field).

    On top of that he’s been an NBA scout for the Blazers, Clippers and Hornets. He was GM of the Bulls when they drafted Michael Jordan. He has permanent court side seats with the Celtics, a gift for his scourting work on Bird, Parrish and McHale.

    He has an astrophysics degree from MIT, a doctorate of law from Harvard, 3 medical degrees from Stanford and every single sports management degree offered at every university in the western hemisphere.

    In addition, GMCliff has 35 children, of whom each and every single one plays professional sports.

    14 are currently in the NBA and formed last year’s entire all-star roster. 10 more are currently all-pros in the NFL and together have amassed 24 SB rings. Most surprisingly are his remaining 11 children who form the top 6 forwards, 4 defense, and starting goalie for the Montreal Canadiens of the NHL. Carey Price….who knew? GM Cliff did!

    • You forgot to mention that he fathered Tiger Woods who was famously raised by Earl Woods….but it was cliff’s genetics that gave him his talent.

  • Henski, your BUSTED post isn’t showing on my thread?

    • How about now?



      1:06 PM (21 hours ago)

      to onlineprograms@fiu . edu

      I wanted to reach out to see if you offer a Masters in Recreation and
      Sports management as one of your online Masters Programs. A friend of
      mine said he received his Masters in Recreation and Sports Management
      from FIU in 2003, but I don’t see it as being offered currently. Can
      you confirm that it is not offered currently. And if it is not
      offered now, did you at one point offer this degree online?

      I look forward to your reply.


      Matt Hendrix

      **** REPLY:

      Grace Hernandez-Melgara

      10:12 AM (6 minutes ago)

      to me
      No, we do not offer that degree online and never have. You would have to contact the on campus department.

      Thank you


      • damn.

        • Wonder how his convoluted mind will play this one.
          To be clear, checking the FIU directory, Ms Hernandez-Melgara works in the office of on-line program

          • Jeezus HAC and Mhenski, you guys are relentless. You guys are like on line detectives. I swear I will never lie on here.

            I Must admit though..this whole back and forth is entertaining.

            • i’m checking your school psych references NOW!!!

              • I told Cliff I was gonna email them if he kept lying, I thought hed give up by now after he miraculously changed his “graduating” years from FIU, and after I proved the course was not offered online now or then by checking their website. But he insisted and tripled down so I had to send the email…

                Yea EHL I got it real easy during the day, lots of free time. Unfortunately it seems like that will be ending shortly though

              • HAC…LOl… go for it bro, I’m 100% legit.

      • mhenski, that response from Mrs. Melgara is the proverbial nail in the coffin. Man…you guys are crazy(funny).

        • I haves aid this before, I feel sorry for GM. I think I know what kind of guy he is, I don’t think the lying is malicious but when he doubles down time and time again…

          • Maybe he’s telling the truth when he says the degree is on his wall. At this point I could see him using a computer program to make a fake degree to hang on his wall. It’s ok cliff I’m sure you embellished this one but the others are legit.

            Lmfao at his profile pic being a screen shot of a picture on a website of him and his “son”

            • henski I’m out bro…. I feel sorry for him.
              He brags about kids he didn’t raise, didn’t take his last name and don’t acknowledge him in biographical pieces.
              He has made up jobs to back his opinion on a stupid blog
              He has told so many twisted stories of his college career that its embarrassing.
              He was an awful employee who got fired and unsuccessfully sued the bank
              and most disturbing…. spins stories to make himself look good and he actually believes them– i don’t think he thinks he’s lying. It is sad.
              But this is the last time I address his kookiness. I swear my masters is sitting in a box somewhere in the basement, I’ll white out my name and put his on it if it makes him feel better– its doing me zero good at this point- no one has EVER asked to see it through numerous interviews, promotions, changing jobs etc…. no one has asked to see it.
              good bye GM… I will pray for you (no i won’t cause prayer is dumb) — but i will think about you and hope you are ok… keep safe on the streets of Killington

              • Right, I’ll do my best too.in MBA new I just registered to begin mine. Not looking forward to this at all. 2 young kids and an hour commute to work plus this is gonna be brutal. Maybe I should be nice to cliff and he can start flying me to work on his private helicopter.

              • my biggest regret is i didn’t get my doctorate when my kids were young, which sounds opposite…. but get ‘er done. use your time wisely (get off gcobb)– i’m at a good spot where wasting a bit of time is fun

              • Good luck mhenski..study hard.

      • LOL!!!

        you’re Lying Mhenski – They still offer it today, as they did in 2003

        • come on man.. stop, just stop– man we are trying to back off. have some dignity, that message was from FIU… then you can go on line and see that it is not offered online… come on dude– stop

          • Last time you said I was lying was when you called me a liar for saying you said you had terminal diabetes. Lmfao. I don’t lie on a blog like you weirdo.

            They do not offer it today as an online degree and didn’t in 2003 either.

            Google the woman’s name who replied to me she works there in their online admissions fool.

            You’re busted bro

            10000000% fact anyone can look on their website it’s not there. Anyone can email their online admissions and get the same exact reply. Lmfao

            You’re that ashamed of ur life u have to lie on a blog.

            • U know what I find really really really odd cliff? It’s that you’re posting here at 739 rather than watching your “son” first game in the NBA or better yet why the hell your not there. Lmfao

              • so you are saying henski that if you had a son playing in his first nba game as a high draft pick you would make sure that you were at said game, sitting in the best seats you could get and supporting him? I’d agree with you… especially when you didn’t have to work the next day! LOL

              • I know that’s a sarcastic answer question but I legit know the feeling of having family play in the pros. My cousin is Craig biggio never missed a game in philly or a game on tv. Now if I was a retired disabled almost millionaire I would’ve flown to more games and opening day every year. If it were my son yea I’d be there or at bare min watch on tv. I know I wouldn’t be on Gcobb while he was playing.

            • LOL!!

              Mhenski, NO ONE is going to respond to you, and tell yo something like that when the degreed program is absolutely advertised online…

              So what you found someone’s name. I don’t need to contact the person, when it’s advertised online…No one responded to you. I know it, and you know it.

              You speak as if you’re above reproach, but it hasn’t been that long since you were caught lying about posting under a different alias before….

              Havecigar is going to instigate, and continue to rant whether what you say is true, or not – That’s what he does – but it doesn’t bother me. For me it’s a moot point. So what do you think, I’m going to stop posting, because you feel otherwise – Negro Please!!…..

              I have what I have, and you haven’t proven anything, as much as you try. If you were really all that confident. you would feel what you had would be sufficient – but No, you lyingly post that someone contacted you from campus administration to try to strengthen your already weak claims – because I already have the degrees…..and the degreed programs are right there advertised online.

              Talk sport guy, and don’t worry about when I watch my son on tv or live – should be no concern of yours. I’ll go when I have time, and feel up to going. unlike you, I do have a life – and are not concerned whether or not you, and your 3 stooges believe what I say.

              I give less than a darn if you went to your cousins games. What does that have to do with me?? I still have 2 younger kids at home to care for as well, so I won’t be going to every game – Although I will be in the house a lot.

              This conversation is over fella…….I look forward to posting more insight on here for as I long as I’d like…

              • Email fiu online and copy and paste the reply the same way I did. Lmfao you won’t cuz you know it’s fake and ur busted. Copy and paste the link where it’s offered online and so the post doesn’t go to moderation delete the “.” And type DOT. I’ll wait. You can prove your case in seconds if you’re telling the truth. I guess whoever wrote me back made a type or I just found the most random name in the world some nobody at fiu that u probably can’t even find. Lmfao. You’re cooked. Just admit it like the last time u called me a liar but ended up with egg on r face for lying again.

                Prove it it takes seconds although email will prob take 24 hours like it took for my reply.

          • http://www.fiuonline.com/programs/online-graduate-degrees/index.php

            dude– just click the official link– we are trying to give you every chance to get out of this… dude… please

  • Wwwdotfiuonline.com/programs/online-graduate-degrees/index.php

    That’s the link… No online rec and sports management degrees. Cliff please stop, dude I don’t want to do this but you just have to stop. Who cares that you don’t have degrees…. No one would care if you didn’t use them to justify your whackyness. Please for e love of Jahovah …. Dude you keep lying you won’t be one of the chosen… Come on man

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